Thursday, November 30, 2006

We broke the 3k mark for a single month

Which is a pretty big deal since up until this month we had never broken the 2000 hits in a month mark.

Once again thanks to every poster and reader. Hopefully we can keep this going We have at least two months of football and all that college baseball to get us through till pitchers and catchers report. Hell me might even sneak in some hockey too.

I am always looking for more posters if you think you can manage 2 sports posts or more a week let me know.


A Step Above

I watched a great college basketball game last night and I mean great. We all have seen Marquette and Wisconsin at least once this year and we can be justifiably proud of the two top-15 teams in our area, but holy cow, are OSU and NC ever good.

While Marquette has Dominique James/Wesley Matthews and Wisconsin has Alando Tucker/Brian Butch, North Carolina has twelve players on its roster: 3 Dominique James, 3 Wesley Matthews, 3 Alando Tuckers and 3 Brian Butches. The Ohio State bench is a little lighter, but what I saw was scary good. Could OSU grab the NCAA crown in football and basketball this year? It's a distinct possibility based on what I saw last night.

I missed that Brewers resigned Brian Shouse a couple of days ago.

Oops lost in all the return of Craig Counsel hoopla was the fact that the Brewers avoided arbitration with left handed reliever Brian Shouse. The deal is reported to be for one year at $975,000 nice work if you can get it.

The end of the article has a nice list of the 5 Brewers who are still eligible for arbitration. Estrada is on that list I cannot decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Question if you don't have to pay Mench since he is also on the list does Melvin keep him just to make the Lee trade look better? I mean I have no problems with the trade even looking at it as Cabrera for Lee, there was no way in hell the crew was going to give Lee $100 million so at least we got something for him. Plus as much as I loved Carlos he tailed off very badly in the second half of the last two seasons. But back to the original thought I cannot see keeping Mench what did he do in the time he was here. He isn't all that good as a fielder from what I saw in the few chances he got in the left. Nix seems to have more upside hell Mench couldn't even get in the line up towards the end of the season. I wouldn't offer Mench a ham sandwich and bus tickets out of town at this point.

Why are the Brewers so dead set on moving Hall out of the infield? And what happens if he is doing well as the starting left fielder and they get an injury in the infield? What if Koskie, Hardy or Weeks gets hurt, because you know that has never happen. Do you then rip Hall out of the outfield and move him back into the infield?

I am with Clint I am holding off on my Season Ticket plans till I see some more of Doug Melvin's Plan. I am not dropping the money on tickets to watch a team that is close in talent to the team from last year.

Man last winter was a lot more fun you had hope then they managed to kill that hope pretty fast didn't they. Everyone else in the division is doing things to try and improve and the Brewers are acting like the Selig's are still running the team.

So far I dont like what I see


Something to make you laugh on a slow sports day

Since things are a bit quite today on the Wisconsin Sports front I though I would share one of my favorite YouTube videos right.

Triple T, Terrible Terry Tate is up in this Bitchhhhhhhhhh.

Yes the first of the Reebok Terry Tate the Office Line Backer.

"You kill the Joe, Make some Mo!" Bitch lol

There are a bunch of these I will work them in on slow days.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dallas Clark, all that is man

So, I'm sure you heard this past week that Dallas Clark, TE for the Colts, is pissed about the hilarious Madden commercial featuring him getting housed. He complained that it made him look like a wuss or something, I'm not sure. Well, the process used to make the commercial is a very, very cool process called machinima (which I think is basically manipulating video games into self directed animated shows...there is some cool stuff out there with World of Warcraft and especially Halo...yes, I am perhaps the most attractive and virile nerd to ever live) and the folks behind it made another version, hoping Dallas Clark would call of his hounds of hell, or whatever the hell Clark was planning on doing about it. I think he lazed their headquarters and Payton was just going to start throwing Jarts from Indy a la the Gulf War.

First, let us begin by saying you are an incredibly strong and handsome man. When we created the "Biggest Hit Ever" Madden '07 commercial featuring your virtual likeness, it was never our intention to portray you as anything but heroic and god-like...Dallas Clark is not only the single greatest professional athlete of our time, he is also an American Hero. As proof, and as our way of saying sorry, we now present the Director's Cut version of your Madden '07 commercial. We think it also definitively proves your greatness in the virtual world...In closing, you are a huge and powerful football god whom we do not wish to anger. We are tiny pathetic video game nerds. Please don't hurt us.

This may have nothing to do with Wisconsin but it has everything to do with hilarity.

RE: Chris is blue

i wouldn't go there quite yet buddy. I have a feeling that the Brewers feel they will be able to move Miller, thus freeing up $2 million they had sunk into a back-up catcher. It is also possible that they will release Miller, then sign him to a small contract. Remember, he is a 'Sconnie native, and if i have learned anything from being out East it's that I can yell this in just about any crowded bar, anywhere in America, and get the same response:

"You know what sucks about being from Wisconsin?"


Yeah, Badgerland, love it or leave it fuckers, and I think Miller would take a big pay cut to end his career in the greatest God damn state in the union. Being out here amongst the Massholes, it's painfully obvious, either you love Wisconsin or you love Al Qaeda, which is why I have for years been calling for Phil Kessel's execution. Having him playing for the Bruins, right under my nose is just totally unacceptable. To be honest, this whole ramble was just to point to one of the greatest clips ever, Phil Kessel (Wisconsin's own John Walker Lindh) getting drilled by an NHLer named Brewer. Awesome stuff right there folks!

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How all of the latest Brewer moves and nonmoves make Chris feel

Its not even December yet and the Brewers have Chris walking around the house sounding like this



The only way that this makes sense is if 'Rillo or Graffy turned down a bigger deal from Melvin.

Prediction - CC will get lost from his house in Whitefolks Bay to the stadium and miss batting practice before games. Therefore he will barely bust the Uecker line of a .200 BA in a utility role.

CC is not a utility player. When he doesn't play every day his BA takes a tumble.

And now Melvin wants to sign Jeffery Hammonds Shannon Stewart... WTF is the outfield not crowded enough??

If this off season continues in this direction, it will be very hard for me to buy any tickets before the season begins.


Counsell signed 2 years, 6 million dollars.


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The Milwaukee Brewers - a scrambled view

Item #1 - The 6-player trade - Call me a contrarian, but I like it. Davis was headed toward either huge money or arbitration, then greener pastures after the 2007 season, and other than showing up every 5th day (and getting shelled every 10th), he has no real value. In return for that, a bust, and somebody that's 2-3 years from making a real impact on the mound, they get a servicable pair of arms (1 for the rotation, 1 for the pen) and a decent catcher.

Item #2 - Craig Counsell - Prepare your hating, ESK. The Brewers have signed him to a 2-3 year deal (3rd year is a club option) guaranteeing him $6 million if the option is bought out.

Item #3 - Shannon Stewart - At least as of early November (scroll down to the 3rd question-and-answer), he hasn't found a solution for his left foot. He's injured too often, has no arm, and like ESK said, no power.

Re: MJS BCS rundown

I agree that they have a good run-down of who Bucky will face in the BCS Rejects, er, Capital One Bowl. However, I do have a point of order with that. #4 is not going to be an automatic lock-in to the BCS this year, at least as long as Michigan stays #3 (see paragraph 6 of the automatic qualification section).

I hadn't considered Tennessee as a possibility, and upon further review, I still don't consider them a worthy opponent. They're no better than the 5th-best SEC team.

Go Razorbacks! I want the Gators.

Now Melvin is REALLY pissing me off

From Ben Maller:

The Milwaukee Brewers are working on a one-year deal with free agent outfielder Shannon Stewart, according to baseball moles. Stewart hit .293 with 2 HR's and 21 RBI's in only 44 games for the Twins in 2006.

Apparently Melvin is molding a new team. If you hit extra base hits, you are no longer welcome.

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Doug Melvin is pissing me off

From the Brewers Mailbag:

t sounds like Dave Roberts is more interested in playing with the
Giants next season so he can be closer to home. Do you think the
Brewers will make a strong run at a free agent like Kenny Lofton or
Steve Finley to provide a true leadoff hitter and proven center fielder?

-- Zac C., Baldwin, Wis.

Melvin mentioned both names over the weekend, so they are at least on the Brewers' radar...There are still a lot of options out there, but it sounds like the club, internally, has discussed both Lofton and Finley.

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I ditto that.

Unless 'Rillo signs another monster contract and Graffanino gets semi-monster money I don't see any reason to bring in Craig Counsell. If he plays for league minimum I would accept it even if I don't like it.

For the utility infielder position I would much rather have

1. Jeff Cirillo
2. Tony Graffanino
3. Dale Sveum
4. Craig Counsell

Quick Wednesday morning thoughts

The Badgers help the Big Ten save a little face by taking FSU to the wood shed. Alando Tucker survived being treated like Shemp getting a nasty poke in his eye that left him in serious pain on the Kohl center floor. But he would return to lead Wisconsin to a easy 81-66 victory. I believe Wisconsin was the only Big Ten plus One team to win last night. The Badgers moved to 6-1 with the victory and have two more games before they travel to the lair of the Care Bears on Dec 9th. Whoo Whoo the Pain Train is coming for MU ;)

Even though no one in Wisconsin really cares the Bucks played last night on the West Coast and actually won a game. They ended a 10 game losing streak to the senior team from LA LA land. Seems like that Michael Redd guy doesn't suck but that has not done the Bucks much good this season. The Bucks are 5-9 and tied in last place in the Central with the Chicago Bulls now that is a surprise. Not that the Bucks are in last place but the Bulls who added Ben Wallace are there also.

This just in the Milwaukee Admirals new logo still sucks. And its seem like the Admirals do too, they are 7-10 and 10 points out of first place they are being held out of the basement by the San Antonio Rampage.

