Friday, November 30, 2007

Bucks Lose

Why do I bring this up? Because tonight they lost to the New York Knicks after the Knicks got their butts kicked out of them the night before.

I didn't watch the game (no tv) nor did I listen to it, but, from what I've read the Bucks had a 17 point lead only to see that evaporate.

The final tonight was 91-88.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Mench a Trading Chip

Adam McCalvy fills us in on some notes.

The highlights include:

A few teams are interested in Kevin Mench with a one-year deal.
No decision made on whether of offer Matt Wise arby, Adam thinks he'll be back.
Adam proposes the idea that J.J. Hardy could be offered a contract to buy-out some of his arbitration years. He is eligible this year.
There are internal discussions about giving Prince a deal like that as well, Melvin said it was too early to talk about it though. (I'm guessing Boras wouldn't go for it anyways)
Jason Kendall had Lasik eye surgery following this past season.


Melvin Making Moves

Chris brought up some intra division trading earlier, well apparently the Cardinals and Brewers are talking about more than Rolen. Apparently, the Cardinals have a strong urge to bring aboard Chris Capuano and are trying to swing a pitcher for pitcher swap.

Anthony Reyes for Chris Capuano

I'll weigh in a bit on it later, but for now, what do you folks think?

So Who Is Better?

Randy Galloway of the Dallas Star-Telegram feels that the Packers put on the better performance last night considering all the factors involved.

Home field in January is possibly the biggest advantage the Cowboys gained Thursday. Otherwise, hold off on those hotel reservations for Arizona in early February.

Even at 11-1, the Cowboys separated themselves from the 10-2 Packers only in the standings, not on the Texas Stadium turf in this showdown of NFC leaders.

Frankly, the Packers were overall more impressive, considering they lost Favre early, and didn’t have two of their best defensive players suited up. The decision was made an hour before kickoff that cornerback Charles Woodson and defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, both injured last week, would be a no-go.

Then, early in the second quarter, it appeared the Packers were going to be run out of Irving. The Cowboys were scoring at will.

To suddenly regroup and rally on both sides of the ball, particularly behind backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers on offense, says something about both Green Bay and the Cowboys. And for the Cowboys, it was a worrisome message.

Plus, there were 10 somewhat tainted points for the Cowboys, including a field goal on the first possession of the game, and a much-needed breathing-room touchdown with just under eight minutes left in the game.

I won't go as far as he did saying the Packers put on the better performance, but I'm ok with how things turned out. I felt before the game that the two teams were pretty even. I had a feeling that the Packers would lose but it wasn't because I felt that the Cowboys were that much better, just that they would get some of the breaks and they did. The Cowboys got some breaks, were the healthier team, played better and thus prevailed. So after the game I feel pretty much the same as I did before the game, Dallas and Green Bay are two pretty even teams.

The Rays sign Troy Percival

I just got an email from the Rays announcing they have signed Troy Percival to a two year contract.

The Rays have been pretty active this off season I also read they are in the hunt for Geoff Jenkins.

I will feel better when the Riske thing is made official


Damn and I thought the Bucks sucked

Riske A Brewer

The JS online Tom Hardicort is reporting that David Riske is signing a 3 year deal with the Crew. $$ were not reported.

The 31-year-old right-hander was 1-4 with a 2.45 earned run average in 65 appearances with the Royals last season. In 69 2/3 innings, he allowed 61 hits and 27 walks while logging 52 strikeouts.

Riske's ERA in 2007 was especially impressive considering his rough start. In 10 appearances in April, he posted a 6.97 ERA, allowing 16 hits and eight runs in 10 1/3 innings.

The 6-foot-2 Riske rebounded with 14 scoreless outings in May and went on to compile a 1.67 ERA over his final 55 appearances (11 earned runs in 59 1/3 innings). He was effective against left-handed hitters (1.30 ERA), and opponents batted .240 overall against him.

E- what are your thoughts on him as a pitcher??


Calling out the local Media that covers the Milwaukee Brewers

I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday in his kick ass comic book store(located in downtown Oconomowoc Kowabunga Comics) and we both had the same thought.

If Johnny Estrada was such a locker room pain in the ass/cancer/bad apple that the Brewers felt they had to move him and replace him with "spit" Jason Kendell "spit" why did we not hear about it the whole season.

I cannot remember one story about Johnny "Piano on my back" Estrada being a problem off the field. I am not saying he wasn't I am asking how come we did not hear about this. Hell if the Mets Station did not catch the dugout fight on camera I doubt we would have even heard about it.

Isn't that what the local media is supposed to do since they have so much more access to the club than normal mopes like us. Pointing out things like your catcher is cancer is part of their job description.

Or did they know and just not report it?

Either way I do not think they did their job to the fullest on that subject.


Stupid Ass New York Yankess

They still have not released their 2008 schedule yet the assholes. Why you may ask would a Yankee Hater such as myself need the 08 schedule? Because this is the last year of games at Yankee Stadium and the 2nd to last year of games at Shea Stadium.

So hopefully this Summer I am going to go to the City can catch at least one game at both stadiums. As a historian I would like to take both stadiums in before they are gone. I am hoping to hook up with my friend Bill the Mets fan to do Shea but I do not think I will bring him to Yankees stadium lol. I was actually thinking of trying to hook up with Jeff from BCB since he lives in NYC.

But to do this I have to find a weekend where both teams are

A. Playing in NYC
B. Playing at different times.
C. Playing during a period where I can actually go.

So that is why I check the Yankees MLB website every day hoping maybe today will be the day. The Mets finally just released their schedule this week. Some teams like the Brewers and Pirates have had their schedule out for over a month.

So come on Yankees put your damn schedule out so I can start making my plans


Rolen to Brewers?

Kevin a reader, a left a comment saying that he heard Peter Gammons saying that Scott Rolen was going to sign with the Crew and play third and Braun was moving to left.

Anyone else heard this and if it actually happens what do you think about it.

It would kill two birds with one stone we get a monster bat in left and a solid 3rd baseman(if he has his personal shit together)Plus Rolens wife would look smoking in the Miller Park stands. ;)

Kevin has thrown some gist on the rumor mill lets crank it up lol

at first blush I would be down with this(Until ESK and Paul tell me what to think lol)


Friday Funny

Without a doubt the funniest thing that I have seen in years... Watch the girl on the left as the zero gravity kicks in...

Warning: If you have a week stomach - don't watch..

Yes - I know that it isn't sports - but this is something that bar patrons would get a HUGE laugh at...


For the 5th month in a row


Yesterday during the Packers game we surpassed our former highest monthly total for visits/hits

What makes this impressive is we did it in less time since November only has 30 days you lose a whole day of traffic.

Also we should break 9,000 hits for single month for the first time today. We are with in 200 hits of that so that is very cool

Once again thanks to everyone for stopping by.


Marquette finally stops ducking UW-Milwaukee

Tonight UW-Milwaukee finally gets its wish and gets to play cross town rival(I don't know if MU see them as a rival)Marquette.

Of course MU is getting lucky and catching a young and struggling Panthers team. I really wish we could have see this a couple of years ago when UW-M was at the top of their game.

But in the long run this is good for Milwaukee Basketball and college basketball in the state of Wisconsin.

Game time is at 7:30pm CT

Of course it is at the BC and will be on TV channel 41 WMLW the bastard step child of the worse cBS station in the nation.

and you can hear it on ESPN Radio AM1290 I am not sure if the UW-M broadcast will be on WISN 1130AM but I am assuming it will be on there also.

I have no dog in this fight(are we still allowed to say that in the post Vick era) but my general hatred of Marquette as a Wisconsin fan will have me rooting for the upset tonight by UW-Milwaukee.


Something to cheer you all up

Think of this the Pack now has 10 days off to heal up and get back to full strength and their next game is against the

Say it with me now


A perfect recipe for getting back on the winning track and getting to 11-2

I am already looking forward last night is ancient history.


My thoughts on last nights game

With family obligations (swim lessons for my daughter) I missed the last half of the 1st quarter and came back a few minutes after Favre was hurt - so I didn't get to watch that part.

The Pack lost. Plain and simple. But I am not worried too much about meeting the 'boys in the playoffs.

When 30% of the defensive starters are not even active for the game there are going to be holes that need to be filled. The loss of KGB and Woodson hurt us. If either had been able to go, it would have been a completely different game. In addition Rouse was off last night too. That meant more playing time for Bigby - That kid needs to learn some discipline.

