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My Friend Ahren's SABRtastic Preview

Ahren is a friend of mine, and you will just have to trust me that he knows what he is talking about.

You can check out his analysis for yourself here, but the conclusion is as follows (Note that he uses an eccentric style that does not involve capital letters):

according to BP, an extraordinarily bad team with 0.0 WARP would win 20-25 games. given the above projection, the brewers should be in the 91-96 win range. that's pretty sweet. of course, there are problems with the way i aggregated everything, but i tried to err conservatively and assume the likely moves, not the optimistic ones. for instance, yovani gallardo isn't included in this at all, and braun is just used to fill out pa's on the infield, not to actually win the job at 3b at some point.

the overall story of the 2007 brewers is that they are very deep and very balanced. in both the rotation and the lineup, they have a distinct absence of weak spots, and several players that are above-average for replacements (graff, counsell, clark, gross, villaneuva, miller, gallardo, etc.) even if their luck is just average, they should contend for the NL central crown and a wildcard spot.

any cubs fans out there looking to place bets on total wins?

Think he's overly optimistic? Check out the whole thing. I agree with him. If he errs, he errs on the conservative side. I can't remember having this much optimism about a baseball season, well...ever.

My Brewers Memory

My favorite Brewers memory came at Miller Park on May 10, 2001 against the Cubs. This was my first game in the new stadium and I was there with my two best friends, one of whom is a damn Cubs fan. We were sitting up top behind home plate, up by the huge steel columns that support the roof. It was a beautiful day for baseball, sunny and warm.

So basically the setting was perfect: first time in Miller Park, two best friends with me, sunny and warm, the definition of "perfect". Things could only get worse, right? I mean this is the Brewers and the Cubs are actually good this year, we should lose easily. Oh was I mistaken.

First inning Jeremy Burnitz blasts a three-run homer to right. 3-0 Crew. Alright, things are looking good already. Fifth inning Burnitz hits a two-run homer, another home run! 5-0 Crew. Even better, the game could've ended there and I'd have been happy. Top of the sixth comes and Sammy Sosa just had hit a homer that makes all the Cubs fans even more obnoxious than they already are. My Cub fan buddy tells me they are coming back, "sure" I tell him. 5-1 Crew.

Now this is where the games really gets fun, it's the bottom of the sixth inning. Tony Fernandez singles in a run, moves Blanco to 3rd base. 6-1 Crew. Next batter walks, bases loaded for Devon White. BOOM! Grand Slam! The place is going crazy! 10-1 Crew.

Game over, no more to see here, move along now, but wait, there's more. So as people are catching there collective breath from the slam we all realize that up next is Burnitz sitting on his two homer day. The place really gets going now. Brewers fans are going nutty and even the Cubs fans had thrown in the towel and were getting behind Burnitz, the place was loud to say the least. A perfect time for our hopes to be dashed with a big Jeremy Special (strikeout), but not on this day, this was our day. Naturally being a pull-hitter Burnitz crushes one the other way! THREE HOME RUNS! Unbelievable, it actually happened and everyone is just ecstatic, people hugging and hi-fiving their neighbors. Burnitz comes out for his curtain call and the place gets even louder. I had goosebumps from head to toe, amazing, simply amazing.

You can't beat baseball, best friends, beautiful weather and one heck of a game. The Brewers get an 11-1 win and I get one of the best sports moments of my life.


Quick Rany Moss thought

No way in hell I would give a number one pick up for him I would not give a number 2 for that matter.

I would give a 3rd round pick but the more I think of it I don't want him he is not the Moss of 5 years ago and at best how much longer would be be playing. If they use the first round choice and don't blow the pick you may have the player for 10-15 seasons.

The Randy Moss ship has sailed the Packers should just stand on the dock and wave good bye. Let the Raiders cut him then maybe you talk to him.


Brewers Memories

What are some of your favorite Brewers moments where you were actually at the park be it The old Grey Lady or Wonderful Miller Park?

Friday,July 27, 1979.

One of my favorite Memories was the game between the Crew and the Evil Empire(Yankees)when Mike Caldwell and Reggie started a full out bench clearing brawl where even the bullpens joined in.

Then Coooooooooooooooop won the game with a Walk off home run before they were even called walk off home runs.

I was lucky enough to be at the game sitting in the old Messazine(sp?) section at County Stadium a friend of mines family had season tickets I and used to get to go a lot when his older sister had better things to do then hang out at the ball park with the folks. So I was sitting on the third base line(next to a fairly nice older Yankee fan an actual good baseball fan) being the typical little kid wondering when I could go get another hot dog with red sauce lol. I actually missed Caldwell breaking the bat I was looking down filling out my score card.

I remember Jackson popping out and I looked down the next thing the crowd started to roar and I looked up and it was on. Benches clearing bullpens running in. My first in person baseball fight.

But the fact the Crew won the way they did made the day special I don't think I saw another walk off in person until last year when Carlos Lee did it against the Tribe.

The cherry on the top they were supposed to give out free Reggie Jackson candy bars after the game when they flashed it on the Center Field score board the crowed went mental screaming and booing. They ended up not giving them out I always wondered what they did with 40,000 plus candy bars

So if you have a special memory from a game you were at and are a poster do a post on it. If you are a reader feel free to leave a epic long comment ;)


Hat tip to the D-list guys who jarred this memory loose in my beer addled brain today

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And Who Didn't See This Coming?

Tennessee putting the final touches on Floridas second straight defeat.
Before we get too happy remember FLA lost three straight going into last years tourney.
I rejoiced then but hated life later. I dislike FLA with a passion that can only be described as
Eliminate with Extreme Prejudice.

Archaeological Dig: 3500 CE

...On Tuesday we discovered something quite extraordinary. A statue marking the entrance of this Colosseum was unearthed in the morning. It confirms our suspicions about the purpose of this establishment as an arena of torture and punishment. The playfully-named demon "Harry Caray" watches over the proceedings, laughing maniacally.

His over sized novelty eye wear clearly suggest an all-seeing nature, and his primitive audio-projection device tells us that he was the impetus behind the terrible acts that took place inside the structure. Whether this Caray ever existed or, more likely, was simply another step in the evolution of the "evil trickster," his visage can be found all over this area, marking it as the focal point of the cult.

An inscription on the bottom reads as follows:

Was he counting off lashes on a stubborn victim, turns of the rack, or some other fate too horrible to contemplate? At this point we can only speculate, but whatever went on here it appears that both participants and spectators were harmed. Here we see Caray presiding over the souls of the damned:

He appears to draw power from their screams.

It is unclear why the residents of this city fell into such a masochistic cult. If the experience led to nothing but pain, why did people return over, and over, and over despite the hopelessness and despair? Why did they show up year after year? What we do know is that thousands of people flocked to this venue, that they suffered, and that they seemingly enjoyed it to the point that they returned in greater numbers. Caray's iconography:

appears frequently throughout the city, often in association with a goat:

As we know, the goat, and cloven-hoofed animals in general have a close association with evil supernatural beings throughout history. The sign in question echoes the famous greeting at the gates of hell: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

This is quite a find, to be sure. Our notions of the humiliations that went on here were based on complete speculation until recently, when one of our tech researchers managed to locate this ancient video, showing the barbarians engaging in some of the vile entertainment of the day. It has degraded over the centuries, but we have managed to restore enough to validate our conclusions. The act captured on the video did take place inside the stadium, in a dank, concrete room. Look on, but be warned that it is not for the faint of heart:

We hope to be on our way shortly. Perhaps it's the old superstition getting to me, but this place almost seems cursed.

End Transmission.

NBA All-Star Weekend, NFL Ties, Revisited

Some interesting takes on the Adam "Pac-Man" Jones fiasco that took place last week at the NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas Nevada.

The NFL, spearheaded by the players union led by Gene Upshaw, and Roger Godell the Commish agree, steps must be taken to clean up the sports off field persona.

