Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Just in BC Sucks ASS

Fraking bastards cost me my parlay tonight 3-1 they were up 31-10 in the fraking 4th quarter. I should have started the season off with a bang bastards. Lets hope this isn't a preview of the whole season.

ESK please tell every BC fan you see that their Team Sucks ASS. How do you not cover 11 against Central Fraking Michigan????????

Ok I am over that no I am not Boston College Sucks ASS on National TV to quote Homer Simpson(praise be un to him) They are the suckist bunch of sucks who ever sucked.

Ok now I am over that still a long weekend I do have the a nice 3 team with Texas, Clemson and LSU in what I like to think of as the Big Blow Out Parlay. They are all playing the local version of the West Virginia school for the blind and deaf. All three are laying big but all should win these games in big blow out fashion. That is the plan lol.

I also have a 4 team Big Ten parlay with Ohio St -16.5 Mich St -29 Mich -25.5 and Penn St -17 another version of the beat up the little sisters parlay. I stayed away from Wisconsin I have no clue what they are going to be like they are on my NO BET LIST for awhile.

Wait a late report off the sports newsticker Boston College still sucks ass.


The Packers revamp Packers.Com and add a new site.

In preparation for the upcoming disaster of a season the Packers have decided to try and confuse and baffle us with lots of pretty lights and shiny things. ;)

They have launched a totally new website. At first glance I think it is better than the old site not nearly as cluttered but once again that is my first day impression. Lets see if it passes the test of time.

They have decided to give Lambeau Field its own site. Since unlike the Badgers you can't chant "We Came To See The Band" when the team sucks, so you have to go for the building and the tailgate.

On the bright side we wont have that swinging door William Whitticker to kick around anymore. He and Mookie Moore were thrown under the bus this morning. I have no opinion on Mookie but I am sure glad to see Whitticker leave town. He sucked plain and simple last season.

Did anyone notice that Former Wisconsin QB is now the Former Jets QB since he was traded to the Queens for a ham sandwich I believe.

The final preseason game is tomorrow thank rock after tomorrow the bad football will be for real not practice lol.

HOLY Fraking Wow that is an early kickoff time 3pm yes that is correct and isn't an typo. The game is going to start at 3pm I guess they want to get the preseason over with as fast as possible lol. Actually from what I heard the Packers don't want to interfere with all the Friday Night Highschool games so they chose a very early start time. So you can catch the Pack then catch the Ashwaubenon vs. Marinette game. That game is being played at Marinette if your really interested in making it a double header ;)

Are you ready for some bad football because here come your 2006 Green Bay Packers I am reliving all my nightmares from the early 80's Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


0-7 road trip, what the hell is going with the Brewers?

How much do the Milwaukee Brewers suck on the road. I don't think there are words in the English language to describe that level of sucking.

I do want to thank Jeff Cirillo for getting thrown out of the game in the first inning that got Prince Fielder who is on my fantasy team into the game 2 hits 2 rbi's and a homerun Thank You very much ;)

10 games below 500 does anyone still think that finishing at 500 is going to happen?

Davis looked ok tonight but 2-3 runs just isn't going to get it done in this league. I wont even second guess Yount's decision to let Davis bat that last time with two runners on he was pitching well up to that point.

Tomorrow is call up day I wonder if they will leave Nashville alone since they are in first place for their league. Its not like the Crew is going anywhere this season.

I guess I should look for some silver linings the young guys are playing pretty well. You figure your going to get Hardy and Weeks back to go with Hart, Prince, Hall, Gross, Nix and Gross you have a solid foundation. You seem to have found a new closer in Cordero and you have at least 4 solid starters in Sheets Cappy Bush and Davis with a number of options for that 5 spot. I would think the off season moves have to center on the bullpen and finding another big bat since Carlos is gone.

I would say a catcher but who is out there I am on board with letting Rivera be the number one and keep Miller as the back up.

I cannot believe how bad this season has gone I mean it like most Brewer season have been in the last 20 years. Its just this year we didn't see it coming after the first month of the season.


Football starts tonight

a whole slew of college games tonight. Alright you degenerates start laying that iron. Bring the lumber, bet the farm, spend the kids college fund. Its the happiest time of the year football betting time Yeah.

Starting tonight there are games that count every night till New Years lol. I need this something to kill the pain from the Brewers season.

I already have my bets in do you?


One more loss gives them a swept road trip

What can you say same old Brewers team same old disaster on the road. Think of where we all were last Thursday the Crew was about to finish the Sweep of the Rockies and pull with in 3 games of 500. There was actual hope going into the last weekend but look at where we are now. a 6 game losing streak and they are now 9 games below 500 and falling fast.

The team they are putting on the field right now just cannot get it done. When is the last time Mench had a hit when it mattered? Too bad the Bats and Bush couldn't get together so on the nights he wont be able to hold a lead they wouldn't score runs. And the nights he is on like last night they would score him 5 runs.

What can you do but start looking forward to next year and hope they make a move or two in the offseason. Hopefully this season will be a learning experience for a young team. But I am afraid it might be one of the worst backslides in team history. There is still time for them to end the season 15-20 games under 500. If they keep playing like this it could happen.

tonight's game sigh do you really care? Davis vs Oswalt 7:05pm first pitch FSN and BRN

Damn this sucks we were supposed to be getting ready to buy playoff tickets at this point of this season well we all know that isn't going to happen.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He's Gone

The world shall be a better place on Friday. Dan Shanoff will have posted his last Brett Favre hating, T.O. loving, union backing, Wisconsin denegrating, player apologizing, Dallas Maverick/Mark Cuban loving, all things New York bias and blatant Northwestern alum BS to the pasture. HE GONE

As Soon As The Astro Announcers Mentioned Milwaukees League Leading Bullpen ERA, Since July, I Knew It Was Over

My wife was watching 48 Hours on CBS so I was flashing between game and tabloid TV.
I mistakenly thought the pop-up behind third base in the eighth was the last out. I turned away from the game, back to my wife's show.

I turned back to the game five minutes later thinking I was going to see The Crew bat in the top of the ninth to win the game. Wow, it was 10-3, and the bull-pen had completely come unraveled.

Someone needs to inform me if it was Kolb or Shouse who did this. I have a feeling it was Kolb. Oh well another notch in a wasted season.

Before the Florida sweep over the weekend I had visions of The Crew doing that to the Fish. The Fish made up 4 games in the standings over The Crew. Disgusting.

I know were better than this. Another year where we root for .500? That's where were at.

This might be the worst year in Wis. sports recent memory. Badgers will struggle to reach .500, Pack will be lucky to achieve that lofty status and now we have another winning season watch going on with the Crew? My Oh My

Relax, It's Pre-Season

It was bad but not that bad. Remember we do play Detroit twice. Their HC just flew them out to Oakland on a same day round trip ticket to play a football game.

The N.Y. Jets are still in the league, as are the Titans and Niners. That makes us right where we were last year, at number five in the draft order.

With our schedule we should actually win four before week ten. After week ten all the young'uns will be seasoned to NFL football and we could make a run. The O-Line will come together by then and the coaching staff will have the team on a regular schedule. These are not the old fellas we are used to. This will be one of, if not the youngest, teams in the league. They will get better as the long season progresses. If McCarthy handles them properly they will be fine. Brett will be comfortable by week ten and the O-Line will open up a few avenues for Ahman to hit by then.
If we go 4-2 or 5-1 after week ten we will be sniffing play-off air. All I ask is that the great fans of G.B. Packer football give these guys some room to grow. I'm not saying play-offs are in the offing but we have some players. Thompson is a good evaluator of talent, if McCarthy develops these guys at a steady rate we will be fine by the end of the year. That will be McCarthy's report card. How he developed this young talent.

It took Thompson and Holmgren (you may recognize that name) three years to turn around Seattle. Much more talent resides in G.B. then when Thompson took over that sorry franchise. I think it will be two years in G.B. , and Brett will be around for it all. Brett has a few years left and he is much better now then Elway was at this point in their respective careers.

Look at the big picture guys. This team is getting better. McCarthy is making everyone on the roster compete for spots, that makes for a better more hungry team. Thompson has not broke the bank on a free-agent lunacy signing. Even Woodson is reasonable under his contract and the new bargaining agreement. Just wait patiently, and please pull up this posting in January of 2008.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Did I say 4-12 the other day?

What the hell was I thinking after seeing the small part I could stomach lets start the debate. Who are the Packers going to take with the number one pick in the 07 NFL Draft.

These guys made fools of themselves on National TV I know it was preseason but come on Favre looked to be in midseason form unfortunatly it was last seasons form. They cannot run the ball or throw it on offense and from what I saw from the Defense Racine Park would put points up on the board against the Packs first unit.

I quit watching after the half time I have seen enough bad Packer football in my lifetime to waste my night on a blow out preseason game. Did you hear that whail coming from ticket brokers through out the state. By midseason you will not be able to give Packers tickets away.

The only good things is we are now one game closer to the season opener when we can watch the Pack lose games for real.

