Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dunn Picked Up

As I said in the comments below, Adam Dunn has had his option picked up by the Reds. This is a very intelligent move in my view. Not only do the Reds get Dunn on the off chance they are in the hunt this year, but in the likely event that they are out of it by the break, they have a guy who they can use to bolster their future by trading him.

Pisses me off, since I still held out the slim hope that the Crew would have Dunn anchoring the out field. Alas.......

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NFL Hall of Fame: Elect LeRoy Butler!

So the 2008 preliminary nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame has been released, and there are a few notable Packers on the list.

LeRoy Butler
Bob Harlan
Eric Metcalf (7 teams, I wonder which he'll go in as?)
Hardy Nickerson
Ron Wolf

Of those, Ron Wolf has to be a lock. Any arguments for the rest? Nickerson and Butler? No way. I'd love to see LeRoy in there, but it's a stretch. Despite ending his career with the Packers, I no more consider Metcalf a Packer than I do Rob Dibble a Brewer.

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What if....

.....the Brewers did nothing drastic this offseason to setup a run for Johan Santana at the All-Star break when the Twins are out of it? Then, they use the Sheets $$ to resign him for 2009?

I am dreaming right?

Trick or Treat Bucks Edition

For the Bucks, it was lonely picking last year on the road with only 10 total wins. While they were almost .500 at home they were 21 games under on the road. If this team wants to do any damange in the East they'll obviously have to improve there.

So, that begins tonight. Against an Orlando team that's made changes itself. Enter in new head coach Stan Van Gundy. But only after Orlando offered Billy Donovan an insane amount which he accepted and then later rejected. Van Gundy, as my father will tell me (it was before my time) was terrible at Wisconsin, but, he's done pretty well in the NBA. However, coaching Shaq and D-Wade will make your record look pretty good.

Orlando also made a trade for Rashard Lewis in the off-season. From reports, he might be matched up against that'll be an interesting match-up to watch. Orlando also has big man Dwight Howard who is a beast and if Bogut really added weight and muscle in the off-season this will be a nice opening test for him. A match-up of former # 1 picked big men.

I haven't seen Orlando play this pre-season, but I imagine they'll be playing a more inside-out game, like the Bucks would like do to. I think the Bucks have better perimeter players and if the Bucks use their size, quickness, and shot-taking ability, I think they should beat Orlando...but we'll see.

I won't be here tonight to watch the opener as I work. But, perhaps, someone in my family would be able to write a game summary from tonight.

That's all I got.

Why did I wait so long.

Even thought other people who hang out here have raved about Satellite Radio I have been stuck on the fence. Finally yesterday I got a Sirius unit one that can go from my Van to a boom box so I can use it pretty much anywhere I go.

I really like it I wish I had done this sooner I am betting it will even be better once I figure out how to use all the functions.

I went with Sirius over XM because the only thing that XM really has that I would want is MLB Radio and I get that over the computer through my MLB.TV package. Hopefully the merger will go though and I can have the best of both worlds.

Anyone got a favorite Sirius channel I should give a listen I am bouncing between the 90's Alternative and Margaritaville Radio and the Met Opera station Opera on demand kick ass.

I love tech toys

Hurray Science

Schilling to Milwaukee?

Curt Schilling named Milwaukee as a place he would like to play next year. Schilling made the announcement on his website 38Pitches.

I would have a hard time rooting for the Brewers every 5th day if Melvin went after Schilling.

But the positive side, as we saw last year with Suppan, top notch free agents are willing to come to Milwaukee. And for the time being we can afford them.

Team UN oops I mean the Bucks open the regular season tonight

2 fifths of our starting line up is from the Pacific Rim so I think we can qualify as the United Nations team.

But I digress.

The Bucks as usual open on the road tonight down in Orlando against the Magic

The game is at 6pm CST and is on FSN-WI and will be one of 25 games broadcast in HD this season.

I believe all Bucks games are on FSN-WI there will be on over the air broadcast bummer if you do not have Sat or Cable but welcome to the Brave New World of Sports TV we live in.

Hey any of you Bucks guys going to do a game preview? Bueller , Bueller Bueller.

Here is the Bucks Official Website and you can find this link also in our sidebar

I have a Halloween party to attend at my youngest sons preschool so I will be gone most of the morning. So if anyone has been saving a post now would be a good time to use it. lol

Big Bucks No Whammies

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I cannot be held responsible for my actions

First I have to suffer seeing my number one manager man crush sign with the original Evil Empire today.

Then I am innocently reading Tom Haudricourt's post on Ted Simmons when I get kicked in the balls by this little blurb right at the end of the post and I quote.

"As for those who think Yost will be looking over his shoulder, I'll make this prediction right now: Yost's option for 2009 will be picked up before the 2008 season starts. Melvin won't let Yost go into the season as a lame duck manager. That doesn't mean he can't be fired if the team goes south, but I still predict that option is exercised."

Why do they hate me so.

Ok before I do something rash why don't we have Jib drive over to my house and take the key to my gun safe so I do not end up on some bell tower with a rifle.

Seriously why do the Brewers want to cause me so much pain.


Ted Simmons joins Brewers organization

I just heard on the Radio and the MJS is also reporting that Former 82 team catcher Ted Simmons has joined Ned Yost's staff as his bench coach with Dale Sveum moving back to third base(is that a demotion for Sveum?)

I actually really like this idea I like Ted Simmons as a baseball guy some of the interviews with him during the 82 team reunion really sounded like he has some good baseball knowledge.

At first blush I like this even though they are still clinging to someone from the 82 team to lead this bunch normally I would not be in favor of that but this is the exception to the that rule.

Oh and in other news Cordero is going to test the free agency waters bet you did not see that one coming lol

Hurray Beer

Still Trying to Fix the Template

As you can see the Template is still goofy it is mashing the two columns together and I cannot figure out why.

As you can see I even tried changing the template to something else and it did not fix the problem.

What do you guys think of this look I think it looks a little closer to Wisconsin Red and White(close as I can get) I am thinking of having different looks for different seasons. Ie the blue and gold for the Brewers season this for Wisconsin football and basketball just a thought right now.(I have the old template saved to word so I can bring it back when ever.)

Jib(or anyone else) have any ideas why the columns are mashed together I am going to send blogger support an email for what that will be worth.

Please Stand By we are aware of the problem and are working to correct it lol


The Answer to the Quiz

Yesterday I asked what these teams all had in common.

The Answer they have all won the World Series without having A-Rod on their team that is every World Series winner since A-Rod started playing at the MLB level.

Now there are some who I wont name who do not think A-Rod will hurt what ever team he goes to.

I am just pointing out that it is not a sure thing that if you get A-Rod you will even see a World Series let alone win one.

I am glad the Brewers cannot afford him yes he is a great player but as Texas learned if you pay A-Rod you usually cannot afford to pay anyone else unless you are a few select teams.

Plus A-Rod is a jerk


80 yards to Victory

I have watched that play a bunch of times and it still has not sunk in. Well writers and bloggers spent all that time after the Washington game saying Favre was losing his deep ball strength. Well he goes to the thin air of Denver and turns into the Mad Bomber.

6-1 on top of the NFC Central with the Bears and Queens both down 4 games in the loss column.

DeShawn Wynn makes Ben Sheets look like Iron Man damn that guy is always hurt.

So far so good with this Packers team.

Go Pack Go

Monday, October 29, 2007

Re: Believe it or not I missed the winning play

Don't worry; Ian Schwartz has you covered...

Believe it or not I missed the winning play

I had turned the game off in the middle of the 4th quarter since the play of the Packers was killing me and started playing Halo3.

Good thing I kept the DVR rolling

A real quick thought once again just like the Bears game they should have had the game in had by half time but squandered chance after chance.

They got lucky and pulled this one out unlike the Bears game.

Way to many penalties for a team coming off of the bye.

A win is a win is a win right

Go Pack Go

Some quick and scattered thoughts

These are just some of the things bouncing around my head right now. Feel free to take pot shots at 'em.

