Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reports that Godzilla was sighted in Chicago Saturday

We are still trying to confirm that after a month long absence that Godzilla had resurfaced in Chicago having crawled out of Lake Michigan and after devouring a couple of Red Line Trains at the Howard Street Station moved South and was seen eating asshole Flubs fans in Wrigleyville.

Our on the scene reporter Paul filed this photo of the beast.

Updates as we learn more

Go Go Godzilla

I do miss Matt Vasgersian

I was watching todays game you know the one where the Brewers basically prison raped the flubs. About the 3rd inning I realized how much I missed having Matty do Brewers games. Who know maybe Brian Anderson will grow on me but he will never be as good as Vasgersian.

I thought he and Mark Grace make a good announcing team even though the Cubs fans must have gotten tired of both of them gushing over the Brewers. Ahhhhh too bad.

It sounded like there was a pretty decent Brewer contingent down there. We will have to wait for Paul's report.

Another example of most Cubs fans are flaming assholes. Over at Bleed Cubbie Blue they were calling for Cub pitchers to throw at Brewers hitters and whining and crying that we were stealing on them up by 5 and 6 runs. Hello they came back from 5 down yesterday assholes today Ned was ready to give them the a couple of death blows just to make sure. Plus they have just worked the Flubs bullpen like a rented mule over the last two days. If they can jump on Marquis early and get into that bullpen for a third day it may be Katie bar the door time.

I do hope the Flubs enjoyed their one day being back at 500.

You have to admit this Brewers team is pretty good at crawling off the Matt and then landing a crushing round house on their opponent.

I hope Paul enjoyed todays game 13-4 I guess that is what happens when you run out of luck.

Back to 14 over 500

35 more wins to a Winning Season.

1-1 on the road trip

Hurray Beer

Paul Swears A Great Deal, Explains Why You Should Not Panic, And Dispels Any Thoughts That The Cubs Will Gain "Momentum," Whatever That Means.

Brewer-Cub games are a blast down here, but not when the Brewers lose. And especially not when they lose like that. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon saying things like "Fuck!" and "Goddammit!" and "Shit!" and "Motherfucker!" Fortunately, I was able to overcome this unlikely outburst of profanity upon encountering my first trash-talking Cubs fan in the aftermath of that terrible debacle. He said:


I have a problem with encounters like this as I am unable to engage in "you're stupid, no you're stupid" arguments. I tend to say things like "You had batters hit two seeing-eye singles in the ninth. Any one of them could have been a game-ending double play. And Cordero, who had at that point faced more batters than normal, made one bad pitch to ArmRam. And our young pitcher out-dueled your young pitcher. Your team got lucky, and you should not revel in luck too much, as she is a fickle mistress."

Now. when someone says "Bwahhh-hahah-mdsff" to you, it is generally not considered wise to counter with anything ending with the phrase "fickle mistress" but I have an unfortunate habit of saying things like that. He responded with:

You don-oweramirez...heroolz manitzcold...priorwooodfdsdfksdfk.

He then proceeded to vomit in a garbage can. I love my neighborhood sometimes.

A few, more erudite Cubs fans hooted and hollered at me (I was, by the way, wearing my Brewer cap at the time), made sarcastic "nice game" comments, etc. I told them that I actually liked a lot of Cubs. Brant Brown, Leon Durham, and Moises Alou, for starting that popular trend in Chicago where everyone peed on their own hands.

None of them seemed to get it. Alas.

Anyway, yesterday was just luck. We could have scored a few more runs. We didn't. The strike zone was garbage. They got a few lucky singles off of Franky. It happens. I was a loss of luck. It's not indicative of anything other than the fact that the Cubs and Brewers played a relatively close game, and someone had to win it.

Today Sheeter goes against Marshall. Marshall has pitched well so far this year, however we have beaten him before and we will beat him again today. I remember after the no-hitter some rather stupid pundits predicted that the Brewers would continue their slide. They went on a huge winning streak. Maybe that will happen here, and maybe it won't, but yesterday's lucky-ass game will in no way determine what happens today or tomorrow. The Cubs have been "hot" whatever that means. The Cubs were "hot" because they played the rather terrible Chicago White Sox, followed by the better but not great Colorado Rockies (in Wrigley). That is a recipe for "hot." And of course both the Brewers and Cubs will probably stay "hot" after this series as they both play the Nationals and Pirates.

The Brewers have the better match-up today. They will probably win. Simple as that.

No need to panic or freak out. Now, I'm off to some pre-game activities.

Something to get your mind off of yesterday

Will you survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse?

I will


Hat tip to my friend Bill the Mets fan for this quizzie


It was still only one game

The loss yesterday stung even worse than the no hitter but in the end it is only one game. If they can come back and win today and tomorrow we will all be back in our Brewers happy place.

To be honest I am glad we are almost done with the Flubs they are the only team in the Central that gives the Crew trouble. Every division winner seems to have one team that just gives it fits. Remember when the Crew was Toronto's nightmare team.

The key is getting the win today then tomorrow is a rubber game not a dont get swept game.

They bounced back from the no hitter I have faith they will bounce back from the blown game last night. Face it the Flubs cannot stay this lucky for ever.

Ok todays game
Sheets vs. Marshall at Wrigley Field

First Pitch is at 2:55pm CT and is one of Fox's games of the week

So it will be on your local Fox station and the BRN.

Even Ali had to get up off the mat every now and again.

I have faith in Sheets.

It is weird but both teams have now blown a 5-0 lead in a game at Wrigley.


It's A Sausage Fest Out There Boy's, I'm Not Going In


Bulls Draft Woman In First Round Of NBA Draft. ESPN misses story. Picture verifies truth. Above photo shows how out of control Joniece's steroids are. A mustache is visible. She said her waxist was in the Bahama's.

Tank Johnson may be given a second chance by the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jimmy Jerry Johnson Jones wants to regain his position in the Guinness Book of World Records. Johnson Jones wants to regain his spot in the fabled book by signing Tank Johnson who replaced Nate Newton as the total weight (drugs, or guns and ammo, plus weight of man) owner of a felon in the NFL.

Man-child who makes living playing dress-up espouses love for Shitcago. One of America's greatest gifts to the world, John Cusack, actor and playtime expert, stretches his eighth grade educated mind and tells of his love for all things Shitcago.


Kobe Bryant continued to suffer from diaper rash and the refusal of his wife to change his soiled nasties. Kobe laid down his own brand of Danica justice by calling a Doctor stupid. Kobe does have bona fidas though, unlike John Cusack he has a High School Diploma, allegedly.Mickey Mouse, wearing a Mark Cuban T-Shirt (see photo above) has stated that Don Nelson stole secrets from Cubans mouth to whip his team in the recently concluded NBA play-offs. Here's a hint Mickey, shut your cakehole. A guy can't use info if he never heard it. Boy Genius, Mickey, who made his billions by selling before the internet bubble, that he created, collapsed, actually has a college degree. What a sad state our extended education system has become.

Friday, June 29, 2007

We Continue To Test Big Bens Mettle

Things were going a bit too nicely for the Brewers and Ben Sheets this year.
Their finally giving him some run support, he has avoided the nagging injuries and he is one of only two starters who can give you 120 pitches a game.
So what does the club do? They throw him a curve ball more wicked than Ben's very own bender, they ask him to stop the bleeding after one of the toughest losses this team has ever faced.
Prove again your Cy Young material Ben.
Show the young guy's the way.
11 W's at the break.

This about sums up how the end of todays game felt.

Now I am just going to pretend they lost 10-1 and move on

Lets never speak of this game again.


A nice article on the Brewers

In the Chicago Tribune of all places, this is worth a read.


Why Baseball is such a great game

Some days the Baseball Gods crush you like a bug then the next day they let you spend a day sitting on top of Mount Olympus.

The Houston Astros have to suffer through being swept by a walk off home run by Brewer Damion Miller in the 11th inning. They had to watch the Brewers do the team we won war dance/instant Mosh pit at home plate as Miller touched home plate. I am guessing that was one of the low points of the season for the Astros players.

