Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bloody Monday, Lets Get It Started Here

The usual bloody Monday of the NFL watch is on. This annual event is as undeclared a holiday as the first two days of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament.
Franchises act early for two reasons, first to get the best candidate into the interview room and second to assure the renewing season ticket holders that they are serious about fielding a winner.
This years class begins with Romeo Crennel his two year record of 10-22 is abysmal and the future is not to bright in the home of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Crennel has had three years of high draft picks and nothing to show for it. Getting beat by the equally pitiful Texans to finish out the 06 season won't help. I would love to see this guy coaching our D next year. Bottom Line; He Gone

Dennis Green, where to start. The man hired himself out for interviews so teams could skirt the requirement of interviewing at least one minority candidate. He did it for Dallas and was probably shell shocked when Arizona didn't meet his fee request and actually wanted to hire him. The Bidwells finally open the wallet and Arizona is still atrocious. The few late season improvements the Cards have shown are not enough. He scapegoated assistant coaches, threw them under the bus and even blamed the media after he and his team collapsed vs. Shitcago. Bottom Line; He Gone

Art Shell, too bad, he deserves better. Adam Sheffter of and the NFL network reported Shell's demise two weeks ago. The Raiders didn't refute it. The guy had so much baggage to get rid of on this sorry team he couldn't get it done in one year. Had he rid the team of all it's cancerous players he wouldn't have been able to field a team. Art Shell was trying to rebuild a once proud franchise and I thought he was doing it with pride and dignity. Art Shell deserves better then the Oakland Raiders and it's senile owner Al Davis. Bottom Line; He Gone

Bill Cowher, he may not announce until mid-week but he is definitely stepping down. The rumor is Ken Whisenhunt will be given the reigns. This is a slap in the face of Dick LeBeau. This team has personified defense in the NFL for thirty years, that is due in large part to LeBeau's innovative zone blitzing schemes. To promote Whisenhunt may be a huge mistake, the D may lay down and LeBeau may leave. Very touchy situation. The Rooney's usually make the correct football decision. Cowher is pimping Whisenhunt. Look for the defending Champs to go with Whisenhunt and give LeBeau a huge raise. It's all about continuity in Steel town. Bottom Line; He Gone

Tom Coughlin, His head won't roll Monday because he has a play-off game to coach (which he will lose) but he's as good as gone. The New York media couldn't stand a conservative HC in their Burg, how could a coach actually hold players accountable? His ticket was punched two years ago. His epitaph should be Tom Coughlin, New York Tough, But Too Tough for New York.

Jim Mora Jr., ha ha ha I was just joking about the college job. Guess what Jim, you can apply Tuesday morning for said job. Arthur Rankin didn't become the magnate of Do It Yourselfers in America to put up with these shenanigans. Now another coach will fall under the spell of Mike Vick and his herpes posse. Vick will play with the latest hires head like a drunken kitten, as he did with Mora's. Bottom Line; He Gone

Boy Genius Jon Gruden, he may voluntarily leave. The cupboard is bare, Monte Kiffin is burnt out and the NFL has figured out Kiffins two deep zone. Tampon Bays D is old and this is a five year re-building project. Gruden may opt out. It's a huge undertaking. Gruden should prove his bona fides and stay but I think the boy genius flies the coop. Bottom Line; Maybe, if the right job opens up

Tony Dungy, don't laugh, the window is closing fast and Dwight Freeney is a free agent. Indy is one and done again this year. Larry Johnson will make Tiki Barbers effort against the Foreskins look pedestrian by comparison. Larry Johnson 33 carries 212 yards four scores. Maybe the Colt's will bring in Jon Gruden to win a title, like Tampon Bay did. Interesting to say the least. Bottom Line; Maybe, Dungy is a nice guy but they have a new stadium funded by taxpayers. It's a results oriented league. Dungy has not produced

Lets examine the ruins. Bryant Grumble and Michael Wilbon and the other race hustlers will be out in full force to denounce the firing of three "brothers". The fact that they all had losing records will never pass the lips of these race baiters or their mouthpiece ESPN.
If Dungy goes look for endless stories of his sons demise and the heartless Colts franchise.
Coughlin will get no respect for what he did in New York or in Jax. The guy is a good coach.

That's all folks, Enjoy bloody Monday NFL style.

These are the opinion of the writer, therefore no links provided because frankly none of this is factual. I just think this is what will happen.

Is He Done?

A satisfying last month for The Pack. A season finale of 26-7 over the dog-ass Bears makes my New Year's Eve a very happy one indeed. I did not think this team had a chance to finish 8-8 but they jelled (admittedly a little late) and have some great momentum going into next year.

Now to the meat of the off-season....will Favre be back. He has 11 million rea$on$ to come back and that has to factor in. I think he feels he can play at a high level and a vastly improved and better team to start the 2007 season will also factor in, I think.

My feeling watching him tonight is he doesn't know what he's going to do. I think the emotional breakdown was him thinking it could be the last game. But it might not be.

My feeling is he'll be back....I wouldn't bet the ranch on it but that's how I see it. They have a real shot to win the division next year. That will factor in as well, I believe.

But you all know my motto when it comes to my sports predictions:

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

Packers win, Favre sounds like he's done

First, the good news. Despite not getting any help from Duh Deadskins, Duh Viqueens, Duh Deadfins, and a few other teams and getting eliminated from the playoffs, the Packers came to play and crushed Chicago 26-7 to finish 8-8. That's 6 more wins than I had them figured for.

The bad. Listening to the postgame interview, it's almost certain Brett Favre has just played his last game. Other than winning the Super Bowl, he couldn't ask for a much better way to go out - beat the Bears, have a decent game of 21-42 for 285 yards, a touchdown and a pick the receiver gave up on.

Thanks for the memories, Brett.

Finally my New Years Eve Gift to you all


What it is like to be a Bears Fan right about now

Much more to come in the morning

8-8 Outfuckingstanding

Let the Brett Favre Watch begin


The last new Bartender of the year

Everyone give a Welcome to Ben our newest bartender. Ben has been a long time fixture in our comments here at the WSB and the other day after he explained to me how the baseball contracts worked. I sat back and wondered why the hell isn't he writing here instead of just leaving great comments.

So I asked, he accepted and the rest is history.

So everyone give a big WSB Willkommen to Benjamin.


Well that was scary

Wisconsin comes from being behind at half time and defeats the Georgia Bull Dogs 64-54 in Georgia. Don't let the score fool you it was a much closer game. Bucky went ice cold at the end of the first half and ended up going into the locker room at half time down 35-31.

Georgia came to play today and you could tell this was the first time playing away from the "Pit of Despair" since Dec 9th. Wisconsin is going to have to get used to the idea that being a top 4 team that everyone they play is going to be up to play them.

Even programs that are not having a good season are going to try and catch lightening in a bottle. Now that they are going into Big Ten play there will be no more games that they can take off or coast. It is bring your A game ever game and get used to having a target on your back.

All that being said the mark of the good/great teams is you win even on the days you didnt bring the A game. Wisconsin came out in the second half got back in front and maintained a 4-6 point lead for most of the second half the final total is ballooned due to the usual spate of free throws at the end of the game.

So at the end of the non conference portion of the schedule Wisconsin's record stands 14-1 and they go into conference play ranked #4 in both polls.

I believe this hard fought game against the Bulldog will help the Badgers as they roll into the their Big Ten schedule. 4 of the next 6 games are at the Kohl Center including the game against Ohio State on Jan 9th.

I look for them to dismantle the groundhogs in the Conference opener next Saturday in Madison.

You look back on how the first half of the regular season went and you could not ask for much more even the one loss was only by 2 points to a Missouri State team that is getting top 25 votes.

Now the only job between now and March is to secure a number one seed in the tourney.

Half way there


A busy Sunday to hold you over until the Bowl Games tomorrow.

A good day of college football yesterday no lead was safe, I left the house at halftime and it looked like Navy was going to bury BC out at sea needless to say I was a bit surprised when I got to the party I was going to and saw they lost. Then Iowa jumped out on the Longhorns early only to falter(that Touchdown that got called back in the second quarter a big swing for the Horns)Ched was right that was a home game for Texas pure and simple.

Then Va Tech blows a big lead against Georgia I hope Wisconsin OSU and Michigan were watching those games along with the Groundhog loss. If you get up big in your bowl game do not let up keep giving them death blows till the final whistle.

On to today and how to kill the time till you go out to party or curl up with your loved one safe in your bunker to watch 2007 roll in.

First you have "the Kings of Wisconsin Basketball" playing Georgia in round two of beat the Bull Dogs at Noon. The game is on channel 41 here in the Milwaukee area I dont know if you can see it outstate. Check your local Badger TV station.

Also at Noon the last weekend of the regular season of Lord Football. This should also be the last Packer game win or lose as Jib as sadly pointed out. But if they can finish 8-8 which would be amazing to most of us, for the record I don't believe this will be Brett's last game.

If you have NFL Sunday ticket this is your last weekend of the year to enjoy the visual overload that is watching every game.