*The Yankees are going to make Joe Girardi look bad next year.
*This 6-1 Packers team is exciting as hell, but it really feels like a high risk, high wire act.
*I have a gut feeling that the Brewers will again do less in the off season than everyone is looking for them to do.
*If the Packers still had Ahman Green, as used up as he is getting to be, they might be 7-0 and an even more serious Super Bowl threat to the AFC than they are.
*I think Wisconsin is going to give Ohio State all they can handle this weekend...but they'll still lose.
*I'm beginning to believe this is the season of the 'vintage' Brett Favre.
*Am I the only one who would have liked to have seen Matt Kenseth beat down Carl Edwards after that televised shoving incident and Edwards' cock fake punch?
*Bill Belichick is clearly trying to take out his anger over the cheating punishment on the rest of the league. If he continues to run up scores though, some defense is going to take it upon itself to ruin the Patriots' season by hurting either Brady or Moss.
*If the Packers can score victories against Detroit on Thanksgiving and Dallas the following Thursday, I'll believe.
*I think it is 50-50 that Geoff Jenkins will be back next year.
*I'm now of the opinion that the Brewers will go one for two when it comes to ROY and MVP. Just don't ask me which of the two they'll win.

I almost forgot this one, even though I've been thinking about it all day. Alex Rodriguez is a cock. Only an ass leaks to the press during a World Series game that he is opting out his contract. On the other a Red Sox hater, I love it that he upstaged their victory. Sox fans have become obnoxious pains in the ass-even more than you would expect from most fans whose team just won a championship. And as a Yankee hater, I love that he told them to stick it up their ass. So all in all, I'm giving A-Rod and Boras a push on this one.

Packers vs. Broncos MNF Open Thread

Lets finish the state of Colorado off


'Splain this to me

Lots of comments regarding the Rookie of the Year voting and our very own Ryan Braun is going to get "screwed." Please explain to me why Troy Tulowitzky is such an incredibly irrational choice that we are forming a lynch mob to get Kevin Kennedy and screaming about ESPN and FOX Sports agendas. I frankly don't get it.

Braun obviously tops my ballot (thanks to healthy amounts of bias...self awareness kicks ass) but Troy Tulowitzky is an easy 1A pick. Brauns power numbers help make up for this atrocious defense, and most advanced defensive evaluation methods are in their infancy and thus to me a tad unreliable. To me, defensive value added is still a bit in the eye of the beholder, and my eye see Ryan Braun getting taken out of the game in late innings to prevent his defense from costing the Brewers runs. He has poor range, makes you hold your breath when he DOES get to the ball, and showed no significant improvement over the course of the season.

Having said all of that, a 1.004 OPS! Are you serious? Tulowitzki's .838 is impressive as well, and combined with his superb defense (at a more demanding position) it's not difficult to see why he is a compelling option. Combine that with the fact he is leading in Talking Head Orgasm Number (RBI's) and his team made the playoffs AND he played 42 more games...well, it doesn't make sense that Brewers fans would be so irrational about this.

To sum: No, I don't hate Ryan Braun (in fact, I'm a HUGE Braun fan). Yes, he would get my vote for NL ROY. And Yes, Tulowitzki would be a worthy selection as well. Lets all applaud Braun's amazing offensive season, and realize that both are deserving of the award.

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I believe something has went wonky with blogger I did not change the template so I have no clue why the WSB looks like it does the side bar is totally fraked up

hopefully like with most blogger problems it will fix itself.


A quick Quiz

What do all these teams have in common

Atlanta Braves

New York Yankees

Florida Marlins

New York Yankees

New York Yankees

New York Yankees

Arizona Diamondbacks

Anaheim Angels

Florida Marlins

Boston Red Sox

Chicago White Sox

St. Louis Cardinals

Boston Red Sox

Put answers in the comments

"And there was much rejoicing"

Finally some good baseball news.

Thanks to Jeff over at BCB for pointing out that the Brewers are making it official they will not be picking up Geoff Jenkins 9 million dollar option.

"And there was much rejoicing"

The only bummer is his buy out is $1 million not 500k due to he got enough at bats to hit a escalator clause. Even from the great beyond he is hurting the team.

So we officially need a left fielder if La Porta is not ready for the jump to the bigs.

But that is also 8 million dollars freed up to buy pitching.

The day is getting better and better.

Hurray Beer

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YI and Mason get the Nod

Jsonline is reporting that Yi and Desmond Mason won the starting jobs.

I'm happy to see Yi playing well, but I am surprised he passed Charlie V on the depth cart. Leads me to belive something may still be wrong with Charlie.

There was never any doubt in my mind that Desmond Mason would win the starting 3 guard job. He is as explosive as they come in the NBA and should put up some decent numbers this year. I'm betting Mason will be an All-Star this year.

But back to Yi, is there something wrong with Charlie? Has Yi progressed that much since his first preseason game? Or is this a political move by the senator to get Yi to sign on the dotted line?

Programing Note

I intend to have a Packers Monday Night Open thread tonight so if you are going to be around stop in and help us celebrate a Packers victory.


Since post season performance matters so much for a regular season award.

Hey Kevin Kennedy what do you have to say about his

Troy Tulowitzki the guy who should come in second to Ryan Braun for Rookie of the Year but will most likely win it due to a massive push by Fox and ESPN when the Rockies went on a long run to make it to the World Series.

Well lets see how Every bodies All American did in the post season since post season means so much for regular season award.

Here are Tulowitzki's who will be referred to as Touchybottom from here on out(h/t to roguejim from over at BCB for that nick name) post season numbers.

Divisional series Avg .167

NLCS Avg. .188

World Series Avg. .231

Overall post season Avg. .195

.195 from Kevin Kennedys man crush.

No way in hell Touchybottom should beat Braun out for ROY it is that simple.

Yes I am being petty and bitter but that is my mood right now


Girardi look like he will accpet Yankees offer

Do Not Even Bring It Up!

I really do not want to talk about it.

What a dark 24 hours for me in baseball.

Thank Odin 07 is over.

I am not looking backwards I am moving forward.


John Elway, Super Bowl Choker

One clip that all Packer fans hate is that clip of John Elway getting drilled as he barely scores a touchdown by "helicoptering" into the end zone in the Super Bowl. The reason we hate that clip is that it is the only memorable clip Elway has from that day, as he played an absolutely terrible game. If not for that stupid one-yard run that should have been given to Terrell Davis anyway, no one would even think that Elway contributed anything to that game, because he didn't.

But what makes Packer fans, and me even crazier, is that John Elway's two Super Bowls have put him ahead of Brett Favre on the "all-time greatest QBs list" in the minds of many people. (The worst offender is probably ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, but that's OK because disagreeing with Colin is one of the ways to know that you're right.)

It's stupid to use Super Bowl wins as a criteria for judging individual players anyway. You need a great team to win the Super Bowl. But if you are going to use Super Bowl performance as a factor, shouldn't you actually examine the contributions of those players in the Super Bowl? Of course you should. I went into the NFL archives and ranked every starting Super Bowl QB since 1982 by QB rating. I took out the RBs, WRs, and backups QBs that the NFL has on the list. It's pretty interesting:

1. Phil Simms, 1986, 150.9
2. Joe Montana, 1989, 147.6
3. Troy Aikman, 1992, 140.7
4. Steve Young, 1994, 134.8
5. Doug Williams, 1987, 127.9
6. Joe Montana, 1984, 127.2
7. Joe Montana, 1988, 115.2
8. Jake Delhomme, 1983, 113.6
9. Tom Brady, 2004, 110.2
10. Troy Aikman, 1995, 108.8
11. Brett Favre, 1996, 107.9
12. Jim McMahon, 1985, 104.2
13. Tom Brady, 2003, 100.5
14. Kurt Warner, 1999, 99.7
15. John Elway, 1998, 99.2
16. Jim Plunkett, 1983, 97.4
17. Jeff Hostetler, 1990, 93.5
18. Mark Rypien, 1991, 92.0
19. Brett Favre, 1997, 91.0
20. Tom Brady, 2001, 86.2
21. John Elway, 1986, 83.6
22. Peyton Manning, 2006, 81.6
23. Jim Kelly, 1990, 81.5
24. Trent Dilfer, 2000, 80.9
25. Brad Johnson, 2002, 79.9
26. Steve McNair, 1999, 77.8
27. Troy Aikman, 1993, 77.2
28. Donovan McNabb, 75.4
29. Joe Theismann, 1982, 75.1
30. Rex Grossman, 2006, 68.3
31. Matt Hasselbeck, 2005, 67.8
32. Jim Kelly, 1993, 67.1
33. Dan Marino, 1984, 66.9
34. Frank Reich, 1992, 60.4
35. Steve Grogam, 1985, 57.2
36. Stan Humphries, 1994. 56.1
37. John Elway, 1997, 51.9
38. Neil O’Donnell, 1995, 51.3
39. Rich Gannon, 2002, 48.9
40. Chris Chandler, 1998, 47.2
41. Drew Bledsoe, 1996, 46.6
42. Boomer Esiason, 1988, 461.
43. Joe Theismann, 1983, 45,3
44. Jim Kelly, 1991, 44.8
45. John Elway, 1987, 36.8
46. Ben Roethlisberger, 2005, 22.6
47. John Elway, 1989, 19.4
48. Kerry Collins, 2000, 7.1

Basically, John Elway should thank his lucky stars that Kerry Collins managed to play in a Super Bowl, but Elway still has 2 of the worst 4 Super Bowl performances since 1982, and 3 of the worst 12, including the Broncos' victory over the Packers. His best performance ranks only 15th on this list.

