Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Bowl Malaise

Hey is any one out there besides Bears and Colts fans jacked up for this game?

I have to be honest I do plan to watch the "Big" game on Sunday but not one moment of all the pregame fluff. By pregame I mean all the crap that has been going on for the last week and a half. I have actually made an effort to not watch anything related to the game.

I am wondering if its just me or am I reading the anti hype vibe right?

How would you all feel if they changed the "Big" game format to actually make it a home game to the team with the best record? Dan Patrick talked about this last week and I thought he had a great point.

Face it 70% of the people in that Stadium are not rabid fans of either team they are "suits" who can afford to pay the huge price tickets to the "big" game bring or they are there on Corporate tickets. Over half are just there to see and be seen. I understand why they started on a "neutral" field because it was two independent leagues. But now there is no football reason you could not play this game in Chicago this weekend.

But no we will be subjected to all this killing of time till Sunday and a way too long over blown halftime show that no one really cares about.

Someone needs to remind the NFL powers that be that "Less is more"

5 hours to the IU/Wis tip off now there is something worth waiting for ;)


Why isnt the Wisconsin game on ESPN HD?

The East Coast Media Cabal keeps its love fest with Greg Oden and OverratedSU. They are showing the OSU vs. Purdue tonight instead of the better match up of Wisconsin vs. Indiana.

Come on people have been looking at this being Wisconsin last big test before the last three games of the season. ESPN could not change their schedule to have the best game on ESPN HD?

Face it the ECMC wants Wisconsin to trip up so they can go back to hyping Oden and OveratedSU. Non Basketball fans love the Big Men and they don't get much bigger than the 30 year old freshman Oden.

Oh well I have said Wisconsin will not get any respect from the ECMC until they at least make the final 4 and even then they better make the final 2 to really get any love.

I am so sick of watching the game on WMLW their picture quality sucks on DTV because it is being rebroadcast a couple of times they get the signal from ESPN then rebroadcast it to DTV and lets just say the signal gets a tad degraded in the process. How did this station get the Badger games anyway my god there are vacuum cleaners that put out a stronger signal.

Ok enough complaining about how and where to watch the game.

Tonights tilt is a big test Indiana is tough at home blah blah blah. I am so sick of having to be a good sport I want to just be a fan tonight. I think Wisconsin is just due to go and thump someone on their home court.

I feel a beat down coming from the Badgers, they really seem to be finding themselves(if you can say that about a team ranked #2 in the nation) I believe that Kam Taylor is going to find his 3 point stroke tonight, Tucker and Butch are playing well and I just dont believe that IU is all that good.

Wisconsin should not be afraid to go anywhere in the Big Ten and play this season if anything IU should be worried that Godzilla has chosen their town to stomp through tonight.

Look for the usual slow Badger start followed by a Badger Buzz Saw and a blow out win.

Look for Wisconsin by 15 or more.

Now I just have to kill the 10 hours to tip off ;)


Blowhard Bears Fans and Other Stuff

I'm really getting annoyed with the Bears fans. I mean, really, does anyone think they have a chance on Sunday? (Indy by 17 but remember my record...Often Wrong, Never in Doubt.)

Here's another thing that annoys me.......the WSSP Sports 1250 policy of putting the local yokels on instead of "JT The Brick". I've had all of these asshats I can stand. Same for the morons who are on during the baseball season.

WSSP should stream the yokels. BTW WSSP...nice job on NOT getting "The Homer"; you have failed in your duties. You guessed on the now-fired Peter Brown.

At least WSSP has The Badgers as a backup to their normally crappy (local) programming. (Except for JT.)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Itches Eh?

Apparently a lot of high school wrestlers in Minnesooota have gotten herpes, actually herpes simplex type 1. They have shut down the season until things clear up. Badompchi!

Minnesota high schools grappling with herpes


UW Stevens Point drops out of the number one spot

With their loss to UW Oshkosh last week UW Stevens Point fell to number 3 in this weeks D3 Basketball poll.

Speaking of the Oshkosh Titans they rode their win over UWSP to a three position move up from number 8 to number 5 with a bullet.

This weeks D3 Basketball poll.


Melvin Must Exploit Inefficiencies

[OBP] has become very fashionable. It has become overpriced…there is no reason to try and go out and buy it because other teams are buying it too.

In other words, small market teams have to find other ways to exploit the inefficiencies in the market. While this probably doesn’t meant the Brewers can go out now and buy batting average and home runs at the expense of contact and high strike outs (something they tried in the late 90’s, early 2000’s) Melvin needs to find where he can stretch his iron. I think, along with Michael Lewis, that defense is currently undervalued. I also believe that speed has become undervalued. Often, speed and defensive ability go hand in hand, i.e. range factor (this is not the case in corner outfielders however, since in many cases speed = small = no arm.

It is also conceivable, forgive me battlekow, that "small ball" is undervalued. Bunting, situational hitting, the intentional walk, *gasp* the stolen base and the hit-and-run...not individual players, but the strategy itself. Perhaps being aggressive on the basepaths when you get there can make up for some of the inabilities to get on base consistently? While investing in inflated OBP is probably inefficient right now, perhaps playing strategic, small baseball has become more cost effective, in terms of winning ball games? While the benefit might not outweigh the risk in real terms for all teams, it is conceivable that for a team with little so little margin for error, so much riding on staying healthy, and such a little window, that taking the incredible risks will pay off huge once a decade. Can the Brewers really ask for more? Perhaps the Brewers have to pay baseball like the Greeks defended Thermopylae. You're going to lose every single time, but shit...what if you don't? (I know the Spartans eventually lost (i picture Moeller as the Brewers Ephialtes...don't ask me how, they guy will just somehow bite the team in the ass), and I don't necessarily think the Brewers need to play "dumb" baseball, but if they don't make the playoffs in the next two years...all options must be considered).

Basically, what the following discussion hammers home is that the era of undervalued OBP (and thus OPS) is over…thanks Theo. What Doug Melvin has to do, and it seems like he has figured it out (at least, I hope that is why the Brewers have no on base guys) is find other arbitrage opportunities. He has to find under priced commodities (perhaps 30 year old .270 hitting catchers is the new Moneyball!) and jump. I think in some instances Melvin has been incredibly successful at acquiring underpriced talent. The other part is knowing when to let it go. In this instance, Melvin is a bit more spotty. Clark and Turnbow clearly should have been moved when hot. Podsednik was perfect timing. We’ll see how he looks with Doug Davis and Jeff Cirillo.

Basically what I am trying to say is that in terms of the Brewers, while they are not explicitly mentioned, the following EconTalk is a worthwhile listen for any fan of a small market baseball team. Plus, Michael Lewis is just damn entertaining.

Its going to be a slow basketball week here.

Only one game for the rest of the week Wisconsin vs. Indiana at IU on Wednesday. Marquette and UW-Milwaukee are off until Saturday when all three teams play.

UW-Milwaukee did win last night defeating Cleveland State 57-56
They improved their record to 8-16 and 5-6 in the Horizon league.

They have the rest of week off allowing them to prepare for a game that could make their season if they won it. They play the Best of the Horizon league Saturday when they take on #11 Butler. The game will be at Butler the Panthers will be trying to avenge a 5 point loss earlier in the season.

Marquette also will be kicking back with no game until their Saturday throw down with Providence at the BC. This is a big game for the Warriors Providence happen to own one of the two L's you see in the MU Big East record. They plain out thumped MU when they met out in Providence in the conference opener for MU. I believe this is a different MU team at this point in the season, they can prove it Saturday.

Wisconsin does actually have two games this week a big tussle down in the land of the Hoosier(I don't know what a Hoosier is and I lived in Indiana) Wednesday night in the house Bobby Knight built. This is another in the never ending road test for the Badgers, if they can take this game they have a great chance to be 27-1 going into the last three games of the Big Ten season when they face the Mich St OSU Mich St trio of death lol. I actually like the way they end the season it should be a great tune up getting them ready for the Big Ten Tourney and the NCAA Tussle that will follow.

