Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Boss, The Crews Best Buddy?

It is being reported in the New York Post that the Yankees and "The Boss" George Steinbrenner are going to go after Jeff Suppan.
What a blessing for the Crew.
I hope the Stankees take Suppan and his 12-2 record (3.30 ERA) vs. Milwaukee into that junior circuit the American League.
To compare Suppans numbers against Milwaukee take a look at his second best stats vs. any one single team.
Suppan is 7-3 with a 3.90 ERA vs Pittsburgh.
Surprisingly his third best performances individually are against the Detroit Tigers (maybe George does know something) where he is 7-3, 3.90 ERA.
As if anyone outside Mass. and N.Y. care, Suppan is 3-3 with a 4.78 ERA vs the Bosox.
Suppans ERA at The House That Ruth Built you ask? 0-3 with a 5.19 ERA Maybe George is as daft as we all thought lo these many years.
Take him George, Take Jeff Suppan out of the Crew's fans misery. Please.

October 2006 our best month ever

Hey everyone it is official October 06 was our best traffic month ever. Once again we have done it with out a link from a big site.

Thanks to all the posters and readers for helping us reach this new milestone.

Hey if you are a poster who hasn't written in a while celebrate this kick ass traffic month with a post ;)

Write something you mopes lol


Good News from the AFL

That's Arizona Fall League to you.  The Hardball Times has a list of the top and bottom preformers from the seasoning league and topping the list is none other than Ryan Braun.

Braun leads the league in RBIs and 10 of his 15 hits have been for extra bases.
                   AB  AVG  OBP  SLG
First Half of AFL 47 .319 .389 .745
five home runs have been scattered across the outfield, with two home
runs to left field, two home runs to center field, and one
opposite-field blast off of Braves prospect Anthony Lerew.
Braun struggled to hit for much power early in the 2006 season, but he
started launching more extra-base hits after a mid-season promotion to
the Southern League. His early results in the Arizona Fall League
confirm that he is perfectly capable of hitting the ball hard against
advanced competition. Braun is still only 22 years old and he will
enter the 2007 season as one the most complete hitting prospects in the
upper minor leagues.

I really like what this does for the Brewers next season.  If Braun is able to break camp with the squad, the Brewers will be able to let go a pricey (by comparison) veteran.  I have been a little out of it so I'm not sure exactly who they are talking about keeping, but if Braun is this ready (if he doesn't make camp he can definitely be counted on to fill-in in the case of an injury) that makes Hall versatile and Koskie, Cirillo (GO TO THE BOOTH, you would be a TV God!) and/or Bell expendable.

Emphasis in the quote was added.

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Looking ahead to next weekend

It should be a big sports weekend for Wisconsin Sports Fans, The Badgers face part one of the two part test they have before they get the after dinner mint that is Buffalo. The 8-1 Badgers control their own destiny first up Penn State at home. The Badgers have admitted to looking beyond the Illini last week to this match up. Well lets hope they can get it done and lets home PJ Hill is good to go come kick off time.

The Packers travel to Buffalo with a chance at pulling back to 500 a record I didn't think we would ever see this year. Hell I am tickled that they had a 500 month and are showing signs of improvement. This Buffalo game will be a big test since it may be the "easiest" of the 4 games in November not that the Queens looked all that impressive last night.

Speaking of last night did that game seem like an Arena Football game at times?

I keep watching the baseball news hoping to see the Crew has inked Soriano ;) until he signs with someone else there is hope.

Some important baseball dates as the hot stove league gets underway now that the Red Birds have dispatched the Tiggers just as I said they would ;)

November 13-17 2006 General Managers meeting in Naples Florida

December 4-7 MLB "Winter" Meetings Orlando Florida

Let the trades begin ;)

Oh and not to dis the Bucks they kick off the regular season tomorrow against the Detroit Pistons in Detroit. 7pm the game will be on local TV Channel 24 in the Milwaukee area.

I see the curse of those really stupid new sweaters is already upon the Admirals 2-3 and in last place I am telling you until they get rid of those jerseys they will never win.

Quick final thought if I didn't have enough reason to hate the Marquette Care Bears already those dumb ass radio ads they have on ESPN 1510am have whipped my hatred for the Care Bears to new levels. A case of Lienies to the man who brings me the heads of everyone involved with that ad. ;)

Happy Halloween everyone


Monday, October 30, 2006

This is why I don't gamble

Congrats to the Cards.

My prediction last week of the Tigers winning in 5 shows why I don't gamble.

And unlike Chris, I was cheering for the Tigers because I could NEVER root for a rival, even if it means that I won't have to listen to Peter Gammons tell us that the NL is nothing more than a AAAA minor league.

I won't apologize for rooting against the Cards. Yes, St. Louis is a good baseball town yada yada yada. Rooting for the Cardinals is like rooting for the Vikings, Bears, or Bulls.

Ok I am starting to see a future in this team

I have no complaints other than if the last Packer scoring drive had gotten a TD instead of a field goal I would have nailed my score prediction as it was I only missed the Packer score by 4 points and nailed the Cards score.

Not much you couldn't be happy with other than that silly ass fake field goal that only the holder seemed to know about.

Is it just me or does it seem like the O line is coming together two backs over a 100 yards is a rare feat. Even if it was done against the Cardinals.

I have to give the old man credit too Brett looks so much better than last year. He has a lot less talent at WR right now due to the injuries and suspensions but he is playing much better football than last year. If he plays like this the rest of the year(I cant believe I am about to say this)I would have to vote for him coming back next year. Right now he isn't hurting the team he is helping it play better and now start to win.

Yes I keep reminding myself it was the Cards but still they ran the ball and they threw it well. Young guys are starting to step up and make plays.

Only other complaint I am sick and tired of Al(I want more money)Harris dropping interceptions that are thrown right too him. He dropped one in the first period yesterday and a big one in the Rams game.

Ok the Pack is now at 3-4 with another woeful team in the Bills coming up next week. They do have a good shot at getting to 500 at the half way point not a bad deal. I wouldn't have believed it if you told me at the beginning of this month.

So October was a 500 month with the Pack going 2-2 November is going to be a big test for this young team 3 of 4 games are on the road At Buffalo At The Queens(in the house of horror that is the Humpty Dumpty dome) and ending the month on Monday night with the Sea Hawks who should have most of their weapons back.

They really need to win the Buffalo game because the 3 games after that are a stone cold bitch. Queens P-men and the Seagulls. November could get ugly.

quick question can Ron Woodson make it through an entire game without getting a boo boo that knocks him out for series?

I loved the emotion that the whole team played with yesterday it was great to see Brett actually do a Lambeau leap. When was the last time he went into the stand?

I would have to say we will have to pack away the Drive to number one for the season unless they totally fall apart. I don't think the Packers will even have a top 10 pick Hell right now they would have the 13 pick.

Every week you can see small little improvements Green looks like he is pretty damn close to being all the way back.

Baby steps Baby Steps.

2 in a row who would have thunk it?


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hate to dash your hopes and dreams

But this team is going into week nine 4-4!  Screw the first pick in the draft, we playoff bound!!

(I may or may not be drunk, but tomorrow better not include posts about how terrible it is the Packers won because of draft position).

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Week 8 - the fight back to respectability

It's been an ugly 7 weeks as I fell 7 games under .500. I was just softening up the man for the 13-week explosion starting now....

Arizona @ Green Bay (-4) - The Drive to #1 gets the fork stuck in it this weekend. Duh Deadbirds have not won in Wisconsin since before they left Chitcago.
San Francisco @ Chicago (-16) - Duh Bears thrive on turnovers. Duh Whiners give them very freely. Stay under the 42.
Houston @ Tennessee (-3) - The Texans had their Super Bowl last week. It's time for the inevitable letdown, so break out the lead pipe cinch.
Jacksonville @ Philadelphia (-7.5) - The Jags got exposed last week.
Atlanta @ Cincinnati (-3.5) - This is starting to get to be a trend.
Tampa Bay @ NY Giants (-9) - It IS your friend.
Seattle (+6.5) @ Kansas City - This will be a game of field-goals, as there won't be a starting QB, just 1/8th-backs. Note; this game is currently off the board at bodog.com.
Baltimore @ New Orleans (-2) - LPC #2 - Vegas should have stuck a 1 in front of this line.
St Louis (+9) @ San Diego - Why is this line at 9 when no Lamb game has been decided by 9 or more?
Pittsburgh (-10) @ Oakland - Layeth the lumber, as the Stillers won't need an Immaculate Reception to crush Duh Raiders. Bonus play - go over the 38.5 as the Stillers will do that by themselves.
NY Jets @ Cleveland (-1.5) - Break out the chants because the J-E-T-S S*CK SU*K SUC* aren't playing Duh Deadfins or Duh Lions.
Indianapolis (+2.5) @ Denver - Irresistable force moves immovable object.
Dallas @ Carolina (-6) - Who's the 3rd-string in Big D? Expect Cowpoke fans to be asking for him by the end of the third quarter.
New England (-2.5) @ Minnesota - What's more annoying; Joe Theesman or that horn at the Rollerdome?

