Monday, April 30, 2007

The rampage through NL Central continues

Tonight was full of good news (unless you're a RedBird fan). First up, the Soup Can and the Brewers' offense gave the pen a day of rest, whupping up on the Cards 7-1. The most-interesting item from that game was the Kev half of Menchkins producing a run the hard way - infield single, reach 2nd on a throwing error, steal third, score on a balk.

Item #2 - your starting pitcher tomorrow, Ben Sheets. He has been cleared by the medical staff.


Clearing the Moss Nonsense

Yet another commenter says "I would have taken Moss." Okay, I get not everyone reads EVERY article, but come on. If you wanted Moss so badly you would think you would have read ONE article about the deal.

The only team Moss was willing to restructure his contract for was New England. In other words, the only team he wanted to play for was New England. In other words, he would have gone to Green Bay, stolen 9+ million dollars, then signed with New England in the off season anyway.

If you STILL think the Packers should have given up a 3rd round pick to rent a $9 million malcontent who has already proven he has no problem doggin it (and braggin bout it) for a year, then you are, to put it simply, a moron.

UPDATE: For Eric, our incredibly mature reader.
ESPN reported that Moss was willing to restructure his contract only for the Patriots, and that any other team would have had to pay him his full $9.75 million this year.

It even made the Urinal. And every Boston paper, and every espn talk show and radio show. And every Patriots blog was crowing about how awesome the Pats are for being the only team able to land him, and so on...Some said Moss claimed the information "wasn't necessarily true" some did not. Either way the fact remains, Moss only wanted to play for New England. I will say this, I was wrong, Moss wouldn't have stolen 9 million, he would have stolen 9.75 million. He'll probably play great for the Patriots, but that is because he wants to be there.

Notice how touchy a moron gets when you call em out?

Brewers in HD update

My TV person got back to me(I love that I actually know TV people lol) The FSN-WI games that are in HD should also be on channel 94 or 95 in the FSN-WI viewing area

So if you have DTV you should be able to watch tomorrows game in HD.

Thanks again secret TV person ;)


A MLB Question

Why are there 6 teams in the NL Central when there is a division in the AL that only has 4 teams. That makes no sense, I cannot understand why you would not go to 6 five team divisions.

It would not be all that hard, you move Arizona to the AL West and move Houston to the NL West and bang all the divisions have the same amount of teams. Why those two teams pure geographics I didnt want to put another California team into the AL West so it has to be Arizona they are farther west than Colorado and Houston is the most western team in the NL Central plus I hate playing those SOB's ;)

I am surprised I never noticed this imbalance before I guess I just look at who is in first and that is all that registers.

So can anyone explain the current system to me?


Some end of April MLB thoughts

I wonder what it feels like to be a Yankee Fan at this moment April is almost over and they are 9-14 looking up at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. That is what happens when you are in last place. I love the sound of that the last place New York Yankees, it has certain ring to it doesn't it.

Then you have the Chicago Cubs who have spent 300 Million dollars and end April looking up at the Pittsburgh Pirates who I can assure you did not spend 300 million dollars ;)

Sometimes the Baseball Gods take pity on us small market folks and give us things like this to make us smile.


Trying to figure out Brewers HD so you dont have too

Tomorrow FSN-Wisconsin will be broadcasting the first of 17 Brewers games in HD. I can tell you if you have Time Warner Cable you will see the game in HD. Other than that I have no clue Charter no clue DirecTV no clue.

The nice lady who is the operator for the Brewers dumped me to a number that rang for ever when I called them to ask if they knew.

DirecTV had no clue. Which did not surprise me since its is a regional sports channel doing the Broadcast not ESPN or Fox. My hope is DTV will do like they did when the Packers game was on NLF Network and put the HD feed on one of their HD overflow channels

I know this may seem silly but to a lot of us seeing the game in HD is a big deal and if there is an HD signal and your tv provider does not pick it up it makes you a bit grumpy and cranky.

I find it hard to believe that DTV would pick up the SD signal but not the HD signal

I have put out some cries for help to a person I know who works in TV hopefully they will be able to get us an answer.

So if you have DTV enjoy tonights game in HD you might not see tomorrows in glorious 1080I ;)

Sigh I cannot wait till everything is in HD and it is not hit or miss like this.

Hurray High Def

Oh an I cannot call FSN-WI they list no contact numbers on their damn website bastards.

I'm getting less happy as time goes on.

From Peter King, via Michael David Smith:

Savage got a nibble from Green Bay at 16. Cleveland offered its first-round pick in 2008, and offered to flip picks with the Packers in rounds two, three and four. "I thought it was going to work,'' Savage said. "But they thought about it, called back and said no.''

To which Mike adds, correctly:

That's incredible. Why on earth would the Packers turn down an offer to get better picks in rounds, 2, 3 and 4, as well as a first-round pick in 2008 that's likely to be a high one, just so they can draft Harrell? If Harrell turns into anything less than a Pro Bowl defensive tackle, the Packers made a serious mistake by declining the Browns' offer.

I'm not happy.

Game one of the Brewers vs Red Birds series

Tonight at Wonderful Miller Park the Brewers will play the St Louis Cardinals. I am sure the Cards will have a few things on their mind other than baseball with the death of Cardinal Reliever Josh Hancock. I understand the Brewers will hold a moment of silence to honor his memory and the Card will wear his number on their uniform for the rest of the season.

I hope for a couple of hours the Cards are able to take their minds off of this tragedy by playing the game. Sometimes silly things like baseball games can provide a service beyond simple enjoyment and entertainment.

I know we have said it earlier but Our hopes and Prayers and my good thoughts go out to the extended Cardinal family.

Tonights game,

Suppan takes on his old mates vs. Wells at 6:05pm CT EARLY START ALERT EARLY START ALERT

The game will be on the Four Letter Network and the Brewers Radio Network.

The Brewers are coming off a first I believe that was the first series the Crew has ever won in Houston since coming to the National league. The next 6 games of this home stand will be the end of the NL Central Death March the crew has been on they play 3 with St Louis and 3 with Pittsburgh before they can play the Nats to start taking on Eastern Division teams.

This is the last game of a great April everyone get home early and enjoy your beer of choice as the Nation gets its first good look at the new and improved Crew.

Hurray Beer

Hung-over draft thoughts

I'll admit I spent most of Sunday in a drunken stupor (or at least I should have done so), but it's time to take a hard look at the harsh reality that is the NFL draft.

I absolutely, positively hate the first 3 picks that Thompson made. DT Justin Harrell is nothing more than a heavier Jamal Reynolds, full of promise but will spend more time on the trainer's table than the field. RB Brandon Jackson, essentially a younger version of Ahman Green, is injury-prone (ow, my shoulder; ow, my other shoulder). The biggest difference between Jackson and Green is Jackson doesn't have the speed to run away from NFL linebackers (which will beg the question of why Thompson didn't pay Green's asking price since he will still have all that money in September). James "Kool-Aid" Jones (I take credit for that nickname, BTW) is a box-of-rocks possession receiver, nothing more.

That brings me to the first good pick of the draft, SS Aaron Rouse. This boy can HIT! As long as Kurt Schottenheimer isn't around much longer, he will be something special. The secondary is definitely set for next year.