But what this list really tells you is how stupid it is to use one game to define a career. Ben Roethlisberger quarterbacked the 3rd worst game of the last 24 years, and his team managed to win. Phil Simms tops the list and no one thinks of him as an all-time great. Jake Delhomme is in the top ten and he's probably not even an average QB.

The fact is that John Elway is an all-time great, but you can't tell anything about his career from his Super Bowl play, just like you can't tell anything about Dan Marino, or Jake Delhomme, or Doug Williams from their Super Bowl play.

But, when you're watching the game tonight and they invariably show that highlight of Elway's touchdown against the Packers in the Super Bowl, you will now be able to turn to the person next to you and say:

You know, that guy had the 3 worst Super Bowl performances of the last quarter century. And he somehow managed to win one of those games.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL Week 8

After last week's 8-6 money-making performance, I'm now only 11 games under .500 at 42-53-8 (we won't talk about those over/unders). Guess I'm peaking just in time for the 2007 Weblog Awards (we'll know if the Bar is going to the finals later this week, and if it is, we really should have somebody lined up to go out to Vegas for Blogworld where the awards will be handed out Nov. 8-9). With that in mind, let's start making serious bank with this week's picks.

Green Bay (+3) @ Denver - Which Bronco team will show up, the one that stiffed the Steelers or the one that got shocked out of existence by the Chargers? Walker's out, so take the latter. Oh, and take the over-42.5.
Detroit @ Chicago (-6) - I was SOOOO tempted to take the Lions until I remembered that this is on the road in the cold.
Philadelphia @ Minnesota (+1.5) - If it were just the Vikes D versus the Eagles, I would still take my one-and-a-half. In fact, that's pretty much what it is, so take the under-37.5.
Cleveland (-3) @ St. Louis - We could have two teams go 0-16 this year. I see nothing that will stop the Lambs from sinking further towards that hole this week.
Indianapolis (-7) @ Carolina - CBS will let NOTHING happen to its dream matchup next week.
NY Giants (-10) "@" Miami - Can someone tell me why we're playing an NFL regular-season game in Londonistan? Oh, that's right, the Fins aren't an NFL team.
Oakland @ Tennessee (-7) - It does not matter who's starting for the Tennesseans; they're playing a 1-AA school.
Pittsburgh (-4) @ Cincinnati - Stat of the week: Pittsburgh is 6-0 in their last 6 trips to Cincy.
Buffalo (+3) @ NY Jets - You may like the points, you may want the points, and by law, you will get the points, but you're not gonna need them; the Bills are starting their squeaky-new QB, the Jets are stuck on stupid.
Houston @ San Diego (-9) - If a fire can't stop the Bolts, what makes the Texans think they can?
Jacksonville (+4) @ Tampa Bay - It's a MASH-unit mash. Stat that won't survive the day - Jeff Garcia does not have a pick yet this year.
New Orleans (-3) @ San Francisco - Three weeks ago, that -3 would've been in the Niners' corner. Now, they're the disfunctional team, while the Saints got their "S" back.
Washington @ New England (-17) - Lesson of the day: Don't bring Jason Campbell to a shootout.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Game Three Photo / Thushan Amarasiriwardena)

Are they still playing baseball?

I believe Space Aliens replaced the Wisconsin Defense today.

Greeting from the Wisconsin Dells(yes I am up here again my wife and kids love this place)I listened to most of the game on the Radio today since I was on the road a lot.

I could not believe what I was hearing the Wisconsin defense the same group that gave up all those points to the Citadel was holding IU to 3 points. I believe IU turned the ball over 5 times. That will keep you from winning a game.

You have to wonder where has this Defense been, trapped in a research room on the Alien Mother ship being anal probed? This was not the defense that got shredded by Penn State or allowed the loss at Illinois.

I was amazed I thought IU would fair much better against the spread challenged Wis Defense. I do have a theory why the D played so well today.

a combination of no pressure and having seen the spread so many times this season.

Since they have blown any national title hopes they had when the season started they can play loose the pressure is off. The season is pretty much shot(no BCS bowl or Rose Bowl or Big Ten championship) so what do they have to lose.

Also I think they might finally be figuring out how to defend the spread.

But I hope everyone is not getting to excited I have a feeling this little Badger winning streak might come to a screeching halt next week at Columbus. Odin I hate OSU but if this is a rebuilding year for them I would hate to see what they look like when they get it rebuilt.

I just hope the Badgers can keep it close and not look too bad on Sports Center.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the home coming blow out. Still not as good as the 60 something to 7 ass whooping they put on IU my freshman year I felt bad for Bucky that day the push ups were killing him.

Now lets hope the Packers can keep it going Monday night.

On Wisconsin

Rasheed Wallace and I Agree

There's a post title I never thought I would write. Anyway, on the eve of the new season, the perpetually pissed off Wallace said, "This game ain't basketball anymore, it's entertainment. It's starting to get like the WWF. There ain't no real wrestling anymore either. It's all fake."

This echoes my thoughts on the NBA back in December 2005.

How do people pick their sports teams?

How do people pick which sports team they follow especially if they are in a area without a local pro team. ESK has been bemoaning how many members or Soxs Nation are Johnny come lately bandwagon types just going with the current winning team.

But you have a lot of states where they do not have any local pro sports teams. States like Wyoming and the Dakotas or Mississippi. There may be a strong college sports presence but the people there are force to look else where for pro sports.

Now luckily with modern technology and the plethora of sports on TV seeing Pro Sports is pretty easy as long as you are in North America ;)

So if geography is taken out of the equation how do people pick sports teams to root for?

I started thinking about this last night while playing Halo 3 with some kids I have been hooking up with on Xbox Live last night the usual where do you live questions were being asked. When I said I lived in Wisconsin the two kids in California and the Kid in Utah both said Wisconsin cool do you like the Packers(dumb question right lol) When I said yes and that I had been to many games at Lambeau they went nuts.

Now two the kids are 15 and the other is 18 so I wonder how they became such Packer loyalist?(Yes I do find it weird that a 39 year old is playing video games with teenagers but these guys are pretty cool and do not mind teaching the old guy at the party the new dances lol. I just met the first one one night playing in a social match and with the friends function you tend to start playing with the same people and their friends, you know they are not jerks and I like these kids they are mature for gamers not like some of the little bastards you run into on Xbox live just but I digress)

So that is what got me thinking about how people pick teams. I even have my own example of this when I read an SI article about Manchester United the British football club I follow. The SI article introduced me to the team I started following them and with the Internet and Fox Soccer Net on the Sat I can even watch a couple of games a year.

I know a poster over at BCB who is German but went to UWM for college and caught the Brewers bug while here. I asked him if he had any problems learning the game at first, he said no just he has to think stuff out that we all just understand since we grew up playing the game and he didn't.

I know a team being a winner helps but that is not the only factor, I think it varies from sport to sport in Baseball the Big Market teams draw in a lot of the causal fans(I still hate that term)from the out of market areas. But in sports like Football Teams like Dallas and Green Bay have much bigger nation wide followings then say the NYC Jets or Giants.
Even Packers play by play man Wayne Larrivee who grew up out east is an example of this he is a big Yankees fan but has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan(which must have been weird when he was doing the Bears games)

So does anyone out there have a story about how you started following a team that isn't your local team? Or if you have a theory why people in out of market areas start to follow a team I would love to hear them.


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Whoa! I Made It Onto JT The Brick

About 1 minute ago, as of the time of this post, I made it on the call-in to JT The Brick.

Yeah, Steve from Brookfield.

I said that if Loony didn't feel the hair rise on the back of his neck the first time he walked into Lambeau Field, the we would know he wasn't a true NFL fan.

Hell, I feel the hairs on my neck rise on the (too few) occasions I go into Lambeau.

Thanks for taking the call.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Where have you gone, Bucky Dent?

