Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bonds Fails, A-Rod Falters, Glavine Deserves Win

And The Brewer's Prevail In Thirteen.

The milestone night that every ones favorite Pravda network, ESPiN, predicted kind of fizzled.
Bonds K's vs. Brad Penny in first.
A-Rod fails to connect vs. ChiSox.
Tom Glavine pitches brilliantly (Or more accurately, Milwaukee is really lame at the plate right now), and should have gotten his 300th.

Alright, I admit it, my wife called me an idiot. What she really meant was I'm delusional.
She just doesn't understand Brewer Fever, that's all.

I was watching the Crew on the 54 incher, the Flubs on the 23 inch computer screen and had the Trolley Dodger game set up for it's 2210 start time. The game on the 32 inch Hi-Def was N.Y. vs Shitcago.
I may have gone overboard tonight.

I stayed up for all of it.
The Phils got robbed, as did the Crew. Bad umpires are killing me slowly with their song.
Bottom of six in Shitcago and one out. Play at the plate. Catcher slams tag on runner while runner is at least one foot from the plate, and at least eight inches above the plate. Idiot calls him safe and Shitcago scores twice more.
The correct call here makes it 3-3 in the 7th and Charlie Manuel pitches his bullpen ace (Flash), not his mop up guy.

All I'm saying, we all want Glavine to win 300, just give Soup the same strike zone you gave Tommy. Afford Soup the same K-zone and he lasts into the eighth and we never have to even catch a glimpse of Wise.

Brad Penny K's Barry in first. Dodger fans boo him mercilessly. As it should be.
Bonds K's, then he walks intentionally. Third at bat Bond's walks on a strike right down the middle that Penny complains about. Then he skies a routine "can of corn" that the LF misplays and he has a 1-2 night and his OPS gets larger, even though he did nothing to influence the outcome of the game.

A-Rod...who cares ? New York? Not Me. Until he brings home Herpes his wife doesn't care either.
She's getting paid. Chlamydia may be a different story. That may cost him the 20 mil diamond that Kobe had to buy for his wife. Heh Heh.

Great win tonight for the crew.
Nedly used 8 pitchers tonight but none threw more then 20 pitches.
Turn-Blow was nice, CoCo was outstanding, throwing less then 15 pitches to retire the side. Wise sucked.
Spurling was great and Dave picked up a win he deserved the last time he pitched.
Soup got us to the seventh, but he has to finish that inning.
Villanueva was his usual. The guy is the MVP of the team right now hands down.
Carlos is a starter next year. He earned it and deserves it. Who do we send to the pen?
Bush, is my guess. Vargas has given us great innings this year, you can not demote him.
It should be the 40 million dollar man but we know how that goes down.

Now we get two different starters for tomorrows game.
Vargas will tax that bullpen again. He can not go past seven. In fact if he gives us seven it will be welcomed as a blessing. We do have Parra and Bush again to go long relief, but I think Ned has Parra penciled in as a starter.

The Mets hit, if Vargas, on one day less rest, struggles we could be looking at a 2-1 series loss.

Is anyone here following the wild-card race?
I know we don't want to mention it, but it is a reality.

Thank Hindu floaty thing for a Brewers win

They had to get a victory there in the 13th. I was out of beer and I couldn't take anymore of that game without beer. Jenkins comes up with the huge home run for the victory after small ball repeatedly failed to get the job done. Suppan did his job, pitching into the 7th, but the bullpen got taxed some more as this offense still can't get off the schnide. 4-2 tonight, and the lead holds at 1.

Best Month Ever and it was in July

We just beat out April 07 as out best traffic month ever.

Not bad and we did it in a month that is usually nasty for blogs, people are out on the lakes and enjoying summer. So to have our best month in July tells me we are doing something right here.

Thanks once again to all the Posters and all the Readers even Rob Y. ;)

Hurray Traffic

I'll Be Entering The Homeland Friday

Flying into Mitchell Field Friday at 0900 hrs.
Going to spend a few days with my family in Milwaukee and Grafton before meeting up with my younger bro who flies in from Pristina, Kosovo Saturday.
We're all meeting at my older brothers house in Grafton Sunday and the youngster and I will head up to Lambeau for the week.

We'll be catching the practices on Mon., Tue. and Thur. I have yet to see the new Lambeau or the Packer Hall so I'm definitely pumped, plus anytime a sib returns from deployment overseas it's heart warming.

I won't have time this year to do the Redskins, Steelers or Iggles camp tour but I will be doing the Ravens after I return. My mission in life is to get the Matt Katula interview and get some inside dope on ESK from his high school years. I'll be attending the 1500 practice Friday August 17 which is special teams only and Saturday morning 0900 practice which is their last. The Ravens train at McDaniel College in Westminster MD.

If your at the Packers training camp next week, were real friendly folk (like most Badgers), so if you see two guys with military haircuts and a loud fan in a wheelchair (that's coach, Dad to me) come by and say hello. That would be yours truly and men folk of the Hall family. You might even get invited to have a Brat and a beer and talk football at our campfire.

Stephen A Smith again on ESPN Radio

Thank Odin and Ganesha that I have over 400 U2 songs on my Itunes.

If we did not watch him on TV(his show was canceled right) why would we want to listen to him on the Radio?

Is Gagne a Brewers yet? lol


The Worst Part Of The Weekend

We could have knocked the reigning World Series Champs out of their misery.
Instead of two days of Milwaukee choking stories we would have had two days of the death of the Card's stories, courtesy of the Crew.
By all rights the Cards should be 11 back and all but toast in any post-season discussion.
Instead they climb to within 7 of us and 6.5 in the wild card.
Our boot was on their throat, all we had to do was exert pressure and twist.
Any kind of performance by the back end of the bullpen and the discussion here would be more along the lines of, bring on the overrated Mets, after we dust them we''ll make Philly feel the true pain of all those injuries.
Alas, we are left with doom and gloom.

A lot of Poker Players are Whiny Bitches

About 2 weeks ago I started playing On-line Poker again after a 7 month lay off(I was burnt out and needed some time away from the game)

Wow has the On-line poker world changed since I last played. First thanks to the Nanny Bastards in the US Government it is a colossal pain in the ass to get funds into your account, what used to take 7 seconds now takes 7 business days. Fucking do gooder bastards cannot solve any real problems but in a land awash in Indian and Steve Wynn casinos they took on the evil of On-line Poker. But that is neither here nor there.(But it is a reason I left the GOP and they get no money from me)

What amazed me the most is how many of the players are whiny crybaby bitches when they lose. Good Odin that is why they call it gambling sometimes you lose.

The problem is the game is over run by Mathematicians who play by they book with no heart or soul. They cannot handle when the book is wrong because the idiot playing them cannot count(read me) I play a pretty tight game but I will also play a "feeling" I get destroyed sometimes doing this, but I when I catch lighting in a bottle the results can be catastrophic for the poor math boy playing me.

I play the "low" tables at Poker Stars 50c/1$ blinds and it is amazing how many guys who think they are the next Doyle Brunson play that level. I like to taunt them with lines like "what is a whale like you doing in the kiddie pool?"

the best part is when you can send a Math boy into a tilt inducing rage and then go back to playing tight they become a human ATM. lol

I guess what I am saying if you want a sure thing go to the bunny ranch and spend your money on the ladies. Bad beats are part of the game and not everyone is playing the percentages so when you lose on a terrible call by a guy with the world "Mad" in his title do not be surprised. Yes I am as stupid as you think I am but I am sitting there with your money lol ;)

And yes Poker is a sport at least in this here bar. So Asian Badger if you would like to post about it feel free.

So Math boys of the world be afraid be very afraid because I cannot count and I never read your book lol ;P

Chris AKA on Poker Stars as A Mad Badger see you at the tables.

Cole Hamles throws the Crew a Life Ring

Right now when you are in the middle of the Ocean with no life raft you look for anything that can keep you afloat.

Sorry for the delay the Prince of Darkness and I had a dentist appt. this morning then the Boys and I went to Breakfast.(Dont ever let me fool you my life is pretty cool most of the time)

All the chatter at the Cubs sites was how they were going to "Change the Flags" after the Cubs caught the Brewers. Well that didnt happen last night Cole Hamles ate their lunch and made their girlfriend hold his coat while he did it. Shame we will have to face him this weekend but I am living in the now at this moment.

The Crew starts a huge home stand tonight, playing the Mets and then the Phillies I am going tomorrow and Sunday I am toying with sneaking down their tonight we may never see a 300 game winner ever again with the way modern baseball is going.

I am not ready to surrender win number 300 all that easily Glavine's number are not much better than Suppans and the Crew is at home.

Right now the Crew has to go into one game at a time mode baby steps walk before you can run etc blah blah yada yada yada. Pick your cliche. If they can win tonight they will start August in first place that is all we can ask for. It is time to "grind" as they say in the Poker world.

