Thursday, May 31, 2007

It is time for this team to make a statement

Right at the start of the season when the Brewers has lost 3 games in a row and the Brewers faithful were a bit nervous the went down to Miami to play the Marlins.

They lost the first game of the series and were in danger of losing game two when J.J. Hardy drove in the tying run and then they won the game the next day when it was delayed because of rain. They also one the scheduled game that day and were off and running.

Well now once again they are playing the Marlins at a time when Brewers fans are very nervous about the teams chances. Lets hope they can once again get a head of steam going against the Marlins. They play them 4 games this weekend and all 4 pitchers they face have ERA's over 5 except Dontrelle Willis who is at 4.83.

They have to take 3 of 4 and win this series a split will not do they have 7 games left on the home stand and they can beat both of these teams once again "IF THEY PLAY LIKE WE KNOW THEY CAN"

Vargas leads off tonight then you have your top 3 pitchers going over the weekend, if they are going to get back on track now is the time to do it. We even have Sheets vs. Willis on Sunday so it is 1 vs. 1 what more can you ask for.

I think instead of looking back to May as when the Brewers lost their season, we will look at June as the month when they came roaring back.

The only things that matter is getting above 500 and winning a weak division. That is it they need to walk before they can run.

This team will start to hit again and the pitchers have started to throw better(yesterdays bullpen excluded)

speaking of yesterday if Ned had not used Turnbow and they had still blown up we would all be screaming why didn't he stick with Turnbow in the 8th. Where Ned messed up was not a pulling Turnbow earlier and refusing to use Cordero before the 9th inning.

It is time for this team to step up.

Tonights game info
Vargas vs. Obermueller at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is 7:05pm CT

FSN and the BRN


Yes I Blame Ned

Why did he trot T-Bow out for the 4th consecutive game in a row. He really didn't look all that sharp on Tuesday. Even I could tell that he needed a day off.

But enough about T-Bow... for now

I don't think that there is enough Lexapro or Wellbutrin made in our capitalist society for Brewers fans right now.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All Five American Soccer Fans Give Me Grief

I'll take some of the obvious ones. Luck has a larger impact on small sample sizes. The more repetitions there are of a given event, the more confident we can be of the outcome. Goal-scoring/game in soccer is clearly a small sample size. Moreover, teams are further incentivized to clamp down on defense as opposed to taking chances on offense as games MAY end in ties (except in the later rounds of tournaments when we go first to sudden death (sorry, the more pacifist "golden goal") and then on the the ridiculous shootout; the equivalent of ending a tennis match with a game of Yahtzee.

Second, I'll note that no one managed to attack my Pythagorean Record analysis. I'll just take that as a clean win.

Third, saying that France overachieved, and that the aged Zidane was not the best player in the last world cup shows a lack of knowledge of the sport. France has had a dominant international program for well over a decade now. Zidane's play did not propel France as much as Zidane's penalty kicks, thus it is not a logical contradiction to use him in both senses.

Fourth, flopping in basketball is a problem as well. Which has nothing at all to do with it not being an even larger problem in soccer. This argument is known as a "non sequitur."

Fifth, stating that soccer is the most popular sport in the world in such a snotty fashion misses the tongue-in-cheek nature of my final sentence, but it also shows a deeper lack of comprehension. Just because something is good does not mean that it can be better.

Sixth, soccer is popular worldwide because it is old, and so maintains a tradition, and because it is cheap to play. American sports are relatively new, and are largely improvements on sports from the old country.

Seventh, the unbalanced nature of the EPL does dampen the effect of luck, but it rears its ugly head for every world cup.

My argument is that soccer's construction makes it objectively inferior to most American sports. I make no comment about the toughness of the athletes or about their athleticism, I simply state that any sport that ends in ties as frequently as this needs to tweak its rules. (Note also in the EPL standings the correlation between "wins" and "draws." Bad teams frequently have more ties than good teams. What does that tell you about the motivations of bad teams?) It's as if everyone is using the New Jersey Devils' neutral zone trap, which ruined hockey for about 5 years before hockey decided to go them one better and ruin the sport permanently.

As for the commenter who stated that the low scoring is what is attractive about soccer, you're really just a fan of figure skating. You're the type of fan who would rather see a cool dunk than see his team win. You're in it for the artistry, not to find out who is better. That's fine, I'm all for art, it's just not as much of an actual sport is all. And it could be, which is the real tragedy.

If you don't believe I've played the game, I really don't care. These are constructive criticisms. Any of my suggestions would drastically improve the game, but none will be made due to tradition, whatever that is.

Spelling Bee In Primetime

The first 4 rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee were held today and there are about 60 contestants remaining. They will compete tomorrow in the semifinals which will be broadcast on ESPN from 9am to 12pm CDT. The Championship Finals will be held tomorrow night on ABC from 7pm to 9pm CDT.

Lucky for us we have a rooting interest, Isabel Jacobson from Madison is still competing. After passing the multiple-choice test she correctly spelled danceable, antioxidant and myrmecologist (huh?). Go Isabel, beat the kids from Illinois!

The spelling bee, it's unbeelievable!


I cannot even blame Yost for this one well not totally

I left to go pick up son number one from school right after the Braves had wild pitched in the go ahead run in the bottom of the 7th.

I was pretty upbeat I was happy that it looked like Bush would get rewarded for a very good 6 innings of work. Hell he only threw one bad pitch when you think about it.

I did not even turn on the radio on the drive over I guess I just had a bad feeling but I usually do not watch or listen to the inning Turnbow pitches it is too nerve racking.

So I get to my son's school and having time to kill I whip out the cell phone figuring I would check the score, I figured by know the Crew should be batting in the bottom of the 8th. Much to my dismay my phone told me that Mr. Turnbow had loaded up the bases then the live play by play told me what happen next then I fought off the urge to throw my cell phone(Damn things are not cheap) I steamed for about 20 minutes at what had happen. I was all ready to come home and do the Stewie you suck Turnblow post but I calmed down and rethought my course of action.

2 days ago after the 2-1 debacle I said if they could take one of the two remaining games I would be content due to how they are playing.

Yes it sucks they lost and it was tough watching them beat ball after ball into the infield dirt. But there was a bright side Bush did pitch much better and they won the night before.

Think of how huge last nights win was instead of being 3 games over 500 they still 5 games over.

They should do better against the Marlins they catch 2 of the Marlins worse pitchers so they can turn this around then they also have the Flubs for 3 games before they go on the road. If you look at the schedule for June other than Detroit ever one of those series are winnable. That is if they start playing like we know they can play.

I have bought completely into the only thing that matters is winning the Central even if they are 82-80(which just might win this sorry ass division) Win the division and th playoffs will take care of themselves. This is a very young team and they need to be hardened I no longer have dreams of the Crew getting out of the Wild Card round but I will take that this year.

Back to the 8th inning the only complaint I have with Ned is not with starting the inning with Turnbow, it was not bringing in Cordero when the bases were loaded his sinker might have got the double play that could have saved the game. If you use Cordero than say he strikes out the next two but throws a lot of pitches I would have been comfortable with Wise throwing the 9th inning.

This rule that you can only use your closer in the 9th is absurd. What good did saving Cordero for the 9th do them today? It also seems like Shouse has lost his JuJu.

The thing about Turnbow that drives you nuts is unlike last year where once he went off the rails he stayed off this season he is game to game. Yesterday Turnbow was a big part of winning that game. So you cannot blame Ned for sticking with the formula at the start of the 8th but when it went bad he needs to think outside the box.

I think even Cordero would rather have won the game and seen someone else get the save.

These next two series are huge they need to win both and get some breathing room record wise before they go on the road.

So I guess I am saying everyone relax try to be happy they didnt get swept a real possiablity after they lost game one. They will get healthy on a diet of fish and baby bear steaks ;)


The Brewers game is on TBS in Milwaukee

If you are in the Milwaukee market WTBS out of Atlanta is not blacked out if you get TBS you can watch this afternoons game


Channel 247 on DTV

Brewers pick-me-up factoid of the day

From Andy Baggot at the Wisconsin State Journal:
Because you look like you could use a little feel-good info, Brewers fan: Eighty- three of Milwaukee's remaining 110 games are against teams that began the week under .500.

"Spoiled Punks" -A Response To Bill B.