I am not sorry to say it I really wish Brett had retired last year. They will not do the things that need to be done to rebuild if he is here. Hey if he still wants to play let him go Oakland needs a QB. The Niners even let Joe Montana go and they got to keep their Superbowl trophys.

That Canuck punter they have didnt look all that good from the two punts I saw.

Mondays are just going to suck in this state for the next 3-4 months. Look at the brightside we only have to watch 16 games of this clusterfrak team.

I am debating since I am home most of the day if I am going to listen to the D-list and hear what they have to say or just move on and forget this game even happen.

For you younger readers you better buckle up I have seen this before and its only going to get worse. We have a whole generation of Packer Fans now that never wandered the desert of years and years of bad football. They think 8-8 is a bad year lol at the rate they are going we will be looking at 8-8 as a kick ass season.

I believe this game deserves this.

Stinky ass Cheese

I was a fool for believing in them

Going into this 4 game series I was thinking maybe they will finally put that 8 game winning streak together and vault to the top of the wild card race and back over 500.

What was I thinking this is the Milwaukee Brewers here. They cant throw the ball they cannot hit the ball and they cannot stop the other team from hitting the ball.

Kevin Mench looks like he had crab claws for hands in left field.

0-4 with three games left in Houston this week before the Road trip is over.

I am sorry this not being able to play on the road is a joke I am sorry we cannot fire the player maybe its time to start looking for Ned Yosts replacement. When they throw Ned under the bus make sure batting coach Butch Wynegar is right there with him.

I am tired of trying to make sense of why the Brewers suck and are going backwards this season. There is only one thing left to say

Hey you listless bastard known as the Milwaukee Brewers

I have tickets for Saturdays game and I actually wish I didn't if it wasn't a bobblehead game I would give them away.

ESK is right the Brewers didn't play this weekend the just showed up and mailed it in from South Beach I hope at least they all found some South Beach cuties to make the trip worth while.

None of you really care about tonight game do you why bother.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Packers Thoughts

The Packers stink.  They are going to stink.  Favre was much closer when he said this team might not win a game than he was when he said they are the most talented he's ever played with.

I have a bet with this girl; if the Bengals win more than 9 games, I have to run through her place naked.  If they win fewer, she has to do the same in mine.  Obviously, we both win, however I think I may be the one catching the cold.  It's a shame too, because she looks ridiculous naked, and my roommates really would have appreciated it. 

Low point:  Favre.

High Point:  Rodgers new porn stache!!!  The guy looks fantastic and, if he keeps it, will become the new Jake Plummer-esque moustache poster boy. 

Side note:  This past weekend.  The Brewers had a good four day off weekend to recharge and get ready for the stretch run.  I am sure all this rest is much appreciated.  (They had off I tell you, do not question me.  They did not get swept, they didn't play).

Something else to look forward to this fall.

Wisconsin born and raised NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth got the double at the Bristol Motor speedway winning both the Busch race and the NASCAR race. This is two wins in a row for the Dewalt #17 Ford.

Matt also pulled with in 17 points of the Nextel Cup lead and locked in one of the 10 spots for the "Chase for the Cup". That team is peaking at the right time and looks to be the team to beat for the Cup this year.

I want Matt to win so he can tell the NASCAR powers that be to kiss his ass. They started this "chase" after he won his first Winston Cup but people didn't think he had enough wins. That was a factor in the creation of the chase that coupled with NASCAR wanting a playoff season to combat losing a lot of viewer ship when football starts.

So I will be paying attention here.

I always find it funny that outside of the South, Wisconsin is a Stock Car racing hub having produced two Winston Cup winning Drivers Matt Kenseth and of course Alan Kulwicki. Plus a large number of Matt's pit crew the "killer bees" are from Wisconsin

Anyone watch the Indy car race this weekend besides Eric?;)

Hurray Trading Paint

The only Preseason game that matters well sort of

The 3rd Preseason game the one that is a close to a real regular season game as you are going to get. The Packers have a good test they play one of the preseason favorites in the AFC. The Cincinnati Bengles(I bet you Bill Michaels is geeked up for this one since the Pack plays one of his home teams).

Lets see which Packer team shows up the cluster frak from the first game or the team that looked like well a football team. A good showing in this game might mean we can hope for an 8-8 season instead of another 4-12 season.

We will get to see the starters for almost 3 quarters if all goes well. I like the fact that they are to look more like a true "West Coast" team. You know they only won a superbowl and went to another doing that.

It will take years to get the bad taste of Mike Sherman out of the mouths of Packer fans.

The game is on ESPN and ESPNHD tonight with a 7pm start. I am still undecided on the new MNF crew I have never really liked Tony K.

But I guess its time to push the Brewers under the bus like we do every year at this point of the season and move on to football. The Highschools are already going and College football kicks off This Thursday. I am already working on a parley or three.;)

Come on football help kill the pain from this baseball season.


Just when I start to believe in them again

They teach me the error of my ways. They of course are the Brewers. They head into the last game of a 4 game series in Miami. They are now desperate to avoid a sweep tonight. They went from being 3 games below 500 with a chance to get back above 500. To now being 6 games below with a chance to be 7 games below. They only have 32 games left in this entire 162 game season.

What is really scary they still have 4 games left on this road trip.

I cannot even get that upset. Kolb hadn't given up a run in 14 innings of work and Shouse has been spot on since coming over from the Rangers. These guys were due for a bad game, it is shame they both had it on the same day.

Tonight's game
Sheets vs. Johnson at South Beach 6:05pm first pitch the game is on FSN and what ever station TMJ pushes them too when there is a Packer game

Lets hope they can avoid the sweep but damn this team just doesn't seem to have any heart when they are on the road. We as fans are going to look back this season and just sigh over how many chances the Brewers wasted.

I am to the point I could live with out 99% of this coaching staff How long are we going to allow Ned to pretend he is Earl Weaver?

Next year Next year Next year.

Fraking Brewers

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I started watching NASCAR a couple of years before Nextel became the primary sponsor. I was really in to it. I did the Fantasy Leagues (I placed 2nd, 1st, and 5th in the 3 years I was doing it) and the pools. I watched every race that my wife would let me. I watched qualifying – happy hour the mid week shows – everything. I was addicted to it.

Then something happened. Last year – I was all gung ho for Daytona. But by the 4th or 5th race of the season – I was slowly finding other things to do on Sundays. It just wasn’t important enough to take time out of the day to watch. And it didn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t know why and I didn’t really care.

I followed it online and watched the results – but only when I was bored and needed something to do at work. When Tony Stewart won the championship last season – congrats – but who cares – I didn’t.

I watched the Daytona 500 this year – but not the race after. I have probably attempted to watch 7 or 8 races this year. But haven’t been able to watch an entire race from start to finish.

One of the races that I really wanted to watch was last night’s race. Bristol – under the lights. It has always been a great race to watch. I rushed home from work, kissed the kids and wife and went downstairs to watch it on the 42” Flat Screen with the Surround Sound pumping through the speakers.

The race had already started. No biggy. They were in a commercial break. So I flipped over the FSN to see if the Crew could find their bats – Nope. I flipped back to the race – still a commercial. Ok I will pick up the book that I am reading and wait for the race to come back instead of playing channel master.

The race came back – cool. I got to watch about 20 laps (about 5-7 minutes)– and it went back to a commercial break. Not wanting to miss anything, I picked up the book and read a couple more pages. Racing came back – I set down the book. I got to see some passing and bumping – got to watch another segment of racing and BAM – back to commercial – that is when it hit me. The reason that I don’t watch NASCAR anymore is because – it is darn near impossible to actually watch the race.

It was like watching 7 minutes of racing to watch 3 minutes of commercials. I don’t know the actual ratios but it really seemed like I was watching as many commercials as I was racing. Crashes and accidents would almost inevitably happen during the commercial break. All of the good passes seemed like they were happening during the break.

I don’t want to watch commercials. I want to watch the racing. When I watch Baseball, Football, Basketball they play commercials during timeouts, pitching changes, etc, when there is absolutely no chance of action on the field. I understand that the sport of NASCAR doesn’t have the same luxury of timeouts, but if I am ever to become a fan of the sport again, they need to limit the amount of commercials being played.

The way the TV format is working right now it just isn’t conducive to watching on TV. I am certainly in no position to tell Bill France how he should run is company, but I am going to anyway. If you want to keep the popularity that you are currently enjoying you have to limit the number of commercials being played on the broadcasts. I just don’t enjoy watching your product anymore and I will wager that I am not the only one.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beer and Brat Journal from ESPN

Bill Simmons of ESPN fame made it to Milwaukee last weekend to take in a pair of Brewer’s game and the Green Bay/Atlanta game. He kept a log of the experience.

It is well worth the 15 minute read.

Gallo toasts Chip for remembering to bring a cooler of ice-cold beer for the 40th time. The number of Brewers fans tailgating is staggering -- it feels like a football game. Can you blame them? Who doesn't love tailgating?