MJS has a good run down on who the Football Badgers may play on New Years Day in Orlando at the Capital One Bowl. Looks like Auburn is out of the picture that is a shame it would have been nice to have the rubber match since the Bowl Record for Auburn Vs Wisconsin is 1-1 but that will have to wait for another year. I wouldn't mind Wisconsin playing Tennessee though I would rather play the Vols than the Razorbacks.

So there is a quick look at the Wisconsin sports world on this rainy but warm second to last day of November.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Where to hear you Badgers Play Football Basketball or Hockey

I found this over at Learfield Communications the good people who do Badger Radio.

here is every Badger Radio station in the Badger Radio Network

Later today I will put this link on the side bar. This will have to come in handy for someone. I still have not forgot about the Badger/Packer Bar list so that might still happen.


Bucky vs Noles tonight in a Made for TV extravaganza.

Tonight the Badgers take part in the made for ESPN extravaganza the ACC Big Ten Challenge. Yawn.

Wisconsin takes on the Florida State Seminoles tonight at the Senator Empty Suit Center oops this isn't the BBA I mean at the Kohl Center in the heart of wonderful but wacky Madison Wisconsin.

Tip off is at 6:30pm the game can be seen on ESPN 2 or heard on the Flagship of the Badger Radio Network WTMJ AM620 or WSAU AM 550 in the greater Wausau area(that is my Badger station when I go UP Nort)

I am going to predict a Wisconsin win for two reason I always pick them and they are playing in the Kohl Center and you know what that means.

On Wisconsin Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Red.


You might not have noticed last night but

The newest member of the NCAA College Basketball Top Ten almost got taken out by the mighty Valparaiso University Crusaders(My wife went to law school at Valpo)

That is right lost in all the Packer hoopla was that the Care Bears defeated Valpo 65 to 63 in beautiful Valparaiso Indiana. I am happy that the Care Bears were able to remain undefeated I want that first loss to be at the hands of the Badgers on Dec 9th

MU would not have been the first ranked team to go down on that floor Valpo knocked off Notre Dame a while back, before the Brice Drew shot in the Tourney. Back when no one knew where Valpo was outside of Indiana.

Just a quick shot at the Care Bears and their lame ass Golden Iggles name. Valpo still uses Crusaders a name that actually is considered very offensive in the Muslim world but you don't see them changing their name to be PC.

Fuck 'em Bucky ;)

Re: Disparaging Play Calling

Ched, you should hate agreeing with them because you are wrong.

In the first half in particular, the play calling was atrocious. This is a team that should be using the short passing game to loosen things up for their running game. As we have seen the past few weeks, with three rookies in the line up on the offensive line, the backs are just not getting much room to run. If I can see that, this team's coaches should be able to see that and thus adjust their game plans accordingly. McCarthy and Jagodzinski seem to be of the opinion that if you just keep running the football, something will magically happen and it will start to work. I had three major problems in the first half. There was a series in the second quarter I believe in which they called three consecutive running plays up the gut and they got nothing. Three and out. I don't care if a football team goes three and out on three running plays if they have actually been getting yardage on the ground, but they haven't been. My second problem was a series after one of the picks, if memory serves. They ran twice on the first two plays, got nothing, and set up third and long which they did not convert. Brett had the hot hand in first half, and instead of riding that and grabbing the momentum, they put his back up against the wall by running two plays that they knew by that point in the game they had low prospects of getting much yardage on. This team is feeble on the ground right now. The third thing, and this one really chapped my ass, was calling the running play on third and goal from the ten. There are not a lot of teams that are going to punch the ball in on running play from the ten. This team is certainly not one of them.

Saying that blaming the play calling is little more than demagoguery and the easy way out for casual fans is actually the easy way out for lazy sports reporters. Blocking and tackling is important, yes, but a good coach knows his teams strengths and weaknesses and game plans to maximize those strengths and to shore up the weaknesses. This coaching staff is pretty green yet, but I just do not see that out of them. It is clear enough for a blind man to see that when they have the three rookies on that line, this team struggles to run the football. Ahman Green was their leading rusher with 44 yards! They aren't making those blocks that can make any run a 6 yard run. The coaches should be able to see that as well. They have to adjust for that fact, and on a night when Brett was good early, they should have.

You can blame the players if you want and I'll have no problems with that. They didn't get the job done. But for you dismiss the coaching and the play calling, which I must say you did rather condescendingly, is just plain stupid. If it all comes down to the players making their blocks, running their routes, and hitting their holes, then it shouldn't matter what play is called, now should it? Look, there was a reason that Mike Holmgren was able to take an undertalented team his first year in Green Bay and lead them to a 9-7 record and meanwhile this undertalented team sits back at 4-7. Holmgren was able to play up the strengths his team had and take some of the attention off of the weaknesses in his game plan and play calls.

NFFL - National Flag Football League

That might as well be what it is called. I understand that the NFFL wants to protect its star players, but what now... QB's can't even be touched???

The 3rd and long play in the fourth quarter where Matt Hasslebeck was gently laid on his back was an extremely clean play. Does the NFFL expect an 350 lb DE to gently tap said QB on the shoulder ask the QB to take a knee???

Instead the Packers got called for Roughing the Passer and the drive turned into a TD instead of a punt.

Would the Pack have won?? Don't know. But it would have made it a heck of a lot more interesting.

Starting next week all QB's will where red jerseys like they do in scrimmages and flags. If anyone so much as breaths on a QB the offense will be placed on the one yard line and have an unlimited number of downs to score a TD. In addition the defensive player that breathed on said QB will be suspended from the NFFL for life.

MLB winter meetings start in two weeks
Pitchers and Catchers report in 60 days (or so)
Spring Training games start in 92 days

Disparaging Play Calling

I hate like hell to agree with My Cunt (Urinal staff writer), Cliff Christl (Older Urinal staff writer) and Peter King (SI and NBC) but I have to make a point here.

Complaining about play calling is the easy out for casual fans. It really is nothing more then demagoguery.

If all blocks are performed correctly and the runner picks the correct hole any running play is good for 6 yards. In the first quarter Green hit it just right and gained twelve. He did it again in the third quarter and stumbled coming out of the hit or it would have been a 40 yard TD. Vernand Morency hit it for the same twelve in the third quarter and he stumbled coming out of the hit for what would have been a 34 yard TD. All three runs came on first down.
To complain about that play calling is foolish and not very astute.
The big run was there for the taking and if our "D" had even one three and out we probably would have seen at least one big run.

To watch this game and blame the head coach is foolhardy and pound foolish. McCarthy had a great game plan and Bob Sanders did as well. They made the adjustments at halftime and to start the second half drove right down the field and scored.

The defensive adjustments were right on as well, as we actually had a three and out but the zebras sustained the drive. That is how you judge coaches, in game adjustments and halftime game plan changes. Holmgren did not out coach McCarthy as much as personnel let McCarthy down.

Judge a coach by a player being in place to make a play. There was always a Packer in place to make a play. Those players did not make those plays.

Don't fall back on the easily predictable "bad play calling" learn the game and understand what's going on out there.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Game Itself

Why did Seattle gouge the left side of Green Bays Defense all night accounting for roughly 180 of Alexander's 201 yards? I tend to lean to the easy answer of KGB. That is not altogether true though. You see, the stud first round, fifth pick LB is also on that side.

Brett was hot tonight. Get that offense off the field and give Brett two more chances with the ball and I think we're looking at a different outcome altogether.

KGB got blown off the ball everytime Walter Jones decided to drive him into next season. ESPN showed it once and never went back because Jones so thoroughly dominated the match-up. Holmgren knew he could get five yards anytime he needed it, what a luxury for a head coach. The problem for KGB is that not only does he get blown five yards off the ball but he leaves such an expansive gap that the pulling Guard gets a clean run at Hawk. The MLB could help fill the void but Hodge couldn't scrape as well as Barnett. The other option is the corner coming up in run support. This is, once again, a loss for G.B. Al Harris will not or can not come up to support.

The last five runs to the right were all negative yard plays for Seattle. Four of those plays were forced back to the middle by strong support from Woodson and great fundamental defense by Kampmann. Kampmann never allows the guard or tackle on his outside shoulder. This gives the corner or LB a free lane of pursuit. Even a little guy like Woodson or Dendy can make a play when the lane is clear. Kampmann holds the point so well that several times the lumbering NT scraped to make the tackle.

Compare that to what we saw all night on the left side. KGB has to go. Unless he's giving you 14 sacks he's useless. And he's not giving us 14 sacks this year. Al Harris needs to be stronger in run support. That's a wish that will not come true anytime soon. Barnett and Hodge also need to learn to take better angles when they shoot that gap into the backfield. Collins as well.
To be fair, Kampmann did lose back side contain on Alexanders 29 yard run. That came in the second quarter and Alexander looked for it again all night but it was never there. Kampmann stayed home and filled the void thereafter. You know, fool me once and all that.

Hawk is not bad. If Bob Sanders can keep pulling guards from getting to the second level he will be superb and an all-pro. Hodge will be a starter soon. He brings a load. He's a little slow right now but he doesn't play slow. He's more tentative then slow. Poppinga is real good and will only get better. That leaves Barnett. Do we go to a 4-3? Barnett has shown no ability to rush the passer. Hawk could do it he has the size and motor. Would McCarthy be ballsy enough to try it? A.J. Hawk as Joey Porter?

The first and second levels of the defense are fine. The third level is what is lacking. In the 4-3 the corners are left on an island and we certainly have two lock down corners in Harris and Woodson. Those two gentlemen totally shut down two of the best WR's in the game tonight in Jackson and Branch. All the catches tonight were by the third or fourth WR or the TE. The nickel needs a shut down man and Dendy is not him. Let Collins play near the line ala Butler and get a cover guy back there at FS. This defense could be special as early as next year. That all depends on how fast Thompson jettisons Manuel and finds an Al Harris (when he signed with G.B., Harris was arguably the best nickel cover guy in the league) for the nickel package.