I was going to put this in the comments but it was too long and I wanted to express myself fully. This is in response to Bill B.'s comment about the Duke Lacrosse article a bit below where he labels the team as "spoiled punks".

It really bothers me when people try to label people that go to private school as "spoiled". I went to a catholic grade school and high school, in other words, private schools. I also started at a private college, MSOE, before changing academic fields.

I was never spoiled. I was far from spoiled. My family had to sacrifice big time to allow me and my siblings to go to private schools. We were borderline poor, but my parents wanted us to have a good education.

Having played for a football team at a private high school that is a perennial powerhouse I can understand in my own little way what it's like to be looked at with disgust. Privileged, spoiled, snobs, stuck-up were labels people would put on me, my teammates and my friends. Nobody new anything about us except for the letter jackets that we wore. We had to watch what we did because we knew whatever we did would be blown out of proportion.

Were some kids spoiled, well of course, there are also plenty of spoiled kids in public school. People are people, doesn't matter if you have a little money or a lot of money you can still be the nicest person in the world or the biggest asshole. It doesn't matter. Calling the Duke lacrosse players "spoiled punks" doesn't get anyone anywhere, it just drives the stake deeper between people. When they look at the Duke players people like Bill B. just see dollar signs above their heads and assume they are bad people. You know what they say about assuming something.

Personally I want to congratulate the Duke Lacrosse team for sticking together during a time of great adversity and holding their heads high in the face of this witch hunt, which is thankfully over.


Ben does what Aces do.

I am sure after 9 pitches Ben Sheet would have been happy to yell "Do over there was a car coming"

I was listening to the game on the Radio driving home from Home Depot and when Ben gave up the 2 run home run I will be honest I thought the game was over. Giving Smoltz a 2-0 lead the way he has been pitching this year(hell since the mid 90's)and how the Crew has been playing lately you would figure,"Ok Thanks for coming folks have a good night and drive home safely"

But the young Brewers actually dug down and picked Sheets up. First Ben settled down and got back on track and then the Bats started to grind it out against Smoltz.

How about Mr. Prince Fielder damn he can hit just plain majestic home runs, that two run bomb he mashed out into the Miller Park bleachers was just beautiful.

A rough night for Rickie Weeks a couple of strike outs at the plate one with RISP but he did lay down a nice Sac bunt in the 6th. He also got eaten up by 2 straight balls in the top of the 6th but even J.J. has had a game like that this year. I like the way Sheets handled that they showed him on TV telling Rickie its ok we will pick you up. Nice example of leadership by Sheets.

What was also really nice was 3 of the 5 Brewers runs were not via the home run.

I bet everyone forgot how good Turnbow and Cordero could look at the end of a game. Even though Cordero made it interesting but damn winning is nice.

I will say this once again Ned tried to give it away I love CV but everyone knows Wise should have started the 7th.

This afternoons game is huge is it too early to say that Dave Bush is pitching to stay in the rotation? With CV and Yovani Gallardo aka the sweet baby infant Jesus waiting in the wings you wonder how much rope Melvin and Yost can give Bush.

Bush vs. Hudson at 12:05pm CT at wonderful Miller Park

no TV in Wisconsin just the BRN you lucky outstate guys can watch the stadium feed on MLB.TV or TBS which I am sure will be blacked out in Wisconsin(stupid blackout rules)

The rubber match wouldn't it be nice to win a series again.

Hurray Beer

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A little Mothra Vs. Godzilla for Jib

Wow I had forgotten what winning felt like


A Duke Lacrosse article that is worth your time

Dan Wetzel, of Yahoo Sports has a great article on how the Duke Lacrosse team has never gotten an apology from the rabid profs at Duke who still consider them guilty even though the charges in the Duke Rape case were proven to be totally false.

A Team of their own


Brewers' 6 game losing streak snapped

It didn't look good early. Sheets didn't look like he was going to make it our of the first inning, but he plodded through, the Brewers caught a bit of a break with Smoltz's early departure, and they ground out a 5-4 victory against the Braves. Hardy and Fielder again played key roles in the Brewer's offense. While the offensive output of those two has been huge for this club this year, it will be nice to see some others start to stand up offensively, too.

Side note
Since we Godzilla'd our way through April, I'm just wonderin' what happens when they get their tails kicked in a series. Does Mothra come around or somethin'?

The Trouble With Footie

Stuck up, foreign fans of the world's most popular and ancient sports like to say that Americans do not understand soccer. I played soccer from the time I was 6 years old, through high school, and in various city leagues until 3 years ago when a knee injury effectively ended my soccer career. I also have a good brain for X's and O's, if I do say so myself.

I understand soccer very well, but I must say, I find watching soccer to be no where near as entertaining as watching any other sport. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that soccer is simply a poorly constructed game. (Cricket, by the way, is also a poorly constructed game for similar reasons.)

In sports, the ultimate goal is to win, or to amass wins, and the data points that we use to assess winning are called points, or goals, or runs. We'll use points as a generic term for scoring. In baseball, a team's wins will generally correspond well with their "Pythagorean Record," which is a record based on a team's "points scored" v. "points allowed." Pythagorean Record is useful for making predictions, and for giving some insight into when a team is underperforming or overperforming. I've long suspected that Pythagorean Record would not translate to soccer, and now I've found some support that this is the case. (Note: Pythagorean projections work fairly well in American football, and one of the top two team in PR nearly always wins the Super Bowl.)

The previous link deals with MLS, and I would love to see an EPL comparison, but I suspect that PR would be even worse when applied overseas.

You see, soccer, in general, lacks scoring. The field is too large, there are too many players on it, the goal is too small, and the off-sides rule is asinine. Substitutions are also limited for no good reason. The result is that 0-0 ties are frequent, and most games end with no team having scored more than 2 goals. As scoring becomes more difficult in a sport, luck plays a bigger and bigger role in determining the outcome, and the talent level on the field will show a smaller correlation with scoring, and with winning.

Moreover, the overly punitive "penalty kick" gives referees an enormous amount of power and encourages pandering, a quality that makes international soccer almost impossible to watch. In international play, drawing a foul inside the penalty area is as good as winning the match for your team well over 1/2 of the time. Fouls in soccer are extremely subjective, and almost 90% of calls probably should not be made. This means that of the meager scoring that does occur, a large percentage of that scoring is simply awarded by referees to the best actors.

Europeans like to tell me that I don't understand "the artistry" of the game. Not true. During the last World Cup, Zidane was clearly the best player on the field. (Yes, the head-butt guy.) His footwork and passing are beyond excellent, and he makes everyone better. That said, France still struggled mightily to make the finals, and used two 1-0 victories to get there, one of which was won on a Zidane penalty kick awarded for one of the many questionable calls of the tournament. Zidane's play, while great, did not manifest itself on the scoreboard, and ultimately France would lose. Between Zidane's nifty but ultimately meaningless moves and his ability to draw crowds, big-time soccer is really more akin to figure skating than anything else. Both favor artistry over objective score keeping, both have experienced officiating scandals at the highest levels, and both tend to overvalue personality vs. talent on a regular basis.

The other sport that most resembles soccer is the fictional Quidditch, of the Harry Potter universe. In this game, the actions of most players are utterly meaningless with regard to the outcome. All that matters are the two star players charged with chasing the "golden snitch." Catching the snitch sometimes requires more luck than skill, and even though there is a lot of other stuff going on, catching the snitch is all that matters.

Soccer is baseball with a 2 foot-high mound and 120 feet between each base. It is American football with no "pass interference" penalty. It is basketball with 25 foot hoops. It could be a great sport, but tradition and entrenched popularity preclude any sweeping reforms.

It's too bad, really. They could have really had something.

Bigger Asshats, Mexican Beauty Pageant fans or English Football hooligans?

I am starting to think that Mexican fans of anything if there is an American team/entrant are the most classless people on earth.

From Chanting Osama Osama during a US vs. our third world neighbor to the south soccer match after 911 to last night booing because Ms. USA got into the final 5 and their hometown girl did not.

I guess they figure the same rules they use in Mexican elections are in use in the Ms. Universe Pageant.

I would have to say that Mexican fans are well on their way to displacing English Hooligans as the worlds worst and most classless fans.

