Friday, August 31, 2007

In Defense of Chris Capuano

I spent some time trying to find positives in Chris Capuano. Guess what? Can't do it.

It's not bad luck, bad run support, or anything else like that. He's been bad. Really, really bad. I have no idea why he has suddenly become a terrible pitcher. Earlier this year I thought he was injured. Now I just think he's nuts.

Heard of a van its loaded with weapons.

Remember this aint no party this aint no disco. lol.

I am out of here off to the 100 acre woods till Monday.

So please feel free to post this weekend if you can.

I am leaving with the Brewers back at 500 lets see where they are when I get home on Monday.

Lets hope the Badgers are 1-0 baby also

Hurray Beer

"Can they close on the Cubs against the last-place Pirates?" live thread

Coop and the 'Stros did us a favor earlier today by crushing Duh Flubs, 6-1. Now, it's up to Yo to deliver against Brewer-killer Tony Armas at beautiful Miller Park. We go in 2 games behind Duh Flubs for 1st, ahead a half-game of the Cards for 3rd, and ahead 7 of the Bucs for last.

Fucking Perfect: Parra DL'd

Iphone posting

I am running a test to see how much blogging I can do from this thing

If this had been an actual post there would be something worth reading here

We are about to enter a brave new world here at the WSB

Huzzah the Iphone


Come on Cooooooop: Astros-Cubs Day Ball

Sean Marshall against Wandy Rodriguez. Marshall has already walked the lead-off hitter Pence, so things are looking up!

Anyone want to take a crack at the Badgers game tomorrow

If anyone feels well read enough to do a Badgers preview or a prediction post for tomorrows game or the season feel free. I have just started coming out of all Brewers all the time mode so I am not prepared to do a decent post.

So if anyone wants to step up here is your chance for fame and glory lol ;)

On Wisconsin

Just so I understand.

Two guys each pitched 3 innings for the Brewers last night.

One gave up three runs, the other two.

The guy who gave up 2 runs is getting savaged, the one who gave up three no one is talking about.

I'm just sayin.

Online Gambling Question

Last year I used but as soon as republicans decided to yet again limit how I could use the hard earned dollars they so graciously let me keep each week, I withdrew all the money I had in there. My question, anyone doing any sports betting online, if so, where? I need my fix man. I can't bear those Thursday night games without something riding on em.

September Call-Ups

Lest we think the troop ships will arrive with a boatload of help from the minors tomorrow, I might point out that both Louisville and Huntsville are going to be in their respective league playoffs. In the past, the Brewers have been loathe to denude their playoff teams. Carlos Villanueva being on loan to Nashville, I think will be returned. That's about all I think we can expect until the very end.

On Bill Hall's struggles

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a hitting coach and I don't pretend to be. If anyone would like to critique my thinking process on this, I'd love to hear it.

Okay, on with the post. Two things have really struck me during Bill Hall's current slump. The first thing is the number of balls he is fouling straight back. The old cliche that players yell out to guy when he fouls a pitch straight back is "you're right on him." That's not quite correct, though. When you foul a pitch straight back, you usually have a slight timing problem. You might not be getting the bat head around quickly enough, which leaves bat slightly out of position. When that happens, though, you usually inadvertently become a better opposite field hitter because the dragging of the bat head lets outside pitches get back on you further. Hall isn't. In fact, that's the second thing that struck me. He's trying to pull everything, even pitches that are an inch or two off the outside corner. So given all that, I think Hall's problem is more mental than mechanical. He is so anxious to hit the ball hard that he's trying to pull everything and that's getting him a touch ahead of the pitch. In other words, he's just a little too anxious out there, and that's leading him to roll over his wrists just a bit too soon, which could also account for the number of pitches he is fouling straight back. It would also leave him more vulnerable to the change up and curve, something he also seems to have been lately.

If I'm right on this, then Hall should be working on taking outside pitches to right during BP. It could be just enough to snap his muscle memory back into place on waiting back on pitches and possibly iron out his slight timing issues.

This Day Just Gets Better: Jeffress Suspended 50 Days


Former Brewers first-round Draft pick Jeremy Jeffress was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball on Thursday after testing positive for "a drug of abuse."

Jeffress, a right-hander from rural Virginia whose fastball consistently tops 100 mph, went 9-5 with a 3.13 ERA this season for Class A West Virginia and is considered one of the best pitching prospects in Milwaukee's organization. The team drafted him with the 16th overall pick in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft and gave him a $1.55 million signing bonus.

Including Thursday's game against Lexington, West Virginia has only five games remaining on its regular-season schedule, so much of Jeffress' suspension will be served in 2008. He'll turn 20 years old next month.

In a statement, Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said, "The Milwaukee Brewers support Major League Baseball's drug program and its decision to suspend Jeremy Jeffress. The organization takes these matters very seriously and we are in the process of formulating a plan in hopes that Jeremy can redeem himelf. Jeremy will be provided every opportunity to get his career back on track through the Brewers' Employee Assistance Program."

This fucking blows. Jeffress was probably the best pitching prospect left in the organization. and he'll lose practically an entire year of progress. Wow. Clearly, I blame Chris Capuano. It sounds like it was not a steroid, and based on being from rural Virgina and playing in West Virginia, my stereotypical, completely unfounded guess is oxycontin. Meth is a little too hard core to still be able to pitch, plus, everyone can see a tweaker a mile away.

3-6 road trip 26-42 on the road this season

Well that just will not get it done.

They cannot win on the road

They collapse in the second half for the 3rd season in a row.

They most likely will not have a winning record

So if none of this is the fault of Ned Yost whose is it

I am serious something needs to be done they better throw Yost over the side at the end of the season

All the Milwaukee Main Stream Sports talking heads be damned.

Come on Yost apologist tell me what in Neds record makes you think he can turn this team around NEXT FUCKING YEAR. The fact I have to use that phrase after the start they had this year is reason enough to fire Yost.

I am so sick of losing every fucking year.



The question has to be asked how much longer can the Brewers keep Chris Capuano on the team? I am all for DFAing him this morning I am sorry no one in their right mind is going to trade for a shleprock like Capuano right now. But why do the Brewers have to keep trotting him out? Why does he get second chance after second chance. Other than the 5 game stretch at the start of the season he has been sucking ass for a year and a half every since the Pittsburgh All-Star Game. Grant Balfour didnt get 17 chances and he shouldnt have but why does Cappy get so many?

I have to be honest I had tried to temper my enthusiasms after the win on Wednesday and that was the right move. This team and its head up its ass manager is going nowhere.

It is a shame because they have fans we had a great open thread last night over 200 comments it was a hoot at the end of the game even as going South.

Well the Crew is back under 500 and back to being 2.5 games behind the Cubs. It is a shame because I believe in my heart of hearts the Crew is the better team but that is why you play the games right.

I will be getting a reprieve from terrible Brewers Baseball starting tomorrow I am going "Up Nort" to my deer camp with my sons to goof off the last weekend before they go back to school so I am going to be Brewers free all weekend. I am looking forward to it. Beer and Guns it don't get any better ;) This will be my youngest's first trip to the Woods he is very stoked. But I digress.

So now we get to start watching the Crew play out the string the last month of the Ned Yost era if we are lucky.

Here is tonights game info.
Gallardo vs. Armas at our stadium of shame aka Miller Park.

First pitch of this waste of time is 7:05pm Ct

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620 if you dare.

Fuck it win lose does it really matter save me your "They are still in it" speeches this team does not deserve to be in the playoffs hell two years in a row this division is going to won with less than 90 wins and the Crew can not get it done.

What ever I am moving on to football.

Can we Fire Ned Now???

Bases loaded two outs top of the ninth down by one - who does Ned send to the plate against


Who against RH pitching is batting a whopping .211 this year, .182 since the All Star Break, and .143 in the month of August.

Who else was available

Geoff Jenkins

Against RH pitching is batting .264 for the year, .257 since the AS break and .246 for the month.

Estrada - .263, .241, and .283 (against RHP)

Nope - good old Ned leaves Mench in there

What fucking good is a platoon of Menchkins if you don't use Jenkins???