So have a great New Year Eve Day killing time till the Packers games


The Bucks Zone in on a Victory over the Bullets

The Milwaukee Bucks were trailing the Bullets, 85-82 at the end of the third quarter last night part of the reason for this they went away from their zone defense

""Our zone was very good," Bucks coach Terry Stotts said. "That might have been the best game of zone that we've had. We went man some of the third quarter, but the fourth quarter was almost entirely zone."(from the MJS)

They used that zone in the fourth quarter to totally shut down a very hot Washington team and held them to 17 points in the final quarter while putting up a 37 on the visitors from our nations capital. They ended up winning the game 119-102, the win moved them back over 500(sounds like the Brewers lol) and kept their losing streak to one game. They also held Gilbert Arenas to 19 points not to shabby, seeing how Arenas has been blowing up defenses the whole month of December.

I know its early but the Bucks have strenghtend their hold on the 8th playoff spot and are now slowly climbing up the playoff position ladder they are only a game out of the 7th spot. That includes a crappy Raptors team that is getting to claim one of the division leader spots even though the whole Atlantic division stinks on ice.

The Bucks get a couple of days off they dont play again until they play the Bullets once again this time in Washington on Wednesday then closing out the double home and home with Cleveland in at the BC on Friday January 5th.

The Bucks finished December 7-0 at the BC and look like they have really saved the 06-07 season.

One quick thing to watch, this was the last game for the Bucks with the "new" composite ball they will go back to the "old" leather ball in 07. I was listening to a interview with Terry Stotts and he said they were starting to practice with the leather ball again. He also said some of the players were saying how hard the old ball seem to be.

Watch for scoring to drop in the NBA in January as the players have to reacquaint themselves with the old ball. I believe we are about to see a case of "Be careful what you wish for" on a massive scale. Stotts was saying he thought the new ball was "softer" and you got some more favorable bounces off the rim with it. I bet the new composite ball is back full time next season.

So that is the Bucks new until next year Bucks fans check back in 07 as you can see we are making an effort to cover the Bucks here, hopefully we will do better job of following them than we have in the past.


The Packers playoff chances

Since the Giants won tonight, the playoff picture for the Pack is quite bleak. Here's what has to happen, as best I understand it:

1. The Packers must win, obviously.
2. The Vikings MUST beat the Rams.
3. The Lions MUST beat the Cowboys.
4. No more than one of the following occurs: losses by the Cards, Niners, or Fins, and wins by Panthers, Texans, and Buccaneers.

Umm, I want to meet the optimist that thinks everything will break the Packers' way tomorrow.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hatfields McCoys In Penna, and Other Saturday Thoughts

A real brouhaha here in the shadows of the Appalachian Mountain Range today folks. A jineewine feeood. Here's the particulars, without revealing too much personal info. My wife is from Savannah GA. As a young woman she pursued a career as a dance major, and visited several schools in search of a scholarship. Among the schools she visited was Marquette University in downtown Milwaukee WI. The best half's visit occurred in April (year not revealed to protect the innocents age) and it was so damn cold she was quoted by her Mom as stating "not NO, but heck NO". The Warriors also only wanted her to be a cheer robot and her interests were in interpretive dance (don't ask how we have survived all these years). She instead stayed at home and attended Savannah State college in her hometown. Yes that's right folks, the same Savannah State Liberal Arts College that my beloved Marquette Warriors dismantled this afternoon.

Well, hell yea I gloated, it will probably cost me husbandly privileges for a month but hey it was the Warriors.

Disclaimer: Yes I Love You Sweetheart, No I won't ever mention you again in a post and yes I will get that retaining wall built by February. No I won't mount the Deer head and yes I will put in that overtime needed for that jacuzzi.

Hold on just a second, I have to let Glen Mason out of the wood shed. He promises not to let his team blow another 38-7 lead. He's been taken to the wood shed all year, I figure it's time to let him out.

2230 Hrs. EST, Patterson completes a three point play to move the Bucks up by 10 on the Bullets and T.J. Duckett scores from the two to cut the Gints lead to 6. I let out a yee haw sure to wake the neighbors and my wife comes running. What was a miserable Saturday night might be salvaged and I just got a rush usually reserved for amphetamines and ecstasy. The Bucks continue their mastery of the Bullets but the Foreskins D lets me down. The Foreskin D, gives up another 50 plus run to Tiki and Joe Gibbs has been officially ruined by "The Daniels" ineptitude. Gibbs has been Snydered.

The Big Ten is 0-3 in bowl games so far. But what a hell of a show by Iowa against Texas in what was essentially a home game for the Longhorns. I'm glad that DE, Safety and LB were all hurt vs Bucky, if not we would no doubt have two losses. The 0-3 hole the Big Ten is in is of little consequence to me. Did anyone doubt that the defending National Champion Texas Longhorns would handle the unranked Hawkeyes? The below .500 Gophers would lose? Purdue could step up and win a game? All three could have won their games against very good teams. The truth is in these final four games. Remember, your conference is the best if you win the National Championship. Wisconsin has the hardest road, Arkansas is scary good. I actually had a Penn State alum at my house Friday night and he said he wished Penn State was playing Arkansas. I wish, his wish were true. Michigan should handle USC, but Loyd Carr chokes with really good teams so you never know. Finally the shut down to all arguments of which conference is best will be Ohio States thrashing of Florida. Oh how I love Florida teams losing in major Bowl Games.

Sorry guys, one more trip to the wood shed, it seems Gilbert Arenas doesn't think he should be there. He keeps yelling something about Michael Redd and I have my own shoes. I guess I better let him out of the wood shed, he's been spanked enough, besides he might be escorting a Milwaukee Buck out their Wednesday night?

Three Bowl Games on tap for today

Navy vs BC at noon central. on ESPN


Texas vs Iowa 3pm on ESPN

the Nightcap

Georgia vs Va Tech. 7pm on ESPN

last college football until Monday when the big games start.


The Bucks fail first part of their MidTerm

Last night the Bucks failed in their attempt to win 7 games in a row. Losing to the Cavs 109-99

They have the second game of this important 4 game stretch tonight at home against the Bullets.

Lets hope this is a harbinger of doom for the Bucks.

Tonights game is at the BC 7:30pm and is on FSNN for those of you in Wisconsin.


Man the fact it happen to the Stupid Gophers makes it that much better

In case you missed it the Clown College over in the Twin Cities has another reason to be proud of the group smucks they call their football team.

In the 2006 "Insight" bowl(who?????) the groundhogs not only lost but lost in historic fashion. They had a 38-7 lead with 7:47 left in the THIRD QUARTER and end up losing 44-41 to Texas Tech.

Here is the story in the Star Trib

I believe somewhere ESK is smiling since his hatred of all things Gopher is unmatched on this here blog. :)

Man wont it be great to be a groundhog player and have to stew over this loss all winter Bwahahahahahaha.

There you go something sweet to go with your morning coffee.


Friday, December 29, 2006

A big test for the above 500 Milwaukee Bucks.

The Milwaukee Bucks who are riding a 6 game winning streak have a big test over the next three games. It is time to see if these back in the playoff hunt Bucks are for real.

First tonight they play the 2nd place in the Central Cleveland Cav's and Mr Face of the NBA Lebron James. This game is in Cleveland so a win over Mr James on hostile hardwood would be a very nice sign that the Bucks are going to be there come play off time.

Then they get to come home and play the 1st place in the Southeast Washington Bullet oops I mean Wizards. That game may look like a ABA game if both teams get hot.

Maybe they could use this ball Saturday night

Actually they have double home and homes They play Washington back to back and that series is sandwiched between two games against the Cavs. This is a big 4 game stretch for the Bucks they have to go 3-1 or 2-2 to keep the momentum they have built over the last 6 games.

So the Bucks go for 7 in a row tonight on Channel 24 here in Milwaukee 6:30pm.

So I will give the Bucks a little credit as long as they keep winning ;)


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Chantal Janzen

This Friday Sweet Dreams are a "Dutch Treat" Chantal Janzen a Dutch Actress who is also a host of the Netherlands version of "Idol" I love her freckles among other things ;)

A Sweet Dreams Friday first Video I actually found her on a appearance on a Dutch Game show its pretty funny even though I have no clue what they are saying. Note they are all drinking champaign while they play


I Hate The Bears As Well

Yea, I hate the Bears. But they have been bad for so long that they were inconsequential to me.
The Queens were for a play-off spot.
The Bears were for my Dad.
Now it has flipped like a house on TLC.
As much as the NFL network plays up the, Brett Favre's last game angle, I don't buy it. This team is a comer and Brett knows it.
Brett has three years left. He will be in Green Bay next year and the year after.
TT will re-sign Ahman, he'll keep the D-Line in place and win McCarthy's way.
When I say McCarthy's way I mean physical and mean.
Give the guy his entire three years.
We can debate third and thirteen all we want. But what should the call be?
Left Tackle for three should be the call. Beat up the opposing trench warriors, establish dominance in those trenches, win individually off the ball and control the line of scrimmage.
We win at the 1 level of our D line every time.
We lose at level 2.
But those were both rookies playing level 2, they are now playing to their natural level.
Level three is shaky. At least it was weeks 1 through 10. It is no longer.

