Sunday, September 30, 2007

Undefeated at the Quarter Pole

... thanks in large part to our Quarterback. GB Game 4 Stats. One announcer says: “He’s never been about numbers which is probably why he has them all”. Beating a division arch rival at their place – great. Getting a record as the player with the most touchdown passes – ever – good too.

Near the end of the game as Minnesota is valiantly trying to score I find myself concerned that the Packers Defense has given up 16 points. Then the final ticks come off the game clock allowing me to reflect on the fact they only gave up 16 points. Not bad for the modern day “treat receivers like china dolls” NFL rule book. All in all, the D gives up only one TD while collecting 4 sacks and a fumble.

Of course the way Brett Favre ran the offense is getting the limelight. He completes passes to ten different receivers, nine of them more than once, and twice for touchdowns. The 1st of those TD throws sets a new quarterback record and the 2nd becomes the first in a hopefully long line of additions to whatever final tally Favre achieves.

With the record comes the bar talk speculation of what it means in terms of greatness. At the highest level of individual achievement in team sports, the discussions are really more about what flavor you like best. Since I’m a Wisconsin Homer, I am proud to defend the primacy of # 4 against his nearest passing rival and I can’t state it better than a news jockey from downtown Marino land.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Just because Marino played only 10 regular-season games outdoors in cold-weather cities in the late part of the schedule doesn't mean he belongs anywhere less than in the pantheon of great quarterbacks. But, if you're going to stand these two men up against each other on what could be an historic Sunday, why not note that Favre played 44 games outdoors in cold-weather cities and that 44 of his 420 touchdowns came under less-than-desirable-playing conditions?

So what? Wouldn't Marino have thrown as many touchdowns if he had played, on average, twice at Lambeau Field every December, or go to Soldier Field in Chicago when the wind whistling off Lake Michigan numbs your nose in about two minutes? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The reality is he didn't have to, and Favre did. Rather than diminish the importance of Marino's 420 regular-season TD passes, we need to further elevate Favre's 420.
So yeah, you can program a robot to accurately guide a football to a predetermined spot, but I prefer a scruffy old coot being knocked on his ass and still able to lead a slant route into a 33 yard pay dirt strike. --- AP Photo/Paul Battaglia

Why you really need to get DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket

Because instead of having to watch Indy vs. Denver(while a good match up and game not the best one out there this afternoon) You could have bounced back and forth between KC vs. San Diego and Arizona vs. Pittsburgh. Both of them much better and more exciting games than Indy vs. Denver.

After 5 years of having the NFL Sunday Ticket I cannot imagine going back to letting CBS and Fox decided what games I am going to watch on Sunday.

Also while watching the Packers game I could watch the Lions and Bears game.

If you do not have the Ticket you do not know what you are missing.

Hurray technology

Lets see how my friend Bill the Mets Fans is taking the Mets joining the Brewers on the sidelines.

Hmmm Not so well. He has multiple posts on the subject so make sure you scroll down.

Oh and just so you know his blog is usually called "leaning towards the dark side"

But I like "Tom Glavine Must Die" too.

I feel your Pain Bill I feel your pain.

But it is worse for Bill he is also a Jets fan.

misery loves company.


The Brewers end the season on a winning note.

83 and 79 finishing 2 games behind the Goat Fuckers. Right now I am the Biggest Arizona Diamond Backs Fan in the world.

There will be all winter to dig through the wreckage of a good but not great Brewers season and try to figure out why the plane crashed(most of us already know but you still have to do the report)

But as I watched the last inning of todays game even now I have high hope for next year IF IF IF Ned Yost is not the manager.

I believe this young team having come so close and having fallen off the top of the mountain will go into Spring Training with one single purpose making the NL Central their personal play ground. I think if given the right parts in the Bullpen they will return to their Godzilla ways.

That is right fans of the Goat Fuckers enjoy you 4 games in the playoffs and be ready come April next season.

The 07 season ended about 45 minutes ago the 08 season for the Brewers started about 44 minutes ago.

I do want to thank the team for getting the winning season monkey off our backs and for letting us fly our Brewers flags with pride. You did all you could considering who you had for a manager.

I look forward to even better times next season.

83 wins

Hurray Beer

Hmmm I would have figured another close win would have dropped them out ot the top 10

But no the 5-0 Badgers move up to number 5 in both polls, basically going back to where they were before the UNLV game.

I figured the Badgers would move up 5-0 is looking better as the blood ran pretty deep yesterday in College football. I will take close wins over losses any day of the week.

While I am happy they are ranked so high I have swung over to the side that still thinks they might be ranked a bit high. They might be a top 10 team after yesterday but top 5 hmmm.

I am officially already worried about next weeks game at Illinois. A Badger win down there would go a long way to showing they are for real.

I saw bits and pieces of the game yesterday on the TV's at the water park. I saw way to many big runs by MSU and too many turn overs by the Defense.

But in the end they won the game and that is still all that matters.

On Wisconsin

What a weekend for Wisconsin Sports fans.

I watched the last 5 minutes of the Wisconsin game from a hot tub, and then spent the night lying on the Condo couch watching team after team in the top 10 lose. I could not get the Brewers game where we were staying but I could track the score.

Of course on this huge Wisconsin Sports Weekend I take off for the Dells ;)

I could have done some posting last night but I figured it was being covered and everyone needs a weekend off.

I am hoping to have a flood of post between tonight and tomorrow morning to make up for my being lazy this weekend ;)

On final thought the Minnesota Gophers look like human mustard bottles when they where their yellow on yellow look. ;)

Tan Rested and Ready

i cried

not when Farve became the NFL record holder for touchdowns. But when he went right back to looking at photographs when the obligatory hugs and handshakes were done.

The man cares about his work; God bless him.

NFL Week 4

I'll catch up on Weeks 2 and 3 soon (hopefully before Thursday; I do believe I'm 6-0 in the over/under department), but onward, onward, ever onward to the poorhouse:

Green Bay @ Minnesota (+3) - Dunno why Bodog's line is so far out of whack with everybody else (just about everybody else is favoring the Pack by 1 1/2 points), but if the Man wants to give me the long 3 to take the Viqueens, so be it. Just as long as I don't have to take them to win outright,....
Chicago @ Detroit (+3) - As Jimmy "Masterlock" Duggans would say, BUT YOU'RE NOT GONNA NEED THEM!
Oakland @ Miami (-4) - Culpepper's return to Miami won't be a pleasant one in this Game of the Weak.
Houston (-3) @ Atlanta - The Texans? Favored on the road? And the Egg's taking them? It truly is a topsy-turvy NFL.
Baltimore @ Cleveland (+4) - Topsy-Turvy NFL part 2 - take the NewBrowns and take the over-40.
St. Louis @ Dallas (-14) - Again, Bodog's line is a bit higher than everybody else's (all the other lines are at Dallas -13). It doesn't matter; the Lambs can't score, and the Cowpokes can't be stopped. As a side bet, take Wiggy's head to explode when he finds out I took Dallas and the lumber.
NY Jets @ Buffalo (+3.5) - Yesterday's college action proved it's the weekend for upsets. This one will take the cake as the MASH Unit proves once again it's J-E-T-S S*CK! SU*K! SUC*!
Tampa Bay (+3) @ Carolina - It pays to check the injury report. Take the under-39.5 for some extra cash on Upset Weekend.
Seattle @ San Francisco (+2.5) - GORE! GORE! GORE!
Pittsburgh (-6.5) @ Arizona - Why there isn't a "1" in front of that 6.5 is beyond me. What isn't beyond me is taking full advantage of that mistake.
Kansas City @ San Diego (-12.5) - Unlike the Pack, the Chefs have no passing offense.
Denver (+10) @ Indianapolis - Denver isn't good enough to win, but they're good enough to make a game out of this.
Philadelphia (-3) @ NY Giants - Olberdouche will be happy.
New England @ Cincinnati (+8) - Irresitable force, meet immovable object. Immovable object, meet movement. Irresistable force, meet stoppage.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Badger/Brewer Game Thread

Well, I suppose we might as well open up a comment thread for the games. You know the drill. This will be on top until 6.

Possibility of no post season awards for the Brewers?

Is it possible that Brewers will see all of the post season awards in the National League, particularly Rookie of the Year and MVP, go to other teams? I've been sensing a bit of backlash against the Brewers in the national media. Just based off of the things I've been reading, watching, and hearing, I wouldn't be surprised f Fielder finishes as low as third in MVP voting. A lot of people seem to be jumping on the Jimmy Rollins bandwagon. And as for ROY, the backlash against Braun hasn't been as strong yet, but his fielding percentage is being brought up more and more in ROY discussions. In that way, it looks as though some are almost looking for reasons to justify Braun not getting the ROY.

The New PC Notre Dame

They clearly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and are apparently committed to not doing anything offensive. Self esteem comes from knowing you have done your best.