This seems like a good time to mention that (A) this place is almost sold out tonight, (B) it's the bottom of the ninth, (C) nobody has left yet and (D) Brewers fans are like over-supportive Little League parents. It's an old-school baseball crowd, like those super-supportive WWF crowds from the '70s. Anyway, bases loaded, one out, potential franchise player Prince Fielder at the plate ... and he comes through with a single as the park explodes! Brewers win! They're four games out of the wild-card. Fielder gets mobbed by teammates at first base as JackO jokes, "I can't wait to watch him playing for the Yanks in five years." Actually, that wasn't a joke.

HT to Dennis York

Ouch the post Hensler era at Mukwonago gets off to an ugly start

Perennial Wisconsin Prep football power stared off the post Keith Hensler era with an embarrassing flop of a first game.

They lost at HOME to visiting Menomonie team 45-6 last night. I had to look at that score a couple of times to make sure it wasn't a typo. What the Frak is going on Mukwonago doesn't lose games 45-6. I know they have a huge number of new starters something like 17-18 guys who didn't start last year. But that is no excuse for this kind of score.

I hate to say it for a program like Mukwonago a lost like this pretty much could finish their season before it gets started. You don't win State titles with 2-3 losses. It doesn't get any easier next week with them playing at Milw. Marquette. Then rolling into their classic 8 conference schedule arguably one of the toughest if not the toughest football conference from top to bottom in the entire state.

They will be whaling like mashed cats by midseason in Mukwonago if they don't do something to erase a start to the season like this.

Man what a shatty way to start off the football season.

GBFan MHS class of 86

Waste of a 5 run night.

Man you cannot be losing games where you jump out to a 5-2 lead. I didn't get to hear much of yesterdays game I was car shopping so I was following the game on my phone. I see Cory Hart had an 0-5 night someone get Michaels on the phone we need to start a campaign to sit Hart and get Jenkins back in right ;P

Now they have to win the other 3 games a split wont do. This division is sitting there like a ripe plum just asking the Brewers to step up and take it.

Tough roe to hoe tonight for Doug Davis he is going up against Dontrell Willis the Ace of the Marlins staff I hope he looks better than he did last Sunday against Houston.

Tonight's game info
Davis vs. Willis a 5:05pm first pitch in South Beach land
This game is on FSN and The BRN

Gut check time the Marlins are on a roll they have won 5 in a row. The Crew has to win tonight or risk their own version of the Boston Massacre they cannot a getting swept in a 4 game series this late in the series. There isn't a lot of baseball left to play.

Wasted 5 run effort last night by Dave Bush I wish he could stop being so up and down.

Booo Stale Beer

Friday, August 25, 2006

A wrap around series on South Beach

Well near South Beach at least lol. The suddenly surging Brewers try to break the win on the road curse. They have a huge 4 game series against the for the moment Florida Marlins. I hope they are sacrificing a live chicken or throwing a virgin into a volcano or what ever needs to be done to break the road curse.

Believe it or not the midseason train wreck known as the Milwaukee Brewers have clawed their way back into contention for both the playoff spot that shall not be named and even more suprising the damn division. Yes they are still 3 games under 500 but isn't every team in the National League under 500. We don't make the rules we just play by them. Its scary a team that was written off by many your humble narrator included now is one 6-8 game winning streak away from being a playoff team. Who would have thunk it?

They have to take 3 of 4 in Miami at the least a split isn't good enough 3 wins or a sweep. There are not enough games left to play 500 ball they have to play out of your mind baseball now.

Tonight's game is at 6:35 central time and is not on TV why its not on TV is a mystery since they were not on TV yesterday either I hate when I cannot watch the Brewers 2 days in a row. Not that I don't love Uke and the BRN but I am a visual person I like to see the game.

Bush vs. Nolasco tonight at Dolphin Stadium tickets still available if you happen to be in Miami for the weekend ;)

I am hoping to see Cory Hart back in right where he belongs I have been going nuts the last couple of days when the let Jenkins play. What does Hart have to do to finally drive a stake through Jenkins heart?

This is another series where the Crew can knock another team out of the playoff spot that cannot be named race with a 3 or 4 win weekend. They gave Rockies playoff hopes a kick in the balls lets hope they can do the same for the Marlins.

Hurray Beer

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Scarlet Johannson

Better late then never enjoy them, I mean her ;)


Loo...See Yoo Got Some Splaining To Do

AWOL as charged sir. My oldest son gets married Tomorrow. Putting together a Gazebo in the backyard and prepping for the after family re-union. I have been re-miss to say the least.
In my defense, I plead work overload. Painting the garage, re-decorating the guest bedroom, the angel babies bedroom (grand kids), the Master bath and of course Man-Land. Then when that is done I can finally get into my yard and trim the Apple trees.

We are having a family re-union on Sunday after the wedding because thirty family members of the "better half's " family have arrived from Georgia. Nine hotel rooms, 680.85 miles, a convoy of three vehicles, twelve kids, a mother in-law and meat being stored on ice.

I'm tired as heck but...must...push...on.

Anyway, my lack of posting is attributed to the events that surround my life. I have plenty to say about "Jenks", the Pack, and the new outfield minus Gwynn. Just don't have time.
Will be back next week.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crew Sweeps Rockies

12-6 the Crew won today

Toma had 3 RBIs which is good because he gave up all 6 runs - 3 of them when he hit the wall in the 6th.

Jenkins is good for nothing more than being hit by pitches

The Crew is now only 3 games under .500 and 4 back (pending tonights Cincinnatti game) behind the Reds for... let's call it second place in the division right now.

This next road trip, 4 @ FL and 3 @ Houston is a make or break road trip. They will have other opportunities to break, but they must make this trip a winner.

I love they use the word fierce to describe him.

Great story about the second year Packers linebacker Brady Poppinga by Tom Silverstein in the MJS today.

I love the fact that some of the young kids the Packers have drafted are certified "tough guys" I am also glad to see Ted Thompson is continuing the purge of Mike Sherman drafted players.

Monday will be a big game for the Pack we will be waiting to see which team shows up the cluster frak from the first game or the better looking bunch from the Atlanta game.

Hurray Cheese

A rare Thursday day game.

Get away day for the Brewers since the next series is in Florida against the Marlins.

Today game is a 1:05pm first pitch at Wonderful Miller Park I am guessing it will be Dome baseball today with the roof closed due to the weather.

Ohka vs. Fogg lets hope the Crew can keep him in a fog lol I bet I am the first guy to use that line.

Tell you what the Colorado pitchers are not as tough when they are not throwing wet baseballs. Two nights in a row they have beat up Rockies pitchers who ate their lunch back in Denver when the two teams last met. Maybe that humidor is a bigger deal then people think.

No TV today in Wisconsin so find your local BRN station and let Uke and Pat draw you word pictures.

They need to win today and get the sweep if they have any hope of getting to 500 and beyond. As Clint said only 26 games left in the regular season. If they are going to get hot now would be the time to do it.

I hate to say it but with a win today they would move to only 3 games under 500 for the first time in a long while and would have to be considered in the hunt for the playoff spot that shall not be named. As bad as the Cards are playing right now they still have a shot at the division a very long one but there is a tiny bit of hope left in my brewers heart. I am not ready to jump back on the bandwagon yet I don't feel I have to I have been here all year through the good and bad I would love them to make my prediction that they wouldn't reach 500 again wrong. I would love to be wrong about the season being over weeks ago.

More signs of life.

Hurray Beer

Go Crew

Great the crew won last night 7-1

My thoughts -

Graffanino is proving to be a pretty good pick up.

Ben Sheets pitched a solid 7 innings 1 ER and was able to pitch out of some jams.

Kolb was solid in the 8th inning.

T-Blow got a 6-run save. OK I know that there is no such thing, but he didn’t surrender any runs in one full inning of work with a 6 run lead. Baby steps – baby steps.

‘Rillo went deep for his 3rd HR of the season.

The sad thing – most of the runs were a result of walks and hit batters

If I had a better AM antenna on the house I would listen to Uke while watching the game instead of listening to Darren and Bill.

Good attendance during this homestand - 35k last night, 25k Tuesday, 41k Sunday, 42k Saturday, 30k Thursday and Friday

Only 4 games under .500 - with 26 games left to play. We can make it

Does anyone besides the Mets want to win in the National League?

Next week Saturday is Robin Yount bobblehead day. I might just have to get some tickets for me and my daughter. Where are you sitting that game Chris??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another reason I am still glad they traded Carlos Lee

ESPN is reporting is that Carlos has chosen the real "Prince of Darkness" as his new agent. That is right Carlos has joined the coven of players that worship Scott Boras.

That just seals in cement what we all knew there wasn't as snowballs chance in hell that even with the slightly deeper pockets of our new owner Mr. Attanasio. I am also starting to look at Mench as the throw in that trade if Cordero can keep saving games and Nix continues to grow. Mench got robbed of a couple of RBI's last night pinch hitting by a hell of a catch by a Rockies outfielder(I cannot remember which one) but face it he isn't panning out so far yes I know he is trying to learn a new league etc. I am not saying he wont be on the team next year I am just saying Cordero and Nix most likely will bring more to the team this season.

Back to Carlos if Boras is his agent what does that mean there are 4 maybe 5 teams that will be able to afford him. I wonder if the Brewers knew this move as coming and if they did how much did it play into them trading him.

