Monday, July 31, 2006

Tonight Baseball on the surface of Mars

Tonight's game is at mile high Coors Field aka the surface of Mars since both do not have much gravity. The ball tends to fly out of their but I do remember Victor Santos pitching a 2 hit shut out there last year so anything can happen.

Cappy vs Cook tonight at 8:05pm CST so late night baseball tonight but not as bad as a west coast game.

Cappy has to snap out of his post Allstar break funk any chance of getting back to 500 has to have Cappy as a strong 1A or 2 starter. Right now the only real goal for this team is get above 500 and stay there let everything else work its self out.

One thought from yesterdays game at 4.8 million next year for Francisco Cordero can you keep both him and Turnbow since Cousin It only seems able to throw strikes and get people out if he is in with a 3 run or larger lead or deficit.

I mean how many chances is Turnbow going to get? He came damn close to blowing another game yesterday.

Right now Wise and Turnbow should not be allowed to pitch in games that matter.

I actually caught a few innings yesterday on Telemundo at my brother in laws house. Not bad Spanish Language baseball is better than no baseball to this Gringo.

Hurray Beer and anyone have a Packer thoughts yet? I see the injury bug is already starting to feed in Green Bay.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

The closer role is now closed...for now

The good, bad and ugly from today's Hooray Beer episode:

The good -
- 8 innings of shutout ball (5 hits, 10 strikeouts, 1 walk) from Ben Sheets.
- Kevin Mench obviously didn't get the team memo to not support Sheets; he accounted for all 4 RBIs (2-run homer, 2 singles).
- Those 4 runs were enough (but barely).
- The pen didn't (quite) give up the lead.

The bad -
- Sheets isn't quite ready to go the distance. He got chased in the 9th after giving up a double to Dunn and a homer to Griffey. He also looked quite tired in the 8th, leaving everything except that nasty curve to end the inning up high.
- Turnblow put the go-ahead run on, giving up 2 walks, 1 hit and 1 run (homer by Aurilia) and a stolen base in the 2/3rds inning he pitched.

The ugly -
- Cordero is just as shaky as Turnblow was when he was saving games instead of blowing them; he allowed that go-ahead run to take 2nd via a stolen base (didn't catch if the Brewers contested, but that it is listed as such instead of defensive indifference suggests they did) and ran the count full before finally inducing the game-ending groundout.
- There's less than 24 hours to lose Turnblow and the outfielder who cannot be named.

It's too little and too late, but Boo Turnblow, Hooray Beer!

Sundays Game info

Afternoon baseball today at Miller Park 1:05 start.

Sheet vs Harang

Telemundo is the only spot for TV and the BRN

Hurray Beer


Re: What now, indeed?

Here's what has bugged me along, ESK. Next year is supposed to be "the year." Anything this year was going to be gravy. I kept hearing Melvin saying on Friday that he didn't want anyone to think that they were giving up on this season. A GM can say that when he is picking up guys that can salvage a season. Those aren't the players they got. The players they got will staunch the bleeding, and that's about it. I had no illusions that Brewers were going to pick up any stud major league level players. My hope, though, was that they could pick up some strong talent that could get some seasoning this year and then help them in '07 and beyond. Something like the '87 trade that sent Doyle Alexander to the Tigers for John Smoltz. Granted, it isn't the same ballpark as a trade for Lee was, but all in all I'm a bit disappointed with the talent they got. I am holding out some hope for Cordero now. I've come to realize that I may have put too much stock in one month of one season. As for the rest, I don't think it would bother me if they weren't in Brewer uniforms next year.

The New Kids on the Block

Hurray Beer! A nice 6-3 victory tonight over the Reds with the newbies chipping in to the effort. It was great to see Turnbow go out and actually do his job, too. Just the same, this team is a patchwork job right now. Last week I was going to respond in part to ESK's refutation of my argument that anything less than 86 wins is a failure by discussing how I am unwilling to take the Brewer's excuses anymore, and that includes injuries. I still stand by my 86 wins post, but the injuries are really getting out of hand, even for the Brewers. I think we'll have to enjoy nights like tonight for the rest of this year and accept the fact that this team right now is not the Brewers we've pinned our hopes on. (Sidenote: I like the trade even less after reading some things stat geeks had to say about Mench.)

Below is what I'm doing to console myself. I'm taking in the local amateur game. There is something refreshing about going to watch a game for free, buying a beer for less than $5, and hearing the outfielders curse as a homer flies over their head.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Right now sports don't seem all that important

Hey guys I need a favor from you all I am going to be hit or miss here for awhile due to the sudden loss of my father in law last night.

This has been an outstanding month here with the return of ESK to the keyboard and all the stuff going on.

We are having one of the best months traffic wise that we have had in months take a look at the sitemeter it tells the story.

Please keep posting and commenting I will still be around but I will not be able to post like I normally do for a little while. As we all know sometimes life gets in the way of having a good time.

So keep things humming while I help get done what needs to get done.

Thanks Guys we really have pulled this place back from the brink in the last couple of months and that means a lot to me.

Now get back to bashing Ned and talking Packers.


What now, indeed?

Nice breakdown ched head.  I haven't really looked to see home runs out of the three hole, but since Jenkins has hit third at least 75% of games this season, I would say it is a safe bet that the Brewers numbers across the board are in the bottom ten at the three hole.

After sleeping on it, I guess getting Mench and Cordero for 1+ years in a trade for 2 months of Lee is okay.  I think we all had our sights set a little too high for a free agent slugger in a world of pitching woes.  The only thing that is really eating at me is this damn David Bell acquisition.  The Angels reportedly were offering Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar for Soriano, and since Melvin said they were offering two prospects, I would imagine this package was similar to what he was offered.  I would have made that deal and thrown in Cruz.  Aybar is ready to play third right now.  Maybe not spectacularly so, but comparable to Bell I would imagine.

Suddenly, the Brewers have gone from stud young prospects to aging vets pieced together from moves that are either interestingly brilliant or befuddlingly stupid.  This could, on any given day, be our lineup:

Graffanino SS
Cirillo 2B
Bell 3B
Miller C
Jenkins RF
Clark C

Not exactly a group of young studs.  I understand there are a ton of injuries to blame for this, but damn...this is not what I figured to be looking at come August.

Friday, July 28, 2006

What Now Fin

Pitching; well documented in this little part of the world the troubles this staff has endured. Starters who don't go seven put a strain on the bullpen, which in turn makes that bullpen ineffective, which in turn makes Ned Yost ask his closer to pitch two innings which exposes his weaknesses to the league, which in turn causes that closer to lose the exact number of games the Crew is under .500 right now.
The journeyman changeup specialist has been exposed and is no longer effective.
Speaking of Journeyman, is Doug Davis a journeyman? Why yes Mr. Wonka, he is.
Cappy needs to get his edge back, the time off during the all-star break would have done it. Unfortunately the hoopla did not allow that. Now he needs the other starters to pitch in and give him a break to rejuvenate. Ohka has been outstanding. His first five starts he was the same old Ohka, great one start, lousy the next. The light went on after start six. The guy is a legitimate two starter. He has learned how to manage major league hitters and umpires as well. Gentle Ben needs to eat innings as a number one. If he is healthy now that will happen.
We are hurting at seven under .500. If we can trot out Sheets, Capuano, Ohka and Davis for two months straight the results will be amazing. If we quit now the young guys may be lost.

Like E.S.K. said this team is built for 2007. Get the effeminate pitchers to suck it up and grind it out and learn a lesson for the future. Build around the core of Hall, Fielder, Weeks, Gross and Hart and we'll be just fine.

What Now Part II

Infield; has any team endured as many injuries as the Crew has this year? Not likely. It's July 28th and the pitching rotation has made it through one rotation for the first time since May.
The infield has taken the brunt of the injury bug. Koskie was brought in to do time until Braun was ready and now he's missed a month. Hardy has been ready for two years and now misses the last two years with injuries. Honestly, a once sure fire prospect, Hardy, has become questionable at best.
Now Weeks is lost for at least two weeks. Melvin intimated tonight that IR is probable for Rickie.
As Forrest Gump says, I may not be a smart man, but I do know that you build a team from the middle out. Crew fans endure Weeks horrid defense for the first two months only to have him ripped away as he comes into his own.
Koskie struggled early but won a few games lately with the big fly and now he's gone too.
If, before the season you would have asked Ned Yost, or any GM for that matter, if he would rather have Tony Grafanino and David Bell at 2B and 3B or Koskie and Weeks? what do you think the answer would have been 9 out of 10 times?

What Now?