Lucky 7th review

I knew there was more than one lead pipe in the system; 7-6 still leaves me at 44-51-5 though:

Green Bay 34 (+5) @ Miami 24 - Look for the eternal optimists to point out incessantly that E. Michael McCan'thy has the same record in Miami that St. Vince does.
Detroit 24 (+4) @ NY Jets 31 - Who sucks more than the Jets? Duh Lions.
San Diego 27 (-6) @ Kansas City 30 - Ow, my knee!
Jacksonville 7 (-10) @ Houston 27 - Did they switch uniforms, or do we file this under "Any Given Sunday"?
New England 28 (-6.5) @ Buffalo 6 - Ched said this was the lead pipe cinch.
Pittsburgh 38 (-3) @ Atlanta 41 - Unfortunately, it was the Stiller team with no running game and a fragile Big Ben.
Philadelphia 21 (-6.5) @ Tampa Bay 23 - Nothing like a journeyman kicker drilling a 62-yarder to really ruin your day.
Carolina 14 (+3.5-WIN) @ Cincinnati 17 - Those half-points are real nice
Denver 17 (-5.5) @ Cleveland 7 - Hear me now and believe me later; that Pony defense is real.
Washington 22 @ Indianapolis 36 (-9) - Told you it was a 1-sided track meet.
Minnesota 31 (+7) @ Seattle 13 - Seneca Wallace is no quarterback.
Arizona 9 (-3) @ Oakland 22 - The St. Louis Cardinals could beat the Arizona Deadbirds...in football no less.
NY Giants 36 (+3.5) @ Dallas 22 - The chants started early, and the benching happened at the half. It didn't help.

Can the Packers have a 500 month

Well today is the last Packer game of October and they have a solid shot to have a 2-2 month.

A win over the Arizona(always in a death spin)Cardinals would also move their record to 3-4 which would a nice surprise this late in the season.

Hell they can win today they have a bad Buffalo team next week and would have a shot at gasp being 500 but I am getting ahead of myself.

Matt Leinhart missed some practice this week with the birth of his new baby(congrats to him and his whole family babies are so cool)plus his beloved alma matter lost yesterday , so I doubt this has been his best week of practice.

The Packers need to win this game to prove they have crawled out of the bottom feeding pool

I am going to predict the Pack wins in a Laughter today. 35-14 I feel it in my bones or maybe I am just sore from all the yard work I did yesterday.


Blogger has been wonky all weekend sorry for any garbage here

Blogger sucks plain and simple but I am not spending the money to move this over to Word Press lol not for you mopes ;)


The tale of two half or the Badgers dodge a bullet

Me thinks the Badgers were looking past the lowly Illini at next weeks game against Penn St and it almost bit them in the ass. I thought this game would be the classic good Badgers season loss that keeps it from being a great season. But then the coaching staff made adjustments at halftime and the second half was like a totally different ball game. The now 8-1 Badgers have taken care of business now they just need to keep the 1-0 mindset for these next two game which are huge.

A BCS bowl is becoming a more realistic goal after each week. As a lot of the one loss teams ahead of them have to play each other and that will help the Badgers climb up the BCS ladder.

Hopefully PJ Hill be healthy for next weeks game he took a number of nasty shots in Saturdays game.

Already looking forward to next weeks game

On Wisconsin
Gooooooooooooooooo RED


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh yeah the American league is so much better than the National league

Congratulations to the St Louis Cardinals for upholding the honor of the National league and the Central Division.

After defeating the "3 run homerun" league in 5 games 4-1 they saved us for at least this winter. No ESPN talking heads telling us how much greater the American League is.

Be honest this St Louis wasn't the greatest team they have ever had. The Brewer team we thought we had at the beginning of last season would have been close to or as good as this Cards team.

Well the standard has been set for next year as usual if the Brewers have any intentions of going to the post season they will have to go through St Louis to do it.

I sat there watching the Party at Busch Stadium listening to that joyous roar that only sports fans understand. 50,000 people all tied together in a single moment of happiness and joy. I want that in Milwaukee so bad it hurts.

I go back to the Carlos Lee Walk off homer on Fathers day against the Indians that roar as the ball left the yard. My guess is Miller park would be a thousands times louder the moment they won a World Series.

Ok the season is over officially now its time to start building next year, nothing short of the wild card should be accepted.

Grab the checker board and fire up the Hot Stove its that time of the year. How many days to the Winter Meetings?

Once again Congrats to The Red Birds and their fans. Huzzah for the NL and the Central Division.

The 2007 season starts today.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Our second best traffic month ever

Hey thank you to all the posters and readers we are now officially having our second best traffic month ever. What makes this even more impressive we have done it without a link from Dead spin. So there has been no 300-500 hit day. We as a group have just slowly dragged the daily average up to 70 people a day.

Take a look at the site-meter and rejoice in the steady climb back.

Special thanks to Paul for his post today I thought he had forsaken us ;)

To you new posters "Hey write something you mopes" lol

Once again thank you all for your time as posters and as readers.


The NL just plays better fundemental baseball

One thing I have noticed during the World Series is St Louis just plays a more sound version of baseball when compared to Detroit. The play that really shows the difference is how each teams handles a bunt. You can see the Team from the 3 run home run league having issues when they are forced to play a bunt. They just don't see it as often. You saw it last night when Tigger Reliever Fernando Rodney threw the ball way over first base when trying to field a sac bunt by So Taguchi. The Tigger Pitchers have 4 errors in this Series the team has 6 total.

So we are one game away from seeing the league that plays real baseball claiming the World Series Trophy. I believe this will be the first World Series for a Central Division team since the realignment.

Does it seem like the Red Birds just have the feel of a team that has "seen the Elephant" where the Tiggers just seem aw struck by the whole World Series experience.

To give some credit to the Tigger one thing they have done well is having their pitchers bunt. Every time I have seen a Detroit pitcher in the position to lay down a sac bunt he has managed to actually do it. To be honest they look better than the Brewers pitching staff when it comes to bunting.

So what do you all think is it over tonight? I think it is I believe the Cards will give them the death blow and end the 2006 baseball season. After that magic inning last night when the Tigger Center fielder slipped and then the over throw at first base leading to the the cards first tying the score then then lead. To hell with Cinderella this is the Red Birds year.

Huzzah for the National League.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Jenn Sterger

The Florida State Football Fan Turned Maxim girl who ESK introduced us to awhile back.

As they say in North Florida "How about them Noles"


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Costume Idea: Wisconsin Only

I have a costume that I'm not going to use this weekend, because I'm:

1. Lazy and
2. In Chicago.

However, if you are not lazy and in Milwaukee, may I suggest that you dress up as our old Milwaukee County Stadium buddy, the Two-Fisted Slobber.

The Two-Fisted Slobber was the main character in a public service announcement that they played at old County Stadium for the purpose of preventing binge drinking. The Slobber would spill on people, swear in front of children, and get up to use the facilities at the most inopportune times.

He always pissed off the other characters (old ladies, children, parents), and he always had two beers in his hands. There was a problem with the Two-Fisted Slobber, however. After awhile, he started to become a cultural icon. Instead of deterring those around him from binge-drinking, many people decided that they would rather be him than have to deal with him. Fan-cams would often catch TFS imitators. He was positively cool, and the Brewers, fearing a backlash from "those people" (You know who I'm talking about. The same jackasses who took away Bernie's beer mug and lederhosen, even though the team is called The Brewers, and even though they play in Miller Park.) forever buried the Slobber in an unmarked crate in a gigantic storage room, deep in the bowels of Miller Park, perhaps next to the Ark of the Covenant.

You can't even find him on the 'net. Don't even bother Googling, I've tried. You'll get cheap knock-offs, but you'll never find the real thing.

That's why Halloween is the perfect time to bring back the Two-Fisted Slobber. You only need a few readily-available items:

1. A "wife-beater" tank top.
2. A slight beer gut. The Slobber is not obese, just a bit doughy.
3. A "BM" old-school 80s era Brewer cap.
4. Cut off jean shorts. Longer than Tobias's, but not by much.
5. A 70s style pornstache, like the Brewers all had in the 80s. Fake or real, it doesn't matter.
6. Sneakers.
7. Tall socks.
8. Two beers.
9. No tan. At all. Pasty white only.

The best part about the costume is that it requires you to consume two simultaneous alcoholic beverages all evening. It might be a bit cold, but it does allow for easy movement, and a great deal of comfort if you are in a crowded space.

So please, this Halloween, if you don't have a bitchin' costume ready to go, do your part to bring back this Milwaukee icon, this Sultan of Suds. Bring back to Two-Fisted Slobber.

However, if the Two-Fisted Slobber is bothering you on Halloween, find an usher, a county sheriff, or go to the Fan Assistance Center, located on the main concourse behind Section 17.

Another World Series Rainout thought

If they get washed out tonight and Suppon pitches tomorrow and wins. Would you if you were Tony LaRussa send Carpenter back out on 4 days rest to try and finish the Series off?

I mean there is talk it might take them a day or two to get a dry stretch where they can get game 4 in. If they get rained out today and tomorrow the Carpenter in game 5 becomes a no brainer. But what if they only get rained out tonight? I would pitch Carpenter on the short rest trying to give the Tiggers the death blow and avoid going back to Detroit.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hmmm as I was saying why do they build these new parks without roofs?