There where also two officiating calls that turned the way for the 'boys. If it hadn't been for the blown pass interference call in the fourth quarter and the Al Harris strip there is a 14 point swing and the Pack wins

Mike McCarthy's wrinkle worked for shit last night. But he tried something new. When Favre was hurt and they had to play basic Packer football for Rogers, the 'boys had a hard time stopping them.

And as much as I hate to say this, I have to agree with Chris Collinsworth. I too would have gone for it on 4th and short instead of kicking the field goal. But hindsight is 20/20.

Rogers showed why he was drafted as Favre's replacement. I think that he will be a good QB when it is his turn. And who knows - that may be next week.

So StB - the pack was hardly 'owned' last night. I look forward to playing Dallas again in the playoffs.

And finally - will someone please kick Bryant Gumble in the teeth for me. I would rather listen to Madden than him. On the flip side though, you could turn Gumble's play calling into a drinking game. Every time he says 'Appears' take a drink. Even the heartiest of drinkers would be passed out by the end of the first quarter.


What was Brett Thinking last night ?

All season Brett Favre and the Packers have feasted on taking what was there. So how come when in the biggest game of the year he had to start trying to force the ball.

You knew we were in trouble on the first drive of the night 3 and 2 in Dallas territory with the Pack driving all season it would have been hit the short slant and get the first down keep the chains moving. But not last night he had to keep throwing the ball down the field looking for lighting strike instead of grinding it out.

Why does Brett do that I am sorry but 5-14 for 56 yards and two INTs is not getting it done. And on the first Int there was not a Packers receiver in the TV frame he just heaved it up.

It is frustrating because all year he has not done the dumb Bad Brett stuff and in the biggest game of the season he starts doing it again.

We can only hope he got it out of his system


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Anna Semenovich

So you need something to take your mind off of last nights game well Uncle Chris will not let you down. What better than a Russian Pop Star with HUGE assets to cheer you up

So this Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Anna Semenovich.

Happy Friday Boys

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes Chris is a bad Packers Fan but a calm one.

Yes it is true I bailed on the Packers game the minute Brett threw that dying quail Int in the first quarter. I know to some people that makes me a "Bad" Packers fan but I will be honest I dont care what other people think.

Before they won Super Bowl 30 I was one of those guys who suffered every time the Pack lost I was miserable for the whole week after a loss, you could not call my house till Friday I was that bad. Which when you think about is really silly in the end it is still only a game.

So I made a promise to myself that if they finally won a Super Bowl I would stop taking the Packers as seriously as I once did. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the games I love the fact they are having a great season. But when they go bad I have learned to walk away and go do something else. That is what I did tonight I could feel the old demons coming on and ejected. I went and played Xbox and I am glad I did. Yes I always have a safety net I have the DVR running so if they had managed to comeback and win the game I would be watching it late into the night.

Call me what ever name you want I don't care that is how I handle it. I figure I had seen this Packers in Dallas act enough times before so why bother tonight when it did not look like it would be any different.

Now if I could only be this calm about the Brewers.

So I am glad you all had a good time in tonight the comment thread was a long one and from what I read it was feisty I thought a couple of people were going to step outside to settle things lol.

Guess what folks the Sun will come up tomorrow and the Pack will still be in first place in their division there is always hope.

Is it just me or has it been a really shitty week for Wisconsin sports teams?

Thanks for stopping by tonight see you all tomorrow

Yes I quit but I have no holes punched in any of my walls ;)

Packers vs. Some Texas Team Open Thread.

What can you say time to show the world that the Pack is for real.

I love the fact the Pack will be wearing home Green even though they are on the road.

Brett is going to have a huge night.

Go Pack Go

Ah Fuck.

I can't believe he got hurt. And I can't believe that we looked that good despite:

1. Aaron Rogers at QB, and...

2. No Woodson or Rouse, and...

3. Harris getting screwed out of a strip in the first quarter that would have been at least a 7 point swing.

Fear us Cowboys. That was a win, but it was a hollow win.

WSB Public Service Announcement

It seems many people are still confused if they will get to see the game or not tonight. Here's a little guide that will help the unwashed.

If you answer "Yes" to any of these 4 questions then you get to watch the game at home.

Do you get Channel 12 WISN out of Milwaukee?
Do you get Channel 5 WFRV out of Green Bay?
Do you have Directv?
Do you have Dish Network?

If you answered "I don't know" to any of the above then you are stupid and should not be allowed to reproduce, for the good of mankind.

If you answered "No" to all of the above questions then you have 6 options.
  1. Go to a bar that has Directv or Dish Network.
  2. Go to a friends house that has Directv or Dish Network.
  3. Grab a case of beer, drive around and look for a house with a dish on the roof (not the 6-foot dish in the backyard), offer them the case of beer and you will be invited in.
  4. Listen to the game on the radio.
  5. Come here and participate in our Packers game thread. Make sure to ask "What's happening now?" over and over again.
  6. Watch movies all night instead. If you do this you may never set foot in this bar again.
This ends the WSB Public Service Announcement.


I find their lack of faith disturbing

3 of the MJS Packers beat writers predict the Packers will lose tonight. The 3 infidels are TOM SILVERSTEIN, GREG A. BEDARD, and LORI NICKEL

BOB McGINN gives no prediction how brave is that.

Only Michael Hunt has the Pack winning.

4 of these 5 are weak and this weakness will not be forgotten.

We are watching, we are always watching ;)


NFL Week 13

My dreams of getting another winning streak collapsed with the injury to McNabb and the monsoon in Pittsburgh. The good news is only the vig crushed me, and the over/unders returned to 2-0 form (I toyed with doing 3 last week; I pulled back from the over-41 in the Packer game). Here's hoping lucky 13 steamrolls through, even though some of the lines won't be coming from the usual Bodog...

Green Bay (+7) @ Dallas - The difference between the Packers and the Cowboys; a secondary. Since I've previously called for a 28-27 Packers' win, take the over-52.
Detroit @ Minnesota (-4) - The rook is back and rested. The division will be the Packers' outright about 3:06 pm Sunday.
NY Giants @ Chicago (+2) - The G-men are 7-4 on their way to 8-8. That 8th win won't come until it's too late.
Atlanta @ St Louis (-3.5; line from the Las Vegas Sports Consultants opening line) - The knockout defense knocked out the line at both Bodog and MGM Grand. No matter; Atlanta's toast.
Buffalo (+6) @ Washington - I do not want to bet on this game. However, there's a line on it.
Houston @ Tennessee (-4) - Haynesworth looks to be back. That spells doom.
Jacksonville (+7) @ Indianapolis - Don't these betters know that this series is always, but ALWAYS close and low-scoring, at least when both teams are healthy? Oh wait, the Colts aren't healthy. Take the under-45 and smash your Man with it.
New York Jets (+1.5; line from MGM Grand) @ Miami - Bodog has this game off the board due to the lack of Fin backs. Because of that, Miami will continue the free-fall.
San Diego (-6) @ Kansas City - Lose to the Raiders, lose all respect.
Seattle (+3; line from MGM Grand) @ Philadelphia - Again, this game is off the Bodog board due to injuries, this time to both teams. Seattle's done better this year dealing with their injuries.
San Francisco (+3) @ Carolina - Sooner or later, you have to cut bait. In betting, you have to do it sooner.
Cleveland (-1) @ Arizona - The arm's fallen off Warner and the ribs are crushed; the wheels aren't far behind for the transplanted Redbirds.
Denver (-3.5) @ Oakland - It's not shaping up to be a good weekend for the out-of-staters on the NRE roll.
Tampa Bay (+3) @ New Orleans - You may like the points, you may want the points, by law, you get the points, but you're not gonna need them! Take the defense.
Cincinnati (+7; line from MGM Grand) @ Pittsburgh - Dunno why this game's off the Bodog board, but the forecast is for fugly conditions. Olbermann is bemoaning the fact ESPN has the Pats for the Monday Night game.
New England (-21) @ Baltimore - Odds of the Pats not running up the score - 1,000-1. Don't be fooled into giving away your money.

How the hell do you lose to the Atlanta Hawks

See as soon as we start to get a little positive and excited about the Bucks they rewards us with a two game losing streak and one of those losses was to the Atlanta Hawks.


The really sad thing is they have not even been close game both have been double digit losses.