The Jones story was well documented by Jason Whitlock last week, and commented on by yours truly. The ESPN point of view is echoed here by Bomani Jones. Jones has a built in distrust of law enforcement and it comes through loud and clear when he makes no bones about it in the article. Jones comes flat out and states that "the man" (whoever that is) will hold the livelihood of another in the palm of his hands. Of course that is the case with any law breaking individual in America. If your walking around with a warrant for your arrest or you are leaving the scene of an altercation, your livelihood lies in the hands of others. That is how it works.

Surprisingly though, ESPN published a dissenting point of view, provided here by Jemele Hill.
Hill may have ulterior motives as she explicitly points to the violence perpetrated by a man against a woman. That is her prerogative. If that is her agenda so be it, any violence by a man against the weaker sex is reprehensible and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Three ex-players, Merril Hoge, Mark Schlereth and Joe Theismann weigh-in here. Not surprisingly the players agree with Hill and only lament the definition of a "strike". I agree with them partially, the definition of a strike needs to be clear and concise. This should not be a problem though since the NFL employs the best and the brightest in the legal profession, a pool that produced current Commissioner Roger Godell.

An off shoot of this story is Billy Hunter the NBA players rep not wanting next years All-Star game being held in NawLins without assurances of security. Hunter is correct to have concerns. The argument given against Hunter was relayed by Mike Greenberg on the Mike and Mike show this morning and Tony Kornheiser on this evenings PTI. Mardi-Gras draws a larger crowd then the All-Star game and they handle it every year. They handled it this year with nine murders taking place on opening night of the festival. Hunter is right and apologists are wrong on this.

Back to the point at hand, here's my take. The legal tangles will be a difficult undertaking. We are America though so it can be done. The problem I see is exemplified by the Tank Johnson incident. In the liberal enclave of Shitcago, Johnson was vilified and convicted by the court of public opinion and the media for owning guns and ammo. In the conservative enclave of Mississippi Brett Favre embraces hunting and owns many more guns and probably has much more ammo on hand then Johnson could ever dream of. Does Johnson get a strike? Does Favre get a strike for re-hab? I understand Johnson was on probation but Favre is an admitted drug abuser and depending on the state you live in that disqualifies you from owning guns as well as probation. If the police visit Favres home he would be in as much trouble as Johnson. Remember the police visited Jonhson's home only because a person in his employ died. The same as when Bretts brother or father died. A warrant is a warrant is a warrant.

Bomani Jones mentions Lawrence Philips and how the St Louis Rams handled his situation as the self policing strategy that will work. That is wrong, Philips, committed several more crimes and is now serving hard time because of the criminal he is. All St Louis did was save money and Jones says that's good. The Rams did not take a criminal off the street. The St Louis Rams case that should be examined is that of Leonard Little. Little killed two people while drunk driving and received probation. During that probationary period Little killed another person while driving drunk. Little should be in jail, I know, but is that one or two strikes? Little signed a lucrative extension during his second trial and continues to ply his wares in the NFL for the St Louis Rams. Another to chew on, Jamal Lewis Baltimore RB, convicted, did time in plea agreement. Ray Lewis Baltimore LB, not convicted only due to a plea agreement. One conspired to deal drugs the other was involved in murder. Which gets a year and which gets four games. Nine Cincinnasty Bungles get arrested in the last year, a full 20% of their roster, where do we come down here?

America is a nation of laws. We write laws for 300 million people and millions more businesses as well as regulations and rules for millions more. I don't want an arbitration committee to decide this because as we know that is subject to politics. We can draw a line. We draw lines everyday.
I hope the NFL draws realistic lines in this undertaking. I do not want a toothless publicity campaign three strikes rule put out there. Godell did well on the steroids issue, he insisted on blood tests and got it. He needs to do the same here. If there are no teeth in this three strike rule it will be manipulated by today's lawyer driven society.
Real Teeth Roger, Get It Right, NFL Fans Don't Want To See NBA Crap

Ron Santo Sucks

He didn't get into the Hall of Fame and whines about it.

Santo finished first on the ballot with 57 votes, five shy of the total
needed to make it. Santo said last week he was keeping a low-profile on
the voting this year, but added: "Let's be honest, I want this badly,
mainly because (the voting) is every two years. To me, two years,
because of what I have with the diabetes and (getting) older, it's like
eternity. If I do get in, I'd like to enjoy it."

There he goes, lobbying for the votes again.

My grandparents both had diabetes and didn't get into the Hall before they died either and not once did they bitch.

Hey man, Bichette happens, live with it.

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The WSB Fantasy Baseball League

Spots are still available and open to anyone. Just shoot me an email. gudo_22

BP Stat of the Day: Laynce Nix

I go behind the wall so that you don't have to. Let's take a look at Laynce's weighted mean projection.

(By the way, what's with the extra "y?" Maybe he's related to Dwyane Wade.).

They've got him at .260/.307/.449 with 16 HRs. He's also considered a minus defensively. He's a 2 win player, and I wouldn't expect to see a lot of upside as he's no spring chicken at 26. This is Laynce's prime, so this is what you're going to get.

At this point he's probably worth considering over Brady Clark, but nothing to write home about.

I should also mention that while I was doing some baseball research last night I stumbled upon the fact that Gabe Gross actually pounds righties:

.294/.400/.508, 9 HR in 187 ABs (or 1 HR/20 ABs).

as well if not better than our friend Jenks:

.306/.381/.490, 15 HR in 386 AB (or 1 HR/27 ABs).

Jenkins isn't even the best lefty platoon outfielder on the team! (Although off the top of my head I believe that Gabe is a minus defensively.)

only 8 days left till WSB fantasy baseball draft

Some more teams are still needed to join the league so if you have not gotten in touch with Ben to join please do


It seems like a lot of teams are hitting a wall right now

Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of the top 40 teams in basketball have hit the end of the regular season wall.

The latest reminder of this was last nights up set of number 10 Georgetown by Syracuse.

A lot of the schools that looked invincible a couple of weeks ago have come crashing back to Earth.

I guess the trick now is to see which of the "elite" teams can pick themselves up and get back to their untouchable ways.

that is the key now who can find their basketball happy place in time for the Big Dance.

What can Wisconsin do to reacquire their basketball happy place? Butch looks to be gone for 4-6 weeks read the rest of the season. So do they go to a small line up say with 3 guards running the swing?

I still think they can salvage a number one seed based off the rankings it is simple really.

they have to win out from now to the start of the Big Dance. If they can beat OverratedSU in the finals of the Big Ten tourney something they can do if they play like the Badger team from a month ago. They should be able to claim a number one seed.

Plus you never know who is going to trip up in their conference tournaments,

So its simple win and your a number one seed ;)


Man I love baseball

BASEBALL has marked the time


Monday, February 26, 2007

Some More Randon Miller Park Shots

A Speical Thanks to Asok

He scored your humble head bartender Jimmy Buffet Tickets today

So when you speak of him speak well ;)


Between Buffet and the Brewers Ticketmaster has made a few bucks off of me this week ;)


Last Nights Post

AP Top Ten
1. Ohio St. (62) 26-3
2. UCLA (10) 25-3
3. Kansas 25-4
4. Wisconsin 26-4
5. Florida 25-4
6. Memphis 25-3
7. Texas A&M 24-4
8. North Carolina24-5
9. Georgetown 22-5
10.Nevada 26-2

My Top Ten as posted last night in post below

1. OverratedSU
3. Kansas
4. Wisconsin
5. Florida
6. North Carolina
7. Memphis (only one win vs RPI top fifty this year, that's why they won't move up)
8. Texas A&M
9. Georgetown
10. Pittsburgh

I should have just called the top five. I don't have as much faith in Nevada as these pollsters and definitely feel my opinion on Memphis is valid.