But then last night not only does Craig Biggio get 5 hits to break the 3000 hit barrier but Carlos Lee crushed a grand slam to give the Astros a win in the 11th inning

So it was the Astros turn to do the Mosh Pit at Home Plate.

Baseball is a great game.


Do you think Yi Jianlian can find Milwaukee on a map.

I have a feeling that by the time this is done Bucks fans will want to string this kids agent up in front of the BC.

Now that will be the last thing I will say about the Bucks during the off season.


Congratulations to Alando Tucker

Phoenix makes Alando Tucker 29th pick in NBA draft. I do not think this could have worked out better for Tucker, he is going to a team that could win a ring next year he got drafted in the first round.

From what I have read about Tucker I am probably more excited and happy he is going to be a millionaire than he is.

But it is nice to see one of the good guys, who has done it the right way get the rewards their hard work has earned.

Plus as an Alum I love to see good thing happen to guys who played for Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin and here is to a long and successful career Mr. Tucker.


Time to take that Hill

To the wood shed that is. Ok the Crew starts their 10 game road trip down at worlds greatest monument to failure, Wrigley Field today. This is one of those series where we get to see if the Crew is ready to claim the NL Central as their very own bitch.

The Four letter network is just gaga over the Flubs since they have won 6 straight games(due to the really bad play by the Rockies) Hey they even managed to gain a game on the Crew during that 6 game winning streak. To quote SCTV Count Floyd "Ooooh scary boys and girls"

I think this series is a bigger deal for the Flubs and their fans. No matter what happens Milwaukee will head to Pittsburgh still in First Place. To be honest the series at PNC Park scares me more based on past history.

I believe the Crew has been playing better ball over the last 3 weeks than the Flubs and I do not see any reason they are going to stop now. I am pretty sure the hot Brewer bats are going to feast on Flubs pitching this weekend. Even during this 6 game run the Flubs bullpen has been less than stellar.

All three games are day games so they should not interfere with your Summerfest plans.

Today game is
Gallardo vs. Hill down at not as nice as Miller Park, Wrigley Field.

First pitch is at 1:20pm CT

Tv FSN and WGN for you outstate people. The BRN for you people stuck at work.

It is time to show the Flubs and their fans that this is the Brewers year 300 million payroll be damned.

Hurray Beer

Friday Sweet Dreams Number 2 is Hayden Panettiere

Save the Cheerleader Save the World. This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Hayden Panettiere. I am trying to make this function a little more work safe ;)

Happy Friday

This Friday We have a Double Sweet Dreams Number One is the IPhone

You know you want one as bad as you want some of the girls we post on Fridays.

It is beautiful no? I want one but I am going to wait a while and let the have to have it first idiots play the role of Beta Tester and I will look at one 6 months to a year from now when they have it perfected.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yi Jianlian

Hopefully they can sign him....bring some attention back to Milwaukee basketball

So how low can Gross's average go?

They sent Tony Gwynn Jr down to Nashville and kept Ned's cabana boy Gabe Gross up on the big team.

And Milwaukee Baseball fans have been rewarded with Gross batting .125 over his last 10 games. 2 hits in 16 at bats.

Face it Gross has had one good game all season the 2 home run game other than that nothing jumps out at you.

I can name at least 2 guys down at Nashville who should be on the team in Gabe's place.

First TGjr goes without saying but Vinny Rottino would also be a better use of the roster spot. He gives you a third catcher and the way the catchers have been getting beat on this season that would not be a bad thing. Plus Rottino does play other positions in the field doesn't he?

I just do not get why they are carrying Gross on this team right now can anyone enlighten me?


I am sure the Kangaroo Court will make Billy Hall pay

I was watching the replay of the 11th inning this morning(I listen to it live yesterday) One bad habit Bill Hall has is he does not run hard on balls that he thinks are gone. He thought he had hit a walk off in the bottom of the 11th and spent way to long looking at it and jogging to first, before the realized it was not leaving the yard and had to haul ass to make it to second and just beat the throw. If Carlos Lee had thrown harder to the cut off man they have Billy at 2nd.

You have to run hard until the Ump says its a home run. I am sure this will cost Hall when the next Kangaroo Court is convened.

He may be my man crush but I will still take him to the wood shed for plays like that

Run hard every play until told to stop


Wow Brauns Bear Jersey is going for more than Prince's

I was checking out the auctions over at the Brewers site. I was surprised that Ryan Brauns Milwaukee Bears jersey is going for more than Prince Fielders.

Since it will not let me link to that page just go to the Brewers MLB site and click on Auctions up at the top then click on Jerseys Prince and Ryan's jerseys are on the second page.

I will also be surprised if Braun maintains his lead

Hey ESK Yo's jersey is already up to $500, I figured you would be jumping to buy a piece of the one true cross ;)


CV and Yo in the pen is not such a bad thing

3 weeks or so before I went to Florida I heard Steve True say something on his radio show that made some sense at least to me.

What they are doing with CV and YO is what they used to do with prospects back in the day. They came up and got seasoned in the pen learning how to pitch under pressure then were slowly promoted to the starting rotation.

That makes sense to me and my caveman brain. I can also understand they want to avoid the fate that has struck a number of young pitchers.

I do believe that down the road both CV and Yo will be in the starting rotation for the Brewers maybe not this season for CV he is pitching so well in his bridge roll out of the pen.

Right now I am willing to trust the Brewers Brain trust on this issue, shocking I know but I cannot always disagree with everything they do.

No Woods or Priors in our organization


I am so happy the NBA Draft is tonight

Because after tonight ESPN will not be able to shove it down our throats 24 hours a day.

I will make one prediction the Bucks will screw it up they usually do.

The only thing I will be paying attention to is when and where Alando Tucker gets drafted, I really want to see that kid get paid.

Hurray the Draft is tonight and Chris will be free for a month or so.


The Next Three Ball Parks for the Crew

Wrigley Field in Chicago. Not a bad place to see a ball game it reminds me of Paris it would be really nice if it was not full of Cubs Fans ;)

PNC Park Pittsburgh. What can you say this place has been a house of horrors to the Brewers since it opened I can remember 7 run leads being blown here but such a nice view of the city right on the river.

RFK Stadium temporary home of the Washington Nationals until their new park gets done. What can you say, this dinosaur is the last of the cookie cutter, Donut stadiums from the 1970's I will be honest I thought they had all been blown up it was a bit of a shock when it came into focus on Google. This place is the East Coast Answer to the Grand Canyon lets hope Ned remember how to play small ball when they get there.

So there are the next 3 stages the Crew will be playing on over the 10 game road trip.


Full Circle

With Damion Millers 3 run blast last night the Brewers had completely erased hole they had dug during that 10-20 stretch. If you can call staying above 500 and in first place a hole. They have now matched their season high for being above 500, 14 games and have went 8-2 over the last 10 which is even better than the Flubs 7-3 mark during that period. Who happen to be the darling of the ECMC at the moment.

What a home stand they were one Chris Spurling walk from an undefeated home stand. And since the Royals just swept the AL leading Angels losing one to them doesn't look so bad.

So are you all ready for the last road trip before the all-star break? I am this next 10 games could really be a pivotal point in the season since you have 7 games against NL Central teams.

Things that make you very positive about the Crews chances Bush is pitching much better and even Suppan looked a lot better yesterday 3 er's and 7 K's, I will take that every time with the Offense this team has. They will get the Good Cappy back with in days. I have swung over to Bad Cappy should be sent down instead of Spurling E is right as much as I hate Spurling he has had his moments where he has pitched well out of the Pen. Bad Cappy has not looked good since his fat ass got called back up.

You couple the pitching coming back around with the Bats coming back alive and all is right in the world.

Can you believe we are almost at the All-Star game, wow has this season been flying by.

36 more wins to a winning season

14 games over 500

7.5 games lead over the 2nd place team in the NL Central.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gallardo to the Pen? Great Move

Point - Counterpoint.

PR decision, c'mon. You are stretching there.

I agree with the move. A golden arm like his needs to be eased in to the grind of the long major league season.

See Francisco Liriano.

Gallardo is 21 years old and has never thrown more than 157 innings. If Gallardo continued in the rotation he would be well above 150 innings on September 1st. Well above his lifetime high, at level he has never pitched, in the middle of a playoff run. That sounds like a recipe for failure.