Back to the bad. I know we're going to need tackles soon, and they do take time to develop, but why did we have to get somebody (Allen Barbre) who can't think on his feet? WR David Clowney is quick like Willie Gault, but he goes down faster than Willie when touched (do note I didn't say hit)? I must've missed something on Abdul Hodge's development because the first 2/3rds of a 3-pick run in the 6th were wasted on a pair of ILBs (Korey Hall and Desmond Bishop) who are destined to be little more than special-teamers (of course, 6th- and 7th-rounders tend to be where you get special teamers).

The last third of that run may well be the pick of the second day. Mason Crosby has a LEG! Yeah, he did half of his kicking at altitude, but nailing a 58-yarder in Miami (as Gil Brandt pointed out, the longest sea-level kick off grass without a tee in NCAA history) is impressive. I think by December, I will be saying, "Ryan who?"

That leaves the 7th-round gambles. DeShawn Wynn is a back with a lot of upside (powerful, shifty, passing-game background suited to the Pack) but a lot more downside (shifty to a fault, refuses to use the power to block blitzers, general headcase, not a downfield threat). Clark Harris is a project at TE.

Looking back on the first month of new Brewer Reign of Terror

The NL Central is Ours, well at least for the first month of the season and they cannot take that away from us. ;)

They play their last game of the month tonight on National TV, they and the Red Birds are the 4 letter networks game Monday game of the week. Win or lose they will leave April with a winning record and in 1st place in the NL Central.

You know what is amazing about this Weeks, Hall, Fielder and the third base platoon are not really hitting day in and day out. So they are in 1st place when they are only hitting on 5 of 8 cylinders.

When those four positions start to get hot this offense could be Godzilla like stomping through NL Ball Parks all season long

So far so good yes there are things that need to be addressed a solid 7thing pitcher, getting some pop at third base. But even now they are starting to address these problems CV Shouse and Wise should be able to handle the 7th and when they Braun is bought up sometime in the next couple of months they will have some pop at 3rd base.

There are a number of things that are going well for the Crew, The starting pitching has been solid Bush and Vargas are always an adventure but that is why they are the 4th and 5th starters. Sheets will find himself as it warms up and Cappy and Suppan have been a nice 2 and 3. Turnbow and Cordero have been lights out 11 saves between them already. Hall is becoming a center fielder and Weeks has really improved his Defense. J.J. Hardy's brought his bat in April to go with his usually smooth as silk glove work. Estrada gives us a catch who actually can bat higher than the 8 spot in the order. And believe it or not Menckins has worked as the platoon in Left.

So over all more good than bad in my book and they are just getting started. I am very happy with the season so far and I am trying to temper my exuberance because there is a lot of baseball to be played but damn it is fun when your team is winning.

One month down many to go I intend to enjoy every moment of this season.


Morning After (draft thoughts)

I may or may not add to my thoughts from day 2 (day 1 thoughts here). All I can say is look at the reasons people are bashing the Packers picks. Do analysts say that they were terrible picks? Except for Harrell, no. What people are saying is that the picks are bad for Brett Favre. While I agree the Packers didn't add a wide out who can necessarily start tomorrow or a TE (the guy they took...not so much) at all, but they did make the organization stronger. They got a fantastic safety, a couple of potentially very good wide receivers, a starting running back and a potential franchise kicker (a sixth round choice, one of three, is THE place to take the best kicker in the draft).

I don't dislike the draft, but it isn't anything to be necessarily excited about. The team got stronger but didn't add any flashy pieces. I can handle that.

Again, and please remember this, just because YOU haven't heard of these guys does not make them worthless.

What do you folks think? Bash Thompson here

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ashley Beats Her Dad

Ashley Force beat her dad, John Force, in the opening round of the NHRA Southern Nationals. She made it to the semis before losing to some guy.

Danica who?


What should we decree as the official beer of the WSB?

Ben brought up a good point, we do not have an official beer of the WSB. Jib and the BBA have laid claim to all Leinenkugel products. So we can not pick that.

If it were left up to me I would chose the the one true beer Guinness but I understand there are poor misguided souls who do not like Guinness(damn their no taste black hearts)

So I am open to ideas for our Official Wisconsin Sports Bar Beer leave your pick in the comments

and if you do not participate I will chose Miller Lite ;)


Fire Yost

Ned Yost should be fired. Six games above .500 and a 3.5 game lead in the Central is inexcusable. We deserve better. This team should have only 2 losses, 3 maximum at this point. I can't believe people can defend how he uses the pen, Turnbow and Coco should both pitch 2 innings everyday no matter what. They will never lose then.


WTF Was Yost Thinking?

Why was Villenueva allowed to start the 8th? What a friggin bonehead. And as long as I'm ranting the new tv guy ain't that good. In fact, I'm going to start making a list of stupid things he says starting with (when the score was still 3-0), "He was dodging bullets all day and now the bullet's on the board."


I won't be around for much of this but I will probably pop in every now and then. 200 comments yesterday is pretty awesome.

Anyone who read through the comments knows who I want here. Ben Patrick, TE from Delaware.

I really really hate Ted Thompson

Why bother participating in the damn draft if you are never going to make a pick

Ted Thompson is an asshole.


RIP Josh Hancock

Cardinals relief pitcher Josh Hancock died in a car accident earlier this morning. He played for Boston, Philly, Cincinnati and most recently won a ring with the Cardinals.

Update: Todays game between the Cardinals and the Cubs has been canceled to be made up at a later date. Once again baseball does the right thing. Chris

Some nights it is just the other guys night

You almost expected something like last nights blow out loss. The Astros were due it was kind of fitting the Crew started their losing streak and they ended it. Hopefully they can help start a new losing streak today.

When you look at it I would rather lose 10-1 than 10 - 9 at least the Brewers didnt waste a good hitting night. Bush looked outstanding in the first 3 innings then the wheels fell off. Then Ned brought in the human surrender flag Chris Spurling wow does that guy suck ass. It is time to bring Bad Cappy back up from Nashville or someone because Spurling is a waste of a roster spot.

Something that struck me last night the Crew is in first place and Weeks, Hall and Fielder are not really hitting the ball all that well. They all have their moments but can you imagine this offense if those three start to hit?

Hall is looking better and better in Centerfield that was a nice place to gun down that runner at the plate.

There is a little bit riding on this afternoons game they Crew goes for the rubber game in the series a win will give them winning road trip while a loss will give the a 500 road trip I would prefer the 4-2 trip but after last year I can live with 500 ball on the road.

Todays game is Vargas vs. Williams at 1:05pm CT down at the Juice Box

No Telemundo today only FSN and the BRN for your viewing and listening pleasure.

My guess is we will see Miller behind the plate since it Sunday I would guess we might see Hall get the day off his bat could sure use a day off.

So time to shake off last nights ass whooping and get it done today

Hurray there is always another day

Randy Moss Is In Boston

Taking a physical...he will be a Patriot for the 4th round pick.


Day 1 Ruminations...

Yesterday was pretty interesting. The Packers made Ched one happy little boy while everyone else thought it was the worst draft ever. I fall somewhere in between. I think Ched is far too optimistic. 3 starters yesterday? I don't see that, at least not right away.