Wisconsin fall to number 5 in the ball boy poll

I have to admit I am surprised they only fell to number 5 UNC losing helped them. Now if they can put a bit of a run together and get other top teams to lose in their conference tourneys they still have a chance at a number one seed.

At worst they can get a good(midwest) number 2 seed.

But they have to start playing better

Still waiting on the AP poll


Jenkins Gets Contract Extension

JSOnline is reporting that Jenkins has received a contract extension. How can that be you say, I thought we were trying to get rid of him. Well don't worry it's not that Jenkins that got the extension, it's the other Jenkins, Cullen Jenkins of our beloved Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers have reached an agreement with defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins on a four-year, $15 million contract extension, a National Football League source said today.

Jenkins, who was scheduled to become a restricted free agent Friday, had been seeking the security of a long-term deal. The Packers, in turn, were hoping to lock up the promising young lineman before free agency started so that they didn't have to worry about other teams pursuing him.

The $15 million deal includes a signing bonus of around $6 million and will pay Jenkins $6.8 million in 2007. At most, Jenkins would have received around $1.3 million this year had he signed a tender offer submitted by the Packers.

Jenkins had a breakout year last season, emerging as the starting right end the final month of the season. Seeking better play against the run, the Packers benched pass-rushing end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and inserted the bigger Jenkins into the lineup.

The play of the defense improved almost immediately and Jenkins continued to have an effect as a pass rusher, both at end on early downs and at tackle on passing downs. Because Jenkins can play inside, the Packers were able to put their three best pass rushers - KGB, Aaron Kampman and Jenkins - on the field at the same time in passing situations.

I think it's a great move, give the kid a little financial security and we get a bit of a discount if he continues to improve. Just like the Bill Hall deal.


I wonder how bad the rankings will be today

The East Coast Media Cabal is already proclaiming an OverratedSU team national champions even though Wisconsin played terrible and still should have won. If they hit a couple of free throws they most likely win

Now that I have had time to look at the numbers you have to say Wisconsin pissed this game away

5 of fucking 17 from behind the arc take away Bohannon who was 3-3 and you are 2 of fukcing 15 from 3 point land. That is not going to get it done.

Yes losing Brian Butch hurt but there have been games this year when he was a factor and they won.

yes the officials were terrible for the second game in a row Wisconsin got mugged and they were not going to call it. When this Wisconsin team only shoots 6 free throws something is messed up.

Then there where the break downs bad passes and just rushed forced shots. Bohannon had a hot hand and they were not getting him shots.

They pissed alot away this week they could have survived yesterdays loss if they had beat MSU but with two losses in one week there is no way the East Coast Media Cabal will keep them in the top 5. They all think Wisconsin is a fraud team from a fraud conference. Hell they are still punishing us for Michigan and OverratedSU performance in the football bowl games.

Ok they have to move on they cannot lose on Saturday for a number of reason. First you do not want to end the season on a 3 game losing streak, second a win and a good big ten tourney will most likely lock up a number 2 seed with an outside shot at a number 1 based on how the other big teams finish out.

hey you get into the Big Dance and get hot and make it two the sweet 16 anything can happen. They can win without Butch they have done it before.

You have a good run in the Dance and no one will care who the regular season Big Ten Champions were. Yes that would have been nice but the only trophy that matters is the NCAA one.

Man if feels like this season is slipping away time to right this ship and get it back on the winning course.

On Wisconsin

Sunday, February 25, 2007

BP Brewer Stat Of The Day

Corey Hart's closest comparable is Felipe Alou in 1960.

Felipe wasn't that good in 1960, but he picked it up after that.

Why did the Badgers lose?

1. Luck

2. They were on the road.

3. Brian Butch dislocated an elbow. This allowed Oden to stay near the basket on defense, neutralizing Tucker. A devastating loss against a team like OSU, and an insurmountable loss if he is gone for the year.

4. Home court officiating, again. Had the Badgers enjoyed their normal foul-shooting advantage they would have won.

5. Stupidity. How did they not get the ball at half court for the final play?

6. Bad free throw shooting. Kammron Taylor, you could have won the game.

But, all things considered this was not a terrible loss. If anything it damaged both teams as the loss of Butch should have allowed the Buckeyes to but the Badgers away. Since Florida lost (again) I suspect that Bucky won't even fall very far.

They need to beat Michigan State at home next week to hold on to a respectable seed. It's at the Kohl Center, so I predict a Wisconsin blowout.

I am now the President of the Jason Bohannon fan club

Yes I know Ben just sprayed what ever he was drinking over his screen. But I have been converted by his performance in the last couple of days. As Ched said in his post he stood up and claimed the position of sharpshooter today.

To be honest I dont know why he was not on the floor at the end of the game he was draining almost everything he put up including that shot that didnt count.

He has proven to me he is ready to be on the floor.

Did anyone notice the stretch where Bo had 2 Freshman guards playing.

I really hope they get a shot at a rubber match with OverratedSU in one of the Tourneys Big Ten or Big Dance I want another shot at them.

If I was OverratedSU I would not be whooping to loud they barely beat a team that shoot under 40% for most of the game in their own house. We catch them in a neutral gym they destroy them.

Welcome to center stage Mr Bohannon.


The 2007 Carhartt paint scheme

Because we needed the right one, I borrowed this from Jayski, who borrowed it from The Sunday Hauler.

Remember, bring in the results from either the Saturday Busch race which Kenseth won or today's Cup race into your local Arby's tomorrow and get free curly fries.

Matt Kenseth saves the weekend

Hey Hey Matt pulls it out with a little luck the 29 was coming

So the day was not a total wash for the land of Beer and Cheese


I know its the wrong model but wanted to have the right color scheme in the post

Who Is Southern Illinois ..........

And What The Hell Are They Doing With A Number Five RPI?

And other intriguing questions about college hoops answered here.

Southern Illinois is the alma mater of Walt "Clyde" Frazier who was a great point guard for the fabled New York Knicks of the 1970's. As a Senior Guard at Southern Illinois he led the team to the NIT title in 1967 when his Salukis beat Al McGuire's Marquette Warriors 71-56.
Like that team this years team is led by senior guards Jamal Tatum and Tony Young. There were rumors last year that Tatum would bolt to the NBA but he made the right decision and returned to school. The Salukis have been to the NCAA dance the last five years so this is no Cinderella story. Illinois head coach Bruce Weber led the Salukis to three of those tournament births and took them to the sweet sixteen before taking the Illinois job. There are no big huge wins on their resume but a solid win vs Virginia Tech, who beat North Carolina twice, and a solid showing by the Missouri Valley Conference in non-conference play accounts for the high RPI. Look for them to hit the top ten if they win the MVC Tourney next weekend. They will have to move up to justify a 2 seed in the dance, which they deserve.

Speaking of North Carolina, I just finished watching Maryland come back from 12 down with 7 minutes to play to beat them 89-87. The difference in the game? Maryland seniors Ekene Ibekwe and D.J. Strawberry sank 10 straight free throws down the stretch to get the win. A lesson Bucky and the Warriors should heed. This helps Bucky alot in it's bid for a 1 seed in the dance. UCLA will move up.

Speaking of UCLA, I watched them dominate at home vs. Stanford Saturday night. Stanford, with their seven foot twins Brook and Robin Lopez turned the ball over 16 times and made UCLA's defense look stellar which it clearly was not. Stanford missed starting point guard Anthony Goods who missed his fourth straight game. In the first meeting of these teams Stanford came back from 17 down, led by Goods, to pull out the win. Bad news for the rest of the country though, it was senior night at Pauley Pavilion, but UCLA had no seniors to honor.

As I see it, Bucky should stay in the top five even with two losses this week. The OverratedSU game was a wash and they won't be punished for it. The MSU loss will hurt but MSU won a close game last night vs Indiana so it seems the Big Ten comes out the big winners this week. The way the cards fell this week I see the Big Ten sending six to the tourney. I would say seven but Maryland's win tonight puts them in and Purdue out.