Great coverage by all on the trade. I got caught up in some extraneous responsibilities at work and came to the party late.
What might the Crew look like after the dust settles? Much of this has been mentioned before but here's my take.
Outfield; my year long quest to platoon Jenks in RF has taken a direct shot across the bow.
They added a right handed hitter in Mensch, same as Lee. The addition of Bell, also a right hander makes the possibility of platooning Jenks nil. Yost thinks moving Jenks down to seven in the order against lefties is the answer to his .128 avg. vs. those pitchers. With Bell and Rillo (both righties) splitting time in the Infield though Hart will get less AB's. Yost needs to give up his faith in Jenks. He has always had the same options in the outfield as he has now. Does anyone think he'll change his motis operandi now? Not likely. Don't give me the Jenks gets hot and carries a team argument. Those days are gone. 4 days until August and that Jenks has yet to emerge. The other argument is Jenks 52 RBI's, lies, damn lies, and stats. Hall or Gross or even Prince would have that many RBI's or more batting in the three hole as much as Jenks has this year. If Melvin is offered any type of prospect for Geoff Jenkins, (with the exception of adding salary) he has to jump. I don't think it's coming though. It appears to me that Crew fans will suffer through an entire 162 game schedule proving Jenks has lost it. The question for Yost is, will it be easier to sit him down now? or wait to explain to him next year that it's over and his skills are gone? The former is easier to me, the latter holds out false hope for a great Brewer and hopes for a veteran to make a decision to retire on his own. That won't happen with Jenks. He will need to be pushed out. Jib, E.S.K. your the stats guys, does any team have less HR's then the Crew in the three hole this year? Probably not.

Nice Job of Managing Ned

Let me set the scene where Ned cost them the game. Bottom of the 9th Brewers down by a run 4-3.

Damion Miller draws a lead off walk, do the Brewers play small ball and try to get the game tied before they try to win it? No, instead of bunting Gabe Gross the pinch runner over to second. They let Mike Rivera swing away he strikes out so Gross is still on first with one out. Next batter up Brady Clark hits a long single that would have scored Gross if he had been on Second.

Then with runners on first and third with one out does he run his lead off hitter to try and remove the double play option. No as usual Ned keeps thinking he is Earl Fraking Weaver and they will hit a 3 run homer to win the game.

Double play game over Brewers lose. Oh and before I forget Matt Wise

Here is an idea play to make sure you cannot lose the game before you play to win the game Ned. If they had played small ball and move the runner over they would at worst tied the game in the 9th. Instead another loss

What a waste of time Brewers games are becoming.


Brew Crew not done in the trade market

FSN reported mid-game (Brew Crew up 3-2 after 5 with Helling on in the 6th) that the Brewers are very close to getting Phillies 3B David Bell (no spring chicken at 33 going on 34 in September). I didn't catch who the Brewers would be sending over. The particulars:

2006 stats: 91 games (89 at 3B), .261 avg/.349 OBP/.403 SLG, 6 HR, 14 E
Career stats (11+ seasons): .257/.320/.396, 119 HR, 155 E (including 24 in 2004 and 21 in 2005)
Contract status: $4.5 million this year, free agent at the end of the season

Revisions/extensions (first 9:32 pm 7/28, second 9:41 pm 7/28) - According to FSN, it's official; Bell for a minur-league pitcher to be named later (make that Wilfrido Laureano; thanks Meanwhile, thanks to Helling and unWise, the Brew Crew is down 4-3 in the middle of the 8th, Cordero was warming up in the pen behind Shouse (who finally got the Brewers out of the 8th), and Mench just got into town about 15 minutes ago on The Best Care in the Air.

Darren Sutton, the undertaker

I'm watching the Brewer pre-game, and Darren Sutton looks like he is going to a wake. He is decked out completely in black. The jacket, the shirt, and the tie are all black. I half expect Johnny Cash to appear beside him. In his casket.

In other news, Hawk signs

Good news. A.J. Hawk signed a six year, $37.5 million dollar deal while we all debated "The Trade."

Yet More Trade Talk

This is from my friend Ahren, who knows more about baseball than anyone I know (note: he does not write with capital letters):

i don't love the trade, for sure, but i don't hate it either. i guess on a scale of 1-10, i score it 3 or 4 for the brewers, and 8 for the rangers.

cordero has a high ERA this year, but his ERA is totally out of line with his peripherals. in 48 innings, he's given up only 48 hits, k'd 54 and walked only 16. He's given up 5 homeruns, which isn't good, but isn't awful either.

mench is definitely not great, but also not useless. he absolutely destroys lefties, but can't hit righties. a jenkins/mench platoon would be pretty sick. the "downgrade" from lee to mench (if you just made mench the left fielder) isn't as big as you might think. lee was 5.3 win player last year and is on pace for 4.6 this year. mench was 4.5 last year, and on pace for 2.6 this year.

while i like nelson cruz more, BP's stars and scrubs chart clearly favors nix's chances to become a regular, star, and superstar.

the brewers can't win this year, so i think that trading lee was a must. they did get 2 (possibly 3) players back who, if deployed correctly, can be useful pieces over the next couple years, when they should be contending in a weakening NL central. the key is deploying them correctly-- mench as a platoon player/pinch hitter, cordero as a useful reliever, nix as a 5th/6th outfielder. the real shame of this deal, is that the brewers did not get back a prospect with legitimate upside.

my prediction is that the brewers still will do more. they may even flip mench (who the yankees had been sniffing around) right away, or sometime in the next 12 months deal away any or all of mench/jenkins/clark.

Melvin on Belling

Just a couple of quick notes.
-It sounded like Jenkins may be on the block.
-Detroit offered a top pitching prospect.
-The Angels also offered prospects.
-Melvin has already received offers for Cordero and Mench.
-He had three calls on Turnbow yesterday.
-They may be adding a veteran in the next day.

On second thought...


Melvin said he received offers from other clubs, such as the Los
Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers, but was only offered minor-league
prospects in return

"This was the best deal we could make," said Melvin. "It gives us
the chance to continue to run a good big-league lineup out there. If we
had done any of the other deals, you'd think we were giving up on this

So Melvin buckled to fan pressure (and probably owner pressure), and dealt the best bargaining chip the Brewers have had in years for a half assed shot at making a run this year.  I obviously don'e know which prospects the Angels and Tigers were offering, but they had to be better than this.

Also, Melvin says he added Cruz in order to balance out the deal and bring in Mench.  Why not keep Cruz and start Hart?

I am utterly confused and trying to talk myself through this one.  I like the players we got, I think they can help, but thinking about possible Tigers and Angels the Brewers could have had...FUCK!!

PSA: Melvin on Belling

Doug Melvin will be on Belling at 5:30 whoops, 4:30 for you folks. I am hoping for an explination as to why Cruz got tossed into this deal, especially after pulling up A-Ball Cordero and looking at his numbers, not all that impressive.

Only good thing is that everyone keeps saying "Nelson Cruz is the best OF prospect" which just isn't true. Sickels has him at #9 overall, and second in the OF behind Hart. Although, talk is that Ryan Braun will move to a corner outfield spot, making Cruz even more expendable. (On the downside, however, Cordero didn't crack the Rangers top 20 pre season prospects).

Adios El Caballo Part 2


I am going to something I don't usually do.

I am going to revert to my blind faith in Doug Melvin. Of course I was 45 miles from my computer when the story broke hence my delay in joining the fray.

I don't know what I think about this trade I am like Jib and others waiting to be sold.

But Doug Melvin has shown us he has a clue or two about what he is doing. He didn't sign Washburn this offseason when people like me were screaming for him to do that.

have you seen Washburn's record this year? He is 4-10 with a 4.58 ERA. I am willing to trust in Doug.

Its not his fault that all of the normally decent pitchers in the bullpen all imploded at the same time.

I loved Carlos as a Brewer I wish him nothing but luck in Texas, but I am glad they made this deal they were going to lose Carlos at the end of the year and get nothing so this was the right course of action.

Remember trades are like draft picks rarely do you know how good or bad it was in the first year its years 2-4 after the fact when we learn if the trade or pick was a good one.

As a friend of mine said I don't believe we have seen the last Brewers trade this year I think things are just starting.

Plus its not like they were lighting the world on fire with Carlos, what would keeping him till the end of the year got us? They did what they had to do.

Nice job everyone of being on this story.


Added Bonus Carlos Lee Jerseys will be on the "Traded" half price rack at the Brewers store at Brookfield square ;)

Cordero Since April

Everyone is mumbling and grumbling about this trade.  I say Melvin has earned the benefit of the doubt.  Platooning Jenkins and Mench would give us very very good right field (but Yost is somewhat of an idiot, so don't expect it).  Cordero started rough in a rough ballpark, but check out his numbers since April:


Cordero could be a stud, and we have control of these guys after the season.  Like I have said repeatedly in the comments, this is a decent trade for now (with Lee and no bullpen help we finish ten games below .500, without Lee and with pen help, we have a shot at .500) and a good to great trade for next year and beyond.

Again, I also don't think Melvin is done.  (I'm hoping for more relief help).