And that is saying something

Congrats to Ms. Japan for winning the Ms.Universe as Ben reported long term readers of this blog know I appreciate the beauty that is hot Asian woman ;)

So Mexico Sucks

Another chance to rearrange the deck chairs

Well tonight is another chance to witness the managerial genus that is Ned Yost, actually I cannot blame Ned for the last couple of days he cannot make them hit with runners in scoring position.

They keep leaving runners stranded on 3rd base. 3 in yesterdays game alone.

You try to find something positive to cling to but it is not getting any easier. Yes today the Crew has Sheets going but you wonder is his blister totally healed? You also have to worry about him losing 2-1 or 1-0 since Smoltz is pitching and the Crew is swinging the bat like they are Uke in his playing days.

I was sitting on my wonderful deck last night drinking a Guinness and watching my grill slowly turn a pork tenderloin into a delicious part of my memorial day dinner. Since I had some time I was able to think about this years Brewers.

First this is a young team and I think we all got ahead of our selves when they started off so hot. In reality this team is not ready to challenge for the World Series yet. They are good enough(when they play like they can)to win their division. That should be the only goal for the rest of the season just do what needs to be done to end the playoff drought and get this young team some play off experience.

I believe E was right when he said this team is actually a year ahead of schedule, so if they get stay above 500 and win the division it will be outstanding.

Even I understand that they will end this streak, when they get hot they are a pretty damn good team. I just wish they could level off their performance level a little bit I hate the roller coaster style this team has.

The short term goal has to be winning one of the next two games I am not even going to hope they can still win this series but they have to avoid the sweep.

Then they have a chance to right the ship against Florida, where they catch a break they miss Willis but do get to see Obermueller and Olsen in the first two games. Who knows they caught on fire last time they played the Marlins maybe they could do it again.

Jib hit on something too they are pressing they need to relax they have already played about as bad as you can and are still in first place so hopefully they can just breath and start playing with that loose devil may care attitude they had in April.

Who knows maybe they will surprise us tonight

Tonights info
Sheets vs. Smoltz at wonderful Miller Park
First pitch is at 7:05pm CT

FSN and the BRN

Ok enough is enough time to start the long climb out of the hole they have dug.

clinging to the bandwagon with a death grip

Monday, May 28, 2007

Miss Universe

Don't worry I'm watching so you don't have too. I actually missed the first hour, totally forgot it was on, Deadliest Catch really suckers you in. This year the event is being held in Mexico. Here's a recap of what I've seen so far:

Boring Mexico Stuff
Boring Mexico Stuff
Boring Mexico Stuff

Evening Gown Competition, down to the top 10 at this point

Brazil - Simply Stunning
Venezuela - Gorgeous, damn you Hugo
Angola - Eh
India - Looks good, will probably be stoned when she gets back to her country
Mexico - Pretty, looks younger than the rest
Tanzania - shaved head, looks good on some, not on her
Korea - Eh
Japan - Well done Japan
USA - Fell down! She tripped on her dress and fell flat on her ass! Down goes USA!
I forgot the last one

More boring Mexico stuff...
and more...
and more.

Top 5 and they answer a question (don't ask me for answers).

Brazil - *drool*
Venezuela - *drool*
Korea - *trying to catch Brazil in the background*
Japan -*drool*
USA! - How did she get here? The very pro-Mexico crowd is booing her mercilessly, she got in and Mexico didn't. I'm still stunned she made it, I mean she fell down! She IS really hot though.

Out of the top 5 my list looks like this 1. Brazil 2. Japan 3. Venezuela 4. USA 5. Korea

Back with the results.


I changed my top 5 1. Brazil 2a. Japan 2b. Venezuela 4. USA 5. Korea

And her are the results. Drumroll please
5. USA
4. Korea
3. Venezuela
2. Brazil

And your Miss Universe 2007 is Miss Japan!

-looked better tonight

I'm still shocked Miss USA got to the top 5, Trump probably pulled some strings to keep the ratings up 'til the end of the show.

The Crash Dive to 500 continues unabated

Well at least I got a save out of Wickman something good came out of this.

Well how about that Cappy manages to only give up 2 runs and it is still to much.

I know I am a hyperventilating baby who is over reacting. But I can live with that label. What I really am is a very pissed off Brewers fan right now. And yes I know I am a bad fan I can also live with that title.

Because all good teams go on 4-13 streaks, can one of you flat earth types please tell me how this team is playing any different during this streak than they played last season? There is no guarantee they will be able to put together a long winning streak to counter balance this slide. They never did put one together last season. Yes the start was great this season but you know what they do not even look like that team anymore. all they want to do is swing for the fences, They keep trying to force square pegs into round holes Hall in Center, Weeks as a lead off hitter.

When was the last time they scored a run that was not part of a home run?

They are now 5 games over 500 and face the two best Braves pitchers so there is a good chance they could be down to 3 games over 500 come Thursday morning.

2-8 for their last 10

6 game losing streak

11-13 for the month of May

I do not know what to do, I am told getting rid of Ned will not fix anything. I guess we just sit here and grind it out till the young guys remember how to play like they did in April or we start to see Central Division teams again since those seem to be the only ones they can beat. We may suck but the rest of our division sucks even worse. We are the tallest midget in the room.

Maybe I should have stuck to my original idea of taking the weekend off. Well at least I got my yard mowed today. I do not watch the games live anymore, I DVR them and then I can skip watching them when they suck ass like today and yesterday and the day before and the day before oh and the day before that.

I have read 3 books this week alone in the time I would have been wasting watching this team step all over its dick.

Ok I am done ranting you can start leaving the comments calling me names and telling me every thing is fine.

I feel fine :)


Anyone Man(or Woman enough) to try this

Hat tip to the TBL guys for pointing this fine way to commit suicide out.

The 999 club

The best I have done is 7 hot dogs but that is at a Cubs game back in 94 and there was a 2 hour rain delay.


Braves vs Brewers Game one info

Capuano vs. James at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch 1:05pm CT

FSN and BRN for you viewing pleasure



14 is now 6

And I feel Fine

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Revenge Is Mine

--------------------------------Winner Winner Bratwurst Dinner-----------------------
In this years edition of the Annual Hall Family Brat Burn and Corn Roast, yours truly and his youngest son Shawn ruled the Horse Shoe Pit, beating oldest son Ron and his partner Justin. The three of five match was swept by Shawn and myself (pictured above) 23-14, 21-16 and a nail biting 25-20. In the three game sweep, the day belonged to your humble correspondent, who finished two of the three games by ringing out. Shawn advanced us to the finals with a triple ringer game in the penultimate match to advance us to the final.

The Losing Team, Valiant Throughout

Ron (left) Watches Shoe Hit Jack Pot.......................................... Justin And His "Flailing Flamingo" Style

All matches were cleanly played and re-do's were called for whenever a call was questioned (which is often in a game whose main tenet is beer and judgement calls). No formal challenges were advanced, good thing because these were the final arbiters of all decisions Shoe related;

Grandsons Ron Jr. (left) and Namesake Tony, adjudicators of the matches.

After explaining the true meaning of Memorial Day to oldest grand-daughter Mykeyma she produced this true work of art;

Above she wrote Happy Memorial Day, Below, Thank You G'Ma and G'Pa.

Since sunshine is the best disinfectant, I must admit that in the volleyball tourney I got my ass handed to me 21-12 and 21-14. The better half (whose picture shall never be seen by humankind, if it were up to her) was the ringleader of that ass-whupping. Justin (loser in Shoes but winner in volleyball) had this to say before the first serve of the V-Ball match "I'm gonna be all in yo A**, like a sweaty thong", poetic when you think of the results.

Clorice "Pinkie" Shelton (daughter in law), as usual was the ring leader of the volleyball match. We hate walking out there, but it is always the highlight of the day.

Corie and Grand kids minus one, and R.J. hiding

A great time was had by all, but the true meaning of this day was not lost on anyone there. The kids "got it" about what this day means and gave thanks and the adults were all humbled when my veteran buddies and I regressed into war stories.

Special Note: I met my wife in the Army at Ft Huachuca AZ in 1983. She was my squad leader. She was in love at first site (testimony provided if needed), I was humbled. One of the best soldiers I ever met. I would never be the man Iam today without her. I salute her for her service, as a soldier, but more importantly as my soul-mate. Thank You my Baby-Doll.