So after tomorrows Badger game I have no clue what I am going to write about. I keep hearing something about a football game this Sunday I should really look into that who is playing lol ;)

Wait I found a game to follow on Thursday UW-Green Bay plays Detroit on Thursday so there I have filled the void in the Basketball week.


"Death of a Champion"

This was the banner running throughout the 5+ minute segment on the CBS morning news here as they discussed the death of a horse. Seriously, a freaking horse. The doctor even said that as he killed the animal, he could tell Barbaro was upset.

Shut up. For saying that, someone should "euthanize" the veteranarian. Preferably with a claw hammer.

The strangest thing about the past day and a half? Barbaro's death has generated a larger response, and greater coverage, than that of Gerald Ford.

I can't wait for the Barbaro movie. It'll be interesting to see who lands the title role, my money is on John Kerry, but I think Hillary Swank might give him a run.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I will skip all the Glue jokes that are zipping through my head

But does anyone else find it odd how much money and effort was spent trying to save the life of a horse? I understand that Barbaro could be seen as an investment venture stud fees and all. But come on they spent more on trying to save that horse then most people would spend to try and save a family member.

I mean there are third world countries that don't spend that much money on their health budgets for a year.

And come on people are acting like the President died, it was a horse, I mean I could see if it was a police dog or military K-9 which took a bullet for it's handler but Barbaro just ran faster than the other horses at a certain moment in time.

Barbaro did not find a cure for cancer he didn't bring world peace he was just an animal who happen to be able to run fast with small men on his back. Nothing more nothing less.


Wisconsin now number 2 in all three major basketball polls

Wisconsin has secured the number 2 position in all three of the major college basketball polls.

All three polls you ask? Yes the AP the ESPN/USAToday/Ball Boy and the Big Lead top 20 poll.

That is right I have been following the Big Lead poll for the last couple of weeks and the boys over at BL finally have succumbed to the boulder rolling down hill that is the Badger Basketball program.

They finally moved Wisconsin up to number 2 where they belonged. You will also notice that they give Marquette some love having them number 9 in their poll.

Speaking of that how can Marquette only move up one damn spot in the AP they went from 15 to 14 which I do not think is enough of a jump they are ranked below Duke a team they beat and you see your first example of someone besides Clemson being screwed by Dukes clock operator slow fingers. Duke loses that game like they should have and they fall like a stone and Marquette takes it rightful place over them in the polls. Actually if you were a Warrior fan you can look up in the polls and see not one but two teams you have beat since Pitt is still ranked above them in two of the 3 major polls ;)

Right now you looking at a number one and a number 3 seed coming out of the state of Wisconsin not all that shabby.


Wisconsin moves to number 2 in ESPN/USAToday poll

Finally the Coaches poll has caught up to the writers of the AP Wisconsin is now the Number 2 ranked team in both polls.

Now we no longer have to suffer having ESPN ignore the AP ranking and put that their stupid lower ranking next to the Motion W.

Yes the Big Ten is having a down year they only have the number 2 and 4 team in the nation.

Marquette moves up 5 spots from also from 20 to 15 place in the coaches poll, I think that is a little low but if they keep winning that will take care of itself.

Still waiting on the AP more to see if Marquette can crack the top 10.


Wisconsin should move up to number 2 in the Ball Boy poll

UCLA lost last night to Stanford 75-68 for their second loss of the year and their second loss in the Pac-10. I actually believe that the "number 2" team in the nation if you believe the ball boy poll(oops I mean I so stoled that from GB Badger lol)is not even in first place in their own conference.

This is good news for Wisconsin and its fans, the Badgers should move up to number 2 in the ESPN/USAToday/Ball Boy poll and will then have the rank in both polls Ball Boys and the AP.

I also wonder how far UCLA will fall could you see OverratedSU move into the 4 spot?

There should be a lot of movement in the polls this week a lot of top 25 teams lost and some more than once.

I am guessing both Wis and MU fans will be waiting for this afternoon when the polls come out with the same fervor that Rosie has while waiting for the AUCE buffet to open. I am actually a little more intrested in what kind of move MU makes I am pretty sure that Wis will be number 2 in both polls so the only thing to wonder about is how many of UCLA's 6 first place votes they get in the AP and if they can move any closer to Florida for the number one spot. Auburn failed me this weekend getting shellacked by the Gators. But Marquette should at least make it back to the top 10 in each poll in my honest nonMU fan opinion maybe my state of Wisconsin bias is kicking in but they are one of the few top 25 teams not to drop a game this week. Their body of work over the last couple of weeks has them deserving a higher ranking.

So here it is another Monday morning killing time till the rankings come out I have no pictures of the lovely Ms. Sharapova this week we are in mourning as she recovers from the brutal beating she recieved by the Man who replaced Ms. Williams in the AO final ;)

Quick Wisconsin note Wednesday's game at Indiana is the official half way mark of the Big Ten season. If they can win again on the road they will be half way to running the table in conference. ;)


Sunday, January 28, 2007

NCAA Makes Announcement, ESPN Wrings Their Hands and Harumph's

The NCAA reported today that they are not going to renew their probation on not allowing playoff games in states that have the demon stars and bars (old confederate flag) displayed in their state flags.
This announcement was conveniently released on a Saturday so Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the ACLU and other race hustlers; oops I mean community leaders, who were blackmailing, oops I mean holding accountable, colleges in Mississippi and Georgia, had less time to react.

Other news related to this case, former KKK members, David Duke and Robert Byrd (senator West by god Virginia) are filing a joint lawsuit against the UWM Panthers. It seems the Black Panther mascot makes them feel uneasy.
PETA (the lunatics on trial for animal cruelty not the bread) has filed suit in a Federal Court naming as defendants the state of Wisconsin among 42 other states who have depictions of animals on there state flags. The ACLU will be handling the case.
A statement was not available from the PETA reps. They were out back throwing dogs into a big room with no windows and a funny smell coming out.
The adult film industry has joined the suit but is only concerned with Oregon and it's state animal the Beaver. It seems the state has not been as hard on the Beaver as the Adult Film Academy would like to see.
Finally, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), is not so glad about the Green Bay NFL team and it's nickname. Being the sensitive guy of this bar I won't print the offensive word here. Let's just say it rhymes with the word cracker, what ? that has connotations too? O.k. not cracker, whacker, oops, just heard from The Adult Film Academy again so whacker. Let's just say it rhymes with hacker. Screw them computer geeks, what can they do to me besides steal my identity. Shit that's already been done by an illegal immigrant. I heard he's happy though receiving my social security checks. He's donated a few to Teddy "swimmer" Kennedy. I tried to speak to him but he speaks no English, what did I expect though he's only lived here 21 years.

Still no newspaper in Wisconsin has printed the Mohammed cartoons.

Playing the "What if game" with Marquette

Marquette won tonight with a buzzer beating steal and lay up by Jerel McNeal. The win moved the Warriors into Second place in the Big East all by themselves.

That got me thinking how close we could be to having not one but two Wisconsin teams in the top 5.

Right now Marquette has 4 losses but at least two of them should not have happened. The lose to North Dakota State and the loss at home to Syracuse a game that was far closer than the final score would lead one to believe. If MU wins those two games I am guessing they would be ranked in the top 5 today right behind UNC in both polls at number 5. They would be 21 and 2 and the whoofing between Wisconsin and MU would be getting really ugly right about now lol.

This may still happen before the season is over, if Wisconsin can maintain its lofty perch they may yet be joined by Marquette. The way Marquette has been playing since the Syracuse game gives them a chance to run the table they only have 8 regular season games left before the Big East Tourney.

