Friday, June 30, 2006

Sweet Dreams Friday Wimbledon addition

Sweet Dreams are made of Maria Sharapova, From Russia With Love


I guess I owe Mr Gonzalez an apology

I love it when the Brewers prove me wrong I found out that Gonzalez was pitching for Double D not in the 5 spot. Matt Wise tried his best to give that game away 2 fing runs in 2 innings. 4-3 on this road trip so far and back to 500 once again.

Now 3 game against the hotter then the Sun Twins who have won 7 game in a row. At this point I would be happy getting out of the Humpty Dumpty Dome with a 5-5 road trip. I am hoping for better but this series scares me.

Nice job of Ned taking my advice and letting Turnbow pitch in the 8th and 9th inning to get the 1.1 inning save.

Brewers still have trouble scoring runs when they load the bases with less then 2 outs almost blew it yesterday then Gabe Gross got a 2 out single to pull their asses out of the fire.

They need to get through this road trip them make a run at home to get above 500 and stay there after the allstar break.

Tonight's game Villanueva vs Radke 7:10 start at the baggy dome FSN and BRN

Hurray Beer

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trade Scenario

If the Brewers are going to be buyers instead of sellers come the trading deadline they need to do it now not at the end of July. First off, Carlos Lee is untouchable – unless it is a blockbuster (ala Richie Sexson) deal.

We need pitching – badly. I like Jared Weaver. He had a cup of coffee on earlier this season in which he went 4-0 with a 1.37 ERA and 22 strike outs in 26 and a third innings. He is only 24 years old and has lots of ‘up side’. The only reason that he went back to the minors is that his big brother Jeff came off of the DL and the Angels needed a rooster spot.

The Angels of Orange County in Southern CA are currently 8 games under .500 in last place in the AL West and well behind the White Sox who hold the wild card lead at a whopping 25 games over .500. The Angels are defiantly sellers. I don’t know how tempted they would be to trade off the little Weaver but I would tempt them with…

Geoff Jenkins
Dan Kolb
Ben Hendrickson
And Dana Eveland

I would even toss in Jared Fernandez if they pushed hard enough.

The Brewer’s have the outfield talent that needs a rooster spot and even though I like Jenks, he has not been the model of consistency that the Brewers need. One month he will hit .400 with 10 HRs and a ton of RBI’s the next month he is hitting .181. I don’t mind the .250-.280 average – but the extreme streakyness is unacceptable for a playoff team. And if the Crew ever wants to be considered a playoff caliber team, then the players need to avoid the extreme lows that Geoff provides us.

Plus moving Jenkins would free up $$ to help sign Carlos Lee

P.S. Thanks Chris for the invite to post!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 for 1 Cubs hats at Miller Park

The Cubs will be coming to Miller Park next week, and the Brewers are going to be running some interesting promotions as part of their "Take Back Miller Park" campaign. This one is my favorite:

In addition, the team's retail store will be offering a "Buy One, Get One Free" sale on Cubs caps -- with Cubs caps priced at $999.00.

There are still tickets left for all three games, and it sounds like it's going to be a fun series to be in the ballpark.

Its official Dan Kolb is this years Kane Davis.

What can you say about Dans pitching lately not just today he has hmm how can I say this gently "SUCKED"

I am starting to have real issues with how Ned Yost is handling the bull pen. Why bring in Kolb who has not been all that good in his last 4-5 appearances when Shouse who has been pitching well only threw to one batter? Why not let Shouse pitch the 8th setting up for Turnbow. This is like when he keeps bringing in Wise even though he cant get any one out lately. You have your foot on the Cubs throat after Billy Halls homerun I was already getting his picture ready for the victory post All you have to do is give them the Death Blow and tomorrows game is already won. But no Ned had to bring in Kolb Pow Bang Zoom tie game then they are losing again. The other problem with Kolb is he doesn't just give up hits he gives up Homeruns.

Can someone also tell me why Geremi Gonzalez is starting tomorrow with his 6 era instead of Carlos Villanueva? Like I said I am starting to have real fucking issues with how Ned handles the pitching staff.

I still want to know why the fuck he didn't let Shouse pitch the 8th he only faced one damn batter in the 7th. Other than Shouse I don't know who you let pitch the 8th Kolb Wise Capellan have all been shaky to sucked lately I am looking at that pitching roster and I can see no one I feel good about pitching the inning before Turnbow other than Shouse right now. Speaking of Turnbow why not bring him in when the game was still 3 to 3 and there are 2 outs He has only pitched two times in the last week I think he could handle 1 and a third innings of work.