Justin Harrell has a chance to start. Ched seems to forget that the Packers signed Pickett the season before last to a pretty sizeable contract. With Jenkins, Pickett, and Kampman all getting large contracts, and now a first rounder there, the Packers are dumping a lot of money into the d-line. I don't dislike Harrell in the least. I hate the fact that the Packers took a defensive lineman who won't start when any running back (reach), safety, TE or WR (a #3) would have been immediately on top of the depth chart. I hope his gimpy arm doesn't slow his progress, but all the torn biceps problems the Packers have had in the past tell me this pick was early. Harrell may be a pretty good player but he wasn't the right choice.

Brandon Jackson will start game 1, and all season long as long as he is healthy. This guy falls into the category of "just cause YOU ain't heard of him doesn"t mean he sucks." The Packers traded down because they don't like Kenny Irons and because they wanted Jarrett or Zach Miller. While I wish the Packers would have drafted Irons, I am stoked Jarrett didn't fall to them. There is nothing you can do about Miller, who would have been a really good pick, but the Raiders took him a lot earlier than anyone expected. As to Jackson, the Packers needed a running back, didn't like Irons (or Pittman, but neither did anyone else) and moved down. While I have a feeling they moved down thinking they could get the kid from Rutgers, Jackson should be very good. Not a world beater, but very good. Most scouting reports I have read, and that highlight reel below, say he will be very good for the zone blocking scheme that, after a few years of learning it by the o-line, is ready to fire on all cylinders. This is a fantastic pick, especially considering they traded down to get it.

James Kool-Aid Jones (that is the nickname we should go with, it's hilarious and a tad offensive...perfect) doesn't have a chance to play in anything but 3 wide sets. While Green Bay may go there often, he's still at best a #3 receiver, and to me that isn't a starter. Add to that his fantastic Wunderlic score of 9, and there is a real chance he will not be on the field much in his first season in GB. If there is anything Favre hates, it's a receiver who can't remember which route he's to run.

Aaron Rouse is a locker room guy. He plays hard and closes well on balls in the air. He is pretty big, adequately fast, and hits hard. The biggest problem some teams had was that he didn't have a mean streak. Perhaps the Packers should hire Ahmad Carroll to spend a few days with Rouse, Aaron will quickly learn how to hate. This guy will most likely start from day 1. He was the "most outstanding leader" on his team two straight years. He is the type of guy who will be a fantastic addition both on and off the field. To get him with the 89th pick overall will be fantastic. I honestly think this guy will be the biggest difference maker to come out of this draft. His physical tools are slightly above average, but his mental toughness and "intangibles" are off the charts. He performed poorly at the combine, but then, most guys who are football players first and athletes second have their stocks drop once the season ends. This kid can play, be excited. 6-4 225 strong safety who played some outside linebacker. Look for the Packers to use him a lot like LeRoy Butler, playing really good run defense and blitzing often. He'll be exciting.

While you may not know these guys, that does not mean they're terrible. Harrell seems to have a high bust potential because of the severity of his arm injury, but the rest will play for sure and play soon. I assume the presence of Driver and Favre will instill some urgency in the Kool Aide man and he will get his shit together. I don't care if he's smart as long as he can read the playbook.

This wasn't an amazing day one, the Packers still NEED a tight end, and they could have gotten the best to come around in awhile in Olsen, which is why my final grade is a B-. Harrell is a C (because of uncertainty) Jackson is a B (add in the trade take him from a B- to a B), Kool Aide is a B- (dumb) and Rouse is an A.

Day One Grade: B-

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I missed the first baseball game of the year last night to see one of the great live bands so I don't have much to say on the Crew other than HELL YEAH!! It is frightening to me that the team is this good, I'm going to be spending a fortune on plane tickets in October!!

Anyway, make your predictions on the NFL Draft here. This is a pretty important draft for the Pack, they need a guy or two on offense who can contribute right now.

(Chris, please keep this on top til the draft is over.) done it will stay on top till midnight

This stays on top till midnight look below it for new stuff as the Day of Rage known as the Packers draft moves along ;) Chris

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About that First Pick

I love it.

During Tennessee's run to the national title I watched Albert Haynesworth lead a defense that carried the day.
Kicking a man when he was down not withstanding, Haynesworth is an awesome ten year pro-bowler for the Titans and he impressed me immensely.

The next year Tennessee was picked to repeat because a young man named John Henderson had replaced Haynesworth at D tackle and their D would be just as imposing as before. Phil Fulmer ruined that chance but I vividly recall watching John Henderson.
The first time I watched Henderson play he totally dominated the game from the D Tackle position. It was an epiphany. I had never before seen such domination at that position. I called my Dad. I told him he had to see this. The old Coach watched and was as flummoxed as I. This guy was a monster who had to get to GB. He made Reggie look tame during his time in Tennessee.

Henderson plies his trade in Jax and keeps that D in the top 3 year after year.

Two years ago the heir apparent to Henderson arrived on the scene and I had to see this. If any player was better then Henderson I had to see to believe. I watched Justin Harrell every single play to the extent that I didn't even know the score when halftime came.
He was all he was advertised to be. He was a top 3 pick at that time. Until he tore his bicep he was all that and a bag of chips, and I agreed with that, I had seen it with my own eyes. He made Allen Branch look pedestrian. He made Okoye look like the High Schooler he is.

Justin Harrell is a stud who will take our run defense from abominable to top five. For those that say we spent highly on the D-Line prior to the pick you better think again. That was Cullen Jenkins and Kampman, the edge, this is the run stopper. This pick was needed. Does anyone remember 200 yard games given up by the D before the last four games? We were dreadful in our run D. This guy immediately fixes that. If you have reluctance because of his injury history, that is valid. If you question his ability that is insane.

I don't have five hundred links to prove what I say. I can't quote Mel Kiper Jr. and his hair, I can't even link a video. I know what I saw. I believe my lying eyes.

It probably doesn't make anybody here feel better, hell it definitely doesn't make anybody feel better but I saw it and if Harrell is healthy he will be a force. It was the right pick.

I saw it and believe it. Naysayers will be dealt with as Harrell excels.

Day One Review For The 2 Drunk Crew

We have a passel of friends who are like family from August through February every year. Some eat drink and sleep NFL others just immerse themselves on Sunday, everyone though, is a member of the 2 Drunk Crew. We gather 21 weekends a year to celebrate all that is great about Americas pastime. These fools are fans of the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Shitcago Bears and of course the Green Bay Packers.
Since I received a million calls today (I cancelled the draft party in Man-Land because of dental surgery) wondering what I thought about the latest pick for one of these teams I figured I'd just post it and they can read it all at once. Besides it increases the readership. These are my thoughts, with each fan acknowledged. Remember this only encompasses the 2 Drunk Crew so if your looking for your team wait until the draft is over I'll grade them then.