Look for Marquette to make big moves in the Coaches poll this week a lot of teams ranked above them lost this week some teams like number 12 Alabama lost twice. The Coaches poll is going to be a whirl wind of change MU could even crack the top 10 if things break right. The move in the AP will not be as dramatic but then again they don't have as far to climb in that poll. But it will be interesting tomorrow when the release the polls to see how close MU is to the the top 5. A lot closer than anyone would have thought after starting the off conference play 0-2

So I will leave our MU fans in the crowd that to chew over where would we be if they had not dropped those 2 games ;)


Welcome back Mr. Tucker we have been waiting for you

After a couple of games where Alando Tucker had let other wear the Team Super Hero Cape he returned to early season form. Tucker and his super hero side kick Brian Butch combined to lead the #2 ranked Badgers over the University of Iowa.

Tucker scored game high 27 and Butch dropped 13 on the Hawkeyes and with the win the Badgers improved to a school record 21-1 and a impressive 7-0 in Big Ten play.

Of course after saying how the Badger barely took any three point shots against Michigan they turned into Mad 3 point bombers in this game unleashing 19 from behind the arch. That is cool but they only hit 7 they also missed 8 of 18 from the free throw stripe.

But before I start to sound ungrateful, I will say this if this team wins their next game at Indiana the rest of the Big Ten needs to start becoming afraid.

I caught bit and pieces of the game due to the fact my lovely wife decided right during the middle of the Badger game would be a great time to rearrange the living room furniture.(I don't want to end up tied to the bed with dental floss and on fire lol) So I missed a good chunk of the second half due to the TV being unplugged as I rotated my furniture. Couple that with the fact I got it into my head that the game started at 3pm so I missed a good chunk of the start of the game well sometimes life does interfere with blogging.

I really think this team is just starting to hit its stride this is two games in a row where the final result was never really in doubt after the game was 10 minutes old. Yes the Hawkeye's got with in 4 points a couple of times but then the Badgers would just pull away again.

Did everyone see the back to back steals that Michael Flowers made towards the end of the first half WOW. I am starting to Man Crush on Flowers the way I do on Billy Hall and that is saying something.

One of the CBS announcers made a good point on the level we Wisconsin fans are holding this team too. I am guilty of this as anyone else I think we need to just accept not every game is going to be a 15 plus point blow out.

Its just going to get harder and harder from here on out. The more they win the more the next loss will hurt because they keep moving to a basketball plane where we as Badger fans have never been, this program isnt Duke or UCLA or UNC we are not used to sitting at the top of the standings for most of the season. I do hope we reach that point where this feeling becomes the norm but I doubt those seasons will be as fun as this. The first time you accomplish anything is always the most rewarding because it is all such a new feeling. As bad as the Badgers were back in the Yoder era you never once thought a Wisconsin team could rise to these heights.

So I keep reminding myself to stop at points along the climb up the mountain to stop and take a look around and enjoy the view from up here.

On Wisconsin Gooooooooooooooo Red.


You Might Have Missed This

While the Basketball Badgers were putting away the Hawkeyes today in workman-like fashion (What was up with those rims? They sounded like the metal backboards on a playground), the Grapplin' Badgers were doing something to Iowa last night that they haven't done since 1965. And no, it had nothing to do with a greased broomstick. That was in Johnson Creek (or Crick, as we say here).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Your Saturday Cartoon a little late.

Thanks to Steve for reminding me it was a late night last night.

Jib I am saving your request for spring training but its coming

I believe AB wanted this one


While I was out last night wasting hours of my life at an NBA game

A large well built man beat the crap out of a pretty girl over in Melbourne Australia, Oh that was Serena Williams pounding Maria Sharapova and not in a good porn kind of way.

I am sorry I have to say Williams has to be on the Juice look at her body she could play linebacker. She looks like an East Germans Womans Swimmer. Do they test in Tennis for roids? My wife made a good observation she pointed out all the other woman hit thousands of tennis balls and they don't have arms like that or for that matter legs or what ever muscle you want to name.

I will also be totally honest if Ms. Williams had not beaten the lovely Ms. Sharapova who I happen to worship I would not care if she was on the Juice but come on she comes out of no where not having won in 2 years and destroys the number one player in the world like Rosie O'Donald taking down a AUCE buffet. I smell a rat.

Color me bitter,


But since there was a game last night and I had to be there

I did try to get some good pictures,

Bogut in the low post
The Kings of NBA Basketball at the moment
Mutt and Jeff
Charlie V's first game back
Tonight at Silk oops I mean the BC ;)

Bogut finds a range even he cannot miss from
My wife continues her stalking of Scotty Williams
ah what am I here to see again oh yeah beach balls no I mean basketball
that arm belongs to Esran Ilyasova and he just fired off a three pointer

And he nailed it

Oh and the Bucks lost giving the Suns their team record 16 win in a row.

When does Wisconsin play ;)


Man I cannot stand the NBA

It only took about 5 minutes of last nights NBA game between the Suns and the Bucks for me to remember why I don't have season tickets anymore.

They have turned going to a NBA game in person, into an experience akin to going to a Arena Football game. Nothing happens naturally during the NBA game every time out or stoppage of play has to have a loud preplanned "event" happen be it dancing girls or the t-shirt cannon or that stupid mini blimp. The music as to be ear splitting loud and their cannot be a moment of silence during a game every second must be filled. When did MTV high jack the NBA?

I was joking with the former Bucks dancer in our group that give them 10 more years and the dance team will have stripper poles to use out on the floor during their act. Yes its getting to be like your going to "On the Border or Silk" instead of the Bradley Center.

When did the NBA come to the realization that their brand of basketball will not keep the fans interest? That if given time to look behind the wizard's curtain the fans would realize that paying 90+ dollars for a lower lever seat for an NBA game is insane.

Just because you have the best athletes does not mean you have the best brand of basketball or the best basketball atmosphere.

I would rather watch a game between top NCAA teams then a NBA game, there is a more "real" feeling to the buzz in a place like Madison or at Duke, UNC or UCLA than at a NBA game. I have to say the whole lets act like speed freak idiots thing the students section have when the TV cameras are turned on them is getting old. But I guarantee you will never hear YMCA being played at the start of the fourth quarter at a college game. That and the Cheerleaders look like well cheerleaders not strippers. Not that I have anything against strippers I just prefer them at a strip club not a basketball game.

How many readers here would be all that upset if the Bucks moved out of town?

I am just happy I didn't have to actually pay for last nights tickets ;)

Highlight of the night Bango dropped a birthday cake on some woman in the stands, it was supposed to look like he tripped and did it on accident. But the cynic in me is not buying it I think she was a plant.

First she was really good looking but at the game by herself. When they walked down with cake all over her she was alone and smiling and laughing even though she was covered in cake. If it was me and it was my wife or girlfriend after I kicked Bango in the head and stones a couple of times I would want to accompany her to where ever she was going to I could bitch out who ever I could find from the Bucks to listen. I kept checking back up where she was seated after they cleaned up the mess. She never came back I am sorry I smell a plant.

So there you go the NBA best watched on TV if you have to watch it at all


Friday, January 26, 2007

Las Vegas Pippen sighting

I was in Vegas this past week. Unlike most of my fellow degenerates here at the bar, I don't drop iron on the odds, so part of the charm of Vegas is always lost on me. On Wednesday, though, we asked a limo driver to recommend someplace that was great to eat at but a bit unknown to most tourists. His hearty recommendation was for Panevino Ristorante & Gourmet Deli just off of Sunset Road, just past the airport. The food was excellent, as was the view of the strip, and we were seated two tables away from this guy:

Now, we saw a guy that kind of looked like Kid Rock there, too, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. There are not many 6'8" guys that look like Pippen, though, so I can say with some certainty that it was Pippen. I may have been tempted to give him some good natured ribbing, but three things held me back. First, as a Bucks fan, who the hell am I to give anyone from the Bulls' Jordan years shit? Second, I was smaller than the smallest person in his dinner party-they could have killed me and buried me in the desert in a second for the disruption. Finally, I'm not really impressed by celebrity and would prefer, in most cases, just leave them alone to eat in peace. I will say this-the guy has a great tailor.