We'll let the former Offensive Coordinator for the worst offense in the league last year (Mike McCarthy S.F.) worry about the "O".

Why dont they just make it illegal to touch the quarterback

Face it the zebras made sure Seattle won this game. ESK is right no way in hell that was roughing the passer. Why isn't that penalty reviewable? Seattle has to punt on that drive who knows what happens. Did Seattle get a penalty called on them tonight?

What a crying shame the Packers did just enough wrong to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sigh Football makes us sad.

Hard to win when you have to beat the defending NFC Champions and a crew of Zebras.


Re play calling

Mike McCarthy is gutless, it is official I hate him and cannot wait till his chicken shit play calling ass is fired.

The defense is playing its ass off and Dumb ass Mike and his run on first down run on second down run on third down punt play calling has allowed Seattle to get up off the damn mat.

The Pack should be up 21 or 17 to 9 but with 3 minutes to go in the first half they are down 9-7

McCarthy sucks.

is that enough backing you up Jib? ;)

They are killing me tonight

How not to call plays on offense

Ugh. I hate the Packers' play calling tonight. Absolutely despise it. I could spit. Cjcjguuhhh, ptptpt. There I just did. Somebody please support me on this.

RE: Falcons Fans

Let me start by saying I hate Michael Vick. I hate the way he plays football, I hate that he gets so much attention and I hate that he gets credit for professional successes that had nothing to do with him. (The most successful teams he played on had excellent defenses, a very very good o-line and very good running backs. Vick was asked to do nothing more than pretend like he was going to throw...then run out of bounds).

Why did fans boo? First, Vick himself said they were tearing the team, not just him...and the team played pathetic. Mora Jr. deserved to be booed mercilessly for his play calling. 1st and goal after Vick's electrifying (for all you announcers out there: enthralling, engrossing, irresistable, magnetizing, tantalizing, titillating, winsome...and my favorite, rapturous. All other words for electrifying) 50+ yard run. Hey Mora, 3 passing plays when the only "posession receiver" you have is a TE that 3 of the 4 Saint d-backs covered all day is moronic. I'm at the game, I boo Mora. I boo Crumpler for acting like a complete tool every time the ball doesn't come his way, a receiver drops a ball, Vick doesn't see him wide open and any other complaints he may have had. Throwing your arms up in disgust is a soccer player move Crumpler you fucking nancy. Get yourself open or make a God damn block.

Vick was part of the problem in that his coach, the young Mora, was calling plays to try and prove his pops wrong when Elder Mora called Vick a "coach killer." The facts that Mora Sr. was pretty much on the money in his analysis (I know, he dort of kind of agreed with the comments of a radio guy, i get it) was totally ignored as the FOX analysts willingly slapped on the knee pads to worship the altar of terrible Quarterbacking. he ran for 166 yards on 12 carries. Guess how many he passed for? 84. Swell. How many TD drives did he lead with his "electrifying" legs? ZERO! The one and only touchdown drive read like this: 3 YD run, 43 yd PASS (holy Christ, so he got half his passing yards for the entire game with one pass...awesome, I wish he was my QB) -1 yard run, 1 yard run, 1 yard TD run. How many yards did Vick run for? ZERO. The one drive they pound the ball and Vick does what a QB is supposed to do the Falcons score. Yeah, the defense was atrocious, but Vick's legs for the Falcons 6 points. His 160+ yards accounted for exactly two field goals. Vick's "style" of QB play led to long third downs (Falcons were 4-15) piss poor red zone play, and a weak 4.6 average gain per offensive play (that includes some looong scampers by Vick...but his hillarious 1.9 yards per pass sort of makes those moot).

Yeah, that isn't a typo. Vick's net yards per pass was 1 point freaking 9. 1.9. (9-24 for 84 yards, 3 sacks for -32 yards). You don't think you boo a QB who went 9-24 for 84 yards? Oh, I know, you can't judge him like a normal QB. Why not? He does play quarterback right? Just because he plays it differently (poorly) than people like Brady, Manning, Palmer (all successful by the way) we have to judge him differently. Whatever, I hope the Falcons stick with. Actually, I wish they would trade him to an NFC north team. Sure, he'll win two games for you with his "athletic ability" (read: incredibly inaccurate, erratic arm) but he will lose you twice as many.

Vick is terrible, and should be booed. If it were me and I was Mora or the Falcons personnel men, those boo's would be music to my ears. Hopefully, the fans hard-on for Vick has disappated and they can finally move on.

Vick is the gorgeous prude chick at high school. She's flashy and hot and you may be able to convince your friends you're banging her, but eventually word gets out. She's a tease, and you're never going all the way.

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Care Bears up to number 8 Wisconsin drops to 12

Yes the Care Bears aka Golden Iggles or something like that, had a much better week than the true number one team in the state Wisconsin. Since the Badgers overdosed on Thanksgiving dinner and lost a poorly played game to Missouri State they dropped to number 12 and the Care Bears on the strength of their victory over Duke jumped over the Badgers to the number 8 spot.

Not to worry this "mistake" in the rankings will be rectified on December 9th I am sure after Bucky whoops up on the Care Bears the rankings will sort themselves out.

But for this week lets give the Care Bears their due and let them enjoy the moment. Its not like they have a bowl game or anything football related to cheer about ;)

And BCS BS aside Wisconsin has a meeting with an SEC team to be named later on January 1st.


Some of the Atlanta Falcons Fans are Fools

I watched almost all of the Falcons/Saints game yesterday and if some of the Falcon cough Faithful cough were riding Michael Vick hard enough for him to flip them off they are idiots. For the record I am not a big Vick Fan which might have something with him winning the first playoff game ever lost by the Packers in Lambeau field. But Vick was not the problem yesterday he ran for almost 170 yards and has a number of very good right on the money passes dropped by his receivers. And last time I checked Vick wasn't on the field when the Falcons Defense allowed the Saints to actually complete a end of the half "Hail Mary Pass"

Yes off the field Michael Vick isn't someone I would point to my sons and say there is a role model. But I hate to say it if he had been throwing to Donald Driver and Greg Jennings yesterday Vick you have had a much better day than he did throwing to his own receivers.

From what I saw yesterday Vick isn't why Atlanta isn't going to make the playoffs their butterfingers wide outs and Defense that is as porous as limestone is the problem.

I know this isnt really a Wisconsin sports story but I did watch the game while in Wisconsin close enough


Tempering Enthusiasm (Johnny Estrada)

I posted this in the comments below, but I thought it deserved to be highlighted. I said I would look at some more numbers when I got a chance, well I got a chance.

Let me first say I like the trade, it solidifies a position that is difficult to accumulate depth. Doug Davis was expendable, and Batista is not a severe downgrade. Krynzel is worthless, and Eveland is only potential (9 k/9, 1.06 WHIP, BAA of .187 all at AAA...a MASSIVE amount of potential).

Given that, I am less excited than I was yesterday. After a tiny bit of looking I have come to an unsettling conclusion:

Offensively speaking, Johnny Estrada is Juan Pierre without the speed. He doesn't hit for power, doesn't walk, and just plain does not get on base. He hits into a lot of double plays (lots of ground ball outs...potential for errors, ya!) and isn't great at moving runners over. A good judge of offensive prowess, OBP, tells the story. Estrada is basically a younger Damian Miller, with less power. (When looking at these stats, remember AZ is very hitter friendly).

Estrada OPS: .734

Pierre OPS: .727

Miller OPS: .746

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Calling Ahmad Carroll

Can we give him a go at Safety? Marquand Manual is our current Starting Sieve and i think i've seen enough. Woodson tackles better which shocks me no end.

AJ Hawk is a fine linebacker. Thompson gets no credit because anyone could have made that pick. Jennings is a stud, so Thompson deserves credit there.

Overall Thompson still has work to do to balance the personnel ledger.

Good Brewers News This AM

It looks as though Dave Roberts will not be weighing down the Brewers payroll for the next two years, meaning Melvin will have to look elsewhere for his Jeffrey Hammonds-esque disastrous signing. He tried to nab Juan Pierre, then he tried to get Roberts, thankfully teams on the left coast saved him from himself both times.

A three year deal for a 34 year-old whose only offensive value is as a speedy leadoff hitter seems assinine to me.

Secondly, and something I have been hoping would be the case since the Angels and Dodgers went off the outfield deep end (Matthews Jr. and Juan Pierre, top dollar signings?!?) it looks as though the Jenkins albatross now looks like a freaking bargain. I imagine this is what is going through GM's (yeah, I'm looking at you White Sox) heads:

"7 Million for a shitty streaky outfielder, hell why not, the Dodgers paid $8.8 for a leadoff hitting CF with a .350 OBP and one of the worst arms in the majors. At least Jenkins will hit 9 or 10 meaningless home runs the week after we are mathematically eliminated"

Look for some crazy ass outfield moves now that guys like Manny and Jenkins look like bargains. Just wait til JD Drew (averaging 18 HR's per season) sings for $14 million a year (yeah, that's a "what the fu** number).

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Brewer's Trade

OK - Mike and ESK have already thrown their three cents into the fray about the Johnny Estrada/Doug Davis trade - so I will throw my 1/2 cent into the fray.

Will Johnny Estrada even see January in a Brewer's uniform?? I think that their is agreement that Mr. Miller's best days are four years behind him. I too have a man crush on Mike Rivera and I just don't see the Crew keeping two capable catchers in Estrada and Rivera and a backup in Miller.

So given the value of a .300 switch hitting catcher did he become trade bait for someone needing a catcher and willing to give up a quality mid-rotation pitcher??

Don't forget - we still have JD Closser as a catcher too.