This season is going to be roller coaster you can already tell that.

Well I know return you to your Packers coverage.


Well game day have finally arrived.

Thank Odin after tonight no more stories about how people in Ladysmith and Madison could not see the game on cable.

The National media seems to be swinging back towards the Girls winning the game but I say not so fast.

This is a young team other than Favre none of them were around the last time Green Bay and Dallas went to war. Those games are ancient history to them.

I do not think playing in Dallas is as big of a bugaboo as it once was Coach McCarthy has shown a knack for getting his team ready and winning on the road. I think as long as Woodson can play near full speed the Pack will be fine.

I can wait to see what wrinkle the coaching staff has thought up for this game.

I expect you will see a lot of the 5 receiver set tearing up the Girls nickel and dime packages corner backs.

You have to remember this has been the Season that Brett has been clearing off his NFL to do list. Never won in Kansas City not any more check it off the list. Never beat Denver in the Mile High City 82 yards pass in over time you can check that off the list.

I honestly do not think it will be a close game I think Green Bay rolls and announces their intention to win the NFC with authority on semi national TV.

Yes Dallas is good but Romo has had bad games this season they got lucky against Buffalo which was also on a nation wide stage. Romo can be rattled into doing stupid things and I think the Pack D will make it a long day for him.

I look for a final score of Pack 31 and Dallas 17 Pack locks up home field and Dallas starts hoping that global warming will hurry up and melt the Frozen Tundra

So here is to wasting this entire day killing time to the Packers game

Go Pack Go

Rumor Alert: Riske Closer

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Brewers GM Doug Melvin is awaiting
word from one free agent pitcher on whether or not he will accept their

Several sources that I talked to tonight believe that it is
David Riske who they are awaiting word from. Riske was dominant for the
Royals last season going 1-4 with a 2.45 ERA in 52 K in 65 games, and
after losing both Linebrink and Cordero, they need some upgrades. The
deal is believed to be a three year deal, worth 18 to 20 million, with
an option for a fourth year. That seems a little high, but they are
desperate for pitching, and might overpay to make sure they sign him. I
suspect this will be announced sometime tomorrow with a physical in the
days following.
I would be a pretty big fan of this deal. Riske has a nice career K/BB ratio and a career WHIP of 1.265. He pitches well last year on a terrible Royal team, which shows some personal pride. He has been consistently above average for the past 5 seasons, and while he has never been a closer (only 20 saves over an 8 year career) he would certainly add depth and legitimacy to the bullpen.

The other thing I like about this contract is the supposed length. Riske is only 30 years old, so 3 years to him is a lot less risky (ha ha!) than 4 years to 33 year old Cordero. At $6 million a year it may be pricey, but the Brewers can definitely afford it over the next three years. 2010 and beyond I believe is when this team is going to have to start making tough choices (don't quote me on that) financially, which is why I was so opposed to any 4 year closer deals. This deal seems a lot more reasonable, on a guy who has proven much more consistent. A consistent reliever would be nice for a change, eh?

All Night Long Baby!

Get ready Romo! The Pack is pissed about this bounty nonsense and is gonna go Bellichek on yo ass (well, aside from the cheating at football and cheating on his wife thing). Strap in gentlemen, but avoid the male rape references. A #1 Cowboy fan james widgerson has those covered. "Squeal like a pig" James, really, that's the best you got? Quoting references from a psychopathic backwoods redneck homosexual in a Burt Reynolds movie does NOT a good taunt make my friend. You sound like Shooter McGavin "I eat shit like you for breakfast."

Anyway, enjoy Troy-boy getting lit up.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A gamer question for ESK and Tron7

Or for that matter anyone who has played Call of Duty 4 do you recognize this?(click on photo to make it bigger)

You should you have seen it before.

Here is the answer for the rest of you.

Look at the third picture on the right.

ESK and Tron7 look at the last picture on right does it look familiar?

It is almost spooky how much of the city they captured in the game.


Just a reminder....

Since I am in such a good mood I thought I would antagonize ESK with this

I saw this over at The Big Lead

It is a out of this world goal by Man Utd Star Cristiano Ronaldo last night.

You have to love the smug look on his face like of course it went in I am Ronaldo lol.

For those of you whose only knowledge of Premiership Football comes from the movie "Bend it like Beckham" Ronaldo is the guy who replaced Becks as the face of Manchester United.

Even if you do not like futball you have to appreciate that shot as TBL said it was wicked.

the keeper never had a chance.

What was cool if you listen to the announcers, they called the shot, it reminded me of the Packers game in Denver where the MNF guys called the shot and Brett delivered.

"Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the sheer excellence of the boy"
Remind you of someone we all root for?

Glory Glory Man Utd


As they say in the world of online gaming "NO Screen Shot it didn't happen"
So here is the screen shot visit 100,000

So I do not recognize this person anyone want to fess up and claim number 100k?(yes I can recognize a number of "regulars" here just by their IP Address or ISP lol)

We started this blog on July 11th 2005 It took 29 months with an average of 3448 visits/hits a month to get to 100K.

I would like to take a moment to thank the bartenders who have been here since the start.
Me lol.

The crazy thing is if we keep going at the pace we are going we will hit 200k in less than a year. I can still remember when I used to write man if we could just get the average up to 50 hits a day we would be cooking with gas lol. Now some days that is a good hour.

So once again thanks to everyone who wastes some part of your day with our silly little blog.

Traffic Kicks Ass

Paul Watches Out For The Safety Of Duke Players

Before I write this, let me stipulate that the officiating wasn't bad last night against Wisconsin (except for Travon's early foul trouble) and that Duke is clearly better than Wisconsin. (Not Marquette though.)

Duke gets calls. Let's just stipulate that this is the case. Usually the other team's best player will find himself on the bench in short order, and usually it's due to some ticky-tack garbage foul out on the perimeter. While this is great for Duke victories, its bad news if you're a Duke player, because it creates a bunch of bad incentives.

Let's assume that we live in a crazy society in which the speed limit keeps changing randomly, and that the fine for speeding is $350 regardless of how much in excess of the limit you drive. Now let's assume that the police target those who are driving responsibly, but have encountered an unreasonably low randomized speed limit, as much as they are targeting those who are driving 100 MPH all of the time. What have you done?

You have created a world in which you are probably going to get speeding tickets, so you might as well drive as fast as you can.

This is what happens when you play Duke. By nitpicking Duke's opponents, refs create incentives to foul Duke players hard. After all, if they're going to get you for that touch foul Paulus, you might as well try to take his head off the next time he drives the lane. Two free throws are two free throws

I don't want to sound like I'm blaming Duke or advocating revenge against their players. None of this is their fault, and it is unfortunate that they should have to bear the brunt of poor incentives, but any rationally acting basketball team should put this policy into practice, both to maximize their strategic advantages, and to force the officiating back into some kind of equilibrium.

Basketball officials are the lowest forms of human life.

Badgers to play in the Outback Bowl on Jan 1st.

I was going to say something snarky than I stopped and slapped myself for being a spoiled jaded ungrateful bitch.

Anytime you get to play on New Years Day is a good thing and good TV time for the program.

Plus Tampa in January can be nice.

Here is the MJS blurb on the announcement

They will play an SEC team so they have a chance to go 3-1 over the last 4 years against the SEC.

I find it funny the last time they won this bowl game was when they beat Duke not that Duke has to worry about their football team playing in a bowl game any time soon. lol

I was surprised they announced this now I thought they would wait through the weekend when all the other conferences had their championship games. I hope we get Auburn again it would be the tie breaker game.

Anyone thinking of going down to this game I am tempted just for the Cuban food you can get in the greater Tampa area. Go stay at the Condo if it is available enjoy the sun hmmmm I might have to go and call my wife ;)

On Wisconsin

A Suess-ian Post

Stevie Ray Braun over at BCB has a fun Grinch like Brewer's poem. It is worth the 10 minutes to read...

Check it out if you have time.


We are fast approaching 100,00 hits

Sometime today the WSB sitemeter should spin over to 100,000 hits.

We are inside of 200 hits needed so today should be the day based on recent traffic patterns.

So play sitemeter whore with Chris and follow the build up to this momentous occasion.

Hurray Traffic because traffic equals readers we like readers(well 99% of you the other 1% can kiss our asses lol)


Joe Nathan Can Be Had, At What Price?