Game 4 of the World Series is in a rain/sleet delay. Gee I bet the people in St Louis wish the had a retractable dome roof like say Miller Park. Nothing like paying $500 dollars to sit in the rain and watch a cold wet messy baseball game.

We must never forget how good we have it at Miller Park.


Some quick baseball thought

As I have been watching the fans in Detroit and St Louis freeze their asses off during the World Series and even during most of the NLCS and ALCS I am grateful for the fact that when the Baseball Gods finally bless us with post season play(it will happen someday) I will be sitting in my shirt sleeves enjoying the 70F splendor that is Miller Park with the Roof Closed. Not sitting there bundled up like I am at a Packer game.

Every time I see a Northern Climate team who built a new stadium without a roof suffer a rain out or a playing Ice ball instead of baseball I just want to point and laugh.

Bud did a lot of things that drove me nuts as the owner of the Brewers but when it came to Miller Park he did a lot of things right.

Speaking of the Commish Labor peace for the next 5 years No having to watch Millionaires duke it out with Billionaires over my beloved sport of baseball. One less thing to worry about.

St Louis keeps serve going up 2-1 over the Tiggers if they can win two more at home they never have to go back to Detroit.

Last night the Tiggers reminded me of the Crew having a pitcher only give up 2 runs and pitch fairly well. Kind of reminds you of how the Brewer bats would go cold when Doug Davis was pitching a good game or Sheets for that matter.

If Suppon can give the Red Birds a 3-1 lead tonight its over the NL will be able to shove the whole the AL is the better league right up ESPN and Fox sports Asses.

I am sorry I know a lot of you cannot root for the Cards but unlike the Cubs or even the Twinkies I don't hate the Cards. I want the Brewers to be like them St Louis is a wonderful baseball town. You go to a game down there and they find out your a Brewers fan they will tell you as much about the Brewers as you know. In the end if the Brewers want to be the best they will have to learn how to beat the Red Birds. Plus I am one of those guys who is loyal to the league and the conference you bet our ass I want Ohio State or Michigan to end up number one even thought I hate both teams I want the Big Ten to have the number one team.(I know that isn't really a baseball thought lol)

Hell at worst there are only 2 baseball games left in this season at best 4 more. Where the hell did this season go?

So Go Red Birds tonight NL All the Way. Real Baseball, all the way frak the AL and its DH rule.


The Pack has a chance for a 500 month

I know I am reaching here trying to find a silver lining in what is most likely going to be a season to forget. But its true if they can beat a Cardinal team that is in free fall this coming Sunday up der at Lambeau Field, they will be 2 and 2 for the month of October hell they should already have 2 wins this month they pissed away the Rams game.

I have seen flashes that give me hope for the future the young guys are starting to play better. The coaching staff actually made adjustments during the game in Miami. Good teams are still going to beat the Pack like a drum but games like this weekend should be a good chance for a Packer win.

I am hoping the Badgers keep up the stellar season they are having since it will provide a little cover for a rebuilding Packer team if the Boys from Madison are in the hunt for a BCS bowl right up until the end of the season.

I could see this team still winning 5-6 games this year. Which will hurt them in the drive to the Number one pick up hell Teddy boy would screw that pick up anyways lol.

Here is to a 500 month for the Green and Gold


Speaking of announcers

I always liked Matt Vasgersian when he was doing the Brewers telecasts in the late 90's. One of my favorite calls that he made came as the Brewers lost a game when their opponent's (I forget who) centerfield made an incredible diving catch in the gap with two runners on and the Crew down by one. Vasgersian yelled, "you gotta be dry shavin' me!" I was disappointed when he left Milwaukee. But what did all of you think about his call of the Packer-Dolphins game last weekend? I thought he was terrible. He was constantly mis-identifying players, he mis-described the action on the field a couple of times, and he showed a lack of knowledge of the rules of the game, like when he talked about whether the Dolphins would challenge a play with under two minutes left in the half, which is a booth, not coach, decision. I was disappointed in his football play by play.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daron Sutton Gone from the Booth

It has been announced that Daron Sutton will NOT be in the TV broadcast booth next season for the Brewers.

I really liked Daron as a broadcaster. He may have been a bit too peppy at times, but I still enjoyed his broadcasts.

As the Brewers look for a replacement, I truly hope that they do NOT consider that moronic weasel Bill Michaels

You won't have Turd Ferguson to kick around anymore

At least not this year.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm In St Louis Louie

This evening after work I headed down to the riverfront (The "REAL" riverfront, The Big Muddy, not the one in Cincinnasty) for the Cardinals big Pep Rally. On the eve of the return of the World Series to this greatest of baseball cities. The rally was a sea of red. Sorry no pictures, I only had my phone camera and it was to dark.

The Kenny Rogers, pine tar incident, was all over the local news all day. All four local affiliates (Fox, CBS, NBC and CBS) lead there six o'clock news with the Rogers story. All four showed the Fox pictures of the gunk on Rogers hand and interviewed disgruntled fans.

Local radio was no better with callers beating the Tigers cheat drum.
The number one new item seen at the pep rally was the t-shirt that read, Cards bring the Heat, The Tigers bring the Cheat. Finally on my way home one DJ finally hit the nail on the head. He chastised all the negative callers by pointing out that Rogers was caught in the first inning and washed his hands after that inning so the gem he pitched for the final six innings was not affected by the so-called gunk. The caller went silent and the call disconnected. Ha Ha
Yea, of course I hit the riverboat casino's while I was at the riverfront, but that's a story for another time.

Badgers keep rolling to a 7-1 record

I was able to watch the Badger game last night on DVR. A nice workman like job from this team. If they can take care of business next week against Illinois they will be 8-1 going into their last two real regular season games(no way in hell they lose to Buffalo in the last game of the season)

To be honest I wish they were just catching Michigan now not right out of the chute like they did. But even at that having your only lost be to a top 5 in every poll team isn't all that bad.

If they run the table you are looking at a really good shot at a BCS bowl. They only have to move up 8 spots to make the final 10. Between Penn State and Iowa games Iowa worries me the most because of the bad history the Badgers have playing Iowa.

One nice thing about this run to the end of the season 3 of 4 games are at Camp Randal no trip to Happy Valley this year.

A final thought wouldn't it be nice to have a QB and RB come up together it always seem like we have a Freshman or Sophomore RB and a Senior QB. I am not complaining just cloud talking since it is wonderful how Wisconsin just keeps plugging in new RB ever other year and they do well.

On Wisconsin and don't over look the Illni this weekend Penn State isn't for 2 weeks.

1-0 baby 1-0

AP 17 coachs poll 18 and BCS 18


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Packers drive to the number one pick takes another big blow

While driving home from the Nort Woods I took in the Packer game on the Radio. The damn Packers really messed up this week. They are killing their chances at the number one pick. With today's win they have allowed 12 teams to get between them and the magic number one pick.

Hell at the moment they have even managed to climb out of the NFC Central basement. Tsk Tsk hell of a way to run a drive to number one.


What bunch of bums

That's about the nicest thing I have to say about the current Packer roster. Not everyone is a bum-there are some bonafide pros there. The problem is how many guys they have that done deserve to play in a sand lot game.

Thankfully the Dolphins proved to have a bigger collection of bums in the second half, many of whom also had iron hands. Woodson played like expected today, for a change, and it was nice to see Green break one. I stand by the above statement, though. The Packers have a number of guys on their roster who should probably enjoy their cup of joe in the pros.

Lead Pipe Cinch Weekend

Displaced ched head has one lead pipe cinch already up. Let's see if I can't mine a few more -

Green Bay (+5) @ Miami - The most-notable news of the week has been the upholding and ensuing beginning of Koren Robinson's 1-year suspension and the signing of Rick Mexico (Marcus Vick) by Duh Deadfins
Detroit (+4) @ NY Jets - This game-of-the-weak isn't a lead-pipe cinch either. On one side, you have a team that hasn't won consecutive home games since December 2004 (they won at home last week). On the other, you have a team with a 5-38 road record since the 2001 season began.
San Diego (-6) @ Kansas City - Take the short six and have LT whack your man in the knees with this lead pipe.
Jacksonville (-10) @ Houston - The game is currently off the board because of Byron Leftwich's ankle (questionable). No matter; the Texans have no defense.
New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo - What ched said.
Pittsburgh (-3) @ Atlanta - Which Stiller team will show up this week?
Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Tampa Bay - Sooner or later, the NFL season will catch up with the rookies. For Gradowski, it's this week.
Carolina (+3.5) @ Cincinnati - Mistake #3 in the line this week. What should be on the mirrors in the BenGALS' locker room - Sucktitude is closer than it appears.
Denver (-5.5) @ Cleveland - Go under the 32.5 as Denver keeps its allow-a-TD-or-less streak alive.
Washington @ Indianapolis (-9) - Take the over-48 in this one-sided track meet.
Minnesota (+7) @ Seattle - If we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the defense train.
Arizona (-3) @ Oakland - How do you spell relief? R-A-I-D-E-R-S
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas - Over/under on chants to bench Bedsore - 3:30 left in the first half.

Weak 6 review

Bad things come in 3s, as in 3-10 last week. That puts me 6-feet-under at 37-45-5.