This game hinges on Greg Jennings.
The G.B. O must find an out for third down. That is Greg Jennings.
Unless Ahman runs (which he should, with Shitcagos beat up D) wild Brett will have to pick up third down conversions.
If G.B. can manage 50% on third down conversions I like them to win.

Jenkins and Kampmann are stars, Woodson picks one, Harris picks one and G.B. wins 23-17.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

PetroSun Independence Bowl

If a playoff system in NCAA Division I means that I will be deprived of all of these minor bowl games in the middle of day, I'm against it. If it means that these minor bowl would still happen, then I'm for it. What could be better than sitting here watching two 6-6 football teams battling for the PetroSun Independence Bowl trophy? Uh ... they do have a trophy, right?

A quick Brewer Contract Question

I was looking at a site I just found Cot's Baseball Contracts Which seem to be a nice clearing house for baseball contract info. But as I was pursuing the Brewers contract list I noticed that there at players like Fielder and Hart and Billy Hall(still man crushing on Billy) who don't show a contract through 07. But they are not Free Agents would someone get out their box of crayons and help me out. Explain this so even a dumb caveman such as myself could understand this. I tried going to a couple of sites like the MLPPA and MLB but they dont really explain how the contracts work if your not a free agent.

Any help on this would be great I know Hall is up for contract but I believe he isnt a free agent yet so he can only sign with the Crew right?

I did also find it odd that Prince did not show up as being under contract for a longer period.

Thanks for any help

Badgers beat down the Bull Dogs

Like the stretch were the Badgers had to beat two Panther teams in a row now it is teams with the Bulldog name turn to get whooped. Well the first Bulldog team Gardner-Webb got destroyed by Wisconsin 98-40. This makes the Badgers(the undisputed kings of Wisconsin Basketball)13-1 with only one game left before conference play starts.

Their next and last non conference victim is the Georgia Bulldogs who the Badgers play Sunday at noon down in the Peach State.

This will be a big game for the #4 team in the nation this is their first game outside the "Pit of Despair" since the Marquette game on Dec 9th. It will be interesting to see how Wisconsin plays away from the Kohl Center. This is a "trap" game if there ever was one they just destroyed a Gardner-Webb(who ????)team and they have to be looking ahead to the start of Big Ten Conference play. It will be interesting to see how they handle this game. I am not all that worried Wisconsin seems to be getting stronger with each game they are playing much better than they were at the start of the month. I look for them to take care of business at Georgia and have a blazing start to the Big Ten season.

I will make this bold perdiction right now by the end of January, Wisconsin will be the number one team in the Nation. There I said it and I really believe that they will reach the top of the rankings and will hold it going into March madness.

If your a Badger fan these are some good times brother good times


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This NFL Season Is All About Paul Hornung

The NFL season started with ESPN trying to embarrass the NFL and commissioner Paul Tagliabue into letting Reggie Bush wear number 5 in league games.
The argument given by Woody Paige and the usual riff-raff of nightly news readers was that Paul Hornung wore the number and the world didn't end. Of course these mental midgets never took into account Hornung being drafted as a QB.

The regular season grinds to a halt with LaDanian Tomlinson breaking Paul Hornungs single season scoring record. This will cement LT2's MVP year. Thanks to the land mark set by The Golden Boy himself Paul Hornung.
You see the NFL season is all about Paul. We won't mention his pants falling down at a Notre Dame pep rally though, that was just college after all.

Just because it's Bear week...

Authentic Brett Favre road jersey from the Packers Pro Shop...$179.95.
Tolls to get to Chitcago...$2.50 one-way.
Parking that's 3 miles away from Soldier Field...$50.
Tickets to the game...somewhere north of $400.
Telling your significant other you're going to the big city for a New Year's bash instead of wherever you were planning on taking her, then watching the Packers deliver the front-end of a season-killing 2-game losing streak to Duh Bears...PRICELESS.
Repeating the experience in 2 weekends to deliver the back end of said season-killer...hopefully not a pipe dream.

Journalism question

I read Michael Hunt's latest article today on the signing of Jeff Suppan. I agree with a lot of it, except for the negative tone, but my question was more along the lines of form. The following passage stood out:

Suppan is the working definition of a journeyman. Look for comparable pitchers and the names Mark Gardner, Ismael Valdez and Mark Portugal arise.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of can safely assume Hunt got his list of similar players from that site. I decided to check quick (took about 30 seconds, I have a baseballreference search in my firefox search box) and sure enough:

  1. Mark Gardner (963)
  2. Ismael Valdez (946)
  3. Mark Portugal (943)
  4. Esteban Loaiza (940)
  5. Kirk McCaskill (940)
  6. Richard Dotson (938)
  7. Charles Nagy (935)
  8. Rick Helling (934)
  9. Steve Stone (934)
  10. Flint Rhem (930)
That is the "Similar Pitchers" list. Why not say, "looking at comparable pitchers on" or something to that effect? Would it be so difficult to put a link to the site in the online article? When you so clearly get information from an outside source, isn't it expected you cite that source? Am I the only one somewhat irked by this?

The Bucks climb back to 500

Which is great but does anyone really care? I have not been watching any of the games but I do follow them in the MJS and the standings. I thought a couple of weeks ago the Bucks would be looking for a new coach by the All Star Break. But it seems like now they are back in the hunt for the Playoffs. Part of this is because the Atlantic Division sucks worse than the Detroit Lions, not that it breaks my heart to see all the East Coast Media Market teams having bad years. The 14-14 Bucks would be in first place in the suck ass Atlantic instead of the Central basement.

The one bad thing about this 5 game winning streak is the Piston's have matched them with their own 5 game winning streak so they have not gained any ground in the Central.

Right now the Bucks do hold the 8 playoff spot but it is really early.

So there I actually did a Bucks post. I find it funny how rabid people are in this state for the Badgers or Warriors but most of us don't seem to really care about the Bucks. Sure if the Bucks keep turning it around they will fill the BC and we will notice for the length of their playoff run but if I had to pick one team in Wisconsin I would not lose any sleep over if they left, it would be the Bucks. I used to love the Association I had season tickets(half season)I went to playoff games I was there when the big three had their run. But now you say Bucks and I just yawn.

If anyone wants to expand on this Bucks/NBA malaise in our fair state feel free

So Congrats to the Bucks for not sucking as bad but is anyone noticing.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wisconsin tightens their hold on the Number 4 spot in the nation

As I predicted the Ohio State loss moved Wisconsin up to number 4 in both polls. I am very happy with this. They could stay number 4 till March for all I care #4 gets you a number one seed in the big dance.

I am feeling even better about Wisconsin beating OSU on Jaunary 9th. I think Wisconsin is a better team then Florida and the Gators whooped the Buckeyes asses and made OSU's girlfriend hold their coat while they did it. The Big Lead guys make a great point about OSU's big man Greg Oden, the young man isn't in basketball shape. Wisconsin should really push the pace early and run him into the ground.

I cannot wait for this game I have been looking for tickets but all I can find are student section tickets fat old guys such as myself should really stay out of the land of the CoEds. ;) I am really feeling good about the up coming Big Ten plus One season.

Only 2 count them 2 non conference games left you have Gardner Webb(who?????) tomorrow at the Pit of Despair(Kohl Center) then down to the land of Coca-Cola to play their final NC game against Georga time to beat the Dawgs.

Then bring on the Big Ten I cannot wait.


Now Milwaukee Area Fans Have A Reason to Hate NFL Network

Now we need to find places which will have the Giant/Redskin Game on Saturday night. The game which could render Sunday night's Packer game moot, the way I'm reading the possibilities, won't be seen by anyone in Wisconsin except for DirecTv and Dish TV subscribers. Anyone who has options, feel free to post them in comments.

We're the last NFL game of the year

Thanks to the New Orleans Saints and John Madden, the Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears game has been moved to 7:30 pm 12/31/2006 on NBC. Let the gambling references and prop bets begin!

Irrational exuberance - the Christmas edition - updated

Revised and extended 6:56 am 12/26 after the Jets put the dagger into the Deadfins.

Well, we're almost done with Week 16 and the Packers are still alive in the playoff hunt. Here is every scenario that would get the Packers into the playoffs:

- If the Packers beat Duh Bears on Sunday (it probably will be the NBC Sunday Night game), one of the following must happen:
  • St. Louis loses to or ties Minnesota and New York loses to or ties Washington

  • New York loses to or ties Washington and either Atlanta beats Philadelphia or Carolina beats New Orleans (or both)

  • Detroit beats Dallas, Minnesota beats St. Louis, and all but one of the following must happen (there can be 1 tie if one of the teams that must win loses or up to 3 ties if the rest of them win): Miami beats both the Jets and Indianapolis, Arizona beats San Diego, San Francisco beats Denver, Seattle beats Tampa Bay, Cleveland beats Houston, and New Orleans beats Carolina

  • Detroit beats Dallas, Minnesota ties St. Louis, and all of the following must happen (there can be 1 tie): Miami beats both the Jets and Indianapolis, Arizona beats San Diego, San Francisco beats Denver, Seattle beats Tampa Bay, Cleveland beats Houston, and New Orleans beats Carolina

  • Detroit ties Dallas, Minnesota beats St. Louis, Miami beats both the Jets and Indianapolis, Arizona beats San Diego, San Francisco beats Denver, Seattle beats Tampa Bay, Cleveland beats Houston, and New Orleans beats Carolina

- If the Packers tie Duh Bears, the Giants must lose to Washington and one of the following must happen:
  • Minnesota beats St. Louis, Carolina loses to or ties New Orleans, and Atlanta loses to or ties Philadelphia

  • Minnesota ties St Louis, Carolina ties New Orleans and Atlanta loses to or ties Philadelphia

  • Minnesota ties St Louis, Atlanta ties Philadelphia, and Carolina loses to or ties New Orleans

If the Packers lose to Duh Bears, fuggettaboudit. They're as dead as the Spiraling Colby.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Just a Friendly Reminder

No it's not to set your clocks back.