I am Brilliant (or how Clint got owned)

Remeber this series of posts? Clint made some, um, opinionated (and utterly mindless) remarks about the Cubs. Well, the exchange led to a discussion about Glendon Rusch, which has Clint remarking:

By the end of the season he will be in the rotation on a regular basis... bet it


Are you saying that GR will get 10 starts or that it will be 10 times through the rotation before he is in as a regular???

I would agree with the prediction that he will get a minimum of 10 starts this season.

Well, lucky for him he never took my wager offer. Just like I predicted almost a month ago, Mr. Rusch has been released by the Cubbies.

Cubs released LHP Glendon Rusch.
Rusch went 3-8 with a 7.46 ERA last year in the first season of a two-year, $6 million contract given to him by Cubs GM Jim Hendry. There was some thought that he might attempt a comeback in the second half of 2007 after being diagnosed with a blood clot in his lung last September, but he's now aiming to return in 2008.

Good thing it is a tennis match not a UFC fight

Tonight in the center of the green squared circle
Maria Sharapova


Serena Williams

If this was a UFC cage match fight, I believe Serena would do things to Maria that would be classified as crimes against humanity. Hell I have serious doubts that I could take Serena in a "fair" fight look at those arms

But luckily for Ms. Sharapova tonights match will be a tennis match I will actually be "rolling tape" on the DVR tonight so I can watch their Australian Open final not because I like tennis(thought I don't hate it, I appreciate good play and long volleys) I just love to watch the beautiful Ms. Sharapova in action. Yes I am a pig but you say that like it is a bad thing ;) Hey she is smoking and can actually play world class tennis. She will be ranked number one coming out of the AO win or lose.

I believe if she wins this will be her 3rd "Major" title.

You also have to give Ms. Willam's some love she was a total (I cringe using this title on a black athlete) "dark horse" but she came in unranked and had not won in years and just played her ass off and is in the finals. You have to appreciate the effort this run took.

So if you have a chance set your TiVo/DVR 8:30pm central time on ESPN2 and ESPN2

Then on to watching the lovely Ms. Sharapova on the orange clay of Roland Garros when the French Open starts in May I dont pay attention to anything but the Majors lol.


The UWM Panthers lose in overtime at Detroit

UWM made a brave effort to keep the Wisconsin teams winning streak against Michigan state teams. They took Detroit to over time with a last second jump shot but they could not get over the hump in over time and lost 91-84

You have to give the young Panthers credit this has been a tough year but you can see the continued improvement in this team since the start of the season.

Big game for our two Horizon league teams this Saturday UW-Milwaukee vs UW-Green Bay at the US Cellular building tomorrow at 1pm.


Tonight I get to see one of the 2 best teams in the NBA

And the Bucks will not be that team. Even though I am going to be watching them too, tonight is my yearly one trip to the BC to see our Association team play. So I will get to see the Suns dismantle the injury depleted Bucks live and in person. I am more excited that about the fact I was told by my lovely wife that I will be sitting next to a former Bucks Dancer ;). I am hoping to get enough good shots of the Dance team to do next Fridays sweet dreams with a collage of local talent ;)

I have gotten lucky with these games the last two years last year I got to see the future NBA champions the Miami Heat and from the looks of it tonight I will see the Suns a team that may have a couple things to say about who wins this year.

So I am hoping to have tons of pictures for you and maybe even a Youtube video this weekend, it depends on when I get up Saturday(Grandma is watching the kinder at her house nudge nudge wink wink lol.)

So for at least one NBA game we will have a reporter or two(lol) at the BC as part of our never ending quest to bring you the best in Wisconsin Sports Coverage ;P


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Kate Hudson

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Kate Hudson


Thursday, January 25, 2007

To think the Bucks traded Dirk Nowitzki for this mope

Former Bucks Flop Robert "Tractor" Traylor admits to tax fraud.

Every time I think of this trade I still end up going fetal and crying on my kitchen floor.

He should get the 3 years in prison for the money he stole from the Bucks organization.


Nawlins Finds Out What We Already Knew

That the Bears still suck and their fans are classless, fat drunks.

#8 UW Oskhosh upsets #1 UW Stevens Point

It appears Wisconsin has TWO elite Division Three schools in state

Last night Oskhosh knocked off number one Stevens Point
It was not even close 72-55 ouch babe.

It will be interesting to see how far Point falls and how high the number eight Titans climb in the next poll.

Wisconsin, The center of the College Basketball Universe


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tell me how this works again?

I am admittedly not a huge college sports fan. I went to UWM before the basketball program took off, and I was never really into soccer. So you can’t really blame me. In fact, I remember doing not very socially acceptable things with members of the UWM basketball team when I was a freshman/sophomore. Things I presume Derek Jeter does not allow.

Anyway, getting to the point, how exactly can UCLA be ranked ahead of Wisconsin in the ESPN/USA Today poll? Are these the same guys that predicted a Miami-Carolina Superbowl? UCLA isn’t even the best team in their conference, (that is assuming we measure a team’s success by record and use head to head as a tie breaker). Oregon beat UCLA when they were ranked number 1, and UCLA has since been involved in some dangerously close matchups.

The strength of schedule argument why UCLA is ranked ahead of Oregon is pretty solid, but why is UCLA ranked ahead of Wisconsin?

Here’s to number 2 in both polls. Prost!!!

Finally a game where you could relax

Ok admit it how many of you where just a wee bit worried when Michigan jumped out to a 9-0 lead right out of the chute? I know I was as I suffered through what looked like it would be another slow Badger start. Then it was like the Badgers woke up and remembered who they were and they were off and running to a 71-58 ass whooping of the Michigan Wolverines.

What should really scare other Big Ten teams is what the Badgers did as a team in the first half. The managed to be leading at half time 33-26 over coming the aforementioned 9-0 start by Michigan and the fact that Alando Tucker was in early foul trouble and spent most of the 1st half on the bench.

Brian Butch came to play tonight and wore the title of Hero for this game, 16 points most during the period when Alando Tucker was on the bench. 3 games in a row and 3 different heroes. This team is Devils Lake deep and they did this beat down old school only attempting 6 three point baskets and only hitting 3 of those so most of those points where 2 at a time.

Their free throw shooting took a step back tonight, I hate to say it but if Tucker doesn't start improving on that part of his game he is going to see his own version of the Hack a Tucker defense. Why let him shoot, if like Shaq he cannot make the free throws consistently? As a team they missed 10 from the charity stripe and Tucker accounted for 4 of that 10 going 4-8 from the line icky bad.

But that being said they came out in the 2nd half and just took it to Michigan. Was it not nice to see some of the young guys in the game with 4 minutes left the end no longer in doubt?

Junior Guard Michael Flowers is fast becoming my favorite Badgers on this team, I just love the way he plays the game. He is fast and a relentless defender no fear what so ever.

I thought we going to get a double treat tonight for awhile it looked like Mississippi St was going to knock off number one Florida. But the Gator held them off at the end I think Florida might have been looking ahead to this weekends game with a hot Auburn team.

So Wisconsin is now 20-1 and 6-0 in Big Ten with a record 16 game winning streak, pinch me I must be dreaming lol.

They have two tough road games coming up at Iowa then at Indiana if they can win those two games they have a serious chance to be undefeated in conference going into the first Michigan State game. But lets not look too far ahead on to Iowa get the win and move on from there just like the football team 1-0 baby 1-0

On Wisconsin and Gooooooooooooooooooo Red.


programing note: can someone do a post on the MU game I believe they won but I am going to be away from my keyboard tomorrow for most of the morning. So one of you MU grads do a post on your Alma Mater :)

Favre Hasn't Decided

Great. Look for every blogger and radio guy in America to kill him tomorrow, and until he makes a decision. He had the audacity to answer the question truthfully, and Deadspin and the like will drop the hammer. Favre jealousy is about to rear it's ugly head. Thankfully they'll all look about as intelligent as this genius.

Good News For My Favorite Team From The NFC Norris Division

These were just a few of the rumors that showed up in the Truth or Rumor section of's daily scorecard. This seems like good news to me.
I reprint the pertinent items along with my comments.