If not can we pay some team to take Miller so that Rivera can stay in the line up???

Man What a Weekend and the Packers havent even played yet.

What great extended weekend of Football both college and pro. I your humble bar owner has managed to piss off the whole Boise State Football Nation ;) I believe I have a price on my head in Idaho ;)

Bears lose, Lions Lose and the Queens win 2 out of 3 isn't all that bad.

I am now on board with our commenter the "Headless Blogger" the best thing we can hope for is the Big Ten going 1 2 3 in the final poll. Right now living well can be Wisconsin's best revenge. If they win their bowl game and end the season 12-1 and could end up 3-5 in the final poll, that would be a nice sharp stick in the BCS eye. Think of that the number 3 team in the nation didn't get to play in a BCS bowl game.

On to the Packers on paper this looks ugly for the Pack, the Seagulls are almost back to full strength and have a chance to take a 2 game lead in the NFC West. But, there is always a but, Brett Favre tends to do well in games after he is hurt and the weather could be a factor out in the "Land of StarBucks". According to Weather bug they are expecting snow showers and generally icky weather in Seattle. Cold Wet footballs have been known to do weird things.

Due to Nick Barrnets injury the Pack will be starting two Rookies at linebacker tonight hmmm that idea frightens me a little bit. AJ Hawk really seems to be growing into his role on the Defense. I am very happy with last years number one pick.

I believe Green Bay has a chance to night Brett has always been what they call in the horse race world "A Mudder"

Packers win a nasty wet sloppy game 24-17


Sunday, November 26, 2006

BCS regurgitated

Damn, but the computers just demonstrated some serious fluid-swapping love for Boise State, the SEC, the Big East and the wholly-undeserving Notre Dame at the expense of the Big 10. It looks like a 2-loss SEC team will take one of the 1-to-2 "at-large" bids, with the other to go to either a 1-loss Louisville or a 2-loss Notre Dame (a Notre Dame bid could still be in the form of an automatic bid).

Recapping the BCS top 10 (with an idle Notre Dame at #10) plus Big Conference teams that can still win their conference, with those locked into the BCS in bold and those locked out because of the very stupid 2-team rule struck out:

1. Ohio State (12-0, won the Big 10) - #1 Harris (1.000 average)/#1 Coaches (1.000)/#1 computer (1.000)/1.000 average - Next game, BCS Championship as BCS #1 and Big 10 champ
2. USC (10-1, won the Pac-10) - #2 Harris (.951)/#2 Coaches (.947)/#2 computer (.940)/.946 average - Next game, at UCLA, then either the BCS Championship as BCS #2 or the Rose Bowl as the Pac-10 champ
3. Michigan (11-1) - #3 Harris (.917)/#3 Coaches (.917)/#3 computer (.930)/.922 average - Next game, a BCS bowl game as BCS #3 or the BCS Championship as BCS #2 (neither Florida nor Louisville, the 2 teams close to them that play next week, will leapfrog them)
4. Florida (11-1) - #4 Harris (.887)/#4 Coaches (.892)/#4 computer (.890)/.890 average - Next game, against Arkansas for the SEC championship and the Sugar Bowl, may still get the SEC at-large bid if they lose
5. LSU (10-2) - #5 Harris (.805)/#5 Coaches (.797)/#5 computer (.830)/.811 average - Next game, either the Capital One Bowl vs Wisconsin or a BCS bowl as the SEC at-large team (the BCS bowl is an almost certainty if Florida beats Arkansas)
6. Louisville (10-1) - #7 Harris (.763)/#7 Coaches (.742)/#6 computer (.780)/.762 average - Next game, vs Connecticut (Louisville will take the Big East championship if West Virginia beats Rutgers and either they beat UConn or finish ranked higher than Rutgers and higher than or equal to West Virginia), will likely go to a BCS bowl as the Big East at-large team if they beat UConn and do not win the Big East
7. Wisconsin (11-1) - #6 Harris (.764)/#6 Coaches (.775)/#12 computer (.590)/.710 average - Next game, the BCS One Bowl vs the best SEC team not in the BCS (LSU, Florida, Arkansas or Auburn depending on the SEC championship game)
8. Boise State (12-0, won the WAC) - #9 Harris (.657)/#9 Coaches (.646)/#7 computer (.720)/.674 average - Next game, a BCS bowl as the highest-ranking mid-major conference winner
9. Arkansas (10-2) - #8 Harris (.663)/#8 Coaches (.662)/#9 computer (.660)/.662 average - Next game, at Florida for the SEC championship and the Sugar Bowl berth, would go to either the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin or the Outback Bowl against Penn State if they lose
10. Notre Dame (10-2) - #10 Harris (.619)/#12 Coaches (.589)/#8 computer (.670)/.626 overall - Next game, the Gator Bowl or a BCS bowl (as the 2nd and last at-large team if Louisville either wins the Big East or loses to UConn, or as an automatic "at-large" bid if they climb over a losing Louisville and a losing Arkansas to the top 8)
12. Oklahoma (10-2) - Next game, vs Nebraska for the Big 12 championship and the Fiesta Bowl, will go to a non-BCS bowl if they lose
13. Rutgers (10-1) - Next game, at West Virginia (Rutgers will take the Big East championship if they beat West Virginia), will go to a non-BCS bowl if they do not win the Big East)
15. West Virginia (9-2) - Next game, vs Rutgers (WV will take the Big East championship if they beat Rutgers, Louisville loses to Connecticut, and they climb over Rutgers and Louisville in the final rankings, will go to a non-BCS bowl if that doesn't happen)
17. Wake Forest (10-2) - Next game, at Georgia Tech for the ACC championship and the Orange Bowl, will go to a non-BCS bowl if they lose
20. Nebraska (9-3) - Next game, at Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship and the Fiesta Bowl, will go to a non-BCS bowl if they lose
22. Georgia Tech (9-3) - Lost to Georgia 15-12 - Next game, vs Wake Forest for the ACC championship and the Orange Bowl, will go a non-BCS bowl if they lose

Wisconsin up to #7 in the AP

Wisconsin moves up to number 7 in the AP not that it matters since number 10 Boise State is going to the BCS and you know who cannot ;) USC moves up to number 2 in the AP so now they have the second slot in both polls and Michigan is number 3 in both polls.

Hmmm wouldnt it be great if BS ended up playing say Michigan in its BCS bowl game. Bwhahahahaha now there would be one of the rare time I would be shouting Go Blue and humming "Hail to the Victors" lol

BCS = College Football Socialism


More BCS hating

Revisions/extensions (6:20 am 11/27/2006) - Added Louisville to the list since they'll likely get at least an at-large bid if they beat UConn.

I'll probably update this sometime after the rankings come out (I have a delayed turkey dinner waiting for me at a place without internet access), but I want to get some more thoughts down on electrons now.

First things first, as much as I'd like to see a playoff, does anyone expect these teams to play as many as 16 games in a season? Let me explain why it's 16: 12 regular-season games (8 conference, 4 non-conference), a conference championship for most of the conferences, and up to 4 playoff games (11 conferences, which means a 4-round system with the top 5 conference champs getting 1st-round byes). They're supposed to be "student"-athletes, after all, though in practice, they're cash cows for the rest of the athletic department. Oh, and the entire bowl system would be all busted up.

Unlike our owner, Chris, I don't begrudge Boise State's appearance in the BCS mix this year. In fact, I'm on the record as saying they should be playing (and losing big to) Ohio State in the BCS Championship, as those two teams are the only undefeated teams in Division 1-A.

Heck, I don't even really begrudge the ACC/Big 12 champs their spots, even though they'll have between 2 and 3 losses each. They do have historic contractual ties with their BCS bowls, and they did win their conferences. I may have issues with the Big East champ going automatically because they don't have a contractual tie with a BCS bowl, but if either Rutgers or Louisville takes care of business and sends a 1-loss team, I could live with that.

What I do have a big problem with is having a 2-loss Notre Dame and a 2-loss SEC team (or anybody from the Big East other than Louisville upon further review) getting BCS at-large bids, leaving 1-loss Wisconsin high and dry because of the dumb-ass 2-team rule. The case against Notre Dame speaks for itself; they got crushed by Michigan at home 47-21 (a team Bucky lost to 27-13 in the Big House) and crushed at USC 44-24.

For those that say the SEC teams have this awesome non-conference schedule, let's review that "awesome" non-conference schedule plus Louisville's competitive non-conference schedule (all wins except as noted):

Florida - Southern Miss (they won Conference-USA-East with an 8-4 overall record), Central Florida (down in the C-USA standings at 4-8), Western Carolina (I-AA team with a losing record), Florida State (down in the ACC standings at 6-6)

Arkansas - Crushed at home by USC 50-14, Utah State (last in the WAC at 1-11), Southeast Missouri State (I-AA team with a losing record), Louisiana-Monroe (buried deep in the Sun Belt standings at 3-8)

LSU - Louisiana-Lafayette (buried in the Sun Belt standings at 6-5), Arizona (buried in the Pac-10 standings at 6-6), Tulane (last in C-USA-West at 4-8), Fresno State (buried in the WAC at 4-7)

Auburn - Washington State (buried in the Pac-10 at 6-6), Buffalo (by 1 less point than the Badgers; the Bulls are last in the MAC-East at 2-10), Tulane (last in C-USA-West at 4-8), Arkansas State (3rd in the Sun Belt at 6-6)

Louisville - Kentucky (7-5 in the SEC), Temple (one of the worst Division I-A teams at 1-11), Miami (6-6 in the ACC), Kansas State (7-5 in the Big 12)

Golly; those SEC non-conference schedules sure looks like the Badgers' non-conference schedule to me, and the one team that one of them and Bucky had in common, Bucky beat worse. Louisville at least beat some quality teams, though scheduling Temple is a gimme for even a competitive I-AA school.