Outside of obnoxious Sox fans and a few Rockies fans who are still holding onto that last strand of hope, does anyone really care about this World Series anymore? (Yes, this entire post was just an excuse for me to post this photo.)

More Braun Fielding Stats

I have one addition on Braun's fielding stats. The Hardball Times has a pretty decent stat package for all of you numbers guys out there. Frankly, I prefer to stick to my baseball card stats, but that's because I was a 'C' student in my college stats class. Anyway, Braun's THT stats are here. His fielding Win Shares, the number Paul discussed below, was 1.5, which means his defense contributed to about a half a win. And as for his fielding, disregarding things like range, reflexes, etc., it really was his arm that dragged him down. Of his 25 errors, 16 were throwing errors. I think 9 fielding errors is acceptable for a rookie who recently converted from short to third. The throwing errors are unacceptable, though. Throwing problems can be one of the easiest things to correct or one of the hardest things to correct. If it is a comfort thing for Braun, they might be able to take care of it with a lot throwing reps from third. If it is a mechanical or a mental thing, then it might not be easily fixed and they may be forced to move him to the outfield.

See Everyone is getting on the hating the Soxs bandwagon

TBL is noticing the Red Soxs Backlash

I love Jimmy Kimmel going back to the Man Show.


Now note to Ben this is not stealing from another blog this what we bloggers call linking to a post :)

I am here to educate and entertain

Fielding Stats

This is in response to some questions in the Braun post below. Advanced fielding stats are still more of an art than a science, but they can give you some insight.

First, Bill James' "Win Shares" has a defensive component, that I can't get to on the internet. However, this Slate article references defensive Win Shares in regard to Troy Tulowitzki:

Then, there was Colorado's rookie shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, who may single-handedly change the game of baseball. According to Win Share stats—invented by Bill James to capture a player's value by translating performance during each play into a share of the team's success or failure—the shortstop contributed about 3.5 wins to the Rockies based on his glovework alone. (Tulowitzki earned 10.9 Win Shares from his fielding. Each Win Share is worth one-third of a team win.)* The second-best fielder in either league had a relatively paltry seven and a half. Tulowitzki has excellent range (he was responsible for a position-leading 87 outs that were outside his zone this year), a bazooka arm (his 561 assists led the majors), and phenomenal quickness. No shortstop in baseball turned more double plays.

BP uses FRAA and FRAR (Fielding Runs Above Average/Replacement). It is a component of their "Defense" stats on Pecota, and you can do a quick-and-dirty comparison between Defense, Vorp, and Warp to get a sense of what a player's defense adds or subtracts. There is probably a better way to do it, but I'm not as up on the defensive stats as I could be (partially because I don't trust them that much. You'll notice that in the post below I actually rely more on scouting than on numbers).

Here is Braun's PECOTA card. It's not updated for this season on the site, so I'll use his minor league numbers. Here is the definition of BP's "Defense" stat:

Defense, as listed in a player's PECOTA card, provides the player's number of defensive games played, primary position, and fielding runs above average (FRAA) with a given team in a given season.

Although only a player's primary defensive position is listed on a player's PECOTA card, the system considers his performance at secondary positions as well in making its forecasts.

In the minors in 2006, Braun played 57 games at 3rd, and was responsible for a -12 FRAA, which cost him roughly one win of WARP. (His VORP was 32.3, and a WARP of 2.1. In general, (VORP + or - FRAA)/10 = WARP)

The year before that, down a level, he was a -3 FRAA in about the same number of games. It is important to remember, however, that defense gets harder as you move up the rankings.

Anyway, his DT Card for 2007, adjusted for a whole year, has his FRAA at an atrocious -20, meaning that, if you buy FRAA, had he played the whole year at third he would have shaved 2 wins off of his offense with his defense.

With Braun, scouts and numbers agree. He's a bad defensive player.

Which is not to say that he shouldn't be out there. If you can only get him in the game at 3rd, you absolutely should do so, but if you have other options, you should pursue them.

The First Mens BB poll is out

Marquette starts off the season ranked 13 in the ESPN/USAToday poll can you say over rated.

Wisconsin is flying under the radar in just hovering outside the top 25.

The First Poll of the Season.

The polls will not matter MU will travel to the pit of despair and Wisconsin will win for the 3rd year in a row establishing total dominance in the instate battle.

Plus Big East is going to be a meat grinder of a conference this season think hamsters in the microwave messy for Big East teams.

I cannot wait for College Basketball to start.


I think I broke my brain last night

I decided to take a break from Halo 3 and decided to ignore the World Series by trying to learn how to play Limit Omaha style poker.

Lets just say it did not go so well and my head hurts.

Unlike Texas holdem in Omaha you get 4 cards down then the usual 5 community cards but you are only allowed to use two of your 4 "hole" cards and 3 of the community cards to make the best 5 card hand. There are a lot of cards out there and a lot of things to try and track. As one person labeled it yesterday "A Brutal Game"

It is interesting I started out ok then got hammered when I forgot the you can only use 3 cards from the community cards to make a hand. LOL I had a Ace high straight until I realized I was using 4 community cards to make it lol too late I had already bet.

I am trying to widen my Poker horizons after watching the Horse Game at the WSOP Horse is a new game they have added to the WSOP you play 5 different games rotating between games from Holdem to Omaha to Stud etc. It is fast becoming the biggest prestige bracelet at the WSOP, due to the fact the $50K buy in keeps most non pros out it is the Pro Players tourney in a way.

Just the jump from no limit holdem to pot limit holdem is bigger than you would think.

I bash on ESPN a lot but one thing they do very well is cover Poker. There coverage of the World Series of Poker has done a lot to expand the Poker world. I would say the two biggest forces behind the poker boom is the movie Rounders which introduced a lot people to the game of Texas Holdem and all those people who were new to the game because of Rounders seeing Chris Moneymaker an non pro win the WSOP and millions of dollars and the gold rush was on.

So I do not know if I will become a big fan of Omaha and I was not even playing the real confusing version of Omaha HI Lo where high and low hand can split the pot but there are about a thousand rules to what qualifies as a low hand lol.

So that was my night did they baseball last night ;)

Odin I hate getting beat on the River.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Laetitia Casta

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of French Supermodel and Victoria Secret Model Laetitia Casta

All I can say is Oui Oui

Happy Friday boys

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game Two

I R Steeln Thiz Pix – Ben – from church.
Yeah – Game One was softball practice.
This is Game Two of the "World Series".
(and I totally stole that phrase from MLB)

McCarver on the Finer Points of Baseball

Boy, am I glad I watched the World Series last night. I learned this minutae of baseball from Tim McCarver.

"When the runner gets to third, the next stop is home."

What a friggin' genius.

The Brewers Should Move Braun To The Outfield

Braun sucks at defense. He just does. And he will probably not get much better.

I would also point out that Bill Hall is going to be around for awhile.

There is no reason, if both of these players are going to play, to keep Hall in center and put Braun at 3rd. All you do is sacrifice defense.

Moreover, it looks like LaPorta will be ready to go next year in the other corner. I think an outfield of LaPorta, Hart, and Braun sounds pretty good. And an infield of Hall, Hardy, Weeks, and Fielder is much better defensively.

Is there any argument against this, other than Bill Hall not being good enough to play anymore?

And if this is the case, I'm for going after Mike Lowell.

Hey Fox's Kevin Kennedy Screw You

And Up Yours, you rim job giving prick.

Braun beats out Kennedy Man Crush Troy Tulowitzki for The Players Choice Awards Rookie of the Year.

This one was voted on by the players,

the ROY award count

Braun 2

Tulowitzki 0

Pence 0

Once again Up yours Kevin Kennedy

Serious Charges have been issued.

A Ben(not our Benjamin our Ben is not a asshole dick like this Ben)

Well Ben does not like our little establishment to that I would say get in line.

But Ben accused us of plagiarism ie stealing from other blogs.

and I quote "One final point. Stop stealing content from others blogs and come up with your own crap, you unoriginal pricks."

Now he does not leave an example or say which blogs we are stealing from.

And as you can see from the original comment thread

Benny boy does not leave a email or the blog he is defending.

So I cannot even send him an email asking him what this is about. Coward.

But you know what I could do if I really wanted to Ben and actually cared what you thought.

I could call you at work I just need one question answered from you Ben

Do you work at the Main office in Englewood Co or the Area Office? Because the phone numbers are different. LOL does your boss know you are slandering people on the company dime? LOL

Now you might not actually be in Englewood Co because sitemeter is weird I know people who visit us from Waukesha Wisconsin and show up as some place in New York.