We are finally getting some good starts by our starters and now the fucking short relief Corp cant hold a lead to get to our on again closer. What a sad state of affairs.

Its not going to get any easier after tomorrows game you have to go to Minneapolis and play the smoking hot Twins in their baggy dome. I have a bad feeling about that trip.

Tomorrow the game to win the series and get back to 500 for the thousandth time this season and we are sending Geremi Fucking Gonzalez to the hill can anyone else say "raising a white flag of surrender"

Kolb to Wise to Turnbow was supposed to make the Crew untouchable after the 6 inning its a shame that only the last part of that trio can still pitch.

How many games has the bull pen pissed away this year?

Fuck it they play tomorrow but Neds not trying to win that game so who cares

its in Chicago at 1ish on FSN and the BRN

I FUCKING HATE DAN KOLB, It is nice that between Wise and Kolb I have my book end pitchers like Bottalico and Davis to hate just like last year.

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Stale Beer

Extend Dusty's contract now!!

As a Brewer fan, but really just a baseball fan, I'd like to make this appeal to the Tribune Co. Sign Dusty Baker to a long term extension, stat! Here is the reasoning.

*Yes, the team is playing some of the most horrid baseball seen in Chicago in sometime. There are a couple of softball teams that could probably beat them right now. But Dusty is a player's manager!
*The team is injury riddled. Is Dusty Baker a healing shaman? No, he's just a manager. So what if he uses his pitchers like they were Charlie Sheen's hookers?
*Bad Cubs=anti-Cub columns in the Trib=Circulation, baby! Why toy with that formula?
*You know that, God forbid, if the Cubs ever won a World Series, their market niche would be gone and they'd just be the White Sox in a bandbox. Do you really want Wrigley to become Miller Park South? Think of Dusty as insurance.

We fans of National League Central fans thank you.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wow that has to hurt.

As the Cubs were doing their 9th inning melt down they were showing the shell shocked Cubs fans sitting there with that 1000 yard stare after seeing their team blow the lead and eventually the game in the top of the 9th. I for once couldn't enjoy my Schadenfreude over Cubs fans I have lived that moment too many times in my life as a Brewer fan. I wouldn't be surprised if the Brewers sweep this series now a lose like that tacked on to the fact its was their 9th straight loss at home has to just suck the life out of a team.

Brewers played just well enough to win. Normally I would bitch about giving up a home run to a pitcher but Zambrano can just flat out hit. Better then some of the Cub starters lol.

Ok I give you your once again at 500 Milwaukee Brewers who have moved into third place in the NL Central with Houstons loss tonight(that Rocket thing is really working out for them isn't it they don't score any runs when the Rocket pitches) The wheels seem to have fallen off the Red Birds Death Machine the crew has pulled with in 4 games of the division lead. It is amazing as crappy has they have been at times this year they are still in the hunt.

Bullpen was shaky tonight Capellan couldn't hold the lead but was left off the hook by the Cub 9th inning implosion.

How about Gabe Gross I believe he scored 3 runs tonight I am thinking he should start getting some starts in right instead of Jenkins.

Over all Brewers got a game back they had blown a sort of Baseball Karma. Speaking of Bad Karma can it get much worse for the Cubs wow they really do suck how much is the Tribune company paying for that team?

Afternoon game tomorrow which is on TV by the way FSN and the BRN as always.

Bush vs Marmol and its a 1:20 start at the house of Cub pain so remember to set your TiVo's I will have to watch the game on delay still doing the roof. "The roof the roof the roof is on fire we don't need no water let the Muther f-cker burn" sorry I had an 80's flashback there wont happen again.

Another baby step on the road to 5 over 500.

Hey Fraley I guess this means nothing is going to get done at your office tomorrow lol ;)

I have got to go get some sleep be excellent to each other

Hurray Beer

Amazing Trip (Screw Ghana!!)

Well, I am back in Boston after an extended vacation. While most of it revolved around an incredible wedding in which I starred as the best man (bridesmaid? Of course!) so there is not a lot that is relevant to the content of this site, however I have a tidbit or two.