Tell me again why the Badgers should get fisted by the BCS just because there aren't enough quality 1-loss teams in the other conferences?

Wisconsin moves up to number 6 in USA Today Coaches poll

The Coaches Poll is out and Wisconsin has moved up to number 6 and guess what Boise State a team that will play in a BCS bowl game is only number 9.

Sorry I had to do that we are getting a lot BS fans here today and you know I love to rile up people.

What is happening to Wisconsin is a gross injustice and I will not let it go.

The BCS only wants some of the best teams not all of them Football Socialism is upon us.


Davis departs

Well gentlemen, thanks to an incompetent Alienware and a ridiculous busy November, I have been MIA lately. Since I am currently sitting at my girls while she gets ready to go out and do some serious Sunday funday drinking with me, let me just comment on the trade. I don't know who this Mike character is (just kidding, welcome aboard) but he was mostly spot on. The trade was an absolute steal for the Brewers. The Brewers unload a left handed inconsistent and erratic arm (I think the control issues have a lot to do with the marital issues...a theory held by others by the way) a failed prospect from a bygone era (Krenzyl was sort of from a previous scouting generation...he cam up before Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hart) and a promising young lefty. In return the Brewers get two right handed pitchers, a starter and power-'penner and a former All-Star catcher.

First, Mike was partly wrong. Estrada will not be splitting time with (former All-Star, lest we forget) Damian Miller. The Brewers will now have the most expensive 37 year old backup catcher in the majors. He just exercised his 2+ million dollar option to stay with the team this year. Sadly, that means promising "youngster" Mike Rivera will now be gone. I'm not sure about his options, or if he would accept an assignment, but Rivera will no longer be a Milwaukee Brewer next year. I'm really hoping the team can figure out a way to hold on to him, a Rivera/Estrada catching corp would be very promising. Look for Miller to catch Sunday's and day games after night games. The fact that Estrada is a switch hitter means Miller will have even less value.

The part I dislike about this trade is Dana Eveland. Sure, he pitched poorly when he got his shot last year, but he just turned 23 and has a lot of upside. His WHIP was an absurd 1.98 last year and not much better the year before in 27 games (all relief) but his k/bb was 2/1 and he had incredibly solid minor league numbers once he went down...suggesting confidence issues which makes sense when you have what at the time was the worst defense in baseball playing behind you. I think they could have gotten away with giving them a different minor league left handed arm, since the Diamondbacks were hard for Davis.

One thing I really like about this seems to me that Melvin is real high on the youngster Jackson and Villanueva. If he is willing to open a spot (rotation) that he made one of his priorities in the off season, he must either really like the young pitching or have another Holiday treat for Brewer fans, possibly signing a mid level starter (that "$10 million puzzle piece" that Attanasio was talking about?)

I'll take a look at some more numbers throughout the next few days and hopefully have time to get em up here. The thing that is really nagging at me, Estrada's career OBP is .327. Not good kids, not good in the least.

Oh, and it also seems Estrada is a bit of a headcase. Let's not get hasty or anything, but he is a .300 career catcher who has been traded twice and last year all but demanded a trade from Arizona. Might be something to keep an eye on, as stories out of AZ may start filtering out.

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Someone else who thinks the BCS has "issues"

While seeing the route some people took to get to our humble little sports blog I found this post over at a blog called "This is where the cowboy blogs away"


Badgers should move up 2-3 spots in the football polls

I am guessing the Badgers will move up 3 spots in the AP poll to number 7 in the nation and will move up 2 spots to number 6 in the Coaches/USA Today poll.

Steve has done a great job of explaining the fisting the Badgers are getting from the BCS and its stupid 2 team rule.

This is insane that Boise State will be playing in a BCS bowl game or even worse that the Golden Domers may get into a BCS bowl game.

When is the NCAA going to get off their ass and get a playoff system so shit like this stops happening. Everyone said not being ranked at the beginning of the season is what would hurt the Badgers BCS chances lol little did we know that the rankings would work themselves out. It was a stupid rule that would crush the Badgers BCS bowl hopes.

To hell with the BCS and its football socialism we dont want all the best teams just some of them right.


Badger Mens Basketball team gets back on track with win over Auburn

Bo Ryan gets his 500 career win as a college coach and the Badger Mens basketball team bounces back from a surprising first loss of the year to Missouri State. They took care of the Auburn Tigers in the third place game of the South Padre Island Invitational basketball tournament defeating them 77-63.

One nice thing about basketball one loss doesn't destroy a season like it does in football. Unless that loss is the last game of the NCAA Tournament lol.

Bucky had a bad day at the office against Mizzou State but did what good teams do after a bad game come out and take it out on the next team they play.

I am going to predict that the Missouri State game will be the last one the Badgers lose before they start Big Ten Plus one play.

Next up is Florida State then a two game run up to the match up with the CareBears.

On Wisconsin Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Red


Saturday, November 25, 2006

BCS Madness; the Turkey edition

Damn the BCS rules of only 2 teams per conference. Bucky can easily climb to #6 (I expect Louisville to leapfrog them) after today's games. Recapping the BCS top 16 14 (number change with the Boise State win) going into the weekend with locked teams in bold, teams frozen out because of the stupid 2-teams-per-conference rule struck out, plus selected others that could either climb there for likely 2 BCS at-large bids (1 if Notre Dame climbs back to the BCS top 8; #18 Boston College and Maryland eliminated themselves with losses) or get an automatic bid by winning their conference:

1. Ohio State (12-0, won the Big 10) - OFF - Next game, BCS Championship as BCS #1 and Big 10 champ
2. Michigan (11-1) - OFF - Next game, a BCS bowl game as a BCS #3/#4 or the BCS Championship as BCS #2
3. USC (9-1, won the Pac-10) - Beat Notre Dame 44-24 - Next game, at UCLA, then either the BCS Championship as BCS #2 or the Rose Bowl as the Pac-10 champ
4. Florida (11-1) - Beat Florida State 21-14 - Next game, against Arkansas for the SEC championship
5. Notre Dame (10-1) - Lost to USC 44-24 - Next game, either the Gator Bowl or a BCS bowl as the 2nd and last at-large team
6. Arkansas (10-2) - Lost to LSU 31-26 - Next game, vs Florida for the SEC championship
7. West Virginia (9-2) - Lost to South Florida 24-19 - Next game, vs Rutgers (WV will take the Big East championship if they beat Rutgers and Louisville loses to Connecticut)
8. Wisconsin (11-1) - OFF - Next game, Capital One Bowl vs the best SEC team not in the BCS (likely Arkansas, LSU or Auburn) in what could easily be the game for #3 in the final rankings
9. Louisville (10-1) - Beat Pittsburgh 48-24 - Next game, vs Connecticut (Louisville will take the Big East championship if they beat Connecticut and West Virginia beats Rutgers)
10. LSU (10-2) Beat Arkansas 31-26 - Next game, either the Capital One Bowl vs Wisconsin or a BCS bowl as the SEC at-large team (if Florida is the SEC champ and they sneak ahead of Arkansas)
11. Boise State (12-0, won the WAC) - Beat Nevada 38-7 - Next game, a BCS bowl as the highest-ranking mid-major conference winner
12. Auburn (10-2) - OFF - Next game, likely the Outback Bowl vs Penn State, could also be the Capital One Bowl vs Wisconsin depending on how far Arkansas falls and whether LSU takes the SEC at-large bid
13. Texas (9-3) - Lost to Texas A&M 12-7 - Next game, a bowl game
14. Rutgers (10-1) - Beat Syracuse 38-7 - Next game, at West Virginia (Rutgers will take the Big East championship if they beat West Virginia)
15. Oklahoma (9-2) - Beat Oklahoma State 27-21 - Next game, vs Nebraska for the Big 12 championship
16. Georgia Tech (9-3) - Lost to Georgia 15-12 - Next game, vs Wake Forest for the ACC championship
17. Virginia Tech (10-2) - Beat Virginia 17-0 - Next game, a bowl game
19. California (8-3) - OFF - Next game - vs Stanford
20. Tennessee (9-3) - Beat Kentucky 17-12 - Next game, a bowl game
21. Wake Forest (9-2) - beat Maryland 38-24 - Next game, vs Georgia Tech for the ACC championship
22. Nebraska (9-3) - Beat Colorado 37-14 - Next game, vs Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship

My guess for the BCS order tomorrow (top 14 eligible for the BCS unless they're not conference champs and a second team from their conference also goes):

1. Ohio State (locked in as Big 10 champ, BCS #1)
2. USC (locked in as Pac-10 champ)
3. Michigan (Big 10/locked in as BCS #2/3/4)
4. Florida (playing for the SEC title)
5. Louisville (in the Big East title hunt)
6. Wisconsin (Big 10/ineligible for the BCS due to the 2-team rule)
7. LSU (SEC)
8. Arkansas (playing for the SEC title)
9. Notre Dame (Independent/outside their lock-in position of top 8)
10. Boise State (locked in as the best mid-major conference champ)
11. West Virginia (in the Big East title hunt)
12. Auburn (SEC)
13. Rutgers (in the Big East title drivers' seat)
14. Oklahoma (playing for the Big 12 title)
15. Virginia Tech (ACC)
16. Wake Forest (playing for the ACC title)
17. California (Pac-10)
18. Nebraska (playing for the Big 12 title)
19. Georgia Tech (playing for the ACC title)

Thanks Everyone Once again I get to say.....

This is our "Best Month Ever" Nice job today with all of the different sports stories breaking.

I know I am a site meter whore here but take a look at what our traffic has done since June. People are reading and I am starting to see a bunch of new names leaving comments

Just thought I would take a moment to once again thank all of our posters and all of our readers. While we may never be a monster A list nationwide sports blog we are getting to be pretty good at what we set out to be a Wisconsin sports blog. There is still a ton of room for improvement but that will come.