To be honest Ben I could care less a year ago I might have actually called you(your companies website is pretty kick ass you guys got your moneys worth out of that puppy in my humble opinion) But I have learned people like you are not worth it most of the time. Hell this post would not have even gotten written if it was the standard "You suck comment" but the fact you charged us with stealing from other blogs bugs me

So for the record Ben From Colorado is not banned so he can reply to this in the comments.

Come on Ben give us some examples of the WSB stealing from other blogs? Back up your charges that is all I am asking. Come on be a man you made the charge show us your evidence I want my day in bloggers court to clear our good WSB name.

Or if you do not want to do this in the Comments Ben my blog email is kept it simple if you do not know how much info one can get from a good sitemeter you might not get that you have to take - out of an email for it to work)

So blog court is open Let Ben defend his stealing from other blogs charge.

Oh and as always thanks for stopping by we here at the WSB cherish every reader even the assholes like you because every good bar has assholes in it. :)

Waiting breathlessly for your reply :)

Hey Jib have I not grown as a person since I started blogging 2 years ago lol.

Saving the season or playing out the string?

Well four games left for the Badger football team. Starting Saturday the Badgers have two choices, to play out the string and with luck go 2-2 or get on a roll and some how run the table going 4-0 or even 3-1 a win over either Michigan or Ohio State could salvage some of the luster on this season.

I am not buying into the win last week I think this Badgers team will just play out the string. I think they only have one sure win left on the schedule which is the last game of the season against Minnesota. I think they could not just lose this weekend they could be blown out at home by IU. IU runs the spread but it is different than the other spread teams Wisconsin has seen this season. They are running it with Big 10 caliber talent. Their Qb can run and throw, they gave Penn State a much better game then the Badgers did.

As poorly as Wisconsin's defense has played this season it could be a blue homecoming weekend in Madison. Think of that a season where Wisconsin's football team could lose to both Illinois and Indiana what a sad turn of event.

If they lose this weekend it is time to start playing for next season and getting the young guys as much playing time as possible.

this season will be looked back on as the year of wasted chances.

My prediction Wisconsin 21 Indiana 38

I hope I am wrong


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Game 1: Bichette Happens

what kind of sports blog would we be if we didn't let you guys come here to bitch. So ya know, come here to call Josh Beckett a douchbag and what not.

Go Rockies...I guess. Whatever.

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Matt LaPorta has a nice article on the Brewer's projected starter in LF for '08.

Yes I said in '08.

Actually I am just intrigued because the author said it first...

"No One Has a Right to Crush Anyone's Dreams"

HT to BCB for the link.

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History of Video Games

Since I have slowly been making video games a subsection of the WSB I thought I would share this.

Plus since I am not doing the World Series it is a pretty slow sports time for me.

I have been playing video games since Pong came out I consider myself one of the pioneer gamers. I cut my teeth on Pong Colecovision and Arcade games such as Missile command and defender.

I was one of those geeks who could drop a quarter and play for an hour. So it was a cheap hobby. I can remember when you could not only smoke in Arcades they had ash trays bolted onto the side of the machines. When just like in a pool hall your quarters laid on the bottom corner of the screen saved your place in line for the game.

So I have played or owned most of the systems up until NES when I switched to full time computers games I had been playing games on PC's since the Commodore 64 era and my children and ESK have dragged me back into the world of game systems now(Every time I think I am out they pull me back in lol)

Right we have a PS2 a Wii and a Xbox360 in the house along with two laptops(mine and the boys) So we take video games very seriously at Casa De Chris.

So this morning at breakfast the youngest boy asked me Daddy did you have a Wii when you were little. I said no we did not have Wii's back then. He asked the obvious next question Well what did you play. I tried to describe pong which was what we had when I was his age(5) he just looked at me with that gee you are dumb dad look so I went googleing and found two cool pages I though I would share.

First the history of Pong

And the Wiki Page on the history of video games

At the bottom of the Wiki page are some great links to more sites

So what are your some of your favorite game systems and games home or arcade

my all time favorite was omega racer a very old game you found in arcades and the original Berserker "Stop the Humanoid Kill the Humanoid" great game.

I think the games back then were harder but the graphics sucked, now the games are too graphic centric. I remember Michele at ASV who was really into old games systems had her son play an older game he one sentence review said it all. "Looks like crap but it was hard"

Anyone care to add to my current obsession? What are your old video game stories.

Way off site topic

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is my question on the Rockies ticket sales

Is their season ticket base so small they actually had 50,000 tickets left to sell online for 3 world series games.

The way I understand the Brewers would do it was season ticket holders get first crack then partial season ticket holders and stop and think of this there are 4 different 20 game ticket packages for the Brewers so the same 4 seats can have 4 different partial season ticket holders so if all 4 owners buy playoff/WS tickets 8 of the 12 need different seats.

I am just saying I cannot imagine if the Brewers make the playoffs next year there would be all that many tickets left for the general public after all the Season and Partial season ticket holders get their tickets along with the team and MLB and the Networks.

Who knows maybe I am completely off base here it just surprised me there were so many tickets left for Gen Admin sales.


Packer Football on the Real Big Screen

I'll admit it. I'm a little jealous. I made the three and a half hour drive up to my hometown of Chippewa Falls this past weekend, and I saw this on the marquee of the town's movie theater:

It would be pretty cool to watch a game in a theater. It might even beat Chris's HD monster. The only catch is that this theater doesn't have a liquor license, which means no ice cold Leinie's.

You know who the Cleveland Indians remind me of.

The Don Nelson Milwaukee Bucks they always had such a tough row to hoe.

The Indians had to go through both the Yankees and Red Soxs

Just like the Bucks who would always have to face either Dr. J and the Sixers or the Celtics in the first round and then the other if they made it through the first round.

It is hard to win when you are in the league with so many good teams.

I still think the Indians choked but they still had a nasty draw.


KSK gives ESK some options for his situation

The KSK Guide To Being An Insufferable A--Hole S--thead F--kface Fan Of Boston-Area Sports Teams

Its funny because its so true.

If E makes it through the World Series without killing someone I will be impressed.


The New Umpire

I'm sitting here right now watching a "Brewers Classic" that I had Tivo'd last winter. It is the 1987 Easter Sunday game. In the first inning, Mike Birkbeck strikes out Scott Fletcher on a called third strike. Fletcher went ape shit. The umpire barely flinched, and Fletcher quickly went to the bench. Now think back on this past season, with umpires following Prince Fielder not once but twice after much more tame words from the Prince. One of the times the ump managed to pick a fight with Fielder, one of the times not. This new umpire is a disgrace. They make themselves part of the game, not just arbiters of the games. By doing so, they become an influence on a team's entire season. It could be argued that they helped ruin San Diego's, and it could also be argued that they cost the Brewers a shot at the post season. I'm not one to criticize Bud Selig the commissioner much, but his office does need to reign the umps back in, and this off season would be a good time to start.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I Am Back From Mexico

The fucking Red Sox came back to win the series? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm goin back to the desert.

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Monday Night Football

As long as the New England Patriots exist, the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts will never be my least favorite NFL favorite team. Jacksonville should be a good test to see if the defending Super Bowl Champions can still lay legitimate claim to being the leagues best.

Well we know La Russa is not taking the Yankees Job

La Russa signs a new 2 year deal to stay with the Red Birds.

Guess that means it is down to Donny Baseball and my personal Lord and Savor Joe Girardi to be the next skipper of of the evil empire.

Great now Neddy baseball can continue piss games away while he and Tony throw at each others hitters to show how Muy Macho they are.

I was kind of hoping La Russa would get the Yankee job to get him out of the NL Central and keep Girardi from getting the job.

Well you cannot always get what you want.


Well for me baseball 07 is over

Man I am glad I did not waste my time watching game 7 of the ACLS so instead of watching the Indians choke away the World Series to the Evil Empire Lite. I played team slayer on Xbox Live a much more pleasurable way for me personally to waste a couple of hours.

I kind of know what the Indians feel like I had a 10 year old tell me I sucked yesterday and I really could not argue with him at the moment.

So what time will the trucks with the poison Cleveland Kool-aid be showing up I mean the only think left of the people who live in the Mistake by the Lake is mass suicide.

Well you all enjoy you World Series feel free to do post is you want to I am going to declare the 07 season over and move on.

See you in the Slayer Lobbies

Come listen to the Rage lol

ESPN 950am in Philly

610am WIP in Philly

They are already calling for Andy Reid the coach who got them to a Super Bowl to be fired.