Esk covered it but I would love to see the Crew get Eric Gagne. The Pen looks tired their was a post over at BCB with Turnbow's splits with at least a day of rest and back to back. Night and day plus Gagne would give you another option if Cordero goes off the rails. We will know something in the next 4-5 hours on that front.

I am hoping the day off helps. I seem to remember during the Packs Super Bowl they had a stretch right before their bye week when they had lost a couple of games and Holgrem gave them the whole bye week off and they came back like Lions. Now in baseball you cannot get a whole week but a day off is a day off maybe some couch time was the answer.

The day off helped me I played some online poker and cleaned my garage and decided to step back. I am getting to wound up I let the Crew blowing the first game Saturday wreck my whole day at Buffet and that was stupid. So I am going to try and just live my baseball life day to day and see where the Crew ends up come what may.

There are still two hole months of baseball left to be played. hell we are just entering the area between the third and fourth turns of this race track.

So tonights info.
Suppan vs. Glavine tonight at wonderful home sweet home Miller Park

The first pitch will be at 7:05pm Ct

TV: FSN-HD | Radio: WTMJ 620 I have finally figure out some of the rhyme and reason to which games are in HD. It is when the other team brings their HD stuff the Giants are in HD every game so are the Mets so I think that has something to do with which Brewers games are in HD. Pure speculation on my part.

So it is time for this team to show us something. Today they start building that lead back up to 8.5 games.

Hurray Beer

A Day For Speculation

Eric Gagne for Ricky Weeks+??
Brewers GM Doug Melvin called up Jon Daniels to see what it would take to add Eric Gagne to his bullpen. We don't know whether Gagne must consent to a trade to Milwaukee, but I'd guess he does have veto power with them. Francisco Cordero leads all of baseball in saves, so would Gagne set up for him? Melvin would have to pay up both in prospects and salary. The Brewers have some pretty good chips like Manny Parra, Carlos Villanueva, and even Rickie Weeks (could he move to center field?) Tom Haudricourt says the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox are also in on Gagne.

That would be incredibly expensive if it took any two of those players to rent Gagne. I can't honestly see Gagne agreeing the a trade that sent him to Milwaukee, but it would be nice to finally have a steroid abuser on the team. Up til this point it's been like Milwaukee was filled with a bunch of guys who just didn't have the desire to do whatever it takes. Gagne would change that, one needle at a time.

Did anyone notice the Brewers traded Grant Balfour to the Devil Rays for base on balls specialist/massive Mike Maddux project Seth McClung? I honestly thing Melvin is just screwing with Maddux at this point. I fully expect Melvin to trade for Rick Ankiel and tell the world that Maddux'll fix 'em.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The inventor of the West Coast Offense has passed on

(H/T - Curt at Flopping Aces)

Bill Walsh died today after a long battle with leukemia. I can't do the eulogy better than ESPN, so that's what I've linked to. We have him to thank for Mike Holmgren and Super Bowl XXXI.

Since the team of beer can't be mentioned today...

...enjoy this little video out of Japan (H/T - Ace of Spades)

Just when the home team thought they were out of the top of the 4th down "only" 3-0, that happens on a 2-2 pitch with runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 out.

Width SHOULD be fixed now; Break embeds are a bit wider than YouTube's.

The White Zone is for loading and unloading only

Frank Zappa gets a street named in his honor in Berlin.

Joe's Garage is my favorite Zappa album.

"Don't make a fuss just get on the bus, and be a crew slut" ;)

or the greatest song line ever from Catholic girls

"With a tongue like a cow she could make you say WOW"


Someone please hand me my knitting needles

So I can ram then through my ear drums.

Stephen A Smith is the fill in on the formerly known as Dan Patrick Radio show.

it is a world where the living envy the dead.


Todays Theme in the State Papers is Aaron Rodgers

With Brett gone due to the untimely death of his father in law(man that family has had a rough couple of years) the State Papers are all Aaron Rodgers all the time

Two stories you can read for free(glaring at the MJS Packers insiders my ass)

Jason Wilde in the State Journal

Tom Pelissero at Packers.com(the Green Bay Press Gazette site)

I do like the fact he is gotten himself more ready this off season as old as Favre is you never know he could end up playing.

Hurray Deep Fried Cheese

Franklin Little Leage

The district 6 championship games are over. Congratulations to Franklin for winning the junior division, the major division, and the 9-10 year old division for little league baseball. That's a lot of pennants for one league.

Franklin missed the sweep, losing the 10-11 division to Oak Creek by a score of 8-6. They were pretty down because they were the only Franklin baseball division to lose. I tried to buck them up; mentioning there were nine other teams who wished they had lost the championship because that means they would have Played the championship.

The franklin manager and coaches likely had the better strategy. They told their kids to hold their heads high, that they lost to the Champions, and they need to be Men and respect the game.

Congratulations to all the d6 teams as they move on to State.

Lets take a day off from the Brewers today

Ned Yost told his guys to take the day off and shake off the road trip. I think we should do the same thing I am declaring(well actually requesting) everyone let the Brewers sleeping dog lie today.

Lets talk about the Packers or Poker or anything non Brewers.

Then we will come back tomorrow tan rested and ready for a pennant run.

July has been a trying month for Brewers fans but it is almost over Lets hope they keep up the good month bad month cycle and have an on fire August.

No Beer For You(at least today)


Sunday, July 29, 2007


The only thing standing between the Idle Brewers falling into second place tomorrow is the Cubs have to finally play a team with a winning record and Cole Hamels is pitching for the Phillies.

A piece of drift wood for the drowning man to cling to.


Right now the Brewers are a Baseball Black Hole

Joy or love of the game of baseball can not escape.

They blow a 6-0 lead yesterday then get tour up by a guy who has not won all year.

Today they blow a 5-0 lead

and now if the Cubs win tomorrow they will have officially caught the Brewers.

It just keeps getting better doesn't it?

I have no idea you cannot even blame Ned for this road trip it is not his fault the Bullpen has imploded.

they used their best arrows in the quiver today and it wasn't enough YO, Turnbow and CV all played a part in the meltdown.

Ugly is the only word that describes their play.


Nice Yo only gave up 4 runs in the 5th

Now if they can just hold on so Cordero can blow it in the 9th

That is the kind of road trip it has been

It is like they get a 5-6 run lead and just shut it off like they are a union shop fuck it we made our quota today it is up to pitchers from now on we are on our break.


Is anybody watching today's Brewer game?

If so, consider this an open thread. You just aren't allowed to talk about anything.

Fuck. Yo's no-no is over. I think it is my fault for making this post.

Update 2
And there goes the shut out. I think that's the limit to which I can be held accountable for cryptically referring to a no hit bid. 5-1 in the 5th, two on, one out.

Update 3
5-4 Brewers after an ugly fifth for Yo.

Glavine to go for 300 in Milwaukee

The Brewers still have business to take care of today in St. Louis, but if you have some time in between innings, you might want to look at getting tickets to Tuesday night's game against the Mets because Tom Glavine is scheduled to start, and he will be going for his 300th career victory.

If Glavine were to defeat the Crew on Tuesday, he would do so almost 17 years to the day that Nolan Ryan won his 300th game in Milwaukee. Hopefully the Brewers will dominate again at home, but if you can, ya might as well put yourself in a position to possibly see baseball history.

That ledge is looking mighty tempting

Between that doubleheader tragedy and Driver's shoulder, things are very bleak. Time to find something positive. Fortunately, the dead-tree version of the paper has it in the form of the '82 Brewers and '57 Braves.

Going into this date in 1982, the Brew Crew (57-41) was a half game behind Boston and 2 up on Baltimore.

Going into this date in 1957, the Braves (58-41) were percentage points behind St. Louis (57-40).

We all remember what happened those 2 years. Between that and hopefully another good Yo game (he best throw a complete game), I'm good for another day.

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I listened to the Meltdown on the radio while partying at Alpine Valley

Even the Great and Powerful Ganesha cannot over come when Cordero cannot get the job done.

Chicago lost with 2 outs in the 9th Texas Once(should have been twice)in Cincinnati and now this gem blowing a 2 run lead in the bottom of the 9th.

Once again the Crew zooms out to a big lead then just sits helplessly as the other team chips away and then wins it against Cordero.

They had chances to deliver a death blow and didnt get it done.

Then losing to Reyes in the Night cap inexcusable.

It is going to be a struggle if the Crew wants to enter August in First place.

Shame of it is they should be playing for nothing worse than a split and going for th series and road trip wins today. But now they have to hope Yo can salvage a third win on an 8 game road trip.