And No, the Big Ten don’t want you. Why not contact that Appalachian State conference. They might schedule a scrimmage game try out.

No I did not kill myself

The wifi is down at the gymnastics building. So I am doing this through my phone so it will not the Homer like epic you are all used to.

What can you say in the end the Brewers ride was fun but the destination was the same Loserville

I will be shocked if they win the one game they need for 82 wins it is 2005 all over again.

I am going to the dells today I am supposed to have wifi we will see.

Badgers prediction UW 24 - MSU 21 I am starting to believe nothing will come easy to this Badger team.

Packers win in a rout if the Chargers could not run on the pack what makes you think the Queens will be able to.

Be Excellent to each other this weekend if I end up MIA this weekend due to wifi issues.

Cubs fans are goat fuckers


Looks like he'll be back in the lineup soon...for the Cincinatti Bengals

This is one of the best newscast screw ups ever.

Friday, September 28, 2007

What's left to say about this season?

Not too much. The Brewers have managed to blow the division and ruin one of my favorite pastimes-watching Cubs fans cry. Oh, I'll still get the opportunity come the playoffs, but it just won't be as enjoyable.

Since The Fat Lady is Humming

As long as we are playing Brewers “what if”, what if your team has a China Doll prima donna with this record. Trade him or keep him?

Games -- BA.
YR 1 – 125 -- .273
YR 2 – 140 -- .322
YR 3 – 111 -- .304
YR 4 – 64 --- .267
YR 5 – 160 --.302
YR 6 – 152 -- .270
YR 7 – 13 --- .217

Looking forward. Fixing the Bullpen

I was trying to figure out what the biggest weakness of this years Brewers team. Hands down it is the bullpen.

So here is the question since we are on "Next Year" mode after last nights fiasco.

"Who if anyone would you keep out of the Brewers bullpen"? If anyone.

I am down to Shouse and McClung and maybe Vargas if he is not a starter.

Wise: gone the boys mind snapped time to throw him under the bus.

Cordero: gone you cannot pay a closer the kind of money he is going to demand.

Turnbow: two straight years of bad things happening to him in the 2nd half too much baggage time for him to move on.

Linebrink will not be back hopefully he will go to a top half team so the Crew gets the draft choices(not a guarantee he has pitched like shit this season)

Spurling: maybe as the inning eater when they are getting blown out or for the last 2 innings if the Brewers are up by 6 runs or more.

So you are looking at a lot of bodies to replace and decent arms will have to be found to replace guys like Wise and Turnbow. I have no idea who is going to be the Brewers closer next season it will not be Turnblow. But know the Reds got 30 plus saves out of a retread like David Weathers. So you do not have to pay the type of dollars Cordero is going to cost.

If you look at the Brewers team they are pretty set except for one outfield spot and the starting rotation is fairly set at 4 of the 5 spots IF Sheets comes back healthy(sorry I am not trying to kill you with laughter with that comment just stating what needs to happen)Sheets Suppan Villanueva and Gallardo would almost be locks for 4 spots and Parra Bush and Vargas fighting over the 5 spot.

So the big area where they can make this team better is the pen(duh Chris) unless they are going to out and put Adam Dunn in left field.

I look at it this way as bad as our bullpen has been in the second half almost any change would have to be better.

Any ideas on how we can fix the pen and make 08 what we thought 07 was going to be?

Cubs Fans are Goat Fuckers

Fantasy Open House.

Your weekly FF open house.

Matchup issues? What to do now that the bye weeks start?

Pony up your issues.

Sweet Dreams

So Chris is too mad to do Sweet Dreams?


For those unwilling to give up their Friday Fix, Everythings Coming up Milhouse provides an almost adequate substitute today.

Happy Friday Gents.


Since Robert Ferguson aka Turd plays for the Queens

This weekend you will be able to dust off this phrase as Turd drops pass after pass

"Chris Chambers would have caught that"

Yes I am still bitter the Packers and that idiot Mike Sherman took this donkey over Wisconsin very own Chris Chambers.

I wish nothing but bad things on Turd on the football field, he was a waste of a uniform all those years in Green Bay.

Go Pack Go

MLB should have a version of Relegation for the playoffs

Building on something I said in a comment at TBL. It is a crying shame that any team including the Brewers from the NL Central will make the make the playoffs while the third place team from NL West will have a much better record.

My thought was yes you need divisions for scheduling purposes during the regular season but letting a lesser team in the playoffs just because they play in a weaker division does not seem right. It is just because baseball has been using this method of winning a league or division means more than your record for over 100 years it seems normal to us.

But why even play teams outside of your division if them beating you record wise will not matter outside of one wildcard spot. Hell I am guessing the wild card team will have a better record than the Cubs.

Just because we have always done something a certain way does not make it right.

Lets get the 4 best teams in each league in the playoffs not the 3 best and the NL Central team.

The Central teams will just have to actually win 90 games once to get in the playoffs.

Save me the Cards story from last year they got really hot and lucky at the right time.

Anyone have thoughts on this do you think its fair a West team with a better record will miss the playoffs so the goat fuckers can go just because they won the crappy ass NL Central?

Baseball makes my head hurt sometimes

Would you read this?

The Big Lead is reporting there are rumor of a Brett Favre tell all book.

Its funny living in Wisconsin for most of Favre's run you hear all kind of second half stories especially from back in the early days when Brett and Mark Chmura were still running together. There was always somebody uncles buddies cousins girlfriend who was supposed to have slept with Brett.

I do not believe anyone who is a Packer fan would really care all that much most of that stuff was in his younger days(if it happened) and his wife seems to have made peace with it.

I don't really care what Brett did off the field as long as it did not involve animals or children that is pretty much my outlook on other peoples sex lives in general.

Hey I used to smoke 3 packs plus a day and in my wild youth a case of beer was just to get the night started. So I try not to be too judgmental on other people recreational drug use. A lot of people who have never been hit on a football field get hooked on pain killers look at what people do of oxicontin

I guess what I am saying is I really don't care what Brett did a decade ago. Or last week for all that matter when it happens off the field.

Yes I understand what kind of hypocrite that makes me but hell I am a parent I am at peace with being a hypocrite ;) I am a walking poster boy for "Do as I say not as I did" lol.

Maybe we can get the publisher to send us a free copy and we can all share it and not have to pay for it then it would be ok to read it right lol.

Go Pack Go

Fantasy Football, Request For Comment

With steven jackson out i need to improve my running game. i'm thinking a three way deal.

Trade Travis Henry

for Brett Favre and Tony Gonzalez


Trade Matt Hasselbeck for

Lendale White

My other running backs are

Derrick Ward
Sammy Morris
Jamal Lewis
Steven Jackson

Travis Henry plays the Colts, my team defense. He is therefore expendable.

Chris Cooley my TE is on bye.

Fire the whole Odin Damned Coaching Staff

Well I am sure the Milwaukee Mainstream Sports Media will be beating those of us in the "Fire Ned Yost" Mob over the head that Ned was not at the wheel last night when the good ship Brewers ran aground and sank with all our hopes and dreams for the 07 season.

Because it is not about winning in Milwaukee it is keeping access to the coaches and managers they have defended that Jack Ass Yost all season.

Well I am sick of the whole damn lot of our coaching staff, these mopes Yost included are the same guys who have coached this team to 2nd half collapse after 2nd collapse over the last 3 years.

They all need to go and a new regime of coaches brought in. Yost and his boys have to go.

Does anyone seriously think anything will be different next season if Yost and his guys are running the show?

Time to Clean House.

Throw all the Bums out

I am going to call it. Time of the Brewers Death the 28th of September

I will officially state for the record that I NO LONGER BELIEVE. This season is over the losses the last two night have pretty much sealed the Brewers fate. Hell I am not sure if they will even get the one win they need for a winning season. Think I am being too harsh on them remember 2 years ago they could not get the next victory in Pittsburgh to give them a winning season.

You know what is sad is that the NL Central will get a team in the playoffs be it the Cubs or the Brewers. Neither team really deserves to be in the playoffs when the THIRD PLACE team in the NL West will have a better record.

As you can guess I am very down on the Crew right now and the way they folded their tent over the stretch run and the idea Yost will be still the manager next season has really put me in a funk.

I cannot believe how bad they played last night 5 errors WTF that is little league territory or tee ball. The Cubs are choking on goat dick down in Miami and the Brewers the supposed best home team in the National league cannot gain ground.

What a fucking Joke How do you give a punch and judy line up like the Padres 9 fucking runs? The Iraqi army put up a better fight than our bullpen lately. For the record another game where 5 runs was not enough. I am actually going to the Dells this weekend so tonight will be my last Brewers game that I watch this season and to be honest I am glad I need a break I invested a lot time and fan capital in the Brewers this year for the same nothing to show for it results.