Buffalo 17 @ Detroit 20 (+2) - Turnover, turnover, turnover.
Cincinnati 13 (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay 14 - I should've stuck with the loss-before-the-bye method
Tennessee 25 @ Washington 22 (-11) - They only needed the running skills.
Houston 6 (+13.5) @ Dallas 34 - Where, oh where, did the Texans' offense go? Where, oh where could it be?
Seattle 30 @ St Louis 20 (+3) - Well, we know the Lambs aren't real.
NY Giants 27 @ Atlanta 14 (-3) - Shockey set me up the bomb.
Philadelphia 24 (-3.5) @ New Orleans 27 - Are the Aints real? Sure looks like it.
Carolina 23 (+3) @ Baltimore 21 - Line for Steve Smith - 8 receptions, 189 yards, 1 touchdown Glad I picked something right.
Miami 17 (+3) @ NY Jets 20 - Lamar Alexander and the 'Canes want a piece of this team. You'll hear, "We want Lemon" about 12:30.
San Diego 48 (-10) @ San Francisco 19 - You could've given your man 28.5 and still made out like a bandit.
Kansas City 7 (+7) @ Pittsburgh 45 - Damn, but that defense melted.
Oakland 3 @ Denver 13 (-14.5-LOSS) - At least NBC is still wondering why they can't raid a game every week.
Chicago 24 (-11.5-LOSS) @ Arizona 23 - They don't teach math at USC, and Denny Green is the biggest choke artist this side of Buffalo.

Looks like I'll need some lead pipe cinches.

Hate To Bite On ESPN, But I Really DID Say This In The Eighties

Lead Pipe Cinch...Every week the powers that be (Vegas spread setters) leave one game available to the public that is an easy bet and an easy win.
I speak of the NFL here.
Last week it was Baltimore's collapse. Who didn't see it coming.

Henceforth I shall present the "LEAD PIPE CINCH OF THE WEEK".

This week we have the New England Patriots giving six points to the Buffalo Bills.

Give the six. You might be "buffaloed", pardon the expression, but N.E., or should I say Bill Belichick does not play that way. New England coming off a bye where their recievers learned their lessons well and Buff's "D" is hurting. Bill B will make this a turning point for his play-off bound team.

Eat the six and expect a twenty point win.

This is the first of many public service announcements, We here in the Bar aim to please. Of course we are still prone to fisticuff's if Da' Bears are mentioned.

Only thing worse in these parts is the mention of the Viqueens.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

We Sure Could Use This Guy

The Badgers were reportedly incredibly close to signing a highly touted player named Sam Gagne this past recruiting period. Instead, he chose the OHL route. It's a freaking shame, because Bucky could use goals like this, and most especially this.

I found the first one thanks to Hockey in Wisconsin, who also has a nice recap of last night's disappointing 2-2 tie.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

How about that Central Division ;)

Good luck to the Red Birds as always I will be pulling for my teams league.

Time to end the Tiggers Cinderella run.

On another note I have pretty girl block I need a name for this weeks Friday Sweet Dreams girl.

I am going to the gym please leave me names in the comments I will pick one and get the pics up by early afternoon.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Suppan Acted Like He Was Facing The Crew

Jeff Suppan gave up two hits in the first inning and pitched no hit ball the rest of the way to lead the St Louis Cardinals into the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.

As fate would have it, I will be flying into St Louis, Lambert Intl. Airport on Sunday.
I'll be there on business all week. I'm not saying I'll dump five bills for a ticket but I will give you a sense of how that city feels during the World Series festivities.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share in the unbelievable excitement that a World Series brings to a city. I have never been so excited to visit St Louis in my entire life. Should be a hoot.

Bo Ryan as Businessman

I ran across this praise of Bo Ryan while, well, I don't really know how I ran across it, sorry for wherever I got it, i guess that's a blog fo pa.  Anyway, this is some praise for Bo Ryan running the UW program like a business:

It appears Bo Ryan at the University of Wisconsin does understand that running a program is a business. His understanding likely derives from his experience as a DIII coach, where much of the job is fundraising and wearing several hats to insure the program runs at an acceptable level. In a recent email I received from friend Steve Finamore,

Ryan cited some remarkable numbers published in the Wall Street Journal in March that show the unique development and success of the UW men's basketball program. It ranks among the nation's leaders in total revenue ($12 million) as well as difference between expenses and revenues ($8 million). Another database showed that it ranks toward the bottom in the country in recruiting expenses ($43,309).

Ryan credits the financial success to the manner in which the players play the game, which is certainly accurate.

"All I know is that people like to watch the guys and what they're doing. Their commitment and how they're diving on the floor," answered Ryan. "You're not always going to have your score on the left-hand side. Nobody does that. But we'll match the competitiveness year in and year out of anybody around. The fact that people have bought into that and made this the toughest ticket around, you don't think we're not proud of that? The players are proud of that. The people who have coached here are, too. That's a pretty good situation."

It's a pretty good read all in all, check out the whole thing here.

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MLB Urns and Caskets

According to stories all over the internet, Eternal Image, a company that builds custom casket and urns is now producing MLB licensed urns and caskets

In the heat of passion, many crazed baseball fans have said they would die for a championship. One company hopes some fans are actually willing to take their devotion to the grave.

With a new venture that will put Major League Baseball team logos on urns and caskets, the league and a company that makes funeral products will find out just how many fans have undying loyalty to their favorite team.

I don’t want to be buried when I die. It is a waste of space. I want to be burned (Probably realistic to where I will be going when I die) So I will be telling my wife to get me a Brewers Urn.

I think that it would be great to have my ashes in a Milwaukee Brewer’s Urn.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Robinson suspended, Favre goes off deep end

Unless you've been in a cave the last 2 days (and seeing nobody commented on Robinson yet, you might have been), Koren Robinson's 1-year suspension by the NFL has been upheld after an appeal that allowed him to play the last 3 games. That's not why I'm writing, however. It's also not because Wile E. Thompson (mud spelled backwards) ignored the certainty that Robinson would be suspended for one or the other of his drunk-driving arrests since his previous suspension (signed 9/12, suspended 9/18 and kept under wraps until the appeal failed). It's news that Brett Favre came out and ripped the NFL for "turn(ing) their back on him". Well, let's review the Koren Robinson rap sheet, shall we (with some major help from The Seattle Times and KOMO-TV in Seattle)?

  • 4/1998 - Arrested in North Carolina on suspicion of kidnapping a minor for the purpose of raping said minor. Charges of attempted 1st-degree sexual assault, 1st-degree kidnapping and discharge of a firearm in city limits were dropped after the witness disappeared and clammed up.

  • 3/2002 - Pulled over in North Carolina for doing 30 over the speed limit. Blew a .16 BAC, but was only charged with exceeding safe speed.

  • 2/2003 - Arrested outside a Raleigh, NC bar for failure to disperse. Charges later dropped.

  • 3/2003 - Arrested in Raleigh, NC for carrying a concealed weapon. Charges later dropped.

  • 2003 season - Suspended 1 game by Seattle for missing a team meeting. Mike "Walrus" Holmgren later joked that he had digital clocks placed throughout the Seahawks' offices so Robinson would not be late to team meetings.

  • 2004 season - Suspended 2 games by Seattle for violating undisclosed team rules (not related to the NFL suspension), which sandwiched the 4-game suspension by the NFL for violating the substance-abuse policy. Entered a treatment plan after the season as part of the league's plan.

  • 5/2005 - Arrested for DUI in Kirkland, WA, blew a .191 BAC. Received a 1-year jail term with 364 days suspended, 24 months probation (one of the terms is that he stay sober), and a $2,000 fine.

  • 7/2005 - Shows up to serve his 1-day jail sentence drunk. Gets a second day.

  • 8/2006 - Arrested for DUI and fleeing police in St. Peter, MN. Blew a .11 BAC. Charges still pending after he pled not guilty Monday.

  • 10/2006 - Sentenced to 90 days in jail in Kirkland, WA for violating terms of his probation, sentence to start no later than February, 2007.

Yeah, the NFL really is turning its back on a saint...NOT.

Revisions/extensions (8:40 pm 10/19/2006) - corrected a date from 4/1988 to 4/1998.

Order Me A Boilermaker, Make Mine Gentleman Jack an A Yeungling Tan and Black

The headline has nothing to do with the post, but what the hey.
Interesting comparison between Dr. Z of Sports Illustrated and Pete Prisco of CBS and NFL.com.
They both released their weekly rankings today.
Prisco's ranking is here.
Dr. Z's (Paul Zimmermann) are here.
Prisco gives no credit nor respect to the Pack, picking them below a Detroit team they beat in their own park. Prisco also has Miami five spots above Green Bay. Obviously Prisco feels a blow-out over Green Bay this weekend is in the offing.
Dr. Z gives pretty much the highest ranking yet this year to the young Packers. The wonders of a bye week never cease to amaze me. In exact opposite fashion of Prisco, Dr. Z has Miami ranked below G.B. I imagine when these two gentlemens weekly picks are published tomorrow one will pick Miami (Prisco) and one G.B. (Dr. Z).
I don't know who's correct but I respect Zimmermanns opinion much more then Prisco.
As a side bar, I love Dr. Z, he quit his position as a Hall Of Fame voter because the rules commitee only allowed limited number of positions to veterans which he thought would lead to an unfair weighting of Super Bowl era players and the inclusion of players undeserving of that fete. His examples given were Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. Prescient of Z since both are in the Hall now, undeservedly so.
The straw that broke the camels back for Z was Dave Robinson LB Green Bay not making it into the hall. Dr. Z argued that Robinson was the first hybrid LB/stand up pass rusher and he changed the game. He called Robinson the forerunner for Ted Hendricks, who begat Lawrence Taylor who begat Shawn Merriman. I was involved in the letter writing campaign for Robinson his last year of eligibility. This was before computers, so it was time intensive, and obviously we missed out. To this day if I ever see Cliff Christl (one of the G.B. voters) face to face I will ask him how he voted that year on Dave Robinson. I know the answer but I want to see the guy squirm.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This Is How Denny Green Keeps His Job

This is how you keep your job in the NFL these days.