Division winners do not play like this. You cannot blame Yost even you get to the 9th with a lead you send in Cordero it has worked most of the year sure he will have the occasional bad game but he should have 3 blown saves this trip already.

Every time they have a game like Friday you start to think ok they have found it again long winnings streak is coming then they jump out early to a huge 6 run lead then just blow it.

What a crying shame.

Gallardo pitches today going for his third win in a row as Ben Sheets fill in lets hope Yo and stop the bleeding

Wow what a terrible Saturday of Baseball if you are a Milwaukee Brewers Fan.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let's Play GM, Our Favorite Game

By any baseball fans account CoCo has been a liability since the all-star turn.
He failed in Texas after a nice year, and he previously failed in Detroit after a two year run.
It would appear he has reached his expiration date.
The league catches up to his slider (which he can't throw for a strike) and lays off. He gives up walks and tries to come powder river to get outs but his powder river is about 92-94 MPH. Not good enough.
Like Turnbow he becomes a one pitch everyman.
Rumor has it Brad Lidge is available. A change of scenery is needed for that young man to flourish. Houston appears to be willing to eat some of his contract to move him.
You can see where I'm going with this.
Throw CoCo into the Dunn sweepstakes and you can keep Wise (despite his showing tonight), which I like. Offer Mench to Houston for Lidge and let Drayton McLane eat a portion of Lidge's contract.
Give Turnbow another chance at closing and keep Lidge sharp as the set up man.
When Turnbow fails (as he will) turn it over to Lidge and roll for the next five years.

Mark Texeira, will be a Hotlanta Brave by Tuesday. Hotlanta will part ways with a prime minor league pitcher in the deal, but they will surpass the Mets to win the East. This move will leave N.Y. battling with Milwaukee, SanDiego, LosAngeles, Philedelphia, Arizona and StLouis for the NL wild card.

And I let my mind wander into this crazy avenue before I even cracked a beer. Imagine what I'll come up with in the next two hours.

Frankie Says Get All Nervous And Shit

That's 2.5 saves in a row he's blown (let's not forget Griff's 950 foot out the other day). Frankie, for Thor's sake, get the ball down and get that slider in-in-inside. I mean, fuck the heck, man?

2007 PDGA Amateur World Championships

Are finishing up today in Milwaukee at Dretzka and Brown Deer parks.

Competitors have gathered from nine different nations and range in age from under 10 years old to nearly 70. They are the 549 PDGA Amateurs who are gathered in the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2007 Professional Disc Golf Association Amateur World Championships.

There are times like last week where i think i should try to try out for a pdga tournament. Last week i threw a -4 at both Abendschein and Valley View. In fact, at Valley View i aced the same basket twice. Not a bad week at all.

The boy has also been improving his shot. I estimate he can reliably toss 75 feet. Not bad for an eight year old. The middle daughter doesn't play as well but she enjoys playing so i nurture that. The elder daughter has no interest. Well there's worse things than marching band. The infant must still be carted around in a stroller. Some kids on the course giggle when they see that. Until my 225 foot toss curls right underneath a sick right hook basket. Much more respectful after that. And then i tell them i'm not left handed... :)

Its 5 o'clock somewhere I am out of here.

At a moment like this I have to wonder "What Would Jimmy Buffet Do"?

Have fun boys I will see you tomorrow

Hurray Beer

Friday, July 27, 2007

Brewers win Cubs lose

So far Ganesha has brought us both success and has struck down the evil that is the Cubs.

The Crew goes ape shit in St Louis and the Reds managed to beat the Cubs even after the Cubs had rallied for 2 in the top of the 9th to tie the game.

The Reds played excellent small ball in the bottom of the 9th to do to the Cubs what they did to the Brewers by winning in their last at bat.

What a night for Claudio Vargas 8 inning and only 2 runs he ate up a ton of innings saving the bullpen for the double header tomorrow. He also improved his record to 9-2 not bad for the number 5 spot. He also game the Crew some momentum going into the big double header.

I like the pitching match ups tomorrow
Game 1
Parra vs. Thompson at New Busch Stadium in what is Manny Parra's first big league start. Thompson is a reliever being pressed into a starting appearance due to the mess that is the Cards starting rotation.

First pitch is at 12:10pm Ct

TV: WMLW 41, FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620 You Milwaukee readers note the game is on WMLW in the greater Milwaukee viewing area.

Game 2
Capuano vs. Reyes

First pitch at 7:10pm CT

I believe the TV is the same but check your local listing for the channel in your area.

Man would it be nice to win 2 tomorrow and go into Sunday and Yo looking for a sweep.

If they hit like they did tonight they have a chance 12 runs and only one home run and it was a solo shot by Hart.

Vargas as set the bar high for the rest of the Brewers starters in this series lets hope they all pitch as well as he did.

So a quick look at the numbers

25 wins to a winning season.

they are back up on the Cubs by 3 games which sounds a lot better than I thought it would a couple of days ago. 11 games over 500. and 2 and 3 on the road trip.

1-0 under the watchful eye of Ganesha.

You boys hold down the fort tomorrow you hear ;)

Hurray Beer

Oh and one final thing to make your day a little brighter guess who the Cubs get to face tomorrow Harang ouch babe sucks to be them. ;)

A quick Non Sports question

So when Lindsay Lohan finally bottoms out and does a porn flick will you want to see it?

I still have not made up my mind ;)


Like the Brewers the WSB will need people to step up tomorrow

Jimmy Buffet is tomorrow out at Alpine Valley so you know where I will be and what condition I will be in Drunk and sunburned by the end of the day.

There happens to be not one but two Brewers games tomorrow can a couple of you please jump in and make sure this place has new material tomorrow. As much as I would like to do it I will be too busy yelling at young and old ladies to show me their boobs for beads ;) Hopefully we will end up with a stripper pole next to our RV like last year ;)

Last year.

this is one of the happiest days of the year for me lol.

So pick up the WSB football and run with gentleman I am hoping by late Sunday Afternoon to be sober enough to speak and maybe type again ;)

Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitude.


to keep our Ganesha theme going

Thanks to Commenter Bob Jones.

Here are two Simpson's videos that mention Ganesha our new deity.


What a great day to be alive


Costas v. Bonds

If you haven't been following the Bob Costas-Barry Bonds catfight, you haven't missed much, but I thought this was chuckle worthy:
A day after Barry Bonds called him a "little midget man who knows (nothing) about baseball," broadcaster Bob Costas said he wasn't upset with the San Francisco Giants slugger and responded with a jab of his own.

"As anyone can plainly see, I'm 5-6 1/2 and a strapping 150, and unlike some people, I came by all of it naturally," Costas said Thursday in a telephone interview.

After all these years Barry's bulking, Costas probably has a bigger package than Bonds does now, too.

Even more silver linings

Okay, since I was the guy that called us all neurotic in the comments a couple of days ago, it is my turn to take a crack at the silver linings. After all, I'm pretty sure much of our panic is coming from the fact that none of us have experienced a nerve racking pennant race in a long, long time. So here we go.

*100 win teams run away with pennants. 87-92 game winners do not, and that's what the Brewers are this season (They'll be a 95 win team next year). It was fun holding a nice lead for much of the year thus far, but there are going to be challenges. Hopefully just from the Cubs, but the Cards can't be ruled out yet, either.

*The Cubs have gone something like 21-9 in their last 30 games. That's why we're all clutching our chests and doubling our beer intakes. That also means they are playing ball at a .700 clip. The Cubs are not that good, and they are due to cool off. And when the Cubs are cold, they make a Milwaukee January look like July in Phoenix.

*Once Sheets is back, this team easily has the best pitching staff in the division, even with its weaknesses. That is going to be put them in a very advantageous position come September.

*This is a young team that has never experienced a Major League pennant race before, but they are very experienced at winning in the minors. It would not surprise me in the least if they had begun to feel like this was going to be a cakewalk. The Cubs catching or even passing them could be the kick in the pants they need.

*As an addendum to the above, I'd rather these guys get pressed a little down the stretch. I'd rather that they know what it feels like to scratch and claw for every game going into the playoffs. I think it will better prepare them for October baseball.

*Back to the Cubs. This isn't the Cardinals chasing them down, ladies and gents. The Cubs are world renowned for bringing their fans to great highs and then dashing their hopes in the most painful way possible. They do this in the post season, but they also do it during the regular season. I think this Cubs team has just enough headcases to do it during the regular season this time. In other words, history is on our side.

*The Brewers are still within a game of having the best record in the National League, and they are playing lackluster ball. This isn't the Titanic sinking yet. Hell, they haven't even hit an iceburg. Yet. It's just that the engines aren't running full out right now.

*This has been an offensively streaky team all year. They are due to bust off a 15 game hot streak here soon.