Ease this guy in for a while. Let him get comfortable. After all, now that teams have big league film on him they will start to figure him out a little.

This guy is not eligible for arbitration until 2010. I'd like to see him pitch in each of those years.

Good work Melvin/Yost.

Gallardo to the Pen? Ridiculous

I am assuming Benjamin is correct in saying Gallardo is going to the bullpen. This is a terrible move.

First, Villanueva is lights out in long relief, Wise is fantastic and Turnbow/Cordero are immovable. So either one of these guys, who is performing well in their respective roles, get bumped to get the kid some innings, or Gallardo rots in the pen and takes Spurling innings.

Gallardo is 21 years old. He should be pitching on a set rotation to keep him arm conditioned to do so. If that means moving him down to AAA, then so be it. I would much rather have Gallardo getting his arm correct in AAA than wasting away in the pen. Even if he takes one of the afore mentoned pitchers roles, can he really improve on their performances no matter what he does?

This is a terrible move for Gallardo's development, thus a terrible move for the ball club. I can only imagine this was a PR decision and not a baseball decision.

Bush from the Bullpen

Why yes, i Did call it.

Rotation Set Through The All-Star Break

Yost has now lined up his starting rotation through the All-Star break. Starting Friday and going forward it looks like this:


That's right, Gallardo is going to the pen. Sounds like they want to keep him fresh for the stretch run and keep everyone else in their regular roles. No word yet on who is going to go down, I imagine performances this weekend in Chicago will go a long way in determining that.

I have no problems with this move at all. Keeping Gallardo's innings down will really help him later on this year and in the following years. Plus I'm sure someone will miss a start or two so Gallardo can fill in easily. Also teams won't get to see as much of him, he can still be somewhat of an unknown when the playoffs start. Bush and Vargas are as good a back end of a rotation in the bigs. Six pitchers (seven including Villanueva) for five spots is a very good problem to have.

Other notes: Capuano throws 75 pitches in a simulated game and felt good. Rumor has it that the Brewers are among 6 teams interested in acquiring Rangers reliever Akinori Otsuka. Melvin had no comment on the rumor.


Sometimes Sports do not seem all that important

Fellow Poster here Mike lost his Mother yesterday

I would like to extend our deepest sympathies from everyone here.

Those of you who pray might want to keep Mike in your prayers and I will be keeping him in my thoughts


Great Pitch

The Crew needs to sign this guy....

OK not really - but it was a hell of a pitch....


All Star Voting

As a friendly reminder - Vote for Prince, JJ, Cory and your other favorite Brewers.

You are allowed 25 votes PER EMAIL ADDRESS. So this is just like voting in the city of Milwaukee....

I have used my 4 email addresses (2 work and 2 personal) and well some of the other people at work may start getting emails from MLB and

If anyone needs a valid email address to use - just make something up and add an"" or "" or ""

One final note - according to - the servers are so overloaded that they are asking that you only submit votes for Milwaukee Brewers until Thursday Night and that if you want to vote for Non-Brewers - they (MLB) are asking that you not vote again until Friday...


They look like they did in April

The Brewers seem to have rediscovered the form they had in April, You know when they just do almost every thing right. You hit a two run homer for a lead Houston ok we will see you with a Grand Slam as part of a 9 run inning.

Once again Vargas starts and the Bats go ape shit for him. I am starting to think he has a Jubu in his locker, because he is riding a wave of very good Ju Ju.

Man when Matt Wise is on he is pretty damn good you have to tip your hat to him for getting out of that 6th inning jam.

It will be interesting to see if the Astros even show up today. They really had that whooped dog look last night. You all know the look I am talking about, we have seen it enough on past Brewers teams.

No matter what happens today this has been a monster home stand and they should go off into the road trip with a lot of momentum.

I would like to find out what Graffanino is eating he turned into a home run hitting machine ;)

Can someone tell me why Braun spent any time in AAA this season the kid can flat out hit.

A win today does a lot of things it will give the Crew the second sweep of the home stand and a 9-1 home stand. It would help them match their season high at 14 games over 500.

37 games to a winning season.

Todays game info
Suppan vs. Williams at wonderful Miller Park
First pitch is at 1:05pm CT

No TV in the Milwaukee Market but those of you outside of the home market who have Extra inning or MLB.TV can watch the Houston FSN channel.

For those of us in Wisconsin it old school baseball today listening on the BRN.

It will be interesting to see what the crowd will be like today, the attendance this whole home stand has been outstanding.

Hurray Beer

Brewers win again despite Ned Yost

Wow I love watching this team.

After Claudio gave up the lead in the 6th the offense picked him up big time. It was like they were sending a message to the Astros.

"Do you realize that we have just been playing with you. What the hell do you think that you are doing taking a lead. Here - take this beotch....."

9 runs later - Phil Gardner pulled his (arguably) best player - Lance Berkman from lineup and the look in the visitors dugout was that of despair.

When the cameras showed a shot of Biggio in the dugout I think that I read his lips when he was talking to Cecil Cooper - he was asking if the team bus could take him back to the hotel. And that was in 7th inning....

Even the guys on Baseball tonight were talking up the Brewers - that was great to hear.

And one final thought for Astro's manglement....

Next time that you drop $100,000,000 on a free agent - you might want to only spend $90,000,000 and spend the rest to bolster your bullpen.

Thanks for taking the no-hustle Carlos Lee - now we can see him trotting around the park 17 times a year for an opposing team....

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Ned Ned Ned Ned

Why they hell do you continue to trot out Claudio Vargas after 5 innings of work??

When Claudio walked out to the mound in the 6th, I looked at my wife and told her that the 'stros were about to take the lead. Sure as monster poo coming out of my neighbor's dog in my yard - Carlos Lee used a Vargas pitch to increase his RBI count.

Lets look at every game this season that Vargas has pitched beyond the fifth by teams not from Pittsburgh and the runs given up by Vargas after in the 6th...

6/26 Houston 2 runs
6/15 Minn 1 run
6/5 Flubs 2 runs
5/31 Marlins 0 runs
5/26 SD 1 run
5/15 Philly 1 run
5/9 Wash 1 run

Hey Ned - do you notice a pattern here???

For the record on 5/4 and 4/18 he pitched the 6th to the Pirates without any further damage.

I understand that Ned likes to give players second, third, fourth, etc chances and that is ok for a 100 loss team - but dammit I want to make it to the playoffs this year


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And You Guy's Overseas, Unlike Libs, Your Vote Counts Here

My brothers Unit in Kosovo, deserves this special link. You guys can vote here, unlike Florida in 2000,your votes won't be thrown out.And Ben In Baghdad (my cousin),yes you can vote for Cubs here too.
Vote Wisconsin heroes.
Baseball, is one aspect that makes America Great.
Your Selfless service is the key to Americas greatness.
Thank You guy's. But vote Prince and J.J. and Hart.

Congratulations Crew Fans, Keep It Up

Be like Chicagoans, vote early and vote often. No registration needed. 25 votes every time you go to the website.
Be like Milwaukeeans, vote from the grave.
Prince Fielder has increased his lead in voting for First Baseman.
Ned is a great statesman, which assures Prince the Managers vote. The players vote is equal to the fans so if we continue our campaign we will guarantee Prince's starting position on the NL team.

Yahoo is saying Bush is going to the Pen

On my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball site it is reporting that Adam is reporting Bush is the one going to the Pen

I cannot find anything to confirm this

here is everything they wrote

"Jun 26 Adam McCalvy, of, reports Milwaukee Brewers SP Dave Bush will be available out of the bullpen beginning on Tuesday, June 26."From Yahoo Fantasy Baseball site

Nothing on who is going down I will keep efforting this


Brewers All Stars

This is going to be a banner year for Brewer All Stars, as Fielder and Sheets are locks, Hardy could/maybe should be the starting SS, and Cordero is leading he majors in saves.

None of the four are particularly close calls (thanks to Hardy's torrid start) and I would be amazed if all four didn't get in.

And I thought I was negative

Is it just me or does Al of Al's Rambling(whose blog I do check many times a day) always look for the cloud around the silver lining.