My Top Ten For Next Week

1. OverratedSU
3. Kansas
4. Wisconsin
5. Florida
6. North Carolina
7. Memphis (only one win vs RPI top fifty this year, that's why they won't move up)
8. Texas A&M
9. Georgetown
10. Pittsburgh

Come on Kenseth!

Give me something good out of this day!

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It was there for the taking

I dont think they will get punished much by the pollsters they played tough even after losing Butch. When they watch the film they are going to be screaming at themselves for some of the dumb moves.

Chappelle did not play that well and what can you say Flowers had to hit those free throws

I will take my chances against OverratedSU on a neutral court. Hell Wisconsin shot terrible and only lost by a point.

I need to decompress but they did not make them selves look bad today they gave OSU everything they could handle.

We will get one maybe two more shots at them

right now I am thinking they fall to a number 2 seed the East Coast Media Cabal will be crowning OverratedSU national champions tonight lol.

Now the only game that matters is cleaning MSU's clock at the Pit of Despair to close out the regular season.

There is still a ton of Basketball left to be played in this season I am still pretty sure Buckey will be dancing come the Sweet 16


Biggest Game EVER open thread

Figured this would be a good place to bitch about the refs and complain and whine until the Badgers pull it out in the end. Lets have some lively comments!

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Once again I want to thank the idiots at Channel 58

If you have DirecTV in the Milwaukee Market you will not see todays tussle between Wisconsin and OverratedSU in Glorious High Def. Because Channel 58 the local CBS affiliate will not allow DTV to rebroadcast their HD signal

Every other major network in Milwaukee is in HD but not the fool at Channel 58

Stupid Asshats

Channel 58 sucks ass


Trying to maintain an even keel win or lose

Well just more than 3 hours to a game we have been looking at for a couple of weeks.

What will a Wisconsin win do to its rankings, to be honest I have had an apifiny that as much fun as it has been watching the Badgers maintain residence in the top 5 for most of the season. It doesn't mean a thing, where the Badgers finish the regular season ranked is not longer important. If they win one of the next 2 games they are pretty much guaranteed no worse than a 2nd seed. I will take my chance getting into the sweet 16 out of a 2nd seed.

I actually think the Badgers will win today in Columbus they dont tend to have two bad games in a row. As Jib pointed out a Wisconsin win makes the pollsters actually think when they vote this week. If they do win they will most likely stay in the top 4.

To be honest I almost hope they go one and out in the Big Ten Tourney so they can rest up. In reality the Conference tourney isn't worth a warm bucket of spit unless your a team playing the role of Cinderella.

I watched Michigan State erase a 10 point deficit against Indiana the other night, which makes me feel a little better about the loss on Tuesday. The Badgers did not play well and were still in that game up until the final 5 minutes.

Key to todays game, can Butch show up like he did at the game in Madison, will Tucker bounce back from a terrible 2nd half against MSU.

Actually Tuckers bad half against MSU is another reason I believe Wisconsin will win today Alando like the team, will be looking to show a nationally televised audience that Tuesday was a fluke.

Right now no one team looks head a shoulders above everyone else Florida has come back to Earth, Wisconsin UNC and UCLA have shown trip over their own shoe laces on occasion.

It is amazing that the Badgers could have the record they have and still have to play these games like their lives depended on them. What a wild season.

3 hours till tip off

Boogity Boogity Boogity Lets go racing boys ;)

LSU throws polls a potential curve

This will make things a little more interesting.
It took a seemingly impossible challenge to bring out the best in an LSU team that had squandered so much potential this season.

Missing leading scorer and rebounder Glen "Big Baby" Davis, the struggling Tigers got 18 points from Terry Martin, 17 from Garrett Temple and stellar defense from everyone to pull off an impressive 66-56 upset over No. 3 Florida on Saturday.

If Bucky can defeat OSU on the road tomorrow, the top three teams in the nation will have lost this week, and the polls are going to be a bit of a crap shoot come Monday. UCLA would probably vault to the number one spot, and after that it will be anybody's guess.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

History Lesson NFL Style

Lamar Lundy has passed away, one of four members of the LosAngeles Rams (yes Virginia, there used to be a team in shaky town) famed "Fearsome Foursome", Lamar joined Hall Of Famers Merlin Olsen, Roosevelt "Rosie" Greer and David "Deacon" Jones to torment Green Bays Bart Starr throughout the 1960's.

Original NFL Nicknamers

As I began watching NFL football at my Fathers knee, I was fascinated with the nickname "Fearsome Foursome", I was so fascinated that I was relegated from lap sitting to floor duty as my Dad got fed up with my constant questions about these guys. I was so smitten with these original nicknamers that several years later when I was able to throw together a few nickels and dimes and purchase my first football trading cards, my number one mission was to trade everything I had to acquire the "Fearsome Foursome".

Americas darlings, college football, always had nicknames. From "The Four Horsemen" (1922, Notre Dame) to the "Galloping Ghost" (Red Grange 1924, Illinois) to the "Seven Blocks of Granite" (1936, Fordham, Vince Lombardi) and "Mr Inside Mr Outside" (1946, Army, Felix "Doc" Blanchard and Glenn Davis) sportswriters nationwide embraced these nicknames and they became household lexicon as common then as K-Fed is now. The "Fearsome Foursome" was the first such NFL nickname to catch hold with America and I was one of the Lemmings that fell for it.

The nickname trend took hold and Pete Rozelle took full advantage of it. The "Fearsome Foursome" begat the "Purple People Eaters" (Minnesota D-Line 70's) and the "Steel Curtain" (Pittsburgh 70's) and "Orange Crush" (Denver 80's). During the eighties other units began using nicknames and we got The "Hogs" O-Line, The "Fun Bunch" WR's, The "Marks Brothers" WR's and the ever forgettable "Gang Green" Defense of Green Bay.

Nicknames began with the "Fearsome Foursome", today they have become common. Now we have individualistic and ofttimes offensive nicknames. Some idiot this year even butchered an entire language by calling himself Ocho Sinco. Now it's all about self promotion but at one point in time it was innocent and it hooked many fans.

Lamar Lundy was a piece of that history. His legacy will live on as long as I'm allowed to bore people with these stories. Lamar Lundy will brighten the afterlife as I shall keep his memory alive in this mortal coil. At a very important time in my life Lamar Lundy gave me something no other man could have, the beauty of football.
God rest your soul Lamar. Our prayers are with you and yours.


Foot ball's Empty Seats

Chris is probably the only other bartender who will find this interesting, but it's Saturday night, it's snowing and Wisconsin doesn't play until 3:00 tomorrow. "The empty seats are caused by high prices, amended kick-off times, saturation coverage of football on television, and the lack of competitiveness ..." Trouble in the NFL? Nope, it's football (yes, soccer) in the Premiership.

Good news? The top teams are charging close to $90 for Uecker seats and selling out. Bad news? There are only four clubs considered top teams. Overall attendance is down over 1,000 per game and it sounds as if 20,000 is considered a big crowd. Things are even worse in Italy, where high ticket prices, scandals and violence have reduced average attendance below 20,000, which is described as "embarrassing".

Hottest ticket at the home of the Premiership's championship site, Wembley Stadium? Giants vs Dolphins on October 28th.

Road Runner and Wile E Coyote "Zoom and Bored"

This Saturday morning I have a Road Runner and Coyote cartoon enjoy

Happy Saturday Morning

Ugly MLB Hat

This is something I just have to get off my chest. I FREAKIN' HATE THE NEW MLB HATS! I know it's just for spring training and BP, but come on they look HORRIBLE. Fine they are more comfortable and they whisk away the moisture, I get that. But the current design is UGLY AS SIN! Yes I said it, UGLY AS SIN! Every time I see somebody wearing it I think they are wearing a headband underneath it or something. I mean what is that little jut of color over the ear. Why can't they just use the designs they had last year (or at least better designs) with the new technology they have. SICK, SICK I SAY. DOWN WITH UGLY HATS! DOWN WITH UGLY HATS!