First, I made it to Wednesday’s game in Milwaukee against Detroit. Absolutely fantastic game, it was good to see them win one from the best team in baseball. I was very impressed by Detroit after watching them on Monday and Tuesday via the internet (by the way, MLB Mosaic is freaking incredible). They have some great young pitching and some solid bats. While they lack the one massive bat, they have a handful of guys who can hit 25+. The wedding was too much fun, and Thursday quickly blended into Sunday and I was forced to hit the road (and get stuck on I-90 and miss my flight) so I missed all the Royals games...just as well from the sounds of it.

Second, what Deadspin outburst did I create? I went back and checked on the response to my little off the cuff remark and three people responded, one said it was hilarious and two called me a racist?? A stupid joke about a country I assumed was poor because they have been on the IMF welfare role for four or five years? Where would I have gotten the idea that a lot of folks in Ghana might be so poor they live in huts…perhaps from the 33% unemployment or the ridiculous debt? Since when is a joke about huts racist? If I had said “way to go Greenland, you win at soccer, enjoy your igloo?” does that make me somehow anti-Greenlander. No, if anything it was classist, which I can live with, but at least get it right. Whatever, if it brought in a crowd, I am stoked. If any of you got hate mail on my behalf please forward it to, because I didn’t get any and I would love to respond.

Basically, I’m happy Ghana lost and it is a terrible country which, according to the CIA World Factbook is the African equivalent of Colombia, only they specialize in Asian heroin. So screw you Ghana and all supporters of Ghana, you are killing our kids!

Onto the important stuff. Carlos Lee for Philip Hughes (Yankees) and some throw ins, what do you folks think? I think he has to be moved, and the Angels are who I like. Trade him to LAAofA for Jeff Mathis and Ervin Santana. Honestly, I would take Lee for Santana straight up. The guys at BrewCrewBall think Mathis for Lee would suffice, I think that is selling low, but go check em out, they have a real solid discussion about it going on. I am still undecided and pretty much every argument I hear for signing him (assuming it is possible) or for trading him (assuming they got immediate help or a great catching prospect) seems to sway me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Where would the Brewers be without Cappy

As usual Cappy steps in to the breech in the line and like a British Army Sergeant Major of old screams "We Hold Here". The rout stops people pick back up their weapons and get back into the fight. Just his presence on the mound has had a calming effect all year. How many losing streaks hearts has Cappy driven a stake through?

Right now the Brewers have the Flubs number, in the last three games against the Cubs all at that old roof less dump the Crew has outscored the Cubs ............................................................................. Wait for it.

31-2 that is correct 16-2 9-0 and 6-0 did anyone else see the guy behind homeplate with the "Fire Dusty" sign I love it when the Cubs implode.

It helps when Carlos gets you off to a fast start with a monster 2 run shot into the bleachers. Then Prince hits 2 solo shots with the wind blowing in man that kids homerun swing just looks majestic doesn't it? Gabe Gross is making the case for more playing time with his bat also crushed a two run shot into bleachers. All runs scored via the long ball tonight. Ok back to even on this road trip at 2-2 one game under 500 with a big game tomorrow night(I am writing this Monday night I will be a bit busy tomorrow starting to reshingle my roof)

Jackson vs Zambrano at 7:10pm at the old roof less dump aka Wrigley Field.

This game will be on FSN as will the last two day games of the series. Radio as always the Brewers Radio Network.

Zambrano has been good for a bad Cub team but one of his 3 loses were at the hands of the Crew which ran him in 4 innings tagging him with 7 earned runs. Lets hope they can continue to have success against him.

Is it just me or has father time finally caught up with Gregg Maddux? That didn't look like the old Brewers killer we all know and hate. He was an outstanding pitcher for all these years but I think we are seeing the beginning of the end for Gregg Maddux. I have Maddux on my fantasy team and actually put him on the bench tonight since I had a feeling he wouldn't dominate the Brewers like he has in the past. Great call on my part saved me a lot of total bases and a big ERA and Whip hit. I am even considering letting him go or seeing what I can get in trade for him. He came out of the box like a house a fire and I had drafted him in the late middle rounds so for awhile it was a great pick but man he hasn't had it lately.

Is anyone besides me getting tired of Cory Koskie the man cannot get the timely hit. I believe it was the third inning Carlos leads off with a smash double and Prince moves him over to third with a ground out to the right side. All Koskie has to do in hit a fing deep fly ball and another run is in. At the time it was 2-0 so that run seemed huge. What does Koskie do strike out swinging Damon Miller hit a deep fly ball but for the third out. I am sorry I have tried to be open minded but if JJ was playing everyday I would be screaming for Billy Hall to be the every day third baseman.(I know I am like a abused woman with Hall he can do no wrong) The only thing good I can say about the Koskie deal is Toronto is paying most of his salary if we were paying full freight on this guy I would be going nuts.