*Yes, Yost has put some bizarre freaking lineups out there this year, and they make all of us want to yank our hair out in clumps. But they've been in a position to win a lot of those games and have even pulled out a few. Like it or not, their are a lot of young guys on this team that have not played in 162 games before. They are going to need more time off than 5 year vet if you want them to be worth a shit in October. Like you, I'd prefer he'd not rest 3 of them in one day, but as long as those odd lineups put them in positions to win and they aren't getting blown out, I can live with it...for this year.

*Have faith in Ye Milwaukee Gods. We get a World Series every 25 years or so in this town. We're due this year and next, even though that '83 squad screwed us a bit.

*Finally, be thankful we have a winning team to bitch about for 6 or 7 months this year. November through March could be very cold, professional sports-wise, this year.

That's all I have to say about that.

Packers report today

The First practice of Camp is tomorrow at 2pm Full Pads

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of Football ;)

The long road to the Super Bowl Begins today.


A new non Christian Deity joins the host of Gods worshiped at the WSB

This is my brand new Ganesha Statue my wife got me when she was in India she actually got in Agra the city where the Taj Mahal is located(the real one not the casino)

Ganesha is The Lord of Success,
The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshiped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Since the WSB has proven we are very tolerant and open to almost any and all Deity's if they can help our teams win. I am proud to welcome Ganesha to the our Deity fold.

We could use a little Success here. And we could do with some evils and obstacles(read cubs)being destroyed.

Lets hope Ganesha's arrival will spark a Brewers drive to the a win the division rally.

Hurray Ganesha

Update These two sit right next to my computer now.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Diya Mirza

In honor of my wife returning from India this morning I am going with Indian Supermodel Diya Mirza

So Happy Friday

Trying to find more silver linings

Well as we woke up this morning the Brewers were no worse off than they were when the started yesterday. They are still ahead of the Flubs by 2 games after the Flubs got taken to the wood shed by the Red Birds.

From the MJS
"Afterward, Cordero suggested it was time for the Brewers to play with a sense of urgency."

You think? Hell why start now? Ok that is not all that positive on my part so lets see if I can do better.

The pitching match up for this 4 game series looks better than the Reds series since Jeff Suppan will spend the whole series on the bench. It will be interesting to see how Parra does in his first big league start.

If they can go 3-1 they can salvage a 4-4 road trip and right now I can live with that and you have to hope the Reds will stay hot against the Flubs.

Things are very bleak right now but a couple of wins coupled with a couple of Flub losses would change that.

Right now 2 games up sounds better than 1 game up and I thought for sure the flubs would sweep the Cards to pour salt on our blown save wound. But they dropped a golden chance and now the Crew has to make them pay.

Can anyone tell me why they keep beating the Rickie Weeks has to be a lead off hitter dead horse? Yes Hart and Weeks are both slumping but at least Hart has a history of some success at lead off. More than we can say for Weeks. I swear if I hear "They have to get Weeks going" one more time I am heading towards a bell tower with a rifle. It has been over a 100 games and he hasn't got it going yet. Any one think he will find his stroke in the next 60 something games?

Put him in the 8th slot and let him work it out.

Ok I am putting the Reds Series behind me and looking forward.

Tonights game info

Vargas vs. Maroth at New Busch Stadium.

First pitch is at 7:10pm Ct

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

And we look to our Number 5 Starter to stop the bleeding.

It is going to be a good series I have no reason to think that way but I am going to predict a Brewers Sweep.

So Hurray Beer

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little good news on a bleak day

The Red Birds are doing bad things to the Flubs down in St Louis 10 to 1 as of this writing so the collapse today will not cost the Crew a game.

I am grasping at straws here to be positive.


Re: Now I am really stating to get this feeling

It's more like this feeling to me (especially after seeing the number of F-bombs dropped on today's live thread)...

And no, I didn't get to pick the freeze-frame used, though that's very appropriate as well.

Now I am really stating to get this feeling

Oh the humanity


Baseball makes us sad.


The MLB Blackout rules make no sense

I am never going to stop bitching about this.

The Crew is on the road in Cinncy so it is not a home game there is no local tv to watch, but MLB does a thing where they sinc up the stadium feed(the one on the TV over the concession stands) with the local radio so if you lived in Chicago or San Diego or Tampa and have MLB.TV you can actually watch today's game.

But they black it out in Milwaukee/Wisconsin why? I can see in Ohio but why in Wisconsin it is not like we are all going to drive to Ohio and buy a ticket for todays game. So why black it out here. It makes no sense are they trying to protect the local radio network force you to listen the BRN?

Another thing they do is keep the black out on when the game is sold out once again why ?

In this day and age their is no reason MLB.TV fans in Wisconsin should not be able to watch this game.

MLB really needs to rethink some of this shit.


Day Game Open Thread

Have at it.

Stupid Junior.


Anybody notice that the Tiger sent Jose Cappellan to Toledo? I wonder if he threw another fit? If you had your choice would you rather be in Nashville or Toledo?

Bad, Bad Brewers Trade

I agree with Mr. S.K. below. What the heck was this trade about? I'm just going to copy the complete BP review verbatim, copyright be damned, this is too important!

And the Krivsky Goes To…

…Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin, who just made what might be the worst trade of the summer. Scott Linebrink has not had a good season for the Padres. His QuikERA (my preferred version of PERA) is 4.78, and that’s pitching against National League West hitters in Petco Park. Yeah, Linebrink been better than this in the past, but relief pitchers have short life spans, and the general rule is that declines in their peripheral performances are fairly sticky. I doubt that he’d PECOTA out at better than a 4.50 ERA in Miller Park if we re-ran his numbers today. Nor is it clear that he’s any better than the fourth or fifth best pitcher in the Brewer bullpen.

The first reaction on our internal mailing list was “What? The Padres are selling?”. But I tend to turn that sentiment around thusly: for Kevin Towers to break form and trade a near-term asset in the midst of a pennant race means that he simply got too much offer to refuse. Teams already err on the side of applying discount rates that are far too steep on future seasons, but everyone has their breaking point; if the Diamondbacks offered Justin Upton to the Yankees for Andy Pettitte, would they dare refuse? Now, Will Inman is not Justin Upton, and the Padres will give up draft picks in the deal. But frankly, if Towers turned around tomorrow and tried to trade Inman for a nine-week rental, he could probably come up with a player who is far more valuable than Linebrink.

Inman is a good prospect. He might be ready next year or sooner, and he might be very, very good. Is this Liebrink fellow better than anyone other than C-Spurl and Ballfour? And even if he is, is he THAT MUCH BETTER? I hate this trade.

Trying for a split very early today.

Todays game info

Bush vs. Livingston at Great American Small Park

First pitch is at 11:35am CT

No TV so old school BRN baseball today.

Not much to say the Crew needs a win to salvage a split and the only thing to wonder about is what weird ass line up Yost will use today.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Bigs

Alright, this might help to take our minds off of the Suppantastic pitching performance in the nattiest city in the world. I own a Nintendo Wii, which is an awesome system with only a few really good games, but one of those games is The Bigs by 2K sports (that's Sega). It's an "arcade" (read: unrealistic) baseball simulation. It's great.

Despite momentary flights of fancy it's actually a very realistic simulation. A friend of mine always takes the twins while I take the Brewers, and those Johan changeups are legitimate knee-bucklers. Sheets and Cappy are exactly as good as they should be.

The Bigs makes the most out of the Wii's motion-sensing interactivity. If you want a guy to hustle, just swing your arms like you're hustling. If you want to throw to first, it's just a flick of the wrist in that direction.

Games like this tend to be slugfests, but hitting is legitimately difficult, and when you do get a hold of one it's very satisfying. Even the one-player mode is fairly entertaining, although it truly shines in multiplayer.

Anything that can tear me away from Wii Tennis has to be fun, and The Bigs really fills that lonely hole when you're jonesin' for baseball. For instance, tonight, when the Brewers decided not to show up and the Cubs wailed on the Cardinals.

Here is the underwhelming Gamespot review. It is better than they say it is.

I give it 7/10s of a Tecmo Super Bowl.

(Note to Brewers fans, the scouting is bad. Koskie still lives in this game, and they don't know what Corey Hart looks like. But these are minor flaws.)

Anyone beside me starting to have this vision of where this season is going?

I am really trying to talk myself off the ledge but right now they cannot pitch or if they pitch they cannot hit.

Someone tell me how it is going to be alright because I am not seeing it.

Hardy is slumping Hart is slumping Weeks is still slumping I could go on and on Oh yeah Suppan is well not worth 40 million.

Teams that win Divisions do not go and piss game after game away to the worst team in the division? I am sorry can anyone honestly say this team looks like a division winner right now.

I am probably over reacting but damn they go on the road and play like last years squad and it is frustrating.

The sad part is I am not even all that surprised this series has went this way so far. Until they prove they can win on road it is a joke thinking we have a shot at post season play.

