Saturday, September 30, 2006

And Yet Another '07 Target

With the acquisition of Charlie Villanueva to add to the front court of Andrew Bogut and Bobby Simmons the new look Bucks (old uniforms, new attitude?) should be more athletic and entertaining.
Unfortunately, like the Brewers and Packers this will not be the target year for contention.
Bogut is 22 as is Villanueva, while Simmons is 26, Redd is 27 and so is Charlie Bell, this may be a play-off year but it is not "THE" year that the Bucks are pointing towards. That would be 2007.
The Urinal sentinel covers this in today's article with out mentioning much about the prospects or outlook of this years team.
Just a "get ready here we come" article.
Re-building seems to be the norm in Wisconsin sports this year. Thank goodness the Badgers Football, Hockey (means and women's) Basketball and Marquette B-Ball are in the throws of respectability or more so we have something to watch.
Oh Yea, and Homestead High School Football.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Road to Repeat Starts Tonight

As one or two of you possibly know, the Wisconsin Badger Womens hockey team won the NCAA championship last season.  They begin the season tonight, ranked #1 in the preseason poll.  You can watch the game tonight at 7, and the rest of the season, here.

They have a real solid team this season, bringing back the starting goalie and, I believe, the top 7 scorers from last years Championship team.  The Badger women also have a strong crop of freshman forwards who look to play key roles this season.

On a personal note, I'll be flying home next weekend to show off some arm candy I picked up in Boston and watch the Badger women play against St. Cloud St.  This is a massive series for personal reasons (if you can figure it out, please send me an email cause you deserve props) and I will be at both games.  The broad and I will also be hitting up various bars and old hang outs (I'll be at Bennet's Smut and Eggs all day Saturday...greatest place on Earth) on Friday night.  Tickets are cheap, the games are fantastic, and the fans are great.  I suggest checking it out.  If I am willing to fly in for two games, the least you bastards can do is drive an hour and make it to one this year!

Brewers poke the Red Birds in the Eye

What a long fraking ball game I think it was close to 4 hours. Thank rock I don't work for a living ;). Nice to see they are still trying yes I understand a lot of guys are playing for jobs next year but I appreciate the effort.

I am very conflicted on Doug Davis yes he won yesterday and only gave up 2 hits but he walked 8 damn guys he balanced that out with 7 strikeouts but I am wishy and washy on bringing him back next year. Either that your he has to be moved down the order to the 4 or 5 spot and I don't know if that is an option. I love Double D when he is on he is lights out and has 2nd starter stuff but when he is off he looks like Ben Hendrickson pitching in the majors ;)

How can you move Billy Hall from SS he leads all short stops in homeruns and has only played the position full time for what half the year or a little more than that. Having a Short stop with that kind of pop is not something you can over look. Even if you move him to third what are you going to do when JJ has his season ending injury or slump next season.

Wow on another note Darron Sutton commented on it last night, Busch Stadium sounded like Tampa or Montreal last night I mean they kept catching Davis dropping the F bomb out on the mound since it was so quiet. I know the guys are Deadspin are about to stick their heads in the oven I really think the Crew can do what they did to the reds 4-5 seasons ago.

Cappy and Sheets the next two nights this could get interesting at this point I will take any bright spot I can find.

Hurray Beer

This Friday Sweet dreams are made of Betty Page

I am going old school with just a touch of the whip this week

This Fridays lady is 1950's pin up and bondage movie queen Betty Page


Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Crew is smack dab in the middle of what may prove to be the greatest collapse in MLB history. If the "Stros catch the Cards it will mean they made up 6.5 games in 13.
The great Phillie collapse was 11 in 18 games.
And now it's fact, Crew wins.
Could we do a favor for the entire baseball world and win two more?
As much as I want to see Pujols in the post season, I'd much rather see Rocket pitch in meaningful games again. Hooray Beer

Four In The Eighth, 9-5 Crew

Almighty Cards 10 LOB tonight.
I wish the Crew would have made that extra point. The field goal helped but its stuck on a crooked number.
Fire Nedley for going for two instead of kicking the extra point and taking the sure point.

Discuss Amongst Yourselves... ROY

The Cardinal announcers (Al Hrabosky and Dan McLaughlan) brought up the Rookie Of The Year (ROY) voting in the NL during the first inning of tonight's game.
Hrabosky says that Prince will lose votes because Milwaukee was an after thought and never threatened this year. Fair enough argument. His next comment though makes me question his thought process. He then recommended Ryan Zimmerman of Washington as his choice? Huh?
When exactly were the Nats in the race? If the criteria for ROY is being in the play-off hunt then Zimmerman is out.
The next comment did make sense. He said that Zimmermans RBI's outweighed Prince's HR's.
He followed that up with a very good comment about east coast bias playing a role in the voting. He expounded on that a bit by saying that 75% of the voters were from the east coast and they will have watched the Nats a lot more then either Prince or Uggla.
As an afterthought he mentioned Dan Uggla of Fla. He poohed poohed that choice but gave him some credence.

This banter throughout the game was a constant. The condescension and sheer dismissal of the Brewers as a franchise was clear throughout. I thought this was pretty bold talk coming from the announcers of a team that is a below .500 team since June.

I can't wait to shut there mouths.

Back to the point though, who is the ROY? I'm a homer, Prince gets my vote. If I was objective it would be Dan Uggla FLA. But my vote is for the guy who carried us in May and kept us above .500.

Sharing the Love

i have to post just so the mug below isn't the first thing i see.

So there i was in the teebox of the 15th basket at Vally View. The basket is up the hill and to the right over 200 ft away. There is dense brush immediately before and to the right of the basket. A left handed throw is ideal if you can get enough distance. Otherwise you're in the brush staring at a double bogey.

Well my friends, one throw later finds my 175g Champion Eagle sitting square in the basket for an Ace. And not a soul was present to witness. damn

Man that road curse just wont let go will it.

I have an idea, in a move to break the Brewers Curse on the road. I nominate ESK to sleep with this slump buster woman as a way of showing the team support. ;) I am sure if he can survive a night with her the road curse will be broken.

Come on bro desperate time yada yada lol


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thunk goes the last wheel off the Brewers' bandwagon

Even more bad news from south of the toll booths. Francisco Cordero blew his first save as a Brewer to ruin a masterful start by Dave Bush - leadoff homer, bunt single, sacrifice bunt, dunk single that landed between Graffanino and Clark, strikeout, and a soft liner single to left-center for the walk-off.

Boo stale Miller Lite.

Whew! I Made The Cut

Haven't visited the site since the bar owner made his proclamation about cleaning out the riff raff that was dipping into the till.
Glad I made it and stayed on. Slow posting this week, I'm down in D.C. working in that building with five sides. I finish up tomorrow but then head to SanDiego on Sunday for the next week.
Busy October is in the offing for moi.
I'll try to post some stuff from SanDiego about the play-off bound Fathers.

Can't believe no one posted anything about Matt running out of gas at Bristol.
HE - RAN - OUT - OF - GAS - !
Gotta run, another 0300 AM wake up and a 14 hour day. But I do get paid for my troubles, just not much time for hangin' out at the bar.

TO Tries to Kill Himself

Should have walked around downtown Philly at bar time, I'm sure they would have obliged and he wouldn't have looked like such a weak nancy.

TO attempted suicide?

When I went to bed last night, it was just hitting the wires that TO had been taken to a Dallas hospital for a bad reaction to pain pills prescribed for his recently broken hand. This morning, SI is reporting that he had tried to commit suicide. TO's universe just keeps getting weirder.

Geremi Gonzalez is the human version of a surrender flag

Geremi Gonzalez this appearance by stewie is for you.

A rare bad night by brewers rookie Carlos Villanueva but the game was really blown up by the Human Surrender Flag Geremi Gonzales who just plain sucks. He has to be one of the first bullpen pitchers to be thrown under the bus after the season is over. There has to be someone in the minor league system who can perform the role of long/middle reliever with more success than Gee Gee.

Do we really want to move Billy Hall to 3rd from SS? Other than the fact they have JJ Hardy I haven't seen one reason Hall shouldn't be the every day SS.

On to better and brighter things it looks like the games in St Louis might actually matter. What a wasted season the Red Birds are about to have their 3rd 8 game losing streak as Mike over at Spring City said if the Crew had just played 500 ball on the road the division would have been theirs for the taking. Hell they would have clinched it and we would be fighting over playoff tickets right now. Sigh next year right.

Quick thought how would Juan Pierre look leading off for the crew and patrolling Center field. Dude is fast as a thief and is most likely going to have over 200 hits this year. I believe they said he is a free agent last night on FSN. I saw someone over at the site ESK linked too say Tori Hunter but why would he leave the Twins who might win it all this year for a sub 500 brewers team. For Pierre the crew would still be a step up in the standing ;)
Just a thought.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Packers? not so fast

My first ever blogging. boy do i feel like a geek.

ESK has thrown the guantlet of challenge regarding my hatred of AJ Hawk. I don't hate anybody. Most people aren't worth the effort of hating.


I do dislike Ted Thompson. His actions to date have been mostly unimpressive. Those actions that have been impressive have been countered by spectacularly bad actions. I'll explain.

The Key to the Packers is Brett Favre. That's it. That's everything. I don't want to see Adrian Rogers starting for the same reason i didn't want to see Kurt Warner, Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Doug Peterson, Ty Detmer, Jim McMahon ( can you believe it? ) or any other backup. Thet don't interest me. They don't excite me. As long as i'm watching Favre i'm watching history. I'm watching a legend. More importantly, fans across the globe are watching and spending money on Packer merchandise. That ensures the long term survival of the franchise.