Once again a nice baby step on the road to the land above 500 I have sworn off the WC words until the crew gets to 5 games above 500. So they need to win tomorrow and take one more baby step.

Hurray Beer

I cant believe they don't sell Viking sex boat Capitan hats.

You cannot find Viking sea Capitan sex boat hats and its funny you cannot buy replicas of the Viking Superbowl trophy's. Oh yeah the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl ouch that must suck, wow 4 losses I guess they were the Buffalo Bills before the Bills.

You can Darren Sharper jerseys but hey when your team is made up of Packer has beens what can you expect.

The Viking fans will be quick to remind you they have an one NFL championship vs the 12 the Packers have won and unlike a number of the Packer NFL championships that level wasn't the highest level of that season. They still lost the Super bowl that year. Something the Packers have suffered once but we can find solace in our 3 shiny Vince Lombardi trophy's.

I will stop now before some Twins fan reminds me of how sad the history of the Brewers has been out side of 1982 and even that year we didn't win it all.

But then again the Twins didn't have a Sex Boat scandal either. ;)


Now for something a bit lighter since the Brewers make us sad

Some baseball history from the Mall of America which was the home of Metropolitan Stadium where the Twins played before they built that ugly dome. The first two pictures are of the spot where the old home plate was. The second two shots are where they pay their respects to the longest home run ever hit in the "Met"

Speaking of the ugly dome which they are going to replace with a baseball only stadium for the Twins. They are planning on building it without a roof, I believe they have played dome baseball for so long in Minneapolis they have forgotten what rain can do to a baseball game. Two of three games this weekend would have been washouts if they hadnt had a roof. I think they are very dumb not putting a Miller Park or Sky Dome like roof on their new stadium.

The Mall was Maggoty with Cub fans since the flubs were in town for the weekend. Wow talk about whipped dogs if they looked at you and saw my Brewers hat they would look away. I had a little fun teasing them but it was like kicking babies not much of a challenge.

The Twins did sweep the Led Zepplin like Cubs this weekend so there was some good baseball news.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tom Haudrcourt is right

We all need to stow the Wild Card talk until this team can get above 500 and stay there. The combination of not being able to win on the road and not being able to beat the bottom feeder team is going to doom this years version of the Brewers.

You cannot lose 2 out of 3 from fing Kansas City fing Royals. Just like you cannot get swept by the fing Pirates and Nationals. You couple this with the games they give away to good teams like the 6-0 lead blown against the Cards and the game they pissed away against the Tigers and you can see why this team is looking up at 500.

Face it we don't have enough pitching since our china doll number one starter Ben Sheets is out for months on end. I don't understand why they gave Helling these two starts when Villanueva pitched so well in his first start. Why not give Helling some innings out of the pen till he gets himself right.

How can this team be so good at home and so bad on the road its the same god damn players isn't it. I am sorry this team has to start looking at this year as another rebuilding and stepping stone year. Jenkins has to be gotten rid of, and if they cannot sign Carlos they need to move him and get pitching pitching and more pitching. I love Carlos but we are 2 fing games under 500 with him.

Pitching wins you Pennets and World Series trophy's I am also sick of Ben Sheets and his China doll ass if we can find someone to take him I would trade him and use the money for a guy who might actually pitch for the Brewers more then 2 months of the season.

As you can tell I am a bit pissed off over this weekends series the fing Cards got swept the crew should be within in 4 games of the division lead right now. To blow a 5 run lead Saturday night is inexcusable.

Maybe its time to face the fact that Dan Kolbs career as a relief pitcher is no the downside.
Just off the top of my head they have lost 4 to the Pirates 3 to the Nats 2 to the Royals and lets not forget 3 to the Dodgers when they were in a complete free fall.

So that is 12 games lost to teams they should be better than. If they manage to win half of those games that is 6 more wins

That isn't even counting the games they have blown.

These next four game against the Flubs are huge. The Flubs just got swept and have lost 8 of their last 10 games. This is a team the Crew should be able to feast on but then again so were the Royals. If they cannot get 3-4 out of this series they don't deserve to be considered a wild card contender.