Just to let you all know it took me 4 hrs to get home from the bars last night with all the shenanigans involved, so don't cross me.


Friday, February 23, 2007

If either one of them had a pair of stones

If Mench or Ge-off had a pair of stones they would be saying "platoon my ass I am going to play so well they will have to make me the every day starter" or "No one wants to platoon but right now this team is about winning and I will do what ever the ball club needs" But not those two self serving a-holes they dont even act like they had a bad year last year. Asshats.

Come on Billy Hall is moving to the outfield after being an Uber Infielder playing 3 positions well enough to be a starter. Is he bitching and whining about making the move to the outfield? No unlike the whiner twins he is a team player and seems to be all about winning as a TEAM.

How many times do the baseball gods have to strike Ge-off down before he understands not to mess with baseball Karma?

It is amazing how deep of a hole these two A-holes have already dug themselves and they have not even started camp yet.

This has not dampened my attitude towards this years version of the Brewers, because for once the Crew is deep enough they can tell them both to go F-ck themselves and they will not be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Trade them both kill the cancer before the season starts.


About That "Corey Dillon To The Packers" Idea...

It looks like he's hanging it up:

Corey Dillon tells Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe that he will ask the Patriots to release him and then retire. (Well, probably… he does say he is “going to leave the window open, but it’s very slim.”) Dillon says that he’s retiring for much the same reason as Tiki Barber: his body has taken a pounding, and he wants to be able to walk around comfortably in 10 years.

What a great week here at the WSB

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for all the posts this week February can be a brutal month for a sports blog. At least we have more than one sport to talk about I feel for the guys over at blogs like Brew Crew Ball there have to be days when they are banging their heads against the wall saying what the hell are we going to write about today.

I have to echo E its nice to have Paul and his slide rule back he is sort of our Frazer lol.

I just wanted to thank everyone for a great week oh and if you have not written something in a while "write something you Mopes" ;)

For some of the newer guys dont think because someone has already written on a topic you cannot write on it if you have a different take go for it. There are a couple of us who are the bar loud mouths we know who we are if you wait for us to stop ranting so you can get a word in you chance may never come.

This place has been more successful then I could ever have hoped and I wanted to say thanks for once again.


Eagles vs Pointers

My UW-L Indians uh ... I mean, Eagles, who are usually strangers to basketball success face the D3 Number One ranked UW-Stevens Point Pointers in the WIAC championship game on Saturday after disposing of the UW-Oshkosh Titans. All hail the Maroon and Gray!


Optimism is Gone...

Both Jenkins and Mench are assholes who are ruining my week.

Kevin Mench said Thursday that he would not be receptive to platooning in left with Jenkins should manager Ned Yost decide to go in that direction.

"I'd pitch a fit, put it that way," Mench said. "I don't think I'm over the hill or should be relegated to playing once a week.

"You don't know what their plan is, what their thinking is. We've
got nine guys (as outfielders in camp). Basically, everybody can play
every day somewhere. If they're not going to do that, they need to go
somewhere where they can play."

Maybe the Oakland A's of the 70's could get it done while hating each other, but lets be honest, there are no Jackson's or Bando's or Hunter's or Blue's on this squad. Yost better get his rah rah shit together and start figuring this shit out. I'm thinking it might be better to shit the two off or cut em outright.

Dump these two idiots, play Hall in left, Gross/Clark (where the hell in Nix?) in center, and Hart in right. Avoid the headaches and the cancers these two look like they are trying to become.

I get why Jenkins would be acting like this, he thinks he is "great" so I guess he's trying to be the next Bonds. But Mench, I didn't expect this.

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Corey Dillon Should Be A Packer

He will be released in a week. At first it was believed he would retire, but it looks like he wants to get some PT, and didn't like his opportunities in New England. I think the Packers could use him exactly like the Pats did this season. Have him be their 1-2 and short yardage guy, and use whichever rookie they draft (yes, they HAVE to draft a running back) in the same manner the Patriots used Maroney. Hell, sign him to a ten year deal and cut his ass after this season, whatever will get him in.

4.1 yards per carry and 13 TD's. I'll take that all day long. It's certainly a better option than resigning Ahman Green and picking up Chris Brown or Correll Buckhalter for insurance.

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More On The Mysterious "Gyroball"

Here's BP's Will Carroll:

The gyroball is something I’ve been following and talking about here for four years. Everyone else is on the bandwagon lately, especially with the mystery surrounding Daisuke Matsuzaka. (Does he throw it? Answer: yes, but not in games. He’s a noted tinkerer and perfectionist. His answer at the press conference was part humor, part Japanese vagueness, and part playing on the fact that few know the gyro is multiple pitches.)

Jeff Passan is back after being one of the first to mainstream the gyro. In this Yahoo article, he’s met the creator, asked Barry Bonds about seeing it (and popping out), and actually thrown the pitch. I’m jealous.

Here's Slate:

A breaking pitch that's similar to a slider or a cut fastball. (Click here for a slow-motion video.) What gives the pitch its mystique is how it came to be: The gyroball was devised by Japanese scientist Ryutaro Himeno, who described the results in his 2001 book Makyuu no Shoutai, which translates roughly to The Secrets of the Miracle Pitch. Himeno had been modeling the movement of different pitches on a supercomputer, then decided to use his equipment to come up with something new.

The pitch he invented gets its name from its spin, which is like that of a football spiral. (Himeno calls it "gyro spin.") Most pitches in baseball either have topspin or backspin, but the gyroball spins sideways, like a thrown football or a bullet fired from a rifle.


Did anyone read this article on by Patrick Hruby on the Gyroball? It says Steve Palazzolo playing for the Helena Brewers is a beleiver in the pitch and can throw it like a "glorified cutter". By the end of the article seems Hruby beleives the Gyroball is just that, a glorified cutter.

True, or another cover-up by someone who saw the real Gyroball?

Cubs Tickets On Sale Today

Why am I telling you this? Because, as all of our Wisconsin readers know, the Cubs have a bad habit of turning Miller Park into Wrigley Field North, but Brewers fans rarely travel down here (Note: I live in Chicago, a few blocks away from Wrigley Field). Last year the Brew Crew and the Cubbies did not play a weekend series in Wrigley Field which made hiking down from Milwaukee a chore, but this year they have a Fri/Sat/Sun series from June 29-July 1st, and there is no excuse for any self-respecting Brewers fan to miss these games.

In Chicago today the productivity level will drop to NCAA tournament-like levels as every Cubs fan waits in the virtual waiting room trying to get tickets.

You should too.

It's actually sort of fun to buy Cubs tickets today because when you get through the waiting room it feels like you won a contest. All you have to do is go here and follow the instructions. You may want to get an account in advance, although it is not necessary. Starting at 9:30 you can enter the "virtual waiting room" by clicking on the little "t" icon on the proper day on the Cubs' schedule.

Tickets go on sale at 10:00. Most fans down here try to get Cubs/White Sox tickets first, so if you can get through the waiting room, you should be able to get good seats at a good price.

Good luck. I want to see all of you down here for that series, no excuses.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Rihanna

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Rihanna.

Happy Friday

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Rating On TT's 06 Draft

Very nice photo montage by SI, rating last years draft. Ted did good for himself in SI's view.
I'd have put the Pack's draft ahead of the Bears but playmakers are what seperates play-off teams from also-rans and Devin Hester did have an impact for the Bears.