This is my post from September 9 2006.

I know all have been waiting with bated breath for this.O.K., my brother, my Dad and my wife actually read my stuff. And they don't await my posts with bated breath. They read it so I won't curse them out.That being said here is the real story of Baby Pack 06.Like I said in an earlier post They will win four of the first ten games.The four they will win will be...drum roll please...Week 2 Nawleens at Lambeau, Week 5 St.Loo at Lambeau, Week 8 Arizonistrarians at Lambeau and Buf. in Orchard Park, Week 9.They will be 4-6 going into week 12 (bye week accounts for the statistical anomaly) of the NFL season. By then we should have witnessed the young guys growing and the keepers will have separated themselves from the pretenders.Green will begin to find running room and Brett will actually be able to complete a pass without rolling out.Then we face the final six, which are Jets at home, at Frisco, pussycats at home, Viqueens at home and Cubs in Shitcago.I can see an improved Pack going 4-2 in that stretch. More realistically they will go 3-3. That leaves them at 7-9 for the season. This will keep the fans involved and will keep us in the hunt for a play-off spot until week 17. That my friends is a vast improvement when all that is left is upside of young players. It will also give us one more crack at a fourth place schedule.That Sirs and Ma'ams is my final prediction 7-9.My final prediction though is that before Brett retires he will have one more shot at the Title.Three years from now, when Brett is on his farewell tour, The Pack will challenge for the Soup Bowl. I won't go as far as to say we will win but would you bet against Brett in his final game?

This post was written amongst calls of 4-12 and 5-11 records for the Baby Pack this year.
We can nit pick all we want about play calling and what-if, but the fact remains, the Green Bay Packers will kick-off the football next Sunday afternoon in the UFO that is Soldier Field with a legitimate chance for the play-offs.

I didn't pick the wins exactly right and the season has certainly frustrated me as it has all other Bar patrons. When I posted this I was greeted with scoffs and your a Pollyanna responses.
In a normal year Mike McCarthy would be coach of the year. Unfortunately, for him, Sean Payton in N.O. and Eric Mangini in N.Y. will garner all the praise for what they have done.
You do have to ask yourself though, did Payton start three rookies in the O-Line? Did McCarthy have a pro-bowler at RB (McCallister), WR (Horn) and QB (Brees) with the can't miss kid from USC? McCarthy had a rehabbed RB (that all said was done, because his injury had never been returned from before), an aging QB (that everyone called washed up after 29 ints last year) and a WR corps that resembled Grafton High circa 1976 (the year I played that position).
The argument will be Mangini in N.Y. Mangini has 5 starters who were top ten draft picks on defense. He had Coles and Pennington on O. The only question with that team was whether the top draft picks would finally perform, they did. McCarthy has done as fine a job as any coach in the league this year. The young D is coming together and the O will get an infusion of talent in the upcoming draft. For you naysayers, I point you to this statement;

That leaves them at 7-9 for the season. This will keep the fans involved and will keep us in the hunt for a play-off spot until week 17. That my friends is a vast improvement when all that is left is upside of young players.

Keep up the doom and gloom at the Bar, it only makes tickets available for fans like us who see the upside of a young and talented team. Hooray Meat, Hooray Meat Packers.

Good Move By Brewers

Am I sure about this move? Let's see ... Jeff Suppan or Doug "Plegmball" Davis. Jeff Suppan or Tomo "Five Inning" Ohka. OK, Suppan's stats aren't Hall of Fame great. But he's a pro and the Cardinals thought he was good. Who should the Brewers emulate, if not the Cardinals? Besides, we took a pitcher out of their rotation who they now have to replace. Of course they'll replace him with Roger Clemens or Randy Johnson or Bob Gibson, but that's beside the point. Six things to consider about Jeff Suppan:

  1. He'll only be 31 years old on January 2nd.
  2. His 162 game average over his career is 115 strikeouts vs. 67 walks, nearly the perfect Pythagorean (if Pythagoras had been a baseball manager) ratio of 2:1.
  3. That number of strikeouts indicates that he puts the ball in play, so the Brewers' defense better get better this year.
  4. He's averaged over 200 innings a year over his career. That, in today's baseball, qualifies him as a workhorse.
  5. He's given up an average of one home run every 10 innings or so, which is good.
  6. We got Pete Vukovich from the Cardinals in 1978 and that worked out pretty well, didn't it? Their average stats over their career are eerily similar. They both have mustaches, too.

Merry Christmas you Mopes

A Great Big Wisconsin Sports Bar Merry Christmas to all the Mopes who write here and all the Mopes who read the stuff we write.

I hope you have an enjoyable day with your family where ever you are be it Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or even Boston ;)(though I think young ESK is home for the holidays)

Football on TV tonight NBA for you who follow the Association and tomorrow Bowl week starts in earnest.

So once again



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Brewers Sign Suppan

4 years, $42 million (club option for a fifth). This is the best you could have hoped for in terms of dollars. I would have expected Suppan to get 12/year the way the market is going, so I am pretty stoked right now.

That makes the rotation:


To me that is the best the Brewers have had since I can remember (course, alcohol has killed most of my memory). This also gives the Brewers a fantastic fifth starter in Villanueva should anything happen. I can see this rotation giving the Brewers 5 guys with 10+ wins, and three guys who are capable of 15+ wins.

To me this is all the Brewers had to do this season. If they could still move Clark and Yost can be convinced to ALWAYS platoon Mench/Jenkins, (and if Counsell would retire) this would be the perfect quickly things change.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Too Early for This?

I'm not much of a draft-nik but thanks to the internet, you can get some thoughts of those who are.

A simple Google search on "2007 Mock Draft" revealed a surprising number of hits and I've read the posts so you don' t have to.

The consensus #1 is Brady Quinn to Detroit. He better be looking at hypobaric chambers. Another consensus seems to be Badger Joe Thomas going to Arizona at #3 but one had him going at #8 to St. Louis.

As for the Packers, they're all over the place. A few samples for your reading pleasure.

Mock Draft had LSU FS LeRon Landry going to Green Bay...big hitter who can cover. An AJ Hawk in the defensive backfield. I like this pick a lot.

NFL Draft Countdown has Michigan Corner Leon Hall going to the Pack. Could play safety or allow Woodson to move to FS. Considered the next great Michigan cover guy and is physical. I like this pick, too.

2007 Mock Draft has GB taking Marshawn Lynch, RB from Stanford. Don't know..have never seen him play. Mock Draft Site
has Adrian Peterson, RB from Oklahoma going to the Green & Gold. Personally I don't think that would be a good pick.

The Site
has The Pack taking Dwayne Jarrett, WR out of USC. Not a bad pick but they need a safety more, IMHO.

Finally, (at least for the purposes of this entry) FFtoolbox, which shows two rounds, has GB taking Alan Branch, DT from Michigan and Aaron Sears, OT from Tennessee in the second. Branch is very highly regarded, coming out early, but could be a bit of a project. I don't know anything about Sears.

According to the MJS, tight end is not deep this year so they may fish a little for a TE in the lower rounds. A QB and/or a RB would also fill some needs but I'd like to see them take a DB in the first to get rid of Manuel and cement the safey position.

As a disclaimer, the only Packer pick I ever got right was AJ Hawk...but I like speculating.

Anyway, that's where it begins and a Merry Christmas to all readers and contributers to the WSB.

Wisconsin should jump up in both polls this week

With Ohio State and Florida meeting today on the hardwood(3pm Central) Wisconsin should move up in one or both polls. If OSU loses look for Bucky to jump up in both pols, if OSU wins look for Wisconsin to be number 4 in both polls.

That is assuming they don't trip up tonight against mighty Pacific.

Everything is pointing to that January 9th meeting in Madison between OSU and UW

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 22, 2006

Irrational exuberance - the pre-Christmas edition

Revisions/extensions (5:35 pm 12/24/2006); should've double-checked the schedule. It was the Giants that played Seattle, not Philadelphia. Sorry about the confusion.