Ken Rosenthal:
Johan Santana might not be the only big-name Twins pitcher who
gets traded. Joe Nathan also looks like a goner, especially now that
the Reds are on the verge of inflating the closer market by awarding
Francisco Cordero a four-year, $46-million free-agent contract.
The Twins are unlikely to retain Nathan at anywhere near that price, so
they face the same choice with him as they do with Santana: Trade him
now, trade him before July 31 or receive only draft picks when he
departs as a free agent after next season.The
immediate futures of Nathan and Santana are almost certainly linked.
The Twins will create fewer save opportunities for their closer if they
trade their ace left-hander — and fewer still if, as expected, they
also lose right-hander Carlos Silva as a free agent.The Brewers,
facing the defections of both Cordero and Scott Linebrink from their
bullpen, would be the most obvious fit for Nathan. However, it is
doubtful the Brewers would part with a young talent such as Rickie
Weeks, J.J. Hardy or Corey Hart for a one-year rental.

I saw Nathan was on the block and immediately figured Melvin was spinning something to get him. Now, Rosenthal assumes Nathan would be a 1 year rental, but given the fact that Melvin offered Cordero a 4 year deal for $40 million (and seems pissed that he wasn't allowed to counter the Reds offer) I could see the Brewers swinging a big deal, and then really overpaying for Nathan. They have the money to make the mistake, and large sums of cash with few responsible options never leads to good things. I fully expect the Brewers to try and get Nathan, and I expect them to offer quite a bit. Not Corey Hart, but Weeks or Hardy getting floated would not surprise me (hopefully they throw Dillon in there too).

What a Terrible Tuesday

Basketball wise yesterday was not a very good day for Basketball teams that make their home in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin got whooped by Duke

The Bucks suffer their first home court loss

UWM, not so good.

I can only really speak about the Badger game I did not see or listen to any of the other two game. To be honest I turned the Badger game off with about 2 minutes to go in the first half and switched back to Xbox.

What can you say about the Duke Wisconsin game, well our football team would destroy theirs. Wisconsin look tight and over whelmed by the atmosphere Duke and their fans bring to home games. And Duke got on a roll last night and just buried the Badgers by halftime. I would like to see Wisconsin play Duke at the Kohl Center or on a neutral floor I am guessing Duke would still win but not by such a huge margin. They did keep it closer in the 2nd half I do not know if the Badgers played better or did Coach K call off the dogs? Either way it is only one game and shit happens.

And as I said Dukes football team sucks lol

The losses last night ended a 5 game winning streak for both the Badgers and the Bucks. I saw flashes of things that tell me the Badgers will be fine come the Big Ten Season. Brian Butch looked like he was total back from his elbow injury and I liked the big freshman kid whose name escapes me(and I am too lazy to look up right now)
So the season did not end with yesterdays losses(But I have a feeling it might be a long season for the Panthers)

Well Time for the Basketball teams to take a back seat for the next 2 days

Its time to go wall to wall Packers ;)

Is there a doctor in the house?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Badgers Open Thread Anyone?

ESPN is showing the never ending saga of Georgia Tech/Indiana, while I'm missing the Badger game.

Well, when I get to see it this is the open thread for it.

Go Badgers and screw you ESP...

Aiming for World Marketshare Domination

Paul makes the case that the Bucks may be consciously making an end run around the American media for the biggest chuck of the big world market. For the record I like this theory. It plays nicely into my obsessive desire to find marketing motives behind every professional sports decision. Evidence? You want evidence? Ok – I give you Yi from China and Energee in China.

The Bucks invite the 3-9 Philadelphia 76’ers to the Bradley Center for some round ball. Details in Game Day. Perhaps Philly is hurting from the 68% drop in tattoos with the loss of Iverson. Yi Haw Baby.

The Highlight of Tony Romo's Career

He is no Brett Favre not by a long shot.


If I read one more "You can be a Romo Fan and a Packers Fan" Story I am going to puke.

I am so sick of all the stories about how everyone in Burlington loves Tony Romo but they are still pulling for the Pack.

I am sorry if my own son was wearing that stupid blue star I would root for the Packers. I hope the Pack knock Romo out of the game myself.

I have said it before Romo is now a Capulet and we are all of the house of Montague, the two do not mix.

As I have said before the opening of Romeo and Juliet sums up Thursdays game.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

I know there are Cowboy fans around, who true to form are already woofing before one down has been played. What else would you expect from that lot.

I have refrained from woofing even though I am quite sure the Pack is going to win pretty easily at that.

So we will suffer the Cowboys fans for two more days then when the Pack wins we will rain fire on their blogs ;)

Be ready boyhos when the Pack wins it will be ugly and you will not want to miss a moment of the mayhem that will follow the victory

And for the record I never really liked Burlington all that much let them root for Romo but don't call yourself Packers fans.

Screw Tony Romo

Paul's Crazy Bucks Theory

OK, so unofficially I believe that the NBA is rigged against small markets and non-stars. This has led me to be a a paranoid weirdo about the Bucks for as long as I can remember. And while I know that the current Bucks' success represents a small sample size and may disappear by the end of the week, I'd like to posit a theory as to why this year may be different than all of the rest.

Milwaukee is a small market. Stupid anchors on ESP...sorry, the four letter network typically say things like "Michael Redd doesn't have the exposure that Kobe Bryant does." even though the aforementioned four letter network is directly responsible for this exposure difference. It's easy to screw small markets because only the fans of that small market team will care, and they will generally be dismissed as crackpots.

But, what if you suddenly find yourself in a different, larger market? What if you draft a high-profile Chinese player whose games are shown in China and Milwaukee? And what if the NBA is very concerned about their image in China?

You might see your small market team treated a bit differently. A bit more fairly.

Makes you think, doesn't it.

Sabernomics Weighs In on Cordero Deal

Despite what some self proclaimed ESPN radio personalities may claim, the CoCo Cordero deal? F'ing stupid.
The contract for Cordero is simply awful. If the Reds are trying to be
taken seriously by flashing some dollars, then flashing their money is
all they are accomplishing. Cordero is an excellent reliever, but I
don’t see how the Reds can justify spending $11.5 million/year for four
years on a pitcher about to turn 33 for a team that doesn’t appear to
be built for success in this timespan. Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey are gone after 2008 and Arron Harang and Bronson Arroyo are due big raises...Even if the Reds could use this final piece, I still think it’s a
bad deal. I have Cordero producing $19.6 million over the next four
seasons—$26 million more than he’s being paid. Now, it’s pretty clear
that my model isn’t predicting well for “closers.” And while I’m a
believer in efficient markets and willing to acknowledge that I might
be underestimating closer value, the current closer premium is
excessive. And I think that Scott Linebrink’s contract supports my
I have Linebrink’s four-year deal valued at $17.1 million—two
million less than the salary he is actually getting, so it’s not too
far off from my model. (I don’t like the signing either, because I
don’t like signing relievers to long-run deals for other reasons.)
However, my model estimates that Cordero is worth only about $2.5
million ($0.6 million/year) more than Linebrink...I’m not saying that we can pin down the exact value of relievers here,
but it does reveal the difficulty in valuing pitchers according to
their roles. Middle relievers and starters limit the need for closers
and teams can shift pitcher roles with ease. But, what I am certain of,
is that the Reds are going to regret this contract, even if Cordero
pitches well. And I think there is a decent chance that he collapses.
He’s got a big contract, and even if the Reds decide to trade him, I
will not be surprised if the team has to send along some cash to cover
part of his contract.

But, ya know, he's not an ESPN local affiliate on-airpersonality, so what would J.C. Bradbury know?

By the way, his book, The Baseball Economist, is pretty sweet. Especially the chapter on valuing catchers and the value of a manager arguing with umpires. Interesting if nothing else.

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It's a Basketball Tuesday in Wisconsin

First Wisconsin takes on Duke tonight as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge

The game is at Duke in the Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Game time is 8pm CT and it can be seen on ESPN and I am guessing ESPN HD. Due to the Bucks game the Badgers will be on What ever station TMJ uses as its overflow channel.

hell just watch it on TV.

Biggest test of the year for the Badgers and it will give us a gauge at how this Badger teams stacks up to Marquette since this will be their only common opponent so far. They have a chance before an national audience to show they are still a force to be reckoned with.

The First Place Milwaukee Bucks no that is not a type the Bucks are in first place in the Central right now.

They take on Philly tonight in the last game of a 3 game home stand. They are looking to go 3-0 on the home stand and remain undefeated at the BC.