New York Giants-Franklin Dominguez (NYC Brooklyn) Ferrante (NYC Bronx),
Nice draft solid, Floyd Reese acquitted himself well in his first draft as Giants GM. Aaron Ross was a nice pick and will help stop those WR's from every team in the East from running wide open. I never saw so many wide open WR's in my life as I did this year watching the Giants. Steve Smith was the better of the two USC WR's. Jarrett was overrated Smith underrated. Great pick. DT Jay Alford was a nice pick but could be one or two years away from holding the point in the middle like they envision. Grade B

Philadelphia Eagles-Big Dev (pro hoops player in Poland, Israel and Argentina), Lex (My girl Alexis, simpatico realized),
Hating life, trade out of first round then take QB with first pick who would have been available in fifth. They really never addressed the need for a run stopper at all. Abiamiri is light in the ass speed guy as is LB Stewart Bradley, worse Bradley is one hit away from retirement. Bradley is Dan Morgan. Tony Hunt is o.k. as a goal line guy but he probably would have still been there in the fourth round. Grade D-

Washington Foreskins-Tony Tone, Bad Boy Brown, these guys are as close to being fanatics as I'm, they understand my Packer man crush. One pick LaRon Landry. They had to take him. Landry is Sean Taylor. Now you have two big hitters in the D-backfield who can't cover because they are looking for the kill shot. Bravo. Pick was as predictable as a Paris Hilton crotch shot. Grade C

Pittsburgh-The entire Irish family, this is for Mark and middle bro Rod, Timmons was a no-brainer, had to do it,Woodley was a great pick, mark my words. Spaeth is the blocking TE they needed as a compliment to Heath Miller. This team was a motorcycle crash away from defending there title properly. If you thought that D was nasty under the Chin wait until you get a load of how nasty they will be under Mike Tomlin. Pittsburgh is going to love Tomlin and Woodley and Timmons. Grade A

Jacksonville-My oldest son Ron (RawDawg), Best opening day draft bar none. Cleveland may have been better but they mortgaged the future, Jax did not. They traded down and still got, what I think, is the best safety in the draft, Reggie Nelson. Next they got Justin Durant, a physical Adonis and maniacal worker. They topped it off with Mike Walker who fell through the cracks because of a knee injury. That knee injury will be two years healed when he takes the field. Most importantly they have TEN picks tomorrow. 10, tzen, ten. Ocho plus two. No wonder Jack DelRio is smiling like that on his teams web site. Grade A+

Shitcago -Gunny SGT Ben Leake (USMC, Falujah Iraq), Specialist D.J. Johnson (US Army, Baghdad Iraq), man I hate doing this. These cheap bastards did it again. That damn Halas family keeps drafting great. Steal of the first rd. with Olsen. D-line speedster who will have time to learn in Bazuin and a backup RB who will push the lazy Benson. To top it off they get Okwo who will replace Briggs next year. They also have one fourth and two fifths tomorrow. If I wasn't so pleased with GB's draft I would say they widened the gap between us and them. To think these fools actually risked losing Lovie Smith. Grade A-

One quick note, the first call I received was from "Big Daddy" Gage at 1308 this afternoon. Big Daddy called from Jersey, his team is Miami. He was in awe that they took Ginn. I guess that makes it 2, the number of people in America that thought Ginn was worth a No. 1 pick. Cam Cameron and Me. Big Daddy was incredulous with the pick. He ranted for an hour about the folly of the pick. I never told him about my outright cheering for GB to take the same pick. Dignity intact I sheepishly hung up and told him to cheer up it would get better. Thank Goodness he doesn't read this BLOG.

Thompson Talks Harrell


"best value available"
medical staff is healthy
didn't want to "risk" not getting Harrell by moving down, offered trade by 5 teams
laughed that the fans in Lambeau booed him.
had potential to be a single digit pick (potential, GREAT)

I'm worried that he calls him a good guy over and over.

Rouse On Film...

James Jones is #1!!

Your Next Starting Running Back

Joe Thomas' Aunt is Fucking Crazy

Are you kidding me?

Also from the link:
3:20 p.m.: Did the Packers reach? The Packers' fan to my right is not inspired by the choice of Tennessee DT Justin Harrell at No. 16. Some of us thought Green Bay might go with another UT player, WR Robert Meachem. Rick Gosselin, my former officemate and draft genius of The Dallas Morning News, had Harrell going No. 27 to the Saints. McShay and Kiper both had him going at No. 23. So far, I think fans of the Browns, Dolphins and Packers have the biggest gripe.

No shit.

This doesn't really make me feel any better about the newest Packer
16. Green Bay Packers
The pick: Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
Scouts take: Make no mistake about it, Justin Harrell is a talented player, and staying away from a player who has problems keeping his weight down like Alan Branch makes sense considering the problems the Packers had with Grady Jackson. However, tight end is a far greater need and Greg Olsen was still on the board, so they probably could have gotten a little more bang for the buck here, especially considering QB Brett Favre does a great job of finding his tight ends.

Harrell is coming off a serious arm injury, so there's reason to worry about his ability to stay healthy, and he isn't a great pass-rusher, but he should immediately improve the Packers' run defense. He has excellent lower-body strength and is virtually impossible to move once he establishes position. His ability to collapse the pocket will also make it easier for the edge rushers to get to the quarterback.

Not picking for need AND taking a guy with a "serious arm injury." Dope.

This is the Madden version of Joe Thomas.


Fucking Ted Thompson


Whats Yo' Name? G-Reg!

Now that Lynch is thankfully off the board Greg Olsen is gonna be the pick. All you need to know about him is that he is a white rapper.

7th Floor Crew!!

Why do the Packers insist on drafting Miami dirt balls?

UPDATE: Nevermind this guy...fuck him, the Bears took him.

It Might Be the Weather

It could be the excellent win last night which is making my optimism peak, but I was just checking the Brewers' upcoming schedule and I'm seeing a six-game lead in their division by May 10.


What's the over/under on how long Rick Majerus lasts as SLU's new coach?

Zipping Along, The Coyote and the Road Runner

Good Saturday Morning to you all and Ched stop fighting with the guests ;)lol

here you go your Saturday morning cartoon

Coyote and the Road Runner in "Zipping Along"

Enjoy and Have a great Saturday

Roy Oswalt is their bitch

Sorry but I had to go there, for the second time in a week the Crew has found a way to hand Houston Ace Roy Oswalt a loss.

They let Oswalt wiggle off the hook a couple of times early. They did nothing with a lead off walk in the the third and than they loaded up the bases in the fourth but could not get it done.

I am sorry after Craig Counsell's performance last night Ryan Braun cannot get called up soon enough. Can we please put to rest the idea that Counsell is "Mr Clutch Hit". He flied out with the bases loaded in the fourth and struck out with runners on second and third with no outs in the 7th. Lucky for us that Rickie and J.J. picked the team up in that inning.

You cannot say enough about Chris Capuano's performance last night he did not have his best stuff, but he found a way to keep the Crew in the game. He also made a couple of nice defensive plays to help his own cause. How stupid does Lance Burkeman feel this morning after lining a single to right but having Gross and Cappy team up to nail him at first when he made to big of a turn. Nice hustle by Cappy and Gross showed you the arm that allowed him to play Quarterback at Auburn(War Eagle)

Wow are Turnbow and Cordero untouchable right now, at the moment if they can get to the 8th inning with a lead flash the Game over sign on the scoreboard. Wise looked better when he teamed up with Shouse to get through the 7th. But he cannot pitch everyday. Anyone else get that queasy feeling when ever Spurling enters the game?

So the Crew hands Houston their 7 loss in a row and they are now one win away from making some history. According to the guys from the 4 letter network, the Brewers have never won a series in Houston. They have only got to win one out of two to win their first series in Houston and give themselves a 4-2 road trip.

So tonights game info

Bush vs. Sampson both are 2-1 with ERA's over 4 so a pretty even match.

The game will be at the Juice Box aka Minute Maid Park.

First pitch will be at 6:05pm CT

You can catch your Division leading and tied for best record in the league Brewers on FSN-WI and MLB.TV/EI and the BRN and MLB.Radio

Man first place Milwaukee Brewers I never get tired of saying that.