Look for a whole bunch of extra fourth rounders this year for G.B., but I believe Ted will hold his water to see if Marshawn Lynch actually falls to him. Lynch has top ten talent and if he is available Ted will pull the trigger, if not he'll trade out. Last second dealings on April 28th will be the hallmark of Ted's second draft ( I don't count the 05 draft, I'd rather blame that one on Sherman from here to eternity).

One Card Vote for the Crew

I have to admit to being a closet Cardinal fan though the Crew is Number One (Numero Uno, Head Honcho, Top Dog, Big Cheese, etc.), so I was reading the Redbird equivalent of Brew Crew Ball and was pleasantly surprised to see this projection of the upcoming season: "a battle among evenly matched stl, chi, and mil --- i can buy into. that i can believe. if anything, i'm surprised that milwaukee isn't viewed as the favorite."

GIANT SQUID...oh, and some sports

Favre is joining Juinor and endorsing Wranglers.

I sooo hope the Bears mess this up and don't sign Lovie.

Consider any Super Bowl honeymoon Lovie Smith enjoyed with the Bears officially over.

Despite Smith insisting Monday he was certain a long-term contract agreement will be worked out, his agent told ESPN Wednesday night that the two sides were at a "stalemate" and he expected Smith to become a free agent at the end of the 2007 season.

"We're not close, we're not encouraged and based on where talks have gone recently, Lovie will be a free agent after next season," Smith's agent, Frank Bauer, said. "It would take an unforeseen breakthrough for this to get done. And we are being more than reasonable in this market."

The Packers are going to try and hammer out a deal with Cullen Jenkins today. They have some money to throw around, and this guy is a keeper.

Former Packer Adam Timmerman is set to be released by the Rams. He would look GREAT coaching up those young linemen. Please Thompson, sing this guy for a year at least. I bet he comes cheap if you make it a two year deal, although he might not be happy to be a backup/tutor.

A big ass squid was found. It has nothing to do with sports but the picture looks cool AND it gives me a chance to link to an awesome!

Colossal Squid

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Do You Believe In Miracles!?!!

27 years ago today the US Men staged the biggest upset in the history of sport. Yes, the history of sport. I have seen this 1,000 times and I still get chills.

Bobby Suter and current Wisconsin Women's hockey coach Mark Johnson (how freaking lucky are they, the guy is a hockey God) are Badger alum's that won that Gold.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Three Days Before We Hear The Truth

This past weekend I wanted to write about this article that appeared in Fridays Washington Post. Instead I had a beer and reminisced about how gloomy July and August were for the Brewers and their fans. E.S.K. called me out on that and that's fine. I'm a big boy, I can handle a rant or two from fellow bar patrons.

Back to the article at hand, I didn't want to post about Michael Wilbon again because it would seem like something personal. The ridiculousness of the article and Jason Whitkock's AOL sports article today compelled me to this post.

Wilbon wrote about the NBA's All-Star weekend like it was an Up With People halftime show from a 1970's SuperBowl. He called it Thanksgiving for black people and said it reached spiritual proportions embracing two of the three main tenants of Blackworld. Basketball and Music. Reggie White stood in front of the Wisconsin Assembly and said the exact same thing and was chastised mercilessly by Wilbon. What was racist rhetoric and uninformed thinking for Reggie White certainly is the same when written on paper for Michael Wilbon. The other portion of Wilbons nonsense (is the WaPo short of editors) was how this weekend galvanized Blackworld. This I could check out myself, so I did. I went to see my sons and grandkids Saturday night and my son had a house full of friends (men of color ages 28-35, the NBA's prime demographic) and lo and behold niether of my sons even knew it was All-Star weekend. Of the ten friends throwing bones (dominoes) one planned on watching the game, if his son didn't want to go to the park. They went to the park. So much for galvanizing a community. When I told the fellas' about Wilbons Thanksgiving comment everyone laughed and half were offended at the shallowness of Wilbons thinking.

Now today Jason Whitlock tells the truth about what really happened in Vegas over the weekend. The inmates have taken over the asylum. David Stern is trying to clean this place up but apologists like Michael Wilbon and Steven A. Smith cry racism everytime Stern takes one step forward. Thank You Jason Whitlock for shining the disenfectant that is sunshine on this thug life organization that is the NBA. The last NBA game I attended (watching Michael Jordan his last year in Wash.) 95% of the people in attendance were young men placing bets with their bookies on cell phones between obscene curse filled rants and hoochies trying to become baby's mamas from rich NBA playaz. I saw ten families at most.
I would never take my grand kids to an NBA game until they are at least 16 years old.
The NBA should be rated R, they left the PG-13 stage about 8 years ago when Alan Iverson recorded a rap album famous for gay bashing and misogynist lyrics. Funny how short ESPN's memory is when it comes to publishing a book by a gay man (Man In The Middle published by ESPN) and how adamantly they defended AI back then. Hypocrisy thy name is ESPN.

BP Brewer News

The February 20th edition of the Baseball Prospectus Podcast is very Brewer heavy with info on Corey Hart, Ryan Braun, our stud minor league pitcher with the funny name, and even some Gabe Gross. You can download/listen here.

Jenkins Can Blow Me (What the Organizations Response Should Be)

"I've got to go (if not playing regularly). I need to go. They owe me
that, as much as I've done for the organization, to at least put me in
a situation where I get a chance to play,"

Dear Geoff,

Really ass hole? This organization has paid you almost $34 million (not counting this year or minors or signing bonus) for 1 All Star appearance and 0 winning seasons. Thanks pal, what else can we heap upon you for that stunning and incredible contribution to the organization?!? You had one 30+ home run season and for that we pay you like Jesus walking. Fuck you. In 2002 we paid you 3.2 million dollars. You played 67 games (1 as a pinch hitter...pussy). Your biggest accomplishment as a hitter was leading the league in hit by pitches in 2005. Wow, we owe you SOOOOO much.

According to, you are most like Glenallen Hill as a hitter. What does that tell you? It tells you to shut the fuck up. Be happy we play you at all this season so that you have some market value after the season. If it were up to Gord he'd sit you all year for idiotic comments like that, you fucking retard. Then what would you be worth next year?

Fuck you, fuck your ego, fuck your strike outs and fuck your parents for spelling your name like morons.


Doug Melvin

Well, if I had written the letter there would have been a lot less cursing, but that Melvin is a hot head.

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I don't have much to say about the Wisconsin game last night, because frankly it wasn't that surprising. And as bad as Wisconsin played, they were probably one play away from winning anyway. The big guys didn't respond quickly enough to the fact that no fouls would be called down low, Drew Neitzel hit a few big shots (and a few lucky ones) Walton hit that ridiculous three near the end of the first half, and as usual, the Badger free-throw shooting took the night off.

(And how annoying is Brent Musburger, by the way? Near the end of the game that big red-headed power forward just grabbed Brian Butch and tackled him out of bounds which allowed MSU to grab the rebound, and Musburger applauded the red-head's effort. I don't think that Brent has any specific animus towards Wisconsin, he just got caught up with the underdog. I just found him extremely irritating since I was rooting for the favorite, and they were not that much of a favorite.)

Let's focus on the Badgers though, since Michigan State didn't do anything that noteworthy. Marcus Landry played great, but once again missed two big free throws. All of the big guys, Butch, Krabbenhoft, Chappell, were not nearly physical enough. It's rare to see Wisconsin get pushed around like that. Some of it was officiating, but most of it was a failure to adjust to the officiating. Wisconsin also bailed on its offense too early and resorted to low-percentage three-pointers. This is not their forte, and they still had plenty of time to run Tucker in the post before panicking the way that they did. Finally, I never want to see Michael Flowers take another three-pointer. I cringe whenever I see it, much like I did whenever Charlie Wills would shoot in the 2000 season. (No Charlie!) He's a great defensive player, like Mike Kelley, but he can't shoot, like...Mike Kelley.