This is the post that pushed me over the edge.

Prince has Puljos beat in almost every category outside of Batting Average. More home runs more RBI's, more runs he has a better SLG and OPS

You add that to the fact Prince is on a better team. I thought hits and home runs you hit in April and May counted the same as when hit in June. Yes the Milwaukee fans are stuffing the ballet box but how the hell do you think you can have an all star team that isn't all Mets players if the small market fan bases do not work harder.

Prince has the numbers to warrant starting the All-Star game no matter how you slice it.

Sometimes I think the "numbers" guys cannot see the baseball forest because they are so busy crunching the baseball trees. ;)

But it is nice to know I am not the most negative Brewers fan in Wisconsin ;)

Two other phrases I hate since I am ranting "Casual Fan"(are any of us getting paid to be fans we are all Casual fans) and Bandwagon fans.

You have to start somewhere some people like to just watch baseball and drink beer they do not care about the numbers I was like that, this place and fantasy baseball has slowly turned me into more of a numbers guy but in the end I still like to watch baseball and drink beer. Any fan of the Brewers is welcome as far as I am concerned.

Baseball is the closest thing to a religion I have and yes at times I care too much(see my cubs fans at Miller Park rants) but in the end I still get a lot of enjoyment out of baseball season.

I guess what I am trying to say in my long winded rambling way is everyone take a moment and stop and enjoy the moments this season.


Isn't nice when they win every time Sheets pitches

So this is what if feels like to be a fan of a top tier team, the number one pitches and they win almost every time. A person could get used to this.

I am just happy for Big Ben that he is finally on a team that is scoring runs for him. He can give up the solo shot and know the game is not over.

Sheets did not have his best stuff last night but the stuff he had was more than enough. And before I forget that was a hell of a bunt he laid down in the 3rd inning.

Speaking of the 3rd inning it was a perfect example of small ball porn if you are a smallballphile like myself. Guys stealing bases, perfect sac bunts timely hits to drive in runs. Whoo Hoo give me a moment to calm down it gets me excited just thinking about it.

And the team sprinkled in a couple of home runs into the mix to keep the Earl Weaver crowd happy.

I hate when guys get a day off but it does seem to get good results Hardy and Prince homer after their day off.

Best part of last nights win was it made the lucky ass come back after their collapse win by the Flubs meaning less because they started the day 7.5 back and they ended the day 7.5 back. Plus even though the Flubs fans are raving about their comeback that game showed why the Flubs will not over take the Crew their bull pen sucks ass on a cosmic scale. Chris Spurling can give guys in that bullpen shit that is how bad they are. The Flubs fans are over looking the fact their pen blew a 6 run 9th inning lead and only won because a pretty good second baseman bobbled a easy out.

It is going to be a great series this weekend.

Back to the game last night Biggio sit and isnt going to play Wednesday so the chance of him getting to 3k in Milwaukee is slim to none. My guess is if he got three hits tonight they would pull him out of the game. Face it Biggio getting 3k might be the last chance Houston has to sell out a game this season. If it was a Brewers we would be calling for the same strategy.

Time to give some credit where credit is due Turnbow and Spurling both pitch scoreless innings last night. Turnbow even had to get 4 outs to get his scoreless inning, Hunter Pence reached first on a strikeout when the breaking ball got way past Estrada but Turnbow shook that off and then made a great play on a grounder in front of the mound he almost made the wrong throw to 2nd then caught himself and got the out at first. The major difference between the Turnblow of last season and Turnbow of this season is he is able to bounce back from bad outing he isnt stringing bad outings together like last season. If he can go 8 good outing and one blow I can live with that.

Spurling ended up pitching the 9th after the Crew pushed the lead to 5 runs this is the kind of situation he should pitch in with lot of room for mistakes. He got through the inning scoreless it was a tiny bit exciting but he got it done. I still will be glad when he is sent down to Nashville.

Let me take a moment to thank DTV for picking up the the Brewers HD feed last night I got to finally watch the game in glorious HD. I wonder if they will pick up tonights game which is also in HD.

37 wins away from a winning season

Tonights info
Vargas vs. Rodriguez tonight at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CT

The game is on FSN-WI HD and the BRN no TV tomorrow so enjoy the game tonight.

The Crew can lock up the series win tonight.

Can you believe this The Milwaukee Brewers will enter the month of July.

A. Over 500

B. In first place in the NL Central

C. Looking towards the trade deadline as a buyer not a seller if they are looking at all.

It is a Brave New Brewers World isn't it?

Hurray Beer

Monday, June 25, 2007

Manny Parra throws PERFECT GAME for Nashville

In his second AAA start Brewers minor leaguer Manny Parra threw a perfect game for the Nashville Sounds tonight against the Astros AAA team.

The whole story at the Sounds Website.

Congrats to Manny I don't care what level you throw it at a perfect game is just outfuckingstanding.

Hurray the guys in the pipe line


Questions For Those Who Care

Does Ben win twenty?

Does Prince make the All-Star team?

Do the Brewers win 90?

Will Good Cappy retain his form of the first half of '06?

Will Ben make the All-Star team?

If Ben makes the All-Star team will he wilt in the second half like Cappy did last year?

Will Jenk's have his usual hot second half and make the Dunn/Mench question irrelevant?

Finally, the big one, will the Cub's catch the Crew?

A simple yes
response is needed.

Cleaning Up Loose Ends

I meant to post this Friday but my class ran late and the beer tasted good.
Interesting occurrence on Fridays Mike and Mike In The Morning radio show (ESPN Radio, and ESPN2 TV 6-10 AM EST, Mon-Fri). I watch the show while dressing for work.

Let me set up the sequence, Mike Greenburg milked a cow on Thursday so his effeminate wrist (the one that limps) kept him out of the line up for Fridays show. The better of the half, Mike Golic, brought in some chuckle head for the morning to replace Greeny.
End of the first hour chuckle head starts lamenting the NL's lack of a good team to challenge the obvious superiority of the AL. He asks sardonically if "could you really see the Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series, The San Diego Padres?". The debate began because the Mets had lost their sixth straight game. Chuckle head commented that without the Mets no NL team could even be imagined in the WS. That was the tease that ended the first hour.

The second hour began with the very same subject as Peter Gammons was calling in.
Chuckle head repeats his imbecilic claim that no baseball fan in America could see any team other then the Mets actually playing in the WS.
Peter Gammons, the Dean of baseball writers in America today, bitch slapped chuckle head immediately. Gammons first comment was, hell yea he could see Milwaukee in the World Series.

Here's where the interesting part comes. He stated that Milwaukee's rotation of Sheets, Capuano and Gallardo would do well in the post-season.
Well, holy hell, I'm late for work by now anyhow so I finished listening. Gammons went on to state that Milwaukee could score more runs then SanDiego and that made them an attractive team in the post-season. He also mentioned the one-two punch of Turnbow and CoCo, and the ability of the other bullpen pitchers to bridge that gap.

The point here is that Peter Gammons, the most respected baseball mind not employed by a MLB team called the rotation of the Crew the way he did. No Suppan, and recognizing Gallardo and the bullpen depth.

BTW, the chuckle head uttered a couple inaudible grunts that I think were the words, but, and oh, during Gammons segment. Gammons made chuckle head look like a grade schooler trying to comment on the Theory Of Relativity.

Me? I had a great day at work, in fact I smiled so much the fellas thought I had topped my prank of tying up the rooster in the bathroom and locking the door so all had to here cock a doodle doo for three hours until the maintenance guy arrived.
I mean, someone, allegedly, unknown, locked that rooster in the bathroom. Not that I live next to a poultry farm or anything.

Those Crazy Minnesoootans

Another twist in the efforts to get a ballpark built for the Minnesota Twins. Apparently the people who own the land on which the open-air ballpark will be built are now saying that the land is now worth more, a LOT more. Who knows if this thing will ever get built.

Money quote from the Star Tribune article, "Although the land is located near a garbage incinerator...". What? A garbage incinerator? Just what I want to walk past going to a game. Mmmmmm...that hot dog sure smells good.


Brewers sign their first round pick

The Brewers are confirming they have signed first round pick Matt LaPorta and they are going to make him a left fielder.