What is a Brewers fan to do right now it is still to soon to say stuff like this season will help this young team blah blah blah right now I am just sick and more than a little tired of Brewers Baseball. Hopefully I can get through the winter on the backs of the Badgers and Packers I will need a little time to recharge my Brewers batteries. I am sure by spring training I will be all up beat and looking forward to the 08 season but right now it just kills me that we could beat out that sorry ass squad the Cubs are throwing out there. The fact that the horde of goat fucking cubs fans will get to watch their team in the playoffs kills me. I could handle it if they had a decent team but look at that steaming pile of shit the cubs put on the field they will be out in the first round. Of course you have to stop and ask if the Cubs are a steaming pile of shit what does that make the Brewers?

Yes a am a wee bit bitter this fine Friday morning. Odin damn the Brewers it was not supposed to end this way it was supposed to finally be our year.

But I am sure the majority of Brewers fans will not be too upset the team choked again they get another year of living in the past worshiping the 1982 team hell lets keep looking back and go back to the ball and glove every night Retro Uniforms every night.

Please save me the comments saying they still have a mathematical chance blah blah blah

The Cubs only need to win one game to ensure a tie and I think the Brewers will not win a game this weekend the Padres actually understand the season ends Sunday and if you do not win you are out of the playoffs.

I am going to stop now we will have a long cold winter to try and figure out what went wrong with this team. How can you give Yost another year or an extension they were 15 games over 500 and now with 3 games left they are a 500 or worse ball club.

Being a Brewers Fan Sucks 98% of the time


No Sweet Dreams This Friday

After the last two days I just do not feel like it so blame the Brewers


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Marlins did their part Now lets do ours Open Thread

The Florida Marlins sweep the series with the Cubs and the Brewers with a win can pull with in one game with 3 games left to play.

Yost is suspended for tonights game so he cannot screw it up.


View through the knothole after 3 1/2

Presented by Tony Montana and friends (language not suitable for those with sensitve ears)...

Raiders/Eagles observations.... (not those Raiders and Eagles)

Last Saturday at Racine Horlick field, the house was packed as the Racine Raiders tackled cross state rival the Kane County Eagles.

I had an interesting conversation with someone who went to that game with his children.

This game had a lot on the line as it determined playoff seedings. The two teams would play each other again this Saturday in the start of the playoffs; the game last Saturday determined who would have home field advantage to start the playoffs.

The home side bleachers were absolutely packed so my friend went and sat in the visitor side bleachers feet away from the Kane County Eagle’s players.

Obviously there was a lot at stake for these teams.

What my friend described was disturbing. He said the local fans were openly hostile and vulgar for the entire game, swearing and taunting the Kane County players. Here is this poor guy trying to enjoy a football game with his kids and he has to spend the whole game shielding their ears and explaining to his kids that “we don’t use those words”.

Yes, we have freedom of speech. However, while freedom of speech does extend to someone being a jerk, they certainly do not have to be one. People should have the basic human courtesy to look around and not to use that sort of language around children (or anyone else for that matter). In addition, there is no cause to taunt so viciously visitors to our city, or any other city. These people were ambassadors for Racine.

All of these Kane County folks will go home with the impression that Racinians are a bunch of loud, drunk, foul mouthed jerks.

The thing is I’m sure this is not a phenomenon limited solely to Racine.

I’ve been stunned at some of the language I have heard at Brewer games this year. (And the team has won every game I’ve been to).

Chill out people. Look around, tone it down. Would you do that if your Mother was sitting next to you? How about your child? Someone else’s child or Mother may be within earshot of you being a jerk.

(Oh, by the way, the Raiders won an exciting come from behind victory, we get another chance to shine this weekend)

Cubs Suck Open Thread

post your "FUCK!!"'s here.

In defense of Ned Yost (Don't get used to this)

Tom Haudricourt, who clearly follows a policy of 'do as I say, not as I do' when it comes to questioning Ned Yost, clearly tries to place the blame for last night's loss on Yost's decision to bean Albert Pujols.
Did the Milwaukee Brewers put retaliation ahead of the division race?

That was the perception Wednesday night when a game of tit-for-tat blew up on the Brewers in a very costly 7-3 loss to St. Louis at Miller Park.

It was a strategically sound decision to put Pujols on first in that situation. Pujols had already shown the Brewers two things. First, he is still a dangerous bat to pitch to. Second, his leg is hurting pretty good and he wasn't running well. Putting him on with his bum wheel was the right thing to do.

Here's what Yost couldn't control for: 1) His team failing time after time to drive in runs with runners on. 2) Derrick Turnbow absolutely imploding again. The general rule with Turnbow is that he has to be rested, and he was. With a runner on first, he has to get the job done. He has such a fragile psyche, though, that he melted when he got on that mound.

I'll back a manager when he backs up his players and does it smartly. Yost did that last night. He waited to retaliate until a situation arose where he would not lose a pitcher he needed, and where putting a runner on was not a bad thing. The next time Haudricourt wants to blast the fans for blasting Ned, though, he should remember the part he plays in fanning the flames.

First look at 2K sports NBA2k8

I recieved an email for the marketing firm that is helping promote 2Ksports new NBA game.

I thought you guys would enjoy this I will also be putting this in the side bar(they are giving me swag) lol

I have to admit I cannot wait to try this game. the Graphics look great. I will let you young bucks judge for yourself.

Hurray Swag

Oh and another quick observation

The biggest stretch of games in Milwaukee in 15 + years and Ben Sheets was unable to get into the fight.

Yup there is our ACE the man who is the "Leader" of our starting rotation stuck on the side lines.

Now I am not saying Sheets being out is a bad thing the way he has pitched since since he came back from his yearly holiday on the DL.

But I do find it funny that the team is trying to do this without their ACE because he is always hurt, but we will still put our fate into his hands next season Its funny but not ha ha funny.

Now I know it is a sin to attack St Ben in this state, but I cannot help myself.

Sure would be nice to have a healthy ACE on our staff to help us win these next 4 games.

But we know Sheets will not throw another pitch for the Brewers until Spring Training.

Just an observation.

Maybe the Master Chief can save them

He saved me last night when I knew the Brewers game was going South I flipped on the Xbox 360 and took out some of my anger on the Covenant troopers.

The Brewers have reached that point in the season they cannot take a step back. This is their own little personal Bastogne time, there is no where to run they have to win and win now or its over and the horde of goat fuckers will be watching playoff baseball while we watch Neddy Baseball get a contract extension as a reward for fucking it up again.

So once again we have to turn to a young prince and a young wizard to save us.

First the Wizard

Gallardo goes for his 10th win tonight vs. Cassel at wonderful Miller Park

Yo and his mates can give this city and state something we have not had since 1992 a winning season but it is funny that will not matter much if they do not make the playoffs.

First pitch will be at 7:05pm CT so people in San Diego get to watch baseball over dinner and they will be watching they are in the hunt too. And since their football team is straddled with the football version of Ned Yost in Norv Turner they only have baseball to cling too.

FSN and the BRN no HD for this series this is actually the last FSN-WI broadcast of the season tomorrows game is on ESPN and Saturday is on FOX. So one last chance for Rock to tell us how great Yost is doing.

Poor Prince, teams are not going to pitch to you when you hit 3 homer uns on them in 2 games and the guy behind him has to protect him. Hart has not done the job this last series. I believe he is 1 for the home stand. You cannot have that in the 5 spot. They really need to go get someone like Dunn to bat behind him and protect him

So 4 regular season games left that is a sad but happy also that means I only have to watch players like Geoff Jenkins and Matt Wise in a brewers uniform for 4 more regulars season games if they do not win the division.

So I have that going for me right?

We need a hero over these next four games which Brewer wants to step and carry this team to the playoffs?

Hell what do they have to lose?


Everything that is wrong with this team all in one night

Last nights wasted golden opportunity game was not lost in the late innings, no it was lost in the first 3 innings. The Brewers had a young pitcher coming back on 3 days rest on the ropes in every one of the first 3 innings and could not bust the game open.

And as we are reminded right now the only way this team can win is when they score so many runs that they take the bull pen out of the equation.

Look at this series the two game where they jumped out early and ran away an hid they won the pen never got a chance to come in and step on their dicks in a close game.

Last night they had the bases loaded in both the first and second inning and could not get more than one run each inning. Then they get two on in the third with no outs and Damon Miller played the roll of one man rally killer and grounded into a inning crushing double play. Then the Brewers bats went night night.

The list of changes that has to be made to this team is growing longer and longer because we have face this one universal truth if Ned "gritty veterans" Yost is coming back next year this team has to be built in an almost perfect manner. So that even Neddy"head up his ass"Yost can not fuck it up. As Mike said history shows us great teams can over come idiot managers.