(A slightly-edited version cross-posted at No Runny Eggs)

With the Packers at 7-8, Duh Viqueens eliminated from the playoffs, and 7 other teams in the NFC between 8-6 and 6-8, the Green and Gold are still in the thick of the playoff hunt. Let's ignore former Fed chair Alan Greenspan's warnings against irrational exuberance, take a look at things by division, apply the tiebreaker procedures (focusing on implications for the Packers; this is the WisconsinSportsBar after all), and assume that we won't have a 7-9 team make it in (Man Law?):

-- NFC North --
-Green Bay (7-8 overall, 6-5 in the NFC) - If they knock off Duh Bears, they'll finish 8-8 and 7-5 in the conference, better than any team hanging around that isn't in the NFC East (the second tiebreaker in the wild-card tiebreakers after a head-to-head sweep). Among the teams still hanging around, they lost to Philadelphia, Seattle and St. Louis, and beat San Francisco.

-- NFC West --
- Seattle (8-6, 6-5, 3-3 in the NFC West) - They're first in the NFC West and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Packers, but not a multi-team tiebreaker except a 3-team tiebreaker between them, the Packers, and the Giants (they lost to the Eagles, and they would hold a weaker conference record than the Eagles, Packers and Giants, but would go first in a 3-team tie with the Packers and Giants based on the head-to-head sweep). They also hold the division tiebreaker over the Rams (thanks to a season sweep), but do not hold it over the Niners either in a 2-way (the Niners swept them) or a 3-way tie (the Niners have the best head-to-head-to-head record among the 3 teams). Their remaining games are against San Diego and at Tampa Bay, which would likely leave them at 9-7 and give them the division.
- San Francisco (6-8, 5-6, 3-3) - The good news: the Packers would hold all the tiebreakers against the Niners if they both finish 8-8. The bad news: if the Seahawks stumble, the Niners hold all the tiebreakers over both the Seahawks and the Rams (the latter is based on division record), which would give the Niners the division and put the Seahawks into the wild card pool. Their remaining games are against Arizona and at Denver, which would likely leave them at 7-9.
- St. Louis (6-8, 4-6, 2-4) - They need to win out and have San Francisco lose at least once to stay in the playoff hunt as they hold no tiebreakers in their division. Like the Seahawks, they hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Packers, but do not hold it against them in any multi-team setup (their conference record betrays them). It's doable because their remaining games are against Washington and at Minnesota, and they'll likely finish at 8-8.

-- NFC South --
- Atlanta (7-7, 5-5, 3-2 in the NFC South) - Their remaining games against Carolina and at Philadelphia have a huge bearing on what happens. If they beat Carolina, or if Carolina doesn't win out, they will finish 2nd in the NFC South and be first up from the NFC South in any wild-card tiebreaker. The Packers would hold the 2-team and multi-team tiebreakers by virtue of conference record. They'll likely beat Carolina but lose to Philadelphia to finish 8-8.
- Carolina (6-8, 4-6, 3-1) - If they win out at Atlanta and at New Orleans (or if Atlanta loses out), they'll take 2nd in the NFC South and be first up from the NFC South in any wild-card tiebreaker. They beat St. Louis to give the Packers a break in a 3-way tie between those 3 teams and give the Packers the 2-team and multi-team tiebreakers by virtue of conference record. They won't win either game, and will finish 6-8.

-- NFC East --
- Philadelphia (8-6, 7-3, 4-1 in the NFC East) - With games at Dallas and against Atlanta remaining, they're in the catbird seat, holding all tiebreakers that involve the Packers, including the rarely-used first tiebreaker of head-to-head-to-head sweeps of the Packers and Seahawks if those 3 teams finish tied at 8-8 and are the 3 teams vying for 1 or more wild-card spots. They would, however, slip to 3rd in the NFC East and 2nd up from the NFC East in any wild-card tiebreaker, and possibly not get to exploit that against the Pack if they lose to Dallas and the Giants beat the Redskins on their way to tie or beat them (they split the season series and would have the same division record, and the Giants would have a better common opponents record). On the other hand, they would take the NFC East if they beat Dallas and those 2 teams finish with the same record (they would have swept the Cowboys). They'll likely lose to Dallas and beat Atlanta to go 9-7.
- NY Giants (7-7, 6-4, 3-2) - As outlined above, they could either be 2nd or 3rd in the NFC East and thus either 1st or 2nd from the NFC East in any wild-card tiebreaker. At 8-8, they would would knock out everybody except Green Bay in a 3-or-more-team tiebreaker and Seattle in a 3-team tiebreaker with them and Green Bay, and depending on what happens between now and the new year, they may or may not knock out Green Bay in the 2-team tiebreaker. Their remaining games are against New Orleans (a common opponent with the Packers) and at Washington. The Saints game is vital for the Packers, as a Giants win (or a Packers loss to Chicago) would give the Giants a better record against common opponents (wild-card tiebreaker #3), knocking the Packers out of playoff contention. A Saints win, combined with a Packers win against Chicago, would knock any potential Giants-Packers tiebreaker to the next one, strength of victory (the record of teams one beat). Currently, the Giants lead that category by 10 wins, 42 to 32, but a Packer victory against Duh Bears would tighten that up significantly, even with a Giants win against the Redskins. They'll likely lose to the Saints and beat the Redskins to finish 8-8.

I'll leave it to you to figure out whether the teams the Packers beat (and hopefully will beat) can go on a tear while the Giants and teams they beat collapse. We still have, other than the Pack and Duh Viqueens, 2 weeks of football to play.

To those fool who still had Pitt ahead of Wisconsin in their polls

Gee dont you look stupid now,

#7(for now)Pitt loses in double overtime to Number 14 Oklahoma. So to all those people with votes in the Polls that kept Pitt ahead of Wisconsin well You still suck and now you look even dumber than you did on Monday.

Wisconsin didn't need overtime to beat those kitty cats did they ;)

I cannot wait to see what the stupid woman down at the Dallas Morning news Rachel Cohen has to say about Pitt being better than Bucky now.


Packer/Viking Game Thoughts

  • NFL Network's broadcast was about the production quality of a Packer pre-season local broadcast. Bryant Gumbel was bad. He's lost his play-by-play chops. It seemed like every running play was for "no gain", though it obviously gained 3-5 yards. His leads into and out of time outs were sloppy. It's like he can't work without a script any more.
  • Did it seem like the NFL Network's "first down line" was only about 7 yards away on first and tens? Wasn't it off by about two yards when the officials measured? Maybe somebody bumped the machine.
  • They need either a sideline reporter or a third guy in the booth. I never thought I'd say that.
  • Chris Collinsworth's gushing about how great Bubba Franks' career has been was nauseating. Say what you will about Mark Chmura's home life, he was a better tight end in all aspects. Keith Jackson was a better, faster receiver. The only reason Bubba scored all those touchdowns early in his career is that they were easy goal line pitch-and-catch plays. He was generally wide open. In those days, he didn't drop the ball when he was wide open. That's the only difference between then and now.
  • In Collinsworth's defense, he pointed out on Favre's two interceptions that they were the receivers' fault as much as Brett's. It may have been Jenkins each time. On the TD, Jenkins missed a blitz read or audible. On the deep ball, the receiver cut off his route. Again this morning the local media is blaming Favre and saying he had yet another bad game. Again, I say, he wasn't that bad. Again, a lot of dropped passes and no running game.
  • Brad Johnson would have won that game with that game plan. The Vikings didn't take advantage of Jackson's mobility. If I was game planning for the Vikings, I would have run the ball a heck of a lot more. Do any of us think that the Pack has become a run-stopping behemoth just because KGB doesn't start any more?
  • Maybe the Bears will rest everybody; play with eight guys or something.

Those who couldnt see the game were the lucky ones.

In the sports version of the living envying the dead those who could see the Packer games verses the Queens last night were the ones suffering.

"Ach Mine Eyes the Goggles do nothing!"

There was a lot of good and bad last night.

First the good, the Packer Defense seems to be finding itself at the end of the season.

I will offically say I owe Charles Woodson an apology I have been won over he was a good signing and the way he has played hurt has impressed me. I bet the man couldnt lift a beer with his one arm but he made an interception last night. Even the safteys seem to be figuring things out. We have not seen the once a game home run ball by the other team lately.

A couple of guys need to get paid next year Jenkins has earned the right to start and get paided. I am willing to pay Al Harris if he promises to work on his finger strength during the off season.;) AJ. Hawk looks like one of the best 1st round picks by the Pack in a long time.

The D has come to play the last two weeks they did what you are supposed to do to bad teams.

Now the bad, Oh my where to start.

First what the hell has happen to Greg Jennings? Is it the ankle or the "rookie wall"? He has looked like shit the last couple of games he is making mistakes way to late in the season to fall back on he is a rookie excuse.

Second I still have a problem with how the Packers call plays some of moments they chose to run in the 4th quarter had me baffled.

I am sorry but the game against the Bears has to be the last game as a Packer for Bubba Franks man has he looked bad this year and he damn near cost them the game last night. He cannot catch and you might as well put in a third Tackle or a second fullback to block instead of Bubba.