And in that same vein Jim Fassel was let go today by his buddy Brian Billick.
This is very interesting because if you recall Fassel left the Giants under bad circumstances
and was a leper in the coaching fraternity until Billick threw him a life line.
Now that life line has evaporated under the weight of three years of futile offensive performances and Fassel's reputation as an offensive guru is shot.
When did the NFL become MLB and start firing coaches mid-season.

The Brewers catch a break.

The idiots that run the Flubs hire Lou Pinniella to manage the Cubs instead of Joe Girardi. This will be a good thing for the Brewers I saw how Lou managed a very bad Tampa Bay team he will collect his money and lose interest with the Cubs by the middle of his 2nd season.

On a good note that means there are two good managers still out there that the Brewers could hire to replace Ned Yost. Girardi and Ken Machas both would be a step up from Ned. (As you can see I am still just a bit bitter about last season I cannot let it go yet)

Fire Ned, sign Soriano lets "Get Er Done" ;)


How can Denny Green still have a job today?

I am sorry I watch most of the game last night and if I was the owner of the Cardinals I would have fired Green first thing this morning. Once the Cards got the 14-0 lead they started to play not to lose not to win. I am sorry there is no earthly way Chicago should have won that game last night.

Dennis Green is an Idiot.

I feel bad for the Cards Fans that team has some talent and you can see where it is going but to see your team collapse like that on Monday night in front of the whole nation.

Same Sorry Ass Cardinals.


Two thoughts on the 2007 Bears

Last night the Arizona Cardinals managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the hated Bears, losing 24-23 after a 20 point halftime lead. The game showed me two things.

First, this year's incarnation of the Bears is not invulnerable. The offense is more prone to mistakes than the 1985 team. There are going to be a lot of teams studying the tape of last night's game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few teams capitalize on the Bear's weaknesses down the stretch.

Second, lady luck is driving the Bears' team bus this year. You sometimes see Super Bowl bound teams develop a certain air of destiny to them as they get every break that they need along the way. Last night the Bears got the breaks they needed, and I'm starting to think they may be that team for 2006.

Down the stretch, I expect we'll see the Bears lose a few games. Unless they suffer some significant injuries or somebody really exposes a glaring weakness, though, they may be tough to keep out of the Super Bowl, as much as I hate to say it.

Badger Hockey Injury Update

Hockey In Wisconsin has an update on the plethora of imortant Badger injured by the filthy NoDak Sioux, including Brian Elliott...

Jack Skille, Ross Carlson and Kyle Klubertanz are all expected to miss
the games this weekend vs. UND. Skille has a hyperextended elbow which
should take several weeks to heal, Carlson has a leg injury...possiby
even an LCL tear, and Klubertanz a leg bruise from what I have heard.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Official

Bob McGinn is a stud reporter.

Bob's mea culpa in Sunday's paper was a brilliant analysis of why Bob was wrong in two columns regarding a potential Quarterback for the Packers. He subjected himself to the same scrutiny he has applied to the Packer Organization. Good for him.

This is especially good considering his fellow sportswriters. I've yet to hear any retractions from mike hunt or silverstein. or that fraud lori nucklehead. I may be reading McGinn exclusively from now on.

This Is Funny, and I Know Funny

I rarely visit ESPN's website at all anymore since they quit blogging, but I took a stroll down memory lane this evening and came across this. Apparently some talent still resides in Bristol. Not much but some.

5. Some Steelers fans have started calling new short-yardage back Najeh Davenport "The Dump Truck," a takeoff on Jerome Bettis' nickname, "The Bus," and inspired by Davenport's infamous dump into a female student's closet in college at Miami. And as great as that nickname is, I fear Davenport may not embrace it due to embarrassment over the incident -- which is absurd since Davenport defecating in a coed's closet is one of "The U's" high points as a football program over the past few years. What Davenport needs to do is adopt his new nickname with open arms and become a positive force in the community. Bettis had his The Bus Stops Here Foundation that helped underprivileged children in Pittsburgh learn to read, so Davenport should start up The Dump Truck Foundation. But instead of promoting literacy, he could promote urban cleanliness by driving around the city in a dump truck, stopping here and there to let the homeless and the incontinent go No. 2 in his truck's container. Anything less than that will suggest Davenport doesn't care about his new hometown.

You can read the whole thing here. And yes it's worth the time.

Badgers Hold #2 Spot

The new USCHO.com poll is out and the Men's hockey team has retained the #2 spot in the country, behind the impressive BC Eagles, who pulled ahead of the pack a little more:

Boston College tightened its grip on first place in Monday's USCHO.com/CSTV Division I men's poll Monday, after a win over Northeastern in the Eagles' first game of the season. BC received 31 of 40 first-place votes to remain No. 1 for the third straight poll.

Wisconsin and North Dakota, which split a series in Madison, Wis., last weekend, were second and third, respectively, followed by Maine, which moved up to fourth from seventh last week after sweeping Bemidji State. Michigan, which beat Alabama-Huntsville and Connecticut, was fifth.

Personally, I like where the Badgers are.  They are young and will improve as the offense spends more time together.  This team will have an incredible second half of the season.  I look for them to be basically the opposite of last year.  They will struggle to score early, but after the long winter break they will be dominant as the plethora of young guns get used to each other.  Depending on how bad Skille is (they'll need SOME offense in the early goings to stay competitive) I still like this team to contend for the WCHA title.  The Badger defense, especially at goal, is incredible.  When Skille went down, I am sure Eaves was kicking himself for benching Elliott last Saturday.  They sure could use that win right now.

On a completely different, and somewhat odd note, it looks like Milwaukee may be getting another fake football team.  The National Indoor Football League (NIFL) which I think is like minor league indoor football, is going to announce sometime in early November that the US Cellular Arena (that's the Mecca right?) will host the team, who start play in March.

This is a great, uplifting read on Yovani Gallardo:

As has become the norm, Constancio's article focuses on Gallardo in the context of two other prospects: Homer Bailey and Philip Hughes.
 Hughes is the one Yankee prospect who is not overrated, and he might
be the best of the bunch.  Bailey is the guy the Brewers passed over to
choose Mark Rogers.
 The jury, of course, is still out on Rogers, but just imagine if
everyone's standard "best three pitching prospects in baseball" had two
Brewers on it.  Oh well--maybe William Inman will force himself onto that list next year.

also shares his projections for Gallardo for the next two years.  I'd
take these with a dollop of salt, as he's projecting 2008 MLB
performance from a guy who has only a half-season of Double-A under his
belt.  But regardless of their accuracy, they're heartwarming.  In
2008, Yovani is projected to throw 179 innings of 3.36 ball.  In the
Major Leagues.

So, umm, at this point Grossman has two picks (should be three) and a fumble...can we kaput the MVP talk??  I envision him geting broke yet again in this game and the Bears losing eight of their next ten...God I hope so.

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Are You Kidding, This is a Joke Right

Lost in the feel good story of the Motor City Kitty's sweep into the world series was this incident that happened during Fridays game.
I was watching the game but had the volume down while I was setting my Fantasy Football line-ups for the weekend. I missed it entirely.
This is the most blatant case of political correctness I have ever witnessed.
David Hill should be ashamed of himself for kow-towing to pressure that has not even been reported.

What is FOX going to do now that the supposedly slighted Lou Pinella moves onto manage the Baby Bears?

Fox is ruining its sports franchise with bad decision upon bad decision.
Just this past weekend I witnessed other idiocy from the geniuses at FOX.
They bought the BCS package from the NCAA, but will use their NFL announcers for the four games they control. This was revealed during the innaugural BCS show Sunday after the NFL game. That show was terrible. The only cogent comments made during the entire show was from Barry Alvarez. The NCAA will rue the day they accepted FOX's bid for these games. No hype, no hiring away of quality College announcers from the other networks. No ad campaign.
No historical perspective. This is bad.
Moved there pre-game show back into the studio so now we can actually here Kurt Menafee.
Jiminey Christmas, Just because the guy is black and portly like James Brown does not make him a good fit there? Not even close. And his voice is as annoying as Hillary Clinton on the stump.
They brought back Jillian Barberie. Yea nice to look at but I shouldn't have to here her. Just post her picture before each fade to commercial.
Joe Buck is over exposed, Terry Bradshaw is out of control and as annoying as Mike Irvin, Howie Long is pissed so he doesn't talk and Jimmy Johnson has no insight.
Dick Stockton, Troy Aikman is a mistake. Aikman is the only announcer who needs a third person in the booth to be better.
All That And Tim McCarver too.