The list of people who have to go Jenkins Mench Miller Graffanino and pretty much the whole back half of the bull pen. Good buddies Matt Wise and Derrick Turnbow are both head cases now and cannot be allowed to continue their careers in Milwaukee. I have tried to be open mined and judge Turnbow rationally well the verdict is in he cannot get the job done he is melting down at the point when the team needs him the most.

He cannot be the Brewers closer next season.

Well the Cubs lose another game in Florida and if the Brewers had concentrated on winning the game instead of retaliating they could have pulled with in one game of the Cubs.

It is not over yet. There are 4 games left and the Cubs are up by 2 so if the Brewers can go 4-0 on this series and the Cubs go 2-2 we are talking one game playoffs. Now if the Cubs would really choke and go 1-3 it would give the Crew a little breathing room 4-0 would give you the division and 3-1 would give you the one game playoff.

Once again I believe the Cubs could easily go 2-2 or 1-3 they have to play one more with the Fish who own them right now. And then face Harang and Arroyo in Cincinnati

Here is the problem the Brewers are going to be playing a team in San Diego who is not just playing for the wild card they are only a game back in the West so they have all kinds of motivation. It will be hard to win 4 game in a row with the collection of jokes we call a bullpen. If you look at it if the pen had done its job in the just the last 6 days the Brewers are up by one game right now.

I still believe but it is getting harder and harder they are running out of time All the Cubs have to do is "Pair the Board" as long as they match what the Brewers do they cannot lose. Once again that is why last night's loss is so tough to take.

But never forget it should not be this close the Brewers should have clinched this division about a week or so ago. if they had played 500 ball from that day when they were 8 games up they would have won the division already.

That is why I cannot understand all of you in the "Yost is God" crowd and the local media whose sole purpose seemed to be giving Ned rim jobs when they are not making excuses for him and the failure of his team to get the job done.

For the third year in a row a Yost team has melted in the second half he has blown a huge lead in the division and is on the brink of not making the playoffs and they are going to lose the division to a Cubs team that really isn't all that damn good.

I will be honest I turned the game off in the 5 inning and went and spent some quality time with the Master Chief. I have invested a lot of time in the this team over this long season and I have a feeling I am not going to be rewarded with trip to the playoffs. I am getting ready to move on to next year.

Yesterday was a dark dark day we find out Yost is coming back and then they blow that game.

Believe if you still can.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Great Chase contiunes Open Thread

(It worked last night so why change)

Can the Brewers continue to run down the Cubs? Will the goat shove it up the Cubs asses one more year?

Stay tuned tonight and find out.

Cubs vs. Marlins starts at 6:05pm CT Marlins look to continue to wreck the hopes and dreams of the Cubs and their boorish fans.

You all know when the Crew goes for the Sweep behind CV tonight.

Lets keep the train rolling time to pull with in one game.

Hurray Beer

You all know the drill this stays on top till about 10:30pm look below for new stuff I am doing this early I will be driving home at 6pm so I wanted it up and running.

F&*@ing DUH!!!!


Put up or shut up.

I've had some funover the last couple of weeks making fun of Fraley & Stevegg for their less than stellar football picks.

For the record it is put up or shut up time.

Take 'em to the bank.

Houston at Atlanta
Green Bay at Minnesota
Oakland at Miami
Chicago at Detroit
St Louis at Dallas
Baltimore at Cleveland
Jets at Buffalo
Seattle at San Francisco
Tampa at Carolina
Kansas City at SanDiego
Denver at Indi
Pittsburgh at Arizona
Phili at Giants
New England at Cincinnati


I seriously almost died laughing at this

ESK make sure you check this out you will love it.

Halo: The Future of Gaming:

The shat about Halo 5 is beyond funny

Chris ;)

Great the 2008 is over before it starts.

As Steve Pointed out Yost will be back next season.



Your 3-0 Packers visit the 1-2 Vikings of Thor and Odin.

Will the Packers be devoured by the Midgard Serpent of the Humpty Dome? Or does Valhalla await Brian Childress and company.

Does QB Kelly Holcomb chill your soul? F No.

But the turf scares me. And that means Adrian Peterson scares me. I'm afraid we'll get run over by a turf team. Combine that with a Packer letdown after beating three legit playoff teams and i wonder if we won't see a 3-1 packers next week and then a 3-2 packers the week after.

The packers will need to score first, fast, and hard to keep the crowd out. And that damnable horn quiet. Just like the Philadelphia game the Defense is going to have to win this one.


From the Red Reporter:
Dunn is having his right knee cleaned out today, so his season is now finished.

Clearly, Pete Mackanin has decided to try and give the Chicago Cubs the division crown. Much like the crack Chicago reporters who deduced Houston manager Cecil Cooper conspired with Roy Oswalt's wife on the timing of her labor in order to improve the chances of his old team, Pete Mackanin has shut down Adam Dunn to improve the chances of the Cubs. Why, you ask? Mackanin only played 9 mediocre season and those were split between 4 teams, none of which were the Cubs.

The answer lies in one Pete Mackanin's birth certificate: Born: August 1, 1951 Chicago, IL.

The proof ladies and gentlemen. Pete Mackanin, manager of the Cincinnati Reds, is a FIB!

Hammer of the Gods 2

I am recycling this post Prince really has become the "Hammer of the Gods" in Milwaukee

Congradulations for numbers 49 and 50 Mr. Fielder

Hurray Long Balls

Since when is "Fine" ok

"Ned is fine," Attanasio said

That was pulled right off of

Let's analyze that for just one moment (or maybe longer)

1st question that pops into my minuscule pea brain is - When has Mark Attanasio done anything "Fine". In business - there is a BIG distinction between being a 'fine' investment banker and being a successful one. Mark Attanasio did not get to where he is today by being a 'fine' businessman. He has gotten to where he is ($$) by surrounding himself with successful people - Not 'fine' people.

Ned is a lame duck manager in 2008 - need I really say more?? Yes he has a club option for '09 - but it is only an option. How hard are the players going to play for him next year if he isn't locked in for '09??

As Jib stated below - "Do you think the Brewers have more talent on this roster than the 2005 squad? If so, and they only end up with 81, 82, or even 83 victories, then who needs to be held responsible?"

In '05 when the Crew went 81-81 they had the likes of Julio Santana, Brady Clark, Nelson Cruz, Chad Moeller, Mike Adams, Wes Helms, Justin Lehr, Gary Glover, Russell Branyon, Dana Eveland, Kane Davis, Tommy Phelps, and how can I forget Trent Durrington, Wes Obermueller, or Chris Magruder

Even though we have lost Carlos Lee and Lyle Overbay (I will take Cory Hart and Prince as their replacements in a heartbeat) - Can any Brewer Fan (sober or drunk) honestly, with a straight face tell me that the '07 Brewers only have 5 more wins of talent on the team?? And that would be IF the Crew wins out - which would be f&*%ing great but highly unlikely. Since the obvious answer is no - and the hitting, bench, third and first base coaches have been replaced since '05 - I wonder who is next???

Ohh I know we can blame Marcus Hanel. He is the bullpen catcher - obviously it is his fault. Or maybe Dan Wright can take the fall for us this year - he is the "Assistant Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coordinator" - or maybe Joe Crawford the Coaching Assistant/Digital Media Coordinator will take the blame....

Ned is responsible. Period.


5 games left and they have pulled with in 2 game.

Wow so far this series has been outstanding the Brewers have been jumping out early and often. You couple the Brewers win with Cubs loss to the Marlins(their 8th straight loss to the Fish I believe) and the Brewer have pulled with in 2 games. We got the win we hoped for out of the Marlins now if they can get another one it will be a cherry on top of the cake. Also if the Brewers pull with in one, I really believe the Cubs will collapse.

Right now the Brewers are doing everything you could ask for if they are going down they look like they are going down swinging and they still have a punchers chance.

I will be honest after tonights game we might be catching the Padres at their lowest point of the season. But first lets get the sweep tonight.

Oh by the way did you notice that with last nights win we will not have a losing season. The worst they can do is 500 for the season. A win tonight and the Crew moves into a territory we have not seen in a long while "A winning season" that still has to be the first goal a winning season.

This has been a crazy week so far those two terrible losses in Atlanta but now to great wins over the Cards. They are going for a sweep tonight playing for their playoff lives. I have to be honest I am believing again all they can do is keep winning and hope the Cubs well are the Cubs.

Mad love to Prince Fielder 50 fraking home runs in his 2nd full season. We have something special in that young man and we should never forget that.

Now this could all come crashing down at any time but right now this team seems to be finally hitting on all cylinders I really think the Brewers could be a very dangerous team if they could bash their way into the playoffs.

But first lets win tonight
Villanueva vs. Thompson tonight at Miller Park

First Pitch is at 7:05pm CT

TV: FSN-HD | Radio: WTMJ 620

To Be The King You Must Kill The King!

What more needs to be said.