Wow they got a deal done with a Scott Boris client how thing have changed.


They do not sell SD cards at Miller Park

But they should. I go to Miller Park yesterday and pulled out my Canon and was getting ready to do what I do at most Brewers games, take pictures. I then noticed that when I had erased my SD card that morning I forgot to put it back in the camera, oops.

I did go to the fan store on the terrace level but all they carried was 35mm film and one use cameras nothing for digital cameras. I cannot believe I am the first person to bring a digital camera to Miller Park sans memory chip. There is another thing the Brewers could sell.

You do not need to stock every style of memory chip known to man but some of the more popular types would not hurt. It is not like they will go bad. I was willing to pay baseball stadium prices since I was in a jam.

So if anyone from the Brewers reads this start stocking some camera memory cards in fan stores I can guarantee they will sell because there are a lot of forgetful people like me in the world.

The funniest part of the day but it was not ha ha funny was my wife looked at me and said "you know Yo is going to throw a no hitter today since you do not have your memory chip" For about 5 innings it looked like she was going to be right lol.

I did have my cell phone camera as a last ditch fail safe if he had taken the no hitter into the late innings.

Hurray new tech


Who Leaves??

No - Not me....

When Cappy (Good Cappy that is) comes off the DL next week, who leaves the starting rotation and goes to the Pen and who goes to Nashville (or Huntsville)??

And more importantly - what do you think Melvin & Co do???

As far as I am concerned Yovanni has earned the right to stay in the rotation. I would send Vargas to the pen as a long reliever. Give Bad Cappy the short relief role and kick Spurling's Ass back to Nashville.

What do I think Melvin & Co will do - he will piss all of us off and send Yovanni back to Nashville with some BS excuse that 'he needs more seasoning - Yadda, Yadda, Yadda'


Iowa 250? Bush League

What a crappy IRL race that was. Those of you who hate single file racing, this was it. All Yellow all the time and of course no threat of passing.

What a juvenile track, only 7/8 of a mile. Open wheel racing demands a track at least 1.5 miles. I exclude the Milwaukee Mile because that has History. The only thing that should race a 7/8 mile track is a dune buggy. What a freak show.

Honda has enough reasons to bale out as car manufacturer, they don't need another one like this.

The Start Of The Last Pre All-Star Home Series

The Astros roll into town for 3 games against your NL Central leading Brewers. The Crew catches a break missing Roy Oswalt this series, even though they have beaten Oswalt twice this season it never hurts to miss the other guys legit Ace.

Houston is currently 11 games behind the crew and are in 4th place in the Central.

What can you say you look at the line up of the Astros and wonder why they are not winning more games. I am sure Carlos Lee is enjoying his money but I wonder if he is enjoying losing?

The goal for this series has to be the same as always win 2 and take the series. 2 out of 3 till the end of the season and you can check off a lot of boxes on the Crew 07 to do list.

Tonights game info
Sheets vs Jennings at wonderful Miller Park first pitch is at 7:05pm CT.

the game will be in HD if you are lucky enough to have a TV provider who picks up FSN-WI's HD signal(bastards at DirecTV) and the BRN.

I like the Crews chances with Sheets tonight.

How this place has effected how I think about baseball Graffanino hits a home run and the first think that shot through my mind was "Great his trade value keeps going up"

Time to start a new winning streak


I felt this sign pretty much sums up this place

You have been warned ;)


Sucks Ass

(photo from MJS Website)

I am just saying

1957 World Series Pictures

Jib found these and they are pretty cool

(Photo Credit from the Flicker account of KlickerChick's)

Hurray Beating the Yankees

Biggio 3000 watch

It is now looking like Craig Biggio will have a good chance to get his 3000th hit at wonderful Miller Park.

He got 3 hits last night jumping his total to 2996 career hits so he only needs 4 hits over 3 games(if he plays in every game)to reach the magic 3k number

If you can get out to Miller Park over the next 3 days you have the chance to see history getting made and see your red hot Milwaukee Brewers too.

Plus these will be the last 3 home games until after the All-Star game that is right after this series the Crew will not play at home again until July 13th

That will conclude your Craig Biggio Watch for today


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well they pissed that one away

From Ned's Sunday Best "We don't need no stinking sweep" line up


all in the line up, ok enough fucking around how bad is Hardy hurt?

To three different short relief pitchers shoving their heads up their ass all on the same day.

I am willing to forgive Turnblow he has been pretty good lately you are going to get that kind of performance every 5 or 6 outing

But Bad Cappy and Spurling both suck ass on a cosmic scale. Is that two Sundays in a row Spurling has allowed the winning run to score. You are telling me their is no one else down at Nashville who could pitch in place of Spurling?

It was a nice day at the park and a great crowd and they still one the series so not all is bad news today.

Boo the Bullpen

I am trying to decided who sucks the most

Derrick Turnbow

Jose Capellan


Chris Spurling

I am not sure which one of these three pisses me off more.


today game info and some thoughts by yours truly

Todays Game info Our Nashville call up vs. Perez at wonderful Miller Park on Billy Hall(sigh) bobble head day.

First pitch is 1:05pm CT and the game is on FSN-WI Telemundo(in Spanish Milwaukee market) and the BRN

They are looking for another huge crowd today after the Saturday night sellout as someone said over at BCB. "A Sellout playing the Royals that is something they do in Boston or New York" Well done Wisconsin Baseball fans.

That was one thing that really impressed me watching the games all week when I was in St Pete. How big the Crowds were for all the games even the Wednesday afternoon game. Yes the Giants and the Prince of Darkness were in town and a lot of people bought tickets thinking he might steal Hanks record during that series. But it looked like they still showed up and sat in their seats.

But last nights sell out really make me proud of our fan base. My guess is it is only going to get harder to get tickets as the season goes on. Only 6 games left and no matter what happens the Crew will be rolling into July in first place in the NL Central.

Hell the All-Star game is right around the corner(go vote) But not before the Crew has to go on a scary road trip. Chicago Pittsburgh and Washington DC while that does not look to scary when you look at the team records Chicago is the only team in the Central to give the Brewers trouble this season so far and we all know what a house of horrors PNC Park is to the Crew. And RFK is a tough place for a home run hitting team like the Brewers to win in. Plus the Nats have improved since the Crew Swept them. If the Crew can get through this road trip with a 7-3 or 6-4 record I think it will be a nice way to end the season and virtually lock them into first place going into the Break.

But I am getting ahead of myself lets get the win today and get the sweep then worry about the Astros.

Just trying to go one day without pissing someone off, I feel like a fucking umpire somedays. No matter what I say someone is upset.


Can We Stop This ANH Crap

Every idiot with a pen or a keyboard or the announcers on FSN North has bought into the fantasy that the Crew has excelled since they were no hit by Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers, or, After The No Hitter (ANH). Conventional wisdom holds that it was a wake up call for the Crew.
It is just a load of dung.
The Crew had the first two games of the Texas series won flat out. CoCo blew the saves.
That road trip should have been 8-1.
In those games the Crew scratched out runs when they needed to.
They moved runners over when called for, they played great defense. They didn't average 6 runs a game (as they are now) but they did what they needed to do to win.
CoCo blew those wins. The Crew has been playing good baseball for alot longer then the ANH.

Is it really asking too much that reporters report?
Those two games may matter. They may not. The season will tell the tale.
To focus on that game as a turning point is ridiculous.

BTW : Just happened to catch Verlander's next two starts, and it might be of interest to a few here (myself included, who thought Detroit upped the JUG'S to feed the hype), but in Philly he hit 100 MPH twice in the three innings I watched. Tonight in Hotlanta he hit 102 MPH several times and 100MPH a few more. Verlander throws that hard.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Maybe we can arrange for the Crew to get no hit every 15 games or so.

Wow is it nice to be home after 2 weeks first thing I did tonight was watch the Crew on the Big Screen. You forget how much you can love 65" of the flower of Japanese TV technology when you are a way for awhile. ;)

Damn the Crew is playing good ball right now, Dave Bush gave them 7 solid innings and Ned got away with using him one inning over the 6inning or 100 pitches rule.

