Monday, January 15, 2007

Why do we always live in the past in Wisconsin?

First let me say I am greatful for the 82 team and the pennant run they gave us, those were the Brewers I grew up with learning to love baseball even the shitty kind that has been played in Milwaukee for the last 20 plus years.

That being said here is what I think of the idea to spend all of 07 celebrating the 82 team.

It Sucks!

How pathetic of a Baseball State are we in now that we have to celebrate a team that didn't even win the World Series. It is like all those years before 1996 when everyone lived on the memory of the 60's Packers teams.

All this is on the Brewers part is a diversion trying to make us feel good and forget it has been 50 years since a team from Milwaukee won the World Series and 25 years since we last won a pennant. I am sorry but I am not going to be tricked into living in the past.

Here is an idea let win with the current team and make some current memories to celebrate.

Lets stop accepting year after year of excuses and losing teams. Lets start holding the Brewers ownerships and management feet to the fire. Lets tell them "start winning and start winning now".

Really do we need to spend a whole year honoring the last great team we had, that is why we as a baseball town are a bunch of schmucks.

You do not see the Yankees(spit) spending an whole year celebrating the the 27 team or the even the last team of theirs to win it all. You know why they expect to win the damn thing they don't accept anything less than winning it. They would never celebrate a team that lost the World Series.

Until the Brewers stop acting like an organization that is just happy to be in the league and making more money than they spend we will always be a schmuck baseball town.

Do we want to become like our friends to the south celebrating Yount to Gantner to Cooper like they celebrate Tinker to Evers to Chance? Because we have nothing else to celebrate.

So screw their retro nights

Screw their retro uniforms

Screw their 13 bobble head games celebrating a team that lost.

Screw that stupid Ball and Glove logo.

I am done living in the past I want to win with this current version of the Crew.


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