We need to do a better job covering High School Sports we do a little of that if one of us has a school in the hunt for state title but if anyone out there is a high school sports junkie let me know.

Thanks again for our best month to date.


Highway Robbery for the Brewers

Sometime last night while the Arizona Diamondbacks were apparently too drunk to notice, the Brewers robbed them blind. The Brewers gave up former number one choice Dave Krynzel who was supposed to be their center fielder/leadoff hitter of the future, but who couldn't break into the majors because he didn't hit with power but struck out like a power hitter and reportedly couldn't bunt. Dana Eveland, a lefthander who looked like he was destined to be one of those AAAA pitchers who just couldn't throw enough strikes to stay in the majors either as a starter or a reliever and Doug Davis, who was best described by a San Francisco Chronicle baseball writer as a "phlegm baller." Davis' best days are behind him and, to tell you the truth, they weren't that good.

In return, the Brewers get a catcher in return to split time with Damien Miller, though I thought Mike Rivera did a pretty damn good job the last two months of the season. The Brewers also get a couple of mediocre pitchers to replace the mediocre pitchers we sent them. The key is getting a decent major league catcher, who are as rare as an even-tempered red head.

Random BCS thoughts

- Wisconsin is going to get royally screwed. Depending on who wins tonight, next week in conference championship games, and in the bowls, they could easily be #3 by the time bowl season is done and they're still relegated to a 2nd-tier bowl because of a moronic "no more than 2 teams from a conference" rule.

- Speaking of screwed, how about Boise State. Sure, they get to play at the big table this time (likely as the reject in the Fiesta Bowl), but if they win and Michigan or USC (I don't see any other team finishing #2) beats Ohio State, they'll still be ranked no better than 9th.

My solution:

- Get rid of the 2-teams rule, and get the other 3 big bowls to buddy up with 2 conferences (hey Notre Dame, get your football butts into a conference like everybody else and like your other sports teams) like the Rose Bowl. Of course, that'll mean letting the Boise States and BYUs of the college football world play at the big table every year, but them's the breaks.

As an alternative, get rid of the separate championship game so you don't have to see the likes of the WAC/MAC/Mountain West at the big table unless they either run the table or get some love from the pollsters. Of course, the bowls and Fox won't like that, but I'm sure the Big Conferences would love not having to worry about accomodating the Boise States of the world too often.

- If there are 2 and only 2 undefeated teams, they play for the championship regardless of what conferences they're from or where they are in the polls. Similarily, if there is 1 and only 1 undefeated team, it gets to play for the championship regardless of conference/polls. Beyond that, the current BCS rankings are fine for choosing the opponent.


Brewers trade, Packer injury update, D3 football

This has turned out to be a busy afternoon of state sports news. In the biggest news, the Brewers sent Doug Davis, Dana Eveland, and Dave Krynzel to the Diamondbacks for Johnny Estrada, Greg Aquino, and Claudio Vargas. At first glance, I'm very pleased that they picked up a good starting catcher and two pitchers for a possibly fading Davis and two triple A guys that had not really proven themselves at the big league level yet.

In Packer news, Nick Barnet will not be playing with a 'club' on his hand on Monday night as Mike McCarthy today said he will be out for the game. Third round pick Abdul Hodge will be getting the start in his place. On Seattle's side of the ball, center Robbie Tobeck is probably out with an abcess on his hip.

In Division III tournament football action, #2 in the nation UW Whitewater (this guy's alma matter) came from behind in the fourth quarter to upend #7 UW La Crosse. I will link to a story on the game when I can actually find a story.

Worth $100 Million?

Badger's Men's BasketBall?

Is Carlos Lee worth 100 Million Dollars (American)? Not in Milwaukee's pitchers park, Not in Texas' pitchers park, but in Houstons Minute Maid field? Perfect fit. The short porch in left, the alleys that expand left to right. It fits Lee to a T.
Look for Carlos to haunt us for the next three years. Carlos will hit 50 plus Hr's for three years minimum. His weight and wallet will consume him after that.

One final note, had Robber or Molly asked for that kind of scratch in their prime there is no way Robber retires as the first Brewer in the HOF. Molly asked for 15 Mil and we couldn't afford that. Life in today's MLB is harsh and noone in this bar should harbor any illusions of grandeur.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Badgers showdown with Marquettes Warriors,
That funny thing was Blake Ahearn. Mr. Ahearn led Missouri State to a 66-64 upset of 7 ranked Wisconsin.
Oh No Mr. Bill

Let me state this emphatically and clearly.
I find no joy in UW's loss. I root for them as hard as I do for Marquette.
As background, all who enter this bar must know I entered this world as an Irish Catholic whose first 8 years on this earth were shaped by welfare and gubment hand-outs. I enjoyed powdered milk, spam and oatmeal from the time I remember life. Al McGuire came along and made it cool to be Catholic and Irish. At this precise time in history my Mom and Dad raised themselves from that beginning to middle class. Al McGuire was a hero of mine from day one when he sent the letter to John Wooden challenging UCLA to a home and home series. Wooden always turned it down calling Marquette a minor league school. What a joy it was, when as a young man, Al and Marquette won the National Championship. My family celebrated as they do all athletic accomplishments, ho hum. My Grandma though sat me down and we prayed the rosary together.

That same year UW won the first of their NCAA Hockey championships. The same full page ad taken out for MU was taken out the next day for UW, I still possess those two newspapers. Heady days for a young man growing into adult hood. That year UW had a wrestler named Lee Kemp and he won the NCAA title.

He would have been one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time but Jimmuh Carter boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and Lee was one of the athletes who suffered most from that lunacy.
Lee Kemp did beat the Bulgarian Gold Medalist later that year.

After years of watching only Packer football (during the first dark ages) I realized that Wisconsin could compete on the national level and did so every year. That is where I get my pride for the state. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I shall not engage in a tawdry one on one debate with the owner of the bar over his hate of Care Bears or Cabbage Patch Dolls. Besides, in PA I have enough ammo to put these saps down daily.

Friday, November 24, 2006

To bad the BCS was predetermined in a committee

There are two big games in college football this extended weekend and if your a Wisconsin fan neither game matters one bit since the BCS and its stupid rules have already froze Wisconsin out.

Arkansas plays LSU and USC plays the Domers both games could move Wisconsin higher in the BCS. Plus dont forget you still have the Rutgers vs West Virgina game. Which could move the Badgers up the rankings but once again it doesn't matter since the BCS isn't about taking the best 8-10 teams its about doling out bowl games like a bunch of socialists. We would not want to hurt the little conferences feelings.

Fuck the BCS and its lame aas system and rules. Shame these games this weekend don't matter this weekend if your a Wisconsin fan.


A couple of Thanksgiving day football thoughts

Hmm Dallas seems to have found their quarterback of the future, Romo looked very good yesterday and they are starting to win with him at the helm. Wigg's will be insufferable now lol.

I don't think I will be able to watch games on the NFL league for two reasons. First DirecTV only carries the nonHD broadcast and it looks worse than channel 41 in Milwaukee. Second I cannot take Bryan Gumble as a football announcer he sucks I mean he must still think he is on the fraking Today show. Chris Collensworth wasn't much better. Yeah unless the Packers are playing I think I might have to just skip Thursday night football all together until they make some changes.


Wow it could be worse you could be a Detorit Lions fan

Wow no matter how bad the Packers season is when it is all said and done. We know one thing the Detroit Lions will be worse.

I almost feel for the Lions fans they have nothing to cling to. Bears and Packers fans had 85 or 96 to cling to like a log in a flooded river. They have sucked for as long as I can remember. They had a good season or two I believe one NFC championship game but no hardware to show for it.

How brutal it must have been to see Joey F-ing Harrington your former 3rd pick over all in the draft quarterback come in and take his new team to a win in his former house? Oh from what I saw the whole Detroit organization was pretty classless from the Millen right down to the Detroit fans for how they treated Harrington yesterday. The stunt of announcing all the other Dolphins starters by number but then using Harrington's name was bush league.

Hmmm maybe Joey the whipping boy wasn't the main cause of the problems in Detroit. I wonder if Matt(god I wish I was John Madden)Millen will survive this season?

All I can say for the Lions fans is at least they have other teams in town that can bring home the hardware. Imagine life in Detroit during this stretch if the Pistons and Red Wings and yes even the Tigers had not won every so often. My rock it would be like being a sports fan in say Milwaukee ;)


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Devon Aoki

This post holiday Friday please allow me to indulge my tiny little Asian women fetish.

So this Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Devon Aoki a model actress who played one of my favorite roles when she was Miho in Sin City.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another example of why cable sucks

If you don't have Sat TV it most likely you will miss the premiere of NFL Football on the NFL network.

I cannot even imagine if I will be awake for a third football game by that late in the evening. But you have to try right.


Welcome to Mike from SpringCity our newest bartender

Wow Mike will always be able to remember the day he joined the WSB. Hell America throws a holiday to celebrate it.

So I for one am giving thanks to Mike joining us and bringing his perspective to the WSB. As you can see he has already improved our coverage of the small state colleges I think his Lacrosse bias might be as strong as my Wisconsin one ;)

Mike is a big Packer and Brewer fan and being an older guy like me he has suffered through the first Packer Dark age. So you young ones pay attention to what he has to say and maybe you will survive this new Packer dark age with your minds intact ;)

So once again welcome to Mike.


FYI I have dropped GBFan and am just going with my name it gets to confusing between my blog remembering which character I am in lol.

Big Division III Match-up On Saturday

No, really. UW-La Crosse and UW-Whitewater meet in Whitewater at noon Saturday in the NCAA Division III football playoffs. This is a rematch of their October conference game which Whitewater won handily 45-10. In that game, Whitewater's leading rusher, Justin Beaver, broke his collarbone. Apparently, he has now healed enough to play again, which is not good news for La Crosse.