Game time is 7pm Ct at the BC Radio will be WTMJ and TV will be FSN-WI

Finally the UW-Milwaukee Panthers try to bounce back from a tough lose and will host Sam Houston State(it is Texas week for Wisconsin teams lol) at the US Cellular Arena Game time is also 7pm and the game can be heard on 1130AM or streamed from the UW-Panther website.(for those of you who live outside of Milwaukee like me since WISN signal is for shat at night)

So enjoy this Cornucopia of State Basketball tonight as we all grind out the days till Thursday.

On Wisconsin
Big Bucks No Whammies
UWM Notice Us Please.


Monday, November 26, 2007

A concern for Thursday

Match up wise, I think we'll see a hell of a game on Thursday night. This makes me nervous, though:
Advancing age might not be entirely to blame for those gray streaks in Brett Favre's hair.

Yes, the Packers are 10-1, far exceeding the wildest of expectations for this season. But Favre still can't shake his nagging concern that the Packers' young players are too loose and carefree considering what's at stake -- and might be headed for a fall.

Especially after the Packers turned in a not-so-sharp practice Sunday, only four days away from their toughest matchup of the season at Dallas on Thursday night.


"We had a lot of guys out today and that always poses problems," Favre said. "But I found that the practice today was not as sharp, probably because guys are (saying), 'We're 10-1."'

If they must have a let down game, it sure as hell had better not be this one. I don't understand how you can have a let down after the Lions when you are going to be facing the only other top notch team in the NFC.

Messy MNF

Let's just say that's it's very wet in Pittsburgh. Lot's of rain plus new turf laid down on top of old turf equals one messy game. It's 7:40 and they are still repainting the lines on the field. These are the fun games to watch and play. My prediction is Miami 3 Pittsburgh 5.


The New NCAA Basketball polls are out.

Marquette is 13th in the AP and 14th in the ESPN/USAToday.

Wisconsin jumps in to the land of the Ranked they are at 20 in both polls.

Both Polls can be seen here.

So after Wisconsin beats Duke tomorrow they will jump to number one right ;)


Bucks move up to number 7

The four letter network has its power ratings out for the NBA and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bucks at number 7.

They make a great point in the last week the Bucks have beaten the Cavs and LaBron the Lakers and Kobe and the Mavs and well too many to write.

Yes it is early but have to love the love they are getting.

Big Bucks No Whammies

Eric will now suffer my wrath

A totally fluff quizzie that I am stealing from Paul.

How many drinks would it take to kill you? Here are my numbers for Guinness and Shots of Vodka.

It would take 54 bottles of Guinness Guinness Draught to kill me

Thank Odin I am a fat SOB.

I think I actually tried this one in Wyoming once
It would take 38 shots of Vodka to kill me

So how many to kill you?

Get your Drink On

A dial up user reader question

It has been brought to my attention that due to all my shiny things in the sidebar it takes forever to load the WSB when using dial up.

First how many of you out there are dial up users? And how bad is the load time for the WSB for you?

I am considering some changes but I do not know if I am going to get rid of all my shiny things if the percentage of dial up users is very small.

So any thought on this from readers would be appreciated.

Striving to build a better WSB for the Readers of Tomorrow ;)


Wood Off The Market, Resigns with Cubs

Kerry Wood signed a 1 year $4 million dollar deal with Chicago. I could have stomached that if Melvin had shelled it out for him, probably.

One more reliever off the table. So, anyone know what Joe Table is up to these days?

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WSB Watercooler: The Class of the NFC

The Green Bay Packers are the class of the NFC, according to's Quality Standings:
The Packers are clearly the class of the NFC. Their 3-0 record vs.
Quality Opponents tops the NFL’s senior circuit and is second in the
entire league only to 11-0 New England’s 4-0 mark.

Green Bay has outscored its three Quality Opponents (Chargers,
N.Y. Giants and Lions) by +13.3 PPG. Thaht scoring differential against
Quality Opponents is also clearly the best in the NFC. In fact, only
one other NFC team, the Cardinals, have a positive scoring differential
against Quality Teams, and Arizona's is a meager +3.3.

The Cowboy's? Not so much:
That’s right, the Cowboys. America’s Team has made a lot of noise
this year. But they’ve made all that noise playing a JV schedule.
Dallas has faced just three teams this year with winning records. The
‘Boys got smoked by 21 points at home by New England. They won their
other two games against Quality Teams, but both were against the
Giants, who they beat by a combined 21 points in two games. (The
Packers, for their part, destroyed the Giants by 22 points (35-13) in
their one meeting in Week 2.)

Also, no team in the entire NFL has given up more points against Quality Opponents than Dallas (34.3). That’s right. Nobody.

We'll see come Thursday night. Speaking of Thursday night, is going to do something they are calling a "companion live broadcast" of the game. Sounds interesting, something to check out if you're around a computer.

Mike Sherman is expected to be named Texas A&M's next head football coach.

New York Post is awesome.

Jake Dowell (Badger alum) scored in his first game on Thanksgiving Day for the Chicago Blackhawks. Hockey In Wisconsin has some cool links to the video and some interviews.

What do you think of this:
The Brewers are in on Troy Percival after losing Francisco Cordero to the Reds. As has been said since the signing, this could also mean that Derrick Turnbow gets another shot in the closer's role.
As always, depends on the money, but if there is a bidding war for Troy Percival? Uh, I think I'll pass.

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Musing from around the NFL

The Rams drive the length of the field down by 5 are 4th and goal at the one foot line and find a way to lose to the Seahawks.

Both sides of the Patriots escape Philly side and New England

The New York Giants and Eli just plain suck. Seriously how do you lose to the Queens?

What Dallas is saying about Thursdays game.

The Trib still thinks the Bears have a pulse lol

Down in the Big Easy the Saints still have hope

There was just a quick run through what other cities newspapers are saying this morning about their teams.

These Packerless Sundays make Mondays hard lol


NE is NOT invinsible

I think that AJ Feeley proved that last night.

That is right - the all powerful perennial MVP candidate of AJ Feeley lit up the NE defense for 345 yards and 3 TDs. And that was in NE.

Yes NE still won. But not because of their offense. AJ kept it close but still gave the game away. His three INT's are what cost the Eagles the game. But he picked apart the Pats D rather well.

So the question that I have.... Are the Pats really all that. Is the AFC really all that???

All I have been hearing this year is that the NFC couldn't wipe the AFC's ass with a wet nap. It was like comparing NCAA Division III to an NFL team. Yes the AFC has an elite team in the PATs. But they play the Dolphins, Jets and Bills twice....

Then they let the Eagles come into their house and AJ Feeley picked them apart for 345 yards and 3 touches.

I hope that Brett can play them in the SB this year. Then we can see what a real QB can do to their defense.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today with loses Minnesota and Chicago will be eliminated

If I am doing my math right(always an iffy proposition with me) if the Bears and Queens both lose today they are officially out of the race for the NFC North title. They would be 6 games behind the Pack with 5 games left.

I know in reality the Pack would have to have Cubs/07Mets like collapse to not win the Division but it is always nice when the it is official.

Actually the Queens are already eliminated since the Pack has two head to head wins but they will lose to the Giants today to make it official.

The Bears host a surging Denver team so I am looking for them to lose also.

I hope the Packer players enjoy the day off and are all starting to heal up 7 days between games must seem like a month after the last couple of weeks with short turn around times.

Today are the days Sunday Ticket gets a work out no Packers game to focus in on so I bounce all around the league.

Happy Football Sunday

Believe it or not E was right COD 4 blows Halo3 away

A couple of days ago I finally broke down and bought Call of Duty 4 for my X360 since I was starting to suffer Halo 3 burnout(I played a lot of Halo3)

I had noticed that a lot of my Halo 3 compatriots had moved on to COD4(On Xbox Live you can actually tell what games people on your fiends list are playing)People like ESK and Tron7(a commenter here)were all COD4 all the time they never played Halo3 anymore.

Now I know why Wow Fing Wow, The only thing that would make this game better was if it had Zombies in it lol. Graphics are out of this world like you are their live and a lot more strategy involved especially in the Campaign mode. There are areas of the game where being quite and not shooting or killing anything are the main focus(you play a sniper sneaking into position)

The multiplayer set up is out of this world also I finally got a chance to play with ESK last night for a couple of games.