I suspect they will rebound and at least look respectable against OSU, and I'm willing to wager a fair sum that they will annihilate Michigan State in the Kohl Center next week.

Oh, and did you see the beginning of the LSU-Kentucky game in Kentucky? Did you notice the ESPN cameraman who lingered just a little too long on the fan holding the "Tim Hardaway Hates LSU" sign? They held the shot for 3 long seconds, at which point the producer and the cameraman realized simultaneously that this was offensive and you got the standard "fast cutaway/fast pullaway." Way to go Kentucky. At least it's impossible for me to think any less of you than I already did.

Ok they lost it is over time to worry about OSU

Cant win them all, Wasn't our night, blah blah blah sigh I hate losing but you move on.

Now excuse me while I run to Home Depot to get some dry wall and mud to "fix" a couple of holes ;)


Now I understand that the only number one ranking that will matter is the one at the end of the Big Dance

The Motto of the great state of Wisconsin is "FORWARD" time to live up to that motto I am only going to look forward.


Does this sound like a guy who is ready to accept a platoon

I don't think Geoff has his mind wrapped around the idea of a platoon with Mench quite yet.

Either way let me get on the record that I hope this is the last season Jenkins is a Brewer time to move on.

I am still holding out hope for a spring training trade that will take Geoff and his contract away.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Almost Halftime

I am sitting in class so am only watching on Yahoo, someone, please tell me what is keeping this game close.

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Badger Women Rolling Into Playoffs

I was going to write a post about the Badger women's season, but Badger Backer did such a great job, I figured linking to him was plenty:

The women begin the WCHA playoffs this upcoming weekend against hapless
North Dakota. North Dakota managed to accumulate only one point in the
entire WCHA season (0-27-1) whereas the Badgers accumulated 50 out of
56 possible points enroute to winning their second consecutive WCHA
title. The Badgers skated to a sick 29-1-4 mark over the course of the season,
putting up some of the best numbers ever assembled in women's hockey...n addition to winning the WCHA regular season title again, the Badgers
(who are ranked second overall in the nation behind #1 Mercyhurst) have
two players nominated for the Patty Kazmaier award - Senior and
defending award holder Bauer and also Mikkelson. You have to figure at
this point that Bauer, who won the award last year and who has even
better numbers this year, will win it again for her second time...It'll be an exciting race for the Kazmaier as well as an exciting
playoff season for the Badgers, who are probably even better than they
were last year when they won the NCAA Tournament. It all starts this
weekend against North Dakota.

Just to be clear, Mercyhurst is #1 for one reason...they're on the east coast. They have played no one and aren't all that great. The Badgers real competition is Minnesota Duluth. They gave the Badgers their only loss and took em to overtime twice. The Badgers are by far the deepest team in the country, and have the best goalie. Hopefully it will shake out so Duluth is the #8 seed and plays Mercyhurst right off the bat. They will dominate Mercyhurst.

Assuming they make the Frozen Four in Lake Placid, I will be there, giving you as many updates and photos as possible. For now, here is a team picture from a couple weeks ago when they clinched the WCHA regular season title.

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Just something to help your spring traning mo jo

Between now and Opening day I will drops some Miller park and Brewers pictures just to help the mood. Feel free to post any of your own photos if you have any you want to share.


a quick bleg on ratings

Does anyone know where people who are not in the "business" can look at local TV and Radio ratings. I just have a couple of things I want to look up.


The Biggest Basketball game in the History of Wisconsin Basketball

Hmmmm I think I will get a lot of use out of that title over the next week or so. The truth is tonights game is the Biggest Basketball game in the History of Wisconsin Basketball.

This will be the first time they defend their number one ranking and they have to do it on the road in front of what will be a insanely hostile crowd. Right now the game Sunday in Columbus against OverratedSU means nothing without a win tonight.

Unlike a lot of people I am not worried about tonight this team has shown they understand what is going on. They have shown up to play every night I cannot really pick a game where they mailed it in. I believe they understand they have a chance to do something special and will not over look MSU.

Plus Bo seems to get a special pleasure taking it to Tom Izzo so look for the Badgers to be ready to play.

I am confident they will win tonight notice I didn't say blow them out, just win if I cannot believe in this team after all they have done this season I need to stop watching.

I really hope Jason Bohannon can build off of his performance against Penn State. If he can keep hitting that 3 point shot the Badgers will be very hard to beat.

The game is at 6pm tonight and is on ESPN so once again the outstate guys can join in watching the game. Local radio in Milwaukee is on WSSP 1250am because the loser Bucks are on the Flagship. I bet the management at WTMJ AM620 just love the fact they have to bump the most popular team in the state off their main station for a piece of crap team like the Bucks who most Wisconsin fans don't care about.

So just killing time today until the Biggest Basketball game in Wisconsin Basketball History tips off tonight ;)

On Wisconsin

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Official WSB Fantasy Baseball League

It's that time of year again, no not March Madness, it's time for fantasy baseball. Chris has given me the go ahead to create a fantasy baseball league using the images and likenesses of the WSB (I didn't want him to come after me like those Super Bowl nazis). Anyway I have a league set up on Yahoo!, the live online draft is tentatively scheduled for 3/7 at 7pm.

All members have a reserved spot if you choose to except it. Just send me an email if you want to join and I'll shoot you an invite. If there is room after all you members join then I'll open it up to our readers(I know there will be some spots open). Let's fill 'er up.

gudo_22 @



I have my answer about which ranking CBS will use for Wisconsin

Once again say hello to your number 1 ranked Wisconsin Badgers


Presstitutes get it right, ballboys get it wrong

First, the AP poll results:

#1 - Wisconsin (26-2; #3 last poll) - 35 first place votes, 1,747 points
#2 - Ohio State (24-3; #2 last poll) - 31 first place votes, 1,728 points
#3 - Florida (24-3; #1 last poll) - 4 first place votes, 1,647 points
#16 - Marquette (21-7, #12 last poll) - 510 points
#4 UCLA got the other 2 first place votes

Now, the East Coast Cabal/Ball Boy poll results:
#1 - OverratedSU (24-3, #2 last poll) - 17 first place votes, 757 points
#2 - Good Bucky (26-2, #3 last poll) - 10 first place votes, 741 points
#3 - Floriduh (24-3, #1 last poll) - 1 first place vote, 710 points
#16 - The second-best basketball team in Wisconsin (21-7, #13 last poll) - 184 points
#4 UCLA got 2 first place votes and #5 North Carolina got 1 first place vote

Let's go on a Sherman-style (that's General Sherman, not Mike) rampage, starting in East Lansing and going straight through Columbus.

Your number one Wisconsin Badgers

Who cares about the ballboy poll, your Wisconsin Badgers are now the number one team in the land. The AP writers got it right and jumped Wisconsin over OverratedSU so for the first time in the "modern" era the Badgers are ranked number one.

They came pretty close to taking both polls, getting 10 first place votes to OverratedSU's 17 votes. Believe it or not Florida got one vote and UCLA got 2 votes.

So either way the game on Sunday will be 1 vs. 2 since the game is not on ESPN I wonder which rankings CBS will use for the game.

I thought I would be writing this post next week after Wisconsin beat OSU in Columbus but I am not going to complain.

How far we have come now just win out and they will end the regular season as the number one team

Now this just makes tomorrows game even more important Izzo and Bo dont like each other you think Michigan State will be jacked up to play the number one team in the Nation.


come on sing along you know you want to.

When you say Wisconsin you have said it all


Tonight MU fans find out what their team is made of

I was lucky enough to catch the end of the Marquette vs. Louisville game. As a basketball fan I thought the ending was outstanding basketball theater. But I feel for the Warrior fans out there. That was brutal and as Ched pointed out you hit your free throws you most likely win that game.

I know the game didnt end this way was a long ABA three not a dunk but I think this captures what it was like in the BC when that shot went down

isnt that a great ad I believe Mike pointed that out a week or two ago.