Some people still think that the Vikings, desperate to retain season-ticket holders and avoid TV blackouts next season, could try to reacquire wideout Randy Moss from the Raiders, with cornerback Fred Smoot possibly part of a trade to Oakland.
--St. Paul Pioneer Press

Yea, bring back human feces Randy Moss, don't worry about a QB to get the feces the ball. It worked so well for Oakland last year. Law enforcement officials in the Twin Cities rejoice.

If the Vikings don't end up with free-agent quarterback Jeff Garcia, David Carr of the Texans might be available for a third-round draft pick. Garcia would cost Minnesota nearly $4 million for one year.
-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

Hey Ziggy what say we replace a fifty year old QB with a noodle for an arm with a forty year old QB with a noodle for an arm or better yet a twenty something with a noodle for an arm. Bonus, they both have terrible mechanics.

The loss of Mike Tomlin is a major blow for the Vikings, who ranked No. 1 in the NFL in run defense and eighth overall in his one season as defensive coordinator. The Vikings have a couple of possible in-house candidates to replace Tomlin in linebackers coach Fred Pagac and defensive line coach Karl Dunbar.
--St. Paul Pioneer-Press

The one area that the Queens didn't suck at. Makes me kind of warm and fuzzy all over for Brad Childress and his dissing the State that gave him his start as a coach. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

The rumor mill will start churning Tuesday with gossip placing Lovie Smith on Jerry Jones' wish list of head coaches. It's no secret the Lovie Smith grew up in Big Sandy, Texas, worshiping the Cowboys.
-- Chicago Tribune

The McCaskey family learns a hard lesson for not renegotiating Lovie before the season, which all the media in Shitcago yelped for as soon as the Pale Hose were eliminated in August and Cubs in April. If The Face-Lift (Nancy Pelosi's little brother), Jerry Jones, pulls this off look for Jonestown like mass suicide in Shitcago.

8-8, who cares? 66 is the important number

According to, the Green Bay Packers had the most starts by rookies this season, at 66. They had 9 rookies on the roster, and 5 started regularly. 2 made the All-Rookie team, Greg Jennings and A.J Hawk. Some interesting facts:

1. The Green Bay Packers had the most starts by rookie players (66), followed by Houston (62), Buffalo (58), Oakland (51) and the N.Y. Jets (47). In 2005, Dallas led the NFL with 47.

3. Buffalo, Houston and Green Bay had each had five rookies with seven or more starts.

4. Green Bay had the most 2006 draftees in the NFL on its 53-man roster (nine)

10. Ohio State rookies started 50 games this season -- the most of any college in the nation.

SuperBowl Dilemma

I have a real problem with this year's SB.

Is there anyway for both teams to lose?? Like a quadruple OT and the Refs pass out exhausted and the game gets called???

Can Bud Selig run the SB like he ran the All-Star Game here in Milwaukee??

I know that Hurricane Season is over, but could one hit Miami the day before the game to postpone it ... say till 2027.

As a Wisconsin Sports Fan, I think that it goes without saying that their is a true dislike and hatred for any Illinois based sports team.... especially the Bears. So I don't want them to win... I really want them to be blown out where the final score is something along the lines of 77-3. Something were the defense forgets how to tackle and every play by Indy results in a touchdown.

The problem becomes Indy's QB. I dislike Manning .... a lot. He is a pompous whiny Beotch who has no clue what the word team means. I have always anted Manning to be this generation's Dan Marino... one who will never win a Ring.

It pains me to no end that I have to root for Manning and the Colts.

Maybe Manning will get hurt in practice and Jay Sorgi can lead the Colts over the Bears. That would solve my dilemma. That would be great to have a Wisconsin QB mosh the Bears...

Just Because

Double Bubble Basketball Night in Wisconsin

Both Top 25 ranked basketball teams will be playing tonight at their respective home courts.

The number 15 Marquette Warriors take on Seton Hall tonight at the BC in the "early" game of the two

The Warriors will be trying to extend their 4 game Big East winning streak and go for their 9 win in the last 11 games.

This will be a bit of a test for a MU team that just came off a brutal 4 game stretch with 3 of the 4 games on the road, they need to guard against the let down.

The MU Game starts at 7pm and can be heard on ESPN Radio 1290 and seen on ESPN 360

The Number 2 ranked Wisconsin Badger welcome Michigan into the Pit of Despair tonight, the Badgers carry the nations longest winning streak into tonights game at 15 straight wins and are riding a 5-0 start in the Big Ten.

I keep waiting for the Badgers to have a game where they hit on all 8 cylinders, I am looking for them to put a Pitt style beat down on someone hopefully tonight is the night. I understand everyone does not think that they can run the table in the Big Ten but what if these last 4 games where the Badger "off" period what if they managed to weather the rough patch in their season without losing a game? I watch these other Big Ten teams play and you can see that Wisconsin is heads and shoulders above them when they play up to their potential.

Tonight I am looking for them to get off to a faster start and build off the free throw shooting performance of the the last game. They need to make a statement to the rest of the Big Ten and the ECMC that the close games are over the rough patch of play is over and start tuning up for the Big Ten Tournament. They have to start hitting their 3 point shots and defending against the 3 better that is what these lesser teams have been using to get back into games the long 3 pointer and Wisconsin has to get out there and challenge those shots even if the fools are shooting from half court.

Wisconsin's game is at 8pm tonight Radio the Badger Radio Network and TV is WMLV in SE Wisconsin your local Badger station outstate.

programing note the Badgers will be on 3watt station WSSP AM1250 tonight due to the lame ass Bucks So if your outside of Milwaukee County you will not be able to pick up the game on the Radio

So good luck to both teams tonight


Badger Welcomes Home Vets

I saw this story over at Kuklas Korner (a fantastic hockey blog for those who don't know). Former Badger stand-out Brian Rafalski welcomed home some American servicemen and women while in Dallas for the All-Star festivities.

A pair of NHL All-Stars greeted the 120 service members arriving at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller and New Jersey Devils defenseman Brian Rafalski shook hands with arriving troops.

Te NHL also provided a packet of passes to Wednesday night's All-Star game in Dallas to hand out to lucky service members who arrived today for two weeks rest and recovery.

It's great to see Badger's behaving with such class.

A couple of quick basketball thoughts

Did you see what Illinois did to the 24 ranked playing really well lately Indiana Hoosiers last night down in the wastelands of Champaign? I think that makes you appreciate what the Badgers did winning down there a little more.

Oh and did you see what Auburn did to number 12 ranked Alabama last night? Remember that is an Auburn team that Wisconsin handled easily back in Nov.

Just a couple more reason to be impressed with what Wisconsin has done up to this point already


A question for the fools running ESPN's Australian Open coverage

When you are going to showing a "Grand Slam" Tennis tournament in HD why dont you take the time to send the whole set of HD equipment so you can show it in real HD widescreen instead of the cut off HD you have been using for the Australian Open.

I am sorry I tuned in last night to see the lovely sports goddess Maria Sharapova in the Full Glory of High Definition and I felt cheated by ESPN

Below you can see what the lovely Ms. Sharapova was wearing yesterday and she wore it well ;) She also makes the coolest grunting noises while she plays ;) You can talk amongst yourselves over that one.

I actually watched the entire first set of the Sharapova vs. Chakvetadze last night I cannot remember the last time I watched that much tennis in one sitting

enjoy the pictures :)

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images



It Is Sweeping the Nation!

By it, of course, I mean Brewer fever! I was walking around the Hartford Civic Center last weekend (dump) and saw not one, but TWO Milwaukee Brewer hats. In order to test their stage of infection I of course shouted "Goooooo Crew!!!" One response, "oh, uh yeah...Brewers!" I'd classify this woman as a stage two. She has the fever but it has not yet reached dangerous levels that affect common sense. The other guy "shit yeah man, playoffs this year baby!" Awesome. He has definitely reached the critical point of hyperthermia (I am right there with the guy). I am no longer able to regulate or bring down the enthusiasm I have for the ball club. Most days I just sit and stare at a calendar, sweating blue and waiting for the second week in February, when pitchers and catchers will report to Arizona and show not even an inkling of the enthusiasm for the Brewers that I feel when I am in the deepest of sleeps. It is a special time of year folks, a time of optimism, a time of unbridled excitement, and a time of insanity. The Brewers season is almost here, and I am excited about what seems like the same article I have been reading for years. The Brewers are yet again, a dark horse.