Hurray Beer

Friday, April 27, 2007

Commenter Is Right

Commenter Jon Purdue felt I overstepped the bounds of civility by equating Randy Moss with a Dookie sandwich and calling Marshawn Lynch a Douche.
Mr Purdue is right (see comments in previous post for the full story).
Apparently Mr Lynch is a model citizen and we should not only give him 25 million dollars of our money (as fans of a publicly held trust, The Green Bay Packers, rest assured it is our money) but we should raise him up as an icon of Wisconsin virtue. Vest in him the pantheon of heroes heretofore reserved for true heroes like Barry Bonds, Floyd Landis and Najeh Davenport.
Mr. Purdue gives us two links to back his assertion of Lynch as a paragon of virtue. I read both articles and it is true, according to Marshawn and his Mom he is really a nice guy. Of course my Mom said the same thing at all twelve of my trials (the judge didn't buy it). But hey if Marshawns Mom says it and is backed up by Lynch himself it must be true. I shall disregard the six scouts who interviewed him and all those associated with him (6 of 32) and take Mr. Purdues word as gospel.
Draft Lynch immediately and trade for Moss. Then give up our first round pick for Jared Allen and his multiple DUI's, our second pick for two time DUI murderer Leonard Little. Now if we can only find a way to trade Favre for Herpes, Dog Fighter, Middle Finger Boy Mike Vick we'll be set.
Thank You Mr Purdue, you have enlightened me. I have seen the light.

Just Let It Go Urinal Sentinel, We Don't Want Him Here

On File Photo Of Randy Moss, WI Sportsbar Archives

Milwaukee Urinal Sentinel writer Tom Silverstein, just won't let it go, he insists on keeping the Randy Moss trade talks alive and kicking. This time Silverstein cites a source who says the trade may happen or it may just as well fall apart. And Silverstein gets paid for this? Silverstein other source in the story says Moss is in the best shape of his life, what that has to do with anything is still a mystery to me.

Meanwhile, it would appear the Green Bay Packers are still planning to take Marshawn Lynch with the 16th pick of the first round. An unnamed source close to the draft (he'll be watching from his man land in PA) claims this would be a reach and wish they would wait for Pitman or Kenny Irons in the second round. This Wisconsin Sportsbar source claims Lynch is a douche bag.

Wisconsin Sportsbar Archival Photo Of Marshawn Lynch

Great Taste!!!

Big Bucks in Bowl Burg

How's this for a healthy boost: the football bowl season netted a record $401.7 million for the Valley of the Sun economy. This is nearly a 75% increase over the previous record set in 2003. How long until the players go on strike for a piece of that pie?

Larry Johnson Should Not Be A PACKER

True, but perhaps Michael "Burner" Turner late of the S.D. Bolts should be.
They signed him for one reason and one reason alone, to trade him.
This is a fresh back and everyone knows what he brings to the dance. Definitely worth a three and maybe a two.

2007 Green Bay Packers Draft order

Here is the Packer Draft Choices for tomorrows draft.

Round 1 they have the 16 overall pick

Round 2 they have the 47 overall pick

Round 3 they have the 78 overall pick


Round 4 they have the 112 overall pick

Round 5 they have the 157 overall pick

Round 6 they have the 193 overall pick

Round 7 they have the 228 overall pick

Round 7 they have the 235 overall pick

Round 7 they have the 243 overall pick

So there is their draft order baring any trades that TT makes on draft day.

This is also our 2500 post so Hurray US and the WSB


Lets hope the Crew can add to the Astros woes.

The Houston Astros are riding a 6 game losing streak which the Crew started and they are coming off getting swept by the Pirates for the second time this young season already.

If they are going to keep the Houston losing streak alive tonight they will have to earn it.

Houston is sending their Ace Roy Oswalt to the mound while the Crew counters with the Good Cappy

First pitch is at 7:05pm CT at the Former Enron Park aka Minute Maid Park.

The Normal TV and Radio Package FSN-WI and the BRN for those of us in state and MLB.TV/EI for those of you outside the borders of land of cheese.

Simple goal for this weekend series take 2 of 3 win another series and end the road trip with at least a 4-2 record. Houston is not playing its best baseball at the moment and the Crew has to take advantage of that and beat teams when are down. If they really want to remain in first longer than the end of May they will have to learn to TCB.

This death march of playing nothing but NL Central teams rolls on they have 3 Houston then 3 with St Louis and then the Pirates(the 2nd place Pirates) This stretch has been like swimming the English Channel you do not get to take a moment to rest and catch your breath.

It was great to hear that Big Ben just had a tweek and might still make his start that is good new and it gave us something to talk about yesterday

Everyone enjoy your Friday and get ready for a big weekend of Wisconsin sports Brewers baseball and Packer Draft I would guess there might be a few things written here this weekend ;)

Hurray Beer


This is by far the least I have been informed going into a draft in probably ten years, which is sort of odd considering I watched a TON of college football (good ol' gambling...) Anyway, I figure we should probably publicly declare our Packer pick, and any other Kiperesque declaration as well.

I figure the Packers will spend a ton of time on offense, and as with last year, be pretty active in the draft. If there are guys that fall unexpectedly, I think the Packers will trade down lower into the first to make a Lynch selection less of a reach. Moving down a few spots in the first and swapping 3rd's or something seems to be a move that would give Thompson a hard on. Plus, Lynch isn't going to be good, so I fully expect him to be the first round pick (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that is Thompson's fault, it's just that I think all first round skill players are going to suck, as a rule). A rickety back and a rickitier (??) past are definitely things I would avoid in a running back in today's puritan NFL.

My hope, Packers trade down are still able to get Greg Olsen (or a dynamic safety who always seem to fall) in the first and are able to get Kenny Irons in the second.

My projection:

1st Round: Marshawn Lynch
2nd Round: Zach Miller (who I do really like)
3rd- 7th: safety, wide receiver, d-line, d-line (no clue how many picks GB has, i just expect them to focus on those spots.

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This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Ali Larter

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Ali Larter

Enjoy and Happy Friday

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Larry Johnson Addendum

If they get Larry while simply swapping picks with KC, I'm all for that, since moving down in the first round of the draft is always a good idea. That's like getting Larry for free.

And you thought I hated Notre Dame

The Best Notre Dame hating post ever

I am just sitting here letting the hate flow over me like a ocean wave, feel the power of the dark side of the force. Give into your hate feel it making you stronger.


Larry Johnson Should Not Be A Packer

I keep reading rumors that The Pack is looking to deal a 1st round pick for Larry Johnson.


Bad Ted Thompson!

Larry Johnson had 416 carries last year. Typically, when RBs carry over 370 times in a season, they suffer a huge decline/get hurt the next year. It is not a sure thing by any means, but it is a trend that you simply cannot ignore. It's actually a bit worse for Johnson, as I believe he actually broke Jamal Anderson's record for carries in a season. Anderson set the record during the Falcons' Super Bowl year, where he appeared indestructible. The next season he blew out his Achilles tendon and he was never the same player. See also Shaun Alexander's 2006 compared to his 370 carry, 2005 season. And Terrell Davis's 1998/99 seasons. And Jamal Lewis's 2003/04 season. And Eddie George's 2000/01 seasons. And Ricky Williams' 2002/03/04 seasons. (Of course, there are some other variables with that guy.)