UW-Whitewater set an attendance record of over 9,500 at the first game, I suspect that this game will not set a record since the students will be on T-Day break. Need a place to go before or after? There's a place called Randy's Restaurant and Fun Hunters Brewery in Whitewater that is as good as you'll find in Madison or Milwaukee. There's no Badger game this weekend, the Packers don't get beat until Monday night, so this is the best thing going for live sports fans in Wisconsin.

- I see Blogger is as good as ever. Whitewater prevailed ... barely 24-21.

Happy Thanksgiving To All

Enjoy, Faith, Family, Football and Food. I love this holiday. Yard chores are done, Interior chores are foremost in the mind of the better half. I love indoor chores, power tools, laser measuring, saws, shelves, sofas, and creativity are "en'vogue.

I thank, my BROTHER for his service in Kosovo. I thank all those that serve selflessly so we can enjoy this holiday, forevermore.

I thank the Lord that my sister is here to talk to. Her cancer has come back. She will fight.

I thank my Dad, Mom, They instilled in me the life I lead today.

I thank my sons, for they have contributed to society in a positive way that I could never percieve in my younger days. They continually surprise me.

Finally, I thank my wife, my Softy Bear is the end-all be-all of my life. If the Lord adjoined any two people on this Earth to set an example for others I have yet to meet them. You are my Baby-Doll, Softy Bear and life partner.

I know this grosses you guy's out. That's why I do it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wisconsin MBB takes care of business last night

The Badgers Mens BasketBall Team took care of business last night defeating Delaware State 64-52. Moving the number 7 ranked Badgers to 4-0 in this young season. Here is the MJS coverage of the game.

Face it right now everything is moving right along to the showdown with the CareBears from Marquette on Dec 9. Wisconsin schedule only has one big school on it before that game Florida State on November 28. That game is part of the ACC/Big 10 challenge another made for ESPN event. So there is a very good chance that the Badgers will be undefeated going into the game for state bragging rights.

As most of you know being a Wisconsin Alum I harbor a hatred of the CareBears that runs pretty deep so I am really looking forward to Wisconsin going into the BC and thrashing the CareBears in their own building.

I will close this with the statement I aways use when talking to CareBear fans. Its not a real Division One school if you don't play football. Or the always fun "Where does Marquette keep its Rose Bowl trophys? In the same place the Minnesota Vikings keep their Lombardi trophys lol.

December 9th cannot get here fast enough.

On Wisconsin Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Red.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warriors Roll, Cancel Me As A Poster Here and Now

We Are Marquette, We Are Marquette.
That's right I'm a Warrior fan. I'm out of the closet. I celebrate at the altar of St. Al McGuire.

The Warriors rolled to a hard fought 73-62 win over top ten (No.8) ranked Duke in the final of tonight's CBE Classic.

The final score is not indicative of the closeness of this game. The game was tied 58-58 with five minutes to go when Dominic James took over. The Warriors held Duke scoreless until 1:30 left in the game, all the while Dominic James scored 9 of the Warriors 11 points to pull away and secure the win. James did go down late with a cramp but came back to finish the game. James finished with 25 points. He'll be alright. James also had 7 assists and 3 rebounds. Jerel McNeal had 17 points but missed three free throws down the stretch to send up a red balloon to Warrior fans everywhere. Marquette could have increased their lead incrementally down the stretch had they converted free throws. Marquette shot 64% from the line (14-22). This will be a concern if it is not corrected during the rough and tumble Big East season.

The other concern for the Warriors will be inside defense. The Warrior front line gave up inside position early and often to Duke big man Josh McRoberts. Had McRoberts been able to finish at the rim this game would have had a different outcome. Ousmane Barro played well but he will need help from young forwards Jamil Lott, Lazar Hayward and Dwight Burke.

Special mention goes out to Wes Matthews Jr., who shut down DeMarcus Nelson after Nelson scored 11 of Dukes first 15 points and allowed Duke to take a seven popint lead. Nelson scored two points after Matthews concentrated on "D" and stopped looking for his shot.

Finally, you people don't know how hard it is to watch an entire game with Dick Vitale announcing. I hated him as coach of Detroit when he went up against St. Al and I hate him worse now. My kingdom for access to WTMJ.

Watch On ESPN2

The Marquette Warriors take on the Duke BlueDevils at 10:30 PM (EST) this evening, catch all the action on ESPN2.
This is the final of the CBE (College Basketball Experience) tournament formerly known as the Guardian classic. The final takes place in Kansas City MO.

It will be the first time Duke and Marquette will meet in mens basketball.

Marquette is 5-0, and ranked 13, while The Dukies are 4-0 and ranked 8.

Keep an eye on DeMarcus Nelson for Duke along with freshmen Lance Thomas and John Scheyer. This is a very young Duke team and I see the Warrior backcourt dominating this early season test and The Warriors joining the top ten in next weeks useless poll.

Edited at 10:29 PM, that's what I get for not fact checking ESPN's website. The Warriors have in fact played Duke 5 previous times with Duke leading the series 4-1. My Bad.

What's in your bowl?

JSOnline's DayWatch and are reporting that the Badgers have accepted an invite to their second straight Captial One Bowl in Orlando. They will play the 1st team from the Southeatern Conference not taken by the BCS; likely either the loser of the SEC Championship game between Florida (10-1) and Arkansas (10-1) or LSU (9-2).



Packers Sign QB Todd Bouman to fill the roster spot made available by placing Aaron Rogers on the DL. I have no idea who this mope is here is what had to say

"The Green Bay Packers Tuesday signed quarterback Todd Bouman and placed quarterback Aaron Rodgers on injured reserve. Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director of Football Operations Ted Thompson made the announcement.

Bouman, a 6-foot-2, 226-pound veteran in his ninth NFL season out of St. Cloud State, had played the previous three years with New Orleans, where he worked from 2003-04 with Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy, then the Saints' offensive coordinator. Acquired by New Orleans in a 2003 trade with Minnesota, Bouman spent his first five years with the Vikings, who originally signed him as a non-drafted free agent in 1997.

An experienced signal-caller, Bouman has played in 42 NFL games with six starts, and has completed 129 of 230 passes (56.1 percent) for 1,683 yards, with 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, a 75.3 passer rating. His last name is pronounced BAU-man."

Oh boy we are one cheap shot or hard hit away from being back in the "Randy White" days be afraid be very afraid.

I thought for sure they would bring in Ty Detmer lol.


Well Orlando can be nice in January

I am coming to grips with the fact Wisconsin may finish 5th or 6th in the BCS ranking and will not get to go to a BCS bowl due to the stupid asinine only 2 teams from a conference rule.

What they need to do then is go down to Orlando and beat which ever SEC team they get a shot at. If they can beat an SEC team two years in a row in their bowl game the college football world will notice. I am worried about them having to play Arkansas, the Razorbacks looked scary good a couple of weeks ago when I watched them dismantle a good Tennessee team. As they say down south they took the Vols to the wood shed and gave them a first class whooping. They have speed on top of speed and I wonder if the Badgers could keep up. Arkansas would be a very good test for the Badgers.

Right now face it they are playing for how high they will be in next years first poll. They have over come not starting the year in the top 25 this year stupid rule aside. If they end the season ranked in the top 5 they will most likely start next season in the top 25. They have already answered the QB question for next year and PJ Hill will be back. Bret Bielema sure has set the bar high for next year, you come out of the shoot with this kind of year it will be a tough act to follow.

It is a shame that Wisconsin had to have this kind of year at the same time OSU and Mich were playing out of their minds. Hell most years 11-1 would have won you at least a share of the Big Ten title but they had their chance they did get to play Michigan if they win that game what a mess the Big Ten plus One would have been since Wisconsin and OSU didn't play.

I can live with the Capital One Bowl even though we all know the BCS is fucked when it comes to that stupid rule. Can you imagine the howling and mashing of teeth by the national media if it was the SEC or ACC or some other East coast conference that was getting screwed like this. But at the beginning of the season I didnt think the Badgers would be half as good as they have been. Isn't that typical, most of the successful Badger teams always seem to surprise everyone they tend to come out of nowhere.

Nice thing is Bucky is sitting back with all their games done and watching these other teams bashing heads. My guess is they will jump over the winner of the USC/ND game so its nice when you can move up the polls without having to play a game.

I might have to look into tickets for the old Capital One bowl hmmmm.


Monday, November 20, 2006

The Cubs are spending money like the Yankees

I wonder when the Brewers will make a move to improve last years team? I mean the Cubs have made a number of signings caping it off with getting Alfonso Soriano with a monster contract.

I am waiting Mr Melvin I see that they are really looking at making Bill Hall the everyday Left fielder. I wonder if Melvin will make a move for Juan Pierre now that he is no longer in the Cubs plans. Here is an idea leave hall at third put Hart in Left and put Pierre in Center. Someone please tell me the Brewers have figured out a way to rid themselves of Geoff Jenkins

I am sitting here watching the Cubs spend money hand over fist I know that doesnt mean they will win they could be a Midwest version of Baltimore but they could also be a Midwest version of the Yankees or Mets.

Hell this is just like the bad old days under the Selig's we just sit here and watch the other teams gobbling up the free agents while the Brewers sit there with their thumbs ups their collective asses.

Has there been any news on Koskie is he going to be able to play next year or has he gone Craig Hodges on us? Not that he was lighting up the league at third when he got hurt. What about JJ Hardy is he going to be healthy?

Oh well lots of time left I am sure Doug Melvin is going to blow us away before training camp starts. Sure he will.