Accepting cold calls from Doug Melvin

I'm not prepared to condemn this trade, but I really need Doug Melvin to sell me on it. On the surface the Brewers appear to have gotten quantity for quality. I've been firm in my belief that the Brewers could not give Lee more than 4 years because there is a higher than average risk that he will break down or his production will dwindle in his mid 30's, and that is not the kind of risk they can afford to take. Still, two draft picks is better than making a deal for the sake of making a deal because you are going to lose the guy anyway.

I'm concerned about Francisco Cordero. The Brewers already have a bullpen full of fragile psyches, and now they pick up a guy in Cordero who went Turnbow before D-Blow made his own name into synonym for blowing games. Obviously Melvin feels very comfortable with Cordero to bring him into Milwaukee, but I'm not. To me, he's just another member of the closer committee.

Mench would be a fine outfield replacement...for Geoff Jenkins. Nix I don't get at all. He has to almost immediately become about the 1oth guy down on the outfield depth chart. I know nothing of Julian Cordero, but here's to hoping he has a huge upside.

Now, onto trading away Nelson Cruz. Had Cruz's stock plummetted in the eyes of Melvin & Company? Here is the supposed top outfield prospect in the system, but the guy couldn't get a call up to save his life, being leap frogged by Gwynn and sitting behind Corey Hart. I can see wanting to get Cruz playing time everyday, but the fact that he was tossed into this trade leads me to believe the Brewers were seeing something from him that made them uncomfortable.

At this point, I'm leaning towards not liking this trade, but I'm open to being sold on it. I'm desperately hoping that there is another trade in the works that helps this one make more sense to me.

Re: Initial Reaction

Melvin got something for Lee. My biggest question is – what is the contract status of Mench and Cordoro?

At 28 years old, how many years do we have with Mench before he becomes a free agent? How much is he making now? Can we afford a free agent or a pitcher in the off-season because of the salary differences?

Does this put Gwynn in Center more often and let him platoon with Mench or who will be getting the playing time? Will Melvin trade Mench before Monday? Or at the winter meetings?

Cordoro could be effective in the bullpen. The change of leagues can do that for a pitcher. Dave Bush coming out of the Pen wasn't the answer.

I don’t like the trade of Cruz. I know that the farm system is supposed to be stocked with players, but someone is going to need to replace Jenkins and Clark. If Gwynn and Hart do that, who does it leave us in the farm system for injuries?

If Carlos really did turn down $12 million over 4 seasons then we were not going to be able to re-sign him at his price during the off-season.

PS Someone needs to take down the El Cabio's Corner signs in left field before tonight’s game.

Initial Reaction

Break this into two deals.  Lee for Mench and Cordero.  Cruz for Nix.

No idea why they traded Cruz for Nix.  I can't begin to know why this trade happened, so I won't attempt to.

The main part of this deal was a move made more for today than I thought Melvin would go for.  Mench will add some pop that the Brewers will lose from Carlos (who always tails off in the second half).  Cordero will be the new closer, infinitely strengthening the bullpen. 

What I really like about this deal is that it tells me Melvin has a lot of cofidence in the young arms of Jackson, Villanueva, Inman, Gallardo, and Rogers and doesn't feel the need to add more pitching to the farm system. 

This move definitely helps them more this year than I thought (steve's assesment that this ends the season, and not the utter implosion of the bullpen since the all-star break seems odd) and will help them A LOT next year. 

For the record, the addition of Mench makes me think Melvin has another move or two in the works.  (Jenkins could be a post deadline trade, since he'd clear waivers in a heartbeat).  Also, look for the Brewers to be MAJOR players in the offseason.

It is a lot different than I expected, but the more I think about it the better it gets.

It's official; Lee and the season are gone

JSOnline's DayWatch is reporting that Carlos Lee and minor-league outfielder Nelson Cruz have been deal to the Texas Rangers for outfielders Kevin Mench and Laynce Nix, reliever Francisco Cordero and minor league pitcher Julian Cordero. The relevant 2006 on-the-field stats (I have no idea on the ex-Rangers' contracts):

28-year-old Mench - 87 games, .284 average, .338 OBP, .459 SLG, 12 HR with 7 in a 7-game stretch in April (career .274 hitter with 80 homers in 510 games)
25-year-old Nix (injury-prone) - 9 games before being demoted to the minors (after only 63 in 2005), .094 AVG, .118 OBP, .125 SLG, 0 HR (career .241 hitter with 28 HR in 240 games)
31-year-old Francisco Cordero - 7-4 record, 48 2/3rds innings, 48 hits, 16 BB, 54 K, 4.81 ERA, 6 saves in 15 opportunites before being relegated to a setup role

Revisions/extensions (10:41 am 7/28) - Looked through the game-by-game stats for Mench and discovered he's not exactly a power guy (see above italicized). This was a player dump, pure and simple.

Lee is REALLY gone

with Nelson Cruz for Mench, Francisco Cordero and Lance Nix


I don't know if I like it or not.

Lee Is Gone

According to Ken Rosenthal, Carlos rejected a 4 year, $48 million offer from the Crew. Frankly I am SHOCKED the Brewers matched his asking price, thankfully they didn't take the plunge and match his years. Someone who can afford to make colossal mistakes will give him 5 and 60, but gladly it won't be the Brewers.

He is as good as gone now, but this story breaking may greatly decrease Melvin's leverage.  This may also allow Melvin some breathing room, as his decision has been made for him, Carlos has to go.

BrewCrewBall has more.

Happy Packermas

The 2006 Packer season begins with their first practice tonight at 6:30 under the lights at Clarke Hinkle Field.

At this time AJ Hawk is still unsigned and looks to be headed to a hold out.

But Lord Football has returned and just in the nick of time to help wash the Brewer taste from our mouths at least for a little while.

Happy Packermas


Tonight's Brewers Game Info

Tonight's game is at 7:05pm start at Wonderful Miller Park.

Ohka vs Milton tonight.

The game is on FSN for TV and the BRN

Not much else you can say this series is huge if the Crew even wants to pretend they belong in the playoff hunt. Only a sweep is a good enough series at this point.


Carlos Lee Watch Day Two

Things are starting to heat up FoxSports Reports Carlos has rejected the latest Brewers offer of 4 year at 48 million. The end of Carlos in Milwaukee appears to be near.

The MJS also seems to be saying Carlos should be spoken of in the past tense.

Day two of the Carlos Lee Watch has begun.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is this Fridays Sweet Dream


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mexican Americans, love education, so they go to night school, and take Spanish, and get a B.

The newest sausage.

They should probably just give him a joint and a switchblade while they're at it....BAAAAAAZING! (just kidding folks, some of my best gardeners are Mexican).

Wish List: Twins

The Twins organization is deep...VERY deep.  With Liriano already showing he is a stud, and Bonzer showing he is capable of being the back end of a rotation, pitching will be relatively expendable for a Minnesota organization trying to hold onto the lightning filled bottle.

1.  Liriano.  Just kidding.

1.  Matt Moses 3B See a pattern here?  Think i might be overcompensating for raving about Ryan Braun?

2.  Matt Garza:  Here is how John Sickels describes him: "pretty much unfuckinghittable"  I can see why, 1.35 ERA, 5 to 1 k/bb 79 innings only 47 hits.  Basically, I would trade Carlos for just these him and a throw in.  Maybe a bullpen guy they have overpaid.  He is going to be SICK.

Wish List: White Sox

The White Sox probably have the weakest farm system of the four teams I think have a serious shot at Carlos (there are probably five or six, but I'm keeping this to four) which is a shame because they also have the most anxious GM.  I think the Sox would be willing to overpay, if Melvin will let them.

1.  Josh Fields 3B.  Again, a third basemen who is having a breakout year.

2.  Tyler Lumsden LHP,  He is one of the few highly thought of pitchers in the organization who is performing well this year.  2.75 ERA 9-2

3. Freddy Garcia RHP It seems like Williams is just beggin to get rid of him.  He is 10-6 with a 4.86 ERA this season in the much better AL.  I would love to see this guy in a Brewers uniform.  He immediately becomes the third starter, leaving a plethora of guys to fight for the 4th and 5th spots (Davis will have to earn it).

Dontrelle Williams anyone

I know ESK brought this up a while ago but Bill Madden from the Daily News is reporting that Dontrelle is out there if someone is willing to blow the Marlins away.

His salary for next year is 8 million and Florida might have trouble with no new stadium paying both Williams and Miguel Cabrera. Ok ESK or Paul could the Crew make this work?

I mean you would have to for sure move Carlos somewhere else to free up the Money right? Or am I barking up the wrong tree with all these good young pitchers in the system?

I would rather spend the money on a younger pitcher like Dontrelle then Carlos Lee.