Who thinks they will still be in first place by Sunday?

Sigh, Same Old Sorry Ass Brewers On the Road nothing ever changes. We have been seeing these kind of road trips for the last Decade why should it be any different this year.


Brewers Trade: Inman for Linebrink

I was in class all night so I am just seeing this now, thanks to an email from brewers.com.
They had to part with three valuable pitching prospects to do it, but the Brewers accomplished their primary trade deadline goal by acquiring reliever Scott Linebrink from the San Diego Padres on Wednesday.

The Padres received left-handed reliever Joe Thatcher, who was expected to join San Diego's bullpen, plus prospects Will Inman and Steve Garrison. Inman, a 20-year-old right-hander, was rated the third-best prospect in Milwaukee's organization by Baseball America. Thatcher was rated 23rd and Garrison was rated 27th.

Linebrink is 30 and a free agent after the season. But the Brewers were looking to bolster a bullpen that already is relatively solid for the team's first legitimate run at the postseason in at least a decade, and had their eye on Linebrink for the last year, Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said.

At first blush, I am anti this trade. It has a sort of Kazmir-feel to it. Linebrink will be the third option in the pen (at best) and the Brewers gave up a TON of potential to get him for less than half a year...

I haven't looked at anything other than this blurb, so there are very knee-jerk reactions.

Bogut comments help

Hey I was in and out of the car this morning and heard Charlie Sykes talking about how Andrew Bogut had been making comments ripping on Milwaukee and its fans. Saying we were basically drunk and fat etc. I cannot find the comments that were quoted does anyone know where he said this and can you throw me a link please?

Funny he doesn't like the NBA or Milwaukee but he keeps cashing the Checks

Between him and Balfour I am starting to get a strong dislike for all things Australian.

Aussie Aussie Aussie my fat drunk ass ;)


Brewers Rumor Mill Fun

Fox is reporting that the Crew was in the hunt for White Soxs outfielder Jermain Dye but that deal could not be worked out because the Crew would not part with Turnbow or Parra

Fox Blurb


Hmmm this sure looks like Notre Dame is ducking the Big Ten

The four letter network is reporting after 2011 the Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry will take a 2 year break.

The way I read this it was Notre Dames idea to take the break, I guess we know why they will not join the Big Ten they are tired of losing.

Where am I going with this beside just having fun bashing the Domers?

Well if the Big Ten adds another team they would be the Big Ten plus 2 and could have a play off. Which I think they need look what OverratedSU did after having 52 days off.

So who would you like to see join the Big Ten? Lets just say you cannot pick ND since we know those chicken shits want no part of the ass whooping they would get in our conference. Oh and you cannot say Marquette since it has to be a real sports school that plays football ;P lol.

So make your pick for number 12

Hurray the Big Ten. and On Wisconsin.


Update this is harder than it looks here is a list of all the Division one teams and which conference they play in

To me there are 3 teams all out of the Big East you would think would fit in quality of the program and physical location

West Virgina

Louisville and WVA would be very good additions to both football and basketball in the Big Ten, Pitt not so much in football but in basketball they would more than hold their own.

Of those three I would pick Louisville top flight in both major sports and the farthest West of the three schools. But you could make arguments for all three schools.

Let me know what you think.


Small Park was just big enough last night..

Well the Ben Sheets spot in the rotation is now 2-0 since he went down and we have Gallardo to thank for it. The kid can just flat out pitch.

The Great American Small Park was just big enough last night, well not big enough for Turnbow who had a rare bad night(Ugh Adam Dunn cannot play left field but Ugh he can hit little white ball). But in the 9th it was just big enough to make sure Ken Griffey Jr. didn't steal the night from the Crew though he had been trying to all night.

According to the interview in the MJS the only thing on Earth that did not think Griffey had homered was the Ball and maybe Kevin Mench. Jr. and Cordero both thought it was gone.

You have to be amazed sometimes with this Brewers team. They are a bunch of mashers and are playing in Small Park and what happens Ned and his weird line up score 5 runs the small ball way. Hard to figure baseball sometimes.

How about CV coming in after a couple of shaky outings and picking Turnbow up. Once again what a hard game to figure out.

The Crew did not gain any ground last night as the Red Birds lost 4-3 to the flubs, maybe LaRussa knew what he was doing not using Puljos in the 9th of the All-Star Game. Puljos grounded out weakly with the tying runner on base in the bottom of the 9th.

But no matter flubs are still looking up at the Crew on July 25, 2007.

I do not like Craig Counsell all that much but damn he got robbed a couple of times last night you look at how Griffey Jr. plays the game and just wish that it was him not the Prince of Darkness who going to break Hanks record. What a shame Griffey could not stay healthy after coming to the Reds.

The Brewers have to make a decision today since Red Killer Billy Hall is coming off the DL today so someone has to go down or be DFAed. My guess it will be TGjr. since he is going to miss 2 games this weekend to be in Cooperstown for his Fathers induction into the Hall(and he should be there family is more important than a couple of baseball games) Wouldn't it be nice if Grant Balfour was let go but knowing the Brewers it will not be him. That double header on Saturday has them tied up in knots.

You would think this is the first double header every played in baseball the way the Brewers are sweating over it.

Numbers time, The Crew is 12 games over 500 and 3 games ahead of the Flubs in the NL Central Race. The first of many magic numbers this season is 26 wins to a winning season.

Their record since the All-Star Break is 7-5(it should be 9-3 fucking Balfour) That is the key just keep winning and the rest will take care of itself

Tonights tilt.
Suppan vs. Loshe at Great American Just Big Enough Ball Park.

First pitch at 6:10pm CT

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

I am a little nervous since Griffey Jr. has owned Suppan over his Career numbers vs. Suppan are just too ugly for print.

A win tonight makes sure they get at least a split in this 4 game series.

Any bets on who will catch tonight I am guessing Miller since Johnny Estrada is suddenly gimpy.

So the Crew TCB's last night lets hope they can do it tonight.

Hurray Beer.

Update a comment over at Brew Crew Ball explains why Griffeys shot did not leave the park.

"The Reason It Did Not Go

was because of the gravitational pull of Mench's head."

by kjbsam

That is too funny if you do not wade through the game comment threads over at BCB you are missing a lot of funny stuff.

I am only two days late with this

Sorry I am a little slow this week I can only give you one of the two parks the Crew will be playing in Google still shows old Busch stadium so I cannot do St Louis yet.

Great American Small Park which last night was just big enough in the 9th inning.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can I Come In Now? Is Everybody Done Throwing Furniture Around In The Bar?

Another nice pitching performance tonight. The pitching is carrying this team as they had when the season opened. The bats came around shortly afterward and the team sprinted to a double digit lead in the division. Could that happen again beginning the second half? Odds are that it will. This team will hit. Not that a double digit game lead is in the offing but better baseball is ahead.

We are 6-4 in our last ten games.
If my eight grade lernin aint fail me, or my guzintas and nots and dubble not figgers is write then dag gummit Unkle Jed thats winin 60 percent of these here baseball games.

Granny sez winin this many makes us pert dern near good.
So whys these fellas here caring on like a cat in a rocker shop?

Jethro (Uncle Jed, wittling on a stick for no particular reason, just because thats what hillbillies do), sometimes young fellas ferget that this hear season is 162 games long. They wrap all them eggs into one little package. Now that game aint gonna matter much when time comes for reckonin' who keeps playin', jes like them eggs ain't gon matter much after breakfast.
Whooo Doggie's, you get that jazzed up over one game and your surely gonna be needin Granny's roomatiz cure.

Well that is 2 runs so far

That Ken Griffey Jr has robbed the Crew of tonight damn why does he have to do this tonight.

You just have to tip your hat to the old man so far.

Lets hope they can win in spite of Jr.'s Superman imitation.


Updated since the Brewers won for new commenter ed grimly

Can we fire Yost NOW?

Mea culpa; I need to pay attention to who writes what.

From the JSOnline item that ESK referenced below:
Yost explained that Estrada had been told not to push the leg.

"He doesn't have world-class speed in any shape or form," said Yost. "But I didn't want him pushing something like that."

What in the hell is Estrada doing out there night after night, especially in the 11th inning of a 1-1 game with the bases loaded, when he can't run and has been told not to run? Damian Miller has an OPS of .740 (.327 OBP/.413 SLG), Estrada .713 (.293/.420). Miller throws out more baserunners trying to steal (.333 vs .239). You can't even trot out the fact that Miller is a left-handed batter while Estrada is a switch-hitter to defend the latter's presence in the 11th; David Weathers is a righty. You could say that Estrada doesn't ground into double plays or strike out as often as Miller, but that's the ONLY positive.

I won't even get into tonight's lineup; ESK did a great job of that.