Mench wasn't the hot bat. There was no reason to leave him in there.

And then with the closer unable to throw strikes what the fuck does Mench do - swing at the first fucking pitch - to ground out to short.

So for all of those commenters out there that don't think Ned deserves to be fired - last night was a game in which the Manager is responsible for the loss.

I am leaving for the North Woods in a couple of hours. I may be able to pick up the games on the AM dial - but at least I won't have to watch any this weekend.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Jessica White

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Jessica White.

"And in the middle of a Charleston night
We ran into Jessca White
And a little moonshine got us bright plum smacked insane"
from the Big and Rich Song "Coming to your city"

Oh and WSB's where we go
When we’re up in Wisconsin
Don’t you know those Yankees drink enough to drown ;)

Happy Friday Boys,

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Capuano:2007 as Turnbow:2006

Wow, yet another year where one pitcher seemingly ends a season singlehandedly. Overreaction? You betcha.

Odin is on our side open thread

Open Thread for game 3 of the Cubs Vs. Brewers series.

Trojan game as both teams have won one game.

Can Manny Parra pull the Crew with half a game of the Cubs.


Cardinals Suck: Day Ball Open Thread

Joel Pinerro NEEDS to get as rocked at LaRussa gets before he drives.

Fantasy Drafts

I'm participating in three fantasy leagues this year (so far).

Two of them have already had their drafts. My league is drafting this Saturday morning.

Why on earth would someone set a fantasy draft BEFORE the pre-season is over??? Someone please help me with this. Injuries happen and preseason games are our best opportunity to see what this year's rooks have to offer.

By the way, if you all have time make sure you ask Steve Egg how he did in my league last year...

I'll be putting a weekly Fantasy Football thread up here in The Wisconsin Sports Bar where you can submit your matchup questions for review.

Good luck this season!

If you are up against me, you'll need it.


Ned Gets No Credit for Yesterday's Win

If we can never blame Ned when they lose fine he gets no credit when they win.

I cannot believe the full court effort yesterday by almost everyone in Milwaukee Sports Radio to prop Ned Yost up. It was across the board on WTMJ on ESPN1510 multiple shows multiple hosts. I loved being called an idiot by all these giants of sports.

I wonder who gives them all their marching orders you would think at least one of them would be a Yost hater. Just show you do not have too know much to be a sports talk radio guy lol

They are not geniuses they are just mopes who talk about sports on the radio.


Another Best Month Ever

I would like to once again take a moment to thank all of our Posters and our Readers for making August 2007 the best month in the history of the WSB. We broke the 7000 hits in a single month barrier with two full days left till the end of the month.

We also hit a record for comments in a single month(yes I keep track of all of these kind of stats lol.) we broke over 1700 comments this month now our getting the open thread habit has helped there been a lot of knew faces sitting on the bar stools here at the WSB.

So once again I will say THANK YOU this is a lot more fun when you know people are actually reading what we write.

Hurray having our best month ever


College Football Kicks off TONIGHT

Even I do not have enough TV's to fully dive into the Cornucopia of sports that will be available tonight.

LSU vs. Miss State tonight 7pm CT on the 4 letter network in HD

The first of many hours of college football you will be watching this fall and winter.


The last PreSeason Game.

Like eating your Brussels Sprouts before you can have dessert, you have to suffer through one more make believe game before you get the juicy goodness that is the regular season.

The Packers will head down to the city of terrible traffic aka Nashville(trust me traffic wise Nashville is the LA of the Midwest lol)for the last practice game.

What can you say besides


I am sure we will have our last large dose of Aaron Rodgers for the year unless Brett gets hurt.(no reflection on Rodgers I think he has come a long way) The only real question mark is who is going to step up at running back. With Brandon Jackson still shaking off a "slight" concussion we will get to see who wants to play.

The kick off is at 7pm Ct on your local Preseason TV station(yes same time as the Crew vs. the Cubs fire up the DVR's or TiVo's or if you are really old school your VCR but get it done)

Then go out and make a sacrifice to Odin asking him that NO ONE GETS HURT

Can you believe that September is almost here damn where did th summer go? Drunken Drowning your Brewers Blues Blur I guess. ;)

Go Pack Go

Time to play the "What if game"

Well the China Doll comes back and beats Big Zero(how is the $90 million dollar signing looking now Cubs fans) The Brewers drag themselves back to 500 and 16 wins away from a winning season which is the true goal this season.

They also pull themselves with in 1.5 games of the first place Cubs but it will take a lot more than one win before I start worrying about winning the division.

Sheets win makes you wonder what if he had managed to say healthy and they could have used Yo to replace Capuano what would the Brewers record be?

The amazing thing is they have scored all their runs in this series without their main weapon the home run. What is even more amazing is they held a 5 run lead.

There are things to make you look towards September with a glimmer of hope Rickie Weeks has finally heated up Cory Hart seems to have found his stroke and Ryan Braun seems to be shaking off his first MLB slump at the plate. He got a huge 2 run double off of Big Zero to help get some insurance runs last night. You even have to tip your hat to Gabe Gross(not one of my favorite player as you know) but he has kept producing since return from Nashville. Another thing to pick up your spirits is the September Call Ups are almost here there will be a flood of fresh bodies coming into the club house and this tired team could use them.

So it was a nice win but I am not going to crawl off the ledge yet. This team has not shown ability put a couple of games like last night together lately.

It really is sad/not ha ha funny that this Brewers team is even still in the division hunt as bad as they have been playing since the All-Star Break. But they are so lets not slit our wrists yet. Hell they can still win this series with the Cubs if Manny Parra can get it done tonight.

Tonights game info
Parra vs. Lilly at the Dump on the North Side

First pitch will be at 7:05pm Ct

TV: FSN | Radio: WSSP 1250 AM take note their is a Packer game tonight so the Brewers will be on the secondary channel(not quite the outrage it seemed like a week or two ago)

Lets see if they can get over 500 again. Enjoy the fact they are back in 2nd place at least for one day.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long Strange Trip

Something about tonight’s game reminds me of the way it all begins.
April 2, 2007 - Sheets (W, 1-0) Complete Game, ERA = 1.00
Anything was possible but who expected this rollercoaster ride.
Ante up – ACE high to open.

One door closes another one opens

As you have probably noticed Fred from Real Debate Wisconsin has joined us as poster.

I see he and E have already met and are fighting so Fred will fit in quite nicely here


Welcome aboard Fred.


"Your Surprise Playoff Football Team of the Year"

From Football Outsiders:
Green Bay is one of our breakout picks this year, and that’s even despite a league-best third down defense that’s likely to decline this season. First-round pick Justin Harrell has the best pedigree a first-round pick not named Johnathan Sullivan can have: SEC defensive tackle. The offensive line is melding, Donald Driver is fully healthy and Ruvell Martin has looked good enough in camp to push Greg Jennings. Don’t worry about the unsettled running back spot. If there’s a hole, the Packers will be able to find a back who can push through it. Your surprise playoff team of the year.

This is the Pack except when discussing the Vegas set over/unders. The Packers are currently set at 7.5. Take the over folks, take the over.


I will continue to drink the Brewer Kool-Aid Jib.

The Brewers are within a couple of games of first late in August.

If we had been presented with such a scenario at the beginning of the year, we all would have been thrilled.

We are getting Sheets back and we have a month to go. We can support our team or throw in the towel.

I choose to support my team.

Saturday night I will be attending my 5th game this year. That is 5 more than I saw last year. They have won the previous 4, and I fully expect them to win on saturday. Hopefully that will turn out a bit better than my prediction yesterday.


This is too good to leave trapped in the comments

Tracker left this comment which is long enough to be a post and it is very very funny. Santo is a train wreck in the radio booth but I think Tracker has nailed the whole Ronnie Santo experience with this comment.

So I do not do this very often but this needs to be elevated to a post I think it is that funny. I hope Tracker doesn't mind me doing this.

"I was driving well out of Bob and Jim range last night so I had the pleasure, for six innings anyway, of tuning into the WGN broadcast. Hughes is much as he was here — straight call, not terribly insightful but gets it, tends to wander into minutiae, like the 30 seconds he spent on uniform descriptions last night.