Once again the Crew has to ask Cappy to play Superman and get them back on track.

Cappy vs Maddux tomorrow 7:05pm start at that old roof less dump were the flubs play.
TV on FSN and Radio on the BRN.

Sigh Such Stake Beer

If they win today there still on track for a 5-2 run

They need to stay focused on what needs to be done. They must win today to get the series and send them into Chicago with 2 of the 5 wins in their pocket.

What can you say about last night the Offense gives Davis a 4 run lead and between his walks and two bad fielding plays you give a bad team life and cost yourself the game.

What really burned me was the 6th inning, they had runners on 1st and 3rd no outs and cannot get the tying run home. That was when I figured they were in trouble.

I am a little worried since we have no idea how Helling will look today. But you have to have faith.

Get a win and get onto Chicago and eat some bear meat.

Helling vs Redman today 1:10pm start the game will be on FSN in Wisconsin and BRN

I think Ched Head hit it on the head this is a young team and your going to have games like this. Sometimes it seems like Davis cannot pitch with a big lead like he loses focus. They finally score him some runs and he falls apart.

They win today yesterdays game doesn't matter.


Ice 2 Boots 1 Away

SubHeadline: 5 Runs on 2 Hits; are you kidding me?
Chris will fill in the details. I'm disgusted. Why are all our losses so deflating?
This happens with a young team.
What also happens with a young team is learning bad habits.
I hope Nedley is doing the right thing behind the scenes.

Couple Quick Thoughts on MLB

Tonight ESPN did a "what moves will be made during the July trade deadline" segment on their 6 P.M. sportscenter. I was shocked that during the tease they flashed ElCabajo. Of course my curiosity was piqued so I hung around for the report. Tim Kurkijian was the "expert" and after he covered Bobby Abreu and Soriano, and Clevelands presumed firesale (won't happen) he spoke about Carlos Lee.
Lee is gone. Kurkijian tiptoed lightly around the subject. He framed his reasoning thusly, Milwaukee wants to keep him, Lee wants to stay, the new owner wants him and his continuing employment is definitely what the fans want. Then came the "but", he explained the nuances of salary responsibility and some other mumbo jumbo. When pressed by the moderator he finally stated, they can't keep him, it's Milwaukee after all.
Is it just me or is that a pretty condescending statement? Will three million paying customers warrant a 65 million dollar payroll?
Lets all remember the quote of the late Walter O'Malley when he moved his Brooklyn Dodgers to L.A. This move is a necessity to compete with towns like Milwaukee which is drawing TWO million attendance each year. This quote is not exact so don't beat me up to bad, the point is West Coast baseball was facilitated by the success of our town.

Second point is this weekly ranking of MLB teams. They have the Crew as number 22. I don't put any stock in these endeavors into punditry, I still realize many people read them and abide them. Here's the issue, the geniuses at ESPN have ranked (in order) Arizona (swept them), Philadelphia (swept them), Colorado (swept them) and Cleveland (swept them) as better teams than the Crew.
I guess the editors of ESPN (who compile the list) feel the same way as Tim Kurkijian does. It is Milwaukee after all.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nice start to the road trip

I was following the game on my cell phone as I wondered the Mall of America. It was fun to see the Crew jump out to a lead and stay in front the whole game. Dave Bush pitches well on the road and gets his first road victory. They got out in front of a bad team early and kept them down.

Two of my least favorite Brewers come up big Koskie gets homerun number 10 and Jenkins as usual makes one of his few hits count.

I see from the paper that Ned is following my advice and only letting Matt Wise into games where the crew is up by 5 or more runs. Less chance of him blowing the game that way.

I also like the attitude your seeing in the quotes that they are not taking beating the Royals for granted. Maybe they still remember that last trip into Pittsburgh.

I am in Minneapolis for the weekend and this place is maggoty with Cubs fans since the Cubs and Twins play an interleague series this weekend. It was hard not to bust their chops when I saw them in the Mall of America. I told my wife I was going to start walking up to them and say "Hey did you hear they signed Dusty to a 3 year extention" She always the lawyer told me I couldn't since I would be libel when they started jumping to their deaths from the third level of the MOA.

Back to the Brewers they are once again back to 500 now to get above that line and stay there. They have pulled to within 6 games of the Red Birds and are still 3 games out of the Wild Card.

Today's game is Davis vs Duckworth tonight 6:10pm start at Kauffman Stadium.

The game is on FSN and the BRN.