P.S. since she will never appear on this blog you can extrapolate my wife's looks by looking at the baby girl in the grand kids photo above, my wife looked exactly like baby girl above at that age. They are twins.

Disc golf in milwaukee

For those of you who care, that would be me, the pdga is in town. The tour is playing at Dretzka and Dineen parks. i really don't pay attention to the professional tour but as long as they're in town i'll pay soome attention.

Took my son to Vally View park today. Despite the distraction i managed a +5. My best is a +1; that's without cheating. Afterwards my son insisted on buying a disc with his first communion money. I love that boy. Tomorrow we'll hit Abendshein in Oak Creek; much closer to home.

Brewers Baseball Makes Us Sad

But hey they are still six count them six games over 500 that is just as good as 14 games over 500. Yes sir I am feeling great about this team.

They are now 4-12 since the implosion started

to quote REM "it is the end of the world and I feel fine"


Minor League Jottings

  • What happened to Greg Aquino? From the major league roster to appearing in two games for Nashville? I missed the news if he's hurt. He's got an awful good fastball. If he could just find the strike zone.
  • Ned Yost IV has the second highest OBP on the Manatees.
  • The Manatees have a third baseman, Mat Gamel, who already has 22 errors in 46 games.
  • Lou Palmisano is hitting well at Huntsville and has only one error. I would think he's got a shot to make the club next year should Miller leave.

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

What a fine day for a race! And i do mean racing, not the accident prone bumping and grinding of cars with doors that don't work.

My money is on Dan Wheldon, the Englishman who caught the Indy bug. Very likely he will go to NASCAR after this year. Seems appropriate given the 50th celebration of A J Foyt's involvement at Indy. Foyt is legendary for his days in USAC, NASCAR, and of course open wheel racing.

Enjoy the pregame ceremonies and enjoy the superbowl of Racing. And don't forget that the Milwaukee Mile will host these same racers just one week from today.

One More Step

The Brewers have one more step to take now that they've brought up Ryan Braun. It's time to release Tony Graffanino and bring up Yovani Gallardo to take a place in the rotation. Pick your poison as far as who you want to send to the bullpen. Vargas has more bullpen experience, is older, has a higher WHIP lifetime and is more of a strikeout pitcher than Bush. But Bush is five-inning pitcher, perhaps better suited to the fifth and/or sixth inning bridge position. Of this there can be no doubt. Gallardo is presently 6-1 with a 2.14 ERA and a 0.95 WHIP.

This trip reminds me mightily of the 1982 Brewers trip to the west coast which cost Buck Rodgers his job. In that situation however, the Brewers who were expected to be contenders, were well back of the lead, under-performing and fading. They've still got a 4-game lead now (always watch the loss column, it's all that's important) and should still win the division, despite their recent slide. Ned's safe until, heaven forbid, they're eliminated this year.

A Ned Yost Question

How bad does this slide have to get before the Brewers front office needs to at least consider making Ned walk the plank?

I mean they are 4-11 on this stretch , what if by the end of the series with the Cubs, the Cubs have caught the Brewers(very plausible the way the Brewers are playing)

Their next three series after today are Atlanta, Florida and then the Cubs, if they keep up their pace of going 1-2 in each of these series that would put them around. 31-28 would anyone be worried then?

What is the threshold for finally firing Ned? Do they have to go 5 games under 500 or fall 5 games behind the first place team?

Don't get me wrong I hope with every fiber in my body they right this ship and get back to winning, but if they do not and this team continues to under archive like they have since the Nats series Some changes have to be made.

Guess what folks it is almost June the "It is still early excuse is going to have to be put away pretty soon"

So tell me how long are you willing to wait. I for one do not want to wait till this season has been pissed away.


Can Suppan stop the bleeding ?

Well the Brewers continue their race to come back to the pack in the NL Central as they plummet back to Earth. You have to go back to Icarus to find someone who has flow as high as the Crew was and has fallen as far and as fast as the Brewers have.

So far Suppan is the only pitcher on this road trip to win and they tried to piss that game away too.

It was funny I remember thinking like a long time Brewers fan when he won the game in LA "well at least we know now they will not get swept on the road trip lol lol" That doesn't seem as funny now.

So we have to look to Suppan to try and get Bookend wins on this road trip to give up a life ring to cling to as the good ship Brewers continues to flounder and take on water.

Is anyone besides me watching Braun hit and wonder how he would have done all those times the 3rd base platoon came up with RISP and whiffed or grounded out. You look at this kid's swing and wonder how they didn't bring him up sooner.

So anyone besides me worried? What about if they lose 2 of 3 to the Braves?(they get to see Smoltz and Hudson)

I am so tired of watching this team not do all the little things they did in April to win. Ned refuses to play small ball.

Top of the 6th inning Braun gets on with a single and steals second. So down by one run man on second with no outs and they never get him to third let alone home. Yes I know you cannot ask J.J. to bunt that would be against the Earl Weaver school of baseball. No we would not want the tying run on third with Prince at bat nope we cannot do that. Nope they have to all swing away Hardy grounds out Prince grounds out and then Estrada lines out to left. Braun left standing on Second great job of manufacturing runs Ned.

The Brewers style of play is a direct result of Yost and he refuses to try and get a run the small way if they cannot hit a home run they cannot score. Well guess what it is not working they have hit more home runs in Petco than any visiting team and lost both games.

I do not even know why I bother everyone will just look at the 5 game lead and still being 7 games over 500 and say they are not worried.

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny

Well I am worried because I do not want to wait till they are back at 500 or worse below 500 before something is done.

Todays Game info
Suppan vs. Peavy at Great American Small Park oops I mean Petco Park. Afternoon baseball first pitch is at 3:05pm CT.

Quick fact Suppan has a 7.36 ERA in two career starts at PETCO Park. That just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling about todays game doesn't it?

FSN and BRN are where you will find the game, you can listen to Rock and Brian try and make it sound like they are doing great since they still have a 5 game lead

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny

Oh It Can Get Much Worse


Saturday, May 26, 2007

On This Date 50...25, Years Ago

Dateline Chicago, 26 May 1957:
The Milwaukee Braves were swept in a twinbill at Chicago's Wrigley Field today, dropping the first game 7-5 and the nightcap 5-4. The second loss was particularly harsh as the Baby Bears plated two in the bottom of the ninth to make a loser out of Juan Pizarro (2-3). Pizarro pitched well holding the lead into the ninth, but was plagued throughout his stint by wildness. Pizarro worked out of trouble all day, struggling with his control, he walked 7 batters none more important than his one out walk issued to Bob Speake in the ninth. After striking out SS Jack Littrell to start the inning, Pizarro walked pinch hitter Speake. That walk was followed by singles from second sacker Bobby Morgan and Center fielder Lee Walls. The hit by Walls plated the tying run and Ray Crone was brought on by Braves Manager Fred Haney to pitch to Ernie Banks. Crone gave up the game winner when third baseman Eddie Mathews couldn't handle a sharp hit ball to his left and Morgan scored the game winner. Mathews wasn't charged with an error on the play, but all parties on hand agreed that the ball should have been handled.

In the first game, Ernie Banks lead the nascent bears to a win over Gene Conley by connecting on a home run and a double. Walt Moryn also contributed three RBI's. The loss dropped Conley's record to 0-2.

Milwaukee (20-13) didn't lose any games in the standings remaining 2.5 games back of National League pace setter Cincinnati (24-12), and half a game back of Brooklyn (20-12) in third place. Chicago moved to 11-20 and escaped the basement of the NL with the sweep. Attendance for the game was 32,127.

Dateline Milwaukee, 26 May 1982:Buck Rodgers and his Milwaukee Brewers dropped to 7 1/2 games back and fourth place in the AL East, losing there fourth game in a row 7-2 to the Oakland Athletics. Starter Bob McClure was the victim of Rickey Henderson's three runs scored off no hits. Oakland's Tom Underwood pitched three hit ball. The only runs the Brew Crew could muster was a solo homer by Charlie Moore in the first and a solo shot by DH Don Money in the 9th. Manager Buck Rodgers, trying to ignite his line-up inserted Charlie Moore into the two hole in the batting order, dropping Robin Yount to 6. The move paid dividends in the first when Moore homered to stake Milwaukee to an early lead. The struggling Ted Simmons was given the night off and Ned Yost handled the back stop duties. Yost went 0-2 with a walk and a KO, dropping his average to .200. Simmons (.190 BA) needed the day off and perhaps this will be a wake up call for his slumbering bat.