Hurray Beer

5 days, 10 games, 2 to tie and 3 to take the division

With that in mind, let's see what the Brewers and Dog-Ass Cubs have left:

Wednesday -
Cards @ Brewers (7:05 Central) - RHP Brad Thompson (7-6, 4.96 ERA, 1.53 WHIP) vs RHP Carlos Villanueva (8-4, 3.97 ERA, 1.34 WHIP)
Cubs @ Marlins (6:05 Central) - RHP Jason Marquis (12-8, 4.35 ERA, 1.34 WHIP) vs RHP Daniel Barone (1-3, 5.30 ERA, 1.63 WHIP)

Thursday -
Padres @ Brewers (7:05 Central) - RHP Jack Cassel (1-1, 4.00 ERA, 1.67 WHIP) vs RHP Yovanni Gallardo (9-4, 3.59 ERA, 1.27 WHIP)
Cubs @ Marlins (3:05 Central) - RHP Steve Trachsel (7-10, 4.74 ERA, 1.59 WHIP) vs LHP Scott Olsen (9-15, 5.88 ERA, 1.76 WHIP)

Friday -
Padres @ Brewers (7:05 Central) - RHP Greg Maddux (13-11, 4.10 ERA, 1.24 WHIP) vs TBD (that's China Doll's spot, and he still felt his hammy grab in yesterday's bullpen session)
Cubs @ Reds (6:10 Central) - LHP Rich Hill (10-8, 4.05 ERA, 1.22 WHIP) vs RHP Bronson Arroyo (9-14, 4.22 ERA, 1.41 WHIP)

Saturday -
Padres @ Brewers (2:55 Central; yes, Fox picked this one up for regional coverage) - TBD vs RHP Dave Bush (12-10, 5.16 ERA, 1.39 WHIP)
Cubs @ Reds (2:55 Central; this was the original Fox game and probably will still be going to most of the nation) - RHP Carlos Zambrano (17-13, 4.08 ERA, 1.34 WHIP) vs Aaron Harang (16-5, 3.70 ERA, 1.14 WHIP)

Sunday -
Padres @ Brewers (1:05 Central) - TBD vs RHP Jeff Suppan (11-12, 4.57 ERA, 1.50 WHIP)
Cubs @ Reds (12:15 Central) - LHP Ted Lilly (15-8, 3.86 ERA, 1.15 WHIP) vs TBD

The DAC hope to be able to jigger the pitching lineup for the playoffs, but if this race goes to Monday, it probably will be CV vs Marquis.


He Who Must Be Fired won't be, and that's official from the man up top.

Of note, Herr Braunesnase mentions that most of the criticism has been on unnamed Internet sites. Unfortunately, he didn't mention WSB. Guess I'll have to try harder.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Great Chase Cubs and Brewers open thread

The Cubs Vs. Marlins game starts in about 35 minutes and since every game from here to Sunday is the most important game recent Brewers history I thought I would get the Open thread up early

This stays on top till 10:30pm

Can the Brewers cut the lead to 2 games with 5 left to play?

Hurray Beer

Brewers Magic Number

Yep, you have a Magic Number even if you're trailing. Ours is 7.

Cubs 4, Brewers 7, with 5 games to play.

The Four Letter Network Starts to get on the Fire Ned Yost Bandwagon


Still, beleaguered Brewers supporters can't help but look back to June 23, when their team was 43-31 and leading the division by 8½ games, and agonize over the missed opportunity to put the Cubs out of their misery.

In light of the rampant sense of disappointment in Milwaukee, it's no surprise that manager Ned Yost is taking some heat. Between the booing and the second-guessing, Yost recently said that he's stopped reading the papers and visiting his favorite local coffee shop. Yost half-jokingly referred to the information crackdown as his "nuclear winter."

There are whispers of clubhouse discord, particularly among the Milwaukee veterans, over Yost's frequent lineup changes and penchant for riding the hot hand. Yost also has clashed with segments of the local media and been testy and defensive at times.

As a victim of flogging-by-blogging, Yost is a casualty of the new media age. With so much statistical information available, every game on television and so many experts frequenting the Internet these days, it's become easier than ever to focus on the manager as a source of a team's problems.


The Brewers have blown a major-league-high 16 leads of three runs or more, which has fueled criticism of Yost's bullpen management. He has also been second-guessed for habitually lifting Braun (he of the .994 OPS and .900 fielding percentage) for a defensive replacement in the late innings.

Owner Mark Attanasio, who recently gave Yost a vote of confidence, dropped by the broadcast booth during Monday's game and waxed optimistic about 2008. "As good as this year has been, I think next year is going to be better," Attanasio said.

The Brewers' inspired performance against Adam Wainwright on Monday was a sign that they haven't quit. Yost has a year left on the two-year, $2 million extension he signed in February 2006. But it can only help his cause if the team continues to play well before those packed Miller Park houses in this final week.

Ok - so they are not exactly writing the headline of "Fire Ned" - but they are starting to notice what some of us have been noticing all season.

And yes Tracker - The Brewers are winning DESPITE Ned Yost


At what point will you really start to believe the Packers are a good team?

I am not saying they are not a good team now that win over the Chargers impressed me.

But what point in the season will you really start to invest your fan capital into the Pack? You know what I mean start to believe they are for real?

For me it will be the next two games if they can go up to the Humpty Dumpty Dome and put the Queens down 3 games I will start to be impressed then if they can follow that up with beating the Bears in Week 4 I will be on board the Packers are going to the Playoff train. With what the Brewers did to me this season excuse me if I am not overly impressed with a hot start to a season ;)

Hell if Detroit bounces back and beats the Bears this week you could be looking at a Bears team who could be playing for their lives in week 4. You cannot win the division by week 4 but you sure the hell can lose it.

Is it just me or does Lovie Smith strike you as the NFL version of Ned Yost. He keeps running out Grossman just like Yost keeps running out Capuano and Counsell et al. I personally hope along with others here that Lovie keeps this devotion to Rex going all season.

You know what the best part of the Bears starting off so poorly? They will over shadow anything the Cubs do Chicago is a Bears town and if they go 1-3 to start the season no one will care what the Cubs do if they manage to hold off the Brewers. Not that it matters the Cubs play off run if there is one will be 4 games long.

I try not to look to far ahead but right now there is no reason that the Pack could not be undefeated going into the bye week. Thinking that even 2 weeks ago would have gotten you locked up for your own good so you would not hurt yourself or anyone else lol.

I think the Pack will run the table to the Bye that defense is for real.

So when will you be climbing on the bandwagon or are you already there?

Go Pack Go

Happy Halo 3 day BELIEVE

No I do not have my copy yet but it is on my to do list

Happy Halo 3 day

Here is the long version of their commercial which I think is fantastic

It is 6mins long enjoy


6 regular season games left

by my count the Brewers still have a chance. Both teams have 6 games left and the Cubs are up by 3. So if the Cubs go 3-3 and the Brewers go 6-0 we have a play off. That could happen I guess. The Cubs face Arroyo and Harang over the weekend so if the Fins can just get one win and the Reds win those two games the Brewers have a chance.

If this happen it would go down in Cubs lore with the 68 collapse.

Do I think it will happen yes and no I think the Cubs could easily go 3-3 on the road but I cannot see the Brewers winning 6 in a row even at Miller Park.

The Crew blew up last night with Prince and Braun adding to their MVP and ROY portfolios Dave Bush got the win and the Brewers only have to win one more game for a 500 season and 2 more games for a winning season. Win totals I though we would reach in early September back in May.

So all we can do is keep watching and hope the rescue ships get here before we all sink below the surface.

Tonights game info
Suppan vs. Lupper at Miller Park

First Pitch is at 7:05pm CT

TV: FSN-HD | Radio: WTMJ 620

Hope is still alive till we draw our last breath.

Hurray Beer

Monday, September 24, 2007

The perfect song for 2007 Brewers fans

Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies Man I miss the 80's ;)

"Just leave me alone I will figure it out" Ned Yost just about every game.

Yes sorry as it is, this is tonight open thread for the Brewers game lol

Punk/Thrash is the greatest form of music known to man lol


I am bumping this to the top I forgot to fix the time when I did it sorry to bump you Jib lol ;)

New stuff below till 10pm

Monday Musings on the Wisonsin Sports Scene

*The Brewers' records the last three seasons: 2005, 81-81. 2006, 75-87. 2007, 79-75 as of this writing.

*The Packers have certainly been uplifting for Wisconsin sports fans so far this year. The defense is living up to its billing and the passing game has taken off. If the Packers cannot get their running game going, however, this season could still end badly.

*Do you think the Brewers have more talent on this roster than the 2005 squad? If so, and they only end up with 81, 82, or even 83 victories, then who needs to be held responsible? (Answer if you like, but the question is rhetorical).