Aaron Rodgers out for the year

Put to bed any thoughts of a quarterback controversy in Green Bay this year. Put to bed any thoughts of getting Aaron Rodgers some seasoning before he takes over this team, because he's done for the year with a broken foot. If the injury to Favre's ulnar nerve were serious enough to keep him out of action next Monday, Ingle Martin will be the answer to the trivia question, "Who started the first game at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers after Brett Favre's ironman streak ended?" Yep, Ingle Martin. If only they still had Taco Wallace for him to throw to.

Hey, what's Don Majkowski up to these days?

Sunday Bloody Sunday

How bad was it? Let's review the tape:

  • Not only did the Pack lose 35-0, and not only did Favre get knocked out of the game, but backup QB Aaron Rogers was limping after the game.

  • Not only did Jimmie Johnson win the 2006 Nextel Cup, he would've won under the old points system as well.

  • Duh Bears can clinch the NFC North next weekend with a win and Packer and Viqueen losses.

  • There is almost no chance for the Badgers to get to a BCS bowl game despite being #8 in the BCS. The best we can hope for Bucky is the Capital One Bowl (what's in your rankings?).

Oh well; at least we're not Philly fans; they lost Donovan McNabb for the season again (of course, that puts a bit of a hurt on the league-leading Spiraling Colby, but I still have the three-headed running back monster known at Tomlinson, Parker and Gore). We could also be Tiger Woods, who choked a 3-stroke lead over the final 6 holes.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

4 - 12

What's that mean? Lot's of things. My prediction for the Pack this year. Aaron Rodgers Completions vs Attempts. Ratio between Deanna Favre's head and her beer stein. And the Packers record next year if Aaron Rodgers is our starter. It might also be the combined record of opponents the Packers have defeated this year. But i'm uncertain.

Shut out by the Bears? Fine, Bears are Real Good. By the Patriots!? At Home!!?? C'Mon. That's just embarrassing.

And i don't want to see anything about how we should have one some earlier games. No we shouldn't have, we ain't that good.

- Boo Meat

Deer hunters' thread

The opening weekend of Wisconsin's gun deer season has come and gone. Did you bag anything? If so, tell us about it in the comments. What better place to brag a little than at the Wisconsin Sports Bar?

Favre's injury

Brett Favre, as just about everybody knows, injured his throwing elbow today during the game against the Pats. It was a quirky injury-I think everybody who watched it live was more concerned about his knees. It seemed like a severe knocking of the funny bone. Granted, that can hurt like hell and if you do it just right, it can linger for a while, but am I the only one who found it odd that it kept him out for the remainder of the game? They say he did not regain strength in his throwing hand. Again, that may very well have been possible, but could it also be possible that this was a convenient way to keep Favre on the bench and get Rodgers some playing time in a game that Brett wasn't playing well in and was getting out of hand quickly?

Additionally, did Rodgers do anything today to build anyone's confidence in him as Favre's replacement? I won't hold today against him because the Pats played inspired defense and the Packer's offensive line did not play well at all, but he has to take advantage of whatever opportunities he gets. He certainly did not do that today.

Earnhardt Jr. nation

I know that there are some Junior haters who read this blog, so I'm am going to share this video with you all. Last week when the Nextel Cup contenders held a joint press conference, the topic of this video came up amongst the drivers. It is taken in the kitchen of a Junior fan during the Talladega race, and shows the reaction of the guy and his kid to Brian Vickers taking out Jimmy Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. All the drivers got a laugh out of it, with the possibile exception of Johnson.

Thanks to The Big Lead and Indiana for their links to this little post
and nice catch Jib

Turn out the BCS lights

The fresh rankings are out (going through Bucky at #8):

1. Ohio State (12-0, Big 10 champ)
2. Michigan (11-1)
3. USC (9-1, Pac-10 champ, plays against Notre Dame and against UCLA)
4. Florida (10-1, plays at Florida State, then against Arkansas in the SEC championship game)
5. Notre Dame (10-1, plays at USC)
6. Arkansas (10-1, plays LSU, then Florida in the SEC championship game)
7. West Virginia (9-1, plays against South Florida and Rutgers, still in the Big East title hunt)
8. Wisconsin (11-1, screwed if Michigan finishes #2, #3 or #4)

You ask how Michigan can still be #2? It's true they're #3 in both the Harris and USA Today coaches' polls and #2 in the computer conglomerate, but the BCS considers how many points the teams get in each poll. Because the margin was very close (0.08% in the Harris and 0.10% in the coaches'), the sweep of the #2 rankings in the 4 computer polls not thrown out pushed Michigan ahead of USC.

Right now, there's only one way for Michigan to fall below #4 and thus keep Bucky's hopes of a BCS bowl alive; have USC, Florida and West Virginia win out and hope that the pollsters give those 3 teams enough love to overcome the pro-Wolverine bias in the computers.

BCS update - 11/18/2006

Final scores of the games that matter (teams in the top 14, teams in the top 25 that could get to 9 wins this weekend, and teams in the top 25 that are in the hunt for their conference championship; BCS rankings given where appropriate):

- #1 Ohio State 42, #2 Michigan 39 - Ohio State wins the Big 10 with a 12-0 overall record and will, barring a computer meltdown, go to the BCS championship as #1; Michigan (finishes 11-1) may well still survive as a top-4 team, which would screw Wisconsin
- #3 USC 23, #15 California 9 - USC wins the Pac-10 (by virtue of the recently-adopted head-to-head tiebreaker; the most-recent-representative rule is now at the bottom of both the Pac-10 and Big 10 tiebreaker list for the conference championship) and has the inside track on BCS #2 with games against Notre Dame and at UCLA left; California has one more shot at getting 9 wins (they host Stanford in 2 weeks)
- #4 Florida 62, Western Carolina 0 - Florida will play Arkansas for the SEC championship but not before playing at Florida State
- #5 Notre Dame 41, Army 9 - Notre Dame will likely have to beat USC on the road to keep their automatic bid (they need to finish in the top 8 to get an automatic bid)
- Cincinnati 30, #6 Rutgers 11 - Rutgers still controls their own destiny in the Big East with 2 conference games remaining (versus Syracuse and at West Virginia)
- #7 Arkansas 28, Mississippi State 14 - Will play Florida for the SEC title but not before hosting LSU
- #8 West Virginia 45, Pittsburgh 27 - Gives West Virginia 9 wins; West Virginia still controls their own destiny in the Big East with 2 conference games remaining (versus South Florida and versus Rutgers)
- #9 Wisconsin 35, Buffalo 3 - Bucky took care of business to finish 11-1
- #10 Louisville 31, South Florida 8 - Gives Louisville 9 wins; Louisville remains alive in the Big East race with 2 conference games remaining (at Pittsburgh and vs Connecticut); South Florida is eliminated from the Big East race
- #11 LSU 23, Mississippi 20 - Gives LSU 9 wins
- #12 Boise State 49, Utah State 10 - Boise State wins the WAC, but since that is a mid-major conference, they'll likely need to win at Nevada to get the mid-major automatic bid (BCS top 12 or BCS top 16 and finish ahead of the lowest-ranked Big 12/ACC/Big East/Big 10/Pac-10/SEC champ) or remain in consideration for an at-large bid (BCS top 14)
- #14 Auburn 22, Alabama 15 - Auburn finishes the season 10-2
- #21 Virginia Tech 27, #16 Wake Forest 6 - Gives Virginia Tech 9 wins; Wake Forest still controls its own destiny (win at Maryland, they go to the ACC championship game against Georgia Tech)
- #17 Oklahoma 36, Baylor 10 - Gives Oklahoma 9 wins; Oklahoma needs to win at Oklahoma State and have Texas lose against Texas A&M to play Nebraksa in the Big 12 championship game
- #18 Georgia Tech 49, Duke 21 (corrected score; durn FoxSports for not refreshing) - Gives Georgia Tech 9 wins; Georgia Tech is also in the ACC championship game against Wake Forest, Maryland or Boston College
- #20 Boston College 38, #19 Maryland 16 - Gives Boston College 9 wins; BC needs to win at Miami and have Maryland win against Wake Forest to go to the ACC championship game against Georgia Tech; Maryland has one more shot to get 9 wins and needs to beat Wake Forest and have BC lose to Miami to go to the ACC championship game against Georgia Tech
- #25 Brigham Young 42, New Mexico 17 - Gives BYU 9 wins; BYU wins the Mountain West (another mid-major conference), but they need to win at Utah and pray for a lot of upsets or a lot of love from the polls

Idle teams that are either in the top 14 or playing for a major conference championship:
- #13 Texas - If they beat Texas A&M at home or if Oklahoma loses at Oklahoma State, they will go to the Big 12 championship game against Nebraska
- #23 Nebraska - They're in the Big 12 championship game; a win against Colorado will give them 9 wins

We'll see what the pollsters and computers do with this tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful for the Badgers. While I expect to see more Trojan love from the computers to put USC #2 ahead of Florida, I just don't see the pollsters and the computers putting Notre Dame ahead of Michigan for #4 just yet as the Wolverines crushed the Fighting Irish earlier this year. The significance of that is, because Michigan is from a major conference, if they finish #3 or #4, the BCS will extend an automatic invitation, and that combined with Ohio State's BCS #1 ranking will use up the two total invites the Big 10 is allowed.

In the rest of the polling, I expect Rutgers to barely hang onto the top 14 and at least a chance at a BCS at-large bid, but if they drop out, I'd have to say that Oklahoma will move up to replace them.

One final word for those wishing for a rematch between Michigan and Ohio State, there is a way that it would happen - USC beats Notre Dame and loses to UCLA, Florida loses to Florida State, Arkansas loses to LSU, and the Big East eats their own. That would leave Michigan and Wisconsin as the only major 1-loss teams, and given a choice between Michigan, Wisconsin, and even an undefeated Boise State, guess who the pollsters will take.

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