Santo, however, is an absolute beauty. He’s your kindly old uncle at the nursing home, and it’s your job to take him to the ball park once a month. He has three beers in the lot, sneaks another in in his pocket and once inside gets lost on a trip to the men’s room. Once he finds his seat, he misses every play of consequence, either because he’s brushing peanut shells off his shirt, flagging down the hot dog man or winking at the dolly across the aisle, and you gotta tell him what happened. He keeps a scorebook, but he spends more time erasing the mistakes than writing in plays. He brings one bit of research along, clearly designed to impress, but he can’t get it out exactly right. (Last night it was “the Brewers have given up leads of five runs... eight... or six runs... eight or nine... or pretty many... times this year.” He half succeeds in making his a point, but he’s your kindly uncle so you give him a pass.

But most of the time he should’ve spent researching before the game was probably spent taking a nap. His suprise was apparent last night when Hardy led off the 3rd batting in the 8 spot, and it was obvious by his tone that he was first aware Hardy would bat 8th at the moment he showed up at the plate. So flummoxed by the batting order, he spent the rest of the night calling Hart Hardy and Hardy Hart, prefacing Hart’s two-run single by saying “Lookout here... he’s got 23 home runs!” (Hardy does; Hart, the batter, has 1. Hardy, meanwhile, made more plays in right field than he ever has in his life.

But more than anything, Unky Ron bleeds home team blue. That was most apparent during the first six innings that were punctuated by frequent utterances of “aww, jeez...” and “oh man...” and more D’ohs than Homer Simpson, along with numerous heavy sighs. He is much as Butkus used to be to a Bears radio broadcast.

Of course, this all got less charming in the 7th, when he cheered at the notion that Yost would pull Suppan (“Good! We can’t hit that junk,” he said), the sighs turned into “YASSIR!!” and “All right all right all right!” and I couldn’t take any more, and I was close enough to home to let Jim and Bob put the final nails in it for me.

So if yall need some cheering up tonight, briefly tune into 720, only while the Brewers are tacking runs onto a lead (yeah, right), and take your old Unky Ron to the ballgame.

Thanks Tracker that was great. You sure you don't want to try this side of the bar we have an opening if you didn't hear ;)


Let me be the first Wisconsin and Milwaukee sports fan to welcome Yi here

No matter what you say today, we know you do not want to be here.


Todays Game Info Big Zero vs. the China Doll

Ben Sheets aka the china doll vs. Carlos Zambrano aka Big Zero down at the dump on the North side.

First pitch is tonight at 7:05pm CT

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620(it is amazing this series isn't being shown in HD isn't it?)

Tune in tonight to see which breaks first the China Dolls body or Big Zeros mind.

You know what will happen if Sheets stays healthy and pitches well he will lose 1-0 or 2-1 because that is what happens to him.

Oh yeah I am going all negative all the time until the Brewers earn some praise.

What time is the Badger Game Kick Off on Saturday lol


Well I guess they chose stepping off

I have to be honest I watched the whole game last night with a sense of impending doom from the first pitch.

I hate feeling that way about a team I like but right now the Brewers are one of the worst teams in baseball only their super hot and apparently fluky start has saved them from their usual role of being 15 games out and mired in a fight to stay out of last place in the Central.

So I watched waiting for each Suppan pitch to be sent screaming out into the dark Chicago night since the wind was blowing out. And guess what it didn't happen Suppan pitched very well last night, by the time they had gotten to the 7th inning I started to feel like "well it looks like at worst they will not get swept on this series" Then when Ned let Suppan bat for himself I was ok with that Suppan has been rolling his pitch count was low and he had been getting the ground ball outs you need on a wind blowing out night in the dump. Then he gives up a single in the bottom of the 7th and Ned yanks him and brings in Ricky Bottalico AKA Scott Linebrink.

Why let him hit if you are going to have such a short hook he had been getting the double play all night and why not let him pitch to the next batter. To answer someones question in the Comments we semi joke about only using DAVE BUSH for 6 innings or a 100 pitches which ever comes first because he has a track history of blowing games in the 7th this season. Suppan has been pitching well of late they keep bringing up he has not "won" a game since June but he also has 4 blown saves behind him. Suppan did his job last night it was Ned and the Bats who didnt.

Why Linebrink he has been awful lately 6 runs in his last 4 innings of work he had one scoreless inning at Arizona but other than that he has been terrible. Only Bright spot in that inning was Seth McClung striking out Aramis Ramirez to get the last out. Ned keeps trotting Linebrink out and we keep losing on this road trip.

The bats need a little scolding too I am sorry how many guys struck out last night on a pitch that was up by their eye balls. Sad also the might home run hitting Brewers never came close to jacking one out on a night that the wind was blowing out. Really Sad. I am a big Bill Hall fan but to be frank he has sucked ass at the plate almost all season he has become a decent center fielder but they really needed his bat and he didn't bring it this season.

I am in total fan boy depression here I think they have no chance of finishing the season with a winning record the way they are playing. It is kind of liberating in a way once you stop believing and having hope it stops hurting as bad. Oh I will still watch the games every night but I will not get all pissed off when they gag up a 3-5 run lead because well I expect it to happen by this point in the season.

Soon we will hear the team and those around the saying they just need that one big winning streak that they have not had since the All-Star Break well what if it never comes that is all we heard last season how they would have that winning streak and turn the season around. It never came and as we ride a 5 game losing streak we have to ask what makes you think they will go on a tear now? This team has been losing to the "bad" teams lately so who are you going to beat up for this winning streak.

It really was fun while it lasted

The End of the Mike Maddux Era Too??

With the Brewer's collapsing faster than any of us can truly believe and this site posters enjoying the Vegas Odds, I ask you this -

Will Mike Maddux have a job at the end of the season??

While Mike has pulled some miracles out of his ass the last couple of years - does he have anything left to pull out??

While the mishandling of the staff is certainly an issue that Ned will have to answer in his job interviews for next season - does Mike Maddux deserve to hit the unemployment line with Ned in 28 days??


Wow a lot can happen after you go to sleep

When I dragged my depressed ass to bed last night Yi was not a Buck Ched Head was still writing here and speaking to us, and the Brewers were still breaking my heart along with many of yours.

Well as you know two of those things have changed, as Steve posted Yi has gotten his orders from the Central Committee and will be doing his time in Milwaukee playing for the Bucks. I guess Herbie and Larry got their man. I don't really care about the Bucks but you have to give them credit for sticking to their guns.

Ched has left us for greener pastures I wish him luck in all his future blogging endeavors I think this was all a misunderstanding but I have always said blogging is a hobby not a job if you are not having fun you should not do it. Lets just hope Ched doesn't become Peter Best to our Beetles lol ;)

But somethings remain the same we are at the end of the baseball season and the Brewers are not in first place are not above 500 and are breaking their fans hearts somethings never change.

I need to go to be later. lol

Yi signs

Guess Herb Kohl can get something done when he puts his mind to it. Unlike the political realm, it's a positive. The news was too late to make the dead-tree version of the papers, but after a trip by Kohl to Hong Kong, Yi Jianlian has inked a multi-year deal to play for the Bucks. No monetary or length-of-contract details are available, but if memory serves, it's pretty much a set wage for the first 3 years in the NBA based solely on draft position.

Last call!

Last call! You can either be a fucking pussy and latch onto another team to chear for or you can latch on to your Brewers for better or for worse right now. Have they sucked it up recently? Yes, they have. Do they deserve your patronage? Probably not. But anyone who who wants to come back here after dunking us isn't welcome in my book. Kiss our asses, Ched. I hope they suck up to your ego better than we did.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I wanted to do this during a more celebrative time but I just left a comment that was the tell of all-time.
I won't be posting on this site any longer.

During the last year I have been approached (through e-mail) by two national blogs to post on their sites. I had turned down the first over loyalty to the Wisconsin Sportsbar, who had given me my start. The second invitation came after the manager of this site accused me of being an old grump only posting to incite argument. I guess they felt I wasn't so negative as he.
I have not given my answer to the other site and may discontinue this pursuit altogether.