*The Badgers are 4-0, and they may very well be able to grind their way through an undefeated Big Ten season. Prepare your outrage if they do, though, because grinding through a Big Ten season is not going to impress the pollsters, and the computers won't help them enough in the BCS to get them a shot at a National Championship.

*I still can't find it in me to get excited about the Bucks.

*Everyone is pretty down after the Brewers' series against the Braves, but if by some miracle of miracles they win this division, this will be the most exciting week of Brewers' baseball that any of us will have experienced.

Now this will improve my mood

Someone did a search for Wisconsin Sports Blogs and guess which little old blog was number one on Google out of 14,300,000 web pages

That is right our little old watering hole.

Not bad not bad at all ;)

Traffic does not suck :)


I just cannot do it.

I have been running all morning so I apologize for the lack of Monday morning reading material. I have been sitting here as I eat my lunch(hot dogs I could eat them every damn day for lunch I would never get tired of them must be one of the reasons I love baseball so much)trying to find one last Bluto like positive rant about the Brewers chances in me.

I cannot do it, I have to agree the Brewers season is 99.9% over the iceberg has been hit, the life boats are away with the bandwagon fans. All that is left is we hard core masochists who will sit down each night in the deck chairs that Ned was so nice to rearrange for us and listen to the band play on as the ship sinks under the waves.

We are Brewers fans apparently this is our lot in life. I look back at how we all were when the Brewers were Godzilla back in April and May when it seemed like Odin himself could not sink this ship. Man are we paying for our huberious now

I will suffer through the games this week clinging to the hope they can at least get to 82 wins hell right now I would accept 81 wins I cannot take another losing season not after how the season started.

Its funny I actually did get to see two playoff teams play in a game at Miller Park

The Angels and the Indians

I will end this with a video of one of my favorite Irish songs
"The Foggy Dew" this song has nothing to do with baseball(It is about the failed 1916 Easter uprising in Ireland) But it is a song I like to listen to when I am down it is a sad song about fighting for something and how even failing can be glorious and can lead to better days.

So enjoy the foggy dew and starting thinking about next year as we wait for the deck to slip below the waves

Hurray Beer

The Brewer's season is over

I Think this pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Crew for the last week...


What might have been this October in Wisconsin

The Badgers 4-0 even more incredible the Packers are 3-0 and just beat one of the preseason powers from the AFC.

If the Brewers had only held up their end.

Not one damn thing would have gotten done in the state of Wisconsin in the month of October.

As it is Football season in Wisconsin is shaping up to be pretty kick ass.

I do not want to think about what my mental state would be if I did not have the Packers and Badgers picking me up right now.

On Wisconsin

Go Pack Go

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick as it sounds you should be pulling for the Boys tonight.

If the Cowboys can beat the Bears tonight the Pack will actually be 2 games up on the defending NFC Champions.

As hard as it is to do I will be pulling for the Cowboys tonight(somewhere Wigs is smiling)

My hatred of all things Chicago has grown to a whole new level which is hard to believe I did not think I could hate Chicago any more than I do.

Guess I was wrong.

Go Cowboys(at least for tonight)

Week 3: Packers v Chargers

KGB introduces himself to San Diego Quarterback Philip Rivers a couple years ago. With any luck the acquaintanceship renews at Lambeau Field this afternoon. This is the ninth meeting between the two teams and Green Bay holds a 7-1 series advantage. The west coasters did the Packers a favor by beating the Bears Week 1, so it would be nice if Mr. Gbaja-Biamila says thanks to Mr. Rivers in the Chargers backfield several times today.

I am going to make this the Open Thread for the Packers game it will stay on top till 4pm look for new stuff below.(Chris)

Sheets Is A Waste Of Money

Enjoy that argument, while Bill Hall makes Jeffrey Hammonds look like an MVP.

Braves 7, Brewers 4

Don't blame Cappy for this one, and let's please end this "winless streak for Cappy" and "Bad Cappy" talk. He didn't pitch great, but he did pitch well enough to win today. His teammates are responsible for this one. Vargas & King blew the lead. Braun and Fielder failed to produce in the eighth with Hardy on. The Braves stole a freebie base in the 8th because no one was paying attention before the pitch. Spurling gave up insurance runs for the Braves. No, this one wasn't on Cappy and it wasn't on Yost. This was a team loss. Even with the shaky umping, they didn't get the job done as a team.

With the Cubs up 8-0 right now on the Pirates, the Brewers will probably need to win all of their remaining games to even have a chance to sniff the post season. A quick glance at the schedule shows that it is very unlikely that the Cubs will collapse and give this one away. They'll likely save their choke for the post season this year.

Packers Hire Yost?!?

Fourth and inches....Shotgun.


Todays Last Road game of the season info

Ned raises the white flag today

Capuano vs. Reyes at Turner Field

First pitch 12:05pm CT

FSN and 1250am WSSP due to the Packers game.

You know what was really sad about series in Atlanta was so far all the starter have pitched really well and they have only gotten one win.

So much for "every 25 years"


One thing yesterday did bring Chris a little joy

Who am I kidding a little joy Notre Dame going 0-4 for the first time in there 119 year history gave me a lot of Joy super tankers full of joy.

ND sucks ass this season and isn't wonderful

The best part NBC actually replays the ND games they broadcast on Universal HD on Sunday morning so you can rewatch the Irish stepping on their own dicks in glorious 1080i

Beats going to church on a Sunday Morning ;)

Notre Dame Sucks


Ok maybe my Badgers are not that good

Wow to cap off my totally terrible sports Saturday I got home in time to watch from the second quarter on of the Badgers game.

"Ach Mine Eyes The Goggle Do Nothing"

Was that an ugly Big Ten style football game or what.

It was like when two geeks have a slap fight on the play ground lots of swinging and slapping but no one really landing any blows.

The Defense play much better not facing a spread team. That stand they made after the second half kick off was fumbled might have saved the season. They held Iowa to 13 points so you would have to say the Defense did its jog.

The offense was just awful they looked like it was the first day of spring practice.

I understand a very tough and stingy Iowa Defense has a lot to do with that but come I am tired of seeing our vaunted O-Line get pushed around like they were UN peace keepers. Really they should have had their helmets painted that pretty UN Blue. Tyler Donovan was running for his life most of the night. And even PJ Hill cannot run when there are no running lanes or holes. But as bad as the Offense played they did just enough to get them to 1-0 for the 4 straight time this season.

I give up fighting it I now agree the Badgers are not a top 10 team at the moment they might be at the end of the season. As Penn States loss to Michigan showed it is going to be the usual bar fight in the Big Ten this season throw out the non-conference records I hate to say it but OSU looks to be the class of the conference at this point in the season. And long time readers here know how much it pains me to say that.

Who knows maybe this team will grow over the season like last years team maybe they will start hitting on all cylinders and still win the Big Ten.

But they will not win at Happy Valley and the Horse Shoe playing like last night hell they will not beat Michigan at home if they play like they did last night.

But ugly as it was it still counts as a win and 4-0 still beats 3-1 1-0 in the Big Ten.

I have a feeling my October is not going to be as kick ass as I thought it was when September started.

On Wisconsin

NFL Week 3

I'll do a recap of Week 2 over at NRE either tomorrow or Tuesday. Suffice it to say that Week 3 is Double Or Nothing Week.

San Diego @ Green Bay (+6.5) - I'm going for broke here. You may like the points, you may want the points, and reputable bookies will give you the points (though most of them are only going to give you 5.5 to 6), BUT YOU'RE NOT GONNA NEED THEM! The receiving band is back together.
Detroit (+5.5) @ Philadelphia - Taketh the over 44 as well.
Indianapolis (-7) @ Houston - The busy Texans' trainer is your friend.
Minnesota (+3) @ Kansas City - The Chefs have no business being favored.
Buffalo @ New England (-17) - There is one reason and one reason only to lay the heavy lumber; Bills' coach Dick Jauron.
Miami (+3) @ NY Jets - If you don't know what I'm going to say here, you haven't been paying attention.
San Francisco (+10) @ Pittsburgh - Too many points to give; there are 2 defenses on the field.
Arizona @ Baltimore (-7.5) - The only question here is whether the OldBrowns' defense will score.
St. Louis @ Tampa Bay (-3.5) - The only feel I have for this one is the under 39.
Jacksonville @ Denver (-3.5) - Sooner or later, the Broncos will put up a crooked number in the tens column. It will be sooner.
Cincinnati @ Seattle (-3) - The BenGALS just are not a road team. The over/under of 49.5 scares me.
Cleveland (+3) @ Oakland - The name is Neo.
Carolina (-4.5) @ Atlanta - Joanie's on his way out.
NY Giants @ Washington (-4) - How bad to the New York Football Giants suck? Does the fact I'm taking the Deadskins tell you anything?
Dallas @ Chicago (-3) - I'm glad it's not 3 1/2.
Tennessee (+4) @ New Orleans - Back to the Aints.