It seems like the appearance of our lord and savior in the dugout has forced a couple of pitchers to dial it up a notch or two.

Man is Cory Hart on fire or what I believe they have found their lead off hitter and I like having Rickie in the 8th spot, a nice bit of speed and pop down at the bottom of the line up. Plus he gives Hart someone to drive in as we saw tonight.

Has to be a bummer for the Flubs they win two in a row over the woeful White Soxs and do not gain a game on the Crew. Breaks your heart doesn't it?

I am making a pilgrimage to Miller Park tomorrow to

A. Get my Billy Hall Bobble head.
B. See our Lord and Savior pitch his second start for the Crew.
C. Watch my youngest son eat his body weight in cotton candy.
D. See how much the Drunk "Frat" guy sitting next to us can Say Fuck in front of the wife and kids in 9 innings.
E. See the last inter league game of the season until the World Series.

Crew goes for the sweep tomorrow and are 9-1 in their last 10 man this season has been a version of baseball Manic/Depression. The Highs are high and the Lows are low but so far more highs than lows.

39 wins to a winning season.

Man I am tan rested and ready to get back in the saddle even if it means putting up with E's crap ;P

Oh and Craig Biggio needs 7 hits to 3000 so their is a chance he might still get 3k in Milwaukee, if I was going to pick a game to try and see it I would aim for Wednesday, but their is the chance the Astros might sit him out of the day game Wednesday if he is with in one or two hits so he can get 3k at home. Who knows but something to keep an eye on.

So the Crew maintains its 8.5 game lead and at worst will be tied for the best record in the NL at the end of play tonight.

Hurray Beer

Saturday cartoon - Betty Boop

Since we didn't keep things tight and post a Friday Sweet Dreams, I went way back into the vaults for the original cartoon sweet dreams....

I am Curt Schilling

The sun rose early that day as I sprung from my bed knowing what the day was about to bring. The same routine, nothing drastic, maintained status knowing what was about to occur.

As I showered, I thought about what I was about to embark upon. I debated with myself whether or not the means would justify the end, or if I should have traveled a different path.

I brushed my teeth and the debate continued. Is this worth it, I thought, can I really do this, or am I not meant for this sort of pressure. I thought, am I Curt Schilling?

I stroked my cat and hypothetically asked, “Is it my time cat, or am I not ready for this?” Meow was the reply.

I began to dress myself knowing what was coming at the end, but continued nonetheless. I felt like a hero. Like nothing could stop me. Like I was Curt Schilling.

So I continued, Underwear. Pants. Undershirt. Shirt. Tuck. Belt. Just like every other day.

Contacts. Towel Dry hair. Pomade. Nothing had changed.

I grabbed my socks knowing what came next.

It was time to be Curt Schilling.

The socks slid on my feet as delicate as ever. Like a sheepskin on human flesh. Glorious.

I grabbed my new (first) pair of Allen Edmond shoes and slid them on over my socks using a fancy contraption only a man ready for this moment would know how to use.

I felt like Curt Schilling.

I took my first step and let out a whimper, a cry. I knew my moment was here. I knew I was Curt Schilling.

I took my second step *whimper* and said to myself, “Asok, your team needs you today. Don’t let them down.”

I walked to my car, and drove to the office. Besides the pain of the new shoes, all I could think is, I am Curt Schilling.

I got to the office, booted up my computer. I looked it straight in the LCD and said “Not today computer. Today I am Curt Schilling”

That day, those 11 hours, I was the best accountant on the face of the earth. That day I transfer priced, accounted for, and saved taxes in so many places that only Curt Schilling would understand.

That day I was Curt Schilling.

When the whistle finally blew I looked down at the new shoes not knowing what to expect. I knew the shoes were what made this day possible.

At that moment I saw a spot. A red one. On my heel. I knew right away what it was.

I knew why it happened, and I knew why it didn’t bother me.

It was because, for that one day, I was Curt Schilling.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Note to Yost and Melvin

Looks like Braun can hit major league pitching. At the time of this writing, he has raised his average to about .330. So much for that problem.


Joe Lunardi's Bracketology is out for the '07 college basketball season. Marquette is a 2-seed while Wisconsin is an 8-seed. Needless to say, it's VEEEEEERY early.


Re Cards

Here is the question who do you think the Crew should be going after and do you think they might have any interest in Mark Buehrle?

I am not as scared of the Cards they are old and seem to be falling apart. Who did they give up to the Tigers by the way?


Cardinals a Contender?

I just heard on XM, the Cardinals have traded for the Tigers Mike Maroth.

I am not happy right now, I like Maroth and think he will be very effective in the National League.

Have you voted all of the 25 times you are allowed too?

The Online voting for the All-Star game will be ending soon. Have you voted every time you are allowed to? Have you voted from every computer you have access too?

Lets get Prince in the starting line up and make it hard to leave J.J. home.

Go to the Brewers site click on the box right above todays pitching match up and get your voting down

Do it for Prince

Hurray Ballet stuffing


The search for a Female Bartender

a couple of weeks ago someone Jib I believe made a good point we could use a female point of view here.

Does anyone know of a good female Wisconsin sports fan we could get to start slinging drinks here?

Or is there a female reader lurking here who would like to try blogging. A number of our readers have become posters. Ben and Eric off the top of my head.

So go forth and find an open minded female to work here(I am not getting rid of Sweet Dreams Friday's for anyone)

Hurray Unisex bathrooms


De La Rosa will make his start

The KC MLB Site is reporting that De La Rosa will make his start tonight even though he pitched Wednesday night in a extra inning relief appearance.

De La Rosa is 0-5 with a 9.36 ERA in his last 6 appearances. Lets hope the Crew gives him a rude welcome back.

Hurray Beer

Half way there

Half way to what you may be asking? A winning season another 41 wins and you are at 82 wins and the first winning season in an eon or two.

Today is the last day of my vacation to Florida and it was great I did use the first week to take a Brewers break I did not watch or listen to a live game Brewers game at all the first week. I watched baseball Marlins, Rays, Braves and Cubs but no Brewers.

It was good to step away and take a breath and watch it all from a distance. I started watching live games on this week starting with first game of our lord and savior.

What a difference a couple of weeks make. The Crew has won 3 series in a row and are back to being 10 games over 500. They have stretched their lead over the Red Birds to 7.5 games and 8.5 games over the Flubs. They have a chance to give the Astros and the Flubs an early Death blow this next week. But first they have to TCB against the Royals.

These are the same Royals who embarrassed the Crew last year if my memory serves me right. I hope the team has put a trainer on salad tong watch for the length of this series to protect Matt Wise.

If they can win the next 3 series I am thinking of bringing Godzilla out of his hibernation. This is one of those Bizarro weekends if you are a Brewers fan you have to root for a White Soxs series win over the Flubs even though wishing good things for the Soxs is hard and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

What is bad for the Flubs is good for the Crew right.

As bad as the White Soxs are playing I will be happy if they do not get swept. Imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth if the Flubs lose a series to the woeful Soxs

A couple of quick admin notes nice job over the last two weeks pumping out the posts, this is a tough time of the year to get traffic people are out and about. I will be bringing back the T and A next Friday so everyone can relax. Your boobs are on the way.

So tonights game info

Suppan vs ????? De La Rosa is scheduled but he had to pitch the other night in a extra inning game so not a lock At wonderful Miller Park first pitch is at 7:05pm CT

FSN and the BRN as usual

Hurray Beer


A commenter finally brought up something that has been bothering me for a while now. Namely, Chris' blatant blasphemy against our Savior, the King of Kings. If we are going to praise someone in this bar, shouldn't it be Jesus?

Of course not. It should be Gallardo, all that is good and holy in this world resides in our very own Yovanni. We are the chosen people and I feel we should make our praise worthy of that choice.

A few weeks ago we did an informal vote Official Beer here. I saw we do the same thing for Official Savior.

My choice is clear. 1 Vote Gallardo!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Should Sammy be held to the Bonds/Big Mac Standard

I know what the talking heads are saying about 600 home runs getting Sammy Sosa into the Hall of Fame or not.

What do you mopes on the bar stools think?