My guess is the Marlins wouldn't want Carlos they cannot afford him but as I said before make a move with someone like Detroit or some other front runner make it a trade heavy on prospects and then ask the Marlins who they all want who on the Crew would be untouchable? Prince maybe I would even be willing to move Billy Hall if we could get Dontrelle Williams

I am just cloud talking here but why not Dontrelle would cost less then Carlos and its pitching that wins pennets not bats as we are learning.

Ok tell me if I am on the right track or mad as a hatter gentlemen.


Wish List: Dodgers

I'm going to try and do this realistic-like, team by team, first up is the Dodgers who have alredy proclaimed their reluctance to give up pitching, and were only willing to give two top guys (three is the "usual" for Soriano). Also, stud catcher Russell Martin is untouchable I would think. Taking this into account, optimum scenario for Lee:

3B Andy LaRoche: With Ryan Braun projecting more as a corner outfielder after his defensive struggles, the Brewers have a gaping void at 3B in the system. LaRoche is one of the better, more advanced three baggers out there, and at least a year ahead of Braun. The fact that Blake DeWitt (another top 3B prospect) is a year behing LaRoche means he may be expendable. I would also take Andre Ethier (playing out of his mind right now).

Jonathan Broxton: Right handed pitcher with solid command and often overpowering stuff. Definitely a pitcher to target, could be a middle rotation guy for years.

More Good News for the Future

Bryan Smith over at baseballanalysts has a nice article in ragards to short season baseball.  He mentions the our the Brewers first round pick, Jeremy Jeffress:

...Jeremy Jeffress, who has proven that not every high school flame-thrower is raw. The Virginia right-hander touched the high 90s during the showcase circuit, making teams forget about his small 6-0 frame. Now, his performance on the mound is living up to those velocity readings. Jeffress hasn't allowed a run in his last three outings, and in those 11.2 innings, he's allowed 3 hits, 4 walks and struck out 12 batters. Suddenly, the Brewers pitching crop (Yovani Gallardo, Mark Rogers, Will Inman, Jeffress) is starting to look pretty impressive.

Go check the site out, lots of good info and a humanizing look at Joe Torre.

Frak Frak Frak how stupid are these guys.

Is there anyone in Cycling who isn't on something Frak.

"Tour de France winner Floyd Landis tested positive for the male sex hormone testosterone, according to published reports Thursday quoting his Phonak team."Foxnews

Here is the article.

I will wait to hear his side of the story but the fact he has disappeared bothers me. If he is clean why isn't he out there screaming to the high heavens he is innocent.

Is there any sport that is clean anymore? Curling maybe. If this is true screw watching the tour next year they are all a bunch of frauds.


Foxsports Ken Rosenthal on Carlos Lee and the Brewers

Another good run down on a pivotal moment in Brewers history by Fox Sports Senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal

read it here

This story has become the center of the baseball universe at the moment. I am solidly in the ESK/Paul camp of trade his ass now but to get something not just to do something.

You all know I love Carlos as a ball player and he as helped Milwaukee in the time he has been here. But its time for both to move on as I have stated before one man doesn't make a team they are as bad as they are right now and Carlos hasn't missed a game.

The Carlos Watch is on.


Good things to come...

John Sickels has taken a look back at the top 20 Brewers pre-season prospects, and he sees good things.

Jeff, over at takes a bit closer look, and sees even better things.

Personally, I am most excited about the emergence of Angel Salome, but you all know I have a wicked boner for catchers. (Seriously, if a national league team can get a big hitting catcher, it works all kinds of wonders. Imagine if we got 75 RBI's from a catcher...ever.)

Edit: Sorry, that was Jeff Mathis, I wish it was Salome. Salome is kind of short and fat, think IRod before he went on the juice, then off the juice. Salome is still a stud though!

Massive Day (potentially)

Today could prove to be the biggest day in the next four years for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.  The decision to trade or keep Carlos will prove to be as pivotal as overpaying for Teddy Higuera (hamstringing the club for a decade and sealing Bando's legacy).

I am sure Melvin is already awake fielding offers, here is what I'm seeing:

and Detroit have shown interest, I think Detroit is a great fit, since they are willing to give up top minor league pitching because of the success their young major league pitchers are having.  If the Brewers can get Zumaya, I would almost do it straight up.

The Angels are in it, but they are hesitant to give up two top prospects for Lee, so Melvin might be selling low if he ships Lee to LAofA.

Detroit papers are reorting a make or break number for Melvin:

The chances that Lee will get traded seemed to increase
Wednesday, when the Brewers lost 8-4 to Pittsburgh, falling
six games out in the National League wild-card race. Brewers
general manager Doug Melvin has told some teams that
he'll trade Lee if his team is seven games out by the
end of the week.

Hindering a trade with Detroit is the recent shoulder injury to AAA stud Humberto Sanchez.

To be honest, I don't expect Lee to remain a Brewer throughout the weekend, and it's possible that he will be gone before the series starts this weekend.

A Brewer Thought For the Day

Need I say more

Should we start a Carlos Lee Trade Watch ;)


Happy Packermas Eve.

Isn't it nice of the Brewers to fall apart and take themselves off the front page allowing the Packers to take their place as the Number One Team in the state of Wisconsin.

Packers Training Camp starts tomorrow with the first practice of the 2006 season. Lord Football returns.

Unlike Milwaukee there is still hope in Green Bay not much hope but its there.

The Pack signed their number 3 pick Jason Spitz to a 4 year deal. That only leaves 4 players unsigned which includes 1st round pick AJ Hawk. But as the paper stated this morning only 4 of 32 1st round picks have signed so I am not worried about a long hold out. I think Ched Head hit it on the head everyone was waiting to see what the guys above them were going to get. My guess is you will see a cascade of signing in the next day or two.

Here once again are the two main Packers official site or more important at this time of the year
Packer Training Camp

I can not help myself even though I know in my heart of hearts that 8-8 would be a stellar season. But you never know right football always has a surprise team or two every year. Who knows right it could happen.

Face it we will not be all that busy with baseball in Sept so at least we have football.

Ok guys no baseball today lets see some Packers Presents under the tree

Happy Packermas Eve.

Da Brick is in, Hawk Should Be Soon

Please no drama A.J. Now that the market has been set by The Jets and Ferguson the Pack should go ahead and get A.J. Hawk signed. The organization has done a nice job signing the other draftees up to this point. The last thing a suffering Wisconite needs is drama from the Packs no. 1 pick to pile onto the already depressing fortunes of the Crew. Get him signed get him in and let him run.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am so tempted to bring out the Big Lebowski movie once again

But I will hold off till we see the results of Fridays game.

Have you ever been so happy over a day off before I dont think I could take a Brewer game tomorrow. So cold, so much pain "I see Milwaukee Brewers playing like dead people"

And the Band Played on,

This picture also sums up the Brewers season


Are they trying...

... to end up in the cellar at the end of the year? If that is the Brewer's goal, they are doing a good job of it. I am at work, or else I would rant some more. As it stands, I have to get my blood pressure back down.

Adios El Caballo


Brewers lose another, look pathetic doing it.  Awesome.  I have a feeling this means the end for CLee.  Buster Olney thinks the same, supposedly:

A friend informed me that Buster Olney, on the Mike & Mike radio
show this morning, reports that Doug Melvin said he'll decide about
dealing Carlos depending on the outcome of today's game. 

This is sort of a test, thanks to GB's ribbing I may finally have found a way to do this nonsense at work.

Trade Him

After last night, and the last two nights in general, it seems painfully obvious that Brewer fans are looking at the Carlos Lee situation incorrectly (as evidenced by the Sign Carlos signs yesterday at the park). Trading Lee isn’t a sign of giving up on this season, trading Lee is NECESSARY to hold onto that sliver of hope known as the wild card.

Carlos Lee for a major league ready arm, a dependable reliever and whatever else Melvin can magically stuff into the deal would strengthen this team not only for the future (depending on the quality of prospects) but would help right now. Without someone that can be called on in the bullpen, this team is going to not only finish below .500, but well below that mark. Having an arm or two in these past two weeks would have won the Brewers at least three tight games, putting them squarely in the mix, not on the fringes like they are today.

Melvin must move Carlos, not for the future, but for right now.

Whoo Hoo Brewers baseball today

Day baseball today

Cappy vs Maholm at 1:05pm at wonderful Miller Park. My guess is the roof will be closed.

Its not on TV not such a bad thing when you think of it. You can catch the game on your local BRN station Whoo Hoo Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Catch the Fever.

No game tomorrow so start thinking of some Packers stuff to post about you mopes ;)

They can still win the series it they win today a baby step in the right direction, you would hope with Cappy on the mound this should be a lock but last night proved that our bullpen stinks on DRY ICE!

Sigh Brewers baseball makes us sad.

Start getting your Packer Mojo going gentleman.