Of course, it's not all dark; the Brewers are further ahead of the competition than they were in 1982, and further ahead than the Braves were in 1957.

Lazy Bastard

What kind of shit head doesn't hustle on a groundball with the bases loaded in the 11th?? Oh, I guess one who is injured and has been playing to not blow out a hammy. I personally thought he got out of the box odd and twisted something, but apparently he was just gimpy. Also, no matter how hard Estrada runs, he is out by 10 feet on that play, hurt or not.
Amid outcries from Brewers fans that Johnny Estrada didn't hustle while grounding into a game-changing double play Monday night, manager Ned Yost revealed today that his catcher had been playing with an ailing left hamstring for a couple of weeks.

Yost removed Estrada from the lineup for the game tonight against Cincinnati, saying he would need at least two games off.

"Johnny has been playing with a very stiff left leg for the last two weeks," said Yost. "I told him to go as hard as he could go without blowing it out."

Also revealed, tonight's line-up. Yost is apparently trying to justify relegating Gallardo to the bullpen by making it as difficult as possible for him to win baseball games:
2B Rickie Weeks
SS Craig Counsell
3B Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Kevin Mench
LF Geoff Jenkins
C Damian Miller
CF Tony Gwynn Jr.
RHP Yovani Gallardo

That is some inspiring shit. What the hell happened to this ball club in the past few weeks?!?

Little League Tournaments

I called the 9-10 year old District 6 Little League softball championship game last night. The president wanted me to sing the National Anthem but i couldn't choke it out. Too much dust from the ground crew before the game. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and remove your caps, for the Pledge of Allegiance."

Almost as good.

A brilliant pitching duel. The windmill fast pitch from these girls is truly amazing. Hard to believe they're only nine. In the end South Milwaukee bested Greenfield 5 runs over 2. South Milwaukee moves on to the State tournament to be held in Appleton.

South Milwaukee is still hosting the 10-11 year girls tournament as well as the 9-10 boys and 10-11 boys. If y'all have positively nothing better to do come on down and check out the all stars of district 6 as they fight to move on to State.

Time to wash that bitter Balfour taste from our mouths

With a big heaping pitcher of Gallardo tonight. I am still just sitting here just thinking damn they had a chance to win the Harang game of the series and blew it.

But on a bright note that is two games in a row where Cappy has looked like a number 2 starter. I hope to hell he can keep this up and they can start scoring some more runs.

I know everyone is focusing on Rickie Weeks issues at the plate but J.J. Hardy has become a hitting black hole. No timely hit can escape his bat. He is racing to a batting avg. that is below 260 very quickly.264 as of this writing. It looks like the Brewers All-Star Curse is striking again.

Games like last night make that voice in my head(well one of many voices in my head lets call this one the sports voice)start to talk a little louder that maybe the Crew is really one year away from being ready to make a real run. This year might turn out to be a seasoning year. A good hard fought pennant chase with the Flubs or the Red Birds would do this young team a world of good, even if they end up losing it. They have to learn how to win on the road. They really have to learn how to win games like last night on the road, Good Odin when the other team is trying to hand you a win even after a performance like the one Harang put on last night you have to take it.

Games like last night and the other Balfour loss to Az are the type of games that haunt you in late September.

I am not ready to turn on Johnny Estrada yet but efforts like his dogging it on that double play in the 11th can make you understand why a guy with his tools gets traded every year.

Ok time to move on to tonights game.

Gallardo vs. Belisle at cavernous Great American Ball Park(played that way last night)

First pitch is at 6:10pm Ct

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620/BRN

Lucky for the Crew they only pissed away half a game in the standings last night since the Flubs didnt play. Flubs vs. the Red Birds tonight in St Louis you know who to root for.

Lets get it done tonight and do what 1st place teams do to last place teams.


Well I slept on it

And I still think Grant Balfour Sucks Ass. 0-2 with a 20.25 ERA. In 2 2/3 innings

DFA him as soon as possible before he can lose again.


Monday, July 23, 2007

And while I am at it Just for tonight Johnny Estrada

I thought you were an offensive catcher? While tonight you were just offensive. Base loaded no outs a deep fly ball scores a gift run. But no you ground into a DP and do not get the run in Fuck.

Sigh I like Johnny but tonight you get the Stewie Treatment.


Grant Fucking Balfour

I hope that is the last time we ever see Mr Balfour pitch in a Brewers Uniform.

What a waste of a great night of pitching and yes they had the bases loaded with no outs and could not push a run across. What can you say.

But all that being said it was still tied at 1 when Mr Kane Davis oops I mean Grant Balfour came in and pissed away the game.

It is a shame Cappy has pitched pretty damn well in his last two starts and has gotten to ND's

Fucking Balfour is a human surrender flag he is just like Ben Hendrickson a classic AAAA guy.

The only bright spot is they did this against Harang you had to figure this would be a Loss for the Crew with him on the mound so you bounce back and take the next three.

What a fucking waste.

There I feel a little better

Just sitting here shaking my head.


Which ever pitcher loses tonight deserved better

Harang or Capuano with ever one loses got screwed. Both threw one bad pitch though 8 innings.

top of the 9th tied 1-1



The Dark Blue Uniforms have become the "home" uniforms

Is it just me or does it seem the Dark Blue Brewers "Alternate" uniform has become the number one home uniform? I mean excluding the Friday Retro games and specials like the Negro league or Cervicero's game, you are more likely to see the Crew come out in the Dark Blue shirts than the White shirts.

I do not have a problem with that but it is funny how the White Jersey has been relegated to the Alternate jersey. I guess the pitchers pick which jersey the team will wear that day. I wonder if it is a superstition that causes them to pick the Dark Blue Jersey so much.

I have way too time on my hands to think about crap like this.


Quick Editorial note

The Pack goes to camp next Saturday I looked at the calender wrong when I said they started last Saturday oops.

July 28 is the start of Packer Camp it is also the start of German Fest in Milwaukee and the annual Jimmy Buffet Concert at Alpine Valley in East Troy.

Want to guess which one I will be at Saturday?



I would like to report that I did finish Book 7 of Harry Potter last night.

I liked the book, and I cannot believe that the story is over.

That is all I will say at this point.

Hurray Books

On the Road again Just cant wait to get on the road again.

Actually I can but the schedule does not care what I think right. The crew leaves wonderful in HD when shot from the Goodyear Blimp Miller Park to start a 8 games in 7 days road trip.

They managed to hold on yesterday and avoided the sweep and gave themselves a 6-4 home stand. Vargas pitched very well and even though it looked like it would be another get out early and then watch helplessly while the other team chipped away at their lead game. They did not let the Giants catch them and Vargas moved to 8-2 on the season and remained undefeated in his lifetime at Miller Park. Not bad for your number 5 starter he can make far too interesting some days but much better than last season.

It was nice to see Hardy and Hart start getting back into the action.

All in all a nice Sunday win to cap off a decent home stand and the fact the Diamondbacks took 2 of 3 from the Flubs helped too. The Brewers increased their lead back to 3.5 games.

What a home stand at Miller Park huge crowds they whole home stand topped off with 4 sellouts in a row. Attendance: 42,554 (100.4% full) for Sundays game. I loved the over head shots from the Blimp and how great the full park looked in HD.

Now looking forward off to Cincinnati and the Great American Small Park there in. 4 games against the last place team in the NL Central, now is when the Crew has to start really winning on the road they need to go 3-1 down at Small Park and 6-2 for the road trip nothing less will do.

The Reds are a bad ball club with nothing left to play for so if the Brewers want to be considered a elite team in the NL they have to feast on teams like the Reds even when on the road. Who knows maybe Adam Dunn will get to change dugouts during this series(man can have dreams cant he?)

Tough pitching match up tonight in game one.

Capuano vs. Harang at Great American Small Park

First pitch is at 6:10pm Ct (East Coast Baseball)

TV: FSN | Radio: WTMJ 620

Cappy is so due for a win it hurts he deserved a better fate last time out where he got the ND but he deserves a night where the bats go ape shit and score him 8 runs and let him cruse to an easy win. It is just they catch one of the Reds best pitchers tonight in Harang 10-2 3.63 era they will have their work cut out for them.

Everyone root for the Red Birds the next couple of days as they host the Flubs in St Louis time for the Cubs to come back to earth.

Have a good Monday all

Hurray Beer

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potential Good News For The Packers

The Steelers have signed their first round pick. LB Lawrence Timmons, the fifteenth overall pick. Timmons will be used on the edge in Pittsburgh's 3-4 "D" alignment.

The good news is this now gives Denver a number to shoot at with the seventeen pick, also an edge rusher, Jarvis Moss. If Moss sign's this week it will give G.B. a high and a low number to target in getting Harrell signed. Harrell is not an edge guy, he's an interior anchor, but getting the two bookends surrounding him signed should get the guy signed. I look for Harrell to be signed by Friday. Usually the dominoes fall in pretty short order after one of the top fifteen signs. Especially on that side of the ball (defense).