Boston, Detroit and now New York all remain in front of the Brewers as they try to scramble to establish a winning attitude.

The game was played in front of 7,503 fans on a 53 degree rainy night at County Stadium.

The only thing I can say about this road trip

Motto of the Brewer Brain Trust

You know what I do not even want to talk about tonights game


Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck


Saturday, afternoon cartoon

Seeing it's Memorial Day Weekend, I figure this rare WWII cartoon from MGM and the great mind of Tex Avery called "Blitz Wolf" is appropriate.

See you all next week Saturday. Hopefully Godzilla wakes up.

Help Chris decide if he is going to get UFC 71

I have never watched a UFC fight on TV but I am very tempted to pony up for tonights fight.

So should Chris drop the $40 to watch Liddell vs. Jackson UFC 71 ?

Do you get the under card fights when you buy these fights like with boxing?

Help me out I am pretty sure I am ready to get off the fence and fall into the UFC side.

I just need a little push.


The Grinch known as Dave Bush wrecks Braunmas

What can you say another Dave Bush outing another BIG INNING which ends up sinking the Crew.

I do not know about you all but I am starting to get tired of Dave Bush really fast, He looked terrible last night and that was before he grooved a pitch with the bases loaded.

Only Dave Bush could find a way to give up a fucking grand slam in Petco.

At what point do they sit Dave down and give him a start off letting CV or the Infant baby Jesus get a start?

The good, the bats came alive and scored 6 runs and they actually hit only the 6th and 7th home runs in Petco by a visiting team.

Braun did ok for his first start a double and 2 RBI's Rickie is hitting the ball well he just missed having a 2 run homer. One meter to the right and it is a different ball game.

The bad, Gabe Gross gets to 3rd twice and they did not get the run across

The ugly, Dave Bush's pitching performance come on 7 earned runs is unacceptable Bush gets out of that 5th inning without giving up the granny they might have had a chance but few teams can dig out of 7 run holes.

This team sucks at small ball and I do blame Ned for that, they have speed but they play Earl Weaver ball no matter what the situation.

Well they are one loss from losing their 5th series in a row and they are down to being 8 runs over 500.

I am sorry I am not buying the company line of look at the shiny lead we have in the NL Central any more. This ship is taking on water and if they do not start counter flooding this season like the Titanic could sink faster than anyone thinks.

I know you have the "God himself could not sink this ship" contingent of Brewers fans the ones who look at the pretty pretty shiny shiny 6 game lead and are blinded by the light and cannot or refuse to see the Brewers have been awful since the sweep of the Nats.

I for one am scared shit less I feel like this season is on the verge of slipping away. The starting pitching has been not so good on this slide and the bats are only showing up once every two to three games. I think the Braun call up is a good first step towards damage control but they have to start thinking about giving Yovani Gallardo a chance in place of Bush.

And it is not just Bush, Cappy has been terrible his last three starts Vargas is Vargas I actually feel better about him starting today than I did about Bush yesterday Soup for the most part has been a rock as long as Ned does not try to get one to many innings out of him.

A couple of days ago E made a comment on maybe it was time to rethink what this team could do this season and I think he is right.

I still believe they could win the division because the division is so god awful, but I could still see them having to settle for the Wild Card if they do not get back on track. I cannot see this team getting out of the first round of the playoffs if they do make it in. Not based on what I am seeing on the field when they play teams outside of the crappy NL Central. Right now I think I will just be happy if they finish with a winning record and are in the hunt for the division title all season.

Aim low it doesn't hurt as much when the Brewers disappoint us once again.

Yes I am very down on this team now because for the last 2 weeks they look just like last years suck ass version of the Brewers but guess what this year they do not have the injuries excuse to fall back on.

Tonights game info

Vargas vs. Germano at Petco Park located on Tony Gwynn Dr.

Germano is 2-0 and has a 0.47 era so how are you feeling about winning this series?

First pitch is at 9:05pm and the underachiving will be carried on WMLW41 in Milwaukee and FSN outstate. You could listen to Jim and Uke try and tell us how everything is ok on the BRN.

I hope you enjoyed April because May is sucking ass.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Memorial Day Checklist:

Family: Check
Quality Time: Check
Burgers: Check
Hot dogs: Check
Bratwurst: Check
Chicken: Check
Potato Salad: ???
Horse Shoe Tourney: Check
Volleyball Game: Check
Badminton: ???
Having A Catch (for the first time) with my grandson: Check
Squirt Guns: Check
Explaining to the grandkids why we celebrate this day: Check

But in a larger sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865, Sixteenth President of the USA

To My Bretheren, Thank You: CHECK

We Don't Have To Wait Any Longer

JSOnline has the lineup for tonight and Braun is in it!

San Diego - Third baseman Ryan Braun, summoned from Class AAA Nashville late Thursday night, is in the Brewers' lineup tonight for their game at San Diego.

Here is the Brewers' lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
3B Ryan Braun
SS J.J. Hardy
1B Prince Fielder
RF Geoff Jenkins
CF Bill Hall
C Damian Miller
RF Gabe Gross
RHP Dave Bush

The Brewers also announced they had removed reliever Greg Aquino from the 15-day disabled list and optioned him to Class AAA Nashville. Aquino was already in Nashville on a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

The Brewers tried to option Aquino to Nashville in late April but he complained of forearm soreness and they were forced to recall him and place him on the DL.

Good move I think, get him in before he has time to think about it. Plus he's in the 2-hole, I thought he'd maybe be in the 7th spot or something.

Here's to a 3-4, 1 hr, 3 rbi, 1 bb, 1 sb major league debut.


See we are not the only ones who hate Cubs Fans

Even the Padres fans in San Diego hate the Cubs fans who show up there.

I just do not get Cubs fans their team is a 100 year example of futility but they act like they have won more World Series than the Yankees.

100 years lol


We Wish You a Merry Braunmas

I've been bellied up to the virtual bar here long enough that I now think I need to regale you all in song, so here it goes...

We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
And a fresh ice cold beer!

Good tidings to Yost,
And all of his kin
Good tidings for Braunmas,
And a fresh ice cold beer!

We all know Yovani's coming,
We all know Yovani's coming,
We all know Yovani's coming,
and soon will be here.

We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
We wish you a Merry Braunmas,
and a fresh ice cold beer!

You can tip me in the jar on the piano.

The Kinder Care Infield is now set

With the Call up of Ryan Braun to the big club the Brewers infield of the future is here now. The whole Brewers infield is under 25 and under contract for awhile.

I am hoping like everyone else that Braun is a spark to get the team back to its winning ways. At least we will have a bat with some pop in it playing third.

It is a shame his first game has to be against a future HOF guy and in Petco(where home runs go to die)

I am going to be open minded this weekend and give Ned a chance to wow me. Earl Weaver style baseball will not win in San Diego. I want to see if Ned can manage small ball style. They have to win this series they cannot afford to lose 5 series in a row.

Since they need to play small ball I wonder how much playing time Tony Gwynn Jr. will get? I would love to see him get some games leading off but we know that wont happen the Brewers brain trust likes to set things in stone and will not change once they have made up their minds.

Any ideas what position in the line up Braun will bat in?

Here is my guess at the line up for tonight.

Weeks 2nd
Gwynn RF
Hardy SS
Fielder 1st
Jenkins LF
Estrada C
Hall CF
Braun 3rd

You could flip Estrada and Jenkins around if you wanted to, man that could be murders row if they all start hitting like we know they can.

One good thing about playing in Petco is that David Bush should be less likely to give up that "one" home run that seems to plague him every game. Somebody in that starting 5 has to step up and throw a gem to stop the bleeding get the team back on its winning way.

Tonights game is
Bush vs. Our pitching coaches little brother aka Greg Maddox HOF class 20??.
A tought draw for the crew but they seem to rise to the challenge of playing the good pitchers it is the mope who seem to kill them.

Man it would be great to get the first game into the Win column. If they can win two games they can still earn a split on this road trip I will take that at the moment.