PC People Would Include These Days As Well

Do Not Read Beyond This Point If You Are Easily Offended!
This Is A Humorous Post, At Least I Hope It Is.

Spot on as usual ESK, very prescient.
Other promotions I would like to see;

Indian American Day- Get a free 10 dollar chip to a casino, only if you donate five of it to Dem candidates

Yellow people day- One free driving lesson

We don't distinguish if your Pakistani or Indian day- free instructional video on how to run a convenience store, bonus slurpee to first five thousand

Down with the Brown Day- show your green card, get a day worker job at five dollars an hour

We can't exterminate you so we'll celebrate you Jewish Day- if your nose fits into the cut out you win a free one year subscription to Bankers Weekly, bonus first two thousand receive a wallet with a built in, tight wad, mouse trap

Black but light skinned day- win a drawing to appear in a video with Jay-Zee where your skin tone matters. Bill Hall need not apply. Video will be produced by Pharrell and will only include women lighter than Michael Jackson

Black Fer Real day- five hundred lucky fans will be tattooed on site with a "jail-house" neck tattoo, bonus five lucky fans will be critically wounded by a gun shot but survive and go on to riches as a "keepin' it real" rapper

Finally, the day I await more than anything is the, drum roll please,
Men never do anything right day- enjoy every commercial ever made from 1975 to the present that shows men as incomprehensible dolts that are dominated by woman, bonus every male arriving that day will receive a retrievable lock box for their balls. This handsome carrying case has been approved by Hillary Clinton and Barbara Walters. Sponsored by The View and The Oprah Show this day promises to lead to hijinks and hilarity, including, Male irresponsibility, dependency on the Govt. teat, effeminate soccer players and the total break down of the family. Man I can't wait; I have my ticket and am planning a castration ceremony to coincide with the festivities.
Don't miss this event, it's the highlight of the Year. I just hope I arrive early enough to get the Hillary Ball Box. Early rumors are that you can break the 17 digit combo in five years and access your testicles at will.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Chorizo Thoughts

I have to agree with every thing ESK said. I don't like it when Baseball trys to market it self to one ethnic group. Remember when they told us that putting a team in Miami was a no brainer because Latinos would support the team because they love baseball. Anyone still think that way. Yes they draw when they make the playoffs but how about all the lean years in between their World Series runs.

The Brewers should stop acting like they are the IRL and drop the stupid gimmicks and just build a winning team. Then Miller Park will be filled with ever color of the human rainbow just like the BC was when the Bucks were making their NBA playoff runs.

Some ground keeper wearing a stupid costume isn't going to increase Latinos going to Miller park, a team that wins will. Build a team that can beat the Fraking Pirates once in a while and Latinos will come Fat White guys will come Black guys and Asian women will come Gays will come Upers will come. We may come once to see your stupid new Chorizo run but if you win we will come a lot more.

Funny I used to work in a concession stand I don't ever remember selling Chorizo unlike the other 4 race sausages which have been sold in Milwaukee going back to the days in the Old Grey Lady.

Please Stop with the Gimmicks and start building a winning team.


Today's contestant in the "You Suck" contest is

DAVE BUSH come on down because........

Nice Job asshat wasting 7 outstanding innings by Big Ben Sheets. They should have traded Overbay to Boston for Arroyo when they had the chance.

speaking of trades the Brewers finally pulled the trigger no silly not on Carlos Lee but on Jorge De La Rosa he of the split finger nails and blisters on his little paddies.

De La Rosa(still so soft you dont know your soaking in it) was traded to Kansas City for utility infielder Tony Graffanino. The crew needs help with JJ and Koskie out so this trade made sense.

Nice to see the Brewers were back in full Ben Sheets Start form. You know what I am talking about score no runs for Ben if they can help it. Prince goofed and hit a homerun but not to worry Dave Bush took care of the rest.

I was lucky enough to have Jib over to watch the game on the old big screen and we both commented on how we are sick and tired of all the dumb plays on the base paths and in the field.

Once again ,its a simple game you hit the ball(they cant) You throw the ball(they cant) you catch the ball(they cant) Cirillo gets picked off of second Bush cannot make the play on the bunt the list goes on and on.

Here is a another compalint of mine this team refuses to play small ball. Jenkins leads off the bottom of the seventh with a hit. Its a tie game 1-1 why not pull Jenkins for a pinch runner like Gwynn Jr. or Hart? Since I know we wont ever have Carlos Lee bunt why dont we let the pinch runner try and steal second then see if Carlos can at least move him over to third. Then you still have two outs to work with. No Jenkins stays in Carlos makes an out leaving Jenkisn at first. Prince then hits a single fine two on one out still a chance right ha. Hall stikes out and Miller strikes out. This team couldnt produce a run if their lives depended on it.

They are the Earl Weaver Orioles, they think they can only win if they hit a 3 run homer. Hey asshats remember you play in the National League. If they get a lead who knows maybe they let Sheets who was mowing them down pitch the 8th and Dave Bush never gets a chance to blow the game.

Sigh back to 5 under

blogger spell checker is down once again I will clean this up in the am.

Chorizo: The New Sausage

The Brewers are set to unveil a new sausage, Chorizio, on Thursday. He will race in a sombrero and other such nonsense.

I think it sucks.

1. It's a lame, politically correct move designed to lure more Hispanic fans. (If it didn't work in 2001 with Lopes, Blanco, Belliard, Hernandes, Lopez, Casanova, Echevarria, Sanchez, Fernandez, Perez, Levis, and Quevedo...yeah, they were all on the roster that year) will a stupid stereotypically dressed sausage work?

2. Chorizo is disgusting. It stinks and an old roommate of mine used to buy it in these rancid tubes that he would squeeze out onto a frying pan. I would have to leave the house.

3. Isn't the whole Cervecero thing going far enough? Taking an entire day and devoting it to one ethnic group isn't enough? I don't see the Brewers playing in kilt's once a year, and what about Asian Americans? Don't they deserve a day too? I don't at all get the Cervecero thing. Was there a Hispanic League, with a team in Milwaukee named the Cervecero's? I get honoring the negro leagues and the great players that played, but this whole Hispanis Day seems very Hallmark-Secretaries Day to me.

Brett Favre Gossip

Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone but last night on the news down in Mississippi Deanna(sp?) Favre said while being interviewed about a $250,000 donation to the Boys and Girls club down there by Brett and Deanna that this might be his last year. Not really news but I found the timing kind of funny.

I have a blog friend who lives right outside of Kiln Brett Favre's hometown and she passed that little bit of gossip along. I have a feeling he has already made up his mind on this one if she is saying stuff like this right before training camps starts. Granted she said it down in Mississippi. But they have to figure people up here will hear about it.

I thought I would pass it along as the gossip it is but hell it is still fun to speculate about it right lol.

Can anyone see him coming back after this season? I cant good or bad we should drink in this season since it will most likely be Brett's last.


Damn they needed almost all of those 12 runs.

Yes its very nice that the Crew finally scored some runs for Doug Davis too bad he was also in the giving mood. They pitching staff still stinks on ice there is no way you let a team like Pittsburgh climb back into a game like that.

Its was also a sloppy game for both teams 6 errors combined ick. But a win is a win and they will have to take it. Nice to see Billy get a couple of dingers and Carlos keeps playing well(I am going to miss Carlos) Prince Fielder has been on fire since the break.

Well tonight's the night the Chosen one returns, that is right Ben Sheets will actually pitch tonight. No you read that correctly Sheets will actually pitch in a real Milwaukee Brewers game. Lets hope he can regain his form. Right now the only prayer the Crew has is if Sheets and Cappy pitch like 1 and 1a and Toma pitches like a number 2 then they might be able to hang in this race. But they cannot afford another stretch like the road trip they just came out of. Another one of those will crush any hope some of you might have.

Worst Brewers Play of the night my two least favorite Brewers were in involved Jenkins and Clark, here is an idea fellows look up once in a while when running the bases. Hey Jenkins how about you look at the third base coach once. It was amazing how fast those two took a promising inning and just sucked the life out of it. The actual play Jenkins ran through a stop sign at third then went back forcing Clark to get caught in no mans land. Clark ended getting taged out. A terriable play it looked like little league.

Ok two wins in a row now their only 4 games under 500.

Tonight's game Sheets vs Snell a 7:05pm start at wonderful Miller Park. You can watch the return of the rotation king on FSN or listen to the game on the BRN

Hurray Beer,

RE: 86 Wins

I was on my way out to the gym this morning and poked in here quick to see what kind of excitement last night's win and Sheeter's start was generating and I read Jib's post. I'm going to have to quickly disagree.

This team speant two months without two of it's top 4 starters. It has spent the last two weeks without a bullpen. The starting shortstop has been hurt all year, the third basemen out for the forseeable future. The firstbasemen is playing in his first major league season, and the everyday right fielder mostly ineffective. The Brewers threw a catcher out there 1.5 times a week that couldn't get a hit off a tee.