Now for the big bad, Brett looked like he was a tired old man last night, he made no real effort to try and tackle Smoots on that int return for the TD. I have to think if they have another subpar performance next week against the Bears he will not be back next year. He just looks like he has been beat down by the last two weeks and too be honest I doubt the Packers will ever see a playoff game again Brett Favre under center unless they get a miracle finish to the end of the season.

The Offense didn't do much of anything last night yes running on the Queens is a bitch even if you are a good running team but damn they kept trying to run. Once again play calling.

Also the Red Zone Offense is just a train wreck right now.

That makes the fact they can get to 500 with a win next game even more amazing. Do you think the Bears will sit a lot starters next? I think that if the D can keep playing like it has the last 3 weeks they can give a iffy Bears offense a go. It would be great to send the Bears into the playoffs with a loss.

One more game then we get to have a fun winter of trying to figure out what the Pack should do to build on this better than expected season.

Hurray Meat.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Jolene Blalock

This Friday the Sweet Dreams lady was inspired by fellow Bartender Mike from Spring City. He had this post about beautiful actresses who have played a role where they have had pointy ears.

Being the Star Trek geek that I am I instantly knew who would be this Fridays Sweet Dreams girl.

So This Friday in Honor of Mike Sweet Dreams are made of former Vulcan Jolene Blalock who for you non Sci Fi guys played a Vulcan named T Pol on Star Trek Enterprise Series.

Yeah Pointy Ears that is what makes her attractive

You could say she has lived long and prospered

I hope Mike enjoyed this weeks Sweet Dreams girl actually I hope you all do :)


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two thoughts on a 9-7 Packer win

1. I've had cases of diarrhea that have been more pleasant than watching this game.
2. How terrible is the NFC that this Green Bay Packer team is still mathematically alive for a playoff spot? Parity, indeed.

It's VIQUEENS Week And I Haven't Posted A Word

Shame of all shames shall fall upon the House Of Ched.
I just have this little ditty to offer up to the patrons of this fine bar.
My apologies to Bing Crosby in advance . (Sung to the tune of White Christmas)

I'm dreaming of a Viqueen wreckage
Just like the ones I used to know
Where Bud Grant cringes
And Queen Fans Unhinges
to see Lambeau Leaps in the snow

I'm dreaming of a Viqueen wreckage
Just like the ones I used to know
With Mike Tice Denying
And Fred Smoot lying
The hookers took the fall on lake Mankato

I'm dreaming of a Viqueen wreckage
With every football game I watch
May the Queens be sorry and crap
And may all the queens get knocked outta their jock strap

How La Crosse Will Watch The Packer/Viking Game

The Eagles' Nest (across from the UW-L campus) and the Crescent Inn in, of all places, La Crescent, MN (across the bridge from the La Crosse) will have the game on tonight.
I wonder if my grad school digs, the Old Style Inn, will have it?

It's nice to know some places I used to drink at thirty years ago are still there, though the Eagles Nest was something else back then. I think it was a by-the-slice pizza place. And the Crescent Inn ... oh my goodness, I can remember parts, and only parts, of a band party there in 1974 that would have shocked the present day double-secret probationary UW-Madison band.

Oh yeah there is a game tonight ;)

Even though Thursday night football sucks it is a Packers game and that makes it mean something right.

The Queens are starting a rookie QB this should be a good thing for the Pack.


To be honest I am a bit worried since the Pack has a track record of making new and unknown players look like Hall of Famers for that one game when they play the Pack.

I would go down the list but most of them I cannot remember their names.

That Third String QB from Dallas
The No Name Running Back from Carolina on Monday Night.

I am sure you could add to that list of no names who the Packers couldn't stop but they did nothing against any other team for the rest of their careers.

On to tonights game.

I think the rain will have already blown through by game time but it will still be cold and wet.

I am looking for lots of turnovers tonight rookie qb and all and well Brett is playing too.

Will this be Brett's last game at Lambeau Field? Maybe I am not ready for the whole is Brett going to retire hostage crisis yet. If it is so be it. It has been a great run but I doubt we will see another playoff run with number 4 at the helm so I am ready to move on if he stays one more year great but if he retires I will wish him well and start bitching about the guy who replaces him lol.

My prediction for tonight a sloppy wet Packer win. GB 27 - Minn 17 Green Bay moves to one game of 500.

For our readers who cannot get the game at home, Get thy to a Sports Bar or why did you wait this long to get a dish. I hope you find a place to watch the game

Go Pack lets make it a long cold winter for the Queen fans oh yeah,

Darren Sharper and Ryan Longwell suck traitor bastards.


Thursday football is just wrong on so many levels

I am sorry Thanksgiving day games aside Thursday night NFL games are just wrong.

I don't mind watching a quarter or two of a Thursday night college game but I hate mid week Pro games it screws up the flow of things.

The list of reason to hate the NFL Network and these Thursday games is a long one.

1.Brian Gumble
2.Brian Gumble
3.Brian Gumble
4.Chris Collensworth
5.Hard to enjoy a late night game when you have to go to work or school the next day
6.Half the people who want to see the game cannot
7.Did I mention Brian Gumble
8.Screws up your fantasy week.
9.I dont know about you but I am not ready for any football this early in the week.
10.The NFL Network will be the death of free football TV in 10-15 years you will be paying to watch your "home" team play even if you live in the home team market.
11. How is it that the whole state of Wisconsin isn't the home market for the Packers?

Feel free to add to the list

I cannot wait to have my grandkids ask me some day "Pop Pop you used to be able to watch the Packers for free on TV?"
Me "Yes little ones and the Brewers and the Bucks before they moved to Jacksonville. Now all sports on TV is pay for view except for MLS and the IRL they cannot give those games away."

I cannot remember being this unexcited about a Packer game in a long time even during last years dreadful 4-12 season.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why not Al Harris or Woodson?

Other than some peoples pure hatred of either player, will someone explain to me why neither player got any Pro Bowl love??

I am not the only one to think so. From CBS Sports line

Al Harris, CB, Packers: He has played a lot of man coverage, matched against the other team's best receivers. He and Charles Woodson form a heck of a corner duo. He should be going ahead of Ronde Barber and DeAngelo Hall.

Charles Woodson is first in the NFC with Passes Defended (18) and Interceptions (6)

Al Harris is 6th in the NFC with 16 Passes Defended

And this is while playing a ton of Man-Man Defense.

Have their been mistakes in the secondary - Absolutely -Blame the safeties and the lack of communication between the DBs and the Safeties.

Al and Charles should have gotten some love.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A second Badger Fatwah must be issued today

The Gentlemen over at The Big Lead(who have been very good to the WSB) have their picks for all the bowl games

They not only have chosen the Piggies over Bucky they have the nerve to insult our Precious. And I quote "Finally, the Badgers will be exposed for the frauds that they are."

Infidels who would utter such blasphemous statements and not expect to be hunted down like Arkansas loving dogs? ;)

but since they link to us and we need the traffic(I am such a whore) we will not kill them but go over there and leave comments telling them how wrong they are. lol

Then after Bucky holds their New Years Day Pig Roast we will feed them a dump truck full of crow ;)

Go forth and comment brothers and sisters. Defend Buckys honor but be nice we like these guys unlike the three asshats in this mornings fatwah ;)

Chris the sports Iman

Pro Bowl Selection Question

Will there be outrage over Needles Merriman making the Pro Bowl? The guy has an absolutely amazing first 7 weeks, gets suspended for steroid use, and makes the Pro Bowl (I wonder if the incentive bonus he gets for making the Pro Bowl will make up for the money he lost in those 4 games?)

There would be outrage in baseball...don't look for the same in football.

Palmeiro gets busted for steroids, wipe out a whole career...Merriman gets busted for steroids, doesn't even tarnish the season??

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As you can see I was playing with the sidebar

I have embarked on a mission to spruce up the old bar. Since moving Spotted Horse to word press I don't get to play with the template like I used to so I decided to have some fun here lol.

I threw up posters or logos of a lot of the teams we all follow(notice I went old school for Marquette no golden iggles here) If you want your alma matter represented let me know I will track their logo down and add it.

I know I missed some teams like the Wave but we never post about indoor soccer so I didn't put them up.

Any more ideas for pretty shiny things on the sidebar let me know. ;)


Pack your leis

Donald Driver and Aaron Kampmann are going to the Pro Bowl. They won't be starting, but who knew that the Pack had 2 guys worthy of getting an all-expense-paid vacation to Hawaii?

What is Yahoo linking to here?

In the last day or two I have noticed a surge of people coming here from or I cannot for the life of me figure out what Yahoo is linking too?

When I click on the ref url in sitemeter it takes me to my own yahoo page. I have looked around to see if they had linked to something but no joy.

I am just curious on what is bringing the yahoo people here all of a sudden. We always do very well with searches.

For newer readers I am a sitemeter whore here I am always trying to figure out how to bring people here.

So if you are one of the wave of Yahoo people could you please leave a comment and let me know what link you clicked to come here.


Badger Hockey

The Badger Men's hockey team has had a tough first half of the year. Part of that is due to the loss of two top scorers to the NHL but there were some injuries early in the season as well.

The injured, notably Jack Skille are returning so I'm looking for a strong second half starting with the Badger Shootout this weekend.