The Brewers will be a popular choice as the sleeper of 2007, even if one rival executive already says that they are "overhyped." Still, a rotation of Sheets, lefty Chris Capuano and righties Jeff Suppan, Claudio Vargas and Dave Bush could make the Brewers formidable, perhaps even a worthy challenger to the Cardinals in the NL Central.

Show me this executive. Force him to come out and face the Fever. This guy will be his Kaiser Soze.

The Brewers' bullpen posted the highest ERA in the NL last season, thanks in part to the meltdown of right-handed closer Derrick Turnbow. But righty Francisco Cordero stabilized that role after arriving in the Carlos Lee trade, and the Brewers should have decent pieces in front of him — Turnbow (if he revives), righties Matt Wise and Jose Capellan and lefty Brian Shouse. Righty Dennis Arfate, throwing 95 to 97 mph in Mexico, is another intriguing option.

Is this a flawless team? Hardly. But if Sheets is healthy, it could be a dangerous team — particularly in a division in which the Astros might regress and the Cubs are an expensive unknown.

Is this a flawless team Rosenthal? I see an undefeated Milwaukee Brewer team my friend. At this point, the Crew is nothing if not flawless.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Toma Ohka's first game as a Brewer

Since I happen to be at Toma's first game as a Brewer back in 05 against the Devil rays I thought I would throw up some of the pictures from that first game.

When you consider what happen to Junior Spivey getting Ohka was a steal by Melvin.

For the Record Toma won that game.


Ohka San moving on to Amercian league

ESPN is reporting that Former Brewer Toma Ohka has agreed to a one year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.

I liked Toma for the period he was here I hope he has decent luck in Toronto


I finally figured out what was different about Brian Anderson's new blog

The new voice of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball on FSN Brian Anderson has a blog and I have been reading it and I finally figured out what is different about his blog compared to many Talking Head blogs.

He allows comments, that impresses me since we sports bloggers types can be a hard group to win over and we tend to be very harsh when we don't like something or someone

I just thought it was cool


Chicago Bear Tank Johnson is a piker lol

I am listening to Mike and Mike this morning and they are still making a big deal that Johnson has "500" rounds of ammo and a number of guns in his house.

I am sorry if Johnson had lived in Wisconsin he would not have broken one law it is just the stupid ass gun laws in Illinois and Chicago.

I hear these media idiots are going on about he had 500 rounds of ammo,

He had 6 guns that is less than a 100 rounds per gun has anyone stopped and thought about how they sell ammo in boxes of 25 or 50. Have any of these reporters ever shot a hand gun you can rip through 100 of ammo at a shooting range in about 10 minutes.

Hell if you buy your gun ammunition in bulk to save money getting to 500 is a joke.

Hell I have over a 1000 rounds of ammo for my assault rifle sealed in plastic and ammo boxes as part of my end of the world stock pile ;)

And only 6 guns Bwhahahahahahaha piker

Just some Tank Johnson related thoughts


The Anti-Friday Pin-Up

Former UWM Head Coach Bruce Pearl, Has had better days, like when he took UWM to the sweet sixteen in 2005.

The state of the states basketball teams

Wisconsin stands pat in both polls they are still second in the AP and increased their first place votes to 22 and are only 30 points behind Florida in that poll gaining 9 points on the Gators this week

They also remained number 3 in the ESPN/USA Coaches/Athletic directors or the equipment guy poll

Right now all you want to do is maintain your top four standing to get that number one seed going into the Bid Dance.

I still believe Wisconsin will hold the number one spot before the regular season is over Florida has the meat of its SEC schedule left to go I figure they will drop at least 2 more games.

Not that will hurt them all that bad Pitt has lost 3 games and still remains in the top 10

Then did you see that rocket contrail zooming skyward out of downtown Milwaukee? That was the MU Warriors who only 3 weeks ago had fallen completely out of the top 25 in both polls. But with a 4 game winning streak in the Big East with wins over Pitt Louisville UConn and West VA have rocketed back into the national basketball scene.

Marquette is ranked number 15 in the AP and 20 in the equipment manager poll. Those are huge leaps in both polls. After dropping their first 2 Big East games and looking like the season was going south they have really turned it around they stand second in the Big East

You know what is amazing how fast the season is going Wisconsin only has 11 regular season games left and Marquette only has 10 games left. Where has the season go damn.

Actually UW-Milwaukee has them both beat they only have 8 games left in their regular season. This has been a rebuilding year for a very young Panther team they have a losing record 7-14 but have managed to 500 record in Horizon League play 4-4.

The last Div 1 team in the state the other Horizon League team UW-Green Bay has had the opposite season from UWM they have a winning record 10-9 but have not gotten off to a great start in league play they are 2-4 in conference

Our two Horizon league teams have their first meeting of the year this Saturday when Green Bay travels to Milwaukee.

On the Division 3 front UW Stevens Point maintained its number one in the nation ranking with the UW-Oskosh Titans moving into the top 10 jumping from number 12-8 and on a sad note for Mike his beloved UW-Lacrosse has fallen out of the top 25.

I have added to our side bar so you can track our Division 3 state schools

One final thing I keep forgetting to mention that the Marquette Womans team is ranked in the top 25 they are 17 in this weeks AP poll up from 19 last week.

So there is the State of the State basketball teams this week.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Sideline Candy

Al over at Al's Ramblings found this little YouTube nugget:

mmmmmmm...Erin Andrews


Is Melvin that much of a genius?

There are rumors swirling that Doug Davis knew he was going to be traded and that he has admitted that his arm is SHOT! Wow! The rumor came from a bartender, but since we're in a bar that's a good thing. If this is true then I proclaim that Melvin is a genius, an evil genius even.


Payton Manning gives the Pat fans their marching orders

Kissing Suzi Kolber is fast becoming one of my favorite sports blogs

This is outstanding trust me you will enjoy this

E if have not already read that go read it now you will so love it all I could think of while reading it was you lol


The Big Tuna has had enough of TO and Butterfingers

Somebody get Wigs a drink or 3 I am sure he is down in the dumps this morning not only does he live in a property tax hell his team just saw the Tuna swim away.

ESPN Radio is reporting that Bill Parcells is walking away from "The Boys" once again retiring. I guess Mora got it wrong TO is the coach killer not Michael Vick lol.

He was heard to mumble as he walked out of sight "I am getting too old for this shit"

Here is one last kick in the stones for you Cowboy fans


Why do they always have to make Race an issue?

I am already sick of hear that Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are the first "Black" coaches

The color of their skin had nothing to do with them leading their teams to the Super Bowl. To be honest I never even think of them as black coaches just football coaches one who I don't like because he happens to coach the Bears. And the other a good guy who I will be pulling for because I believe he had a Super Bowl stoled from him by Chuckie.

Isn't that supposed to be the sign of how far we have come as a sports nation when you never give the color of the coaches skin a second thought.

I am sorry this is not 1967 it is 2007 My favorite Baseball player is Bill Hall not because he is black but because he is a really good baseball player same goes for Alando Tucker or Donald Driver.

I believe that for the majority of sports fans we salute the man for their skill not their skin color, yes there will be a small group of close minded idiots in the sports world but we come so far lets act like it is no big deal because it isn't.

The ECMC make it sound like Smith and Dungy over came a handicap like being a black coach is something they had to over come.

I am happy for them as Coaches, Professionals and Men why cant we just give them credit for being good at what they do skin color be damned.

Face it in American sports you could be colored purple and openly gay and if you bring your team a championship your fans become very open minded ;)

I hope this came across as I meant it to.