No i'm not a Cubs fan. I do want the Packers to succeed. But it should be plainly obvious that unless your quarterback's last name is Manning you already have the best available quarterback out there. I give a rat's about developing Assbetty Rodger's skills, let him do that in Europe. Anyone who wants Rodgers wants the Cubs. A team they can be passionate about but not a team that wins.

Since Favre is the key he needs protection. He needs an offensive line. Thompson got of Wahle, inexcusable, replacing veteran guards with asshats ( criminal ).

In that sense i don't see Thompson performing any better than Sherman as a GM. I give him no credit for Hawk because Hawk has only shown me two plays. Even then Hawk was the fifth pick of the draft. ANY body could have made that pick. Jennings has been a stud. Colledge may become one. That may in time balance the egregiousness of Thompson's work, we'll see.

Oh yeah, Thompson hired Mike McCarthy. If he goes 4-12 will he be fired. Isn't that the standard? Indeed, 8-8 should be the standard for firing as that took Ray Rhodes down, and rightfully so. I certainly don't see McCarthy performing better than Mike Sherman, someone who consistantly got us to the playoffs.

I've said this before, alas before i began blogging. Thompson should have first traded Ahman Green when he still has value. He should have protected Favre and Sherman and Bates should still be coaching. I haven't called for Thompson's firing but I damn well expect better GM performance or we had no reason to fire Sherman as GM. We'll see what the season brings

Another reason to root.

Well there are a few the Brewers might roll into that final series with the Cards with a chance to wreck the Red Birds playoff hopes. The Saturday Game is even scheduled to be on FOX. Plus as disappointing as this season was it will still be a long cold wait till March and Spring Training.

They have 6 games left and they are 10 under 500 so the closer they can get to 500 they give you something to cling to going into the Winter. They are 7-3 in the last 10 riding a 4 game winning streak. Wouldn't it be a kick in the teeth if they finally have the 8 game winning streak they were waiting for all season when it is too late to help lol.

Wow I have not been paying attention to the standing I give you your Last Place Chicago Cubs. That right there will help get me through the winter along with the fact the Sox are out of the playoffs also. But unlike us the asshats in Chicago have a decent football team and basketball team to get them through the winter.

I am looking forward to the last week of Brewers Baseball I will use it to look at the young guys one last time and try and see the future.


A Reason To Root

This is the last week of the Brewer season, a season marked mostly by disappointment that I tried to prepare us all for (I figured the Brewers would win 80-82 games, and win the division next year...I still like that, aside from the win total).  Those who have been here all year know I have an 8-game bet with a coworker.  Brewers have to finish within 8 games of the Sawx for me to win, 9 or more behind the Red Sox and I have to wear this when I go boozing around Boston (so about four nights a week) for a month:

So lets go D-Rays, lets go Orioles, and for Chist sakes, lets go Brewers!

Here are some crew tidbits:

Argument for signing Barry Bonds

Nice discussion about the Brewers upcoming offseason

Everyone say hello to our newest bartender

Long time commenter Eric has answered my call for new posters. I did purge a couple of people off the posters list. I am also going to keep looking for more people to post here. We have done a nice job of getting this blog breathing again in the last 5 months. Now I want to try and push it to the next level I would love to get our daily traffic avg over 100 people a day. That is the next goal then we can move on from there.

Baseball still has a lot to be worked out, and football is rolling along. Hockey and basketball are right around the corner. I would ask everyone try and post at least 2-3 times a week. They don't have to be epic Homer like posts but a quick blurb with your opinion is more than enough. There are guys here who are doing kick ass work and they know who they are, if your not one of them please try to post a little more often.


Maybe the Pack isn't as bad as I think

I am about to fall into that trap that fans fall into all the time.

After watching the Saints whoop up on the 2-0 Falcons last night I am starting to think the Pack might not be as bad as I thought. They should have beat the Saints but that loss doesn't look as bad as the Saint move on to a 3-0 start.

The other thing that is giving me a little bit of hope is how they played the game Sunday. They looked like a true West Coast Offense team. They figured out they couldn't run the ball and replaced the run with the short pass in a lot of running situations.

They have scored points the last two games which also gives me a little bit of hope. Since scoring seems to be down in the league this year.

As I was watching the game in my TiVo after getting back from Up North I was happy to see how much fun Brett was having. If the Offense can keep putting up points like the last two weeks who knows they might surprise a team or two who might over look the Pack. I am also very happy to see how quick Greg Jennings is producing for the team. I think Hawk is playing pretty well for a rookie.

This game on Monday night win Philly will be a big test to see if they can keep improving each week like they have the last two weeks.

I am not expecting them to win the division this year or even make the playoffs I just want a young team to improve each week. The Defensive Backs have to really start improving their play if this team has any hope of getting above 5-6 wins.

Maybe last week was a aberration but they showed some signs of life winning in a building that has been the Packers version of PNC park.

No I still don't like Head Coach Mike McCarthy I think he is a deer in the headlights but the season is young.

I have to admit its nice having some hopeful thoughts about the Pack I just hope this isn't the last time this season.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Packer drive to the number one pick hits a snag.

what are these guys thinking, winning a damn game now the dream of the 0-16 season is over.

quick aside to Mr ESK,I told you it would be a high scoring track meet. Maybe Seattle is over rated ;)


I Heard It

Thats right I heard the entire state of Wisconsin exhale with a sigh after todays game.

NFL Week 3

The byes are starting this weekend, and the man can't be happier because there's 2 less games for him to give up money on. Let's strive for a 14-0 blowout special to put the "d" in his depression. As always, the lines are fresh from, and if you're betting illegally, I never heard of you.

Green Bay (+7) @ Detroit - I know what I just said, but since everybody is taking last week's advice, you need to switch it up to make money this week.
Chicago (-4.5) @ Minnesota - Grossman's good for a few more weeks, then the Bears become a 1-dimensional team.
NY Jets @ Buffalo (-6) - And the New York Media goes apoplectic.
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (pick'em) - Damn, but this is a tough one. The coin said, "Stillers".
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-7) - The Jags are real, but this is the very definition of a letdown game.
Tennessee @ Miami (-11) - The chant in Tennessee - "We want Vince Young". Bad news for them; the coach doesn't think he's ready.
Washington (-4.5) @ Houston - Texans fans are wishing they had Vince Yooung (or Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart, or anybody that can help out on offense).
Carolina (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay - Who saw this being a Toilet Bowl-quality game at the beginning of the month? You liar! Take the under-34 for some extra teeth-smashing.
Baltimore (-7.5) @ Cleveland - Once again, the OldBrowns will get their revenge on the NFL.
St. Louis @ Arizona (-4.5) - Anyone think that Kurt Warner isn't up for this game?
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Seattle - The Seahags finally run into a real team. Take the over-42.5.
Philadelphia (-6.5) @ San Francisco - The fairy tale is over.
Denver @ New England (-7) - The real Snake has slithered up, and it ain't pretty in the mountains.
Atlanta @ New Orleans (+4) - The Dirty Birds are a 1-dimensional team, and the Saints are built to flatten that dimension. Throw in the emotion factor, and this dog's bite will be worse than its loud bark.

NFL Week 2 Redemption Recap

I wanted to get this done earlier than today considering I went 10-6 to get above .500 for the year (17-15), but one thing obviously led to another. Oh well, it's time to recap the redemption:

New Orleans 34 (-3) @ Green Bay 27 - Time to ReWrite™ what I said last week; until Duh Pack gets Duh Lions outside in December, give the points.
Detroit 7 (+8.5) @ Chicago 34 - Over/under on Grossman's season-ending injury - Week 8. Until then, don't take the under.
Oakland 6 @ Baltimore 20 (-13) - The OldBrowns were feeling generous.
Houston 24 @ Indianapolis 43 (-14) - I don't remember what the over/under was, but if you also took the over, you had enough lumber left for a deck.
Cleveland 17 @ Cincinnati 34 (-11) - The scary thing is Palmer isn't playing that well.
Buffalo 16 (+6.5) @ Miami 6 - I should've specifically told you to take the under too. I thought the "tale of no offenses" was enough.
Carolina 13 (+1.5) @ Minnesota 16 - Paging Wile E. Thompson (mud spelled backwards), are you sticking by the "kickers are overrated too" line?
New York Giants 30 @ Philadelphia 24 (-3) - Too bad the Iggles' D folded like a cheap card table in the 4th and OT. Damn that OT.
Tampa Bay 3 @ Atlanta 14 (-6) - And there's no Jim Lovell to save the command module.
St Louis 13 (-3) @ San Francisco 20 - Where did the defenses come from?
Arizona 10 (+7) @ Seattle 21 - Somebody forgot to tell Green it's not December.
New England 24 (-6.5) @ NY Jets 17 - J-E-T-S S*CK! SU*K! SUC*! Too bad they don't play Duh Pack.
Tennessee 7 @ San Diego 40 (-12) - Joan Rivers went 25-35 in the blowout.
Kansas City 6 (+11-WIN) @ Denver 9 - Did I say I hate OT? Er, never mind.
Washington 10 @ Dallas 27 (-7) - Time to see if TO can heal fast again.
Pittsburgh 0 (-3) @ Jacksonville 9 - Big Ben was back, but the Stillers ran into trouble.

The Reverie That Is Youthful Memories

Elijah Hodge played a football game today.