Our Hopes And Dreams Lie With Chris Capuano...


but uh yeah, I'm optimistic.

Where do the Brewers go from here.

Yesterday's blown save which lead to a very painful Brewers defeat did not end the Brewers chances to win the division but it was a pretty fatal blow below the water line.

I think at this point it is time to hope and pray to Odin that they can at least finish the season with a winning record.

I was lucky I could not watch the game yesterday(well not totally true I did see J.J.'s home run on a TV at a car dealership) I was following the game on my phone and I was standing in Macy's when I say that Hart had hit the go ahead home run. I was stunned when I pulled the game back up and say it was tied I was pretty crushed but at least I did not have to suffer through watching Coco give up a 2 out solo shot to a total mope.

As crushing as this defeat was it will not be the loss that cost us the division. As I have stated in other posts The Division was lost in July at places like PNC Park and RFK Stadium or August at AT&T.

So as usual we reach a point in the season where the Brewers are playing out the string. It came a hell of lot later this season but it still came. That is depressing. So we will watch today and next week to see if they can get to 82 wins(think how pathetic that sounds now after April and May)

I am so torn right now the Brewers baseball fan in me understands that this season can still be a stepping stone to greater things and this season will help turn this team of young players into a veteran juggernaut in a couple of years. I understand the future is still pretty damn bright for this team with Braun Fielder Hart Hardy Weeks and hopefully a Bill Hall that has better year next season. They have CV and Yo to build a rotation around. They will have money to spend next season either to get FA's(a very year for FA's) or to start locking up some of our young stars. So the future is bright and I already have high hope for the 2008 season.

But the Brewers Fan Boy in me is crushed right now this team should have won this weak ass division going away. They had enough talent on paper to win the Central but a lot of our "Vets" sucked ass this season. Leading that list would be Capuano and Wise they were both total failures this season. Craig Counsell was a terrible pick up and for most of the season Tony Graffanino was a wasted roster spot. Rickie Weeks was terrible at the plate for a large part of the season. Bill Hall never found his stroke this season. Our bullpen became a game of Russian roulette with 3 bullets in the gun. Some times you only hear a click but too many times the gun went off right in our head. Looking ahead other than a replacement for Mench and Jenkins in the outfield most of the improvement has to be on the pitching side of the team. Oh and we cannot forget our ACE is a china doll who once again did not make it through a full season without a trip to the DL and will miss his start today.

Then there is our fearless leader who even today is waving the white flag starting Capuano instead of Vargas hell what is one more loss on Capuano's streak of losses in games he pitches in right.

I really fear that Yost will still be running the team next season and I do not know if the team can over come his being charge.

Doug Melvin had an off year also, I still like the Suppan signing but Menchkins was a failed experiment and he got raped by San Diego on the Linebrink trade. Signing Counsell was a bad move also and then compounding it by playing games with Graffanino and being forced to sign him. Oh and how bad does the choice they made to send Braun to AAA at the start of the season look?

In the end this season was one of the best and one of the worst Brewers season I have had since I started following them. I really thought they were going to get the playoff monkey off their backs after their hot start. But in the end same old sorry ass Brewers sitting on the side lines watching other teams going to the playoffs.

The next couple of weeks are going to be tough for me I do not even know if I will watch the playoffs it is going to hurt to much this year.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Happy Fun Massive All Day Long Cubs Lose Brewers Win Badges Win Open Thread of Excellence and Mystical Powers

This will be a all day long cover everything and anything open thread.

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Hurray Beery

On Wisconsin

A final thought on last nights game

You could have pulled 5 web gems out of last nights both teams were flashing the leather last night.

Just an observation


Some Badgers Fans Put on double secret probation

I saw this in the Wisconsin State Journal(the other WSJ)

"Students who have previously been given the heave-ho from Camp Randall for drunkenness or other disorderly behavior will have to pass a Breathalyzer test administered through UW-Madison's Dean of Students Office before they're allowed in."

36 Students have already made the list and will have to submit to the Breathalyzer before they are allowed into the Stadium. Man sucks to be them this is a 7pm start time you know how drunk the kiddie in the student section will be? I mean with this late start if you light a match any where in Sections P or O(Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SUCKS O SUCKS O SUCKS sorry I sat in section P that reaction to section O is burned into my DNA)you will start an explosion as the alcohol fumes light up.

think of having all day to party before the game and not being able to go nuts because you know you have to take a blow test before you can get into the game damn. Well lucky for them a Breathalyzer doesn't test for Pot lol. Just show up stoned lol.

I mean there was a 2pm Ohio State game when I was in school that I pretty much had to crawl into the stadium. I was still hammered by the 5th quarter and remember they do not serve alcohol during Badgers games

I feel for these poor picked on upstanding members of the Wisconsin student body.

What has my University come to? ;)

What next a ticket to get on state street during Halloween?

Wait a minute ;)

On Wisconsin

There is a whole lot of doings going on today in Wisconsin Sports

Wow there is a lot of stuff happening today that matters to fans of Wisconsin sports.

The Cubs and Pirates kick off today down at the dump first pitch is 12:05pm CT and according to the Cubs site the game is on WGN TV so it is available to the general public if you have cable or sat or for that matter live in Chicago and get WGN over the air. Lets hope the Bucs can get a win today Duke vs. Hill

Than there is a shat load of college football first week of Big Ten on Big Ten Violence which means the Big Ten season really starts today. Check your local listings folks more games than you can shake a stick at.

The Brewers are one of the Fox National/Regional games So 2 nights in a row of the Brewers in beautiful HD. I watched most of last night on the ESPN feed man does FSN look like crap when you can compare it side by side with HD Those shiny Blue Brewers Batting Helmets look so nice in HD.

Gallardo vs. some mope name Smoltz must be a September call up ;) yeah right.

The broadcast starts at 2:30pm CT first pitch somewhere around 2:55pm CT

Brewers going for their 80th win of the season.

Then the night cap The Badgers vs. Iowa in the Big Ten Opener for both teams at Camp Randell Stadium under the lights(remember when they used to have to bring in light carts for night games I do I was at the Colorado game when the Buffaloes stampeded all over our beloved Badgers)

The Badgers play on ABC tonight and that broadcast will start at 7pm

Then just to make it more intresting today you have the other division races to keep an eye on. Every Division in the NL is still up for grabs and the fight for the AL East is going to be a dog fight.

What an outstanding day of sports on TV and where will Chris be? Not watching one moment of it live

I am going new car shopping with my wife and then out for dinner tonight(Grandma is picking the boys up from us at Gymnastics) So I will be trying to follow along on my Iphone.

What I am going to do is set up one massive super open thread for the Cubs/Brewers/Badgers and everything else that will stay on top till midnight everything else new will be above this and below it.

Lets all have a great Saturday see you all by the second half of the Badgers game if things break right.

Hurray Beery

Frak the Cubs

On Wisconsin

1.5 games back never looked so good.

What a difference in perspective a day makes Thursday being 1.5 games back was the end of the world, Saturday morning it doesn't look all that bad. Yes we would rather be in the Cubs position being up by 1.5 games but the Brewers have no one to blame but themselves.

Last nights come from behind win was huge(looking at you Fred lol) They kept the Cubs with in striking distance. Plus they evened up their record on this road trip to 2-2 with a chance to have a winning road trip a baby step for this team but an important one.

Plus the comeback was on ESPN so a national audience got to see the Crew show some heart and it could not hurt that Prince and Braun were heavily involved in the come back.

What can you say about CV he has been outstanding in the starter role. You can tell this is the element he was born to be in. He knuckled down and got out of games and only threw one bad pitch and did bounce off the CNN Building in downtown Atlanta when it finally landed but it was still the only run he gave up all night. The kid went blow for blow with Hudson and was still standing when he was lifted for a pinch hitter in the 7th.

I had said we got the pitching match ups we wanted earlier this week our best two pitchers Yo and CV against Atlanta's two best. What more can you ask for.

Give this team credit they have "heart' they knew what the stakes were they scuffled along for 7 plus inning but then found a crack in Hudson's armor and hammered on it till they had broken through. sometime 3 single can do as much good as a blessed 3 run homer.

The win moved the Crew to 79 wins so they need 2 wins to avoid a losing season but what they really need is 3 magical wins to end the streak of nonwinning season. That is a big deal I remember when the Pack was at this stage in its run when they finally made the playoffs how nice was it not to see them on list of teams who had not made the playoffs in 100 years. Getting the 3 wins and having a winnings season will be an important first step for this young club. Even if Odin forbid they do not catch the Cubs a winning season will mean something by the time the hurt fades say around the winter meetings.

Either way win the division or not this team with a couple of addition by subtraction and maybe a FA move or two can be even better next season.

But I am getting ahead of myself there is meaningful baseball to be played today Sept 22 2007.