I appreciate Chris letting me vent here for over a year, I appreciate the back and forth with E and I appreciate the readership most of all. Thank You to all that come to this site and stumble onto my rantings. I can at least say my posts did garner comment.

Chris, please deactivate my account, E enjoy life in a foreign land, Paul keep digging up those Billy Beane Ball stats that support your arguments and Steve keep me abreast of the latest of what has become a soap opera in NASCAR.

I wish y'all the best and hope your readership continues to grow. Later

Your 3rd Place Milwaukee Brewers

That is all I am going to say about them tonight.

Other than it was fun while it lasted. Hell we almost made it to September with a winning record.


It was fun while it lasted

Let's face facts. The 2007 Brewers were a fucking tease. Of the offense, the pitching staff (including bullpen), and defense, none were as good as we believed them to be. Since June 23rd (per a FSN graphic), this is the WORST team in the NL Central. Only one question remains: Is this indicative of the talent, the manager, or both?


With the latest Brewer loss, they're no longer in control of their own destiny and are now under .500. Seeing they're now in third and only 7 1/2 games in front of last-place Houston, it's time to ask the painful question:

What is more likely?
  • The Brewers somehow take the division

  • The Brewers complete the collapse and finish dead last
For the record, I'm taking "dead last", and no Yost in-season firing.

Slightly-late Brewers-Cubs live thread

I'm just a wee bit late with this (eh; it's Tuesday), but the Brewers are trying to remain in control of their own destiny at Miller Park South.

'Tis good so far as the Good Guys are up 3-0 in the bottom of the 5th.

He's back

Tom Haudricourt reports that Sheets will be on the mound tomorrow. Now, if he could just pitch in relief, hit, manage, and bring world peace...

Its actually kind of funny, but not ha ha funny

The Brewers start a series that could destroy their season but really cannot save their season.

They play three games down at the Dump on the North Side of Chicago. If they lost 2 out of three or Odin forbid get swept they will most likely call it a season since they will be in full free fall and 4-5 games behind the Cubs and will probably be in third place behind the Cards if they follow this path.

But what is not ha ha funny even if the Crew goes down and play well they have to sweep the Cubs to get back in first place. Winning two games only drags you to within a half a game of first place. But even if they sweep there is no guarantee it will translate to a division title. Hell the Crew still has games in Pittsburgh and their house of horrors that is PNC Park.

I will be honest I do not have much faith in the Crew right now. I would not be surprised if they get swept hell the Brewers still have not announced their pitchers for the second two games. And our 40 million dollar flop is taking the mound in game one. Anyone feeling good about this series.

I will stop now and just give you the game info the time for talking is over the Crew has to sink or swim right here right now.

Tonights game info
Suppan vs. Hill down at the dump.

First Pitch is at 7:05pm

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

This could be their finest hour or the worst of times.

The Step Up or Step Off Series starts tonight.


Fantasy Football Draft Results (Keeper League)

Well, I had my first (and most expensive) draft last night. It was a keeper league so it won't help others a ton, but a few observations. Vince Young is going to be a fantasy stud this season. Most people agree on this, yet he keeps falling in drafts. I kept Westbrook (2nd rounder) and Maurice Jones-Drew (15th rounder) so I was set on backs. Most people kept backs as well (some ridiculous ones, like giving up 1st round picks to keep Johnson and Alexander) so there wasn't much there and I picked 8th. I was seriously contemplating just going with the guy I knew I wanted since I didn't have a 2nd round pick. Well, looking over rosters I figured I could wait a bit and get Young in the 3rd. So I took Chad Johnson in the 1st, no pick in the second, then a mini-QB run started...but no one took Young. At that point I knew I could wait and I ended up grabbing him in the 5th. A steal, considering I had him as the 2nd best QB in our scoring system. Anyway, here is the team:

QB - Vince Young
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew
RB - Brian Westbrook
WR - Chad Johnson
WR - Anquan Boldin
TE - Jeremy Shockey (not thrilled, but he fit better than Cooley in my bye weeks)
WR/TE - Hines Ward
K - S. Gostkowski
DEF - Green Bay (they are going to be a great FF D this year)

Norwood, Maurice Morris, Roethlisburger, Welker, Muhammed, Buckhalter, Wilford, Randle El

Buckhalter was a handcuff to Westbrook I took in the end, and Norwood is going to be a dope keeper next year, hopefully.

Monday, August 27, 2007

NFL.TV? NFL to Stream Games

For me, this matters not, as I spend roughly 12-12 on Sundays at the Sports Depot in Brighton getting lit and brawling with obnoxious Eagles and Patriots fans. However, this could be pretty cool (eventually...)
If you're a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan living in Boston, there's no better way to catch Peyton Manning gesticulating wildly before each snap of the ball than with DIRECTV's NFL Sunday Ticket. Some subscribers to DIRECTV's popular package will get an additional bonus this year, as the NFL and DIRECTV have announced that those signing up for the satellite TV provider's SuperFan package will be able to watch the games streamed live to their PC. This is the first time the NFL has experimented with streaming live football games in the US, and it could be a prelude to expanded offerings similar to those offered by Major League Baseball.

This season, the NFL and DIRECTV will be streaming every game in the Sunday Ticket package, along with the stats-heavy Red Zone Channel. There are a couple of caveats, of course. SuperFan costs $99 on top of the $269 price tag for Sunday Ticket. And if you're a Mac or Linux user, take note: streaming requires Windows XP or Vista along with Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

The platform requirements and the $368 price tag provide a steep barrier to entry for the NFL's streaming package, but that may be exactly what the NFL wants. The NFL has taken a very protective approach to online video, more so than just about any other sports league. That's why you'll be hard pressed to find any recent game footage online anywhere other than

Given its history, the NFL's decision to allow streaming via DIRECTV's SuperFan package is noteworthy. Although the league partnered with Yahoo last year to stream games to fans outside of North America for $24.99 per week, this is the league's first offering within US borders. With the high price tag, there likely won't be a whole host of subscribers. That, in turn, will allow the NFL to treat the 2007 season as in experiment in streaming. If the league becomes convinced that it can allow streaming without relaxing its iron grip on its content, it may expand beyond DIRECTV.

That last paragraph is the important one folks. If the NFL goes to a MLB.TV style format, I will certainly pay a couple hundred for it, just so I can have the Packer game dedicated on my laptop while I bask in the glory that is NFL Sunday drunken Funday.

Chicks Dig the Long Ball

A very funny and older Nike Commercial featuring a much younger and thinner Greg Maddox and a much younger Tom Glavine.

Shame they didnt know Big Macs secret for getting bigger lol


Joey Harrington

Starting Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Ummmm - Ok

I'm much more of a QB today than with the Lions

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!

Want to get really depressed look at this list

FA list for next season over at Cots Baseball.(ht to TheJay over at BCB)

What an fing wasteland even if the Crew has money to spend who do you spend it on?

Speaking of BCB TheJay has a nice post on what the Crew could look like next season if they do not do something radical.

The sad part is they Crew could have a 11- 15 million free and nothing worth spending it on.

Oh what a wicked web Free Agency has weaved next season.

Not enough Vodka in the former Soviet Union to make that FA list appealing.


Who Needs Badgers Tickets for Saturday?

One of our regular customers in the comments TD has 4 tickets to this Saturdays First Badger Football game of the season. I am moving this up out of the comments and giving its own post.

I have 4 tickets for the game on Saturday that I don't know if I am going to be able to use.

I tore my knee up playing softball and am on crutches. I don't know how I am going to get to the stadium or up to my seats.

They are my season tickets, section DD, right next to a camera well below the press box. If anyone is interested in them, let me know.

You can e-mail me with a reasonable offer ($39.00/seat Face value) at ... we'll work out getting the tickets to you by Saturday.

So if you want to catch the Badger Game this Saturday drop TD aka Dave an email and take those tickets off his hands.

Come on now who needs tickets.


Free Agent Discussion

The comments have been buzzing with "what to do in 08" talk. Here is a list of available players after this season.

Who do you like?