I am in the group that says sorry Sammy is a known cheater(corked bats) and a suspected steroid user I do not think he belongs in the hall. Just like I do not think Bonds or Big Mac belong in the HOF either.

Hell if I was Bud I would declare Roger Maris the home run king again and just move on.

I do not think todays players would strike to protect the tainted records of a couple of alleged cheats.

So what say the bar stools?


Joe Girardi decideds to hold out for the Milwaukee Job

Joe Girardi turns down the O's

Praise be to Oden


Watchable Soccor

This is how to make soccer watchable for the US....


And to make Hockey interesting...


Frisco Newspaper Coverage

And I say "Frisco" because I know they hate that. Of all the major league cities, the absolute worst coverage I have read in the home papers, at least since the Expos folded, has to be the San Francisco coverage of the Giants. The Chronicle and the Mercury News have one whine-country story. Here's today's headline story on the San Francisco Giant page at the Examiner at 9:30 a.m. CDT. In short, like a lot of city by the bay residents, it blows. Don't give me that time zone stuff because it's only two hours. Don't disagree with me either because I know where you live. And your little dog too.

We might get to see history made in Milwaukee next week

Craig Biggio will be coming into town with the Houston Astros on Monday, as of today he is 8 hits away from 3000. He has a 3 game series this weekend against the Rangers than up to the Beer City for three with the Crew.

Now he could hit 3000 this weekend but there is a good chance if you can get to a game in the Houston series you might get to see a very rare event.

I will be traveling Saturday but I will try to keep an eye on this count down, I think it would be cool to see any player hit the 3k mark.

Hurray Baseball and its obsession with numbers


Off Day Entertainment

First, the Cubs play the Rangers in the finale of their series. Vincente Padilla v Ted Lilly, 2:05. I suggest listening to it, nothing beats listening to Santo bitch and moan and cry about umps.

Second, some suggestions for non-baseball related activities.

Learn up that knowledge box: Radicals For Capitalism is a freaking amazing book. It's tough to sum up a near 800 page tome, but it's pretty much a history of libertarian thinking, and the movement. Some fascinating people/ideas are brought up. When I read a book I usually keep a notecard bookmark to scribble interesting references that I can look up later to expound upon. This book forced me to fill 6 such book marks. High Praise indeed. If such deep thinking isn't something you're in the mood for, check out Fantasyland. It's one mans immersion into the seriousness that is Tout Wars. A brisk and entertaining read for a fantasy sports fan.

If teh reedin aint for you (this is for you clint!) go here, download Traveler, and catch up. The show is pretty good and I am entertained/intrigued. Sadly, doesn't have Young and the Restless, so I haven't seen the Brewers turn in LaLa Land.

Watch Apocalypto. Seriously, watch it. The movie is absolutely fantastic. If you only do one thing on this list, Apocalypto should be it. In the grand scheme of things, who cares if Mel Gibson hates Jews, Spike Lee hates white people and everyone loves his movies (except 25th Hour, that was the worst fucking movie ever).

Lastly, today must be some kind of national holiday. Harry Potter gets released today right? I am not ashamed to say I have read each of the books and seen all the movies. They're entertaining and quick. Apparently, this is not true. The book comes out 7/21. I think everyone here will live.

So there ya go, some things to do. My girlfriend left for the weekend to go to some Spa in Georgia so I will be hitting the strip clubs...always a good option!

(And clint, that was a joke buddy).

Joe Girardi still available

He still hasn't signed on with the Orioles so he is still available to replace Ned Yost.

The press conference yesterday was to announce a new team president - not Joe as the manager.

Hope is still alive.

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In case no one else saw it, the auction has now started on the Gorman Thomas and Jim Ganter LIFESIZE bobble heads.

While it is certainly a unique piece of sports memorabilia - it would freak the snot out of me every time I went down to the rec room and saw the shadows of the thing before the lights went on.

FYI the opening bid is $1,000 and includes lunch with the player and some tickets.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love how Irony loves to rear its head in sports

How ironic was it the king of cork hit his 600 home run against his former team the Flubs?

Plus it looks like his blast will help the Rangers put the flubs 8 games behind the Crew.

If Texas can hold a 5 run lead that is lol. Update if Texas can hold a 3 run lead.

Lucky bastard hit it into the Texas bull pen so Sosa doesn't even have to bribe a fan for the ball back.

Anything that hurts the Flubs makes me feel good oh and Marquis looked like shit tonight

Hurray Beer

Bush or Vargas?

I say Bush to the pen! That WHIP is tantalizing, but he just can't keep it in the park. Far too hittable. Claudio ain't great, but he's earned it so far this year.

I'd throw Soup into the conversation too, but we know that's a pipe dream.

When did Darren Sutton get an invite?

Break out the brooms

This isn't going to be a live blog, and I won't be around to keep you updated, but we're in the bottom of the third, and the brooms are out with the Brew Crew up on the Juice-less Giants 5-0. Bill Hall whacked a grand slam in the first, Ryan Braun drove in JJ Hardy with a triple in the third, and we're having cheap burgers at Webb's again.

The game is on the Brewers Radio Network and Fox Sports Net Wisconsin for those of you not at Miller Park.

Make that 6-0 at Hall drove in Braun with a sac fly that will show up on tonight's web gems.


How long does the appeals process usually last in baseball?

I was wondering with the Flubs answer to Mike Tyson, Derrick "the Whiff" Lee up for a 5 game suspension for his taking a swing at the Padres Chris Young. How long the league has to hear his appeal? If he does not start his suspension by June 23rd he has a chance to miss games in the Brewers series. Which would not break my heart one bit.

My guess is they want him for this weekend when they have to play the White Soxs.

I would love to see the Flubs have to play the Crew with Lee stuck on the bench for most of the series.

Does anyone know when Aramis Ramirez can come off the 15 day DL?

What is bad for the Flubs is good for the Crew

Hurray Beer


The Distant future will have to wait

I did not catch the Brevard County game last night. We made it to the stadium but they had a one hour and 20 minute rain delay. With the drive back to Tampa and two little kids we could not wait that long for the game to start.

Shame I would have liked to see a game but we did get into the stadium and had a look around and a bite to eat before we decided to bail.

I will post some photos later.

Hurray roofs


WSB Watercooler...Cubs Get Worse edition

Today the Cubs traded Michael Barret for Rob Bowen, cash and minor leaguer. This means that the Cubs now have 3 backup catchers. It also looks like the ultimate back up back stop, Henry Blanco, will be starting. So much for the Cubs catching up...guaranteed 2 pitchers every lineup. Of course, I'd hit Zambrano in front of Blanco.

Cardinals also made a move. Tomo Ohka. okay.

Jason Giambi testifies, I think this is pretty much how it will go...damn him for ratting out the Brewers!

Orioles have announced an 11 am press conference (right now) to allow Joe Girardi to ruin his career (and finally kill the Girardi to Milwaukee prayers).

IU's Terry Hoeppner died yesterday of complications from a brain tumor. It's really a shame, he had the program moving in the right direction and was absolutely beloved in Indiana.

Young and the Restless on right now...featuring your Crew!

For the record, i find Gary Woelfel to be a moron and the NBA worthless. However, this is interesting.

Kyle Turris is Gallardo-esque.

Chris saw a big win last night. Brevard County won 9-8, Angel Salome hit a bomb and had 3 RBI's.

Wisconsin Women Meet the President

The National Champion Wisconsin women's hockey team met President Bush (no matter you affilitations or hang ups, meeting the most powerful individual in the world has got to be incredible) on Monday. They were shown in Sportscenters Top Ten yesterday morning (I DVR'd it but I don't know how to get it off the thing) and there is now a picture on the site.

Amazing stuff, and congratulations!

I guess the track team was there too.

The Bonds Strike Zone

With Bonds scheduled to sit today (who will the fans booo??) the strike zone will (should) be more consistent for all 18 batters.

On the steroids king's AB where he walked - I, Ben Sheets, and the 35,000 Brewer's fans in attendance all thought that Steroid Barry struck out looking. In fact, if a lip reader were to have read Ben's lips he said something rather inappropriate for this blog anyway.

The ball hit the corner - BUT because Steroid Barry didn't swing at it, it must not have been a strike. Two pitches later Barry walks and you know Ben was pissed.