Some angry angry people in the city of Brotherly Love.

I thought you all might enjoy this since we have no Packers game to talk about.

Stupid Suck Ass Eagles.

Another gift to you all on the WIP home page they have an a weekly feature by a strip club that is a sponsor. If you click on the babe of the week you can see all the past babes(read strippers)sort of Sweet dreams Fridays with local talent lol

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pick a Side

Your 2007 World Series: Colorado Rockies vs. Red Sox Nation.

Question Time. #1: Is it hard to lose three in a row? Cleveland? Cleveland? Anyone? Extra Point: Spell – “Meltdown”. #2: Who is the only team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the ALCS - twice? #3: How long can a rocky mountain high last?

Seem like the people at USA Today just will not learn

Wisconsin's victory over the powerful Northern Tool and Equipment football team has propelled the Badgers back into the the top 25 at least in the USA Today poll.

They are number 25 for at least one more week.

Well until they lose to IU for homecoming.

And based on what I saw watching IU play Penn State IU is going to ruin Wisconsin homecoming weekend.

But enjoy being a ranked team once again while it lasts.

On Wisconsin

I think Estrada will be back next season.

Tom Haudricourt has a post over at the MJS Brewers Blog which sheds some light on the trails of Brewers Catcher Johnny(I have a piano on my back)Estrada.

There are some things in the post that make me willing to give Estrada a second chance.

I had said earlier that if Estrada came back healthy from his off season surgeries and lost 15-20 pounds he might be the offensive force we were expecting and he might climb back up to serviceable as a defensive catcher.

Face it as ESK has been saying the catching position in baseball is pathetic when it comes to talent. So the Brewers have a couple of choices go after a older catcher like Jorge Posada or Paul LaDuca also old and both would be costly. Or maybe bring Damion Miller back and got to a more 50/50 platoon with someone like Mike Rivera. Or give Estrada one more year to prove himself.

Here is why I think Estrada will be a good risk this is his last year of arbitration he will be a full blown free agent in 09.(The guys here and at BCB have me looking at baseball in a totally different light bastards lol)
The Brewers could offer him arbitration this season and see what he can do now that he has admitted he stunk the joint up last year and should be healthy. If he can get back to hitting .300 like he has in the past and can throw out the occasional base runner he would a good answer behind the plate.

I am not asking him to throw out Reyes but damn keep opposing catchers from running on us.

Estrada was humbled this season he admits he sucked ass and playing for your first big free agent contract should motivate his fat ass this season ;)(sorry Johnny I have a fat ass too lol)

I have no clue who would be his back up at this point but one thing at a time.

Hurray Beer

Thanks for nothing Philadelphia Eagles

The Suck Ass Philadelphia Eagles just allowed the Chicago Bears to drive 97 yards in under 2 minutes. Oh did I mention the Bears were out of times outs.

Normally I would just point and laugh at the Eagles but the Pack could have gained a half of game in the standing on the Bears if they had lost.

If you are bored tomorrow since there is not Packers victory to talk about you could stream one of the Sports Talk Radio shows out of Philly. My Odin I can just imagine what they will sound like I hope they have their delay buttons ready.

What a joke the Eagles have become I will be surprised if Andy Reid is there next season the fan base is already turning on him.

Plus Donovan McNabb is not the Quarter Back he once was.

One final thought about this game Devon Hester might be fast but he sure seems like he is dumb as a box of rocks. If Muhsin Muhammad was not their to tell him where to line up every other play I swear he would line up on the defensive side of the ball. One of the reasons the Bears were out of time outs was Muhammad had to burn one on a third down play because Hester was just lost over where to line up.

Hester seems to put the Dumb in the phrase dumb jock how the hell did he make it through school at Miami if he cannot remember something as simple as where to line up?

The dude is a second year player so its not like he is a rookie who is learning a new system.

So once again thanks for nothing Eagles you loser mopes.

The Bears still suck

This is for our friend Still Unreal :)

A great moment in Boston Red Soxs History ;)

Sorry I cannot help myself sometimes


I am done with Baseball feel good stories

Because the all end up being lies.

Oh and another thing I am really sick of is these athletes who wrap themselves up in the "Christian" I am better than you heathens flag, then turn out to be crooked or cheating. If you are going to play the Christian athlete card you better be sure you can live up to it.

Because if Byrd did buy all of that HGH and used it(and the records sure point to that) and then he is just as much of a scum bag as someone like Barry Bonds. Because he knowingly cheated and still got up there and played the Christian athlete card.

Whats makes this even worse is Byrd looks to be a big fing Hypocrite after he bad mouthed other players who had used steroids.

Then you wonder why I like Derick Jeter even though he is a Yankee the dude is up front and honest yes he sleeps around but he isnt married so that isn't out of bounds for him. I like the fact he does not try to hide his King of NYC image he is what he is. I can respect that. Just like there are probably Christian athletes who live up to the standard they set for themselves and the image they project. I can respect that also.

Its the ones who say one thing and do another that really piss me off. Hell I thought Byrd was a great story sort of a mope does good story.

But now every time you see a guy who doesn't have natural talent but is preforming at a high level you have to ask "Hmmm I wonder if he is on something."

Just sick of every feel good story turning into another episode of better living through creative use of chemicals


I dont like ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit so this makes me very happy

That is all


There is no Honor in this Victory

Wisconsin beats Northern Illinois 44-3 in a glorified scrimmage game up at Camp Randall.

Woo Hoo the Badgers are now eligible to go to a crappy lower tier bowl game with 6 wins.

I did not watch the game instead I watch next weeks homecoming opponent IU give Penn State a team that destroyed Wisconsin all they could handle.

Bucky is going to have its hands full next week. E is right that IU team is for real also.

Hurray beating up on the West Virgina School for the Blind and Deaf Oops I mean Northern Illinois.


NFL Week 7

After the first over-.500 week of the season, I'm still scuffling along with a 34-47-6 record against the line, and my first loss against the over-unders puts me at 10-1-1 in that department. Treat your man like Home Depot during a fire sale on lumber with these nose picks:

Chicago @ Philadelphia (-6) - Chicago police will be cordoning off the streets around the Sears Tower Monday.
Tampa Bay (+2.5) @ Detroit - You know the drill by now. The fans at Ford Field will see what could've been if only Matt Millen weren't GM.
Minnesota @ Dallas (-9) - Dallas defense, meet Mr. Peterson. Adrian, meet Astro-turf. Oh, and jump all over that over-46.5 for some extra cash.
Arizona @ Washington (-8.5) - I do believe I said the Redbirds are done.
Atlanta (+8) @ New Orleans - The fresh QB scenario is operative.
Baltimore (-3) @ Buffalo - When will Dick Jauron be fired in Buffalo? I say Week 11.
New England (-17) @ Miami - Normally, I wouldn't lay the collegiate-worthy lumber, especially with the Pats not having a running game. However, who needs a running game against the Fins?
San Francisco @ NY Giants (-9.5) - Mr. Smith, meet Mr. Hoffa.
Tennessee (-1) @ Houston - Ignore the injury report; the former Houston team will run away with this one (literally).
Kansas City (+3) @ Oakland - If LT can get almost 200 yards and 4 scores against the Raiders, LJ can get 130 and 3.
NY Jets (+6.5) @ Cincinnati - Go under, way under the 47.5.
St. Louis @ Seattle (-8.5) - The Rams picked the wrong week to take a trip up to the Pacific Northwest.
Pittsburgh (-4) @ Denver - It just doesn't get any better for the Broncos.
Indianapolis (-3.5) @ Jacksonville - It's not the playoffs yet, so CBS will not be disappointed at the end of the week.

I wont be watching tonight game 7 of the ALCS

Because I just do not feel like hearing 4 hours of 2004 references and reminders every other pitch that only the Boston Red Soxs have ever come back from being down 3 games in the ALCS. To be honest if Boston wins I probably will not watch a inning of the World Series because that is all you are going to hear about is 2004 and that come back.

Plus I will not be able to handle that idiot Kevin Kennedy drooling over Troy Tulowitzki who is a good player but the only reason the idiots at Fox are so busy giving him the rim job and reach around is the Rockies made the playoffs. Kennedy made the stupid statement yesterday while interviewing his man crush Tulowitzki. "Troy you are my pick for ROY hands down your offense speaks for its self" WTF if you were going to give Tulowitzki ROY over Braun it would be for his work in the field not his work at the plate.