The game is a cavernous Petco Park first pitch is 9:05pm CT

the game will be on FSN in market and the BRN and on MLB.TV(Fuck Dicks Sporting Goods)

It is amazing how one call up or signing can change a persons outlook on the season.

Here is to TGJ having a monster home coming party this weekend.

Oh and before I forget Fuck SI for its ambush story on Prince and his relationship with is father.(I guess they did not tell them that was the angle they were going for the bastards)

A very important weekend of baseball ahead of us

Please for the love of Oden let them win a series on the West Coast.

Happy Braunmas

It Wasn't His Fault (Josh Hancock's Dad Is A Piece of Sh*t)!

Josh Hancock was killed by a bartender, a stranded motorist or a tow truck driver, his dad hasn't quite decided. Now that the push to ban alcohol has sputtered, Josh Hancock's dad, apparently missing the pro athlete gravy train, is trying to squeeze all the revenue he can from his son's death.
The father of Josh Hancock filed suit Thursday, claiming a restaurant provided drinks to the St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher even though he was intoxicated prior to the crash that killed him...

Mokwa said Hancock went to Mike Shannon's not long after the Cardinals played a day game against the Chicago Cubs on April 28. The lawsuit claimed that Hancock was a regular at the restaurant bar and was there for more than 3½ hours.

"It's understood that for the entire 3½ hours that Josh Hancock was there that he was handed drinks," Keith Kantack, a lawyer for Dean Hancock, said. "It's our understanding that from the moment Josh Hancock entered Mike Shannon's that night that he was never without a drink."

Holy Shit! A bar was handing out drinks! Call the God damn authorities. Are you kidding me? I know that personal responsibility is incredibly un-PC but are you kidding? Ya know, if this works why would the Hancock's stop? Why not sue the car manufacturer, the booze distributor, the construction company that put up the restaurant. Clearly it is the city of St. Louis' fault that Hancock got lit and wrecked his car, after all, they provided the building permit and liquor license. I want to know who provided the ingredients for every drink Josh Hancock consumed, who produced the glasses it was served in and who made the shirt he was wearing (assuming a no shirt no service policy, Hancock couldn't have gotten into Mike Shannon's without that shirt).

Think I'm exaggerating? This stupid fuck is also suing others:

Other defendants include Eddie's Towing, the company whose flatbed tow truck was struck by Hancock's sport utility vehicle in the early hours of April 29; tow truck driver Jacob Edward Hargrove; and Justin Tolar, the driver whose stalled car on Interstate 64 was being assisted by Hargrove.

What can you say about this level of stupidity?

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Ryan Braun, Oops I mean Kendra Wilkenson

Happy Braunmas, this Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkenson

It is a Happy Friday


Braunmas Morning

Holy hell what a great way to wake up in the morning! It's already 71 and sunny here in Boston, and Ryan Braun is a Milwaukee Brewer!

To make things roughly 100 times better, the Brewers dumped one Elmer Dessens (not the Sheeter, not yet) on the 15 day DL.

Time for Melvin to get on the phone, permanent room must be made for Braun, and last I checked Braun won't be spending a lot of time in the pen. Graffanino must be moved. I don't give a shit if you're trading from as low a possible point, send him to a team trying to dump a bloated reliever contract (Farnsworth! The Yankees don't have a third basemen do they) just get rid of the guy.

And I Was All Ready To Post Robin Tunney As The Friday Hottie

Damn You, You Slave Driving Bar Owner.
Ha Ha Ha Ha, revenge will be mine when you have to pay me the new $7.25 minimum wage.
What? Forcing you to pay higher wages means you have to let an employee go.

ESK pinches the small waisted, large breasted waitresses on the butt all the time.
Paul is always reading some book by Bill James and adjusting his fantasy line up while at work.
Jib steals away to write for his own devices. His infidelity to the bar is known far and wide.
The other guys at the bar obviously work the lunch shift because I rarely see them around.

So see, Mr Lovely, Best Bar Owner Ever, those guys need the pink slip. I mean I haven't walked out with a twelve pack in two days and those free drinks I gave to my buds were all comped by the rich dude hanging with Tiffany at the end of the bar. If anything I should be employee of the month.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Forget what I said about staying away till Tuesday

I am not going to miss Braunmas I have been waiting for this moment and since I am as fickle as a woman I can change my mind.

Hopefully I will not have to see Graffanino on the field for a long time

Thanks Jib you allowed me to go to bed a very happy man

I will tell you this even taking a day off was very helpful

I spent the afternoon watching the Devil Rays almost blow an 8 run lead against Seattle in front of 9000 announced.

It helped me remember as bad as the last two weeks have been it could be worse a hell of a lot worse.

See you all tomorrow

Damn I cannot wipe this grin off my face

Happy Braunmas everyone and Oden bless us every one of us :)


We can stop our belly aching: Braun gets the call

JSOnline is reporting that the Brewers have called up Ryan Braun. Now let's see what he can do.

I will talk to you all Tuesday

I am taking myself out of the line up until Tuesday.

Right now I am not enjoying this or the Brewers so I am taking a couple of days off.

So I am not going to post, watch or care about the Brewers for a couple days Hell it worked for Weeks

So everyone feel free to post if you want to I will be back on Tuesday Let the Ned Yost love fest commence


WSB Watercooler: No Braun For You

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin and assistant GM Gord Ash were in the stands at Greer Stadium this week, and saw top prospect Ryan Braun get his groove back. But at least for now, Melvin continued to insist there are no immediate plans to bring Braun up to the big leagues.

Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino have manned third base for the Brewers this season. Entering play Wednesday, Milwaukee ranked 27th of the 30 Major League teams with a .600 OPS from the hot corner and tied for 25th with 14 RBIs. Counsell's RBI on Monday night was the first by a Brewers third baseman since May 1..."But it's not just as simple as bringing a guy in," Melvin said. "Who do you get rid of? And two weeks from now, if it doesn't work out, what do you do then? This isn't rotisserie."

Does that mean Melvin thinks Grafasell is "working out?" Utter nonsense. As far as Hardy, I really did think about it Chris, and I agree with Yost on this one.

Yost gave Hardy a day off for just the second time this season. Counsell started at shortstop.

"I think you'd better be smart about giving these kids their days off now, because it can get to a point where it's too late," said Yost, who figured Thursday's off-day would give Hardy a 48-hour break.

Said Hardy: "I tried to talk him out of it."

I like both comments. It's nice to see Yost thinking of winning the division, and nice to know Hardy didn't ask for the day off (I HATE that).

This is part two of a very interesting analysis of ground balls.

SI asks Are the wheels falling off in Milwaukee?
Is it all unraveling? Bottom line is this: Are the Brewers the best team in the National League? No. The Mets and Braves are better. Even the Cubs have a better run differential, as do the Padres. Milwaukee, however, is good enough to win 85 games (maybe 88 or 89), which still means they could win the NL Central, and win it comfortably.

Honestly, this is what I believed before the season. Because of April I got some false hopes but lets be honest, this team is at least a year away from prime, and winning the division this year would be a fantastic start towards a potentially long run at the top.

Viva El Birdos looks at the competition faced by NL Central teams using a Challenge Rating. While it is no surprise the Brewers have feasted on weak teams (15-8) it is encouraging that they are 9-6 vs. average teams and 3-3 against the hard teams.

Value of the stolen base.

This is a new feature! This article is blocked at my office. Can someone read it and tell me exactly what the argument is? All I can get is the RSS feed version, which is:
All the NL Central teams have equal or greater talent than the Brew Crew.

That is an astoundingly DUMB statement, I must know more.

Some NBA mock drafts. No on Noah. Jeff Green, meh. Could me worse. In case you don't read the comments, Hibbard opted out, is going back to Georgetown.

I was listening to MLB on XM this morning (right now actually) and they discussed Prince Fielder and his recent emotional outbursts. Based on this evidence and the recent SI article, Mark Patrick (the host) and Buck Martinez are of a mind that Fielder is a time bomb, and that when he blows it won't be pretty. They feel it stems from his tumultuous relationship with his family, especially his father. They spoke about something that happened last night with Fielder and Russel Martin. I went to bed after the 5th or so so I didn't see it. Can anyone tell me what happened? Also, any thoughts on Fielder as volatile?