Even if you get close to that number it can take a serious toll, as it did with both Stephen Davis and Clinton Portis, not to mention Ahman Green.

None of these players were old or washed up, and had you not known their workloads, there would have been no reason to suspect a decline. Johnson is only 27 years old, but so was Ahman Green when he experienced his first big decline, and Johnson has had much more work than did Green. Johnson might not have suffered quite so badly had his line been better, but while KC has had a dominant O-Line for several years, they were merely average last year and allowed Johnson to take a major pounding.

RBs are seriously mistreated by many NFL teams despite the huge investment that teams have in them, and despite all of the evidence that doing so is counterproductive not only the following season, but also late in the current season. RBs should be treated like pitchers and kept on a carry count, with anything over 300 considered dangerous. Losing a first round pick for a player who is probably going to decline dramatically or suffer a major injury would be incredibly stupid. I hope this falls through.

I don't want to have to boo on draft day. Again. Jamal Reynolds, I'm looking at you.

For more on the 370 Carry Rule, click here.

Hooray beer, the injury edition

It seems that being in close proximity to the Flubs' Twin Walking DLers, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, didn't do as much damage to Ben Sheets' groin as we all initially feared. From the still-slow-as-molasses-in-February JSOnline's DayWatch (with the extraneous stuff removed):
An MRI performed on Brewers right-hander Ben Sheets today confirmed he has a slight groin strain that is not considered serious.... But he was reported to be "feeling much better" Thursday and was scheduled to rejoin the club in Houston.... Sheets was listed as "probable" for his next scheduled start Tuesday against St. Louis at Miller Park.... No muscle tears were detected in the MRI.

Somebody send Doug Melvin back to the Ron Wolf School of Injury Reporting.

Gevin Menchkins For The All-Star Team

I'm a big fan of specialization. It's very efficient. When you have people concentrating on what they do best you tend to have better outcomes. It's the reason that no one sews their own clothes anymore (except for recreation).

I'm also a big fan of the "runningback-by-committee" in football. Sure it screws your fantasy team, but teams tend to be more effective when their backs are well-rested, and when they do not suffer injury as frequently.

I am, therefore, a huge fan of platooning guys who mash against opposite-side pitchers, especially if you can get a bargain, and especially in the NL where substitutions are frequent. While the Jenkins/Mench platoon isn't particularly cheap, it has been extremely effective.

Kevin Mench is currently hitting a whopping .356/.357/.542, with 2 dingers. Mench will probably not maintain that level, especially if he doesn't walk a bit more, but he will be productive against lefties all season.

Jenkins has been every bit as good as Mench, killing righties to the tune of .352/.397/.593, with 3 HRs.

Currently, Gevin Menchkins is on pace to put up the following numbers:

BA: .354
OBP: .377
SLG: .568
HR: 39
RBI: 136
Runs Scored: 136

As one player, they are the equal of any All-Star corner outfielder playing. So support this platoon and write in Gevin Menchkins on your All-Star ballot. It might even make them happier about the situation, and the longer they stay in a straight platoon, the better it is for the club.

Sheets' Groin

Thankfully we don't have to talk about his colon. Anyway, it doesn't sound like it is a serious injury at all. I'm speculating here, but I'd be willing to bet the Melvin will want to shut him down for a couple of weeks at the slightest reason from the doctors. It sounds like it is a minor groin problem, and if it were game 7 of the World Series, Sheets would probably be able to pitch. Speaking from groin pull experience, it isn't comfortable and it slows you down a bit (in a pitchers case, weakens your push-off), but you can tape it up and gut through the minor ones, although the taping process is, well, very personal. That isn't an injury you want to aggravate or to have linger on your ace, though. At this point in the season, with the depth the Brewers have, you just shut him down for a while and let the thing heal. Like everyone has said here already, it isn't the end of the world if it happens.

I should add that one other thing to this post. Not only will they not want Sheets to aggravate the injury or have it linger, they also will not want to send him to the mound and see him compensate for the weakness in the groin by throwing differently. That's the type of thing that causes arm and shoulder injuries.

Re Sheets

As I said nothing to panic about starting pitching is an area they are pretty deep at I think they could actually bring up both Capellan and either Zach Jackson or the infant baby Jesus(Yovani Gallardo) if they wanted too. I believe since Aquino(whiny ass bitch that he is)is on the DL are there now two roster spots open. I could be confused on this(gee there would be a first)

They can win without Sheets one of the young guys just has to step up. My pick would still be CV based on what he did last year. But I could see they would not want to mess with his head since he is starting to grow into the long relief job and who else do they have to do that Dessens?

It will work itself out in the coming days I am not worried.

We have the strength of Ten Teams because in our hearts we know we are pure ;)


2-3 Weeks

I didn't hear the interview, but assuming Sheets is shelfed for 2-3 weeks, it comes at a time when the upcoming decisions should be pretty easy. After his fantastic performance on Tuesday, Villanueva gets the nod. To fill Sheets' roster spot, Capellan gets called up.

Personally, Melvin and Yost should put someone in the rotation and stick with em. Don't treat it like last year, where every pitch determined if you were going to get a next start. Tell Villanueva that the next x-number of starts are his (I don't expect it to be more than 3) and stick to it.

Honestly, the addition of Capellan (he HAS to be the call unless the Brewers call up a starter) makes the bullpen better.

Time to shatter the perfect calm

Sorry Chris, but I have to post this. Ned "Fire Me NOW!" Yost (side note; I really need to Photoshop Yost's head onto Daffy Duck, or should that be Daffy's blown-askew head on Yost's body?) Doug Melvin (who should fire Yost now) said on WTMJ this morning that he expects Kerry, Ben Sheets to be on the shelf 2-3 weeks.

The not-so-bad news - The Brew Crew still has Cappy and Suppan as 1B and 1C, and as both Chris and ESK have pointed out, they're pretty damn deep in the starting pitching department.

Revisions/extensions (9:48 am 4/26/2007) - We'll know more later today; the painfully-slow JSOnline's DayWatch is reporting Sheets is back in Milwaukee having an MRI, and if it finds tears and he needs an injection, hello DL.

Second set of revisions/extensions (9:52 am 4/26/2007) - It was Melvin, not "Fire Me NOW!" Yost, that said he expected Sheets to be out 2-3 weeks. WTMJ has the interview up.

Bloody Sock?

Rumors are flying about Curt Schilling's 2004 bloody sock. Orioles play-by-play guy Gary Thorne stated in last night's game that Doug Mirabelli admitted to him that the bloody sock was enhanced for PR affect. Mirabelli now denies the information.

God how I hope this is true.

Here is a link to a Baltimore Sun article discussing in more detail.

Now for a rare Chris is perfectly calm after a loss moment

Hey even I understand this isn't Pleasantville "You cannot win them all"

First I am bummed they lost but they did win the series(How much more important was Mondays win now) They are still up by 3 games in their division and right now they are the only team in the division with a winning record.

Yes Sheets may be on the shelf for at least a game but as ESK pointed out yesterday right now he has been their weakest link in the rotation so far. He has not pitched bad but he has not found his Ace stuff yet and the team is still 5 games over 500. I will be honest so far I am more nervous over a Sheets start than a Bush or Vargas start. Not that they are better pitchers than him they are just having a better start to the season. Even if Sheets has to miss a start fine you have a number of quality young arms that can jump in and fill that breach in the line for a start or two.