5 years ago the Braves pitching staff really benefited from an unfair strike zone. The umps would call pitches 3-4 inches out of the zone strikes, simply because of who the pitcher was. That really helped their stats and rep. Unfortunately last nights walk of Steroid Barry was pretty much the same thing in reverse. If the ball wasn't right down the heart of the plate, it wasn't a strike.

Still Ben adapted and overcame. Hooray for Steroid Barry's 0-fer


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Really, I'm Not Trying To Slurp Milwaukee Fans

But I have to post about their absolute political correctness when it comes to Barry Bonds this series.
They have booed him when he is announced to bat, they have booed him when he catches a ball, they boo him when he's announced as a starter and they cheered wildly when Ben struck him out tonight. I can only hope he is booed by the hotel staff.
That is absolutely what his law breaking ass deserves.
In the Home of Hank, that is exactly what Bonds deserves. My grandchildren will never cheer this man, they will be taught that Hank Aaron is the true HR all-time champ. They will be taught that cheating has consequences. They will be taught that the way to achievement in athletics is hard work.
Bonds admitted to using steroids. They are illegal.
Next time you get pulled over for going 55 in a 30 zone, tell the cop, you were told, "it was flack seed oil" or "I know nothing about the clear and the cream, even though "Gary Sheffield told me what it was" and "I didn't know what was really going on". See how that works out for you. Pathetic, this sorry excuse of a man.
And please, commenter's, don't pull the race card. Bonds has already passed the white guy in this debate. Race has nothing to do with it, as much as his apologists, claim it does, that is shrouding the true debate. He cheated, he broke the law, he admitted to both and the most sleazy part of this whole thing, he did it for personal reasons. This guy has not mentioned his teammates in an interview for the last 16 years. That encompasses his last year in Pittsburgh and all fifteen in S.F (unless mentioned in a negative vein). If you don't believe me send me an e-mail and I will give you my personal access credentials to my Lexis Nexis account and you can look it up yourself. The guy cared a whit about team and team accomplishment. The last time Barry mentioned any teammate in any interview was when he fought with Jeff Kent. Again Pathetic.

Morning Thoughts

  • I was reading in the AP report of last night's game "Gallardo, who was born in Michoacan, Mexico, and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, when he was 4 years old ..." and couldn't help but think, "legally?"
  • Now that Weeks is back and Braun is up and impressive why the heck are both Counsell and Graffanino still on the team?
  • Now that Braun and Gallardo are in the majors, who's the top prospect in the Brewers' system? Besides Tony Gwynn, Jr., of course, who really ought to be on the big club instead of Gross.

Off to see the distant future today

The family and I are driving over to Coco Beach in search of bigger waves and to stop at Ron Jon's surf shop. Since we will be on the "Space Coast" we decided to stay late and will hit the game tonight between Brevard County and Vero beach.

As most of you know Brevard County is a Brewers A ball farm club.

So I hopefully will have a ton of photos so when one of these kids makes it to Miller Park we can say "We knew him when"

Speaking of the future the near future looked pretty damn good last night, I watched my first Brewers game live in about a week and a half.(a quick PSA if you are a resident of Wisconsin who has MLB.TV which usually blacks out the Brewers games when you leave the region it will allow you to watch Brewers games pretty sweet. It must go by where you actually are not your home address)

Hurray Beer

Something Different: Madden 08 Dev. Preview

The developers of Madden 08 are blogging about the making of the game. Even cooler, they are asking for comments, sometimes it seem they are doing so to settle internal disputes about the who/what/wheres. In addition, they're putting up videos of the game in progress:

Looks freaking DOPE. I just hope the Wii version is as sweet...or maybe I should just get a 360 Elite to make sure?

The Future of the Franchise

Did anyone else notice in the 7th inning when the Savior was taken out of the game that the Brewer's franchise was on the mound. Rickie Weeks, JJ Hardy, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Yovanni were all on the mound together.

Damn - that was a nice sight.

Now if only we could have had Billy Hall and Cory Hart on the mound too and gotten rid of Ned - that would have been a great picture.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Clint Has A Small One

A small sample size, that is. Look, Tony G. has been quite good, he really has, but he 's young, he has a low ceiling. and he has no power. None. Gabe Gross has a lousy BA, that much is true, but 1. BA is a great A-Team member, but a terrible statistic, and 2. He has that lousy BA over a very small sample size. Let's take a look at the career stats of the 27 year old Gabe Gross:

.241/.345/.396, 16 HR in 497 ABs.

Not great, I admit, but not terrible either, especially his 2006 campaign in which he hit 9 HRs in only 208 ABs (a better clip than Geoff Jenkins) and slugged .476. That is admittedly above his career norms, but he should be entering his prime and a few very good seasons should not surprise anyone. Gross is especially tough on RHP.

Keep in mind that Gross's OBP is over 100 points higher than his BA, meaning that he is still taking walks and that his low BA is likely due to a low BABIP, otherwise known as luck. This will almost certainly turn around as the season goes on.

Despite his much higher BA, which, remember, is bullshit, Gwynn has only a marginally better OBP (.363, v. .325 for Gabe), Gabe is slugging 40 points higher and, of course, Gross is likely to see that number increase, whereas Tony's slugging is probably a bit high. Throw in that they are both lefties and this is an easy call. Gwynn has a slightly higher EQA right now, (.267 to Gross's .258) but again, Gross is likely to see that increase whereas Gwynn has surpassed every reasonable projection (his BA is largely a product of a HIGH BABIP, otherwise known as luck) and is likely to regress.

If all of that isn't enough to convince you, Gwynn is also younger and cheaper, and Gross may be traded IF he can get his numbers up. For that, he needs playing time.

Finally, neither player is important or good. Gross is a situational lefty, and Gwynn is a late inning defensive replacement/pinch runner. That's about it.

Not only was keeping Gross up the right move, it's really not even very close.

And remember, I told you Cappy was hurt and that Yo would replace him even before Cappy knew it.

No Matter The Outcome Of Tonights Game

Milwaukee Brewer fans deserve a huge pat on the back. Not only has their voting put Prince in first place among NL First Baseman but they showed out in Minnesota this weekend.
How great was it to watch those three games and here the Brewer faithful shout down the Twinkie fans.
For an encore they sell out the opener of the series tonight, and it looks like it may be sell outs for the entire home stand.

Outstanding Badgers.

As an observer of all things Wisconsin, from the vantage point of PA, my buttons are popping.
The entire state is putting on a show to a national audience that is deserving of praise.
So here's to you Wisconsinites, raise a glass and tip at least one in your honor.

The Third Day

Luke 24:7

Ladies and Gentlemen...the Ascension begins. The Savior has arrived. Bow your heads and pray you have prepared yourselves. Tonight, Milwaukee is Delivered!

From AAA he has arisen to smite the greatest of Sinners and to bestow upon Milwaukee that which it has so long sought. For almost 40 years followers of the Club have wandered, receiving only glimpses of the greatness for which they were destined.

Today the despair ends.

In 90 minutes, we live by a new day, a new calendar. In 90 minutes we mark the beginning of year 0 WG...With Gallardo.

Bow you heads and pray you have prepared yourself for this moment. We are about to be graced with His presence...

The first manager goes over the side

The Baltimore Orioles fired their manager Sam Perlozzo today.

It begins as we fast approach the All-Star Game the managers will start falling.

Sadly Ned Yost will not be one of the managers to get the ax. The Crew will keep on winning in spite of him and his mismanagement of the pitching staff.

That is fine they can fire Ned after the playoffs and hire Girardi then when Donny Baseball gets the Yankee's job at the end of the season.


Gross's Gross .191 BA beats TGjr's Speed and .301 BA

I don't really care what ESK says - it wasn't 6 of one half dozen of the other. Melvin made a bad decision to send TGjr down to Nashville.

Who will give Hall the day off when he needs one??

GG's "pop" won't do much good if he is still hitting sub-.200 and he keeps making outs. What is the point of pinch hitting for a pitcher with a player hitting .191??? We can probably call Brooks Kieshnick back into service for some left handed "pop"

Bad Melvin/Yost - Bad


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