I have finished the Campaign on Normal already(I like to do that before playing online to learn the ropes and buttons) I intend to go back and try it on Veteran soon. First video game I have ever played that killed main characters off and they stay dead.

While I enjoyed Halo 3 and will drop back in to play it from time to time I am hooked on COD4

Now I just need to learn how to mute certain people in a team game and I am set I had an annoying little bastard in my final game last night and I missed the Halo3 function where you can mute fools. Is there a way to do that in COD4?

Oh and Sol not a peep I am going to write about what ever I want here(expect politics that is verboten)

So E or anyone else, what is the next cool game coming down the pipe now that I have become a FPS player.

Being the "Gunner" on the AC130 was my favorite part


So are the Bucks for real?

"Every time I think I am out, They pull me back in"

So the Bucks are up to 7-4 in this young season and undefeated at having added a couple of big Western Division scalps to their totem this week.

But do you as a Bucks fan think they are for real? By that I mean a playoff team. I do not expect them to win the Division but I can see them making the playoffs and higher than 7 or 8th seed. If and that is a BIG if they keep playing like they playing now. I did catch the first quarter last night and liked what I saw. Now they just have to stay away from the injury bug like last season.

They also have to figure out how to win some games on the road. They are like the Brewers in that regard both team need to start reading the book "Winning on the road the Packers Way" lol

I am starting to pay more attention to the Bucks and I cannot believe it.


How did UW-Milwaukee do? Not So Good

UWM lost last night to Drake 80 - 59

Young team nights like this are going to happen I guess.

This Quote from the MJS sums up the night

"We've been putting together 20 minutes of solid basketball, but tonight I don't know if we put together 5 minutes," Panthers coach Rob Jeter said."

I have a feeling it might be a rough season for the young Panthers.


Bring on Duke

The Kohl Center remains the Pit of Despair, as the Badgers come back from a 9 point half time deficit to hand Georgia its first lose of the year 68 - 49.

The win also makes Wisconsin 2-0 against schools from Georgia having beat Savannah State University earlier this season.

The win moved the Badgers to 5-0 on the young season and gave them some momentum as they fly to Tobacco Row to take on Duke and their insane fans Tuesday. The Duke game will be the biggest Challenge the Badgers have faced in this young basketball season.

Think what a Victory would do to propel the Badgers into the National Spotlight.

Duke will be the first "ranked" team Wisconsin has played all season.

I actually missed seeing the Badger game I lost track of time playing the Simpsons Video game so I do not have too many pearls of wisdom on the Georgia game. One trend that I have noticed that kind of makes me nervous is how little they are getting Jason Bohannon into the game scoring wise. They will need a sharp shooter when they start the Big Ten Season I hope he is ready.

I can promise you I will not miss the game on Tuesday

On Wisconsin

Saturday, November 24, 2007

John Mcglocklin Is Ron Santo With a Ring

Seriously. Listening to the ups and downs of John is a lot like listening to Ron Santo on gn radio.

Did anyone else hear when John almost had an orgasm when Bogut and Yi got the board after a missed FT, then Bogut scored? (pun intended) He was certainly in sheer amazement.

As was I this evening. The game reminded me of when the Bucks played the Bulls and won like 78-73 and I asked are the Bucks good defensively or do the Bulls suck on offense? Well, we figured out that Chicago, so far, isn't as good as a lot of thought they would be, but, the Bucks have played pretty well on defense. They should have fouled Harris as Williams pointed out, but it's early and this team is still adjusting.

The Bucks now sit at 7-4, are winners of 5 in a row, and everyone is contributing. Mo Williams is putting up Cassel like numbers, Redd took 14 FT I think which is awesome and even Danny G had 6 points.

Hopefully this will be another magic year in Wisconsin sports and for gods sake, please hire Scott Williams permanently to do the color commentary, he's so much better than John. On second thought, maybe that's why the Bucks are winning. They have old Scotty back.

The Bucks and Mavericks Start Dallas Week

Coach Krystkowiak is crediting the two headed dragon at power forward for much of the Bucks early success. Details are at the Game Day report. Rookie Yi Jianlian and Charlie Villanueva are giving Milwaukee a one-two punch at power forward that should be able to counter Dallas’s overrated superstar Dirk Nowitski. Dirk is very good, but he’s not Mr. Clutch.

Tonight is also a Wisconsin return of Devin Harris who is having his best year as a Pro, averaging 17.1 ppg in over 31 minutes of floor time running the Mavericks. Like Dwyane Wade, Devin is always welcome back to the land of beer and cheese, but that don’t mean his team should come away with a victory.

The Mavericks are 9-3 coming into tonight’s contest so it will take a motivated effort by the Bucks to pull off their fifth straight win. I considered a first time starter for this contest but tonight’s game seems to require a proven motivator so the duties go back to Sara. Yi Haw Baby.

The Bucks try and start the beating Dallas wave.

Tonight the 5-0 at home and 6-4 over all Milwaukee Bucks try to remain in sole possession of 2nd place in the Central.

They take on Mark Cubans Fantasy Basketball team AKA The Dallas Mavericks tonight at the BC. This is the meat game in a 3 game home stand sandwich for the Bucks.

This will be a great test for this Bucks teams as the Mavs are one of the best teams out of the West a victory over the Mavs would force some skeptics like myself to start giving this team some credit.

The game is on FSN-WI in HD so a lot of Basketball on the Tube tonight if you are into that. Wisconsin early then roll right into the Bucks game.

Tip off for the Bucks is 8pm
and as Steve pointed out they will be the game on the flagship not the Badgers.

Lets start "Dallas" week off with a bang.

Big Bucks No Whammies

I cannot wait to see what girl Random picks for tonights game ;)

Praise Odin I am now a proud member of St. Paul's Church of the No Closers

I am totally on board with Paul on this Closers are not needed to win idea.

Think of this with this team the Line up can bash you to a 5-7 run lead on a lot of nights if you can just have decent TCB guys in the bullpen you do not need a closer. You just send out your middle relief guys and keep the lid on.

I know I keep going back to this 18 games where they blew a 5 run or more lead so if the middle relief guys can do their job and not let teams chip away you can win a lot more games without the aid of a "Top flight" closer. The way Neddy Baseball manages if they have a 5 run or more lead in the 9th the closer is going to stay out in the Pen doing his David Cone imitation. ;)

The more I look at this the happier I am that we lost the bidding war for Cordero.

Reliever we don't need no stinking reliever.

Hurray Beer

I always forget that Melvin is smart.

Has anyone looked at Coco's home/road splits lately? (Sorry I don't have advanced stats for the following analysis. I'll do my best with "conventional" stats.)

In 2007 his ERA in 42 home games was 1.09. In 24 road appearances is was 6.55. Now some of this is due to luck (for some reason hitters on the road put up a BABIP of .475 against Frankie, but they also slugged better which may have contributed to this anomoly) but I'd wager that the balpark itself was the biggest factor.

2006 is interesting as his road splits are better (4.24 at home, 3.09 on the road), but remember, Cordero played in 49 games for the Rangers in 2006 in one of the best hitters parks in the bigs. In 2005, in a full season with the Rangers, Cordero put up a 3.89 at home, and a 2.59 on the road. The explanation appears to lie in slugging.

It appears that Cordero is strongly affected by Park Factor. I'm not going to go diving around the 'net looking into park factors, but Miller Park is, in general a neutral-ish park. The Great American Ballpark is quite hitter friendly. I will go out on a limb and say that Francisco Cordero will have a down year this year.

What we also can learn is that certain types of pitchers may be able to succeed in Miller Park where they would fail elsewhere. (Mota, by the way, is probably not one of those guys.) What you might see Melvin do is find a few hard throwers who have trouble with the long ball in smaller parks. That's what I would do.

Letting Cordero go was definitely the right move. He is much more replaceable than he appears at first glance. Relief pitchers in general, and closers in particular rarely put together more than three good years in a row. Melvin seems to take the approach of throwing a bunch of arms against the wall and seeing what sticks. It's a good strategy, and I'll be interested to see what they end up with.

And, I'll be annoyed at the local media for panicking.

Cincy Math: The Price of Cordero

Cincinnati signed Francisco Cordero to a 4 year, $46 million dollar deal, pending a physical. That is $11.5 million per year. They are also paying David Weathers a little under $3 million. So roughly $14 million dollars on saving games. That sounds perfectly reasonable for a team who feels they are on the cusp of contending. The real problem with the deal?