Oh you have to try this it is a hoot

I am sitting here listening to the WEEI-AM Boston sports talk on-line feed this morning.

OMFG even talking about the Pats they have to take shots at Yankees lol "Manning has moved out of A-Rods Neighborhood"

They are now Canonizing Peyton Manning now that he has beat the "Pats" so now he is almost as good as Tommy Brady lol. Because he beat the Pats they have to build him up lol.

So if you have a chance go to WEEI's website give them a load of fake info to register and listen to them for a while

Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing I am laughing so hard right now it hurts

Oh and lets all Welcome Reche Caldwell to Bill Buckner's Neighborhood its all Reche fault

E do they all really sound like these guys on the radio? This is Wicked Funny :)


I cannot believe I forgot the damn cartoon

I just realized I forgot the Saturday Morning cartoon oops sorry I will make it up to you all next Saturday. It just totally slipped my mind

That is what happens with new features lol.

I notice no one here noticed enough to point it out :)


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Didnt Reche Caldwell looked stoned?

Did anyone else notice New England Patriots(the team the blew the biggest lead in conference championship game history 18 points)wide receiver Reche Caldwell looked like he was on something during the game?

His eyes were bugging out of his head and I am guessing his pupils were so dilated that they looked like tiny dots. You couple that with the fact he dropped two easy catchs and you would think he was sniffing glue or drinking Jo Bu's Rum on the side lines

Or maybe he forgot to give Jobu his rum so that is why his hands were afraid of the ball and he could not catch it lol ;)

Just one of those in game things I noticed lol


New Englands Reign of Terror is Over ESK is free ;)

How about that New England Haters? That was Wicked Sweet the way the Pats lost that game Tommy Boy throws a pick and the Colts go to the Super Bowl


At least now I have a team to root for in the Super Bowl for the next two weeks I am on the Colts Bandwagon.

We were saved 2 weeks of them going over the 85 SB and how this is a rematch blah blah blah.

More on both games in the morning right now I just want to savor this and enjoy the long cold rest of winter that the New England fans will be enjoying Bwhahahahahahahahaha

Indy 38 New England 34


Congrats Chicago Bears

In honor, this is the hottest Bears fan I could find. Go AFC!!

The Warriors Beat Pitt in OT

Marquette wins in OT in Pitt knocking off the number 6 team in the nation and making a statement to the rest of the Big East. They also ended Pitt's conference unbeaten streak.

Face it Pitt should stay away from Wisconsin schools ;)

Ok Warrior contingent take it away its your Sunday the rest of us are just taking up space lol


Utterly Fearless Forecasts

Well, having studied the stats, crunched numbers, watching the Weather Channel, consulting my Magic 8-Ball and talking to the neighbor's dog, I predict the following.

Saints 27 Bears 20 . Chicago has too many injuries in the secondary and no one has really slowed down New Orleans this year. Weather will not be a factor. Plus, I want the Saints to win.

Indy 38 Pats 31. Rookie kicker for the Pats misses a few crucial FGs . Weather is not a factor and I want Indy to win so ESK doesn't have to watch the ballet.

Remember as always with my sports predictions.....

"Often wrong, never in doubt."

Apocalypse Now

I just got back form Hartford (took the broad to watch her Hoosiers play the Huskies) and am anxiously awaiting what could be the worst sports day of my life. If the Bears and Patriots win, and I am forced to field phone calls from Bear fans and face to face nonsense from idiot Massholes with Tom Brady induced hard-ons, I will seriously boycott the Super Bowl. I have no idea what I will do instead, but I will try to find the hands down lamest thing I can find, like a museum exhibit or a ballet. Either one of those would be better than watching the two most disgusting teams in football play each other.

God help me, this could be a long, long day.

My predictions:

The NFL continues to help the Pats win, and the Saints romp the Bears.

If both teams win, Kill Me.

Jumping on the prediction band wagon

This morning, after reading the predictions of my fellow bar patrons, I've decided that I, too, will reach into the nether regions of my bowels, pull a little something out, and throw it against a wall to see what sticks. So without further ado, let's get to Jib's E. Coli Pepto Picks of the Week.

In a chilly but snowless Soldier Field, Rex Grossman lays another egg of a game. Fortunately for Grossman, the Bears special teams and defense make up for his lack of offensive production and the Bears win a squeaker 17-14.

Meanwhile, in the Hoosier/RCA Dome, just outside the third world region of "Kentuckiana", the Colts look to finally put a dagger through their Pats curse. And for three quarters it will look like they have finally put it behind them...until two late turnovers cost them the game. Final score, Pats 35, Colts 31.

Disclaimer: You should not use Jib's predictions as a basis for any Vegas actions. Predictions were made with absolutely no forethought and are an experiment to compare well thought out predictions to pure bull feces. Rely upon at your own risk.

Enchanted Rubber Chicken Picks

I tossed and turned and turned and tossed all night with these picks. At least I assume I did so, I slept through it all. God knows I hate picking the Bears and no one would be happier than me if this pick was wronger than a naked picture of Hillary Clinton on all fours. But I just can not pick a dome team in their first championship game on the road, in the cold. As my cat says, inscrutably as always, "Mice hide deeper when it's cold."

In fact, the only thing that keeps me from questioning my pick is the memory of a playoff game with the Falcons in Lambeau Field when it started to snow in the second half and we all said, "Packer weather. They're finished." We had no idea that the Packers were a fading team with a defense built of balsa wood and spit. The Bears have a better defense than the Packers had on that day. Plus the Falcons had Michael Vick on a good day. Drew Brees is good and he had a great year, but he's no Michael Vick when Michael Vick is having a good day. The Bears will sack Brees too often. Reggie Bush will make some rookie mistakes, the Saints will turn the ball over too many times, the Bears will win convincingly. They had their toughest game last week. They survived and this week should be easier.

In the other game, Tom Brady is the 21st Century Joe Montana, Peyton Manning is the 21st Century Dan Marino. If Peyton is to ever play in a Superbowl, it will be this year. He is in the right place, at the right time, with the right team with the right coach. The Patriots don't know it yet, but they are in descent. But I can see it, because I've been down that road with my team and I recognize that pair of tennis shoes hanging on the telephone line. If anyone can forestall the fall, it would be the 21st Century Joe Montana. But this time, he will not. It will be the Colts and the Bears in the Superbowl.

My quick picks for the NFC and AFC championship games today

Bears defeat the Saints in the snow 27-14 making our neighbors to the south even more insufferable.

Payton Manning and the Colts finally kill the Monkey on their back sending all of the New England fans and their Coach who is Satan and Tom Brady the Spawn of Satan in to a terrible cold winter of self loathing and Sam Adams induced numbness

The Colts win in a defensive struggle 17-14 when Vinitari kicks a long field goal at the end to show the Pat fans what it feels like to lose that way.

And the East Coast Media Cabal gets what it fears most a Midwestern SuperBowl match up Bawhahahahahahaha.


Hopefully this will be the only bad luck Marquette has today

Unfortunately for Marquette their huge showdown with the Beast of the Big East Pitt has to go up against the NFC Championship game on TV today.

It is a shame they get a national TV game and 3/4 of the sporting world will be watching the Bears and the Saints. Not a problem if you have A TiVo or a DirecTV DVR when you can lock one game on one tuner and the other on another and sort of watch both live.

Or do what I did yesterday with the Badgers Tape the MU game and watch it on DVR Delay.

This is a massive test for the resurgent Warriors, they play the number 6 ranked Pitt Panthers today at 2pm, right now Pitt is the class of the Big East at 17-2 and 5-0 in conference and those two losses where both on the road at Wisconsin and Oklahoma St weeks ago. So if Marquette would be able to go into Pitt and win this game they would really announce their NCAA presence with authority.