My guess is Carlos will be a Yankee, Red Sox or Met next year. Anyone think Texas will resign him?

The future in Milwaukee is our youth movement that and them becoming the Northern version of the Texas Rangers(6 former rangers on the staff plus a couple of coaches and our GM lol)

Once again bye Carlos thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We are the Knights who say Nix

And we demand a Shrubbery or that he keeps playing in Center field. lol

I have been waiting 3 days to use that line lol.

2-4 with 3 RBI's not a bad second game with the team.

I am starting to see a starting outfield of either Mench or Gross in Left Nix in Center and Hart in right amazing when you think what we started the season with in the outfield.

How about Cappy making like a cat burglar and escaping a bases loaded no out jam without giving up a run.

You know who has been on fire the last couple of game is Graffanino a couple of hits against the Rocket Sunday and a first inning Triple tonight he ended up scoring twice tonight.

Cory Hart watch he broke both his 7 game hitting and scoring a run streak. 0-3 but he did get on base with a walk.

Tomorrows game info
Sheets vs. Kim at beautiful Miller Park 7:05pm first pitch. TV is on FSN and Radio on the BRN.

They are 60-65 if they have any chance of getting back to 500 they have to not only win series at home but sweep them since they stink on ice on the road.

Ned keeps trying to get the Turnbow train back on the rails but its still nothing but a train wreck. He came in the 9th tonight with a 4-0 lead and gave up a solo shot and a single forcing Ned to have to bring in Cordero instead of giving him a night off. What has been nice since Turnbow keeps being Turnblow is the resurgence of Kolb and Capellan. The "other" Cappy had 5 strikeouts in 2 innings tonight nice.

Signs of life, Signs of life

Hurray Beer

Rockies roll into town

Tonight’s game info as the Brewers start their one home series against the Colorado Rockies.

Capuano vs. Cook tonight at wonderful but falling apart Miller Park

7:05pm first pitch FSN for TV and BRN for Radio you can listen to this guy

Everyone on TMJ and ESPN keeps saying the Crew is in the Hunt for the Playoff spot that cannot be named. Which is more of a statement on the sorry state of the Senior Circuit then anything good about the Brewers.

By the way did you see the outfield they had in Sundays game Gross in Left Nix in Center and Hart in Right Nix and Hart got 3 of their 7 hits. Gross spent most of the day with the bat on his shoulder watching the Ump call strikes.
Laynce Nix first at bat as a Brewer.

Cory Hart you know the guy Bill Michaels wanted to sit goes into tonight’s game with a 7 game hitting streak and also has a 7 game streak of scoring a run. He already has 3 home runs in 9 games 4 for the season 6 more and he will match Geoff Jenkins season total.

Quick question, what are the Brewers options for getting rid of Jenkins next year could they do something like Toronto did with Koskie where they pay some of his salary? I mean that wouldn’t be great but it would get rid of him and save you some money. I mean they cannot just cut him right they would have to pay him isn’t that correct?

Help a Brewers fan out here lol.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Total WSB insider baseball between GBFan and ESK

Who is this man, what is his name besides the "door man" how did the get those kick ass seats and how can he find the time to be at every Brewer home game.

In a post a while ago I asked fellow poster ESK if he knew whom this guy was since ESK was a Miller Park Rat and I mean that in the nicest way lol.

If you go to Brewers games or watch a lot of them on FSN this guy is always there sitting right off the corner of the visiting dugout. He woofs and shows the visitors the "door" after they strikeout he is kind of an institution at Miller Park.

I am just curious about the story behind his loyalty and love of the Brewers I mean I don’t think I could do 81 games life would just get in the way. Plus I would love to learn what he does since a full season in those seats would cost a small dump truck of money plus I am guessing he or his family had seats like those in County Stadium. They would have to be high enough in the line to snag those seats.

So who is this man Anyone Anyone? ;)

Miller Park looks like its falling apart

What the Frak is this? I was looking up at the Roof Panels at yesterdays game an noticed what looks like big patches of "rust". Is the Miller Park roof all metal?

If that isnt metal rusting up there what is it wood panels rotting either way it didnt look good at all. I mean Miller Park isnt even 10 years old.


Brewers lose a pitching duel.

Once again the bats take the day off when Doug Davis pitches. He didnt pitch all that badly 6 innings and 2 earned runs and 7 strikeouts. He struggled all day and with his pitch count it was amassing he made it to the 6th inning.

The Rocket looked pretty damn good for 44 year old pitcher but they had their chances to knock him out and didnt get it done.

Something that happen in the 1st inning that came back to bite them in the 9th was Prince short armed what should have been the second out of the 1st inning and that lead to a unearned run. That run ended up changing the whole dynamic of the 9th inning. Billy Hall lead the bottom of the 9th inning off with a ringing double to the wall. If the score had been 2-1 instead of 3-1 they would have played the inning different I really believe they could have small balled one run home in the 9th if they had not been down by two. Its amazing something that happen 2.5 hours earlier can come back to bite you in the ass.

No game today then a three game series at Miller Park with the Colorado Rockies.

I have to be honest even though the crew lost I had a great day at the park it was a beautiful day for baseball and I really enjoyed myself it was my first game without kids in years and I forgot how much I could enjoy a baseball game.

Some Rocket pictures for you all.


First its official The Big Unit has no clue what he is talking about.

Since Bill Michaels most likely didn't notice even though he does a sports radio show in Milwaukee(isn't MLB extra innings great you can watch every game the Reds have) Cory Hart now has a 7 game hitting streak

What Hart has done since that 0-8 start, 10 hits 3 home runs 2 doubles 4 rbi's and he has scored a run in every one of the last 7 games.

Yeah we really need to put Geoff Jenkins back in right.

The big Unit is an Asshat of biblical proportions


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally not one of the 4 Heavy Weight Boxing belts is held by an American born boxer.

I must have been channeling Ched Head tonight because besides watching the Brewers and Packers I managed to catch a great undercard fight on HBO's Boxing after dark

In what seemed to be a bit of an upset the challenger Russian born Oleg Maskaev defeated WBC Heavy Weight title holder Hasim Rahman. In what had been a close fight Rahamn looked to be about to lose it on points when Maskaev scored a TKO in the 12 and final round. Here is the HBO report on the fight.

I really enjoyed watching that match I am trying to remember why I stopped watching the "fights" Deep down you just have to love the real "blood" sports.

I may try and catch some of the main event tonight. PAUL WILLIAMS VS. SHARMBA MITCHELL Ched the sport might have just sucked me back in lol.

One final thought on all the belts being held by fighters not born in the US I believe most of them actually train and fight in the US and to give Maskaev credit he considers himself a Russian-American. This is the second time in his carrer he has upset Rahman with a late fight knock out the last time was 6 years ago in AC.


Packerland will sleep easier tonight.

I was bouncing back and forth between the Brewers game and the Packer Preseason game(TiVo is right up there with fire as the greatest gift the gods have given us so say we all)

First Mad Props to Wisconsin Fandom, Both Miller Park and Lambeau Field were standing room only tonight. Not bad for a preseason game and a team 5 games under 500.

I am not rushing out to buy my Super bowl tickets just yet but it seemed like another week of practice did the lads from Green Bay a world of good. First they won the damn game so now the specter of an 0-4 preseason and the suicides that always brings is gone. Second from what I saw they looked more like a true West Coast team short passe and Runs after the Catch etc. Driver was on fire and Favre looked like the wise and under control Brett he left the evil twin version of Brett in Kiln. Defense caused turn overs and even scored some points. Yes its a preseason game but doesn't everyone feel a lot better after this night then last Saturday night?

The rookies looked like they had a bit of a clue this game and I have to say Aaron Rogers is starting to show flashes. He says that the game at this level has finally started to "slow down" for him

I "taped" the game on TiVo(taped another word like dial the phone which no longer makes sense but everyone still says it lol)I will watch it more in depth later this week and see if I find anything the coaching staff missed lol.

Here is hoping that no poor Fox Valley girl caught anything from sleeping with that walking VD case "Ron Mexico"

Hurray Cheese

Man they are never going to get a Grand Slam this year.

Very nice job tonight by our new look Milwaukee Brewers they defeat the Houston Astros for the second straight night locking up a series tie at worst with the last game tomorrow afternoon.

Oh Mr Bill Michaels I know you were probably busy watching the Reds defeat the Pirates did you see Cory Hart now has a 6 game hitting streak 2 hits last night with one RBI you loser. Put Jenkins back in right my fat ass.

What can you say about Prince Fielder the kid is a rookie and teams are walking him who can blame them Mench Sucks up twice with the bases loaded and he got us zip,zero,nada I know he is trying to learn the NL but come on throw us a fraking bone Mench plus I dont really care for play in the field either he looked like one of the kids from my T-ball team on that Scott double in the top of the 9th inning. I am not quite to Matt Wise or Brady Clark levels of dislike but we are getting close.

David Bush looked pretty damn good tonight took the hill deep into the 8th inning when he hit a wall but the pen got him through it. He is now a 9 game winner. He also drove in two big runs with a bases loaded single helped himself out. Back to Prince quick that young man is going to be special he did a great job giving himself up in the 8th inning driving in a insuance run by golfing a low pitch into right field to sac fly in a run. I look forward to watching him in a Brewers uniform for years to come.