When I was ten years old I took my neighbors bike and ran the moto-cross course that we had set up in a neighbors corn field.
I did this every night all summer, well not every night, but every night I slept over at the neighbors house. Of course I slept over 180 days out of 190. My best friend back then always let me use his sisters bike to run the track. One night the bike broke (the frame cracked in two pieces) and we were at a loss about what to do so we tossed the bike over the bridge into the falls. This way it would look like it was stolen and Susie (no really, that is her name, and she's a stone cold fox these days) would get a new bike.

Elijah Hodge' coverage of his stolen bike episode garnered five, yes FIVE, mentions in the Urinal Sentinel yesterday. Let me get this straight. Governor steals millions, is beholding to the Casino money and influence peddles on the side? Yet we get FIVE articles about Elijah Hodge?
Way to go Milwaukee Urinal.

Finally, About That Zone Blocking?

I looked some stuff up and came up with the following observation.
In 1984 Dan Reeves hired an unknown assistant coach named Alex Gibbs. Gibbs was the O-Line coach to save John Elway.
Gibbs inserted a new blocking scheme called zone blocking.
The returns were immediately impressive for the new coach.
In Denvers first game of 1984 they ran for 121 yards on 30 carries. Not great shakes but Denver beat the Bungles so all was good.
Game two was against the formidable Shitcago Bear D (that would set records the next year) and they held Denver to 53 yards on 22 carries.
Game three was again pedestrian 26 carries for 136 yards. But Denver won again. Finally in games four and five the O-Line got it and Denver ran for over 200 yards each game. 236 in game five was telling.
It took awhile but the zone blocking scheme took hold and Denver rolled to an 11-5 record.

Fast forward to 2004, Atlanta. Jim Mora Jr. is hired as HC and his first hire is Alex Gibbs. Gibbs arrives in Atlanta and brings a young assistant named Jeff Jagodzinski. Gibbs job is to revive a dormant Falcon team and bring life to its running game to take pressure off prize rookie Mike Vick.
The first game of that season a mediocre SanFran team held Atlanta to 95 yards on 28 carries. Atlanta won the game and was praised for "sticking to the run". Atlanta won there second game but ran the ball much better. By the third game Atlanta smoked an overmatched Arizona for 194 yards rushing on 30 carries, a 6.5 yard per average. Game four was more of the same albeit a little less gouging as Atlanta ran for 165 yards on 40 carries,averaging 4.1 yards per carry.
This is what Alex Gibbs is all about. 4.1 yards per carry yields a first down every time. Move the chains with the running game in the NFL and you win.

The point of this post is to point out that early on in the zone blocking scheme games will be hit and miss until the O-Line masters its intricacies. This should be a good week for GB running the ball. If that translates into a win is anybodies guess.
With Ahman out and Morency running I bet a dime to a doughnut that Morency runs for a buck fifty and GB wins 32-13. Morency is much more adept at running the cut back scheme that zone blocking employs, then we have a controversy at RB with Green. Thank Goodness.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Offensive Line Woes

Back on 16 September JIB posted about the O-Line and D-Line woes that confound the Packers. The title of that post was Random Thoughts For Discussion. The thread disintegrated into a total lament for what TT has done and the future of the Pack. I've been thinking about that post for awhile (obviously since at least 16 Sept) I've watched the games and I have read comments from insiders who I trust and this is what I think. Take it for what its worth.

This week two articles appeared in the press about one subject, Green Bays inability to block properly in the zone scheme implemented by Jeff Jagodzinski.
This article written by Jeff Spofford was on the Packers website linked through
This article was written by Tom Silverstein of the Urinal Sentinel.

Both articles point out the same fact that the rookies are not the O-Linemen that are struggling in the run game but rather Tauscher and Clifton are the ones keeping the run game down.

This is just a theory, but doesn't it make sense that these veterans, who have both been on the cusp of becoming pro-bowlers, don't approve of this blocking scheme? The cut block is a controversial block for 25 years in the NFL. Every year the rules commitee grapples with the decision of how to regulate it. These two well respected vets will not go quietly into that good night that is cut blocking.
It is hard to find O-Linemen that will. In Atlanta it has been a revolving door and what they have now is five no names that make it work. In Denver the O-Linemen have not spoken to the press for 7 years. Purists hate the scheme and its use of cut blocking on the back side.
The most prevalent blockers that must employ the cut block on the back side are the Tackles.
Plain and simple Tauscher and Clifton refuse to employ this tactic. They will be replaced in time because that is how it works. If you have any compunction at all about this scheme you will move on.
The zone blocking offense employed by Jeff Jagodzinski is taken word for word from the masters book. That master is Alex Gibbs. Gibbs, now a consultant for the Falcons (526 yards rushing in there first two games), perfected his craft in Denver and now plies his trade in Atlanta.
If your team runs it you love it. If your defense has three linemen carried off against it you hate it.
I've seen many potential Hall Of Famers lose there careers on cut blocks. Steve Emtman stands out but there are many others. Bob Brown GB stalwart of the later Lombardi years (Sports Illustrated cover Oct 68) Gilbert Brown, Bubba Smith, Ernie Holmes to name a few. For this reason the NFL Defensive Tackle (or nose guard if you prefer that term) has become a short mans position (less leg to block into).
I'm a defense first guy. I played it, lived it and loved it. I find the zone blocking scheme, and its cut blocks, disgusting. If that is Mike McCarthy and Jeff Jagodzinski's (the first hire McCarthy made) calling card then damn the wins. Play clean football. I agree with Tauscher and Clifton.

Congratulations To Mike McCarthy On His First Win

That's right I didn't just put that lede up there so you would read this. I actually believe that sentiment.

Are you through yet? O.K. pick yourself up off the floor and wipe the tears from your eyes. I thought you said you were through, quit laughing already or you'll be rolling on the floor again.

Now let me explain why I think the Pack will win this weekend.

1.) Injuries:
Defensive starters Kenoy Kennedy (strong safety) and strong side linebacker Alex Lewis. Kennedy will be replaced by a rookie Daniel Bullocks while Paris Lenon replaces Lewis. Look for a lot of two TE sets with motion to confuse the rookie and David Martin running deep on Lenon. Offensive starter Right Tackle Rex Tucker and his backup Barry Stokes will miss the game. They will be replaced by rookie Jonathon Scott. Those two injuries are also forcing RG Ross Verba to come back early from injury. Kampmann should have a field day as Verba will be unable to offer help to the rookie. This will force Detroit to keep a TE and RB in to help in protection which will alter Martz's game plan.

B.) Third down conversions: Vernand Morency will help because he is a true third down back. If Favre can get the ball out on time you will see a big difference in Morency's quick turn up field compared to Henderson and Green.

And.) Clifton and Tauscher will get over there hesitance and actually throw the chop blocks needed to make the run game work. More on this in a later post

4.) Player discord, the players have sided with Mike Williams over Head Coach Marinelli. If they get off slow the wheels will come off.

Lastly.) Jon Kitna vs. Brett Favre. Even an aging Favre.

Note: I wrote this on Thursday at work, my boss came up in the middle of me googling the info provided herein. I saved it to disk so I could get it out. Naughty security manager.

Giving The Fans a Show

The first inning tonight is a real "fan appreciation" show for the faithful Brewer fans who showed up.
I love it but I wish the game meant something.
Prior to the game Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo were given the Robin Yount award for being the best prospects in the Brewers Farm system. Congrats to them and I can't wait to see Gallardo come up and pitch in a pennant race next September.

Another "99 Miracle at Brookline?

That's what it's going to take for the US team to wrest the Ryder Cup away from the Eurotrashes.
Like in 1999, the score going into Sundays singles matches is 10-6 Euros.
Here's the line up for tomorrows matches which begin at 0700 AM my time and 0600 AM your time (CST).
David Toms vs Colin Montgomery
Stewart Cink vs Sergio Garcia
Jim Furyk vs Paul (hole in one) Casey
Tiger Woods vs Robert Karlson
Colin Campbell vs Luke Donald
JJ Henry vs Alan McGinley
Zach Johnson vs Darren Clarke
Vaughn Taylor vs Henrik Stenson
Brett Wetterich vs David Howell
Phil Mickelson vs Jose Maria Olazabel
Chris DiMarco vs Lee Westwood
Scott Verplank vs Patrick Harrington

Keep your eye on the Garcia Cink, Toms Monty and Furyk Casey matches. Garcia, Monty (undefeated in his lifetime) and Casey are the hottest Euro golfers this week. If the US can take two of those three matches we may have a chance. If not then this Cup challenge will be over before the NFL pregame shows begin.
The other hot Euro golfers are Darren Clarke, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and Patrick Harrington. Unless Toms, Cink, Furyk and Tiger take care of business then the matches with those last three is moot.
How nice is it for the Euros to have Westwood and Harrington finishing up just in case the US makes a charge.

Gamblin' Update

Good morning thus far, I just won the Purdue and the Louisville games (oh ye of little faith) and just laid on Arkansas giving 3.5. I know, I switched and the points moved a lot, but I like the move and I got in at +105 as opposed to -125 the other way. I'm on Buffalo to keep it within 41 points against Auburn, currently 7-0 with a minute left in the 1st half.

The more the day goes on, the more I like Mich. State. I would like them to win outright if that idiot Lee Corso hadn't picked em.

Kudos to the Badgers who put on a great effort despite not bringing the offense to Michigan. I'm not sure if those 11 guys on O missed the plane or what, but they sure as shit didn't make it to that football game.

Look for Wake Forest to keep it close (I might be on it, it's not on TV anywhere out here so I may just lay off, and for Michigan State to keep it close and lose in overtime). I will be all over where the mouth is and what not.