In case you are frantic this morning, check the standings. Still 6.5 folks. Also, this off day today truly is, as my homeboy Ronnie James Dio would say, a Rainbow in the Dark.

You knew they never had a chance

The moment the Brewers went down 4-0 in the first with that weak ass line up the game was over.

Oh by the way Ryan Braun hit another home run last night for Nashville.

but hey the reason they play Graffanino is for his glove right that is why we cannot bring Braun up.

yeah Graffanino was a big part of the first inning melt down.

I cannot speak about what happen after the 1st inning I turned the game off I have had two weeks of bad baseball I knew how that game was going to end.

Ok is this the part where we say its ok because both the Flubs and Astros lost so they are still 6.5 game in front of them. They suck so the fact we are sucking is ok. Or is this the part where we cling to the fact we are 9 games over 500 and ignore the fact they are 2-8 over their last 10 games/

When do we start to get a bit worried that this team has sucked ass for 4 series in a row but I know we are not supposed to worry Ned will make it all right.

Here is a question which Brewers starting pitcher is going to step up and be the stopper? Right now the part of the team that was supposed to be the strength of this team is not getting the job done.

Cappy has to calm down the look he was giving Graffanino after Graffanino let Juan Pierre leg out a hit.

It is time to do something Melvin. Bring Braun up for starters and get rid of Graffanino

I am starting to get worried 2 weeks is long enough to be a trend.

Think about how far in front this team could have been if they had played even 500 ball.

Losing sucks as bad as I remember

So how low does Graffanino's avg have to go?

Before they stop putting him in the line up.

Lets see what Graffanino did last night.

1st at bat Graffanino flied out to center.

2nd at bat Graffanino struck out swinging.

3rd at bat Graffanino flied out to right.

His average is down to .187 does it have to get to .160, .150 before Bobbie Cox Jr. does something like not putting him into the line up.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Owner Shut Down The Bar Early, We Know How That Makes Potential Drinkers Feel

So I'm trying my best to not listen to the tripe that is this game, and lo and behold, I begin to notice the music being played for particular Trolley Dodgers.

Mind you, this is music chosen by the player himself.

I actually wouldn't mind hanging out in this locker room. They play my kind of music.
Without giving away my age, this is what I heard, well actually it does give away my age, but this is what I heard anyhow;

Nomar Garciaparra stays true to his heritage and has Low Rider by War play prior to his at bats, Luis Gonzalez has Led Zeppelin, Wilson Betemit (pronounced beta meat) has Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds from the Breakfast Club soundtrack, Brad Penny has Baba O'Reilly by The Who blasting and Olmedo Saenz cranks out Van Halen. Along with the Queen hit Another One Bites The Dust, every time a K occurs, it's overall a soundtrack of my younger days.

That's it guy's and doll's, that's the only positive I take away from this game. Blame it on Ned if you want, but that team was over matched tonight and adding J.J. Hardy would not have made a wit of difference.

One final note; I hate Harry Wendelstedt behind the plate. His strike zone in the first three innings is tighter then Rosie O'Donnell's grip on a twinkie. Then as the game progresses he expands for whatever pitcher is doing best. You could see the frustration Cappy had when Maddux came out in the second and Cappy spent the whole conversation with his side turned to Maddux. The point boiled over with Wise and he left disgusted.

I'm not the guy to complain about officiating but when it's bad it has to be pointed out.

Silver Cloud In A Black Lining, or Black Lining Of A Silver Cloud

Hey, at least Pierre and Furcal didn't run wild on Estrada.
Of course they didn't have to because the sacks were loaded.

The stellar defensive play from the right side of the infield continues, those pop-ups are a bitch you know. Oh and did you notice the air mailed throw from Weeks to home that allowed Martin to advance to third (where he later scored). At least Gwynn hit the cut-off man as proscribed by every baseball manual ever written by man. This game should be 2-0 at most right now, and Cappy would continue on instead of being pinch hit for.

The left side of the infield has joined the defensive parade of homes with Graffy's double, triple quadruple, clutch to allow Pierre to reach.

Finally, a day off for Hardy was needed. The one hit he had in the series was a sharp single to left that he pulled. That was off a grooved fastball. A month, hell two weeks, ago that would have been a round tripper. His bat has slowed a bit and it is evident in his last ten at bats.
Prince also could use a down day. That fastball he struck out on in the first inning would normally have been a 2-0 Crew lead. These are young guys and to expect them to grind out a season like "Pudge" Fisk is folly. Two years from now they could all play 150 games but this year I think the nucleus should be restricted to around 135.

Well at least I can catch up on my reading

Nice start down by 4 in the first nice play by Graffanino. I am turning this off and going to read a book. I am not in the mood to watch this line up try and come back from being down 4 this early.

I hope they can come back but I am not that hopeful


Fuck Dicks Sporting Goods

I swear that I will never every buy so much as a golf tee from Dicks Sporting Goods as long as I live


More Brillant moves by Baseball Greatest Manager

The Crew has tomorrow off so what does Bobby Cox Jr. do he sits J.J. Hardy down tonight and makes sure that the Brewers are forced to have the glass bat of Tony Graffanino in the line up tonight. So not just Counsell playing tonight but Graffy also.

Punch and Judy in the line up to face Brad Penny.

Ok Ched tell me how this is a great managerial move on Ned's part.

I fucking hate Ned Yost.


Picking On Powell

I don't know if I'll do this often, but hell, the title makes me think it should be a regular thing! Anyway, Jim Powell does an online chat at the Urinal (I believe weekly) and often spouts some nonsense. I'll try and clear that up for you.

The first question has to do with Corey Hart.
Hart is not in anybody's doghouse at all. He hasn't gotten hot yet and has battled through some wrist soreness, which can be quite debilitating for a hitter. Yost is doing what I think he will do all year: Mix and match according to matchups and according to who is swinging the bat the best at the time.

You get away with it on this one, although I still believe Yost secretely hates Hart...I just can't prove it.

On to Graffanino, where Powell is completely and totally wrong.
Graffanino has started slowly but he has a track record which tells you that he will perk up eventually.

A quick check of the actual stats (ya know, the facts) will tell you that Graddy does not historically "pick it up" later in the season. His monthly batting average see-saws (Ap: .256, May: .283, June: .242, July: .288, August: .253 Sep: .282). So, May is supposedly his best month, and here we are on May 23rd and Graffy is hitting a cool .192. If you really want to go on "track record" then June is going to be his worst month yet.

Spurling is apparently more comfortable, hence he is pitching better. With the knowledge that Dessens is terrible and there aren't a ton of relief options on the Farm, it's nice to know Spurling is settling in. If he can really keep it together and perform when needed (instead of mop up roles) he could be very valuable. Personally, I think he'll still stink (his 1.463 WHIP told me so).

A real doozy:
Yost considers many factors which making a decision like that one. Gross has been swinging the bat well in the last week (do you remember the 2-HR game in Philly?) and might have more raw HR power than Jenkins does. He also works the count really well and has a chance to draw a walk to get on base so Jenkins could come up and have a shot to put the Brewers out in front. Don't forget that it was a road game and the Brewers needed one to tie but two or more to win. He chose the strategy he felt would fit the situation best and it worked well when Gross got on base and Jenkins had a shot, but unfortunately Geoff struck out to end the game.

Hmmmmm, where to start. Gabe Gross has 16 home runs. Not last year, FOR HIS CAREER. Jenkins has 200. Now I know Gross hasn't had the chance to prove himself, but Christ. Gross certainly may have better "raw HR power" but do we factor potential as well now (I would argue the Brewers don't, since you know, they aren't bringing up Braun who certainly MAY be better offensively than Counsellino). I don't really remember the situation so I'm not saying how Yost played it was wrong, but saying it was the right move because hell, it's possible Gross has more power. Dumb.

Q: marty of marshfield - Jim, if the Brewers do promote Braun in the near future, to open the roster spot do they trade or release either Tony Graffanino or Gabe Gross, or does Corey Hart get sent down to play everyday?

A: Jim Powell - I'm not sure what they will do. They will also have to open a roster spot for Yovanni Gallardo sooner than later, so significant decisions have to be made. I wouldn't rule out a trade.

That is why they pay him the big bucks!