It is such a joke if Tony Gwynn does not get that hit and the Rockies end up on the side lines Kennedy and Fox are not pimping Tulowitzki or if the Brewers made it to the playoffs Kennedy would be telling Braun how he was his lock for ROY.

This season has been an eye opener for me when it comes to regular season awards in the past Brewers fans did not have to pay attention to the politics and bs the networks pull to influence the vote for ROY and MVP.

speaking of as the wind blows, has anyone heard Jimmy Rollins name mentioned for MVP since the Phillies got swept out. Man at the start of the Division series these same geniuses at FOX and ESPN were saying he was a lock now they do not acknowledge he exists.

Yes grumpy and bitter this morning Fox has sucked all the joy out of watching the playoffs and World Series for me.


My favorite Max McGee story

It is the story of how hung over he was during Super Bowl 1

Here is a quick blurb I found on that story.

"...He traveled to Los Angeles with his teammates as they prepared to battle the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I. But no one, including McGee himself, thought he was going to play. Considering offers to work as a commentator, McGee decided he would retire from pro football after the Super Bowl.

Once in L.A., the Packers were put under a strict curfew, and anyone missing bed check would be fined $10,000. (This was a particularly steep fine, as each player would only receive about $15,000 if they won the game.)

An assistant coach stopped by McGee’s room for bed check the night before the big game. He found McGee tucked quietly under the covers and said, “Good thing you’re here. Lombardi told me to check you first. Don’t you sneak out, you sonofabitch.”

When the coach closed the door, McGee sprung from under the covers, fully dressed in a suit --coat, tie and all.

“I practically ran him over getting out the door,” says McGee. “I was strictly on standby the next day. I knew I wasn’t going to play. So, I went out and had a nice time in Hollywood. And technically, I wasn’t actually out that late. I made it to breakfast with the rest of the team in the morning. I told Boyd Dowler, ‘I hope you don’t get hurt. I’m not in very good shape.’ But Dowler just shrugged it off.”

As the game started, McGee was busy on the sidelines discussing plans for teammate Paul Hornung’s Las Vegas stag party when Lombardi started screaming for him.

“When I heard him hollering like that, I thought I was busted,” says McGee. “It went through my head that he was going to fine me the $10,000 right there. I didn’t know any other reason that he’d yell at me.”

As it turns out, three plays into the game, Boyd Dowler had gone down with a separated shoulder, and Lombardi was yelling for McGee to go in. McGee had not even brought his helmet out of the locker room. As he ran into the game with a borrowed lineman’s helmet, Max McGee, at age 34, was the oldest player on the field.

Under pressure from a rush, Packers quarterback Bart Starr threw a wobbly pass downfield to McGee. “I stuck my hand back just to try to break up the interception, and the damned ball stuck to the palm of my hand. I had no idea I was trying to catch it,” jokes McGee.

He tucked the ball under his arm, broke free from double coverage and ran. The run took him 24 yards down field and into the end zone. The hungover veteran had scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history."

It is a sad coincidence but today WTMJ 620AM who Max used to announce Packers games for, is rebroadcasting the Packers game where Brett Favre came in for an injured Don Makowski. Max was part of the team that did that Packers game vs. The Bengals.

So it is a fitting tribute that instead of a new Packers game today fans of the Green and Gold can listen to Max help introduce us to the greatest quarterback in franchise history.



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Max McGee (1932-2007)

Former Packer great Max McGee died this afternoon when he fell while blowing leaves off his roof.

Words fail me.

Saturday Afternoon Shift

It's quiet and I've mowed the lawn for the last time in 2007. Here's a couple of thoughts:

  • What would you think if the Packers came out of the tunnel in today's Notre Dame uniforms? I believe Ron Wolf had designed a similar uniform for the Pack in his time here.
  • I'd ante up a pay-per-view charge to watch a daytime World Series game. I've been unable to stay up for a half dozen games in the playoffs so far because they went so late (for me) and every game in the American League takes 4 1/2 hours. As a kid, it was such a joy to watch the series during the day, especially when I was (cough, cough) too sick to go to school . Young fans today will never feel the thrill of seeing baseball under those long fall shadows.
  • It will never happen, but baseball has got to cut a week somewhere. There is a day, I'm not sure when it will be, but there's a day, after which you cannot play baseball outside in Boston, Cleveland and Denver until spring. It's supposed to snow in Denver tonight or tomorrow. In Denver, of course, it might be 75 a couple days later, but Cleveland's more likely to have a blizzard than 80 degrees from now until May... I take that back because I just checked and it's supposed to be 75 in Cleveland tomorrow. You know what I mean, though.

Badger Motivation Time

I am all in favor of motivation. Bret Bielema is motivating the Badgers by saying 1-6 Northern Illinois is “just like a Big Ten team”. His attempts to motivate the media go something like this:
WSAW: “Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema says his team may have run into trouble by focusing too much on the ultimate goal at the end of the season.”
I assume Bret means HE may have run into trouble by focusing too much on the ultimate goal at the end of the season. There is probably a name for the tendency to ascribe to others the things we think about ourselves. Today’s the test of if this team moves ahead or devolve into head cases.

Bo Ryan does Soulja Boy

Da Man got skills!

I wonder what all the Bud Selig Haters will say to this

MLB boon continues as revenues top $6 billion mark

I know there are a lot of people out there who just hate Bud Selig and say he has been a bad commissioner and bad for baseball.

I am sorry I just do not see how they can keep thinking that with Baseball awash in money and attendance is out of this world. Yes TV rating might be down(not in Milwaukee are TV rating for the Brewers experienced a huge jump this season) But all tv sports ratings are down with all the choices in electronic entertainment the viewers have.

I think in 100 years Bud Selig will be looked on as the savior of baseball in the modern era. He got the playing field leveled and made it possible for the small market Davids to compete with the large market Goliaths.

Yes if you are a reactionary and a purist Buds moves will bug you and not everything he has done makes sense(the home field in the World Series being tied to the All-Star Game has to go)

But He has done a lot more right than wrong. And I am only taking about MLB in general I am not even going into what Bud means to Milwaukee Baseball.

Thanks to Bud we are enjoying living in a Golden Age of Baseball

Hurray full coffers

Honey Do List Weekend in Wisconsin

AKA The Weekend of the byes.

This is the weekend that lawns will be mowed storm windows will be put in, gutters will be cleaned and garages will be straightened up.

Because both of the major football teams in Wisconsin are off this weekend.

"But Chris" you ask "Doesn't the of under achievers mascarading as the Badger football team play Northern Tool and Equipment oops I mean Northern Illinois today at Noon"?


but A. it is on the Big Ten Network so 50% of the people wont see it anyway and

B. look how nice it is outside do you really want to waste this fine October weekend watching the Under Achievers play a terrible Northern Illinois team?

This game does nothing for the Badgers if they win it helps them qualify for a crappy lower tier bowl game. And if they lose they should just forfeit the rest of the season.(Yes I have soured on this years Badger Football team if you had not noticed)

I will be honest I will not be wasting my Saturday to watch this game I am not even going to DVR it.

Why are we even playing a light weight like this at this point in the season? I do not like non-conference games like this once we have started playing Big Ten Schools.

This game is not even worthy of a prediction.

Enjoy your Saturday and go get that Honey do list done.


Friday, October 19, 2007

What the Hell has happen to Mukwonago Football?

For most of the long term readers and poster here you know I went to Mukwonago way back in the day. Yes I played football there I was not a starter after my sophomore year but I did letter in football and played through my senior year.(I really could not stand football by my last year of playing but the perks you got from being a football player were just too good to give up.)

For as long as I can remember Mukwonago has been a top tier team in what ever conference they were in from the Parkland and Brave land conferences to the Classic 8 of today.

But can someone tell me what has happen to the program in the last two years since Coach Hensler retired.

2-7 and they did not even make the playoffs. I am serious I do not follow High School Sports much(my kids are in grade school) what happen to this team.

Was it a bad team or did they just have a run of bad luck or injuries?

My last year of football was the 85 season I was on a team who at the 6 week mark was 5-1 and talking about the playoffs, then the rains came for the last 3 weeks and our wishbone offense just died in the Wisconsin mud. we lost our last 3 games and finished the season 5-4 3-4 in conference. But even 5-4 looks a hell of a lot better than 2-7.

Can anyone help me out what went wrong this season?

Chris Mukwonago class of 86. Yeah I am an old fart lol.

Favre Stats REVISED !!