How many times did the Brewers have someone batting with the bases loaded? If they were going to hit a grand slam this year tonight should have been the night. I am on board with the idea of making Mike Rivera the starting catcher and demoting Miller to back up he just looks old and tired right now. Rivera has a lot more spring in his step and pop in his bat at this point in the season.

Second night in a row the Astros help the Crew play small ball but damn the Brewers need to work on bunting

Bizarro world for the strike out happy Brewers with 11 walks for them tonight Wow. Houston out hit them but I believe 4 of those 11 walks scored.

On to tomorrows game the Crew needs this game for the series win and to pull with in 4 games of 500. Which Double D will show up?

Clemens vs Davis in what most likely will be the Rockets last game in Wisconsin
1:05pm start at wonderful Miller Park
The only Tv will have a latin flavor Telemundo is the only local TV broadcast or you can catch the game on the BRN as always.

I am going tomorrow so I hope to have some pictures for you all. I hope the Crew keeps their streak of making the Rocket their bitch ;)

Hurray Beer.
Is anyone else having trouble getting Bloggers spell checker to work?

The young guys show some heart.

Nice job by the new look line up Brewers gutting a game out over a team that seems to have their number. They survived some stupid mistakes also. What the hell was Toma Ohka thinking trying to throw to 3rd with 2 outs and a pitcher running? Yost said his only words when he got to the dugout were "Stupid Play"

Oh and since that Idiot Bill Michaels was probably watching the Reds lose to the Pirates Cory Hart lead the game off with a Double extending his hitting streak to 5 games. Yes we should bench him and put Jenkins back in the line up what an asshat. Not to give Hart a total pass he blew a bunt in the 9th inning and got lucky that Prince picked him up with that game-winning hit.

What a bottom of the 9th inning Lidge started the hitting Mike Rivera and giving the Crew a free base runner. And for once Ned remembered he was in the National league and whipped open his notebook to the "small ball" page. Jeff Cirillo dropped down a perfect bunt, which Lidge muffed so now you have runners on 2nd and 1st no outs. Thank rock that Rivera runs fast for a catcher since they couldn’t pinch run for him that 13 man pitching staff kills them in more ways than one.

Hart came up and on both attempts bunted the ball towards third. He got lucky on the first one the Ump made a very iffy foul ball call and gave him a second chance which he wasted by bunting too the third base side again and causing Rivera to be thrown out at 3rd. Typical Brewers they cannot do the little things right. Then Graffanino struck out now we are all thinking typical Brewers they are going to waste a golden opportunity. Then the young man who had been "hanging with them" all night hitting the ball hard but right at people all night Prince Fielder came up with two on and now two outs and once again hit the ball hard but not at anyone, it would have been a close play at the plate but Berkman over ran the ball. "Thank you driver safe see you tomorrow night Ball Game Over"

What I really enjoyed was the display of real emotion that was on display after they won the game. Prince spiked his helmet and the rest of the team acted like they had just won the division. Nice to see they still care I had been starting to have some doubts lately since they have sleepwalked through a few games.

Tonight’s Game Info
Bush vs. Berkowski at wonderful Miller Park the usual 6:05pm Saturday night start.
The game is on FSN and the BRN

Quick thought tomorrow may be the last time the Rocket pitches in Milwaukee if he finally retires for good after this season (I don’t have a crystal ball so I am not sure if this is it) but if you can get out to the park tomorrow might be worth your time I am taking my wife and pretending we don’t have kids Club Level Baby dinner in the 300 club life for a couple of hours will be good lol.

Hurray Beer

Friday, August 18, 2006

TMJ's Bill Michaels is an idiot

Last night on Bill Michaels sports radio show on AM 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee he was bashing Cory Hart and saying they should put Jenkins back in right. The idiot was saying Hart wasn't hitting since being made a starter. What a stupid moron, yes Hart was pressing in his first couple of games as a starter. Like Prince did at the beginning of the year remember that 0-28 streak or what ever Prince had. He is doing just fine now.

So after stewing over what Bill the idiot said(he is living proof just because you have a sports show on the radio you don't need to know sports couple that with he really is a Cinncy Reds fan pretending he likes the brewers and you can see where I am coming from)I pulled up by Yahoo baseball fantasy league they have very good player stats and decided to check out what young Mr Hart has done as a starter.

In the six games since being made an everyday starter he has done very well yes he went o for 8 in the first two games but in the last 4 games he has 5 hits 2 of them homeruns one of the other was a double so in 5 hits 3 were for extra bases. His RBI number is only 2 both homeruns were solo shots not his fault the bases in front of him were empty

Plus Michaels didn't even stop and think of the defensive improvement that Hart has brought with his speed in right.

To be honest I am sick and tired of the Big Unit I wish he would go to a station in Cinncy so he could root for a team he really likes and then maybe he would pay attention to what is going on the damn field!

Sports Radio in Milwaukee is a fraking wasteland.


Well they can still take the series

I am actually happy last nights game wasn't on local TV in Wisconsin. Hearing Big Ben get knocked around was bad enough.

A few bright spots Cory Hart knocks his second homerun since being made a starter. Ok only bright spot lol.

This a 4 game series so they have to sweep the next three games to win the series at this point series splits wont cut it.

Ohka vs Backe tonight at wonderful Miller Park 7:05pm start. The game is on FSN and the BRN so we are back to normal.

Here is a quick thought how about giving Mike Rivera more starts at Catcher? Damion Miller hasn't been getting it done lately and with Rivera you get a little more pop with his bat. What could it hurt at this point in the season.

Hopefully Toma can get back on track tonight they really need one of his good nights.


Could Be Worse (SoaP)

I've been pretty lame these past coupld days, hanging out with the same girl and missing most of the baseball games.  Of course, I've been watching the Brewers but the rage that boils over when they do something ridiculous (like letting Jenkins put on a uniform) get to the point where I need a break.  After the my Lord and Saviour Sheets gave up the ghost in the fifth I decided I had had enough.  I called up the broad, gathered my buddy and his wife and drank 3/4 a bottle of Kettle One.

The I went to Snakes on a Plane.

I can't really describe how incredibly fun the movie was.  The theater was half full, the crowd was rowdy, and everyone had a good time.  The movie was absolutely hillarious, and definitely lived up to the ridiculous amount of hype.  There are so many incredible lines from this movie that I will end up hating it because every knucklehead in America is going to be quoting it, but last night I was just happy to have a diversion from what has become a maddeningly depressing Brewer season.

I told myself I would take the weekend off from the Brewers, but Lord knows that won't happen.  Missing four innings of last nights game killed me so much that when I went back to the chicks house I had to buy the replay for $4 and watch the last few innings.  So I'll be back tonight, but I think I'd rather just get kicked in the nuts and call it a season.

This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Tyra Banks

My Rock What a beautiful woman. I dont think I need to say anything else.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

an old Stadium thought/question

I was watching Baseball tonight last night and as they showed the Dodgers highlights I had to wonder, can you consider Dodger Stadium as one of the old ladies since other than Wrigley, Yankees stadium and Fenway I cannot think of any parks that are older then the one in Chavez Ravine.

With all the new stadiums that have been built I think those 4 are the old ladies of baseball now.

Let me know if I am missing one but I think I am spot on this one.


Packer Thought?????

Anyone Anyone,

Is anyone going to try to get up to GB for a practice?

Any Packer Thoughts would be welcome I wish I would have thought of the Favre was retiring bit think of the traffic we could have got from that lol.


RE Hope and today's game info.

Hope for the playoffs,NO if you still think they can win the "Play off spot that shall not be named" you need to share what ever you are smoking with the rest of the Bar ;)

I have a little bit of hope they might get back to 81 wins this year since they do have a closer again they are not losing games when they take a lead into the 9th. Think of it they were a Turnblow appearance away from getting a sweep at PNC Park.

Right now they are 6 games under 500 that has to be the first and foremost goal getting back to even. If they can get back to even with all the troubles they have had this year with injuries and the bullpen melt down this season will not be a total loss.

It would show the young guys on this team have a little heart.

Tonight's game info.

Sheets vs. Hirsh at wonderful Miller Park first pitch at 7:05pm no fraking TV so its a BRN night.

Hirsh is 0-1 with a 9 ERA this scares me these are the tomato cans the Brewers make look like Cy Young.

Lets hope they start playing with a sense of desperation. That coupled with Ned has finally left his stubborn streak in his office and is willing to make changes Hart is starting to look very nice in Right that speed of his doesn't hurt does it defensively.

Hurray Beer.


I know that the last series was against Pittsburgh. But it was at PNC park where the Crew rarely wins, and we won a series there.

I am holding out hope that we could still have a chance of post-season play. I know that I am not that bright, but I have hope.

We are only 6.5 games behind St. Louis and tied for 3rd in the Division with Houston. We still have 4 games against the Cardinals and 10 games against Houston.

In addition there are only 19 road games left compared to 23 home games.