This season is going to be a success almost regardless of record. We all had fantastic hopes and expectations going into this season, but to Melvin, Yost and company the year to really break out was next year. No matter how this team finishes, look at the positives:

- Fielder has gained much needed plate experience and has shown he is more than ready to be great. He has made adjustments and has learned to be a professional hitter. Look for him to have a Ryan Howard like season next year.

- Weeks has improved dramatically on defense. This cannot be understated. To win a championship you don't have to be great defensively, but it would be nice if you weren't the worst team in baseball.

- Jackson and Villanueva gained major league experience...and confidence. These two just might be incredibly important parts of next years success. It is a virtual lock that one of the two if not both will be in the rotation next season. (Jackson and Bush in the rotation, Gross in center/4 th outfielder next year...that Melvin is a fucking God).

- It's early, but Mike Rivera is looking like a very capable backup for Damien Miller, and could possibly be a somewhat viable option to pinch hit (what a terrible liability that was having Moeller on the bench, may as well hit Cappy).

At this point, while this team probably won't win anything, and may not even stay in it thanks to the total lack of a bullpen, it is important to understand what this season means and what has been accomplished. For the past three years or so, it's been 2007 and beyond. With the sellable parts the Brewers currently have, it should be a breeze for Melvin and co. to strengthen the bullpen to at least be serviceable, and from there who knows? Depending on the moves that are made, and assuming one or two arms are added to the bullpen, this is a 90 win team next year, despite how this team finishes.

Look at the Tigers.

Oh yeah...Go Sheets!!!!

Anything less than 86 wins is a failure

The Milwaukee Brewers have what is by all accounts a young and talented team. Last year, the Brewers finally hit the .500 mark after years of futility. Before the season, Ned Yost proclaimed that his goal was an additional two wins a month for this team. Given the team's continuing weak spots (*cough* bullpen), that may have been a little over optomistic, but that's what we pay managers for, right? To push the team to beyond what it thinks is possible, right? I'm not going to hold Yost to those two wins a month, but I do think that 86 wins is a reasonible expectation. If Yost cannot get this team to that level, then I am not sure that he is the guy to take the Brewers to the promised land. Yost is a fairly player friendly manager, and to a very talented team, I think his approach wins championships. I don't know if that approach works for a team like the Brewers. 86 wins is my threshold for Yost. This team needs to hit that if he is to be the guy to lead them on to bigger and better things.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Saturday Jaunt, Picnic Lunch, Love Of My Life

Friday the best half and I celebrate 23 years of connubial bliss (25 counting the living in sin part). If I play my cards right and perform up to WSB standard on Friday night I plan on heading west on old highway 30 Saturday morning. That would take me on a collision course with St Vincent College, home of the reigning Super Bowl Champeen Steelers training camp.
As you may recall I visited there last year and was pretty happy with my analysis. They will only go as far as there secondary takes them, I wrote last year, and that played out. From week ten forward there pass defense was the best in the league and the young guys grew up and stepped up.
Back to the plan though. Highway 30 in PA is the oldest highway in America and was the first official highway in America. Its alias is Lincoln Highway and the drive is beautiful. You pretty much meander through the Allegheny Mountains and hit a lot of small towns. The scenery reminds me of Wisconsin and that I love. The drive ends at St Vincent way before you get a sniff of Pittsburgh (that's a good thing). A nice picnic stop along the way with some wine and cheese might be my ticket.
Nah, She's not gonna buy it, I'll call Rod (die hard Steeler fan) grab a twelve pack and sit around in the hot sun drinking piss warm beer, hiding it from the "Man" and bitching about Big Ben's new face. We'll take the turnpike and risk our lives on every washed out non paved corner while Rod snoozes next to me sleeping off his afternoon buzz.

Sheets Return

Rumor has it that Benny will be returning to the lineup tomorrow (Tuesday) I had a couple of free nose bleed tickets from my Brewers Mastercard promo and traded them into tickets in the Right Field corner for tomorrow’s game. Sheets is returning, and like Chris, my wife is out of town, so I can go and play without worrying if I am going to piss her off.

I and my buddy will be sitting in the right field corner - section 106 row 18 seats 3 and 4. Stop by and say hi if you will be at the game too.

You can tell me how wrong I am in my opinions on sports – my wife is gone so someone has to take her place in keeping me in mine.

The Newbee gets post number 1000

Hey guys believe it or not we just went over 1000 post here and it was the new guy Clint who got post 1K with this post

Nice Job we had a great day yesterday for a Sunday, we are on pace to have our best month since January.

Once again thanks to everyone for posting here and all the readers and commenters for wasting a small part of their life to read our stuff.

Regards, from the Head Bar Tender

Even though its Buds ad it is still funny

The Bud Ya Hey Der Green Bay Ad

I am starting to get into Packer Fan mode.

Ya Hey Der

This is my first YouTube upload I hope you enjoy it.

Only 19 days till the first Packer Preseason game

First Practice is this Friday, I cannot believe its Football season already. Here is the official Green Bay Packers training camp website. Make sure to check the site out the new regime has made some changes some days are one practice only.

I am getting all tinglely its time to start putting together the bank roll for the happiest time of the year football betting time. So many college and pro teams to start scouting. Plus all those fantasy football teams to manage.

I will be honest I didn't think I would have to cling to the Packer life ring this year but since the Brewers have failed us once again hope lives in Green Bay. I know its not much hope but its hope.

Anyone thinking of going up to watch a practice? I may drag the boys up there but I am not sure yet.

Welcome back Lord Football Command us Oh Master ;) Ok all you degenerates get your picks ready

Yah Hey Der its Packer Time,

Thank you Ohkasan

Toma stepped up and really gave the team 8 outstanding innings and held the Reds to only one run. The less they have to use the bullpen the better. Dan Kolb gets his first save in quite a while. 3-6 on the just finished road trip man what a bad stretch of baseball.

For everyone who still thinks the crew has a chance let me point out one thing that will make a Brewer run almost impossible. They have 19 away games in August and only 10 home games. I just cannot see one of the worst road teams in baseball making a run on the road. Three of those games are also in the house of horrors that is PNC park.

I am not trying to be negative just pointing out the schedule.

This is the week we run down to the trading dead line it should be a fun week around here.

Carlos looks tired he has played every game this year. He is an ironman but is there a clause in his contract that says they cannot give him a night off?

Tonight's game

Davis vs Duke 7:05pm start at Wonderful Miller Park. FSN and BRN to get your game on.

Normally I would be stoked that the Pirates are in town but as bad as the Pirates have been they have given the Crew Fits the last couple of years. Plus we have no clue which version of Double D will show up the guy who is a solid number 2 starter or the guy who couldn't cut it as a number 5 starter. You can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hurray Beer

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I do have Landis Photos coming

Sparing no expense the WSB sent a reporter all the way to Paris to cover the last stage of the Tour De Frog. My wife who is there on business was able to get to the Champs-Elysees in time to see Floyd Landis ride by a number of times. She is working on getting me the photos of another American win over the French.

America F-uck Yeah


Danica Kornikova doesn't win again.

This just in the IRL held another race I believe it was here in Milwaukee and guess what Danica Kornikova opps I did it again Danica Patrick didn't win.

She has never won at this level and you want to know the real reason that NASCAR doesn't want her? They already have the role of pretty girl filled by that Nancy Boy Jeff Gordon.

So once again the person who gets 95% of IRL publicity didn't win.



Disgusted, despondent, disengaged...delusional?

I spend the past week doing three things, cursing the Brewers bullpen, reading Fantasyland, and watching my little sister play hockey.

Last thing first, my family was in town for the entire weekend so I didn't watch any baseball until today...thank Cheney (or Christ, whomever you pray to). I tried to stay completely away from the Brewers since Tuesday and it lasted exactly three innings of the following game. After my mom wondered why I was twitching (she had bought me a shot of whiskey assuming it was the alcoholism, which just made it worse) handed me her phone to call my boy and get the score. That's pretty much how the rest of my weekend went (oh and watching my little sis and her Minnesota all-star team absolutely house these east coast elitist bastards).

Middle thing next, Fantasyland. This is an absolutely amazing book. Read it, don't ask questions, just read the thing you illiterate lazy bastard.

On to the Brewers I refuse. Leave me alone. I would prefer to ignore it. My buddy called me today, half in the bag and told me he was driving to Maine. I asked him why he was doing that and he tell me "Dude, I have to drop off a jet ski, pick up a boat, and when I get back I have to one of my "13 Tasks*." This day is an absolute abortion." Now, I don't have any idea what that means, and I would never use "abortion" to describe something as sacred as the Milwaukee Brewers, but if I were that crass I think the nonsensical usage of abortion might just fit the current state of the Brewers bullpen. 'Nuff said.