Cheer Up It's Monday, Ray Of Hope, Sold Here, Cheap

It can be argued, rather convincingly I hope, that three of the Packers four losses have been to the three top teams in the NFC.
Loss one was to the Bears, this is the consensus best team in the NFC and maybe the entire NFL. Super Bowl buzz over the Bears is warranted at this point of the season.

Loss two was to the NawLin’s Saints. With their win over the Iggles yesterday the Saints have garnered more respect and deservedly so.
I watched the entire game and the Saints dominated the first half and shut down the unstoppable Donovan F. The Iggles dominated the third quarter, which is typical of Andy Rieds teams. No one makes better adjustments then Reid. Just when it was slipping away from the Saints Drew Brees picked up that team and crowd and put them on his shoulders and refused to lose. Very impressive win.

The third loss was to the aforementioned Iggles. The Iggles have the number one Offense in the league and appear to be the cream of the crop in a tough NFC East. They did lose to the N.Y. Football Giants but that was only after Donovan started screwing around and the team shut it down.

The latest loss was to the St Louis Rams. This may not be a top level team but they have just installed a new offense and appear to be way ahead in getting it working. The Rams will be better in week twelve then they are now. The resume for the Rams is the weakest of the four mentioned. They are 1-2 in the div. and have lost to the lowly 49ers. They still came within 4 seconds from having a two game lead over Seattle in there div. I see only Carolina, Dallas, and Giants (along with the three earlier teams I mentioned) as better then the Rams.

I’m not going to play the “IF” game like Bart Starr (1981, Starr pointed to eight plays that would have made the Pack 11-5 instead of the 8-8 they were, this was the focal point of his season ending press conference)
I’m just saying if there is such a thing as a good loss or a reasonable bright side to the season so far there it is.

World Series Prediction

I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the Detroit Tigers will run away with the World Series.

Here’s why:

Rest – Detroit’s pitching staff will have about a week off at worse. The way that the NLCS is going I see it going 7 games and both St. Louis and NY using every pitch out of every pitcher to win. The NL pitchers are going to be toast come the World Series.

Starting pitching – Detroit’s starting four is just unbelievable. They have some great pitching. As long as they can keep their nerves under control, they will dominate either NL team. The Mets had to start Oliver Perez and his 6.6+ Post Season ERA (A postseason worse in the history of post season play, 1100+ games). The Cards started Anthony Reyes. The two starters had a combined 8-21 W/L record for the season. By the way that was a record for a pair of starting pitchers in the playoffs. Without Pedro or El Duque for the Mets they just don’t have the starting pitching. And the Cards have been getting by on their bats all season long. Yeah – each NL team has a solid #1 and #2 and ok depth, but this series will now go 6 games and probably 7. There won’t be much gas in the tank come the WS.

Bats - Detroit’s bats are better then both St. Louis and NY. Good pitching will beat good hitting 95% of the time. Having watched a lot of St. Louis vs. Milwaukee games this year and now a few NY Mets games, I don’t see a WS quality starting 4 from either NL team. Because of that and the ‘rest’ factor, I think that Detroit’s bats will be putting numbers on the board.

Home field advantage – Detroit will have a huge advantage for those first two games to keep the momentum going.

And finally – REST

Yeah I mentioned it before, but you can’t discount it one bit. Rest is huge.

Detroit in five and will outscore the NL team by at least 12 runs over those five games.

A few quick Monday Morning thoughts

The 2006 Oakland Raiders have to be the worst football team I have ever seen play. And I saw some pretty bad Packers and Tampa Bay teams play back in the "Bay of Pigs" days. They are just awful I watched parts of their game last night stupid penalty's turnovers. I actually feel sorry for Raider Nation I believe they have a really good shot at going 0-16.

The Mets made a statement last night that the NLCS is far from over, causing baseball fans and the Tigers to rejoice lol. I am starting to thing the NLCS is going to 7 games and the fresh as a daisy Tigers are going to maul which ever teams comes out of the NL.

I believe the Badger Hockey team earned a split with the hated fighting Sioux of North Dakota. You cant win them all right.

The football Badgers continue to impress.

Did everyone enjoy a weekend where the Packers couldn't lose. Might be a while before we see that again lol.

Matt Kenseth is still in Second Place in the Chase with 5 races to go I haven't given up hope on the NASCAR front yet.

The much heralded match up between UWM and the Carebears isn't going to happen anytime soon due to money issues. Sigh. Wisconsin can get it done with these other instate teams like UWGB and UWM but the carebears cannot.

College Basketball kicked off this weekend also with Midnight madness. I love this run to the end of the year tons of sports something for everyone football baseball basketball hockey and racing just name a few of my favorite things.

Happy Monday Boys,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Packers drive to the number one pick receives a boost

Even though it was the bye week making it impossible for the Pack to lose. They still managed to make up some ground in the race for the number one pick.

A couple of teams like Tennessee,Detroit and Tampa Bay all got off the snide and got their first wins of the year and its looks like defending super bowl champs Pittsburgh is going to get its second win.

So buck up campers even in a bye weeks I can find the silver lining.


Badgers move up in AP and Coaches poll make first BCS standings

The 6-1 Wisconsin Badgers have moved up to 21 in the AP poll 22 in the USA Today Coaches poll and they are ranked 21 in the BCS standings.

While I agree with Ched head it would be nice to see them a little higher teams like Iowa and Georgia have fallen out of the top 25 in most polls.

Plus if the Badgers take care of business in the next two weeks and are 8-1 going into the game against Penn State the Ranking will take care of itself.

I have liked the Badger mindset of looking at each week as the first game of the season they are striving to just be 1-0 and so far that has worked pretty well. It cannot hurt you in the BCS when your only lose is to the number 2/3 team in the Country depending on which poll you go by.

There may be football that matters in the state of Wisconsin this year yet.


Packer-less Week 6 (or Redemption Week 3)

We just found out how bad odd weeks are. Let’s forget that and recall the good times on even weeks, as this is one of those. It will be a bit harder to gamble online this weekend, because there’s a fresh new law prohibiting your bank from making money transfers with offshore gaming havens (”thanks”, Bill “Cave Jr” Frist, for squeezing that into the port security bill; we’ll remember in ‘08 when you try to run for President), but once again, the lines come to us from bodog.com -

Buffalo @ Detroit (+2) - You may like the points, you may want the points, you will get the points from a reputable bookie, but you’re not gonna need them. The Bills are making un-fixable mistakes.
Cincinnati (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay - I know the record of teams coming off the bye with a loss going into it isn’t good, but Duh Bucs are worse.
Tennessee @ Washington (-11) - I know what happened last weekend. The Tennesseeans don’t have the passing skills to pull it off 2 weeks in a row.
Houston (+13.5) @ Dallas - This has most of the makings of a shootout. Take the over-44.
Seattle @ St Louis (+3) - The Seahags are not a road team, and are even less of a team without Shaun Alexander and Bobby Engram.
NY Giants @ Atlanta (-3) - Home Sweet Dome.
Philadelphia (-3.5) @ New Orleans - The Saints cannot stop the pass.
Carolina (+3) @ Baltimore - Steve Smith will finally break out in this otherwise-defensive struggle.
Miami (+3) @ NY Jets - I’m going with my fallback position here.
San Diego (-10) @ San Francisco - No contest. Give some cracktion to your man for extra cash (I figure giving him 20 and the Whiners should be safe).
Kansas City (+7) @ Pittsburgh - Too many points to give, especially with the Chefs defense. Go under-37.
Oakland @ Denver (-14.5) - For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you’re giving so few points to take the ponies. NBC is wondering when they can start raiding games from Fox and CBS.
Chicago (-11.5) @ Arizona - Do the math … One killer defense + rookie quarterback = massacre

Well, it was Weak 5

Despite going 13-1 straight-up (damn Bledsoe), I only went 5-6-3 against the line to dip back below .500 (34-35-5) How did I blow it so bad? Let's find out...

St. Louis 23 (-3-TIE) @ Green Bay 20 - There's enough people to blame for this one. I blame them all.
Buffalo 7 @ Chicago 40 (-10) - As long as Grossman's stinky fingers stay unbroken, look out NFL.
Detroit 17 (+7) @ Minnesota 26 - At least I told you to take the over.
Tennessee 13 @ Indianapolis 14 (-18.5-LOSS) - Call me a fool for trying to lay the lumber. Guess it was the running back.
Washington 3 @ NY Giants 19 (-5) - The G-men are the second tier of the NFC
Tampa Bay 21 @ New Orleans 24 (-7-LOSS) - Why don't rookies get double-points on their first TD?
Miami 10 @ New England 20 (-10-TIE) - Joanie almost came all the way through for me, but at least I went 2-0 on my over/under specials.
Cleveland 12 @ Carolina 20 (-8-TIE) - What's with all the pushes last weekend?
NY Jets 0 @ Jacksonville 41 (-7) - Repeating, J-E-T-S S*CK! SU*K! SUC*!
Kansas City 23 (-3.5-LOSS) @ Arizona 20 - Durn half-point.
Oakland 20 @ San Francisco 34 (-3.5) - If Duh Raiders couldn't win last weekend, they won't win this season. Bad news for the Drive to #1.
Dallas 24 (+2) @ Philadelphia 38 - That was bad fried rice.
Pittsburgh 13 (+3.5) @ San Diego 23 - I got smashed on this one.
Baltimore 3 @ Denver 13 (-4) - Hooray Rain!