Upon further review... I've corrected the number to accurately reflect the points i wanted to make

I'm writing this in response to a web link from a long disappeared post. The link was for a website congratulating Favre on his record interceptions. One point was that Favre has averaged more than one interception per game and that Trent Dilfer averages less than that. I think, i can't find it anymore.

So i became curious as to how this compared to other quarterbacks. After much parsing from pro football reference i have a few numbers to share.

First, i removed from consideration any quarterback that had not completed more than 16 games. That still leaves a lot of no name quarterbacks but i didn't want to make to many arbitrary changes. So of the data provided and subtracting as noted, that leaves 388 quarterbacks of merit.

Next i calculated interceptions per game and sorted from most to least. Frank Tripucka leads with 1.65. Joe Namath is second with 1.57. Jack Kemp is third with 1.5. Dan Fouts is 13 with 1.33. Terry Bradshaw is 21st. Brett Favre is currently 46. Roger Staubach comes in at 166 with only .83 interceptions per game.

Then i compared passing attempts to interceptions. Previously I had said attempts but actually used completions. With the corrected data i again sorted from most to least attempts per interception. Jason Garret, a Cowboy backup who slew the Packers, was best with 58.8 attempts per interception. Tom Brady is 13th with 40.85. Favre is currently 73rd with 30.35. Ouch. Still that's better than Mark Rypien at 82 or Phil Simms at 83. Warren Moon is at 86. Boomer Esiason is at 101. Jim Kelly is at 112. Roger Staubach comes in at 114 with 27.13 attempts per INT. Oh yeah, Bart Starr is 178 with 22.81.

Lastly there's touchdowns vs interceptions. Glenn Carano, who played 36 games, had an even 3 touchdowns per interception. Joe Montana is tenth with 1.96 TD / INT. Favre is currently 27th at 1.51. Roger Staubach comes in at 36 with 1.403.

Favre critics may be entirely correct when they point to stats saying Favre ain't all that. But if they identify other quarterbacks as better, they ought be ready to compare numbers.

There are other ways to parse the data especially if you want to remove lesser quarterback names. I did want to compare some current quarterbacks. Problem is Matt Leinart has only played 17 games. I could make a 100 game minimum; Tom Brady sneaks in with 102. But that again leaves ouot current QB. Same with minimum attempt floors or other categories. But i will take requests or email the data for those interested.

Wisconsin Hockey Fans in SE Wisconsin

The Badger Hockey games will be on the radio on ESPN 1510am and their night time station 1290 at night.

Hmmm I hope they are allowed to steam the game live or I will not be able to pick up the signal at night being that I live out here on the edge of the Verse.

Just thought I would pass that on.


If A-Rod Opts out

Who can really afford him?

Yankees, Mets, Boston?

And to be honest I really like what the Mets have at SS and Third where would they put him?

Not that I would not mind taking Wright or Reyes off their hands lol.

Does anyone think the Cubs would actually spend that kind of money to bring him to the Dump? I cannot see it between A-rod and Soriano where would they find the money to field the rest of the team.

Hmmm maybe A-rod to the Cubs would not be such a bad thing.

I hope he opts out it will be great off season baseball theater.

Thoughts on this?


And he no longer cares about eating or sleeping

Since one of the other things we talk a lot about here is video games I thought I would share this since I know Paul and ESK "pray" at this alter. I am guessing there might be others.

My wife and I spent most of yesterday tracking down a Wii to give my youngest son for his 5th birthday.(in our house you get your video game system at 5 first shot gun at 12 and so on)My Odin I would have a easier time finding a piece of the one true cross than a Wii in SE Wisconsin. Lets just say I love the business search function on Iphone Google Map.

Right now my 5 year old is just all Wii all the time. I think if I did not make him stop and eat and sleep he would play 24 hours a day. As someone who has more than once turned from his computer or video game system to be blinded by the rising sun after playing a new game all night I can understand his view. Sometimes being a parent makes you one big hypocrite. LOL

Believe it or not his favorite game is the Rapala Tournament Fishing Game the little red neck. Do not ask me I hate fishing.

I see why those Wii controllers come with straps now lol.

I would not trade my Xbox360 for one but I can see why they are so popular. I wonder if they cannot keep them on the self now what are they going to do closer to Xmas?

Looking for people for WSB Halo 3 slayer matches leave me your gamer tag in the comments or send it to me in an email(

Who needs food when you have a new video game system

Hope the dude does not have the clap

" Michael Flowers, one of the most important players returning to the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team, has decided to take a temporary leave of absence for medical reasons, coach Bo Ryan announced Thursday evening."

The University is not releasing what the medical reason is to protect Flowers privacy.

Actually I hope he has something simple and embarrassing like the Clap so a nice shot and a couple days of rest and he would be right as rain. Lets hope it is nothing too serious.

I just hope Michael is ready to go by the start of the Non Conference schedule.

So everyone is getting bad news about their basketball team this morning.

On Wisconsin

Come on Cleveland hurry up and beat the Soxs

Last night I turned off my Xbox360(Halo3 slayer matches are like crack) just in time to go to bed and catch the top of the 9th inning of the ALCS game.

I dont know about most of you but I for one cannot take this series going to 7 games.

Joe Buck was so busy last night in the 9th giving the Red Soxs a long wet sloppy rim job it was disgusting.

Yes this Boston team did come back from 3 down in 04 and yes the core of this team was on that team. But there is a reason coming back from 3 down has only happen once.


Buck was making it sound like the Soxs were going to actually win the series. Come on now, lets look at this realistically. Boston has won two games in this series and what do both games have in common? Josh Beckett was Bostons starting pitcher and guess what he is really good. But if Joe Buck would have removed his tongue and nose from the Red Soxs ass for a minute he would have remembered that Beckett will most likely not pitch again in this series unless he goes on short rest in place of Dice K in game 7. Cleveland has beaten the rest of Bostons starting rotation like a drum.

I know Fox and the ECMC has a vested interest in Boston making it to the World Series but come on lets stay anchored in reality when they are cheer leading for the Soxs.

Does Fox think we actually like Joe Buck? I wonder sometimes if the people who run the sports divisions of Fox and NBC and ABC/ESPN actually every read or listen to what their audience actually thinks of their on air talent. Do they think we tune in for Joe Buck or John Madden? To me 99% of the on air announcers are like umpires no one goes to a game or watches the game on TV to see them.

So please Cleveland hurry up and win in game 6 so we will not have to listen to the ECMC hyperventilating over the fact the Red Soxs could come back from 3 game again.

Go Indians

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Hedi Klum

In honor of my wife returning from Germany this Friday Sweet Dreams are made of German Victoria Secrets Model Hedi Klum.

Happy Friday Boys

Marquette Basketball Update: Iman Shumpert to GT

Due to me being really really ticked off I am going to keep this short and to the point. Today Iman Shumpert, Marquette's number one priority for the 2008 class and a five start recruit, commited to Georgia Tech. This came as a surprise to many MU fans after it seemed we had done everything within our power to bring Iman here, pulling off all the stops on his official visit to campus. The visit also happened to be the day Dwyane Wade showed up for the annual Marquette Madness (But thats another story). I think it comes down to Iman wanting playing time now, something we obviously couldn't give due to the three amigos. Also Georgia Tech often is seen as a one and done school as a good lift to the NBA. I won't pretend like this didn't really really really hurt, this commitment could have brought MU into the next level of recruiters but it just didnt seem to be. Seeing as i am way to pissed off right now to report on anything else i guess ill leave all other MU related news to a later date. Right now i just need some time to cool off.

Ring Out Ahoya!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Bad Is Braun's Defense?

Really, really, really bad:

And so we have agreement from two systems, with radically different approaches, that Braun was one of the very worst defensive players in baseball in 2007.

I don’t have Braun’s rating in my favorite third-gen metric, UZR, but here’s what Mitchel Lichtman had to say about him:

Braun would certainly be the worst [third baseman], if he qualified. Even using zero UZR to make up the games he “missed” he is still probably the worst. That is a shame since he is such a good hitter, and his poor defense takes most (75% or so) of his hitting value away.

Making a few inferences from Mitchel’s statements, this would imply that Braun’s UZR falls somewhere between Miguel Cabrera’s -28, and 75% of his 2007 VORP, which works out to -43. So here again, Braun ranks as one of the worst four or five defensive players in baseball, challenged only by Pat Burrell’s -34, Manny Ramirez’ -33, and Raul Ibanez‘ -30. By consensus view, Braun was probably the very worst defensive player in baseball in 2007; the only real competitors for the title might be Ramirez, and perhaps Burrell.

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