Last season, the Reds had a mere 39 save opportunities! That isn't exactly getting bang for the ol' dollar there Cincy. Unless they completely crack the ol' piggy bank open and sign two more starting pitchers, this could be the worst signing of the off-season.

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Reds will be rue this signing

They are throwing money around and hired Dusty Baker look for them to in last place most of the season.

I am sorry they way over spent for Cordero who is going to get killed pitching half of his games in Great American Small Park those fly balls that were outs in Miller Park are going to land 10-12 rows in the seats at Small Park.

I am greatful for the past season and a half and what Cordero did but I also remember he blew some huge games and when you only lose your division by 2 games those blown saves matter. I wonder how the Reds will love his trade mark 2 out in the 9th home run to lose the game. Hell it was 2 outs and 2 strikes in Chicago.

I am so glad the Brewers did not waste 42 million on a closer the Free Agent Market is bizarro world right now. The White Soxs paid too much for Linebrink and now the Reds did the same with Cordero. There has to be a better and cheaper answer

So what is plan B I am guessing McClung or a trade I cannot see the Brewers putting Turnblow back in that position. Hell I am hoping they do not bring him back at all.

if they had 42 million for Coco they have 42 million to go find some bullpen help no I do not know where they will find it hell go to Japan if you have to but can it be worse than what we had in August and Sept?

I think come July we will be greatful that the Reds beat us out for Coco.

That all being said I have not gotten one warm and fuzzy feeling about the 08 Brewers yet.

But it is a long winter.

Hurray Beer

Well this year Notre Dame will not get to steal anyones Bowl Game

Gee How bad is Duke that they lost to this ND team? I think any team that lost to ND this year should consider giving up football. Yes I am looking at you UCLA.

How bad is it for ND right now Army can point and laugh they have more wins than the Domers.

I just love the fact that the Domers will not be in any bowl game even they cannot weasel out of the 6 win rule.

Bwahahahahahahaha No Soup For You Notre Dame lol

Notre Dame stoled Wisconsin's BCS slot(dont bother giving me that BS about the 2 team rule) and I think the football Gods have struck them down this season for their crime.

You know why the Domers will never join the Big Ten, THEY ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Damn that felt good
ND Sucks

Callahan Fired at Nebraska

The 4 letters are reporting that Nebraska coach Bill Callahan was given the gas pipe this morning after a meeting with Nebraska interim AD Tom Osborne.

So why is this worth mentioning on a Wisconsin sports blog? Well there is always a chance that Nebraska might try and get Barry to leave his huge office at Camp Randell and return to his Alma mater to try and rescue another football program.

I do not think it will happen Barry has built quite the Kingdom in Madison why leave. If he did not leave to take the Miami jog he is not going to go to Lincoln, but I am sure his name will come up.

My prediction when Wisconsin starts next season they will have the same AD and Head Coach as they did this season.

How the might have fallen though in Nebraska, they and Notre Dame show no one stays on top for ever.


This is a big Non-Conference year for UW-Milwaukee

For the first time I can remember UW-Milwaukee will play both Wisconsin and Marquette they even get Wisconsin at home.

Kind of tough for UW-M they finally get MU to play them and they run into one of the better MU squads in a while this could get ugly.

I have to be honest I need to pay better attention I though the Panthers were off to a bad start after the Northern Iowa game but then I looked at their record and they are 3-1(Div3 Parkside gave them a scare in an exhibition game 86-83)so it as not as bad as I thought.

They Play Drake tonight at the US Cellular Arena
Tip off 7pm
Radio WISN 1130am and you can stream the game live at here

I will try and do a better job keeping up on the Panthers this season.

Trying to give the Panthers some WSB Love

Badger Men have their first real test today.

The Badgers Men play Georgia tonight at the Pit of Despair. This is the second game of a home and home the Badgers beat Georgia last year down in the Peach State.

This will be the first real "game" for the Badgers it will be nice to get a read on them before they head off to play Duke.

This next stretch will be a tough row to hoe for Bucky.

They play Georgia @Duke, then Wofford and Marquette at home then @UW-M and UW-GB.

That is not the easiest 6 game stretch. I figure they will only lose the Duke game. They are not going to lose to MU at home sorry Care Bear fans it ain't going to happen Badgers will win that match for the third year in a row.

Back to the Bulldogs according to the MJS Badger Blog they have kicked two of their best players off the team this season so that can only help the Badgers.

Now that the Football team is in Bowl Game mode I mentally feel like it is Basketball season. I believe the Badgers are going to surprise some people as big of a loss as Tucker was they will over come it and be a force in the Big Ten and the Big Dance.

Sorry Cable people this is another Big Ten Network Game so a lot of instate people will not see the game.

Game Info
Badgers vs. Georgia
tip off is at 5;30pm CT

TV BTN and Radio your local Badger Radio Network Station(remember we have a link on our sidebar where you can find your local Badger Radio Station.)In Milwaukee it will be on the Flagship AM620 WTMJ.

On Wisconsin

Friday, November 23, 2007

What the Feline?

Having screwed up once and managing to climb back into the top spot of the BCS Championship rankings, Louisiana State University blows another over time game. Once more college football, unable to make peace with the bowl game money, finds itself going back to the computers. For the Big 10 this is potentially good for Ohio State and – hear me now and believe me later – Illinois.

LSU Goes Down: The ripple effect of LSU's loss is twofold: 1) It opens the door for 9-1 West Virginia and 11-1 Ohio State, the former of which now controls its Superdome destiny, the latter of which will join the Mountaineers there should Saturday's Border War winner fall the following week in San Antonio. 2) It likely expedites Miles' anticipated departure for Ann Arbor. When the expected call from Michigan AD Bill Martin comes shortly after the SEC title game, Miles can more comfortably walk away from a team preparing for a non-championship bowl game.

Illini could sneak into BCS game: The Bowl Championship Series announced Tuesday that if fewer than 10 of the top 14 teams in the standings are eligible for an at-large bid, the qualifying standard will extend to the top 18. The team that could come up smelling like a rose is Illinois. Ranked No. 17 in the BCS on Sunday, the Illini would become eligible for a BCS bowl if guidelines changed but still must edge at-large teams from conferences such as Big East and ACC to earn a BCS at-large spot.

UW's bowl picture still developing: Because it remains uncertain which teams will fill the Bowl Championship Series slots, the University of Wisconsin's bowl picture remains unsettled. … The primary reason officials from the Capital One Bowl and the Outback Bowl and other bowls with Big Ten ties cannot extend invitations is that Illinois (9-3) remains in the running for a BCS at-large berth.

Isn’t this artificial computer assisted design formula so much better than say a playoff?

Reds Cordero Frontrunners?

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Reds are at the top of a three team heap to sign Francisco Cordero:
The Cincinnati Reds, moving toward the first big acquisition of
the Dusty Baker era, are in serious talks with free-agent closer
Francisco Cordero, major-league sources say.
Cordero is still talking to three clubs, but it is believed that the
Reds have emerged as the front-runner over the Brewers and an
unidentified third team.The
Brewers, who are on the verge of losing setup man Scott Linebrink to
the White Sox, offered Cordero a four-year, $42 million contract,
sources say.

I like this story because it gave me an awesome chuckle when I was reminded Dusty Baker is the new Cincinnati manager!

In Honor of the Packers winning 3 games in 12 days

The Banana Boat Song(Day Oh)

this is my favorite version of the song every time I hear it I think of Beetlejuice

Daylight come and me want to go home.


This Year I'm Thankful....No One Got Hurt

In the spirit of the biggest sporting event in Wisconsin I had initially planned to do a nostalgic post on our 28 year old, 3rd generation, 15 man deer camp. But due to tragedy this year, deer camp as we know it died 2 years shy of it's 30th birthday. The camp burned down, to ashes, in less than 10 minutes.

No one was hurt, but thousands of dollars of camping gear, tents, wallets, cell phones...etc were reduced to ashes in minutes.

Here are some photos of the camp less than 24 hours before its demise.

Welcome to Deer Camp:

Here is camp:

This is where we poop:

This is where we sleep:

This deer Burned in the fire:

As I said no one was hurt. Two people were in the camp when the fire started and both made it out. One narrowly (his shirt was singed on the way out). It is amazing how fast and hot canvas burns.