It is Sports Fatawa Time

I have not had to do this in a while but now I have a number of basketball voter infidels who need to be taken care of.

Bring me the heads of

1. Jeff Walker of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal who had Wisconsin ranked 11th SIX SPOTS LOWER THAN Pittsburgh

but it gets worse

2. Rachel Cohen of the Dallas Morning News defiles the sacred poll even worse, she has the Badgers ranked 13th also SIX SPOTS LOWER THAN Pittsburgh. Go read Ms. Cohen's quote in the MJS article why she ranked Pitt over Bucky what an asshat.

Last but not least

3.Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times who had Pittsburgh Fifth and Wisconsin Sixth.

What is wrong with these fools Wisconsin beat Pitt Straight up and convincingly and these asshats will not give them any love.

So go forth and hunt them like the sniveling dogs that they are we will hang their heads above the bar as a warning to other.

Death to the Columnists scum who insult the Badgers multiple cases of Lenies for those who find what rock these running dogs are hiding under.

Remember Alcohol and the rule of the mob are the keys to life ;)

May a band of drunk Badger Reevers find them.

Sports Iman Chris

Monday, December 18, 2006

Give a big WSB welcome to our newest Bartender

The Asian Badger has joined our merry little band of bartenders here. So everyone say hi

AB is also a Wisconsin Alum so I am beefing up my Badger Mafia here.

So welcome aboard


More Packer TV coverage info

I learned something today if you are a DirecTV subscriber and have their HD package the NFL network games are broadcast in HD on channel 95 with the normal nonHD broadcast on channel 212 as always. I wish I would have known this a couple of weeks ago I have been watching what little of the Thursday night and Saturday night games in crappy noHD.

I have to give a Hat Tip to that is the only place I saw info on what channel the NFL network HD broadcast would be on. You cannot even find it on DirecTV's website.

I did call DTV and confirm this and they said yes 95 is their HD version of a utility infielder they but channels like NFL network that only broadcast certain shows in HD on that channel.

Hopefully that will help some people out. The Customer Service rep said not to panic if the guide doesn't show it it will not appear until right at game time. So just keep checking right around kick off.

I do the HD homework so you don't have to lol

Andy Katz gives the Badgers some love

Looks like I am not the only one looking forward to UW vs OSU January 9th

Andy Katz is all Badgers all the time with this weeks "Weekly Watch"


College Basketball polls - 12/18/2006

Even though nobody knows how to update sites (it's an anti-Cheddarhead conspiracy :-) , JSOnline's DayWatch is reporting the following poll positions -

Wisconsin Badgers - #4 AP (behind #1 UCLA, #2 North Carolina and #3 Ohio State), #5 coaches (add some crazy SEC man-love for Florida pending a home game against Ohio State - memo to coaches, this is basketball, not football, though both Bucky and the Buckeyes are going to take out the SEC trash there too)
Marquette Golden Care Warriors - #19 AP, #21 coaches

Say hello to your #5 ranked Wisconsin Badgers

Well the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll is out and the Basketball Badgers did jump over the Dukies and are now 5th in the nation. I believe this is highest the Badgers have ever been polls.

Still waiting on the AP Poll to be released. As long as Wisconsin and Ohio State can hold serve till they meet we are hurling down the road to a monster match on on January 9th in Madison. I am really thinking of hitting the ticket brokers and ebay to see what a ticket to that game would run me. I couldn't think of better first trip to the Kohl Center.

On Wisconsin Gooooooooooooooooooooo Red.


Still waiting for the new basketball rankings

I am sitting here waiting to see if Wisconsin can move up into the top 5, my rational for them jumping over Duke is they have played a common ranked opponent Marquette and Wisconsin beat them while Duke did not. I know I am grasping there but hey it makes sense to me lol.

I wish ESPN would put something on their rankings page letting you know when the new rankings will be posted. That way I wouldn't have to keep going back to check their page. How hard would it be to have a note saying rankings will be updated at _______ time?

I am looking for Wisconsin to be number 5 in the new polls


Brett Was Fine

Yeah I know Brett's QB rating was lower than the God-awful John Kitna's yesterday, but two of the interceptions Brett threw were tipped balls and how many drops did the receivers have on well-thrown balls? Personally, when I heard all the hub-bub regarding Tomlinson's breaking of the Golden Boy's scoring record, I changed my mind and now want Favre to come back next year and pass Dan Marino's TD record.


Today at 8:03am we hit the 25,000 mark here at the Wisconsin Sports Bar.

Hit number 25K was from Carver, Minnesota

Once again I want to thank everyone for all the effort lately the traffic has really started to take off here and the last 6 months have been a hoot for me

Thanks to the "Big A list" blogs like Deadspin Big Lead and Baseball Musings for the links and the traffic they bring.

I doubt it will take us half as long to get to the 50,000 hits

Thanks to all the Mopes who post here and if your a Mope who likes sports and wants to try blogging leave me a comment with your email always looking for posters.

Also if you look I have been cleaning up the blog roll let me know if your blog isnt on it

Once again thanks to everyone

RE Are you kidding?

If you really think about this season too hard it will drive you to drink or in ESK's case drink more lol ;p

They had double digit leads over New Orleans and Seattle they could have easily won both of those two games. They out played Buffalo in every category except the one that matters the final score. Then throw in the St Louis game which they were driving for at least the tie maybe the win when they turned the ball over. There are 4 games that change this season

Since cloud talking is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world imagine if they had pulled those 4 games out all were very winnable they would be 10-4 and solidly in the playoffs. That being said I don't believe the Pack is a playoff worth team not the way they can suck one week and then look pretty good the next. But as ESK said you see flashes of things that give you hope for the future. The young guys didn't fold they didn't quit and you can see the baby steps being taken.

That being said there needs that need to be addressed. Long term QB and RB will need to be replaced at best you will get 2 more years out of Favre and Green, You also need to start making plans for life after Clifton and Tauscher. The Defense continues to show flashes of what it might be.

One thing I have liked about this organization is their willingness to throw players under the bus. They had done it twice this season and when the dumped Carroll and now with them facing facts with KGB. Both turned out to be the right move

How I feel about next year will have a lot to do with how they play the next two weeks

Over all I have to admit I am very surprised by their record this year I am starting to think we might not have to Tar and Feather TT and run him out of town on a rail. Now they lose the next two games and I will be calling for his head on a pike because I am a fan and that is what we do lol.

Who would have thought we would be relying on the Packers to keep our minds off the shitty Brewers off season? ;)


Are you kidding?

I was unable to catch the game yesterday afternoon. Not surprisingly the DET-GB game was not televised in Boston, and I didn't make it out of bed til about 2 o'clock so I was SOL. Seems like I picked a good game to miss.

I'm not sure anyone has mentioned it yet but um...the Packers are in second place in the division and STILL have a shot to finish 8-8. Stunning that this team has played so poorly at times and still can finish .500? I'm still liking the future of this Packers ball club. Funny enough, I believe they are still alive in the playoff race, at least, they can probably finish in a 8 way tie at 8-8 for the wild card (I have to assume they would lose any tiebreaker, and I really don't think they have an inkiling of a chance but seriously, tohave played this bad, and only be a game away from 7-7? What the hell happened this year in the NFC?) If they had beat a bad St. Louis team and a mediocre Jet team at home, the Packers are potentially leading the wild card race!?!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Packer TV coverage this Thursday night

If you don't have the NFL Network (and most of us don't), all is not lost. Chunks of the state will still be able to watch the game on local networks available on cable. Here's how you can tell. If you live in the eastern half of the state and you have either WFRV out of Green Bay or WITI out of Milwaukee in your cable package, you'll be able to watch the game. If you live in the west and northwestern part of the state and KSTP out of Minneapolis is on your cable system, you too will be able to watch the game. If you live in the northern, central or southwestern portions of the state, you're screwed. If you don't get WFRV, WITI, or KSTP, you might want to start kissing up to a friend with Dish TV/Direct TV or call your local watering holes to see who has access to it.


Quick after action report Packer thoughts

Wow the Defense played as well as the Offense played bad.

I think we can safely say this is KGB's last year with the Pack at least at 6 million a year. How about Jenkins and his 3 sack performance.

Brett drives me nuts one week he is this cool calm under control guy the next week he is throwing into triple and quadruple coverage in the red zone. I am sorry but he did everything in his powers to piss this game away today.

If they had been playing anyone besides Detroit they lose today. No matter how well the D was playing normally you will not survive an offensive performance like the one the Pack had today.

That being said the O did do what it needed to do on that last drive a number of big 3rd down plays and then a nice cut back run to score and salt the game away.

Man are the Lions a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad football team well next year AJ Hawk will get to beat up on his wifes brother 2 games a year. That is if Brady Quinn doesn't take Spring City Mikes advice and refuse to play in Detroit lol.

But in the end a Win is a Win 6-8 still a chance to get to 8-8, very short week until the hell that is Thursday night football against the Queens. Who lost today by the way. Man more Brian Gumble oh happy happy joy joy I cannot wait for Thursday night. I guess I shouldn't whine at least having DTV I will see the game.