Personally, the following are option I would consider right now:

2B Marcus Giles (if the club can package Weeks for a pitcher)
SP Jason Jennings (should come cheap after a terrible year in Houston)
SP Joe Kennedy (back of the rotation guy with some experience, still youngish)
SP Carlos Silva (he will actually be expensive...yeah, this FA class blows)
SP Steve Trachsel (imagine how great it will be to listen to Uecker during Trach's 5 hour starts)
RP Mike Timlin (he has had health issues so he should come at a discount, and pitching in the NL Central will look like little leaguers compared to the AL East)
RP Kerry Wood (so he can be great and piss off Cub fans)

Honestly other than that (actually, I'd take any of the relievers to be honest, except for Tavares) there is not much to be had. If the Brewers want to get better, they will have to do so through trades. Moving Will Inman is starting to look really, really stupid, even if he wasn't going to be ready at the start of 08.

Phil Garner's on the market

In Central Division news, the Stro's gave Garner and GM Tim Purpura their walking papers today. The last Brewer manager to have a winning season is now out of a job, and former Brewer Cecil Cooper is the new interim manager of the Astros.

Houston Tries to Solve A Problem?

Phil Garner and Tim Purpura have been fired. Cecil Cooper will be finishing out the year for the 'Stros.

How do you eat your Hot Dogs

Since we have an off day and it is once again raining in Southern Wisconsin I thought I would try to lighten up the mood.

The hot dog is the most perfect baseball food in my opinion something about being at the park makes them taste better even at $4 a pop.

In your mind what are the perfect topping on a hot dog? There are no right answers here everyone has different tastes. Secondary question where have you had your best stadium hot dog?

I am pretty simple Ketchup Mustard and relish Kraut if there is any made up. If at Miller Park Stadium sauce in place of ketchup. I have East Coast friends who think putting Ketchup on your dog is worthy of being punched in the head.

My favorite dog was at the old Grey Lady the first time I experienced having a dog dipped in the Red Sauce. I have been hooked for over 30 years.

So how do you eat your dog;)


What if they keep Yost

They were making the case why the Brewers may keep Ned Yost after this season if they finish 500 or better on ESPN 1510am today on the D-list.

The thought process was a 500 or better finish would be a 7 plus game improvement over last season with pretty much the same team.

You all know how I feel about Yost if they do not win the division and Yost is kept on board I will have "issues" with the Brewers maybe even to the point of not moving forward with my season ticket plans.

where would you be at if the Brewers bring Ned back?


No Big Ten Network a simple answer

Get DirecTV you never have to worry about getting sports channels I had the NFL Network and NFL HD channel all last season

I will have the Big Ten network from day one. Yes I do not get CBS in HD but that is cBS 58's fault not DTV.

Yes DirecTV is far from perfect but I still think they are the best option for sports fans.

Funny thing is I will be in the woods this weekend so I will not get to see the Badger game live(I will bring the radio to the camp so I can listen to Matt say "Touchdown Wisconsin"

On Wisconsin

Braun has a beautiful home run stroke.

I just watched the video on Ryan Braun's 3 run homer man talk about a classic home run stroke, that was a thing of beauty.

The fact they have him and Prince to build around is why I still have hope for next season.

Shame he cannot pitch.


A new Badgers Blog well sort of

Friend of the WSB Dave Heller has closed down his MJS Blog UW and the Big Ten and moved into a new MJS Badgers Group Blog called

Badgers Blog I guess he figured out what we all know already your not a really cool blogger until you are a group blogger. ;)

With the Badgers kicking off their season this Saturday this could be a good tool to help you keep up with Bucky.


A monday morning pick me up for my blue Brewers fans

A special Monday Morning Sweet Dreams for you all a repost of one of our favorite Friday Sweet Dreams girls Adriana Lima

If she cannot take our mind off the Brewers woes it is time for you to start drinking heavily.

Who loves ya baby ;)

Happy Monday Boys,

Good News

Looks like the books like The Badgers.

Opening line at 14.5 over the dog-ass Washington State Cougars.

BTW....the Crew has me in a total Chris says....Hurray Beer!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A thought I had up on the ladder today

Trade Ben Sheets during the off season I love him he is great but a what good is a Ace who has not pitched a full season in the last 3 season to a team that wants to win now.

Then make a run at Johann Santana who I believe is a free agent next season and has made noise that he is tired of playing for the Twinkies.

Discuss amongst yourselves I am going to go read a great Christopher Hitchens book I got last week from Amazon.(Paul you would love it)


Well they left their season in San Francisco

Alternative title: Ned What is the Rule with Dave Bush? 6 innings or 100 pitches what ever comes FIRST!

I have to be honest I felt like they were back on the right track when they too that series in the Desert. But once again they tanked against a "bad" team though it is hard to call a team that has swept the crew twice a "bad" team.

I am torn here part of me wants to play hysterical fan boy here as I step on and over woman and children to get to a life boat all the while putting on my dress. And the numbers would support my feeling that way they have lost 4 in a row and just got swept and are about to return to the dump where their troubles started. Anyone remember the Crews place in the sun the moment before Aramis Ramirez hit that 2 out 3 run home run to win the game. They were 8 games up on the Cubs and 14 games over 500 the world was our fucking oyster. They seemed set to go 9 games up and 15 games over 500 when that ball landed in the bleachers. Things have not gone to well since that pitch. The Crew could finish this series 4.5 games out of first and in 3rd place by Friday Morning.

But there is another part of me who is clinging to the hope that even though we are sinking there is still time to turn it around 32 games are a lot of baseball when you are only a game and a half out of first place. One long hot streak could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

But then I remember this is the Brewers managed by Ned Yost and I start looking for the sign to the life boats.

my honest opinion is they are about to implode and may finish as low as 4th in the division and we will once again be a punch line for ESPN and Cubs fans jokes and we have no one but our self to blame for it. The starts were lined up for us all they had to do was reach out and grab the fucking brass ring and while their fingers brushed it they never quite got a grasp on it.

So here we are back at 500 for the first time in a fucking long time. Do the Brewers make a stand here saying we stop and fight here or do they continue to run away from a winning season like a Frenchman from a fight?

They have to go 17-15 from here on out to get to 82 wins anyone like their chances?

It was fun and the season mattered almost all the way to September and who knows it still may matter in September I just do not like where the trend lines say we are headed.

Maybe this team was a year ahead of schedule and maybe we will look back on this season as the year that this young team got its noise bloodied and learned how to win. Or may be this will just be another bad year in a long string of bad Baseball season in Milwaukee.

It really sucks when you actually care


If it moves pick it up, if dosen't paint it.

Those of you here with military experience will remember those words.

That is how I spent most of my weekend painting my trim on the house and staining my deck. So the only thing that stunk worse than the Brewers performance this weekend was my T-shirt. I think my 80 year old neighbors do not approve of the music I listen to when painting ;) I guess they are not Dead Kennedys fans lol.

So that is my excuse why I abandon my post behind the bar Sunday. All long time bloggers will know sometimes your life refuses to get out of the way of blogging.

Damn my trim looks good, everyone likes nice trim ;)

Damn I am tried.

Lazy Sunday Open Thread: Lincecum v. Bush

Jesus, I'm gone a few days and this place becomes a ghost town!

Today the Brewers try and salvage the trip against a tough, tough young lefty. Luckily though, the kids are getting roughed up around the league today, so hopefully the Brewers can do the same. I assume the Prince will be in the lineup. I am going to watch a movie that I have absolutely been dying to see so make sure to bitch about plenty of crap so I know what to look for when I watch the game this evening. Hopefully I'll be back to catch the end of the game and a Brewer victory.

Wake up gentlemen, you have nothing else to do today so there should be 100+ "fire Ned" comments in this post.

The movie by the way? The King of Kong...finally opening in Boston.

Today's Lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
RF Gabe Gross
1B Prince Fielder
3B Ryan Braun
LF Geoff Jenkins
CF Corey Hart
C Damian Miller
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Dave Bush

Scroll down for new posts until after the game.