We also have at least one series against almost every ‘playoff spot to be named’ contender (AZ, CO, SF, Houston, FL)

Am I the only one that has any hope left for this year? Or I am just too optimistic from one road series win?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Crew Won a Road Series

At Pittsburgh no less.

The Crew won today 5-2 in 13 innings

The player of the game has to be David Bell, who had entered play today 5 for his last 26, went 4 for 5 plus a walk and drove in the winning runs.

Francisco Cordero got the save his 7th straight.

Congrats to the Crew for winning a road series. How long has it been??

Nice they can actually win a damn road series today.

Double D pitches the Crew to the win last night and now the crew has a chance to actually win this series. I will be totally honest I had no worries when Cordero loaded up the bases I actually said "no problem he will get Beer nuts to hit into a double play" Until Cordero blows a save I have total faith in him. Just like I did with Turnblow when he still could pitch.

I didnt see a lot of last nights game due to family obligations so I cannot really give a good report but I did see Cory Hart jack homerun number 2 of the season into the Pirate bullpen. I believe he only has to hit 8-9 more and he will match Jenkins total for the season.

Todays game is an early radio only game if your in Wisconsin.

Cappy vs Duke 11:35am first pitch at PNC

Catch the game on your local Brewer Radio Network Station.

Hurray Beer.

2007 Brewers Projected Lineup

Another Baseball Blog, a relatively new (to me at least) Brewer blog has a projected starting lineup and payroll for next season.  He puts Gross in center and leading off, while Mench and Jenkins platoon in right field.  He also has the Brewers resigning Ohka, which I think is 50-50 at best right now, and a resulting projected payroll of 63.85 million for 2007.

Check it out, I sort of like the resulting lineup, it resembles the Twins this year in that there isn't a TON of power, but is reasonably solid throughout.  I will be incredibly disappointed if the rotation is tweaked at all though.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I guess this means I will have to plan a trip to the "City"

The Evil Empire has been given permission to break ground on the new Death Star I guess I will have to plan a trip to NYC or as my east coast friends call it "The City". As much as I hate the Yankees I still want to see a game at Yankee Stadium before they blow the place up.

I will most likely try and get a game in at Shea Stadium too since they are going to replace that dump also.

I was lucky enough to catch a two games at the original Busch stadium before the wrecking ball got that one.

After Yankee Stadium goes boom what does that leave for "old school" ball parks?

Wrigley and Fenway are the only ones that jump to mind.

Well I have been looking for an excuse to go to NYC now I have it


Opps forgot tonights game info.

PNC park at 6:05pm

Doug Davis vs Tom Gorzelanny

FSN and BRN you there go watch or listen

What can you say they need a win can DD be the stopper this time.

Hurray Beer.

How do you lose to Victor Fraking Santos twice in one year?

Can someone please explain that one to me. They can still win the series as I predicted but they did look pretty life less last night.

Other than that Ched head covered the game well.

I could live with ESK's line up. It really looks like the 07 line up will be a turning point for with names like Jenkins being removed from the daily line up for good.

Shame we have to already play the "next year game" so early but this team just looks listless and dead on the field.


Minor Quibbles

Damn Ched, and we were getting along so nicely.

Actually, my only quibble is that Weeks is not a leadoff hitter.  If he is the Brewers leadoff hitter of the future, we are in some serious shit.  His strike out rate and his balls in play are far too low.  If Gwynn has a future in the organization, he could hit top spot nicely, as could a guy like Hart, who has some speed and better patience. 

The other minor argument is that Braun is playing suspect defense, and there is already talk, at the AA level, of moving him to a corner outfield spot.  It would have been nice to have Hardy healthy and played Hall at third more to see if he could handle the day to day hot corner.  If you remember when he first came up, he really let the balls fly on him and struggled to play consistent defense.  So far he has proven he ccan play short, but the reaction time is shorter to get to the ball, and you have more time to think about your throw.  I'm not worried about reaction time, I am, however, worried he will let routine out's fly into the third row behind 1st base when he has time to think about it.  The downside to this is that it probably keeps Braun in the minors for an extra year (but we have Mench, who can play).

JJ Hardy is, at this time, unmovable.  Unless you dump him for nothing.  He has had two season ending injuries in three years and only hit well for about half a season at the major league level.  While his defense is stellar you would be looking at getting a middle reliver or a mid-level prospect for Hardy, a guy in whom the organization has invested a lot of time, resources and PR.  Also, Hardy showed some serious pop in the second half of last year.  If totally healthy, I would look for him to hit 15.  An infield giving you 25 (Hall) 15 (Hardy) 20 (Weeks) and 35 (Prince) really makes up for any lack of power in the outfield.

Also, Bill Hall 30 HR and 100 RBI for the next ten years?  That would have him hitting 30/100 at 36 years old.  That is quite a generous projection for a guy who is having a career year at 26 years old (his best power numbers x2), and still only has 61 RBI's.

My suggestion for next year:

Hart - CF
Hardy - SS
Fielder - 1B
Hall - 3B
Weeks - 2B
Mench - LF
Jenkins - RF
Rivera - C

Oh wait, that is my suggestion FOR EVERY GAME THIS YEAR!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sorry Clint, Slow On The Response

We agree on the OF. That may hold us back though until 09. Hart will get AB's this year but won't learn the ropes until next. Same with Gross, although Gross seems more Major League ready at this point. Gwynn would be overwhelmed and there is no power in that trio. We need at a minimum gap power somewhere in the line-up to take the pressure off Prince. That was the beauty of Carlos. Some Pop in the OF is necessary and I don't see it in these three. Remember Miller Park was built to support hitters who drive the ball. Not singles hitters.

There is no package for "Jenks" and Clark. They are both paid for. We gain no cap relief for there release or trade. Every GM in the Bigs knows this so don't hold your breath waiting for that.

The Infield is where the debate will come from over the next few years. Melvin drafted Ryan Braun No. 1 for a reason. He was part of an infield, envisioned by Melvin, as consisting of Fielder at 1B, Weeks at 2B. Hardy at SS, Braun at 3B, that the team would build around as far as offense is concerned. Corey Koskie was a two year stop gap at 3B awaiting Brauns arrival. Now we introduce Bill Hall into the mix and where are we?
Bill Hall at 3B will stunt Brauns progression. Weeks is a proven Major Leaguer at 2B, he is a lead-off hitter for years to come. Fielder is a top rate 1B who will be installed at NO.3 in the line-up for years to come. Bill Hall is a 30 HR 100 RBI man for the next ten years. Ryan Braun is a legitimate 30, 100 RBI guy for ten years. Who should be left out? If you start an OF of Gwynn Hart and Gross no power will be generated there. The power will be generated from the IF. Hardy can't drive the ball. He is only a BA guy. He doesn't handle the bat good enough for a two hitter and his speed is diminished. Hardy must be out.

In your scenario Clint, the Crew would be playing in a hitters park (Miller Park), with a bunch of singles BA guys. The pitching would have to be Atlanta-esque. Its not. The surface also plays against that approach. Bill Hall stays JJ Hardy goes.

16,000 Paid Attendance In Pittsburgh Tonight

This version of the Crew better get used to those size crowds because that is what will greet them when they arrive home Friday night.
Fans don't come out for losers. This team finds, no searches until they find, ways to lose on the road. Bush deserved to win this game. He gave up only two true runs. The rest were handed to the Bucs through ineptness.

This game turned in the third. This game turned in the third around Prince Fielder.
In the top of the inning Graffanino led off with a double. Fielder came up next with one job and one job only. Move the runner up. That would have given the Brewers the lead and provided Mo for the good pitching of Bush. Just pull the ball young man. Anything to the right side moves Graff up. No can do with this weak situational hitting team. Graff gets stranded and the game moves to the bottom of the third where Prince once again figured in the outcome of the game.

.186 hitter Chris Duffy hits a hard grounder to first that Prince muffs and the light hitting center fielder is safe at first. Duffy steals second base two pitches later and is in scoring position.
Jack Wilson, a right handed hitter, moves Duffy to third with a weak grounder to Graffanino at 2B. Wilson did his job. Yost plays the infield back giving Pitt. the run and 3B Freddy Sanchez hits a slow roller to short to score the only run Pittsburgh needed to win.

Yes, PNC is a house of horrors for the Crew, but simple baseball would have the Crew at 2-3 there not the 0-5 they are.

A few questions for the advanced scouts of the Crew, Why has Jeromy Burnitz hit 5 of his 16 HR's vs. the Crew this year? Why has the entire NL figured out how to get him out and hold him to a .234 BA, while he hits .475 vs. Milwaukee? Why is Jose Castillo a serviceable 2B vs. the rest of the league but a fraking all-star vs. Milwaukee. The guy (Castillo) struggles all year with the glove but hits respectable enough to earn a job in the MLB. He turns into fraking Davey Lopes at 2B, and hits like Brooks Robinson vs. us?

If we get those two guys out like were supposed to we are still playing right now, watching Matt Wise blow another game. BTW, how were those three runs against Wise yesterday in Atlanta not earned? Did McCann not drop that ball 14 rows deep in RF? Did Wise not put two runners on after two were out and an 0-2 count on the third batter?