The biggest loss was the journal that has been kept each night of camp for the last 28 years. In the beginning a type writer was used for the journal, so we are not sure if copies exist. Only recently has a scribe begun dictating out paper log into computer. We may have lost the only record of history.

On the brighter side, Somehow the beer sitting right next to the tent did not burn. Which is weird because the fire was hot enough to melt the aluminum soda cans and chair legs in the tent.

We'll miss you deer camp, and we'll see what the future brings.

Joe Buck or John Madden

You have one bullet left and all laws has been suspended you can only shoot one saving mankind from some of the horror of them calling a game.

Which one do you choose?

Me, Buck without a second thought

Oh the horror the horror


Same old sorry ass Lions

And here come the Pretzels, the Detroit Fan Base is turning on the Lions after the they lose their 3 game in a row.

Article title in the Detroit Free Press

"Lions exposed as frauds; playoff hopes are dim"


Lions lose fourth straight Thanksgiving Day game

Schaudenfraud Radio WDFN 1130AM in Detroit

Enjoy what other are saying about the Pack.

Go Pack Go

Let the whining begin

So if you do not have DTV or Dish and do not live in Green Bay or SE Wisconsin what are you going to do next Thursday for the Packers Game?

Will you go to a Sports Bar or a Buddies house? I know people who have Sirius Sat Radio can listen to the Packers Radio Broadcast nationwide so there is one option.

But will you make an extra effort to "see" this game if you live in the Forbidden Zone and have Cable?


Linebrink will be showing he is washed up with the Whites Soxs next season.

I am a little bummed about this not because Linebrink is gone but because I had been expecting him to go to a top half team so the Crew would get First Round draft choices not the second round and the sandwich pick(between the first and second round)that they got.

I will leave it for people like ESK and Paul to say if we gave away too much for Linebrink now that we know what picks the Brewers are going to get. But they will still have 4 pretty high placed picks in the draft this year. So that is good long term.

I am not going to miss Linebrink and I still think in the end that move was a mistake based on the results of the season.

I am still waiting for the "Suppan" moment this season, you know the moment when the Brewers make a move that actually fires you up over the coming season. Sorry Mota and Kendell are not that moment. But I am not panicking it is a long winter and last year they did not make their big splash till late December. Couple that with the weak ass FA class and that moment may never come this off season.


Let the week of hype begin. Packers vs. Dallas week begins

Well what can you say the Packers had one of their worse first quarters of the year and it still could not stop from rolling over the Lions. They pretty much wrapped up the Division title with yesterdays win they are up 4 games with 5 left to play. Yes the focus how changes from win the Division to lock up home field for the entire playoffs.

A win next week in Dallas will pretty much do that but before we talk about that lets talk about Brett Favre and the Packers Defense. 20 straight completed passes and about an inch from having 21 straight. I honestly think he is playing better than he did the Super Bowl years. He seems to be making the right choice almost every time. And I think right now top to bottom 1-5 his receiving Corp is the best in the game. I know every thinks Tommy Boy is a lock for the MVP but you are starting to hear the talking heads mention those three letters when talking about Brett. What can you say about the Packers Defense they saved the game in the first quarter, holding the Lions to 2 field goals and keeping the game from getting out of hand. They did it for most of the game with out Charles Woodson or Johnny Jolly. This Defense is showing us how deep they actually are Nick Collins goes down no problem in goes Aaron Rouse and they do not miss a beat. Johnny Jolly goes down in come Colin Cole and they do not miss a beat. My only complaint is the D tends to shut it down when they get a big lead and lets teams back into the game we have seen this the last two weeks.

You want to know why I love Donald Driver? Because he has been paid a couple of times now and he still plays every down like he is playing to make the team he plays hurt he is a true football warrior.

An amazing stat the Pack scored 37 points without really using Donald Lee this game he only had one catch for 10 yards.

So once again the Pack Took Care of Business now we turn to the clash of 10-1 teams next Thursday. It is already being hyped as much as Pats Colts was and I love the fact my team is one of the teams being hyped. Like a lot of Packers fans I had grown used to the Pack being an elite team for over a decade its nice to be back in the spotlight.

We will have 7 days to talk about this game and taunt Wigderson so I will stop here but I will remind everyone to take a moment to stop and savor this season so far we are witnessing something magical and we all need to stop and enjoy it. Seasons like this do not grow on trees we Packer fans know that.

Bring on the Boys

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lets hope we see a lot of Brett Farve fist pumping today Open Thread

Time to repay them for the Thanksgiving Day Massacre.

Go Pack Go

So much to give thanks for

Ned Yost is back as the Brewers manager Jason Kendell is now our starting catcher and we have Guillermo Mota in the Pen.

Start engraving the World Series Trophy now remember two e's at the end of Milwaukee boys.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hurray its only November they still have time to fix this mess before the season starts.


Duke and Marquette

Last night, Duke and the striped shirts narrowly defeated the Marquette Warriors in the Maui Invitational Championship. Marquette was whistled for 27 fouls to Duke's 16. I watched this game, and Marquette was not any more or less physical than Duke. Duke got every charging/blocking call, and Duke was bailed out on every ill-advised drive to the basket. Marquette, I think was clearly the superior team. To barely lose a game in which Jerel McNeal, Lazar Hayward, and Dan Fitzgerald miss most of the second half due to bogus foul trouble is outstanding.

I figure the breakdown would go something like this:

1. At Marquette: Marquette beats Duke easily.

2. Neutral Court: Duke barely wins because of Marquette foul trouble.

3. At Duke: Duke wins by forfeit when every Marquette player fouls out with 14 minutes remaining in the second half.

Wisconsin will have a rough time at Duke in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge with the style of defense that they play. It's possible that Bo Ryan may punch someone.

I hate basketball refs. They are the lowest forms of life on earth.

NFL Week 12

If at first you don't succeed at smashing .500 for the year, try, try again...

Green Bay (-4) @ Detroit - History versus numbers; take the numbers.
NY Jets @ Dallas (-14.5) - NBC will regret losing next week's NFC Championship Preview to the NFL Network.
Indianapolis (-13) @ Atlanta - As bad as Indy's been, the Dirty Birds are that much worse.
Minnesota (+7) @ NY Giants - Let the usual G-men second-half slide commence!
Denver (+1.5) @ Chicago - You may like, want and get the short one-and-a-half, but you're not gonna need them. In what should be a theme, take the over-41.
Tennessee (-1.5) @ Cincinnati - Things haven't yet hit rock-bottom.
Buffalo @ Jacksonville (-8.5) - Losman's playing? Don't figure on the Bills scoring a lot.
Oakland @ Kansas City (-6) - The Chiefs are on a kaiser roll.
Houston @ Cleveland (-3.5) - Just take a look at where this game is.
Seattle (-3) @ St. Louis - The Lambs winning ways stop here.
New Orleans @ Carolina (+3) - ST will finally be happy. I gua-roun-tee it.
Washington @ Tampa Bay (-3) - The Bucs D is back.
San Francisco @ Arizona (-10.5) - It's a good thing bionics isn't yet illegal in the NFL; otherwise, Warner would still be bagging groceries.
Baltimore (+10) @ San Diego - Remember, it's NOOOOOOOO!rv Turner's "offense" that's giving the long 10.
Philadelphia @ New England (-23) - The good news is there are only 3 more opportunities for Olbermann to snag the Pats. The bad is that means they have 2 more national appearances already guaranteed. Take the over-50.5, and take the Pats to bust that by themselves.
Miami @ Pittsburgh (-16.5) - The only question is, will Ricky come out to get stoned by the Steel Curtain?

Step One, Win the Division

Today the Packers can pretty much wrap up the NFC North Division title with a win over the Lions in Detroit. It will drop the Packers Magic Number to 2 with 5 games to go.

Plus it will help them keep pace with Dallas who most likely will win at home against the woeful Jets.

Normal I would be worried but this Packers team just is striking me as different, they seem to rise to the occasion and the Coaching Staff game plans seem to be getting better and better as the season rolls along.

The Key will be avoiding turn overs when Detroit wins they get a lot of turnovers so if Brett and the Offense can hold onto the ball things should work out fine.

Game time will be 11:30am CT on Fox from Coast to Coast.

Yes there will be an open thread for those of you who will be near their computer.

Pack goes to 10-1 today final score will be Pack 38 Lions 13, the Packers train is rolling and today it is the Lions turn to get run over.

Go Pack Go

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