I've changed my mind about Ohio St. by the way. Stay away from the game, Troy Smith is going to put some distance between him and the pack in the Heismann Race...and Stanton is going to vault into second after a stellar performance against the terrible Irish secondary.

Ryan Howard at 58 home runs

It is a shame that Ryan Howard isn't getting more attention for this. He is approaching what could be considered the 'clean' single season home run record, a record that anytime it was approached in the past, we'd all hypervenitilate with excitement. Now that the syringe triplets (McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds) have taken all of the gloss off of the home run record, Howard's achievement this season is little more than an after thought.

Noon Action

I appreciate the feedback ched.  Northwestern is bad, but I did luck out with that interception TD at the end.  Nevada just shut it down there in the second half.  Weak win, but a win nonetheless.

I really want to take Wisconsin to keep this game close, I have a strong feeling they can but I will stick to my one rule and not bet on a team I like.  At this point I am totally off most noon games, but I am going to lay small on Purdue +3.  I'll also be on the Buffalo +41 at 2:30.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

A night's worth of baseball in 1 inning

Inning #1 at Miller park tonight (which took 39 minutes and 73 pitches to complete) -

- Giants half of the 1st inning, Doug Davis pitching -
Randy Winn singled to right
Omar Vizquel singles to left, Winn to 2nd
Shea Hillenbrand grounds out to 2B, Winn to 3rd, Vizquel to 2nd
Barry Bonds doubles to left, Winn and Vizquel score (2-0 Bad Guys)
Ray Durham walks
Moises Alou singles to left, Bonds to 3rd, Durham to 2nd
Pedro Feliz reaches on force attempt and error on 2B Tony Graffanino, Bonds and Durham score, Alou to 2nd (4-0 Bad Guys)
Eliezer Alfonzo pops out to 2B
Jonathan Sanchez strikes out swinging to end the inning, 4-0 Bad Guys

- Brewers half of the 1st inning, Jonathan Sanchez pitching -
Corey Hart singles to right
Tony Graffanino walks, Hart to 2nd
Prince Fielder hit by pitch, Hart to 3rd, Graffanino to 2nd
Bill Hall singles to 3B, Hart and Graffanino score, Fielder to 2nd (4-2 Bad Guys)
Geoff Jenkins strikes out swinging
Kevin Mench at the plate, Fielder and Hall do a double-steal to put them at 3rd and 2nd respectively
Mench doubles, Fielder and Hall score (4-4 tie)
David Bell strikes out swinging
Mike Rivera singles to left, Mench scores (5-4 Good Guys)
Doug Davis strikes out looking to end the inning, 5-4 Brewers

The other bit of good news; Mr. Juice is still 1 HR short of Hammerin' Hank's NL record as of the 3rd inning (he struck out to lead off the inning).

Revisions/extensions (9:25 am 9/23/2006) - I knew it was too good to be true. Chris Spurling grooved one to Mr. Juice after I fell asleep (I know, real exciting Friday for me, but I'm an early to bed/rise guy). At least the Brew Crew won 13-12. Hopefully Cappy can not only get the win tonight, but sit Bonds down for an extended period tonight.

NCAA & NFL prelim picks

I have whittled down this weekend's slate of games (both in terms of if I like them and if I can watch them...I prefer to gamble only on games I can see) which will undoubtedly change. I will try this weekend to update my wagers as they take place, but here is what I am looking at so far, broken into games I WILL bet on, games I MAY bet on, and games I like but don't know if I'll lay:


Nevada -7.5 (Tonight)

Buffalo (NCAA) +41.5
Penn St. +17
California -8 (moved to MAY)
Green Bay +7
Jax +7
Eagles/49er's OVER


Wake Forest +2.5
Louisville -14
California -8
Alabama +1
NY Giants +3.5
St. Louis +4.5
New Orleans +4


Michigan State +3
Baltimore -6.5
Washington -4
Chicago/Minn OVER
Cincinnati +2

There ya go, I'll let you know tomorrow which I am on and which way I'll be looking Sunday. As always, I bet in waves, so the morning outcomes influence how I bet the rest of the day, and Saturday influences Sunday. Lately that means making a killing Thursday-Saturday (I hit the under last night) then giving half of it back with reckless play on Sunday.

UPDATE: I am moving the California game to MAY. I've been reading some Cal info and it looks like their offensive line is banged up. Given that ASU's defensive line is having a fantastic start to the year, I may hold off on the game.

Football predictions for the weekend

Wisconsin and Michigan play a low scoring slug fest with Michigan winning 17-10

Green Bay actually beats Detroit in a track meet 35-28 Koren Robinson runs back the kick off all the way back for the win,after Detroit ties the game on a long pass beating Rod Woodson deep.

I no reasons to back up these predictions I just have a feeling lol. Please write something this weekend I am going to be in the woods so no chance to post until Sunday night.

I am thinking of culling the herd and removing people who never post and look for some more posters to add to the guys who do post.

If anyone wants to take a crack at posting here let me know I need your email to send you an invite.

So if you want to break into the wonderful world of sports blogging let me know.


The goal is to finish ahead of the cubs and pirates

Since there isnt much left to play for this season they have to something to play for besides their jobs next season.

Right now they have an 8 game lead on the last place Flubs with with 9 games left to play so I figure its a lock to once again finish looking down at the flubs. But we have the Pirates only 4 games behind us.

They do have a 2 game series with the flubs in Chicago so hopefully they will sweep that.

This would be two years in a row the Crew has finished above the losers to the south. At this point you have to take what you can when your 13 games under 500


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Kira Knightley

I thought we would show its not all about boobs ;) Lets give a shout out to the A-cups


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Detroit Lions Blog

Just in case you may want to infiltrate the Lions den and lay some trash talk down on a few Michiganders this is the place to do your best Hollywood Henderson impersonation.

The Brewers release 2007 schedule

Here is "Next" year


Jenkins Walk-Off HR!

I hate him more with each passing day...

If Jenkins played for the Royals, he would hit 60 HR's.  He is the ultimate "hit em when they don't count" guy.  The Brewers were within 3 game of the wild card going into the All-Star break and Jenkins couldn't hit an adopted red head.  Last month or so, with the Crew all but eliminated?  Goes on a tear.

I say fuck you Geoff Jenkins, fuck you.  The only good thing about this is that hopefully someone will want to trade for him now.

Pack Zooms Up Rankings

Dr. Z over at has moved the Packers up two spots in his weekly rankings.
Thats right folks we are breathing in the succulent air of a rarified 29 (of 32) ranking.
In case you want to see the other rankings you can go here.

This may seem ridiculous to some of you, but we have room to improve. Dr Z has both Tennessee and Detroit above us. A win this weekend and we may improve two more places.

Maybe we should keep Jenkins for one more year

As I step away from the train wreck that is the 06 season and start looking ahead I can look at things with my head not my heart.

First I believe Jenkins has at least one more year left on his contract and to be honest no one is going to trade for an 8 million dollar contract coming off a poor season(poor is me being polite) But he is showing signs of life Jenks has been ok in his last 10 games 5 homeruns 13 hits 6 runs and 8 rbi's and the most important stat to me on a swing happy brewers team only 3 k's

If you go with ESK's line up I could live with a platoon of Jenks and Mench or Jenks and who ever

Who do you keep on the bench out of Rillo Bell and Graffy? All three give you veteran savvy and leadership but I doubt you can keep all three on the line up too many kids to bring up. Has anyone heard anything about Koskie if this thing is still bothering him he might be about to go down the Craig Hodge career path.

Carlos V. looked outstanding last night and since Turnblow was kept locked up in the bull pen they had a chance to win it with Jenkins walk off line drive to right.

They actually win a series in Sept from the Red Birds and it brings no joy sigh.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Detroit Free Press RE: Upcoming game

I like to go to the local newspaper and check out if any trash talking has taken place prior to an upcoming Packer game.
This week that endeavor takes me to the socialist rag that is the Detroit Free Press.

Not much yet from any players and I haven't looked at any blog links yet to read what the fans are thinking and saying.

I did find a nice article about Greg Jennings though. It shows a personal side to the young wide out that I had not known.

I also enjoyed this article by Mitch Albom, Albom wrote two very good books, Tuesdays With Morie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Both books were made into T.V. movies.

If you want to peruse the website you may have to register. I did see a few comments from a couple fans but they consisted of bitching about Matt Millen (bless the heavens we don't have him G.B. fans) and hand wringing about why Mike Williams hasn't been active yet this year.

You'll also find a coach's corner on the left of the Jennings article to see what kind of questions Detroit writers ask the Lions HC. A little different than what we see in Wisconsin.

Correction: Jennings link was same as Albom link, fixed now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

07 Brewers

In the below post, GB makes it known he wants the Crew to go out and get another bat.  Personally, I disagree.  My starting 9 next season would look like this:

Gwynn CF
Hardy - SS
Fielder - 1B
Hall - 3b
Weeks - 2B
Hart - LF
Jenkins/Mench platoon RF (the potential is astonishing, the output, not so much)

This lineup gives you 4 guys who can/should hit .290+ and the potential for 5 guys with 20+ HR's.  It is relatively balanced with contact and speed.  I just don't see the Brewers going out an buying a bat, not that it wouldn't be a decent idea...but who??

Instead, lets look at the pitching.  We need middle relief and starting pitching.  I like Sheets, Cappy and Villanueva as locks for the rotation next year.  Sarfate is a virtual lock in the middle relief role since it seems he is out of options although no one can seem to find out for sure.  Resign Ohka to a fair deal considering his injuries, and go out and get Ted Lilly.