The Phil Hughes Show: MLB.TV Free Game

To celebrate shitty black out restrictions and the trumpet the fact that in five years they still haven't figure out Mosaic, MLB.TV will be free for one game today. Normally, this would be a big who cares as it is the Yankees and the Tigers game at 1:05. However, Gary Sheffield has decided to take himself out of the lineup for a while and Phillip Hughes is going for the Yankees. If he is going good, he is a fantastic pitcher and really excellent to watch. For the Tigers it is Jair Jurrjens. I missed the gem he threw last week but am looking forward to seeing if he can bring any semblance of that performance against the Yankees.

I suggest checking it out, and really, MLB.TB despite it's flaws is something I would be totally unable to live without. Plus, how often do you get to watch two 21 year olds pitch in a late August game for teams with playoff aspirations. If that doesn't do it for you, it's free baseball you cheap it.

Big Ten Network

Anyone else annoyed that Bob Wolfley couldn't find a representative of Time Warner or Charter cable to say something about the Big Ten network situation in the Wisconsin market? I don't think we can count on a local station being able to pick up a Badger game which is exclusively on the BTN, as stations do when the Packers are on cable.

I guess DirecTV, has picked up the BTN. I'm still mulling over a switch to ATT U-Verse, which has the BTN as part of its sports package (I'm waiting to talk to my neighbor down the street who just had it installed and I want to know if he had service interruptions during the past week's deluges) but many of you don't have these options.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome aboard a new bartender

As you can see Madison area blogger Random 10 has joined our merry little bad. I have finally figured this out surround yourself with really smart people then sit back and take all the credit ;)

I would have done this earlier but I was out painting trim all day. Damn west coast baseball I cannot use watching the game to get out of my chores. ;)

Hurray New Posters

Night Race at Bristol

Chris – You left the door unlocked so … in case the Brewers (dare I say) stink it up again tonight, remember that the single best NASCAR race of the year is on ESPN tonight. Go Matt Go – WE BELIEVE!
Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion, has won the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Bristol night race each of the last two seasons and comes into the weekend ranked third in the point standings.
Daytona is historic, fast and like watching a school of panicked Herring swimming in circles. Indianapolis is historic, fast and like watching people go through the Marquette Interchange by slowing down to 90 mph. Bristol, however, is for every kid who held a tiny toy race car and instinctively understood these things are meant to be raced on walls.

Johnny Estrada slowest man on the Earth

Well second slowest he could probably beat me in a race around the bases but it would be close. Is it me or has he gained a shit load of weight since the season started.

Brian Anderson nailed it in the first when he said Johnny had a piano on his back when he was running.

I am sorry I think maybe it is time to start playing Miller more, Johnny is busted up and wore down and could use the rest.

Can anyone remember the last time he threw someone out at 2nd

I know he is hitting 279 about 50 points higher the most catchers we have had but he is a liability on the base paths and well when a fast guys gets on first they Brewers should just say go take second lets get it over with.

As you can tell I am a bit down Johnny Estrada right now. What was the 3rd base coach thinking sending him home in the first? The only way you send him is if the ball was a home run ;)

It is funny how what you think are going to be your strengths do not always work out that way as the season progresses.


A quick thought on the Brewers

Until they can learn to play at least 500 ball on the road how can they expect to really become a force in the National League.


Once again 6 runs are not enough

Thanks to Claudio Vargas and Chris Capuano both pitching like they had their head up their asses the Brewers once again lose when they actually scored a fair amount of runs.

What is really sad is Vargas who went. 2/3 of an inning and gave up 6 runs didn't get the loss. Poor Capuano nothing is going right for him this season. I thought for sure when the Brewers had come back from 3 runs down and tied the game up that Cappy would get his first win in forever in this crazy game. But then he gave a 2 run homer to the pitcher and you could almost see the wind come out of the Brewers sails they never threatened the rest of the night.

The pitching is the problem on this team it has been for months. When you score 6 runs against a bad Giants team with Prince Fielder not playing you should win.

The bright spot Vargas and Cappy combined their shitty performances into game so it only counts as one loss. I wonder what Suppan was thinking after losing 3-2 the other night.

This is why Vargas is such a riddle he will be very good for a couple of starts then he will just implode like last night hell he came into the game with a 3 lead and just plain sucked. Capuano pitched like he has all year he would look outstanding for an inning then give up a home run to a pitcher is it lack of focus I do not know but I think that next season something drastic has to be done with the starting rotation.

Bright spots Rickie Weeks keeps heating up he hit his first home run since April Braun broke his 0 for the road trip slump and Cory Hart is health enough to play again and had a triple last night.

The Crew lost ground last night since the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks in AZ so they are now 1.5 games head 2 in the loss column. It looks like they will hold Sheets back until his start in Chicago.

I am still very hopeful but it is hard when this team pitches the way it has been over the last 3 months I mean 6 runs should be enough to get a GOOD team a win.

Tonights game info
Gallardo vs. Corriea at AT&T Park

First pitch at 8:05pm CT

TV: WMLW 41 in Milwaukee, FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

When I predicted they would go 6-3 on the road trip I figured they could lose one game in each series well they have already lost the game they can afford to lose in the city by the bay.

Lets get a win tonight and go from there.

6 runs should be enough

Shaun Alexander is no longer a first rounder.

So I've read many FF magazines, newspapers, etc. Today was the last straw. In Chicago, when you board an L in the morning some ambitious homeless person hands you the "Red Eye." This is the tabloid published by the Chicago Tribune for people who ride the train. It breaks down something like this:

60% - Paris Hilton
30% - Lindsay Lohan
5% - Bar Specials
2% - Smutty photographs of local tramps.
1% - News blurbs
1% - Sports blurbs
1% - Bad sex columns written by people of various sexualities.

Today the sports section had a mock fantasy draft. They had Shaun Alexander third overall after LT and Larry Johnson. By now you all know how I feel about LJ, but let's stop overrating Shaun too. Seattle used to have the best left tackle in football, Walter Jones, but last year he broke down completely. They lost Steve Hutchinson to the Vikings last year. Shaun broke the 370 carry rule two years ago, and missed a bunch of time last year as a result. He wasn't a number 3 overall back last year, his team has gotten worse, the division he plays in has gotten better (San Fran, for instance, acquired excellent run-stopping corner Nate Clements this offseason), he's a year older, coming off an injury, and the team lost it's best receiver to a division rival which means he will see more 8-man fronts.

Shaun is probably a mid-second rounder at this point along with the committee backs and the Jamal Lewis's of the world. The idiotic Red Eye drafters wrote idiotic comments like "Brian Westbrook might be worth the 6th pick." Brian Westbrook is, in fact, worth the 6th pick, 5th pick, and 4th pick. Maybe the third.

Every piece of data indicates that Shaun isn't any good anymore. He's probably worse than the following:

LT, Gore, Westbrook, Parker, Addai, Maroney, R. Johnson, Cedric Benson (That's right, you heard me), MJD, Ladell Betts AND Clinton Portis, Jerious Norwood, that fat NYG RB, Bush, McAllister, Stephen Jackson, Willis McGahee, and yes, even Larry Johnson.

I'm sick of backward-looking fantasy magazines. Shaun Alexander, and his Seahawk friends, show all the signs of not being any good any more. Someone needs to say so, consarnit.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Would anyone have any intrest in this?

I am in the early stages of thinking about either getting a half season or whole season ticket package next season for the Crew.

I am thinking 4 Club level seats plus a preferred parking pass(trust me as they start having 35k plus on a weeknight you will be happy you have a reserved spot.

I understand this will not be cheap. I did it with a group the first year of Miller Park

With 4 seats and a pass you are looking at right around $154 per game. Now that is at the list price but I used that number since some games cost more I figured it would average out.

If we can get 8 guys/families(I do not care if you put your own little group together to buy your share and split the games up)each shareholder would get right around 10 games. You would be looking at right around $1500.00 per share if we do 8 shares. I know that is still a hell of a lot of money. I would most likely pick up two shares so I am looking for 6 other shareholders.

I have done this before with Brewers and Bucks tickets what we do is get the tickets and then hold a ticket draft. You draw lots for a picking order then just like a fantasy draft you take turns picking till all the tickets are doled out. Just like a Fantasy draft you can work trades with other shareholders.