OOP'S I ranted there slightly. I apologize. After all this bad baseball we are still within 8 games of a play-off spot. That is ridiculous. The NL is inept this year, perhaps our best chance for a play-off run. Yet we can't do it. It's a shame, a crying shame.

To be honest I think the Crew will win this series.

Why do I think that? Because now it the point where they will give us just enough hope to keep us from taking up heroin to kill the pain of this season. This season has turned into Bizarro World Brewers look at the starting lineup half of these guys were not even on the team when they broke camp.

So they don't have the Pittsburgh mental block that guys who have been with the team longer have. Plus this trip Trunblow will not get a chance to piss any games away. I guess Ned has finally learned his lesson and Turnblow will not be used in games that can still be won. Nice that it took him how many blown saves and losses to figure out that the kid has lost his edge. "The Irish have a saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" I wonder what they would say when its fool me 10-12 times?

I know I have been the angel of death here when it comes to the crew, but I just have a feeling they will win 2 out of 3 games in PNC Park. I know call me crazy but that is the vibe I am getting.

I have lowered my goals I would be content if they could battle back to 500 by the end of the year a steep climb but now that we have a closer again I think they could pull it off.

Game info for tonight's game.

6:05pm first pitch at the House of Horrors that is PNC Park. The game will be on FSN for TV and the BRN.

Tonight's pitchers David Bush vs former Brewer Victor Santos should be a fun night.

Lets get this thing back on track and start the climb back to 500 baby steps right.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Now on to PNC park the Brewers own personal version of hell.

Well the Crew does what it has done all year lose a series on the road. What can you say Toma Ohka gives up 3 walks in a row with two outs and right on cue Matt Wise comes in and gives the Braves back the lead after the Crew had tied it up.

What can you do but say, "what would Jimmy Buffet do if he were a Brewers fan"?

He would say "Pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane before I go insane" Amen its 5 o'clock somewhere.

At this point in the season I believe we should all start drinking heavily to kill the pain.

With luck we will stay drunk till the Packers season is over

These are dark times in the land of cheese dark times indeed.


The first preseason game doesn't matter right

That is what I am going to keep telling myself. I was pretty beat from the trip so I only watched a little bit of the game. From what I saw its didn't look all that promising but its only preseason.

I am not going to panic yet but I will look around and make sure I know where the panic button is.

With so much new going on in Green Bay you had to figure there would be growing pains and I think we started to see that already.

In the end Preseason means nothing but lets hope they look better next week


Turnblow would have blown that game.

Nice job everyone, Thanks to Ched for an outstanding job filling in on Sweet Dreams Friday I already have next Fridays installment ready.

I made it home in time to catch most of the last three innings. I will give credit to Sheets he answered his critics aka people like me and bounced back from his one inning outing.

I am really starting to like Cordero more and more he didn't panic in the 8th inning he knew he had some runs to play with and refused to let Andrew Jones beat him. Turnblow would have grooved the 3-0 pitch and Jones would have hit a homerun Cordero seemed willing to take his chances with Francoeur and it worked. Cordero was also able to pitch 2 innings for the old school save, that is something that even at his best was iffy for Trunblow.

I was so happy to read while on the road that the Crew had finally faced facts and benched Jenkins its time to look at 2007.

It was nice to see Mench have a big night he will have to have a lot more of them before the season ends to win me over.

Some good news if I heard young Darron Sutton right last nights win was the first time the Brewers have ever won the season Series with the Braves Hurray Beer.

Thanks for all the good posting this weekend guys nice job


Re: Ched Head and the JJ Experiment/Weeks

I agree 100% with the comments about Weeks – How goes Weeks – goes the crew. Brady Clark MAY be an average #2 hitter, but without speed, he is not a lead off hitter or Centerfielder. After seeing Tony Gwynn Jr, get some time this year, I have no doubt that he will be the every day Center Fielder for the Crew, if not in ’07 than defiantly in ’08.

In fact I would like to see Gross in RF, Gwynn in CF and Hart in LF next year.

Let Doug Melvin work his magic and see if he can package Clark and Jenkins to someone willing to swallow Jenkins salary.

I am not so willing to give up completely on Kevin Mench yet. He has hit in the last 6 games and is 9-23 (.391) in that stretch. Kevin has some upside. I don’t know what his salary is going to be like next year, but he is @ $2.8 million for this year which is a deal when you look at Jenkins $7.8 million

I am not ready to give up on JJ either. This year’s injury was caused by a collision at the plate, not some freak pulled hammy or something like that. When I was watching that game and saw the collision, I knew as soon as he grabbed his ankle that he was done for the year. That play is why Prince bowls over catchers at the plate.

I would rather see Bill at 3rd and give JJ another year to play.

2007 –

Yes I am already looking at 2007 and what the Crew needs to do to improve – and what went wrong this year.

Number 1 – Dump Jenkins and his salary – Self-explanatory

Trade Brady Clark for some middle relief – I think that Brady is near his peak in trade value (Last year was his peak) He still has a couple of arbitration years left and is an average player. He will never have a .330 average and he doesn’t have the speed that I want to see in Center. He is a smart player and is a hard worker but he doesn’t have the talent to go with the desire. The Giants will be looking for an outfielder at the end of the year – let Brady go.

Is there a team looking for a 33 year old Canadian 3rd baseman that has a bad concussion??

Middle relief – Self Explanatory

What went wrong-

May, June and July

With 40% of the starting rotation on the disabled list, the Crew was up against terrible odds every 4th and 5th start. And looking back at the schedule, the Crew should have been 10-12 games over .500 at the All-Star Break – instead they were 2 games under. The lost of your number 2 (Sheets) and 4 (Ohka) starters at the same time for almost 3 months just snowballed into the rest of the pitching staff.

July, August, and September

With 75% of the infield on the DL for the rest of the season (Koskie is done even if they haven’t announced it) and replacement players in Bell and Graffanino have plugged the holes, they are not the players that I envisioned playing for the Brewers in September.

Anyway – gotta go back to work. Working on Sundays suck.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ohka is due for a gem, hopefully Sunday is it

46 games left in this season. 5 games under .500. A team that is five to ten games over .500 will make the playoffs in the NL. Those are the facts of life in the watered down National League.
Can the Crew make a run? Probably not. The pitching is there. And thank goodness it is, the lament over the years has been the lack of pitching. Not so this year. The offense will be the issue this go round.
We can debate the loss of Carlos Lee all we want but the real loss that has stagnated this offense is Rickie Weeks. This is eerily reminiscent of the eighties when Paul Molitor missed two years with injuries in what was supposed to be the era of the Brewers. Mollies injury killed those teams. He was not called the igniter for nothing. We see that today with Weeks going down.
Clark has been hitting well but his arm is weak in CF and he is slow. Clark is even overachieving and still can not meet the standard set by Weeks.
We need to take this series. Ohka needs to rise up. He must keep his team in it for the first four innings. Let the bats come alive. Hudson has been disappointing this year but he is still capable of throwing B.B.'s. No room for error. From now on out the season is in the balance. A series win here is imperative.

Side thought once more. I know you guys are sick of these after thoughts but indulge me once more. Bill Hall is an All-Star ShortStop. Bite the bullet on the JJ Hardy experiment. Install my cousin Bill at SS and let him roll. Hardy has been injured more than Big Ben. He has missed three of the last four years with injuries. He is a phenom, but let it go. Bill Hall is putting up HOF numbers and plays a brilliant SS. I wish we could establish JJ as a bonafide Major Leaguer but that aint happening. That means no trade value just a net loss. I say take the loss and give Bill the job.

If Your Reading This...

get off the computer and check out Ben Sheets pitching in Hotlanta. He is on tonight and has retired six up and six down so far. Nary a hard hit ball thus far against him.

If your out of state as yours truly is, the NFL network will be replaying the Packers game at 1:00 PM EST. Sunday morning. I shall catch it then. I don't have the luxury of local Wis. TV down here in PA.

Lets all hope our next posts end in Hooray Beer and Hooray Meat Packing.
I can do better than hooray meat packing but just not now.
How about Hooray ACME?

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date

Once again filling in for the slacking Chris. Heh Heh. I do believe this week will be better than last.
In case you were wondering, this is Monica Bellucci, you probably saw her in Tears Of The Sun with Bruce Willis, Mary of Magdelene in Passion Of The Christ or the last two Matrix movies Reloaded and Revolutions. She caught my attention as Gene Hackmans wife in the movie Under Suspicion. You may have seen her in those roles but now you can see her as she has never appeared in any movie. ENJOY

Football May Not Be Much Better

I agree, bring on football. But be careful what you wish for, bringing on football may be worse then the current Crew fiasco. We may be wishing for Basketball by the end of September.

It does not bode well for the new zone blocking scheme and its expected effects on the running game when the following information is what we have received in the last 24 hours.

We picked up a street free agent journeyman OG who has not played in the NFL for two years.
His only upside is that he played for John Jagodzinski three years ago after being released by two other teams. If that is the only upside the Urinal Mental can come up with don't expect too much. Oh yea! BONUS he is expected to make the team.