Yes, spend big iron on Ted Lilly, he of the 4.4 ERA and 1.49 WHIP and 14-12 record.  Consider he has posted these numbers in the explosive AL East (then consider all he has to do is dominate the lackluster-at-best NL Central) and I think the Brewers have a real gem here.  I dislike that he is another lefty, but think of it as trading to a slightly younger Doug Davis.  Their numbers are very similar, only Lilly has put his up in the AL East (did I mention that means he put up a 4.4 against guys like Ortiz, Ramirez, ARod, Jeter, Shitfield...). 

That leaves the Brewers with a rotation of:


Bullpen (here the contracts get a little hazy for me) of:

Cordero - Closer

Notice this also leaves room for the Brewers to sign a quality late inning guy (off the top of my head, Roger Clemens, just kidding) to solidify the bullpen. 

Sense a theme?  In a division with poor pitching it makes sense to go out and try to dominte that gap.  No matter who the Crew adds they will not have the firepower of the Cardinals or the Reds, however they can, by adding one or two pieces (and keeping those pieces healthy) be THE dominant pitching staff in the division. 

Why I will be pulling for the Mets in the playoffs

Face it they would have the best chance of beating the AL champion and I am so sick of hearing how much better the AL is. Take the damn DH away and make them play real 9 man baseball and lets see how much better they are. Make Big Poppi play in the field every game. Make the AL managers actually have to manage a game.

So if the Mets can win the World Series all the shat about the AL being the better league goes away for the winter.


It is a shame these game have no real meaning

Did anyone see the ending of last nights Brewers/Cardinals game? Graffanino drives in the game winning run with a single through the left side of the infield. What made it a great at bat was he hit pitch number 10 for the game winner.

Yes I was watching the Brewers game bouncing back and forth between it and the MNF game. All hail TiVo and its two tuners. I am like a guy who cannot dump his cheating girl friend sure she is cheating on you but did I ever tell you what she does in the bedroon lol.

It is a shame at the start of the season I thought this series would have some playoff meaning guess I was wrong there.

As you have noticed here I took a little time off writing about the Crew here I had to let the rage and vile burn off. I am ready to move on to "next year"

I believe Ned should get one more year to prove he is the right man but if they finish below 500 again he has to be thrown under the bus. MR A has to prove he is willing to spend some money to make money. They have to go out and get a big stick for left field and shore up the bullpen. I still think you can build the starting 5 from home grown talent spend the money on a bat and relievers.

If this is Rillos last year I would love to see him added as a bench coach and try to keep either Bell or Graffanino to fill the wise old vet role I like how both guys play the game. You have to give Hart one of the three starting jobs in the outfield and let Nix and Gwynn Jr. duke it out for centerfield. Then put your big stick in left. Ok ESK who is going to be out there that we could bring in to play the role of Carlos Lee?

My starting five next year looks like this right now Sheets Cappy Davis Bush and Villanueva. Cordero as your closer other than that no job in the bullpen should be considered safe. Who knows maybe they can "fix" Turnblow and use in him the 8th inning but closers are odd birds but look Cordero was thrown under the bus in Texas and he has been the one bright spot since the trade.

Do we try and move JJ Hardy and leave Billy at SS or do we move Hall to 3rd and see if Hardy can put a season together? I am in the give Hall SS and look for a third basemen. Here is to hoping Prince has a sophmore season like Howard in Philly, not that his rookie year was all that bad.

Ok I have rambled enough lets light the stove and get the hot stove league going before the season even ends.


Nice Stuff From Peter King

O.K. I undrstand all the angst in Wisconsin over the Pack and its apparent demise, but here's some good news.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated, HBO Inside The NFL and NBC TV's Football Night in America in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column has only nice things to say about Packer football.

King starts on page two and gives a little insider info on Brett Favre and the chance he will be traded. Pretty good.

Later he has this to say about the Koren Robinson situation. It sounds pretty familiar although in a more subdued tone then what I posted about it. Scroll down to the Factoid Of The Week That May Only Interest Me section to read about that.
Most importantly King gives his Defensive Player of The Week award to Aaron Kampman.

Read the whole thing;
beginning here.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Night Quandry

I have been doing well gambling (Vegas was ridiculous by the way...big winner in all the ways you can imagine) but I need help here on tonights game. To recap this week I won on

Iowa St
Cincinnati (NFL)
NY Giants
Raiders (what a joke of a team they are...thanks!)

pushed Cincinnati (NCAA)


UL Lafayette
Tennessee (NFL)
under Chicago/Lions

So you can see I have made bank on this weekend's games, with Big Iron on the G-Men and Tennessee (seriously, this chick I am dating is a helluva capper, picking Tennessee (not too tough) and Ball St. (Ball St. ?!?)), making me some nice change.

Tonight, however, I am conflicted. I like the under and I think I like the Jags. Any thoughts?

On Favre and Rebuilding

Chris has a rather empassioned response to Chedhead's comment in a thread below and I thought I would take some time to comment.

My main question; how does playing Brett Favre (top five alltime greatest QB's Brett Favre, savior of the organization Brett Favre...) hurt the organizations efforts at rebuilding?  If McCarthy is indeed the Packers head coach for the forseeable future, then he has very different ideas than I about Aaron Rodgers (i.e., he dislikes him immensely) since he was adament about drafting Alex Smith when McCarthy was with the 49er's.  As such, if McCarthy is the coach of the future, it is safe to assume Rodgers is not the QB of the Packers future and starting Brett Favre does nothing to slow the rebuilding process.

Does one position really mean the Packers are sitting on the fence?  I would be much angrier that the Packers signed a guy like Woodson (regardless of performance) if I thought the Packers needed to completely start over.  His massive cap number at the tail end of a mixed career is not the sort of thing I would expect from a purely rebuilding team.  It would be easy to argue his cap number is hurting the rebuilding efforts much worse than the only 3-time NFL MVP Brett Favre. 

Does starting Favre make it more difficult for the offensive line to gel?  Does starting Favre make it more difficult for Poppinga, Barnett and Hawk to learn the pro game?  Would starting Rodgers make Jennings a better or worse receiver(that seems obvious to me).

Blaming Favre for where this team is, or saying at any point that the Packers would be better off with someone else leading the team is, in my opinion, ludicrous.  Throwing Rodgers behind this pathetic offensive line with piss poor receivers who appear to run the correct routes about 60% of the time would not improve his chances to be a better QB in my opinion.  This team is not ready to win, not now and not next year, so why ruin Rodgers confidence if indeed he is to be the first successor to Favre?  Let him learn the offense perfectly, let the line gel, and start him when he is in a position to succeed, instead of throwing him into a situation where he WILL fail, the only question is to what degree.

My only complaint is the total lack of talent in the secondary and dearth of future at running back.  Vernon Morency has talent, and could blossom, but that is about it to look forward to at RB.  I assume the Packers will be using their top 5 pick on a running back.

Jennings is a stud.  He will vie all year for offensive rookie of the year, but will not overpower the Reggie Bush hype machine.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I need to start watching channel 6 for sports

Just to see more of Jen Lada, why wasn't she brought to my attention????? Come one of us has to be sober enough to notice a hot female sports reporter ;)

Hey that gives me an idea,

If you could spend a night with any National Female Sideline reporter or Sports Anchor, who would it be?

I know who my choice would be Bonnie Bernstein

She just does something for GBFan it must be the hair.


Random NFL thoughts for the second week

First if the Bears can keep scoring points like they have the first two weeks and couple if with that defense they will be around come play off time.

The Niners are not the patsys they were last year as St Louis found that out today.

I am starting to think all that stuff about John Gruden winning the super bowl with Tony Dungies players might have been correct. Tampa has scored a whopping 3 points through two games.

My guess is the Panthers fans sort of feel like we Brewers fans feel. I am sure they are sitting around going "what the hell is going on here"? So much for being the preseason favorite.

Maybe Mooch and Joey Harrington where not the only problem in Detroit.

Isnt it nice to see Dante Culpepper failing in Miami lol. Once a Queen you always get hated like a Queen.


The race to number one is on.

Which race you ask? Why the race to see who will be picking first when the NFL draft is held in April of 2007.

I will provide the early take on the race to number one 07, it will be between our Packers and those bumblers from Oakland the Raiders. But as I watch the late Sunday night game Washington may be in the hunt also. Can't forget the Titans but I will be pulling for the Pack.

Where do you start with today's Packer game, I thought in the first quarter "Man this might be like last years Saints game",the highlight of last years season. But Mike McCarthey gave us a example of how he doesn't have the killer instinct. After the second Saints turnover the Pack ended up 4-1 on the N.O. 6 yard line. Did Mikey go for the early kill blow? Hell know he took the safe route and kicked the short field goal. You have a chance to go up by 14 points 5-6 minutes into the game but no they don't think they can get one damn yard. But as bad as that decision was that isn't where the game was lost.

The two plays that cost the Packers the game were by the usual suspects Favre's INT in the endzone and Green's fumble were the two moments when the game was lost.

I really had hope they might show some heart and would pull the game out when they tied it up at 20 but then we all know that hope was dashed pretty quickly.

Its going to be a long year of very bad football.


Good news reach - 9/17/2006

We're really digging into the bowels of the sports world after yet another Packers loss, a guaranteed losing season from the Brewers, and a Chase-induced drop to 3rd for Kenseth. Let's start reaching -

- Badgers 14, San Diego State 0
- Chatcago 34, Duh Lions 7

Unfortunately, that's it for good news this weekend. I renew my call to fire Wile E. Thompson (mud spelled backwards), and add E. Michael McCan'thy to the list.