For once this team if pretty damn deep and we do not have to panic the moment someone goes down.(I know it is scary and odd to hear that said by me)

Another factor that I will not use as an excuse but it did have an effect on the game yesterday, the weather. Even Uke said there were some balls hit off of Lilly that would have landed outside of Wrigley if the Jet Stream was not blowing in. Lilly used the wind as a extra position player and all you can do is tip your hat and move on.

J.J. had a bad game and who knows if Dessens falls apart like that if J.J. makes that play. I hope they do not wait to long to bring Jose Capellan back up and I hope he pitches well. Dessens is not the answer for long relief it was a shame that CV had pitched so many innings Monday he seems to be getting a grip on that role.

So time to enjoy the off day and shake the loss off, tomorrows game is a nice test. In many ways it is Staff Ace on Staff Ace, in many ways Cappy is the de facto ace of the staff or the 1A might be a better way to put it.

Houston has lost 5 games in a row losing in 16 innings last night to the Bucs and they have to play a day game today. So here is to hoping they have to really use their bullpen a lot today so they limp back into Houston with a bunch of rubber arms in their pen. It is nice to know that while the Crew is resting today Houston has to play.

So here is to Sheets healing up fast and gets right back into the rotation(if he even misses a game)


Hurray its only a hamstring


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Edginess Ensues

Watching the NBA play-offs tonight I came to the conclusion that I root for San Antonio because they play the game right.
If you played the game as a youngster you learned the philosophy of the game as a team sport. Next to football it is the most team oriented sport outside of Australia.
The NBA (read; David Stern, has degenerated the sport into an individual endeavor where one commercialized superstar makes the difference) has led us, and many impoverished black children, to believe that you can win through individualism. Not True.
When you see the game played right it is a beautiful game.
Individualism is not in the repertoire of the team that will win this years title.
Phoenix plays the game right. San Antonio plays the game right. Houston struggles with egotism between Yao and T-Mac, Denver, same with Melo and AI, Miami was o.k. last year when Shaq acquiesced to DWade.
Cleveland can't do it with Bron Bron. Shitcago plays team ball and they will go deep. Debt-roit does as well. That's why Debt-roit and Shitcago will meet in the East Finals.
Dallas you say, relegated to the dust bin of disappointment. Mark Cuban, ha ha ha, buy another player and see how that works for you. Teams win titles, not Dirk. Look for Phoenix and Shitcago in the finals. Phoenix gains revenge for the Barkley fiasco and wins in 6.

Allow Me To Indulge

This is what happens when you leave work early to defend your bar league softball title.

Hey Bill

don't mind ESK. For me, he's a little too sarcastic, argumentative, and too edgy to have free rein on this kind of site. But, hey, it's supposed to be a democracy. We have a right to ignore his OPINIONS.

Apparently, some folks who visit the fantastic BrewCrewBall site dislike my candor. Sarcastic and argumentative? Check and double check. Edgy? Now I just feel cool!

As a proud anarch0-capitalistic libertatian however, I take offense to the notion that one should temper their enthusiasm for their team or relent when deriding nonsensical criticisms of that same team simply to "fit in" to the "kind of site" Jeff runs over there. I know he would never condone such censure, however, being as drunk as I currently am, I feel the need to piss and moan anyway.

The Brewers have been winning without Sheets for three weeks. They can continue to do so. Is the bullpen weak? Of course. You tell me a bullpen that has more than 3 solid pitchers(and the Crew can always bring up Capellan). Additionally, the Brewers have arms that can start. Villanueva, Jackson, yes, even Gallardo are all guys who would probably make the top 5 in many rotations. (Shit, any one of em would be a 1 or 2 in Washington).

Sheets tweaked a hammy, it's not the end of the world. For those who live and die by each single game/inning/pitch without looking at the big picture I would say blow me...but that might be too edgy.

Lets all welcome Elmer Dessens to the Stewie says "You Suck" club

Below file photo of Brewers Relief Pitcher Elmer Dessens

Dessens would stink on ice


Brewers/Cubs Open Thread

It looks like they're going to give it a go, and I'm at work. Might as well chat about it.

Update: Never mind, we're in a delay. Maybe I'll get to go after all.

Update 2: We're back. Theriot just ran into a fair ball for the first out. What a weird series.

The Packers Draft History

Here is a list broken down by year of all the Packer Drafts from 1936 - 2006. Since the Draft is this weekend I am starting to get spun up for giving the Packers a small amount of my time(I am the Brewers bitch 98% of the time this weekend)

But it is fun to back and look at past picks 1958 is one of my favorite years in the top 5 picks that year the Pack took

Jim Taylor
Ray Nitschke
Jerry Kramer

Not a bad trio of players.

Enjoy and see what is your favorite year.


WSB Watercooler

Lots of stuff today since I am riding high watching this Brewer team. Just think that the Crew is dominating the Central and barring injuries, can only get better. This is what Suppan gives you, and Bush and Sheets are pitching below their abilities. While Vargas won't keep up the strike outs, he will be a very very solid #5. The bullpen still needs to shake out (I think Melvin will keep Capellan in the penalty box for a week, but once he comes up look out!) The Brewers still aren't scoring enough to justify their record, but fans can look forward to the call up of Ryan Braun to change that at some point in the relatively near future. The offensive production at 3rd will only increase. Either Graffasell will figure it out or Melvin will call for the future.

Straying from the Brewers for a second...Larry Johnson could be a Packer.

Imus' replacement. Boomer Esiason?

Phil Donahue may be returning to Milwaukee!!

Back to the important stuff.

Think Yost's kid will get the Krynzel treatment for injuring himself off the field?
Manager Ned Yost's son, Ned IV, went on the DL at Class A Brevard County with a shoulder injury suffered while body surfing on a day off Sunday at a nearby beach. That was one telephone call that was tough to make, son to father. "That's why managers, especially in the minor leagues, worry about off days," said Yost. So, did dad get mad? "Well, you know how a manager is when a player gets hurt on the beach," said Yost. "It doesn't matter if it's your son or not."

In that same game report:
How lean have recent years been for the Brewers? This is the latest in a season they have been in first place since 1998, when they were percentage points on top on May 1. They had not led by as much as 2½ games since April 24 of that season.

The Cubs? Yeah, they suck.


That describes both the Cubs' performance in their 4-1 loss to the Brewers last night, as well as the deteriorating weather conditions; it started off just cloudy and cool, with a pretty strong wind blowing in from right field. The wind was strong enough only to keep deep drives from Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee barely in the park for doubles, not strong enough to push back yet another HR from Prince Fielder, who has now hit seven of his 35 career HR against the Cubs. Mike mentioned that he had personally seen three two-HR games from Fielder before last night; I guess that makes it an accomplishment for the Cubs to keep him to only a solo job. Instead, Kevin Mench hit the other Milwaukee HR of the night.

And finally, some Estrada news:

Players who collide with burly Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder usually are worse for the wear. Johnny Estrada got lucky.

Estrada, Milwaukee's catcher, suffered a bruised left knee after a seventh-inning collision with Fielder and had to leave Monday's game against the Cubs. He was held out of the lineup Tuesday, but acknowledged that it could have been much worse.