We would have to figure out the other ground rule etc like could you sell your Cubs tickets on Ebay etc my thoughts on that is once you buy your share and get your individual tickets you can do what every you like as long as you do not endanger the tickets of the group as a whole.(give the tickets to your idiot drunk 3rd cousin and he does something to cost us our seats for an example think Giants snowball game)

Like I said this is early in the process so the numbers are written in pencil but drop me an email at if you have any interest. Even if you already have a 9 game this would allow you to move up to club level(AC, dessert cart, wider seats, elevator, entrance to the 300 club you still have to pay for you meal but you get in with your club level ticket) If you have not done a game in Club level you do not know what your missing. Plus I believe with the full season your parking pass gets you in the really nice lot up close by the Fridays entrance.

Let me know if you want on board ie start begging the wife/girlfriend now.


Boras cut the deal for Prince

The MJS Brewers Blog is reporting that Scott Boras Princes Agent cut the deal with MLB.

This kind of insider stuff is why MSM blogs are not a bad thing they have access we will never get and this blog is a way to get it out faster to we Geeks lol.

See Tom blogging isn't so bad is it. :)


Now playing: The Clash - Bankrobber
via FoxyTunes

Urinal: Fielder Suspension Starts Tonight (2 games)

First baseman Prince Fielder had his pending suspension reduced from three games to two, and will serve them tonight and tomorrow night when the Brewers play the San Francisco Giants.

Fielder was suspended after a heated run-in with home plate umpire Wally Bell on Aug. 12 in Houston. Fielder disputed a called third strike, was ejected from the game and then got in the face of Bell for several moments, with manager Ned Yost stepping between them.

Fielder than appealed the suspension and continued playing until the ruling today.

With Graffanino's Brewer career over, Tracker will have to turn out the lights and pull the blinds because the next two games are going to be like porn for him.

Joe Dillon will probably be at first.

This sounds like something Paul would have wrote

"Contrary to the popular expression not everything is possible, but the improbable remains mathematically viable until the point of elimination." from the blog Random 10

I really really like that :)


This site will eat up many hours of my life.

Just added to the blog roll Baseball Almanac


Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

Do you remember your first Baseball Game?

What I mean is the first game you remember as a fan. Not when you parents took you as a toddler or a baby but the first game where you knew what was going on.

My first game was at the "Old Grey Lady" aka County Stadium it was a chilly day June 10th 1978 the Brewers played the Toronto Blue Jays. I was 8 years old I went with my Grandfather and my Father. It was the only game I every went to with my Grandfather. I remember him telling me about what it was like going to Braves games.

We sat in the Upper Deck pretty high up on the right field side I remember being able to look straight down the third base line.

Paul Molitor scored in the first inning that was the first MLB run I had ever seen scored.

The Box score for that game from Baseball Almanac Brewers win 5-0

So I guess that is when the needle was first shoved into my young arm ;)

Do you remember your first game either drop me a comment or a re post.

Hurray going to the game with your Dad

My Packer thoughts

Nice job by ESK and Eric remember folks just because one person here has posted on a subject doesn't mean you cannot.

I will paint with broad brush first lets hope that Donald Driver's injury isn't all that serious.

Even though it is the preseason I am really starting to like what I see on the Field by the First team.

If the defense can play in the regular season like they have been so far the Pack will not have win in shoot outs. I think that could be huge for Brett Favre and the Offense. If Brett doesn't feel like it is all on his shoulders and he can just go out and play a good controlled game. This team could do alright. I like Jones I agree with E that he could be something special in the future. Lets hope Driver is here to shepherd him through is first pro season. Greg Jennings needs to turn off his cloaking device and start playing like he did at the start of last season.

I think the offense will be fine they will not have the burden of carrying the team so they will be good enough. A good enough offense got the Bears to the "Big Game" last season.(where they lost doesn't that still warm your heart)

The Defense I think will first among equals on the team they will be the foundation the team will build on. I like what I have seen thought the preseason I still think our first round draft choice will be a bust what ever his name is when he does something I will make the effort to learn his name.

I am on board with Rodgers, he is looking better and better, if he is willing to wait a little longer I think we have our next QB(when you think about it he did it the old school way sat on the bench and watched and learned and now is a vet and more ready to take the reins when Brett drives off into the sunset on his mower)I know it is only preseason games but remember how Hasselbeck used to kick ass in the preseason too he turned out alright.

Does anyone besides me hate Tony the Whale and his reports from the sidelines. Odin I had to mute the tv every time they cut to him.

So with the preseason almost over I have to say my needle has switched over to cautiously optimistic.

After the final PS game I will have us do our official predictions post so we can all get our predictions down on electrons for the whole world to see in January.(I need to go back and look at our Brewers predictions lol)

I am also glad the scrubs game the game away so we do not have to listen about how the Pack is undefeated in the Preseason this will nip that silly talk in the bud.

So I am ready for the real games to get here how about you all?

Go Pack Go

Lets not leave our season in San Francisco.

The Brewers should not play more often, they had a good day while they were eating their Clam Chowder and Dim Sum the Giants were across town beating Big Zero and the Cubs pulling the Crew with in a half game of the Cubs. The Cardinals also lost so the Crew put another half game of space between them and the third place team.

They also gained a half of game on the Braves one of the teams they are fighting with over the WC.

So here we are on August 24th and the Crew is in a real live fight for the division and they have everyone right where they want them. The national media is starting to write them off and ask, can the surging Cubs win the NL Central.

That is fine with me I still think the Crew is going to have an outstanding road trip but to do that they need to take 2 of 3 from the Giants while hoping the Diamondbacks can either take two of three from the Cubs or even better sweep them. The Cubs fans are worried I guess Chase field is their PNC Park they do not play well there.

We are still waiting to hear if Ben Sheets will pitch tomorrow or if it will Gallardo ,the whole state of Wisconsin wants to know. We also wonder when Prince will have his suspension hearing just as long as he is playing when they take on the Cubs next series.

We are all wondering can the Crew build on the momentum of a very good series win in the Desert.

Tonights game info
Vargas vs. Lowry at beautiful by the bay AT&T/SBC/PacBell Park.

First pitch at 9:15pm CT

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

Can Vargas keep getting it done can the Brewers reclaim first place tonight? Tune in tonight for some late West Coast baseball and watch your Brewers go to 3-1 on the road trip.

Hurray Beer

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Zuleyka Rivera

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Miss Puerto Rico 2006 Zuleyka Rivera.

Happy Friday

Packer Thoughts

My viewing was spotty at best, but here are my thoughts:

- James Jones is good. James Jones could eventually be amazing, but this year, he will be good.

- As long as Driver isn't seriously hurt, a "good" James Jones will be plenty. Driver will be the go-to guy, Jones will benefit from the defense focusing on Driver, and Jennings will be the big play deep threat breakaway guy. I really, really like the receivers at this point. I'm looking forward to the coaches scheming for Jones in the red zone, I think his hands and stature could be huge there.

- Brandon Jackson will start slow, but progress to the point where we'll be saying wow by the end of the year.

- Favre is going to have a very good year. The line looks solid (cohesive...what a difference a year makes) and I think there will be a newfound focus on screens. Both of these will hold defensive lines to give Favre enough time to feel comfortable in the pocket.

- I'm a fan of the offensive line

- The defensive line has been less impressive than I thought they would be. D-backs look good, safeties look deeper than I thought they would. Not great in coverage, but solid against the run.

- Aaron Rogers will have a good NFL career. I hope it is with the Packers. He has looked very good, displayed a stong arm, poise in the pocket, and a strong knowledge of the offense. He often went all the way through the receiver progression and then was forced to check down to a back. That kind of grasp on the offense shows a maturity that I think may have been his biggest knock. Supposedly Favre is helping him a lot more on his mental game this year, and if that is the case, I see Rodgers being a Matt Hasselbeck with a stronger arm and a little less accuracy. Basically, a "flashier" Matt Hasselbeck. I would love that.