Now that is how teams from Minnasota are supposed to be treated.

I was out and about yesterday so I listened to most of the first half on the radio. I have to say there are few things in life nicer than Matt Lepay calling "Touchdown Wisconsin" especially when it is against the maroon and mustard as ESK calls them.

The Badgers should be 8-1 when in three weeks when they go up against a very tough Penn State team. But right now the way they are playing I wish the Michigan game had been a little later in the season.

This team has a chance to be in a BCS bowl if they keep this type of play up. Right now they are scary good they are putting up huge points while playing excellent defense.

Could they be like some of the other great Badger teams the ones the came out of no where and surprised people. I don't think anyone outside of the team expected them to be playing this well. Hell if you watched the nonconfrence games you would be surprised by how well they are playing. They seem to have clicked and are running on all cylinders.

They still have some tough games left against Penn State and at Iowa. But right now I do believe they have a good chance of running the table and ending the regular season 11-1 and if that doesn't get you in a BCS bowl nothing will. Who knows maybe a rubber match game against Auburn to break the bowl game tie ;)

Thank Rock for the Badgers or this would have been a pretty bleak football season in the state of Wisconsin.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Could Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T Come The Badgers Way?

I see the Badgers as the big winners this week in the popularity poll that is the "rankings".
Of course we may get dissed again and be left out in the cold.
I don't see that happening. The same Indiana team we humiliated a week prior beat Iowa. This confirms UW as the third best team in the Big Ten. The pollsters will be forced to move us ahead of Iowa's spot. Iowa was 15 so unless they pull a magic act and make Iowa disappear we will move ahead of them. No. 16 Georgia lost for the second straight time between the hedges. This time to Vandy. Look for them to disappear altogether. Mizzou was always way overrated and lost to Texas A&M (congrats to those two bloggers from Badger Blog Alliance, Jed and Owen), we move above them. VATech lost Thursday so that's at least four spots we'll move.

The only other big mover this week might be Arkansas, but a lot of west coast voters remember how USC HO Slapped them in week one. The fly in the ointment will be Rutgers. They are the media darlings this year and they beat a pretty good Navy team 34-0. The game was close through the first half but Rutgers pulled away late. The Scarlet Knights will move a lot because of their darling status. Oklahoma lost Adrian Peterson for the year and should not be punished for that but will be. The pollsters hate Bob Stoops and Oklahoma. I never have figured that one out but it happens every year.

Here's the rub, the pollsters never dropped Iowa below 15 because they were supposed to be the tri in the triumvirate of the Big Ten. Iowa got drubbed at home worse then UW did at Michigan. They still refused to drop Iowa below 15. 15 was Iowa's ceiling and it should be UW's as well. I don't think we will jump ten spots to 15 but if we don't get at least up to 18 a lot of people from cheese land should be writing letters about a big time program getting no R-E-S-P-E-C-T from those in the know of college football.

Homestead High School Mequon

Homestead Highlanders scored a huge victory over Cedarburg last night on the Bulldogs home field.
That win along with this stunning turn of events should assure Homestead the top spot in the state going into the playoffs.
Congratulations Thiensville/Mequon on there ascending to the heights of high school football in the state. Now prove it by bringing a State Title back home boys.
This post is for my brother who is currently serving a one year tour in Kosovo.
He checks in to see whats going on with his high school team so this was for his benefit.

This Is Bad

I'll let ESK expound on this a bit more but geez louise this gives the East Coast braggarts more ammo.
It also elevates Minnesota and North Dakota to challenger status.
It really is hard to repeat with a BULLS-EYE on your back.

Friday, October 13, 2006

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Kirsten Dunst

This Fridays Sweet Dreams girl is Actress Kirsten Dunst

Happy Friday

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early Season Ratings

This is how Len Pasquarelli rates the rookie head coaches in the NFL.
Once again, like yesterdays post, scroll down to the bottom of the article.
Unlike yesterdays post though this time scrolling down means that Mike
McCarthy is way down in his grade and performance.

I disagree with Pasquarelli, No doubt the Aints have bought into what Payton
is selling and he is no doubt number one.
The high rankings of Linehan and Childress are way overblown. Of all the
open jobs last year two were widely regarded as teams ready to win and win now.
Those two jobs were St Louis and Minnesota. These guys turned nothing around,
they basically kept what was happening last year going into this year.
I put Payton at one, Mangini number two, Linehan at three only because he revamped the offense. Kubiak is at four because he has done an excellent job turning Carr around.
Kubiak can't fix that D in less than three years.
McCarthy at five, I like the way the Pack has competed this year and I think he is doing o.k.
Marinelli and Childress bring up the rear in a dead heat because lets face it I hate all things
not Packer that reside in the NFC Norris division. I never said my ratings would be objective.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yankee Pitcher Cory Lidle dies in plane crash in NYC

I am sure you are all well aware of the events of this afternoon. Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle died when the small plane he was flying crashed into the 20 floor of a 50 story condo.

here is the FoxSports article on the story.

Its been a while since the Yankees have lost a player in an aircraft crash last one was Thurman Munson I believe.

Even this Yankee Hater feels bad for the whole organization and Mr Lidles family.



Warmin' Up For Hoops

Nice article by ESPNonline writer Andy Katz on Wisconsin Badger returnee Alando Tucker.
Tucker shows up at number nine which bodes well for the Badgers and Bo Ryan.
Finally some decent national pub for one Badger athletic program.

Note/Update: Scroll Down do not link. Ched

I am starting to think the Tiggers may be the AL team in the World Series

I was in and out of last nights game due to my lovely wife and children couldn't let me sit and watch an entire inning but from what I saw the Tigers picked right up where they left off when they Sent the Evil Empire into the off season. In one game they took Home field advantage back from the A's and if they win the second game in Oakland this one is over. No way they will lose 2 back in Detroit, they just seem to have a dump truck full of momentum.

It is a shame they are an AL team so I will have to root against them in the Series but for now its nice to see two small market teams battling it out for the AL pennant.

A second thought I bet come game 3 in Detroit those people are going to wish they had went the Miller Park/Sky dome route and built a stadium with a retractable roof. If they are getting the wet nasty weather then that we are seeing now it will be a cold wet day at the old ball park. I know why places like Detroit and Pittsburgh didn't build ball parks with roofs they didn't want to pay the extra cost of the roof but every time I go to a game at Miller Park and its raining outside I thank rock and bud for fighting for and getting the park with a roof.

Mets vs Cards tonight on Fox this should be a good series too. Drink it in there are only a couple weeks of baseball left then the long cold Packers suck winter to live through till spring.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lou Pinella is driving me to drink or......

Go down in the basement and eat one of my guns. I cannot take much more of this he is sucking the joy out of watching the ALCS.

Why does Fox Sports always do this? This broadcast Team other than Tom Brennaman sucks ass. I mean it they stink on ice. The only thing worse is tomorrow when we get to listen to Joe Buck and McCarver oh the pain will my boy the pain.

Quick aside did that video of Sean Casey blowing his calf muscle make you cringe it hurt just to watch it. Ouch.


Prince Hitting the Road Runner Sign

Here I found the Prince "Road Runner" homerun

470' I believe.


Prince Fielder Home Run Fathers Day 2006 Miller Park

Here is a video of Prince Fielder hitting a solo shot against the Cleveland Indians at Miller Park Fathers Day 2006


Tyler Hirsch Meltdown

Honestly, I have no real reason to post this right now other than I wanted to see how to post a video from Google. This is a rather famous/infamous incident from about a year and a half ago.

Here is the backstory

Need Badger Hockey fix?

Go read this guy ;) Badger backer over at the Wisconsin Hockey blog is off and running with the start of the new season.

A good read worth your time.


This is not to say ESK isnt doing a nice job when it comes to Badger Hockey, but BB does one sport and one team and does it very well. :)

A very nice listing of 2007 baseball free agents

I found this listing of the MLB free agents for 2007 over at MLB Trade Rumors

They do a nice job of breaking it down by starters and hitters.

I also added MLB Trade Rumors to the blog roll


Looking for an NHL team?

The NHL started this week and seeing as how there is no team in Wisconsin I think the interest may be a tad shall we say, slight, in this great state.  I figured this may be because you don't have a team or players to root for.  Because of this, here is a list of Badgers currently playing in the NHL and the teams they skate for (from uwbadgers.com).