Revisions/extensions (8:05 pm 9/17/2006) - Thanks to my Big 3 (LT, McNabb, Gore) and an assist from She, I'm all-but-guaranteed going 2-0 in the Cheddarsphere league without even dipping into Willie Parker tomorrow night.

If at first you don't succeed...

So I went 7-9 and only nailed 1 of my 2 over/unders. There's still 16 weeks left, but let's quickly review Weak 1 before moving on to Week 2 and redemption...

Miami 17 (+1) @ Pittsburgh 28 - I'm glad that Batch didn't play for Duh Lions.
Denver 10 (-4) @ St. Louis 18 - Snakebit again.
NY Jets 23 @ Tennessee 16 (-2.5) - Damn it, damn it, damn iiiiit!
Atlanta 20 @ Carolina 6 (-5) - At least I was right about Vick not being a passer.
Cincinnati 23 (+1.5) @ Kansas City 10 - Who needs an offense when you have a defense?
Seattle 9 (-6.5-LOSS) @ Detroit 6 - And the Super Bowl Loser Slump™ begins early.
Philadelphia 24 (-6) @ Houston 10 - Lumber laid. You think the Texans could've used Bush?
Baltimore 27 @ Tampa Bay 0 (-3) - At least I told you to take the under, but who knew the OldBrowns had an offense?
New Orleans 19 @ Cleveland 14 (-3) - Bad news for this week; the Aint's are on a roll.
Buffalo 17 (+9.5-WIN) @ New England 19 - Who knew neither team had an offense either?
Chicago 26 (-4) @ Green Bay 0 - Let the chants begin!
San Francisco 27 (+7.5-WIN) @ Arizona 34 - I'm glad I got the points.
Dallas 17 (+2) @ Jacksonville 24 - I knew that was a bad reason to take the Pokes.
Indianapolis 26 (-3.5) @ NY Giants 21 - To answer last week's question, it's because neither team has a defense.
Minnesota 19 @ Washington 16 (-4.5) - We really need something bad to happen to Brad Johnson; he just wins, baby.
San Diego 27 (-3) @ Oakland - Repeating - Two letters; LT.

With that out of the way, let's head on over to and grab this week's smorgasbord of NFL action. As last week proved, you're an idiot if you take my advice and gamble with Knock-Knees Tony, so be warned that I do not cover any broken knees, fingers, necks, taxes or lawyers' fees -

New Orleans (-3) @ Green Bay - Until the Pack proves otherwise (or, more likely, until they get Duh Viqueens and Duh Lions outside in December), give the points.
Detroit (+8.5) @ Chicago - Special teams are rarely good for more than 5 points, so also take the under-32.
Oakland @ Baltimore (-13) - If you can't score against the Bolts, you can't score period.
Houston @ Indianapolis (-14) - This is turning into an all-lumber weekend. Start building your dream home.
Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-11) - The NewBrowns can't win at home against the Aint's, what makes anyone think they have a chance against the BENgals?
Buffalo (+6.5) @ Miami - Again, it's a tale of no offenses. They're already calling for Culpepper's head in Miami, not realizing the absolute disaster waiting in the wings.
Carolina (+1.5) @ Minnesota - You may like the 1 1/2 points, you may want the 1 1/2 points, and by law, if you gamble legally, you'll get the 1 1/2 points, but you're not gonna need them. The Panther Super Bowl Express gets back on the train this week.
New York Giants @ Philadelphia (-3) - Philly has a bit of a defense, the G-men don't.
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta (-6) - Chuckie, we have a problem. We have a complete defensive failure, a main offense undervolt, multiple caution and warning lights.
St Louis (-3) @ San Francisco - Take the over-43.5 as the main play here.
Arizona (+7) @ Seattle - It ain't December yet, so Denny Green isn't in full-choke mode yet.
New England (-6.5) @ NY Jets - I said it before, I'll say it again, so I'll spare you the chant this week.
Tennessee @ San Diego (-12) - Heck, Joan Rivers could start at QB and the Bolts would still cover.
Kansas City (+11) @ Denver - So I was wrong; it's not a all-lumber weekend.
Washington @ Dallas (-7) - Any week TO and She can stay out of Tuna's net is a good week to take the 'Boys.
Pittsburgh (-3) @ Jacksonville - You heard it here first; Big Ben's back, and the Jags are in trouble.

(Cross-posted at No Runny Eggs)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A random though for discussion

I have not put this thought to any great scrutiny yet, but I'm curious what my fellow drinkers here at the WSB have to say about it. The Packers have guys that can still make plays on both sides of the ball, yet last Sunday they looked like one of the worst teams in football. The Bears may have had something to do with that, but I think there is a greater problem: The offensive and defensive lines. Right now, neither is very good. Yeah, Tauscher and Clifton can be very good, and Kampman is a tough, blue collared guy. But as a whole, neither line is particularly impressive, and they lose their battles, putting additional pressure on the play makers to, well, make plays. While there are many factors that are contributing to where the Packers are right now (youth and inexperience being just one), those lines are why this team will probably be a 4-12 team again, and as long as Thompson neglects them, this team will continue to be bad.

C'Mon Matt

This is unacceptable.
Matt Kenseth qualified 25th in today's qualifying for the "Chase For The Cup".
Does this guy not realize he is all we have?
I'm desperate here.
I want all those southern ass-holes to squirm and change the rules again as another Badger wins the Nextel Championship.
I know it matters not where you start but where you finish but come on Robbie (Robbie Reiser, crew chief) give this guy a legit shot.
Fix the car and let him run.

Just Getting Into It A Little Bit

Homestead struggled to get by Whitefish Bay, I think they will play again in the play-offs. Whitefish Bay is pretty good.

Not as good as these guys though. This looks suspiciously like the Team to beat this year.

One mention for the WIAA to look into though, how about ranking your teams like other states do?
When I lived in Texas the top teams (at least five D-1 scholarships) were AAAAA or Five-A (these are the schools with 30,000 seat stadiums and artificial turf with separate training facilities, what a world that was), same in Virginia except that was AAAA or Four-A. Maryland also goes ascending by population of school, its top tier being Four-A. West Virginia is the same as is my current location of Pennsylvania. Arizona does it that way too. The only place I have ever been that does it ascending is Europe (Germany) and Wisconsin. Does Minn. do it like Wis? Does Ill. do the same? Just Wondering?

I love High School Football, this is the purest form of football. If you want to catch me on a Friday night better call my cell phone.

Forgive Me Lord Of Sweet Dreams, I Bumped Her For This Piffle

Lets here it for Ned Yost, Nedley finally acknowledged that Bill Hall needs a permanent position next year.
This is not good news for Corey Koskie or his fans.

In today's Urinal Sentinel Ned Yost had this to say about next year in regards to Bill Hall; "It would be nice to settle him in at one spot, find a place to play and let him play," Yost said. "I don't want to bounce him around."

Of course this is all incumbent on J.J. Hardy staying healthy next year. I see Bill Hall as the perfect major league third sacker. Power numbers, RBI's, HR's, lots of K.O.'s but a slugging pct. in the .400-.450 range. An excellent compliment to "The Prince" at 1B. Halls numbers suggest he can be a traditional 3B in my era of MLB ball. Check out Mike Schmidts numbers. I'm not saying Hall will hit 500 HR's but he can be comparable for the next ten years.

That would make the line-up look as such Gwynn, lead-off (he'll struggle early) Weeks 2 hole, Hart three (interchangeable with Weeks at two), "The Prince" at clean-up and Hall 5.

That sounds good to me. Pop and speed. Of course the glove work may be an issue but if your willing to play Weeks in the middle with his inadequacies then you can surely tolerate a corner IF with 35-40 HR's.

Did anyone catch Bill on Cold Pizza Thursday? He was great. What a well spoken young man and very telegenic. The more I see him the more I love this guy. Named every MVP candidate from the AL as well as the NL along with ROY favorites and play-off teams. Bill Hall picked the Florida Marlins as the NL wildcard rep. Uggla as ROY, Howard as MVP and Minn as AL wild card with Liriano Cy Young in AL. I can't remember all of the interview but man this guy is smooth.

Friday, September 15, 2006

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Jessica Simpson

I hear she sings too ;)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Poll Has Closed, Part Two

Last night I posted the rantings of Cliff Christl.
Today the urinal sentinel has let the other shoe drop.
My cunt, I mean Mike Hunt, has chimed in and the talking points are the same and the points of contention are exactly those of Cliffy.

Let me clear this up first. The poll I spoke of yesterday was answered by 11,481 Packer fans.
The numbers have changed significantly since I posted that last night. The urinal keeps the poll open and accessible for a couple days after it is published. This is what accounts for the differential in numbers.
The current numbers are even more telling then the 55% I reported last night. The numbers are currently 61.5 in favor of the signing of Koren Robinson and 38.5 against.

That being said, My Cunt, I mean Mike Hunt, has lent his .000002 cents worth today.
This article that appeared today, again in the Packer Insider, echoes Cliffy's point but this time with a slant towards the impeccable image of the Packers.
Again let me answer my cunt, damn it, I really did mean mike hunt this time, in the same manner I answered Cliffy.

If so, then how sad, for you have just consigned one of the most respected franchises in all of sports to levels of facileness and desperation rarely imagined along Lombardi Ave. Might as well change the name of the street to Tice Way or Davis Blvd., because somewhere a disapproving Vince is probably insisting.