Hey, way to go Danny Kolb, back on the horse like she never bucked the livin shit out of you. Bout time he got back on that HGH.**

I was listening to Buck Martinez on XM Radio and he fired off perhaps the funniest baseball line I have ever heard, in regards to Alex Rodriguez's 3 error game last week:

"ARod had what we call a Michael Jackson day. He had a glove on, but for no apparent reason"

Delusional? Fuck yeah. I still think the Brewers are in this thing (not necessarily a reality based or analytical thought, but fuck you if you gave up). 5 games back of the Wild Card with the Sheeter coming back? Dude improves our teams by 5 games easily (this late in the season, probably by about 2 games) and with the Ohko baffling pitchers like Sudoko, the bullpen just has to find a way to be less incompetent, and we have a prayer, which is all I need. I'm totally up in the air on trading Lee. The decision HAS to come down to what we get for him. Melvin can't (and won't) trade him just to trade him, so I'm not too worried. So far, the guy has been scary good in his player personnel moves, and there is no reason to think that will change soon.

I finally made it to the Big Leagues of fantasy football amongst my boys. I have been waiting years to join in the Big Game (large buy-in, killer payouts) but have been stifled by my age and lack of resources. Since I moved east, I have an air of respectability and a bit more iron, so I am in. Youngest player allowed at the ripe young age of 24.

I pick me.

Oh, and congrats to everyone on the year of keeping this bad boy up and running. Welcome to the new folks, especially Clint. Sorry if I've had to disagree with most of the things you say, but that's kind of how I do. I'll do my part by trying to piss off every Deadspin soccer queer I can find, and direct them here, where we will beat them with oranges wrapped in as not to leave bruises (tell your wife that little trick, that'll keep her biscuits in the oven and her buns in bed). Also, if you listen to the D-List, yes, I am the guy from Boston.

Adios...somebody get Turnbow's Jobu a refill.

*13 Tasks: It's some stupid idea that when two guys get in an argument that cannot be settled, one calls out Tasks, and they take turns coming up with 13 totally random events in which they compete. The winner of the most tasks wins the argument. They are only on task two (race to finish 15 shots of Gran Marnier) and already have no clue what the argument is about. Apparently this has been a tradition with these idiots since high school. Oh, the first random event was a cartwheel contest, which my friend lost badly.

**I have no proof whatsoever than Dan Kolb was a juicer. None. I still believe it though.

Can You Feel It? It's Coming

Great work by Ohka through six. One hit shut-out. You just know the bullpen will get a call soon.
Enjoy the first six innings and lobby for little league rules to replace current rules. That way this game is in the books and we feel good going into Monday. Heh Heh

Ben Sheets to the Bullpen

When Ben Sheets comes back – he needs to go to the pen. He should make a good closer. Something the Crew needs right now.

Ben is a China Doll – at least he has been the last few years. As a closer, at least an effective one, he would throw 15 or so pitches 3 out of every 5 days. Which would be 45-50 pitches over a 5 day period vs. 100-120 pitches every fifth day. It would save his arm/back/shoulder so that maybe we can get some injury free use out of his guaranteed mega-million $$ contract.

Ben has a 98 mph fastball. He has the curve ball that can make all-stars look like 6 year olds swinging a bat for the first time. Those two pitches that would be a very effective combination for a closer.

Yes it would be great if he were in the starting rotation. But, I would rather have him be a closer for an entire year than a starter for half the season.

And let’s face it, the Brewer’s need a closer. T-Blow has cost us 8 wins this year. And there are still 64 games left to play. No one else in the pen is stepping up and demanding the ball.

Put Ben in the role of closer before he destroys what is left of his career and becomes the next Kerry Wood.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am going to make this our how we feel about the Brewers movie

Adult language warning almost every word in it is the F-bomb.

this is a film about the movie the big Lebowski but it sums up how I am feeling about the Brewers play as of late.

I have a feeling we will get a ton of use out of this clip.


Carlos start packing your bags.

Does anyone else feel like I do that this road trip is going to be the final nail in the Carlos Lee Coffin? The Crew is fast falling out of contention for anything and from what Jim Powell said tonight the Crew and Carlos are a year and about 30 million apart. Time to tell Carlos thanks and get as much as you can for him and figure out if Hart or Tony Gwynn Jr. is going to be your new left fielder. I am sure you have all read the first act in trying to prepare Brewers fans for the Carlos Lee trade that has to be coming.

On to tonight's game I listened to it I couldn't take watching it after the first inning.

There is absolutely no excuse for a Major League Ball club to lose when it scores 7 runs.

Face it other than Cappy and maybe now Toma the pitching staff stinks on ice. Dave Bush is up and down you cannot have a starting pitcher on a team with a bad bullpen only last 3 fraking innings!

You cannot blame the bats for this road trip its all on the pitching staff. They have scored runs on this trip but other than the two blow outs no amount of runs has been enough.

Then you have to listen to Matt Wise in the pregame blurb on TV, try and say we should all be giving D-Blow our support now. Frak Turnblow he and Ned have cost us our first playoff season in what 2 decades. You are telling me that there isn't some fireballer young gun in AA or AAA who they could bring up and give a shot at being the closer?

Right now the field positions pieces are falling into place but they might have to revamp 50-75% of the pitching staff next year at the rate we are going.

Then you look at the Reds their GM got off his ass and made a move and it has turned that team around. Eddie Guardado already has 5 saves for the Reds since coming over. Tell me that Reds team is the same one the Crew got lucky and swept in Miller Park.

Sorry I am bouncing around I cannot focus right now malaise anyone? Gabe Gross should be the every day Centerfielder until he plays himself out of the job.

Well on to tomorrows game with the Reds looking to sweep the hapless Crew and repay them for a couple of weeks ago.

Ohka vs Milton another 5+ ear tomato can who will look like Cy Young against the Brewers. 12:15pm start at the Great American Small Park and lucky for us the game is on both FSN and the BRN oh joy cant wait can you?

2-6 so far with one game to go on the road trip from hell. I expect them to fall apart like a cheap Bangkok suit tomorrow. Ned will run up the white flag and play a lot of the kids because its a Sunday game. Who knows maybe that is the answer. Then they play the Pirates if they lose that series it will be the final death blow to this season.

Anyone think they wont get swept tomorrow chime in and tell me why you still have hope.

Night all, the Poker tables beckon.


A very over due congrats to Ched Head

I just noticed that back on April 1st Ched Head scored a Pajamas Media link. It was this post about George Mason's NCAA basket ball run.

And here is the Pajamas Media link

I have no clue how I missed that back then but better late than never right.

Nice Job Ched.


America F-ck Yeah

Floyd Landis grabs the Yellow Jersey in the last real race stage of the Tour De Frog. He will do his victory ride into Paris tomorrow and will be crowned the winner of the Tour de France. This means 8 years in a row the World Series of Bike Racing has been won by an American.

There are reports that the French Media is lining up to jump off of the Eiffel Tower.

My wife will Arrive in Paris Tonight and is hoping to be on the Champs-Elysees(where the Germans hold their victory parades) to see the finish. I am hoping she can get some pictures.

What a great day for French haters all over America

America Fuck Yeah!


Another Brewer game tonight everyone ready for another kick to the groin.

Pretty soon this will be standard gear for all Brewers fans if it isn't already

tonight's game Bush vs some Tomato can from Cincy named Mays who is 0-5 and will most likely make the Crew look like a T-ball team tonight. I predicted a Sweep by the Reds and thanks to D-blow I am right on track.

Tonight's travesty will begin at 5:10pm CST at the Great American Small Park, unfortunately for our eyes it will be on FSN(I dare you to watch it without swearing once) and to punish your ears you can listen to the BRN on your local purveyor of pain(radio station)

The Brewers Season in one picture

Sigh Beer

Fire Ned Yost

There I said it.

Why is Turnblow still going out there in the ninth with a lead of less than 5 runs?

Why is Jenkins batting 3rd and not 6th or 7th?

Why hasn’t someone gotten on Jenkins for not hustling on ground balls? He could have easily beaten out the double play in the first inning last night. He looked like he was just trotting down the line. Same thing latter in the game when he hit a ground ball. He just wasn’t hustling.

Why is Jenkins still starting as many games as he is? We have Tony Gwynn Jr. up, we might as well use him. Brady Clark can play right field when a LHP starts.

The thing that pissed me off the most was on Wednesday when Yost blamed T-Blows blown save on the Brewers lack of offense and not taking advantage of scoring opportunities. Closer = someone who can get the last 3 - 6 outs of a game without losing the game. Closer does not equal someone who constantly gives up 2 -3 runs in the ninth every time they come into the game.

This is the collapse of 2004 all over again.

Winning teams play .500 ball on the road.

Winning teams have a closer that doesn’t blow 5 straight games.