Rene BourqueWingChicago Blackhawks
Chris CheliosDefenseDetroit Red Wings
Dany HeatleyWingOttowa Senators
Sean HillDefenseNew York Islanders
Curtis JosephGoaliePhoenix Coyotes
Scott MellanbyWingAtlanta Thrashers
Brian RafalskiDefenseNew Jersey Devils
Steve ReinprechtCenterPhoenix Coyotes
Ryan SuterDefenseNashville Predators
Dave TanabeDefenseCarolina Hurricanes
Brad WinchesterForwardEdmonton Oilers
Andy WozniewskiDefenseToronto Maple Leafs

There are a few other from Wisconsin and Badger coach Mike Eaves' son, Patrick plays (extremely well I might add) for Ottawa.

Reinprecht is set to have a BIG year, so keep an eye on some of these guys and maybe it will pique your NHL interest.

Tuesday Offerings

Clearly my subject headings just get more and more clever.

There is some interesting former Brewer news out there; Pat Listach is a candidate for the Cubs managerial job (did YOU know he was the Cubs AA manager?) and Cecil Cooper is a candidate for some job, thought to be the Nationals.

Koren (can we call him Big Dog?) Robinson tries to delay the inevitable.

Scottsdale Scorpion baseball starts today!!  This will be a giant winter for Ryan Braun and Manny Parra, but the Brewer have 5 other guys down there starting ball all over again.

Phil Kessel, Madison native, asshole.  This guy just keeps ruining my life.  First he turns his back on his native Wisconsin to don the Gopher maroon n' mustard (a hangin' offense if there ever was one) and now he made the damn team I want to start rooting for.  I fucking hate Phil Kessel.

Hockey started this week, if you hadn't noticed, and Newsweek has a nice article about it's online blog presence.

Badgers crack Top 25...Baggot says they are the Rodney Dangerfield of football.

Tom Brady is a bitch.

All week Brady and his understudy, Matt Cassel, traded pranks like they
were on an episode of MTV's ``Punk'd." It started on Wednesday, with
Brady spilling Cassel's chocolate protein milkshake, which the backup
QB then brazenly spit on the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Brady then had
the tires removed from Cassel's car the next day.

Apparently, Brady paid someone to remove the tires from Cassel's car.  Dude gets spit on and his response is to pay someone to take Cassel's tires?  What a massive pussy.  Getting spit on is disgusting.  At the least he should have knocked the guy out right there.  Plus, he didn't even take the tires himself, he PAID someone to do it.  Fucking pussy man.

Soriano will not be a Brewer.  Sorry GB.  A radio slip of the tongue by the GM is not enough to make it so. 

"Buying" A Team...a rant

I made the mistake of commenting on my fondness for some of the players on the Yankees club this season and saying how I will actually enjoy watching them play next season without Sheffield and with guys like Cano, Cabrera and Wang.  Apparently watching good young baseball players is only acceptible if they aren't Yankees.  I was told it is unacceptible to like watching the pinstripes because they "buy" their players.

I was thinking about this a bit in the gym this morning and it struck me as odd.  Don't get me wrong, I hate the Yankees.  Mostly because I dislike A-Rod, Sheffield, and Giambi.  I like Steinbrenner (gasp!!) even though he once punched me in the chest when I was eleven.  I like Mussina, sort of an anti-New Yorker with his workmanlike pitching style and gimme the ball atttude.  No flash there.  For some reason, however, I just really dislike the Yankees organization.  The only thing I can figure is that it is pure, unadulterated jealousy.  (I never hated the Red Sox until I moved out here.  Now I want them all to die slowly and painfully, especially Jason Varitek, who despite hitting .219 when he returned from injury is treated like Jesus Christ out here.  Red Sox fans are by far the most unintelligent and irratrional baseball fans I have ever come across.)

To get back to my point; "buying" players.  Why do people get so worked up that the Yankees sign free agents or trade for guys with huge contracts.  People cry that the system is broken, the Yankees can just scoop up whoever they want.  There is a reason the Yankees get huge talent.  They pay well over market value.  Look at some of the players on that roster.  They got stuck with a dead armed Kevin Brown because they gave him extra years, they got stuck with a dead bodied Bernie Williams because they gave him extra years...Randy Johnson and Carl Povano, they aren't getting close to the value they paid for for these guys.  In the coming years we will be able to say the same about Craig Wilson, Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreau, Kyle Farnsworth (4 years for a middle reliever!?!) Cory Lidle (should they keep him, which they won't).  The point is, they are paying WAY more than other teams would for the talent they are getting, because they can.  That isn't a broke system, that is a successful organization willing to take a gamble because they can afford it.  It's capitalism.

Look at the suggestions in every Brewers post on this page.  "The Brewers need a big bat in a corner outfield spot"  "Sign a big bat" "the Brewers need to bring in a slugger" "We need to sign a top of the rotation pitcher" "Bring a guy into the rotation!" "We need to sign some relief." 

How is signing a big bat any different when Milwaukee does it than f New York, Boston or Chicago does it?  They are more financially successful, or financially flexible organizations and as such are willing to spend more...which if Milwaukee could every one of us would want them to.  complaining about buying wins is nothing more than jealousy, and the quicker we realize it the sooner we can move on and start to work within the boundaries of "our" organiation, instead of wishing we had the financial position of the big boys.  If you truly hated the practice of buying free agents, you wouldn't scream for the Brewers to sign free agents that didn't come up as Brewers, you would want the organization filled out with all Brewer farmhands all the time.  If that is the direction you want, excellent, I don't begrudge you that right, however screaming when the Yankees sign a Zito-like free agent is hypocricy. 

None of the "buy a championship" haters dislike the practice of signing guys via free agency, they just hate that it isn't their team doing the buying.  If you want to cry when the Red Sox sign Vernon Wells (not gonna happen but you get what I mean) fine, but don't cheer when the Brewers sign Jeff Suppan (is he even a free agent?)  The only difference is scale, the Red Sox can afford it because their organization is more financially stable.  If the Brewers could, you would beg them to do the same.

So it is the bye week no worries

There is plenty of things to talk about even when the Pack isn't playing. The ALCS kicks off tonight in Oakland between the Super Small Market Team Oakland vs Baseballs version if Cinderella Detroit. Tomorrow the Mets and the Red Birds get it on in Shea. Before you know it baseball will be gone for the Winter.

The Badgers have stepped up and decided to defend the honor of Wisconsin Football fans. They will have challenge this weekend with a good Minnah ho ta team. And if that isn't enough for you the Hockey Badgers men's team plays one of their huge rival this weekend as the North Dakota Fighting Sioux skate into Madison. Both games are on FSN and Fridays game is also going to be shown on CSTV. Check your local listings.

How many days till the Baseball Free Agency horse race starts?

In other baseball news it looks like the Cubs are already making their move to sign Joe Girardi as Dusty Bakers replacement that will make the Brewers life harder but I am not as worried as I was at least for next year he still will have no players other than Derrick Lee to manage.

I am sticking to my prediction that Alfonso Soriano is going to end up a Brewer I can feel it in my bones. ;)

I am really thinking of trying to plan a trip to Arizona this year to see some of Spring Training I have never done that anyone have any tips or secrets about doing spring training they want to share?

We are having a great month traffic wise, thanks to everyone's posts.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Offerings

Take a look at the bright side of Sunday's Packer game.

For those who think Billy Hall will be a full time outfielder next season, the Chicago Times Phil Rogers confirms it.  Too bad he is sort of an unaccountable idiot who likes to throw things like this into the end of his columns.  I don't necessarily disagree with him, but I wouldn't take it to the bank.

The Brewers picked up another pitcher, Grant Balfour.  He hasn't pitched since '04 and his numbers don't exactly knock you over.  Career 5-1 in 55 games with 1 save, 39.3 innings pitched and and ERA of 4.63.  He has roughly a 2 to 1 K to walk ratio and has given up 10 home runs.  Coming off Tommy John surgery and a rebuilt shoulder, this is a classic Melvin bullpen reclamation project.  Personally I remember him tossing a bit for the Twins, I doubt he makes the squad.

Melvin equates Bush and Carpenter

The Wisconin women's hockey team continued their success, manhandling (womanhandling?) the Huskies on Friday night and eeking out an overtime vicotry on Saturday.  I attended both games and Junior Jinelle Zaugg dominated in both games.  She had a hat trick on Friday night as the women skated to an easy 8-2 victory.  She scored the game winner in ovetime to lead the Badgers to a 2-1 win and series sweep over St. Cloud St.  The team looks good, incredibly deep at the forward position and exceptionally strong in goal.  While St. Cloud St. is a young team, the women's hockey team has the talent to repeat.  This weekend the team travels to Columbus to take Ohio St. for a two game series, 6 pm Friday night and 3 in the afternnon on Saturday. 

The men's team won on Friday and clawed their way to a tie on Saturday.  The games were played at the same time as the women's so I don't have a lot on insight.  I can say that the backup (and shaky) goaltender Shane Connelly played Saturday night and did nothin to shake the notion that he is incapable of starting for a title contender.  The Wisconsin Hockey Blog has more on Friday night's game, and I assume will break down Saturday a bit as well.  However, remember this face:

This is Michael Davies and he, along with 8 other freshman and sophmores Jack Skille and Ben Street are the key to maintaining Wisconsin as the new state of hockey.  Davies had 2 goals in his Badger debut on Friday night and apparently looked spectacular  doing it.  Congrats young man, and may you tally many more.

Greg Jennings loves bowling.  Awesome.

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