They need to score Davis some runs and get this series locked up tonight take care of business against a team they "should" beat and keep the run to the Allstar Break train rolling.

I am hoping ESK who is KC this weekend is getting some pictures of a game or two.

Hurray Beer

Friday, June 23, 2006

Next up the suddenly rolling Royals.

Yes KC is the worst team in baseball but they have won 2 series in a row against Houston and Pittsburgh and have won 4 games in a row and 5 out of their last 6 all against NL Central Teams.

That being said the Crew has to take 2 out of 3 this weekend. These are the teams you have to pad our win totals with. They can not afford to do what they did last time they had a chance like this.

Bush vs Keppel 7:10pm start at Kauffman Stadium.

I am a bit worried about this start since Bush is terrible on the road and is up and down and was up last start. Prove me wrong Dave Prove me wrong.

Game is on FSN in Wisconsin and BRN as always. This weekend the Crew has a chance to prove they can win series they are supposed to win and start the climb to get over 500 and stay there.

The goal has to be 5 games over by the allstar break right now they are 7 games out of the division lead and only 3 games back in the Wild Card race. A good run into the Allstar game could set the table for the second half run to the playoffs

I will be out of town but should have WiFi so I will try to cover the weekends series from afar.

Hurray Beer

Sweet Dreams Friday

Heidi and Jennifer I just love the shot of Jennifer not to risque but you can still see her wonderful back side ;)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Greetings to the angry mob coming over from Deadspin

Yes you guys with the tar and feathers, before you burn the place to the ground ESK is just one of many posters here. He is a very nice guy you just have to understand his sense of humor.

And he does have a point now that the US is out of the WC and basketball and hockey are over can we go back to giving the most perfect of sports known to mankind BASEBALL the due it deserves?

Yesterday you had a great game between to very good young teams. I mean you cannot show the Red Soxs and Yankees all the time on ESPN can you? Actually I think they can and are trying to but believe it or not there is Baseball being played outside of New York and Boston.

Why not show the American League leading Tigers play a up and coming Brewers Team?

Just over look the Huts comment like I said ESK is an ok guy.

Oh ESK I loved you saying Soccer = Euro porn ;) good stuff bro good stuff.

If your stopping buy from Deadspin thanks anyways and please take a look around.


As usual Cappy and the Bats combine to avoid the sweep

Ricky Weeks hits a two run bomb into the Brewers Bull Pen to take the lead and give Cappy who held the Tigers to 3 runs a chance for the win. Then Manager Ned Yost learned from his mistake on Monday. He left Matt Wise ass planted on the bench and Kolb, Shouse Capellan got through the 8th inning with a scare but didn't give up a run each recorded an out. Capellan striking out Shelton looking to get out of a bases loaded jam.

Then Turnbow pitched a one two three 9th to get the save.

This was a big win, the Crew avoided a sweep and got back to within one game of 500. They went 4-2 on this last homestand it should have been 5-1 but Matt Wise is what he is Ricky Fing Botallico.

The Brewers have also clawed themselves to with in 3.5 games of the Wild Card but still have to crawl over a bunch of teams.

NO Game today as the team gets a day off to travel to Kansas City for their weekend series with the worst team in Baseball.

The next two series are going to be huge you play KC and the Flubs, both teams the once again rolling Brewers should be able to handle. They really need to go 5-2 over these next seven games. That would put them 3 games over 500 and most likely right in the thick of the Wild Card and who knows maybe even the division as the Red Birds have been so so without Puljos. Unlike the Pittsburgh and Washington streach the Brewers need to take advantage of playing bad teams to help build up the record. If they can go 5-2 it would also help improve their terrible road record.

It is amazing how two weeks can change a lot of things. After that 8 game losing streak it was really hard to keep the faith but the crew was able to dig out of that hole. The pitching has really improved over this last two weeks(except for Wise) I am willing to hold judgment on Helling that was his first game back and Detroit just had one of those nights and got on a roll. The crew has done to teams too so that door swings both ways. The starting rotation ship has been righted for the moment, Doug Davis has been great the last 4 starts. It really seems like he has found himself again its a crying shame the don't score more runs for him. Him not getting a Win on Monday night was a crime. Shouse has helped steady up the bullpen and Kolb and Capellan have been good more time then they have been bad. They sent the Garbage man back to AAA so that right there makes the pen better by subtraction.