This one sort of puzzles me:
Q: Al of Deadwood, S.D. - Why is Elmer Dessens still taking up a roster spot? Yost clearly has no confidence in the guy - seems like he never comes in unless we're winning or losing by at least six runs. And he gets tagged for 2-5 runs nearly every time he comes out. Is it just because there's no better option in AAA?

A: Jim Powell - Dessens has the worst job in MLB: Long reliever. By definition that pitcher only comes in when the starter is injured or knocked out early. You might sit for two weeks and then have to pitch 5 innings. It is a recipe for a bad ERA. The Brewers have liked having a Burba/Helling/Dessens in that role figuring a veteran will handle it better than a young pitcher who will start to panic if he has a bad outing and then sits for a week. I do think that Gallardo's shadow is being cast on the Major League roster and that he will be up here in some role soon.

Since when does Dessens take the long reliever moniker? Pretty sure every time a pitcher has gone out early Villanueva has been the #1 option. If the Brewers REALLY have 2 long relievers in the pen, I am pissed. There is almost no reason for it in the era of a 5 man rotation, especially with the flexibility of experienced arms in Nashville. I really think Powell just sort of mucked up the answer in trying to talk around "Dessens sucks."

Interesting quick and decisive answer here (and with Sheets down for a start or two, we'll see how much insider info this character really has)
Q: Scott of Waukesha - If a starter goes on the DL, who do you think will take his spot in the rotation?

A: Jim Powell - Gallardo. Villanueva would be the other option but he seems to be settling into a valuable role in the bullpen.

An actual intelligent question makes it through, and Powell gives a good answer (and provided some information I was wondering about)
Q: Ben of Milwaukee - Gallardo, Rogers, Inman, and even Garrison played in A ball a year out of high school, should Brewer fans be concerned that Jeffress is behind in development based upon the fact that he is not?

A: Jim Powell - Sorry for how slow this chat is progressing. I am at wit's end with this "broadband" our hotel is providing which is so intermittant that there is more down time than online time. I am not worried about Jeffress at all...not as long as he still throws 100 MPH. The Brewers are allowing him to focus on developing his other pitches without the pressure of full season games. Sometimes you can progress alot faster if you don't have to worry about winning a game. Jeffress is young and raw but extremely talented. He will be pitching in the Pioneer league in a couple of weeks I think.

Powell is pretty hit and miss, mostly miss. Some of his answers (seriously, take a minute to look of Graffanino's stats bro) are just wrong, while others (Dessens is the designated long man??) are illogical. Not terrible all in all however, and Jim gets points for knowing who Jeffress is (Brian Anderson would be COMPLETELY lost on that one).

May 23rd grade: C

Why tonights games is so huge

Because Petco Park is so fing huge. This Brewers team plays Earl Weaver baseball, bing bam boom hit the three run homer. They have proven they are small ball challenged. I remember last seasons road trip to Petco did not go so well, blast after blast being caught at the warning track or at the wall. I remember Billy Hall saying "damn I cannot hit a ball harder than I hit that one" a blast caught at the wall by Mike Cameron. "Petco Park where home runs go to die"

That is why it is even more important for the Crew and Cappy to get a win in La La land tonight. A win tonight means they only have to win one game in San Diego to insure a split on the road trip. As far as Brewers West Coast trips go I would dance my happy dance over a split.

So lets hope they get it done tonight


Not So Good In Nashville

Here's an opinion from the stands at the stadium of the Brewers' affiliate in Nashville.

Brewers Keep Turning Up The Heat

Urinal News Watch:

The Milwaukee Brewers have already sold 2 million tickets, the second earliest day for that milestone in franchise history, club officials announced this morning.


A Promise to every reader of this Blog

I here by promise that I will not write another Bucks post here.

Except one, I reserve the right to do a post on the day the Team is sold and moves out of Milwaukee. But other than that you will not see any Bucks stuff here at least not by my hand.

If any of the other posters who actually follow the NBA want to write about the Bucks feel free.


I really hope this makes Bill B. happy :)

Stanley Cup Finals Preview

I know, no one here pays much attention, but nothing shows off HDTV better than hockey. AND I am going to make this relevant to Wisconsinites.

Patrick Eaves - son of Badger head coach Mike Eaves
Dany Heatley - one of the all time great former Badger NHLers.

no apparent connections

I personally was really hoping the Red Wings would beat Anaheim, setting up a Stanley Cup featuring the best offensive Badger (Heatley) against the best defensive Badger (Chris Chelios). that would have made it difficult to decide. As it is, I nominate the Ottawa Senators as the WSB Stanley Cup Selection.

Senators in 6!

Wow we are already one quarter of the way through the season

As of today the Brewers have played 46 games of a 162 game season so have already played 1/4 of the season and they are still

A well above 500

B Still in first place in their division

C. Doing the above two things while struggling no one can say this team is hitting on all 8 cylinders yet

since I missed the actually event of them playing their 40ish game(162/4= 40.5) they are already 5-6 games into the 2nd quarter of the season.

Hell if I can write 34 games from now that they are still in First and still well over 500 I will be a pretty happy Brewers fan.

Hurray making the first turn of the race.


A Tale of Two Lineups

It is a shame that Ben Sheets was not facing a right handed pitcher tonight he most likely would have won.

Face it the line up that the Best Manager in the History of Baseball Ned Yost trots out against left handed pitching sucks.

Graffanino is batting .192 those numbers are Chad Moeller like. At some point you have to wonder maybe Counsell should get a start or two against a lefty just to see if he could muster even one hit a game. That would be a marked improvement over what Graffanino is doing.

Let take a look at what Mr. Graffanino did last night with his bat.

2nd inning Graffanino flied out to right.

5th inning Graffanino grounded out to pitcher.

But wait it gets better

Top of the 7th only down by 1 run no outs and Corey Hart on 1st after being HBP

What did Tony, do he swung at the first pitch and promptly hit into a double play. Now this is not totally his fault if the Greatest Manager in recorded history had made him bunt Hart over the out we knew was coming with Graffanino at the plate might have been at least a productive out.

But who are we to question the Greatest Manager in the History of Baseball and his apologists.

But enough about Graffanino we know he sucks and we know where the answer to that problem lies. One phone call to Nashville and that problem is solved.

Lets move on to lack of "Head" the Brewers are suffering though.

Kevin Mench must be missing his dog again his average is down to .259, but it gets worse my friends

He has had 45 at bats in the month of May he has a whopping 6 hits(only one over a single a lone double) if I did my math right(always a iffy thing with me) he has a .133 batting average in the month of May. You also need to remember this is against left handed pitching you know the ones he is supposed to be able to hit.

Face it they need to sit Mench and let Gross or Gwynn or even Jenkins have his at bats even Jenkins can hit lefties better than at a .133 pace.(look what Mench has made me do long for Jenkins in the line up against a lefty how sad is that)

Basically when The Greatest Manager in the History of BaseballAKA Bobby Cox Jr. trots out this line up against a lefty you have a bottom of the order of Mench Graffanino and the Pitcher think of that, it is like you are playing 6 vs. 9 or at best 7 to the other teams 8 if you consider the pitchers as a wash.

But I am not worried I am sure Ned is working hard on answers to our left handed line up problem which he will implement after the all star break or when we fall out of first which ever comes later.

The good thing in the last 4 games of the road trip I do not believe we see another lefty if I heard right last night or if we do face another lefty it is only once.

I do have to admit last night the Brewers looked like the Brewers we are used to when it comes to West Coast road trips not one but 2 dropped foul balls one leading to an unearned run. List less play in the field and just hacking at the plate something about the left coast just does something to the Brewers. Lets hope they can shake this game off. Nights like last night are going to happen, the trick is making sure they do not happen all that often

There are things to be thankful for the Astros and Flubs both lost so no ground was gained on the listless Crew.

Tonight is a big deal Cappy is coming off of two so so games and needs to get back to his 5-0 ways. They need this win tonight to take the series and keep the good JuJu going on the this road trip.

Capuano vs. Penny tonight at Dodgers Stadium, first pitch is at 9:10pm no being nice on get away day from the Dodgers.

The game is on FSN and the BRN so another night of staying up late.(though last nights game was done fairly fast)

This should be the last time we see the Trolley Dodgers this season baring the playoffs

Lets shake it off and get it done tonight it has been a while since they won a series.

Hurray Graffanino and Mench will be on the Bench tonight

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