- In short, I am excited for this season!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Favre's First Half

Holy crap did he look good. Passes were completed to at least seven different receivers. Drives often stalled but they were nice long drives; the kind that will exahust a defense by the second half. Very impressive.

Receivers seemed a bit weak as a group although Driver and Jones were excellent. Let's hope Driver recovers. Tight ends looked better than expected. Lee and Franks had nice receptions. Running backs appeared okay; nothing flashy but they got yardage. I'm a bit intrigued by Brandon Miree as a running back and i'd like to see more. We'll see what the second half brings.

More good news on a rainy day

Well the Giants came through and beat the Cubs so even though they are hanging out at the hotel(I hope it is the Ritz I love that place)they gain a .5 game back. Plus it was the Cub Ace Big Zero who lost today. So you know what that means. The Cubs have to go into Chase Field and play a very good Diamond Back team and Big Zero will not start one of the games. I think that is a good thing for both the Brewers and the Snakes.

The Crew now will play a Giants team that will not be as desperate. They are coming off of a win and not riding a 3 game losing streak. Little things like that matter to teams like the Giants who are old and out of it. They are playing out the string lets hope the Crew can use that to take 2 out of 3.

So sit back and enjoy the Packers game knowing your Brewers gained ground today.

Hurray Beer

Cubs Trade for Craig Monroe

The Cubs keep stocking up on outfielders. I'm listening to the Detroit - Cleveland game and they just announced it on the PA. Craig Monroe for a player to be named later.

I'll bet he puts together one hot streak and then goes ice.

Sheets Watch Begins

The Brewers are going to announce sometime today if Sheets will take the mound on Saturday. If he doesn't he still will probably make a start in the Cubs series (if he is a toss-up for Saturday, you gotta figure he's a lock for the Cubs series).

Anyway, start your (search) engines, and lets see who can drop the news first in the comments! It's like a contest with no prizes!

A Primer for Newspaper Reporters who are being forced to blog

Today I was listening to the MJS baseball writer Tom Haudricourt whine on ESPN 1510am that the Journal was "making" him blog. First I hate when the MSM forces people who do not want to be bloggers like Tom to do it. I know he is one of those writers who most likely looks down his noise at people like us.

So be it many of the original bartenders here came over from the world of political blogging we are used to MSM types looking down at us.

But if you are an MSM type or just a new blogger let me help you avoid a newbie mistake.

You did not write a blog you wrote a "POST" which appeared on your blog ok. The phrase "I wrote a blog" drives me nuts almost as much as when people try to use the term Defcon 5 for everything going crazy(they have it backwards Defcon which is short for defense condition is a scale from 5-1 with 5 being total peace and 1 being total war so if you want to say thing are totally blowing up you say Defcon 1 but I digress)

It is a shame that the MJS is forcing Tom to blog, he made it obvious he does not want to do it. Which is a shame since he has such great access to the team and management it could be a great tool for him if learned to use it the right way.

MSM blogs can be a great way to reach that super hard core group that lives for the minutia of the sport the reporter covers.

So Tom if you need any help on becoming a better blogger drop us an email we would be glad to show you the blogging ropes ;)

Damn MSM Posers lol

Cheer Up There is a Packers Game Tonight.

To help us get over the rain the powers that be scheduled a Packers preseason game tonight.

It also happens to be the most important of preseason games(like being the skinniest fat guy or tallest midget) Game #3 the game which is the last time you see the starters till the first game of the regular season.

Am I looking for them to play as well as they did against Seattle no I think the Seahawks mailed that game in so this will be a much better test for them.

The big thing is you want everyone to play well and NOT GET ANYONE HURT that is all that really matters.

I hope they build off of last weeks performance it would be nice to see Bubba have two good games in a row. But once again the key is NO ONE GETS HURT

Game info
Green Bay vs. Jacksonville(a town I spent 3.5 great years in it is a lot like GB even has that paper mill smell)at Historic Lambeau Field.

Kick off is at 7pm CT on your local Fox station if you are instate.

You can listen to it on the Packers Radio Network.(check our side bar for a link)

I do not think it is raining Up Nort, so might not be a bad night I understand there are tickets still available for the game call the Packers Ticket office. if your are in that part of the State or have nothing better to do tonight and feel like making a road trip.

So on a Brewers less night who is ready for some pseudo football ;)

Go Pack Go

And Remember NO ONE GETS HURT!

View of my back yard

I swear it is almost that bad.

Is everyone else who lives in Wisconsin as sick of the rain as I am?


Sorry the best I could do for a video for this song.

"Who will stop the rain?"

Looking up once again.

Well you cannot be all that upset over last nights game, the Crew gave it the old college try last night. But it was not enough they did manage to stop Brandon Webb's scoreless innings steak right away in the first inning. But unfortunately Soup gave the lead back in what was his only really bad inning the first.

They got the tying run over to third in the ninth but couldn't get him in. But no glum faces in this bar this morning as we get ready for the lunch rush(We got another Dave Heller link hello traffic) I will take two out of 3 in every series on this road trip. Lets hope the Giants play like crap for us when the Crew start their series on Friday. This is the one series a year I wish I had traveled to, you all know how much I love San Francisco.

Well the Cubs won last night so the Crew is a game back on this off day and one of two things will happen today since the Cubs have a game and the Crew is off. They will be 1.5 games back with a Cubs sweep of the Giants or if the Giants can pull their heads out of their asses and win a game the Crew will be only half a game back. As I have said in the past the goal is stay with in 1 game to the Cubs and then take care of business in Chicago.

Suppan has had some terrible luck lately in two of his last 3 starts he has given up 3 or less runs and either gotten an ND or a loss he was one of many victims of that 9th inning meltdown against the Phillies and if he had pitched that performance the first two nights of the AZ series he gets a win. I was happy to see him make the 7th inning

Was I the only one who thought Johnny Estrada had given them the lead in the 9th that is the problem with playing the Snakes they have so much speed in the outfield anything not hit on a rope and low will get run down if it stays in the park "Speed Kills"

One minor Ned Yost is an idiot bitch, why sit Rickie he has been a spark plug this whole series and to sit him for suck ass Craig Counsell.

Over all not a bad game even though they lost they played the reigning Cy Young winner very tough and hey give AZ a little credit that is a good ball club in the other dugout.

The Boys in Blue get a day off in San Francisco not such a bad thing. I wonder if they stay at the Ritz Carlton when they are in SF? Enjoy the day go to Boudin's Sourdough on the Wharf and have some clam chowder in a bread bowl or even better go to Scoma's restaurant which is right on the water. Or go eat your way though the hole in the wall places in China Town mmmm Dim Sum style. ;)

Since Cappy is a smart guy and has time on his hands now that he is in the Pen he could head down towards Union Square and hit one of the many book stores or the Apple store.

So even thought they lost I am still in high spirits about the road trip so far I could live with 6 and 3 on this trip hell live I would be ecstatic.

Now I have to go check on my life rafts and provisions since by the weekend Wisconsin will look like a scene out of Waterworld(what a bad bad movie) if the rains do not stop

Hurray Beer for winning a series on the road.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Save Is A Stupid Stat, part 8,459,205

Take it away, Ken Tremendous:

The Rangers just beat the Orioles 30-3, setting an all-time record for runs scored in a game. And thanks to the arbitrary definition of a "save," Wes Littleton "earned" a "save."


Wes Littleton "saved" the game.

Best Fantasy Football cheat sheet

a number of websites offer cheat sheets based on the standard scoring system of six point per touchdown and one point per ten yards of performance.

I most prefer the sheet, mostly because it gets updated almost every day. That and i believe they have a reasonable assessment of the running backs. the only knock i would give is the use of auction values for each player vice projected performance points.

Anyone else have a favorite URL? And your reasons?

Badgers Release Depth Chart

Bielema just released the depth chart for the opener. You can see it here.

Donovan is the #1 QB for now. That might be a race to watch over the year. Another mild "surprise" if you can call it that is that Redshirt Freshman Gabe Carimi was named starting left tackle.

Based on what I've been reading in the paper since camp started, there aren't any real surprises.

Also, for your Badger Info, the full roster is here.

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