Cliff Christl on his BLOG posted 10 August had this to say about the new vaunted running game:

What you see on the practice field on most running plays is a back hitting a hole and getting lost in a wad of bodies not much beyond the line of scrimmage. If Greens comeback isn't successful, it makes one wonder if the Packers aren't about to return to the days of Harlan Huckleby, Paul Ott Carruth and Michael Haddix.

Makes your spirits soar with enthusiasm doesn't it. Granted Christl is the original pessimist glass half full writer for the team but he is a pretty good judge of talent and this sounds bad.

Ahman Green is not ready to return yet. He was just given the go ahead to practice and has yet to participate in contact drills. Green may not return before the regular season. Once again I point out this comment by Cliffy on his 10 Aug. BLOG:

As Green slowly returns from a type of thigh injury that has short-circuited careers in Green Bay, nobody has stood out in his place. Samkon Gado is the most explosive of the candidates, but he's still learning the nuances of the zone blocking scheme. It's still unclear whether he was a flash-in-the-pan last season or has the ability to be a good NFL back. The new staff likes Noah Herron because he's a true-grit player and has some quickness. But he's a one-gear back with no speed. He's cut in the mold of some of the pedestrian, try-hard runners that took the Packers nowhere in the 1970s and 1980s. Najeh Davenport has been hurt again for much of camp. He had a left calf injury that probably was tied to the surgery he underwent on his right ankle. And he still runs too upright, which means he'll probably always be susceptible to injury.

All I can say is, that "D" better be Shitcago Bear quality because this offense looks a lot like last years offense that will rely on Brett Favre to put points on the board and win games. That formula is miserable and along with millions of Green Bay faithful Brett Favres reputation will suffer once again.

Second week of October. Over and Under on the nickname "Jags" being as reprehensible as the nickname "Jenks" has become to Cheese Heads everywhere.

Speaking of basketball, the Bucks just added Ruben Patterson. Be careful what you wish for!

As long as Yost is benching players...

...he should have benched Turnblow for the rest of the season. Instead, the dummy put in D-Blow in a tie game in the 9th. So, we get out of he-who-must-not-be-allowed-to-pitch...

- 1/3rd of an inning and 4 batters faced before the game is blown
- 11 balls out of 23 pitches
- 2 full-count walks (including the leadoff batter)
- The out was a fly ball to right
- A game-losing double to center that would have scored 2 runs if the Braves had needed them

Cappy deserved much better than this (7 innings, 4 hits, 1 earned run on a solo shot, 4 Ks and 0 walks). Over on the saga that's right field, Gross went 1-4 with a stolen base, and Jenkins did come in to pinch-hit (for Cappy) and delivered a sac fly to drive in the lone Brewer run.

Boo stale beer! Bring on football!

Jenkins to Sit the Rest of the Season

What kind of bs is this? How can we really bench Jenkins for the rest of the season? Like the article says, he's the best player on the team since Carlos Lee was traded and in reality he's been the longest Brewer.
After waiting in vain for right fielder Geoff Jenkins to get hot, Brewers manager Ned Yost said Friday he planned to bench the slumping veteran for the rest of the season and will spread more playing time to Corey Hart and Gabe Gross.
Jenkins, 32, the Brewers' highest-paid hitter in the wake of the Carlos Lee trade and an everyday Brewers starter since 1999, is hitting .254 this season with 10 home runs and 57 RBIs. He has three home runs in 232 at-bats since May 19, seven RBIs over the last month and was hitting .140 over his last 43 at-bats.

"We know what we've got in Jenks and what Jenks is capable of doing," Yost said. "But we don't really know what we've got in Gabe and Corey right now. We like their abilities to this point, but we want to extend their playing time and find out the last six weeks.

"That gives Jenks time to sit back. He's been pressing. This stuff doesn't go by him. This has affected him, too. The booing at home affects him a little bit. Players will say that it doesn't, but it does. It's hard on them, and he presses [at Miller Park] to do good. This is a time for him to step back and make his adjustments and get back to the player that we know he is."

But if you were Jenkins, can you really complain to make 7 million dollars sitting on the bench?
Yost said he has been mulling the move for several weeks, and he communicated the decision to Jenkins on Friday. Jenkins is in the second year of a three-year, $23 million contract that expires at the end of next season. He is to make at least $7 million in 2007 and the club has a $9 million option for 2008.

The Brewers' first-round draft pick in 1995, Jenkins has played parts of the last nine seasons with the Brewers and is the team's longest continuously-tenured player.

Quick Before The Friday Pin-Up

Caught this little tid-bit today from Dan Jack0ff of the Daily Quickie:

Clarett WatchBad: $5 million bond is likely too high for Maurice Clarett to meet, meaning he'll sit in jail until his trial.
Worse: That's nothing if the feds get involved and bust him for a possibly violating a federal law that prohibits someone under indictment from having a gun.
Meanwhile, I can't help wondering if all this would have been avoided if the NFL had let Clarett into the league after his freshman year.
The leagues argue their draft rules are there to "protect" younger players, but I can't see any scenario playing out for Clarett worse than this.

Meanwhile, I can't help wondering if Dan Jackoffs cranium is full of excrement.
Let me get this straight, the NFL is at fault for Clarett purchasing four guns, a flak vest, a hatchet and a bottle of vodka (Grey Goose in case you were wondering) and evading the police on a high speed chase through Columbus.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Clarett in an NFL camp one year ago to this date? Did his cup of coffee in that camp deter this incident? Clarett even received a signing bonus from the Mike Shannahan reclamation fund to help him get on his feet.

I won't even get into the fact that Clarett was arrested less then a mile away from the house of the witnesses that were going to testify the following day in his armed robbery trial. That house is on the other side of town from Claretts residence.

Can any writer who graduates from the Northwestern School of Journalism and lives in the North East make a distinction between personal responsibility and alibi making. Jackoff sounds like Claretts lawyer or even worse, Floyd Landis' spin doctor.

On a side note, I was in Columbus this week and watching the local news Thursday morning, I had no idea a major terrorist attack had been averted until I turned on the national news. Maurice mania was all over Columbus, and I listened in on no fewer than three conversations regarding Claretts predicament. Not one peep on the thwarted attack in the entire cafeteria.
If your in Columbus though check out Hoggys for BBQ and Schmidts in the German Village for authentic German food. Schmidts was the best German food I've had since I lived in Stuttgart GE in 1994.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Questions

Let me set this up a bit.

I'm not a date guy, but I went on a date last night.  I also watched the Brewer game.  I barely remember either. 

First, why not pinch hit for Jenkins when they walked Hall in the late innings, i think the 7th (seriously, foggy as hell here right now)?  Hart totally would have put one to the warning track.

Second, is it terrible that I am drunk as hell at work right now because I celebrated a team getting to 7 below .500 last night?  (also, i don't think the date ended so well since I had three missed calls from her this morning, and a voicemail yelling at me for not going to the Cape.  Who the heck goes to the Cape when the Brewers are playing the Cubs at 2 o'clock today?  I mean, come on!)  Also, the Red Sox suck, which is making me smile wide today.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

5 runs in the first all with 2 outs.

I had to go to the local Pick and Save during the first inning last night. When I turned the car off there were 2 outs and Ohka had 2 strikes on Cubs Catcher Barrett. When I got back in the car and turned on the radio the Brewers were down by 5 runs.

They did try and chip away at the Cub lead but both of their homeruns by Hall and Gross were solo shots.

As usual Geoff Jenkins continued to steal the Brewers blind 0-2 with a walk but he also had a strikeout. His BA. is now down to .253 he was 4-20 on the last road trip why the hell is he still on the field?

ESK seemed to think there was a lot of negative post here lately I would agree because what have the Brewers down since the Break to make us write positive stuff.

The Crew has now fallen to 8 games below 500 and as the bullpen pulls it back together the starting pitching is falling apart.

Tonight's game is Bush vs Zambrano at Miller Park with the first pitch at 7:15pm

If you are a masochist the game is on FSN and the BRN

I am sorry for the most part this team seems like its just going through the motions since the Carlos Lee trade. That trade is starting to stink on ice Mench sucks and Cordero is useless on a team that rarely gets a lead any more.

I will be away from my computer from tomorrow to Sunday so can someone please do a post on the Brewers games?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whoo Hoo Brewers vs. Cubs tonight

Two teams on the road to no where face each other tonight. To be honest the Cubs fans can have Miller Park and both sorry ass teams contained there in.

I have my "Just wait until next year" hat on already maybe with a health team and a lot of the young kids with another year under their belts can do something besides finish below 500.

I am already looking towards what this team has to do in the off season to get better. I don't think Mench is one of those answers but Cordero looks like a keeper. Is next year Jenkins last year under contract with the Crew?

Who cares if its hot fire up the hot stove lets start that league early.

Tonight's game info.

Ohka vs. Marmol at beautiful Miller Park with a 7:05pm first pitch.

The game is on FSN and the BRN

Look at the bright side there are less game left then those that have been played. So we have already watched more bad baseball then we have to watch till the end of September.

I am so tired of the Brewers sucking ass year in and year out and this year hurts a lot worse then normal


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