Here Cunt/Hunt imparts the name of St. Vincent to deplore the actions of Ted Thompson.
Just to refresh everyone's memory this is the same Coach Lombardi that welcomed back Paul Hornung twice after being suspended by the NFL. The first time for association with gangsters (Lombardi got him out of that by forcing Hornung to join the US Army reserve) and the second for betting on NFL games. Both times St. Vince took him back and embraced his star and gave him a second chance. Had this happened today (witness Pete Rose) Paul Hornung would not be a Hall Of Famer or be revered by Pack fans everywhere.

Besides, Jimmy Johnson was exactly right when he reasoned that the Packers are a three- or four-victory team without Robinson, and maybe, maybe, good for five or six with him. Likely, the Packers are going to finish last in the division no matter what, so the unthinkable risks so heavily outweigh the potential gain that there is no possible justification for this signing.

Are the Green Bay Packers owned by the state of Wisconsin and accountable to us, the fan? Yes they are. Those fans have spoken, and 62% have said they wanted Robinson in a Packer uniform. The argument that two wins don't matter is fallacious. Six wins keep you in the playoff hunt until January. Four wins eliminates you before December. The difference between games that matter for two months and those that don't matter is a difference of a couple million dollars. Please remember that we are still the smallest market in all major sports so revenue does matter.

Being perceived as "desperate" is one thing; taking on a baggage-laden receiver whom few were willing to touch is quite another. The old cliché that someonemight havee signed Charlie Manson had he been able to go over the middle might be true of some organizations, but it should never apply to the Green Bay Packers, who should've learned their lesson from the handful of bad acts who sullied their reputation over the years.

Wow, throw Charlie Mansons name in there for shock effect and your article is made.
How has the Packer mantle suffered from bad signings? When you mention Packer football do people say, yea I remember Mossy Cade? Do they say, yea I remember Tony Mandarich? No they say yea, Brett Favre, and Reggie White. If they are older they say Bart Starr, Willie Davis and Paul Hornung. Again a fallacious statement.

As Cliffy had done previously My Cunt, Mike Hunt, finishes off his article with this little ultimatum;

More than that, the signing goes to the seemingly random way in which Thompson is rebuilding the team. He has failed to resolve the guard issue, drafted very little help and has created an awkward and potentially disastrous mismatch with Brett Favre and such an inexperienced team. If Robinson steps outside the boundaries of the law one more time, Thompson should be gone before the paper hits the district attorney's desk.

I can agree with the guard issue. We had plenty of cap room to fill that need. If any position can be filled in the NFL by throwing money at, the O-Line is the easiest to fill. Ask St Louis with Adam Timmerman, or K.C. with Willie Roaf or Carolina with Mike Wahle.
What I can't agree with is cunts egregious error of rating TT's drafts before they play out. He built a Superbowl contender in Seattle. It took him four years. That is damn good. They were trying to run him and Holmgren out of town after two years. Thank goodness the owner was smarter then either Cliffy "Clavin" Christl or My Cunt, Mike Hunt. That owner was Paul Allen. He only invented the PC.

Cliffy and Cunt will try to run Thompson and McCarthy (they just haven't started on McCarthy yet) out of Wisconsin (like Starr and Gregg before) without a fair shake. I only hope Packer fans are smarter than Seattle fans and smart enough to realize bias in reporting when they see it.

The Poll Has Closed

55% of Wisconsonites agree that Ted Thompson should have signed Koren Robinson.
Cliff Christl tried to influence opinion of Packer fans by posting this article on the Packer Insider, denigrating Thompson for the signing. The article was posted Sept 11 prior to the Packers official announcement of his signing.

We all knew that an offer had been tendered by the Pack, especially since we went into the season with just four WR's. The signing could not be released until after week one due to rules instituted under the new collective bargaining agreement. Had we signed him prior to week one we would have been responsible for his entire 2006 salary signed with the Viqueens.

The entire article reeks of being written pre-Robinson signing. Christl has his sights fixed on Ted Thompson and is making no bones about his disregard for TT.

Heres some money quotes by Christl that should raise more then a few eyebrows:

How many mothers and fathers, or any of you for that matter, want this player living in your neighborhood or driving your streets at night?
Its all for the kids, liberal mantra, how can you ignore the kids?

That's why Thompson and the Packers will be culpable for any calamities or tragedies that Robinson might bring to pass here. Under almost any other circumstances, it would be unfair to blame Thompson or the Packers for trouble caused by their players.
You see no individual culpability exists in Christl's world. Its all "The Mans" fault. "The Man" in this case being a publicly owned trust that just voted in an online poll to sign Robinson.

This little turd in the punch bowl finishes the article:

Then again, maybe that's why this team appears to be in a free fall and is even willing to once again risk becoming the squalor it was back in the days when no player symbolized it any better than Mossy Cade.

Squalor of Mossy Cade? Back in those days the Pack was 8-8. What would you give for an 8-8 record this year?

I used to actually respect this writer. No longer, he is no more then any other hack spewing his agenda.

In his online chat (it may have been his article Monday) on Sunday he highlighted the blocking of Vonta Leach and how it would be a tough decision to even bring back William Henderson. The Packers cut Vonta Leach today.

One final note; Christl also constantly harped on the inadequacies of Najeh Davenport (it seems the mad crapper incident offended his delicate sensibilities). Christl lamented his inadequate talent and how it was a sign of how far we have fallen in that area. That's right folks the same Najeh Davenport just signed by the reigning Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

When writers who have editors and get paid for writing resort to petty innuendo and back biting they disgust me.
Before you all jump on me for doing the same, remember I do this for free. My normal fee for network security analyst is $125.00 per hour (a bargain in the corporate world, average in the Govt world). If you want me to write objectively then just pay my salary.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drive By Hit Piece By N.Y. Slimes Today

I'm not going to link to the article because it is not factual and the money quotes are, as usual, for the Slimes, anonymous.
The headline implies that Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs during his unprecedented 7 year run at the Tour De Frog.

One of Lances teammates admits he ingested EPO during 1998's Tour. The other rider who was on the team during that year was the anonymous source for the story. He said he had to remain anno because he was still in the race business. The first five paragraphs implicated Lance Armstrong had to use because these two guys used. Guilt through association is a typical tool used by the N.Y. Slimes, usually it only appears on there front page. This time it appeared in the toy box that is the sports page.
Near the end of the article the author (hatchet man as it were) finally admits that neither rider ever saw Lance use anything illegal.

Lance Armstrong was livid today when questioned about the article. The sample Lance Armstrong submitted in 1998 has been tested several times. The french newsrag LeMonde even dug up his old sample from that year and subjected the sample to the scrutiny of modern testing. That is ridiculous. Armstrong should be livid about this.

The first I heard of this was on Around The Horn and Pardon The Interruption. That is six different reporters and all six implicated Armstrong through association. Then the story was on the sportscenter telecast and those two reporters repeated the article and indicted Armstrong through association.

Not one of these six reporters (and I use that term very loosely) mentioned the later paragraph where both riders admit they never saw Armstrong ever do anything illegal.

It would appear that the N.Y. Slimes has expanded its snail ingesting, wine consuming love of all things Frog to its sports page.

Can you believe I applied to colleges that had reputable journalism schools and on each application mentioned my dream of one day writing for this sorry excuse for a rag.

When Did This Become A Good Day?

When did a rain out become what may be the highlight of the week for an offensively challenged Crew?
Probably, about ten games after the all-star break.
I know, I know ESK, next year was the break-out year and the photo spread in Sports Illustrated hyped this team to expectations beyond reality. But really "Not even .500"?
Whats left? Oh Yea, Matt Kenseth, roll Matt roll.
Yes! Wisconsin sports are relevant! roll Matt roll.
How about a recap of your guys HS football teams. I'm with Homestead. I believe they are five in the state. And Matt Katulas HS alma mater?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad day? No, they stink.

I don't know about you, but week one of the NFL season is complete, and I'm already sick of hearing the song Bad Day being played to Packer highlights.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Teams that suck

Not because they didn't win because they didn't win by enough the bastards.

The Arizona Cardinals you fraking bastards all you had to do was hold them for 54 mutherfraking seconds and I would have broken through this very bloody weekend.

The Tennessee Vols You suck too you bastards How can you not cover against Air Force hell you barely won.

The Kansas Jayhawks you cannot cover against UL Monroe You suck

As I mentioned before both the Jets and the Titans defenses You suck

The whole Green Bay Packer organization no I didn't bet on them do you think I am crazy I took the Bears and laid the three would have been a great late rally if the afore mentioned cardinals didn't still suck. They gave up 27 points to the fraking niners?????

Almost every team in the Big Ten other than Ohio State Sucks just an observation not betters rage talking there.

College Football has changed like basketball the MidMajors can now jump up and bite you in the ass they might not win but a lot of them cover the talent pool is much more spread around. Hell Buffalo is giving people games now they damn near beat a pretty decent bowling green team.

Wow that actually helped I am going to write this week off as being one of those Bizzaro Weeks when up was down and right was wrong. I am just going to pretend that this week never happen.

I haven't even looked at who the Pack plays next week I bet you they lose.


Good News Reach - 9/10/2006

Expect this to become a recurring feature, with varying degrees of reach:

Good News #1 - Brewers 4, Astros 0. Dave Bush looked damn good.

Good News #2 - Thanks to the Braves (they beat the Flubs 2-1) and the Indians (they beat the White Sux 5-2), Wisconsin pro teams finished the day with a better record than Shatcago.