Now Marquette has to see if they can "cowboy up" and stop this 3 game slide right now they are playing for one thing and one thing only their seed in the Big Dance.

They HAVEto win this game because they to go to the Domers and then play Pitt at home to finish the season. You cannot finish the season with a 6 game losing streak. I am worried that if they lose tonight they may auger in and end the regular season as a black smoking hole. This is not how you want to end a season

I don't think its too far fetched to say Marquette is playing for their season tonight.

Game time 6pm the game is on ESPN so once again the out of state guys can watch it radio ESPN 1290am in the Milwaukee market.


Something to keep an eye on

Near the bottom of this column by Tom Haudricourt he points out that Brewers second baseman Ricki Weeks is having some soreness in the wrist that he had surgery on.

I hope they are not sandbagging us, but if he has trouble who do you have play 2nd Counsell or Graffy?

And since its looking more and more like Koskie may not play this season what would that do to your 3rd base platoon.

I really hope this is just what they said it was scar tissue breaking up we need Weeks in that lineup every day.


Oh please no

In my best William Shatner Khan like bellow


What have I done to deserve him coming back?

Well I would have a lot to write about and Stewie would get a work out

I have to go find my baseball happy place

What next Kane Davis


Some thoughts on DirecTV's NASCAR Hot Pass

It is ok I did watch it a couple of times though out the race and there were things that I liked and things that were missing.

First the things I liked the drivers audio was cool but they dont actually talk all that much. Each driver channel has its little group of Home team announcers which if you are a fan of that driver is nice.

I liked the fact that when they went to commercial they made the Fox broadcast and the audio from it the main feature but they did leave the in car camera view on in a smaller screen. so even though you were in commercial you had an idea of what was going on.

They allow you to bounce between Fox audio and driver audio with a touch of a button(at least my DirecTV system does I have the new HDDVR which as a remote that is designed for shows like this.)

Things I didnt like or wished they could do differently

First its not in HD so that is a big minus in my book

Second they pick the 5 drivers a week ahead of time so a couple of the drivers who were no where near the front of the race ie Michale Waltip Jimmy Johnson.

I was also wondering what it would look like on a smaller TV I have a very large big screen(65") and it fit well but I think it would be hard to see on a smaller less than 35" TV

I give DTV credit for the free preview if I could watch Matt Kenseth's car each week I would probably pony up for this but I am not going to pay so I can watch drivers I don't like. You know Jr. and Stewart will be on every week and I am not a fan of either.

I know it is technically impossible to do all the cars so they just have to pick the 5 they think will be the best show

So I think I will pass on the Hot Pass.


Now we wait

I am feeling less sure that the voters will correct their mistake this morning. OverratedSU did not hurt themselves with their thrashing of cupcakes from Minnesota. It was also a nationally televised game so that helps them.

I have a bad feeling it will be a very close vote with the first place votes being divided between Wisconsin and OverratedSU. Of course the East Coast Media Cabal is already trying to crown Overrated as the number one team today on ESPN Radio.

If Bucky ends up number 2 I can live with that because they will have a chance to rectify the problem themselves, it will be a hard row to hoe. If they win these next two road games they would be the number one team in the nation and I doubt even the East Coast Media Cabal will be able to deny them.

Right now I like the fact that Wisconsin has control over their own destiny what more can you ask for in sports if they keep winning there is no way they will not end up the regular season number one for the first time in the "modern" era.

The 3 game mini tourney starts tomorrow at Michigan State right now that is all I am going to focus on I am not going to let the rankings or the upcoming OverratedSU game get me off target.

Right now the center of the Wisconsin universe is in East Lansing and I know the team will be thinking the same thing Bo doesn't look ahead and at this point of the season I don't think the team will be either.

Man isnt this a great time to be a Badger

To steal E's line

"What Sucks about being from Wisconsin?"



Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thank you guys

What a weekend of posts a little of everything I just wanted to thank everyone for a very nice mix of posts.


Stewart v. Busch

YES! Take the gloves off baby, this should lead to a rumble.

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The Brewers: What's To Fear In The Central?

Without regard to the Brewers' offseason acquisitions, is there anyone to actually fear in the NL Central? First of all, if Hardy and Weeks would have been healthy last year, even though Turnbow melted down, and even though Sheets was frequently hurt, and even though they traded C-Lee, wouldn't the Brewers have caught the Cardinals?

I'm serious. Houston almost caught them, and Houston was a Roger Clemens away from being not just bad, but lousy. Usually during spring training it is common to read that "if everything goes perfectly, X will be a contender" or "if Y can stay healthy, X will be a contender." This is one of the few times in Wisconsin sports history where I firmly believe that even if they do not stay healthy, and even if everything does not go perfectly, that the Brewers can still contend.

The only team that noticeably improved is the Chicago Cubs by landing Soriano, getting Derek Lee back, and finally developing some pitching depth, but they didn't improve that much. St. Louis, despite winning the World Series, wasn't good last year. They remain a one man offense with a plus pitching staff. Houston will probably improve slightly on offense, but their pitching staff isn't what it was. The Reds and Pirates are still the Reds and Pirates.

I don't mean to sound cocky. Being cocky about the Brewers would be really stupid. But the fact remains that the NL Central was bad last year and it did not improve much this year. In fact, the Cubs being marginally better may further depress the Cardinals and Astros this year, making the division appear even worse. And someone has to win a bad division even if they're not very good.

I think that the Brewers have the potential to be a very good team this year. They had a smart offseason, they have two more prime prospects ready to make the jump should it be necessary, and just having Weeks, Hardy, and Fielder with another year under their belts should improve the team. They have a high ceiling, but for the first time that I can recall, one of my teams can play near their floor and still be in it. And I'm happy about it.

Will Alando Tucker Be A Good Pro?

I love Alando and believe that he is the nation's finest college basketball player, but I don't believe that he will be an effective NBA player. I hope that he proves me wrong because I love watching the guy play, but I just don't see it.

People have a hard time characterizing Tucker because he is a weird player. He is essentially a power forward, but at a generous 6-6 he is ill-suited for the position. He has used his time in college wisely, developing a reliable jumper and converting his low-post moves into and impressive array of driving moves. This has lead some to believe that he may make a decent pro after all as he occasionally shows flashes of being able to man the 2 spot or the 3, but his lack of lateral quickness will always make him a defensive liability, and while his jumper has vastly improved it is not nearly good enough to free him up for the slashing drives that make him an effective scorer.

Alando actually reminds me of Glenn Robinson, another player who defied easy characterization. Robinson was not unathletic as he could jump through the roof, nor was he uncoordinated as he possessed a particularly sweet jumper from inside 3-point land, but for some reason Robinson could not handle the ball in the NBA and was consequently very turnover-prone.

Alando has similar athletic ability to Robinson in that he can jump out of the gym, but his lack of quickness is almost stunning given that fact. (My own pet theory is that both Robinson and Tucker appear to have oversized feet for their builds. It looks like they're playing in snow shoes.) But where Robinson could rely on his jumper, Tucker will have to continue to get to the basket. His rather terrible free-throw shooting further complicates matters.

Tucker may still improve on his jumper. Dwyane Wade basically couldn't shoot in college, but has worked hard to make himself a real threat from outside. If Tucker can do the same he could become an explosive offensive force. In the lane few players present such a defensive conundrum, and his ability to post up taller players (and to dominate smaller players) would allow him to be a fine small forward, but his free-throw shooting indicates that there may be a cap on his ability to further develop as a shooter.

Tucker is one of those guys that just doesn't fit in that well. I think that there is a role for him in the NBA, but I'm not sure that anyone will be creative enough to find it.

That said, he is a phenomenal college player and pleasure to watch. I'm certainly putting the Badgers in the final four of every bracket that I have, and I think that they have a legitimate shot to win it all.

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