Winning teams – well they are not the Brewers

Fire Ned Yost – he gives the players too much of a leash. It is one thing if they want to strangle themselves, but the select few players are strangling the entire team.

I am just numb

Lucky for me I am an older Packer fan I have a mental shell that I can borrow for this Brewers season. I climb right in and shut the door and bam things are not so bad. Since I have given up any hope of this team making the play offs I am at peace. I was able to watch last nights game and just chuckle as Turnblow and Eveland handed away another win.

Hell if the Crew had any bullpen at all they would 6-1 on this trip but they don't have a bullpen so they are 2-5 sucks to be a Brewers fan doesn't it.

Right now here is what I would do for a closer let Shouse close the game. Right now he is the most solid relief pitcher in the that weak ass bull pen. Suck ass Matt Wise has even had two games in a row without giving up a run. Use Capellan and Wise in the 8th and Close with Shouse. It has to work better than what they are doing right now.

Two games in a row where they have blow 5 run leads well at least you get the extra burger at Webb's. The bats have also done the same thing two game in a row jump out to a lead then take the rest of the night off. To be honest I think the Reds would have been able to score a few more runs in the 9th if they needed to.

Who is Nashvilles Closer can they not give him a try. How long is Cousin It signed for and anyone have any long term fixes since Cousin It's brain is broke.

Sigh it sucks to be a Brewers fan most of the time.

Time to remove Bowfinger as closer

This cannot continue. Big league hitters are phenomenal, but even a mediocre pitcher should be able to get 3 guys out from time to time. Here are Turnbow's stats:

Total 4 6 5.54 44 0 23 39.0 36 27 24 5 23 2 49

Those aren't closer numbers. He still seems to be throwing hard, so this slump has to be in his two cent mellon. Right now, they may as well run this guy out to close games:

Been Awhile, Been Away, Down at Agency HQ This Week

or sub headline,
Nedley just roasted the fragile psyche of two relief pitchers. Turnbow is broke and may never be fixed. Looking for a replacement will be tough. One possibility was Dana Eveland. Not anymore, the look on his face after tonight's debacle was all telling. Asking him to get out of a bases loaded 1 out jam in a one run game on the road was way to much. Stick with the broken Turnbow at that point could have turned his season around. If he gets out of it he bounces back and becomes the lovable shaggy dog we love. Blows it and oh well he was already broke. The leash on Cousin It has been long but look at Atlanta, there closer has 10 losses. How many blown saves is that? Cousin It needs work and he may be o.k. Eveland is shot. Kolb may be the answer if he can relive his glory year and a half.

The Crew needs a blow-out right now. One way or the other Eveland and Cousin It need to work out of tonight's result. If were up ten or down ten use it as the fulcrum to work these guys through this.
The solution I see is bringing up Gallardo, demote Eveland (I believe his options are up so they may have to release him to waivers), let Helling do the closing and give Turnbow work when you can.

Turdbow blows another W


Friday, July 21, 2006

Why I am so Happy the IRL Race is this Weekend

Because then they will leave town and I will not have to listen to their stupid "My Indy is" ads and I will not have to hear about the Overrated and not really that pretty Danica Kornikova opps I mean Danica Patrick. I think the reason that she is back peddling on going to Nascar is no one in Nascar wanted her. They don't need gimmicks to fill the stands unlike IRL.

They will be racing in front of half empty stand and pretending America cares. We don't, real race cars have doors.

So IRL don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town. Champ car isn't coming back next year so we got half the battle one.


Oh Boy More Brewers baseball tonight

Yeah Right.

Ok I still have nothing to good to say about the crew. I am still on the edge and I don't want to go on another F-bomb filled tirade so I will make this quick.

They play the Reds tonight at the Great American Small Park in Cinncy.

Capuano vs Ramirez 6:10pm on FSN and the BRN

Cappy trying to bounce back after his worst performance of the year.

To be honest I am still in the I could give a flying F-ck mood when it comes to the Brewers.

I am actually grateful that Packer Camp starts next week and I was really hoping that this year would be different I would have to place Packer camp behind a Brewers Playoff Run. But we know that isn't going to happen is it.


This Friday Sweet Dreams are made of Charlotte Ross

Plus I got to use a something from PETA for evil Bwahahahahahahahaha.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Re: The season is over (the silver lining)

Well, at least the Gwynn family had a nice day today. Tony Gwynn Jr. got his first hit 24 years to the day that pops got his first big league hit.

Sorry, that's about all I got for silver linings.

The talent on this team has improved, despite what we are seeing on the field. The attitude of the team has also changed, as evidenced by their ability to fight and claw their way back in games, particularly at home. Those were two huge mountains they needed to get over to get back to winning ways.

Unfortunately, some other things that winning teams do, and that they don't, haven't changed. The defense is atrocious. We can attribute a little bit of that to young players, but the entire team has a problem with it. Even Jenks, who at one time in his career had been a very, very good defensive outfielder. Winning teams don't play defense like the Brewers do. Playoff teams certainly don't.

They are also still prone to making stupid baseball decisions. Just look at last night's game. Bill Hall got picked off by a mile, and Weeks got thrown out by a mile going from first to third on a ball that he never held up on to see if it would be caught first-not that it mattered, he'd have been dead as a duck either way. Stupid decisions on young teams can be overcome with experience, but the Brewers have to be careful to ensure that these guys get smarter out there. Stupidity on the diamond can infect teams. The most irritating thing about the poor decision making is that there is absolutely no excuse for it. Most of the these guys have been playing baseball since they were about 8 years old. If you haven't figured out how to play smart in that amount of time, you're just lazy.

Finally, the Brewers' habit of relying on Mike Maddux to work miracles for them is finally backfiring. Maddux is a hell of a coach and a minor miracle worker, but even a miracle worker can only do so much with the guys he has. I wouldn't give you a nickle for for all of the heads in the bullpen. Also, I haven't really wanted to say this because so many have pinned their hopes to the return of Sheets and Ohka, but let's remember that we have no idea what we're going to get out of Sheets for the remainder of the year. I don't expect ace stuff, that's for sure. Ohka may be the more significant return because he at least adds some consistency to the rotation. And that's provided his rotator cuff holds up.

I look forward to some exciting moments in this season yet, but I just can't see how the playoffs will be in the cards. Yost had best use this time to iron out some of the kinks in this team, because next year there will be tremendous pressure on them to compete for a post-season spot.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The season is over

If you don't like swearing do not read on because there is going to be a ton of it.

Ok you have been warned.

First you are now officially fucking worthless Derrick Turnbow even more fucking worthless than Brady Clark. The Brewers have Mitch Fucking Williams as their closer.

The Fucking Pitching Staff is Fucking Worthless they couldn't hold a 6-1 fucking lead! Did I mention that Derrick Turnbow is fucking worthless as a closer now?

The Fucking Bats stopped hitting after the 3rd inning even when they knew no lead is safe with this worthless bullpen and our now worthless closer. 2-4 on this trip going into a now worthless series this weekend. I will predict now the Reds will sweep the Brewers this weekend.

They cannot pitch to save their fucking lives.

Fuck the whole Fucking Bullpen.

How the fuck do you blow a 5 run lead to the fucking Giants????????????????????

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. As a fan I am so sick of this team and their ability to snatch defeat from victory. Matt Wise didn't even pitch and they blew a 5 run lead.

How many more fucking times do they have to send Mitch Williams out there before they figure out he has went Dan Kolb on them.

Fuck Doug Davis Fuck Dave Bush and most of all Fuck Derrick Turnbow and his worthless ass. Allstar my ass the guy from KC deserved to be there more than Derrick Turnbow.

You know what Fuck this whole team you know what they are going to do make a charge in late August and come in 4 games short of anything worthwhile but say "look at the momentum for next year. Well I am sick of this Fuck this year, Fuck next year, Fuck Ned Yost, Fuck Doug Melvin

If I wanted to watch a team play like this I could turn on Fucking WGN and watch the Fucking Cubs.

Hey Melvin go ahead trade Carlos Lee for a ham sandwich just like the Brewers always do. Oh before I forget Fuck Ben Sheet Ace my ass where has his china doll ass been the last year of baseball fucking hurt at home getting fat and counting his money.

I am going to take the kids to the pool maybe the chlorine can wash this taste out of my mouth.

No game tomorrow what a fucking break at least we don't have to see them create new ways to lose tomorrow.

Never Forget Your Worthless Derrick Turnbow.

To the whole Brewers Team

I am sorry but all the rage from 20 plus years of watching this team suck is boiling to the top and I am fed up with this fucking team. My rage at them is beyond belief.

Did I mention I really fucking hate Derrick Turnbow now. No matter what he does the rest of the year I don't care he sucks and I am sick of him

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

While I am at it fuck Blogger and its never working Spell Checker program

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