"I was scared," said Estrada, who lay on his back for a few moments before walking off the field. "I've never had a knee injury before. When he ran into me, my knee was straight, so I felt the pressure and went to the ground and stayed on the ground. I wasn't in any pain, but they made the decision to pull me out to be on the safe side."

Let out that collective sigh of relief now.

Standing update? 3 up on the Reds, 6 on the Cubs and 4.5 on the DUI's.

Well I wonder if we can get Paul to todays game

I have come to the conclusion that having Paul at the game is very very good Ju Ju. If they do not sweep it is all on Paul ;)

What can you say this is a fun time to be a Brewers Fan and I am actually enjoying it. A lot of these wins have been against Divisional opponents which is twice as sweet.

What can you say about Suppan last night he showed why he will be a rock you can anchor the rest of the line up on. He is not the staff Ace but he brings that special something that will only make the Brewers clubhouse better.

I felt a tiny bit sorry for Paul last night it was cold and nasty than I got over it lol.

Right now everyone on the team is playing well now that Aquino is gone, I have no real complaints except for the Third base platoon but I understand why they will most likely not bring Braun up till after the All-Star game and as long as they keep winning I can deal with it.

This just in Prince Fielder is a strong strong man wind blowing out that may have hit a building. Think of how strong you have to be to hit a ball up into the incoming jet steam like that and still have it land 4-5 rows in the bleachers. Wow is all you can say and then Mench line drives one out it was a shame that Bill Hall had been thrown out stealing. But can you really fault Ned for trying to run a little in that weather who would have thought anyone but Prince could get one out of Wrigley on a day like that.

Time to give Miller a little love as a back up catcher he is a asset to the team I would not want him as the every day catcher but I respect his play as the back up I guess he was playing today a little bit under the weather. As Rock put it you are not allowed to be sick if your the back up lol.

So the team that could not win on the road now has a chance to sweep the hated Cubs in their own building. They are 6-3 on the road that is the kind of little things that even though its early are giving me hope and getting me excited. This team was so bad on the road last year that the small sample this year is already a good sign.

Here is the question if Mench and Jenkins keep playing like the way they started the season do you just stand pat with the super platoon or do you still try to move one of them. As you all know I am a reactionary so I don't like change if something is working I don't like to fix it.

So a great start to the road trip and still the chance of a sweep today if they even play baseball.

In my untrained opinion I believe they will get the game in today. I am looking at the Chicago radar(we are all radar operators in this day and age lol)The storm that pissed on last nights game is beyond Chicago and the next big line of storms is sitting in Iowa but not really moving I am guessing they play today. But if you have Brewers on your fantasy team you might want to keep an eye on the weather when setting your line up.

Todays game
Sheets vs. Lilly at 1:20pm down at Wrigley Field

The game will be on FSN today and the BRN as usual so you can get your game on today if you can to a TV or Radio. Or MLB.TV on your puter if you are outstate and do not have a super duper fire wall like at where ESK works lol.

Besides the sweep they have a chance to go 7 games over 500

So Hurray Beer and Paul you sure you cannot cut work today and get to the Park lol


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There's the Rich Hill I know and love.

I just got back from a frigid and wet Wrigley Field. I can barely move my fingers to type this, so I will be brief. I'm guessing that TV didn't do justice to how impressive Prince's home run truly was. A friend and I had been talking about how hard it was going to be to hit a HR tonight because the wind was screaming in from left and especially from right. He absolutely killed that ball.

They didn't have the pitch count up tonight, but it seemed like Suppan threw about 200 pitches. It's nice that the pen got a rest, but I hope that doesn't hurt Jeff down the road.

That said, this was a nice win. The Cubs still have yet to win a home series, and the Brewer batters are just pounding the ball. There is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so I'm not sure that they'll get the game in, but it's time to get the brooms out.

Big cat on the loose in Milwaukee

JSOnline has been reporting this afternoon that there is a big cat on the loose in the Milwaukee area. Be on the look out for this:

If you see the big cat, proceed with caution and alert authorities.

The Seattle Mariners will be playing baseball in November

At the pace they are having their games postponed due to the weather the Seattle Mariners will still be playing after the World Series just to get them all in lol ;)

That is 6 games the Mariners have to make up already and we are not even out of April

The sad part is they are all aways games since like Milwaukee Seattle was smart enough to build its new park with a retractable roof. Too bad they play teams that didn't


Wow what a great game to have as M's first Wrigley Field game

What a great game, even when the Crew got down 4-0 you just had a feeling they were not out of it by a long shot. It was funny a drunk older cub fan was really woofing at that point I have grown as a fan I smiled at him and said "There is a lot of baseball left to be played" When that didnt shut him up I pulled out the A-bomb "I said dude you spent 300 million and you are looking up at the Pirates" that one shut him up.

Cubs fans are whipped dogs right now mentally you can just see it in how they react to everything that goes on in the park. Another Cub fan started woofing a little bit and I was like "remember you guys were up by 5 against the Reds and look what happen" that one struck home too. lol.

When J.J. hit his home run you could already feel the uneasiness in the crowd even though the score was only 4-1, but when Prince hit his first to make it 4-3 you could feel the air being sucked out of the Cubs fans in the building you could just see the "Oh shit here we go again" on all their faces. I kept telling M if they can just keep chipping away they can still win this game and that is what they did.

The bullpen was outstanding they held the Cubs scoreless after the 3rd inning and a couple of those time it was amazing the Cubs didn't plate a run. Jenkins catch in left was outstanding you just have to tip your hat to him that was a game saving catch.

How about Turnbow coming in and getting a save his first in quite a while and Ned was able to give Coco a well needed rest.

Finally Ned did a great job handling the bullpen last night when the Cubs were out of pitchers we still had a lot of arms in our pen.

I am still running on 4 of 8 cylinders I will just throw photos at you now I envy Paul being able to go again tonight lucky bastard. :)

Hurray Beer

Tailgating Chicago Style

My Buddy M and I drove down to Chicago to catch the first game of the Brewers vs. the Flubs series at Wrigley Field. We parked well north of Wrigley and caught the L down to Wrigleyville to start our baseball day. Since it was only Three O'clock we set up our base camp at the front bar at the Cubbie Bear. We were going to meet fellow poster here Paul but since Paul actually has a job unlike M and I he had to finish his work before he could come and play. But it was cool while we waited we traded friendly woofing with the Cubs fans at the bar. The fans in the Bar were pretty easy going. None of the Macho stuff you get from Soxs fans we drank some Miller Products ates some wings flirted with the hottie bartender who had buff little arms(photo below) and waited for Paul to get there.

When Paul made it and we got him some adult beverages and ordered some food and Paul and I finally got to have a conversation in person(this is the first time in 2 years Paul and I have actually met in person.) So it was a great atmosphere and we finished eating and headed over to go in the park. (The Corned Beef sandwich at the Cubbie Bear is outstanding)Then Paul our native guide showed us a nice roof top bar in the Stadium where we had one more beer before we split up to go to our seat. I have to say we are very lucky to have Paul in our merry little bad here.

I could not have asked for a better run up to the game it was not a Miller Park tailgate but in its own way it was pretty cool I had forgot how much fun a game at Wrigley can be

The Cubbie Bear
One of the Cubs fans we were drinking with
M and his new best buddies
Hottie Bartenders "gun"
M and Paul in front of Wrigley

Shots from roof Beer Garden
More roof shots

What a game we got to see that post is coming


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