Game info, Time 2pm at Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh TV CBS and Radio ESPN 1510am

So go set your Tivo's/DVRs and you will be able to watch Marquettes win tonight after the football games.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fearless (or is that brainless) Conference Champ predictions

Hear me now and believe me later (or is that ridicule me later; I could never tell the difference). There are only 3 games left in the NFL season, so let's do some picking:

Saints @ DuhBears (2:00 pm, Fox) - Looking at the forecast (31 degrees, 3-5 inches of snow falling all day), this one is a no-brainer. The 'Aints are a dome team with a scat-back doing essentially half the running-back load, a combination that spells doom in a snow bowl. Of course, DuhBears don't have much of an offense, but at least they'll be playing on a short field. Run, don't walk to your nearest bookie to take DuhBears, give the short 2 1/2, and grab the under 43 1/2 while you're there as the final will be 21-17 Bears.

Patriots @ Colts (5:30 pm or whenever DuhBears finish off the Aints, CBS) - Damn, but this one is tough. On one side, you have the arrogant team that expects to win, but one that doesn't have the weather on its side for a change. On the other, you have the biggest playoff loser this side of Marv Levy. I know two things; Stephen Gostkowski is no Adam Vinatieri, and this is going to be a shootout. Thusly, I'm staying away from the Colts -3 (though if you wanted to take them straight up, they're -165 at and running with the over 48. Each team will bust it, as Vinatieri proves that kickers are important by kicking an overtime field goal after Gostkowski blows one to end the game and the Colts win 52-49.

Another Win Another New Hero

I just got done watching the Badger game on DVR Delay and once again the Badgers gut out a road win against a team who was up to play them.

The Badgers 71-64 win makes them 19-1 and an impressive 5-0 in the Big Ten, but to be honest only one of those 5 wins has come easy.

First hats off to this games hero from the bench Greg Stiemsma who came off the bench to score a career high 12 points going 5-6 from the field and getting those shots from 15 feet out. That will teach Illinois to not defend the big men when they are away from the basket.

I am not sure how I feel about the Badgers performance, yes they won on the road and they did grind it out but they still don't look to be hitting on all cylinders but then again it would be nice to have a game where the opponents didn't hit at least 3 (no way in hell they should have made that from that distance) 3 pointers. I am really beginning to hate the three point shot lol.

I think what we are seeing is just how deep this Wisconsin team really is, face it Alando Tucker has not been unstoppable the last couple of games but they continue to win. Every game it is someone new stepping up last game Chappell this game Stiemsma.

Flowers played like a man possessed and they got quality minutes out of freshman guard Trevon Hughes

I think come Big Ten tourney time and the NCAA tourney Wisconsin depth will be a key to having a chance to come out on top at the end of both tourneys. Wisconsin can handle foul trouble to a starter because they have a guy almost as good coming off the bench.

I was a little disappointed on how many points Illinois got in the paint it seemed like their big guys were taking it to Wisconsin inside but what do I know I was a wrestler ;) I kept wondering why isnt Butch playing more?

One big plus for Bucky tonight was they only missed 3 free throws hitting 18-21 shots from the line. But you cannot go 3-16 from the 3 point line oi-veh.

Wisconsin did what they had to do this week and won both of their game and should remain 2/3 in the national polls. They also kicked off this big 7 game middle of the Big Ten season stretch with a win on the road never easy to do in this league.

Their next game is not until Wednesday the 24th vs. Michigan at the Pit of Despair a late 8pm start so plan accordingly.

Enjoy your Saturday night there is a lot going on tomorrow with MU playing Pitt and the NFC and AFC championship games sports over load tomorrow. Oh and Man Utd plays Arsenal in the EPL (I threw that one in for myself)


It only took me 2 months to do it

Long time readers of this blog know I tend to say things like "wouldn't it be great if ........." Then never get around to doing what I was cloud talking about. Example when I found the list of radio stations that make up the Badger Radio Network a couple of months ago(I know it was during college football season) AB had left a comment saying "You should put that on the side bar as a link"

What a great Idea and 2-3 months later I finally have done it. My HTML skills are improving so I am spreading my template wings lol.

So now right under our Wonderful Ticket King Ad(who needs tickets it isnt sold out till the King says it is sold out) You will see I have added links to the Badger, Brewers and Packers Radio Networks I will try and add TV stations later today.

I only did teams that have state wide or in the case of the Packers multi-state radio networks. Marquette and UWM only broadcast in the Milwaukee Market as far as I can tell and I will add that a bit later.

So now if you are going to be going up to deer camp or a new camp ground near Iowa City etc you can look and know where to catch your team on the radio

A Public Service from your friends at the WSB.


Badgers to take a road test today.

The 18-1 4-0 in the Big Ten Badgers must leave the security of the Pit of Despair and travel to the wilds of the flat land that is Illinois. They have to go to Champaign/Urbana to take on the Fighting Illini.

Considering the way the Badgers have been playing coupled with this being a road game it should show us if the Badgers are still on the path to a Big Ten Title.

This game is also on ESPN the flagship station of the East Coast Media Cabal(ECMC)so a lot of the nation will be seeing them play and comparing them to OverratedSU which went down to Champaign and destroyed the Illini on the Illini's home court.

On paper this should be a laugher for Bucky but I am a little nervous I keep watching these games looking for a Minnesota game like blow out and as you all know I am not getting what I want.

Two things to look at today is can they continue to improve at the charity strip and can they shoot the 3 ball a bit better.

This is the start of the middle stretch of the Big Ten Schedule which will be a tough row for the Badgers to hoe. In the next 7 games 4 are away from the Kohl Center. They are away at Illinois,Iowa,Indiana and Penn State. The 3 "I" games make me nervous hell right no everything makes me nervous not much room for error when your out on the middle of the tight walking wire like the Badgers are.

Grades are out and it looks like no Badger players fell victim to standards on grades so no repeat of last year one less thing to worry about.

So Game time is at 1PM and the game will be on ESPN and ESPN HD and the game will be on the Badger radio network AM 620 WTMJ in Southeast Wisconsin

On Wisconsin Gooooooooooooooooo Red


Friday, January 19, 2007

How In Hell Did You Bucky Lovers Miss This!!!

Luke Winn, of Sports Illustrated, has the Badgers Men's Hoops squad at No.1 for the second straight week. Winn's, Top 20 power rankings, gives credit to Bucky for their strength of schedule. Follow the links in Winn's article to see great old photo's of UW Platteville and coach Ryan. A cameo by Rob Jeter (Head Coach UW Milwaukee) when he called himself Robby, is one of the side benefits.

Marquette is an up and comer, and is not included in Winn's rankings. For you Warrior fans, hope for a win at the Oakland Zoo tomorrow, for that will surely move them into Winn's rankings.

Early, Very Early, Extremely Early, Look At The NFL Draft

If your a Mel Kiper Jr. (his hair is Mahvelous) fan he is posting his top 32 prospects over on ESPN's NFL page of their website. I like Mel's take on draft day because no one knows these guys inside and out like Mel. His projections pan out about fifty fifty though so that aspect I don't put much stock in.
I do however, really like Scouts Inc. and their projections.
The two projections are really early and there is usually a few movers after the combine, workout wonders, who move up.
I'm really only looking at picks 15-20 because teams don't make many huge mistakes anymore.
I said many, mistakes still happen, not any.
Mel has all offensive players beginning with Jarret at 14 and ending with Marshawn Lynch at 20.
By contrast Scouts Inc. has all defensive players from 15 all the way to 21. Of those seven players 5 are linemen.
What this means for The Pack is the very real possibility of a defensive pick in the first round. Get ready all you kvetchers and hand wringers to complain about not giving Brett any help on his side of the ball.
Myself, I always say draft the best player available.
Follow the links to see the entire list of both scouting projections. I have a subscription to a scouting book so I will post each position prior to the April 28-29 Draft. I won't post anything until after the combine though because these early lines are just so much blather.

Come on one of us has to have an original thought today

I have got nothing I am looking towards the bullpen who wants to play today.

One of us has to have something to say lol


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Beyonce Knowles

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Beyonce Knowles

What needs to be said beside "WOW"


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