Todays game info
Gallardo vs. Smoltz at Super Rich Megalomaniac field

Afternoon baseball First pitch at 2:55pm Ct

The game is on the Big Fox so tonights in a row the Crew on the National Game. Being a good team does not suck.

A win today give you a split at worse in the series and a winning road trip(once again baby steps) Plus will either allow them to keep pace or gain ground on the Cubs.

Right now to borrow a phrase from Al Davis

"Just Win Baby"

Hurray Beer

Well now we know where Ned learned his bull pen management

Last night as I watched Tim Hudson cruise through 7.2 innings I had pretty much started writing a "Well our first winning season will still be great" post as it looked like the Crew was about to go down 2.5 to the wind aided Cubs. With the history of this Brewers team when behind late and one of Atlanta's Aces on the mound(what a weird spot for an Ace to be on the mound)who would have thought the Crew had a come back in them.

As I watch Hudson slowly run out of gas in the 8th Counsell and Hardy hit him hard but for outs on nice plays then Braun and Fielder got singles you could tell Hudson was running on empty. But Bobbie Cox just sat their in the dugout determined to ride his Ace one out farther no matter how many batter it took to get it. The thought shot through my mind "hmmm so that is where Ned learned to do that" Hudson then gave up a broken bat hustle double to Cory Hart and the game was tied. 7.2 of great work wasted because Bobbie left his Ace in one out too long. I think after Fielder's hit Cox should have went to the pen. No guarantee that it would have changed the outcome but the pen could not have done worse than leaving Hudson in to face Hart.

I was actually happiest for CV when Braun scored since he was off the hook for the loss. He had pitched way to well to get stuck with a loss. Even the one mistake was hit 442 feet so that run did not come cheap.

Once again I will ask why was CV in the bull pen as long as he was. The kid just went out there and dueled Tim Hudson inning after inning. These young Brewers pitchers can really pitch and they appear to be able to handle the pressure.

The Kids are all right.

By the way

If I never see Laynce Nix between the white lines in a Brewers uniform again, it'll still be too soon. I loathe that guy as a player, and I kind of wish he'd have stayed in Texas. He reminds me of all those AAAA players the Brewers suffered through in the outfield during the late 90's-early 00's.

Tom Haudricourt gets pissy

By and large, I've enjoyed the Brewer Blog at the Journal Sentinel. I'm not as hard on Tom Haudricourt as some others are, and I'm impressed that they have comments over there. Haudricourt got a little too big for his britches tonight, though. In a post which I think it can be fairly said that he shoves his nose so far up Ned Yost's posterior that he could smell what Ned ate during the post game buffet, Haudricourt bashes the fans for bashing Yost. It's bad enough to bash the hell out of your readership, but then he goes after Mark Belling, who has expressed on his show the frustration that a lot of the fans have been feeling:

Somebody might want to pass along that baseball fact of life to Mark Belling, who apparently thinks us reporters don't ask Yost the tough questions. And gosh knows baseball experts like him are never wrong. Who am I to quibble with astute baseball minds such as his. I see him in the clubhouse all the time.


That was dumb even for an inexperienced blogger, let alone a professional sports reporter, and the fans eat Haudricourt for dinner in the comments. I'll admit that Yost does not have the type of bullpen right now that makes a manager's job easy, but even given that, some of his decisions are completely befuddling. Wednesday night was a prime example. The fans know that. And Haudricourt just gave a small boost to Belling's ratings by berating the fans and then the guy in the Milwaukee market who is expressing their frustrations.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Huge win

Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Win Tonight.


Big trouble in Hotlanta live thread

The Dog Ass Cubs have already crushed the Bucs, but we've got baseball in Atlanta. Your starting 9 against Braves' ace RHP Tim Hudson (16-8, 3.33 ERA, 1.21 WHIP):

2B Craig Counsell
SS JJ Hardy
3B Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
LF Geoff Jenkins
C Johnny Estrada
CF Bill Hall
RHP Carlos Vilanueva

Take your daughter to work day....

The other day was take your daughter to work day. The Cubs had a fun time, played a little scrimmage against their daughters.

Unfortunately they lost, 15-3.

In a one game play off who do you start?

If the season comes down to a one game play off in the dump playing the Cubs who is your starter.


Sheets if he is available



vote in the comments

My choice is Yo.


Oh yeah they tied the 82 team last night for home runs

Lost in the loss last night when Rickie Weeks hit his third home run in as many days he brought the team total up to 216 home runs for the 2007 season. That ties them with the 82 for most home runs in a season by a Brewers team.

With Ten game to go that record is going down.

Now who do you think will hit the dinger that breaks the record.

I am going to say Cory Hart he is due.

who do you think leave me a comment.

Bash Your Way To Glory

Would you trade Sheets next season if you could

E and Tracker and I have been talking about this in a comment thread it has been a good topic I am going to move the idea up to a post of its own on a Friday while we wait for the Cubs Bucs game start this afternoon.

My take is if(big if)you could find someone to take him it would be worth moving him to free up the 11 million in salary he would be getting next season. Tracker agrees with that idea but thinks you can get more for Ben than I do.

Surprise Surprise E disagrees with us ;) lol.

here is the original comment thread the discussion picks up towards the end.

Tell us what you think and yelling and shouting is encouraged. ;)


Call me a sadist.

But I am jacked up about seeing Gallardo battle Smoltz tomorrow.

Young rookie vs wiley veteran and all that stuff.

This should be an epic pitching matchup.

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Fantasy Football Help Desk.

Week 3 looms on the horizon.

Need some help with this week's selections? How about helpful hints from someone who actually saw a 216 yard performace coming from Jamal Lewis against a horrid Bungles run defense?

Having matchup issues?

Can T.O. keep scoring this week against a jacked up Bears defense? (yes)

Will this finally be the week where Ladell Betts finds the endzone? (also yes)

Starting Drew Brees? (find another option)

Line 'em up we'll knock it down for 'ya.


Can we do it three weekends in a row?

Can we see a Badgers win a Packers win and the Brewers winning on Saturday and Sunday(hopefully Friday also)once again.

The last two weekends have been pretty kick ass here in the Land of Cheese and Really High Taxes.

The Badgers play Iowa tomorrow night in the Big Ten Opener for both teams. Look for Wisconsin to try and silence some of their critics and get off to a 1-0 start in the Big Ten. This Iowa team has issues on and off the field I saw the other day that their coach had actually implemented a curfew and bed check policy. That is never a good sign when you have to start treating adults as 1st graders.

I really look for Wisconsin to get it together this weekend I think they understand that play time if over. I still say Wisconsin will win going away.

The Brewers well what can you say every game means so much now I am still optimistic that they can get this done but they made it harder last night. But they are chasing the Cubs and strange follows that team around who know what will befall our asshole neighbors to the south. But always remember that it is September 21st and the Brewers are playing meaningful baseball.(well not last night but you know what I mean)

Then there are the 2-0 Packers one of the surprises of the early NFL season they have a chance to really screw up the NFL playoff picture early in the season. If they and their young defense can find a way to pull out a win over the San Diego Chargers they will really open some eyes. I have stated I think the Pack has a chance.

I figure it will either be a Chargers blow out with LT running wild or the Pack wins in a low scoring grind it out game getting a special teams TD or Defensive TD to put them over the top. I think the Pack is going to become the Tar Baby of the NFC teams will start hitting them and then find they cannot scrape them off and the more you fight the more stuck you get.

We will find out how good that young defense really is this weekend.

So lots to cover and watch this weekend enjoy the nice weather stop by the bar here and offer up your opinion on the games and just enjoy a very good time in Wisconsin Sports.

Hurray Beer

On Wisconsin

Go Pack Go


That one is going to leave a mark

Another no name pitcher the Crew made look very good. Wow the Bats sure took the day off last night. Way too many strike outs also. Second game in a row where they all went up there in Chuckie Carr mode "Chuckie Takes His Hacks"

How many times did they get a runner to third and then were not able to push the run across.

What a shame they wasted a pretty good pitching performance by Suppan and the pen.

What is tough about this is you drop to a game and a half behind the Cubs with only 10 games left to play. The Brewers did not do themselves any favors last night

They do have CV and Yo going the next two nights so there is still hope of a 3-1 series but not if the bats stay dormant like last night.

If they lose these next two game the season will pretty much over I hope they understand that. I hope Ned understands that. Boy FSN was showing how popular Ned is in Atlanta fine I wish he would go back there he could sit at the right hand of Bobbie Cox and wait to replace him.

Tonights game info
Villanueva vs. Hudson at Very Rich Megalomaniac field

First pitch is on 6:05pm CT

TV is FSN and ESPN this is the ESPN Friday night game. The BRN for your listening pleasure.

You know what if you cannot win series against teams like the Braves then you are not ready to be in the playoffs. So lets see if the young Brewers are ready.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Holly Weber

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Holly Weber

Happy Friday

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