Well enough for now

Hurray Meat

Packer Game Flotsam

  • Does Favre have to use "Three Nineteen" in every. single. snap cadence?
  • I don't mind the officials' winter uniforms, but they need white pants. Maybe black fedoras with a little feather in the band.
  • Man, the Lions are bad. I say that even though today's game is not yet at halftime and they may yet win this game.They actually won a game or two? How would you like to be a Lions' fan? If there are any left.
  • You know who the Lions remind me of? The Chicago Blackhawks, LA Clippers and Arizona Cardinals. Family owned, apparently owned for no other reason other than personal vanity, wholly unsuccessful. No matter who they pick up, players, GMs or coaches, instantly sucks pond water. Worse, I can't name a player or coach who left any of those teams and became stars elsewhere. You go there, your career is over.
  • You think Brady Quinn will pull an Eli Manning and tell the Lions that he will refuse to play there?

Well now the end is near for the Packers

As we start the last quarter of the NFL Regular season we can be greatful that at best a so so and at worst a really shitty Packer season is almost over.

To be honest I don't know which type of season it will be, if they can some how run the table and finish 8-8 or even finish 7-8 you have to sit back and play the what if game.

What if they don't lose the games like New Orleans or Seattle when they jumped out to big leads then pissed them away or the games like St Louis or Buffalo when they had a chance at the end and pissed it away. That didn't happen but it makes for good cloud talk. That being said finishing 7-8 or 8-8 would make this a successful season since a lot of people me included thought they would be playing for the number one pick at times this year. It would also show some progress over last season.

Now if they step on their male genitalia over these last three games and finish 5-11 or 6-10 then what do we do it will still be an improvement over last season.

I have bought into the "They are a young team chant" You can see flashes of hope for the future Greg Jennings is a keeper and even with 3 rookies and a 3 year guy the O line is better than last years version. Think of your O line in a year or two when the young guys get some seasoning.

So I am not as bitter as I was a couple of weeks ago but a loss to the really bad Detroit Lions today could change that.

The Pack has to come out and have a convincing win at Lambeau today get to 6 wins and give themselves some Mo going into the game with the Queens.

Face it the Lions stink on Ice and they will as long as Matt Millen is their GM so this is a game the Pack should win. They are at home and they are the better team.

Today is the first step to a better 2007 season use these next two games to start to rebuild the Lambeau myth and make it their house again.

Ok prediction time, I think the Pack jumps out early and the Kitty Cats lay down.

Pack 35 Lions 17 Favre and Jennings have a monster day

Go Pack

No Doug it wasnt the injuries last year

"Team officials believe that slippage was due largely to long-term injuries suffered by starting pitchers Ben Sheets and Tomo Ohka as well as infielders Corey Koskie, J.J. Hardy and Weeks. Melvin believes there's nothing wrong with his club that a dose of good health couldn't cure, which is why he sees no reason to conduct a Cubs-like overhaul.

"Definitely, the injuries were the most disappointing part of the season," said Melvin. "If Weeks and Hardy had performed at the level of Prince Fielder all season, there would probably be more buzz around the team."

No No No it was not the injuries!

It was the bull pen, the Brewers had 21 losses combined between their 5 short relief guys 21 losses where even injured the team had got to the later innings with a lead and the pen gave that game away.

Kolb 2 losses
Shouse 3 losses
Cordero 1 loss

then on to the two really season killers
Matt Wise 6 losses

and his best friend on the team
Derrick Turnbow 9 losses

So it wasn't the injuries the team over came most of them it was the bull pen that failed the team. You take away 13 of the losses between Wise and Turnblow(no one is perfect but come on 16 losses between two guys) and the crew at least finishes at or above 500.

I understand you are going to get your injured guys back, great maybe this will be the year JJ Hardy lives up to his potential and I cannot wait to watch Cory Koskie tearing up the NL with his bat just like last year. Wait you say Koskie didn't tear up the league with his bat before he got hurt. Oops my bad.

But they have done nothing to shore up the pen, why wouldn't you trade Turnblow to Boston if they wanted him he is a human gas can now any game you bring him into is as good as lost.

What good is getting Suppan if the pen wont be able to hold any lead it is given? Even if Cordero pitches like he did after the trade you have to get from the starter to the Reliever to have a chance to win. The question is do you want to try and bride that gap from Sheets or Bush or Cappy to Cordero with guys like Wise and Turnblow? Right now that is what it looks like the Brewers intend to do.

That is why there is no buzz because the Brewers as organization have sucked for over 2 decades now and when we did get excited and had hope last season they kicked us in the nuts like they always do.

Yes there is a lot of off season left maybe Doug Melvin will make some moves that change the malaise that has settled on the Brewers Fan base. Yes maybe if guys like Sheets and Hardy can play a whole season without going on the DL thing might be different. But right now at this moment in the off season I just don't see them even being a 500 team.

So stop talking about injuries Doug, injuries had nothing to do with why your bull pen collapsed last year. Fix the pen and maybe you will start to hear some of the buzz again.

Booo Stale Beer

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I thought you couldnt do worse than Brian Gumble and Chris Collensworth

Boy was I wrong, the combination of Gumble and a raspy but talking too much Dick Vermeil is driving me to go look for my special knitting needle I keep in a glass case marked, "In case of really shitty announcers break glass and ram needle into your ears"

I am sorry I have yet to find anything about the NFL Network Broadcasts that I like.

This is a world where the football living envy the football dead. ;)

Please make them stop


A quick Brewers Thought

Does anyone think they will really try and land Suppan or is this all an effort to try and quell the rising tide of pissed off fans who don't see them trying to improve the team?


How far my Badger Basketball World has come

I started following Wisconsin Basketball about the time the Steve Yoder era started in Madison. Believe it or not that didn't drive me away lol.

How far Badger Basketball Nation has come in 25 years. What a game today hell what a 3 game stretch.

The game today reminded me of two guys out back of the bar fighting in the alley. A lot of fouls and just good hard basketball.

Two Badgers players held coming out parties today. Alando Tucker held another national try out for player of the year honors and Brian Butch introduced himself to a big national audience. Both of them had monster games. Butch hitting his career best in points with 27 points he also pulled down 11 rebs. Tucker had his season high with 32 points and he was there to hit the shot every time Pitt started to get back into the game Tucker was there to nail a shot. You have to love a star player who lives for the "BIG STAGE" and Tucker is one of those guys.

Wisconsin came out fast riding the energy of the crowd and got up 8-0 then Pitt roared back and it was a stand in the middle of the ring slug fest for most of the first half. The lead was traded a number of times with 5:26 left in the first half it was Wis 29 and Pitt 28 which is as close as Pitt would get the rest of the game. From that moment on Wisconsin opened up a lead and never looked back. It was 47-37 at half and Wisconsin ran away and hid from the current number two team in the nation in the second half. They maintained a double digit lead for the entire 2nd half. The final score was a comfortable 89-75 and got Wisconsin the lead story on ESPN's web page and they claimed the top spot on FoxSports news section.

This is starting to look like a magical year for Bucky, I had hope that they could run the table on this very tough three game stretch but I was looking for 2-1 when it started. Shame on me, I of little faith, the Badgers showed some toughness that will serve them well come March they went into the Lair of the Care Bears and TCB then did what they had to do against UW-Milwaukee and finished up the triple play by making it look like they were playing "The University of Maryland Baltimore County" instead of Pitt.(Yes UMBC is who Marquette played today, what Florida Community College of Jacksonville wasn't available?)

How far Wisconsin has come as a Basketball school, It started with Stu Jackson through Dick Bennett to the current Bo Ryan era. This program has went from being the door mat of the Big Ten(back when it only had 10 teams) to becoming a national power. I think this game might get Wisconsin into the top 5 but I am not sure they might get stuck at number 6 Pitt will fall below them but at this moment I don't see anyone above them losing so I would be disappointed if they only move up one spot but it wouldn't surprise me.

I know I am always saying this but we Wisconsin fans need to remember how lucky we are to have programs we have now we have become a power in Football and Basketball we have remained a power in NCAA Hockey but we need to remember it wasn't always like this. Be honest in the depths of the Morton or Yoder eras would you ever have believed that Wisconsin was ranked in the top 10 in both football and basketball. You would have laughed and told them not to Bogart that joint. ;)

Wisconsin has three games left before the non conference portion of the schedule is over I expect them to run the table with Georgia being the last of the 3 games and most likely the toughest game of the three.

But now that Pitt has been vanquished you know what game I am looking at now.

Tuesday January 9th 8pm at the Kohl Center Ohio State comes to the take on Bucky in the Pit of Despair that is the Badgers home court if you are the visitors.

I wonder what tickets to that game will be going for I might have check into that believe it or not I have never seen a game at the Kohl Center they were still playing in the Field House when I was at the UW.

What a great game on a national stage.

It has been a pretty damn good Saturday already hopefully UW WhiteWater can win its game today and bring home the Div 3 National Football title.

Hell Yeah its good to be a Badger these days.

I will spare you all the Varsity video but you know what I am humming around the house today.

On Wisconsin Gooooooooooooooooooooooo Red.


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