Good News #3 - Seahags 9, Pussycats 6, so at least the Pack isn't alone in the cellar.

Ok now I am pissed off

Favre just through his second INT of the game he had to do the second one twice to get it to count. He threw across the field wasnt anywhere near a Packer reciever.

I am greatful for all Favre has done for Green Bay but I am not ready to sit through another year of him throwing 2-5 INT's a game. At what point in a blowout game 26-0 at this point with 7:45 left in the game. Why not let Aaron Rogers have a couple of series even if it will be with a Bear defense that has its ears pinned back. They cannot just let Favre go out there and just put the ball up for grabs.

I will be the first one to say it. Just wait until next year.


Isn't she just lovely and now has 2 grandslams

Maria Sharapova won the US Open Tennis Title along the way defeating the ugly Frenchwoman who stopped her at Wimbeldon.

I am sorry I just love to look at her so any time I can post her picture I am going to do it.


Random Packer Halftime Thoughts

First how in the hell do the Titans and Jets beat an under of 35 points that was one I wasn't worried about.

This has been a bloody weekend for me the man didn't like the kick in the shins I gave him last week. A weekend of missing most of my plays by one game. Sigh that is why they call it gambling.

Dave Bush keeps the Brewers from getting swept with a 5 hit complete game shut out. I will say it now Toma Ohka should not be a Brewer next year he looked awful the other night. Time to bring up one of the kids next year.

A question why the hell did they wait so long to put Cory Hart in the line up full time? Just another example of Ned sticking with the old guy too long.

Since being put in the starting lineup Hart has 30 hits 8 of them doubles 7 of them home runs so half of his hits are for extra bases. 17 RBI's in that 25 game stretch as a starter. Just more proof that Bill Michaels is an idiot of biblical proportions.

Packer thought, Wow they look pretty bad anyone have any faith in the new kicker after that attempt at the end of the 1st half. The defense is showing flashes but I think this is the year we take our lumps as the young guys learn how to play in the NFL. To be honest if Brett makes it through the entire year without a injury I will be shocked. That O-line looks like a sieve.

Well more after the game. Its going to be a long year in Packer land.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Detroit Wins Title, No Cars Burned, No Buildings Torched

The Detroit Shock won the WNBA title tonight, there second in four years. Unlike previous World Championships celebrated by the city this was a much more subdued celebration.
Instead of police cars being overturned and set ablaze, toasting with a fine wine was the order of the day.
The tens of fans that rooted the team on celebrated by munching carpet and lapping up accolades.
The team joined in on the fun by plugging the hole in the Dyke.
Head Coach Bill Lambier said he would celebrate by, liquoring up the players and enjoying the peep hole. Bill you Cad.
Congratulations Detroit Shock, lap crunching for all and may you forever be blessed with tacos.


I know all have been waiting with bated breath for this.
O.K., my brother, my Dad and my wife actually read my stuff. And they don't await my posts with bated breath. They read it so I won't curse them out.

That being said here is the real story of Baby Pack 06.
Like I said in an earlier post They will win four of the first ten games.
The four they will win will be...drum roll please...
Week 2 Nawleens at Lambeau, Week 5 St.Loo at Lambeau, Week 8 Arizonistrarians at Lambeau and Buf. in Orchard Park, Week 9.

They will be 4-6 going into week 12 (bye week accounts for the statistical anomaly) of the NFL season. By then we should have witnessed the young guys growing and the keepers will have separated themselves from the pretenders.

Green will begin to find running room and Brett will actually be able to complete a pass without rolling out.
Then we face the final six, which are Jets at home, at Frisco, pussycats at home, Viqueens at home and Cubs in Shitcago.
I can see an improved Pack going 4-2 in that stretch. More realistically they will go 3-3. That leaves them at 7-9 for the season. This will keep the fans involved and will keep us in the hunt for a play-off spot until week 17. That my friends is a vast improvement when all that is left is upside of young players. It will also give us one more crack at a fourth place schedule.
That Sirs and Ma'ams is my final prediction 7-9.
My final prediction though is that before Brett retires he will have one more shot at the Title.
Three years from now, when Brett is on his farewell tour, The Pack will challenge for the Soup Bowl. I won't go as far as to say we will win but would you bet against Brett in his final game?

Some good news

Good news #1 - Wisconsin 34, Western Illinois 10

Good news #2 and #3 - Matt Kenseth leads into the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup, Tony Stewie out

Good news #4 - Atlanta 7, Flubs 3

Expect more reaching tomorrow.

So much football must watch every game

We live in a great age starting today at 11am today you can pretty much watch football nonstop till Tuesday morning. You can fill in the few am hours where there isn't a game watching sports center highlights of football games.

This is the first real football weekend with both college and pro games. Remember get your bets in early the offshore sites tend to get bogged down right before kickoff.

If your new to being a degenerate football gambler a couple of offshore sports books you might want to look at are either used by many here for entertainment purposes and my personal fav sports book Olympic a site I have been betting on for over 4 years. Just remember only bet what you can afford to lose and then just a little more.;)

Oh and don't forget parlays are where the real money is at lol

Have fun Kids the happiest time of the year is upon us revel in it.



The "Monsters" of the midway visited Lambeau Field yesterday and tore Brett Favre and his young O-Line a new A**Hole. The Bears won the game 38-0.

Favre is doubtful for next Sundays game vs. N.O. due to cracked ribs suffered during one of 9 sacks administered by the Chicago Defense. Favre was blind sided by Brian Urlacher on a weak side blitz that was not picked by either Mark Tauscher or Samkon Gado. Gado appeared to be confused on the play.

In the game Green Bay gained a total of 32 yards in offense and gave up two of Chicago's four touchdowns on fumbles by Favre. The "Monsters" also registered two safeties to account for 16 of the 38 point scored by Chicago.

On offense Rex "the wonder dawg" Grossman was phenomenal in hitting his first 16 pass attempts. Thomas Jones ran for 150 yards in 16 attempts before giving way to Ced Benson who also topped the century mark with 107 yards on 9 carries. The much maligned offense performed flawlessly.

Green Bays revamped Defense was overwhelmed in every aspect of the game and the supposed strength of the team, the D-Line was consistently pushed five yards off the ball.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy of G.B. was quoted as saying, "we had a few breakdowns on both sides of the ball; we will get that fixed". Sounding exactly like Mike Sherman last year Packer fans immediately swamped E-Bay and tried to unload tickets for the Pack's remaining games.

The swamping of E-Bay shows the true colors of the fair weather fans of Wisconsin. The truth of the 35 year waiting list for season tickets has been revealed as 29,000 people removed themselves from the waiting list. This removal of waiting people has put Green Bay on equal footing with Pittsburgh which has 12,000 on there waiting list.

Although Green Bay plays the worst teams in the league this year ie; New Orleans, San Francisco, The Jets, and Detroit twice they will be lucky to win 3 games.

On the bright side they will get Calvin Johnson the phenomenal wide receiver out of Georgia Tech with the first pick. Unfortunately with this drubbing by Chicago and the injury to Favre, which will surely end his iron-man streak, the pick may be to little to late.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Week one in the NFL is the best chance for a major upset, especially when that game is at home, check out Miami over Denver last year.
If G.B. is going to beat a team with a winning record this is the best hope.
Brett historically plays well against the Bears. Its a rivalry game and that does still count in the buttoned down world of the NFL.
We have a chance to win this game on Lambeau turf.
If we win Sundays game, the ripple effect of confidence and accomplishment will permeate the team.
This confidence will carry over to the following week when possibly the worst team in the NFL Nawleens visits Lambeau. Another flawless game by Brett and the O-Line growing weekly along with the defense leads G.B. to 2-0. Following me here.
While this is going on Detroit is getting smoked by Seattle and then being blown out by a Shitcago team that seeks retribution for the earlier loss to G.B.

The Pack enters Ford Field on a high and Ken Jennings answers all the questions including final Jeopardy...wrong game... I mean Greg Jennings answers all the questions about a rookie contributing.

Voila, the Pack is 3-0 in September and Brett is once again the darling of the national media.

Going into Monday night football the 3-0 Pack plays at the 3-0 Iggles. The Pack hangs tough but loses a heartbreaker. The young guys are growing weekly and Ahman is rounding into shape.

St.Louis visits Lambeau next and Ahman breaks out against a suspect St. Loo "D".
At this point were 4-1 heading into our bye week.

After the break we face Miami, Arizona and Buffalo. We handle Buf and an overrated Arizona team that has gone to Matt Leinhart to save their season. We go 2-1 during the initial after bye week phase.
This puts us at 6-2 before facing N.E. and at Seattle. We lose both to slip to 6-4. The national media rejects Brett and The Baby Pack and everyone on this blog predicts doom and gloom.

Just then the ray of hope that is the second worst team in the NFL, the J.E.T.S., jets, jets, jets, visits Lambeau and McCarthy rights the ship. Baby Pack moves to 7-4.

The Baby Pack finishes with S.F., Det. at Lambeau, Min. at Lambeau and Shitcago on the road.
We go 2-2 and finish the season at 9-7 and secure a wild card play-off spot.

We will quickly be ejected from the play-offs by Shitcago but the inspired run keeps Brett around for two years and The Pack builds on this success to head back to SB contention.

Any semblance of this being anything more then a dream disregard the notion. I woke up later and realized Ahmad Carroll was still the nickel back.

Note: I missed the first Minnesota game but gave the Baby Pack a win, which would make them 10-6 not 9-7. Still a wild card on the road.

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