Dude, Where's My Hamstring?

Every good beer leaguer dreams of dominating the game until the day they decide to give up the game for fishing and beer drinking. I'm no different. During my 20's, it even seemed possible. Every beer leaguer has to come with grips with one thing, though: Your body will come to hate you. For me, it started gently. I couldn't get to ground balls I used to eat up. I'd range deep into the hole for balls I used to come up with and I'd tumble fielding the ball. My wife once even asked when I dropped the two anchors on the basepaths. Still, at 31, I was better than most on the field. But today I had an experience that made me come to terms with my softball mortality. I helped some friends out and filled in on their tournament team. I had a very good tournament, and my confidence about being able to play with the 20 year olds was soaring.

Then I hit the line drive.

It looked to be a solid single, and I started to take it easy to first. The only problem was the young prick of a second baseman on the other team dove and knocked it down. Now I had to kick my aging but not old wheels into top gear to insure I made it to first safely. My aging but not old wheels did not agree with this action. Suddenly, my left hamstring felt like someone snapped a rubber band in my leg. As I hobbled to first, screaming while holding my leg, I knew that age had shoved my head firmly up my ass. But I was safe. Unfortunately, the rightfielder had to retrieve my hamstring from foul territory for me. After tucking the hammy back in place, I was determined to prove how tough I was. The next hitter hit a ground ball to short, and I barrelled down to second like an eighty year old with a bad case of hemorrhoids and an iron walker with tennis balls on the legs. I slid in...30 feet from the bag. I was out to end the inning.

Not to be defeated that easily, my teammates offered alternate defensive lineups that would get me out of playing third. I knew better, though. I think my exact words were, "I'm fucking playing third base, and that's that." I knew that even on a bum leg, I could hold my own at the hot corner. Until, that is, the young guys on the other team smelled the blood. I became the wounded gazelle limping in front of the starving lions. After going up the middle the entire game, they started to try to exploit the gimpy old bastard at third. Women weeped. Babies covered their eyes. But old softball players won out. The even older man at short held his own and wrapped up the victory. I'm pretty sure he's going to be even more sore than I, but at least he looked good. And at least we won the tournament. Meanwhile, I just want to know how to reattach a hammy. Duct tape, anyone?

National Game My Ass

So much for Fox televising Saturdays travesty nationwide. I am on vacation in Florida (St. Pete) and I got stuck watching the damn Sox vs. Sox.

I scheduled my Saturday around being able to watch the game and I couldn't.

I suppose I should thank Fox though. This part of the country didn't have to watch the lackluster Brewer's offense.

I am going thru some serious Brewer's withdrawl.

Oh well back to my drinks and vacation...



Did you know that Team USA won the 2007 World Championship of American Football? Neither did I. But ex-players from UW-LaCrosse and UW Stevens Point and a retired UW-Whitewater coach were part of the team.

Five Biggest Jerks In Sports

I was sitting watching the British Open this morning and watching Ernie Els, and no he's not one of my chosen jerks, but watching him reminded me of what a jerk Collin Montgomerie is. This, then, got me thinking of the top five biggest jerks in sports I see on my tv:

  1. Barry Bonds
  2. Tony Stewart
  3. Any number if NBA players. Ok, pick one ... Rasheed Wallace.
  4. Gary Sheffield
  5. (tie) Randy Moss/Terrell Owens
If I could throw in owners, Mark Cuban comes to mind, though it's probably just money-envy on my part. Dan what's-his-name from the Washington Redskins is my favorite, an unsuccessful jerk. Fans? Any fan of any team in Chicago, the biggest bunch of band wagon jumpers in the universe. Try and find anyone in Chicago who will tell you that they thought Lou Pinella was a doddering fool two months ago. Go ahead, you won't find one.

Define a jerk, you say. Ok, here you go: anyone I say is a jerk, is a jerk. It's just that easy and it really, really works.

Well now it is up to Houdini to save us

If the Crew loses they will match the season total for the 27 Yankees at 44. That is amazing isn't it even in the dead ball era. 44 losses for an entire season is quite a feat.

Vargas as we all know has never lost at Miller Park so we have that going for us. But if the Bats keep up their anemic attack that they have had for most of this home stand they are in trouble with Barry Zito on the hill for the Giants.

I am going to pretend yesterday did not happen and just be greatful that the Diamondbacks kept the Flubs 2.5 back.

I swear I am so sick of hear the phrase "The Surging Cubs" from national talking heads.

So today can salvage one game and avoid a sweep it will also give them a 6-4 home stand vs. a 5-5 one.

It would also send them on to this short 8 game in 7 days road trip with a little Mo.

You would hope they could go down and feast on the Reds and maybe find their stroke in Great American Small Park. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets take care of business today first.

Vargas vs. Zito at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 1:05pm CT

TV: FSN-HD, Telemundo | Radio: WTMJ 620

One final thought what a weekend attendance wise

Yesterday's attendance: 43,180 (101.8% full) today they will be going for 3 sellouts in a row be nice if they actually won one of them

Look at the bright side July is almost over since the Brewers seem to alternate a good month with a bad month and July is going to qualify as a bad month at the rate they are going August should be outstanding.

They are going to get it done today

Hurray Beer

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bogut's New HairCut

Andrew Bogut shows off his new haircut on a Australian talk show.


Nice job of stepping all over their dicks on National TV(well in some parts of the nation)

Wow how do you lose a series to the Giants at home?

With as anemic as the bats have been on this home stand other than the last AZ game the Brewers are lucky to have won 5 of the games on this home stand.

What is it with this team they either all hit at once or all go cold at the same time. Bush deserved a better fate than the got today.

Oh well tomorrow is another day


Look who is trying to run Sergio down at the British Open

As of this writing Wisconsin's very own Steve Stricker is tearing up Carnoustie Golf Club, Carnoustie, Scotland. He is though 14 and is -7 for the day and -6 for the tournament. He is one shot behind the whiny Spaniard Sergio Garcia who is through 6 and -1 for the day and -7 for the tournament.

If Steve can win this thing I guess the US Bank Championship people will forgive him for going to Scotland instead of Milwaukee ;)

Go get some Steve


Who would have known the Packers going to camp would be the third most important thing happening today in Wisconsin

Wow I think that is in the running for the longest title to a post here every lol.

Can you believe that Pack is starting camp today at 2pm up at St Norbert's College in Green Bay.

Wow is it time for football already. I had often wondered how the people of Wisconsin would handle a situation like this the Brewers playing meaningful baseball when the Pack goes to camp.

I will be honest I am full Brewers mode, the Pack is going to have to take a back seat to the Crew. Not that I will not be following the Pack like always but if there is a Brewers game on at the same time of a preseason Pack game you know which one is going on the DVR and which is going to get watched live.

It will be interesting to see how the local sports media handles this usually today would start the period of all Packers all the time but I think this will be a brave new world in Wisconsin at least this season.

Anyone planning on going up to see an open practice up in Green Bay? If you go take pictures.

The Packers training camp website

Also Jason Wilde has his position by position reports on the Packers in the Wisconsin State Journal Sports section.

I like Jason he is on the radio a couple time a day in the Milwaukee and Madison markets and I like his take on the Pack

Hurray Beer and Cheese

Happy Harry Potter day

If you are a member of Potter Nation as I am, I would like to say Happy Harry Potter day.

My copy of book 7 should be sitting on my stoop when I get back from the oldest Saturday morning gymnastics practice, and since my wife is in India all week for work I will something to keep me busy.

While this is a happy day for those of us in Potter Nation it is also a bitter sweet day since most likely this is the last book of a series many of us have had as a part of our life for quite a while. It will be sad to finish the last book and know that the whole experience is over.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,"


I think the Weasley Twins would fit in here lol

Does anyone know when the next Quidditch World Cup is lol

That is not how division winning teams play

Wow WTF happen to CV last night he was sailing right along and then just went off the rails. That was not fun to watch I am sorry I really like CV but he should have been pulled after the third walk. He was only going to pitch that one inning anyway.

Suppan did not pitch all that well but he did pitch well enough to win. The Giants are a bad team with nothing to play for the Crew has to take advantage of teams like this.

Well they can still get the next two games and win the series 2-1 so all is not lost it was just one game. But I am starting to be worried by the lack of timely hitting and the bullpen that is starting to show cracks. That is two game on this road trip where the Pen coughed up the lead with 2 outs.

One bright spot last night was Rickie Weeks played a lot better his play at home when he crushed the Giants catcher was outstanding. I really thought that was going to be the spark to a big win. But then they stranded Hardy at 2nd and didnt get another run.

It is gut check time, the Cubs are now officially breathing down the Brewers necks 2.5 games leaves little room for error. It will be interesting to see how this young Brewers team and their manager handle the pressure. Hell it will be interesting to see how we fans handle the pressure it has been a while since we have watched meaningful baseball in July. As worthless as the Flubs have been their fans have had some playoff baseball in the recent past.

Ok then need to bounce back and play better today they have a chance to make a statement to a nation wide audience today being the "Big" game on Fox this afternoon.

Tell me this would you rather have Adam Dunn in left or Graffanino or Jenkins? I know who I want Ugh.

Another great crowd last night. Attendance: 43,121 (101.7% full)

Oh and Grant Balfour is looking like he is another AAAA ACE. I am ready to say G-day mate to him already.

Ok enough whining time to get ready for today's game.

Bush vs. Lincecum at wonderful in HD Miller Park

First pitch is at 2:55pm CT

TV: FOX | Radio: WTMJ 620

Gut Check time boys

The Open and ESPN

I think people should look elsewhere to hate ESPN. TNT also calls it the Open. Oops, Tiger just called "Fore"!

The Open is in Scotland. The Scots have had some political grumblings recently. While it's been mild it has been enough for Scotland to finally achieve it's own parliament. THat's a pretty big deal if you've never had one.

Anyway, i believe the Open is called that because of Scottish nationalism and not because of hip media syndicates. The "British" Open simply won't due anymore. Looks like Tiger clocked someone in the head. He talked to the "victim" briefly.

RE: Response To ESK

Once again I'm late to the game.
In response to ESK's post of 7:38 AM Friday, before the babe, I had this to say.

I think it's pretty obvious this past home stand that we need another stick in the lineup.

From what we have seen of Balfour, he is not a replacement for Wise (Wise being the main component as I see it). However, Parra looked good tonight so maybe we could let Wise go.

The infield prospect may be a loss only if it's a Pujols type prospect but our infield is fine for the next ten years.

Gwynn's loss is just more static in a bloated outfield situation with no power hitters available. Throw in Laynce Nix and Gabe Gross and the picture is perfectly clear, go get Dunn and use the projected 60 mil in revenue sharing to sign him for four years with a club option.

The revenue sharing tax will be huge this year since the Flubs joined the mix to the tune of about 120 mil. (when you add Jason Kendall to the mix) to go along with the Stankees and the Suwx paying in their usual 130 mil. That makes re-signing Dunn do-able.

Remember Wise is a bit older also. He is a Tommy John recycle, 29 years old.

I just hope we don't find out down the road that Melvin is the one who wouldn't pull the trigger because he didn't want to deal Gwynn the week prior to his dad's induction to the HOF.

That would be criminal.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I've Had Enough

So I yelled at the street "I've had enough, and I'm not going to take it anymore".
The worst network in the history of mankind has struck again.
ESPN is in the midst of a campaign to paint Bud Selig as a racist and a bad commissioner.

Bud Selig single handily resuscitated MLB and saved it from itself. Does anyone recall the ratings and attendance of the NBA surpassing MLB when Bud took over? Do these so called "reporters" remember their denouement of MLB as dead. The funeral dirges were left only to choice.
Bud gave us inter-league play. Bud gave us an extra round of play-offs (to compete head to head with the NFL), Bud gave us revenue sharing and finally Bud broke the cabal formerly known as the Umpires Union. The inroads Bud has made with the players union on five straight labor agreement's is a dream David Stearn wakes up from and washes sheets. The labor agreements rival the NFL's. That is why "reporters" (or, more accurately defined, union shills) denounce Bud as a failure, even though his tenure will go down as THE single most successful in the history of baseball.
Now ESPN has played it's final card to impugn Bud's reputation, the race card.
From sportscenter, to first and ten, to Outside The Lines, First Look, to Baseball Tonight, ESPN has trotted out one black reporter after another banging away at Bud, all claiming that Bud is racist for not attending every Frisco Giant game from now until the JuiceMan breaks Hank's record. Guess what, agenda driven monopoly ESPN, sports fans are smarter than you think.

Bud Selig is not racist. He is anti-cheating. The media that condemns Bud is the media that Bud gave the responsibility of policing baseball to. Bud trusted those that had full access to locker rooms and front offices to be truthful and report what was going on. They failed a six year trial as arbiters of neutrality. Bud, has now taken over, and those he gave faith to are railing against him. Simple retribution by those who failed in their responsibility.

Finally, Bud has put friendship (deeply held friendship, that is rare), that of his relationship with Hank, a rarity in this day and age, above cheating.
Why is that bad?
Why do these people defend an admitted cheater?
Why do these distributors of information choose to forget their own failings and blame the wrong man?
Bud Selig didn't cheat.
The man admitted he used the cream and the clear. He tried to take down other ballplayers with him. Cream and Clear even indicted (true meaning of the word) Gary Sheffield and others.

Of course "reporters" only told us about the Lazy-Boy chair Bonds enjoyed in front of his locker and his propensity for absence as a teammate.
Now they blame Bud.
I call bullshit.
When these sorry excuse for reporters ask me, as a fan, to believe that Bud is racist, I will respond, no Bud is not racist, he is anti-cheating. Those that call Bud a devious racist, using Hank as a shield, I say, open your eyes, racism has occurred here, it is not on Bud's porch, it is on your shoulders.
Your attempt to paint Bud as a racist is in itself racist. If you can't see that then you have crossed the line into prejudice, or pre-judging.

Point, I've had enough, these cheaters, doing it for personal gain, have compromised the game. That is unconscionable.
Bud called him on it and that is a good thing. Now they want Bud to compromise his principals so they can play the AH-HA game.

As General Patton is often quoted as saying, "Don't Give The Bastards The Satisfaction".

Announcing a baseball game

I need help. My league is hosting district championship games for little league. I have to announce one of the games.

While i'm not afraid of a microphone i don't want to give the players a crap performance. Anybody have a script on how to announce a game? I'm specifically thinking of pregame. When are players announced? Who gets announced first? Are substitute players announced first or last? Does the National Anthem, yes we do that, come before or after the players are named? Any other items or protocols i'm missing? Anything i should avoid because most people hate it?

I need this by Monday. Normally i'd listen to Uecker and take lots of notes. Ironically i'm working little league so i won't be able to do that. email me at ehenry0623@gmail.com to avoid cluttering the blog. Unless y'all like that kind of thing...

Thanks for the help.

This is every gamblers nightmare

an NBA Official is being accused of betting on games he was officiating.

I never bet on NBA games but this is the stuff that will keep you awake at night if you are a serious degenerate gambler.


Bring on the Prince of Darkness

With luck this will be the last series ever for Barry Bonds in Milwaukee(I figure next season if he plays he will be a DH in the AL)

I am willing to bet the POD and the Giants will not let him tie or break the record in Hank Aaron's city. Can you imagine the riot in Miller Park when he hit that home run.

They will at most let him hit one in Milwaukee then on the bench he will go. It is not about the Giants winning any more it is about Barry getting the record.

Well enough about the JuiceOmatic the Brewers have baseball games to win.

You have to just look at what You did yesterday and drool over his future the kid can just flat out pitch and the has the mental strength of an Ace. So far Ben Sheets spot in the starting rotation is 1-0 what a shame they are not both pitching but makes you think what the rotation will look like in September.

What a nice win yesterday in spite of the Gabe Gross home run lol. I hope the Diamond Backs find themselves this weekend in Chicago. We said at the start of the series the Brewers need to at worst go 3-1 and they did and they made a run at the sweep.

So they are now 5-2 on the home stand and have a woeful Giants team coming to town for 3 games. So the plan for this weekend is 2-1 and shoot for a sweep.

It is the "bottom three" in the rotation going this weekend, Suppan, Bush then Vargas. It will be interesting to see if Suppan and Bush can keep the good MoJo going and Vargas is well Vargas they find a way to win for him.

Take Care of Business has to be the motto of the Crew from now till the end of the season. But man it was nice to have a game go into the 7th inning and be pretty much over. They go into the weekend with a bullpen that is in a much better place than it was when the Arizona series started.

Congrats to Matt Wise for his hit in yesterdays game that has to be special for a relieve pitcher who rarely gets to bat.

Once again an outstanding crowd yesterday for an afternoon game.

Attendance: 41,156 (97.1% full) get your tickets now folks that is all I am going to say.

Ok tonights game, it is a Retro Friday

Suppan vs. Lowery at wonderful Miller Park.

First pitch is at 7:05pm Ct

TV: FSN-HD | Radio: WTMJ 620

Hurray Beer

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Kelly Brook

Wow it is like she is wearing a Mae West life vest ;) This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of model Kelly Brook.

Happy Friday

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