It is still amazing that the crew is still in the hunt when they haven't had their number 1 and number 4 starters. It also seems like Turnbow has gotten over what ever glitch he had been having the last couple of innings have been vintage D-bow.

The Bats have been doing just enough its nice to see Ricky start to hit the long ball and Prince seems to be adjusting to the league adjusting to him. Bad as Jenkins has been his few hits have come at big moments. Billy Hall average has suffered but he seems to get the big hits when they need them. Carols is playing like its the last year of his contract;) He isn't diving for balls but he sure is hitting them. Clark has gotten his average back up to the high 200's.

Oh anyone notice that all that extra work with Robin has really seemed to help Weeks glove work its almost 2 weeks without an error. A couple of his best plays over the last two weeks were just putting the ball in his pocket and avoiding getting into a bad situation.

Here is the schedule all the way to the All-Star game.

KC, Cubs, Twins, Reds and finishing with the Cubs. Its time for this team to make a statement and win some series that they should win. Its time to get up above 500 and stay there.

No Brewer Baseball tonight so as always we urge you to spend time with the wife or girlfriend which ever one is on the schedule for tonight ;)

Get your baseball batteries recharged and ready for run to the Allstar game.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some days your the bug some days your the windshield

Yesterday the Brewers were bug and went splat. Thanks to Matt(I suck)Wise blowing Mondays game we now have to hope Cappy can avoid the sweep.

Your going to have games like yesterday against good teams and Detroit is a good team.

Now the best we can do coming out of this home stand will being one game under 500 which would still be a 2 game improvement.

They need to win this game and then take care of business in KC and Chicago.

Today's game is an afternoon 1:05pm start

Cappy vs Robertson

NO TV But Brewer Radio Network as usual.


Conspiracy Theory?

Larry Kristkowiak has accepted a job as an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks.
This guy turned down several Head Coaching jobs at major universities (N.C. State) to remain in Idaho (or wherever he was). Now he bolts for the NBA? As an assistant? Look for Larry Kristkowiak to be the next Head Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

What The F%#ck Al Harris, now you want more money? Your a dolt. Thompson let him go, do not acquiesce to this idiot. He's over thirty and has lost a step. Make him play or sit. If the urge to bring him in hits you just ask yourself, How's McKenzie doing in N.O. Last I looked he didn't make the pro-bowl, and N.O. drafted DB's to shore up the position.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Running Down A Dream

The Miami Heat are the World Champions of professional basketball.
As much as I'd love to rub Cubans nose in it I'm going to stay positive. Let me just ask this rhetorical question, who you going to blame now?

Pat Riley is corny, but if that's what it takes to motivate millionaires, then he's pretty damn good at it. After Dwayne Wade threw the ball a mile in the air with 1.4 seconds left and Miami won the ABC camera showed Shaq tracking down Riles. Then the camera flashed to Alonzo Mourning and Antoine Walker hugging and you can here Zo saying to Walker, Where's Riles, as they both began searching the crowd to give their coach a hug.
Pat Riley had placed a large pot in the middle of the Heat lockerroom that was covered to reporters. Large Do Not Touch signs were posted all around it. Now we have an idea what was in the pot. It was a "what would you give up for a ring" pot that all could contribute to. Before tonight's game Riley showed up with his grandmothers heirloom gold chain, a gold chain sent to him from his daughter and all four of his Championship Rings. He tossed them in the pot before the game and told his players that he would give up all four of his rings if he could bring this group of fifteen a ring this year.
Upon taking over the team in December he issued all the players a yellow business card that read 15 strong. Every player carried that card with them. The players believed in him and in themselves and that is pretty powerful. Every player interviewed after the game mentioned the power of the fifteen. Even owner Mickey Aronson mentioned it after David Sterns gave him the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Congratulations to the Miami Heat.


Its official Matt Wise is this seasons Ricky Bottalico

Chedhead has done a nice job covering the game. Wise has to be put into the only is allowed to pitch in games where the crew is up or down by 5-6 runs. I was screaming at my TV NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT WISE as the TV showed who was coming in out of the bullpen.

You knew that one run lead was doomed the minute Ricky opps I mean Matt hit the mound. What the hell was Ned thinking bringing in Wise he has sucked lately. Why not bring Shouse who has been great lately even Kolb would have been a better choice Hell Cain Davis would be a better choice then Wise at the moment.

I totally agree Jenkins should have caught that ball I even rewound the play on TiVo to get another look at it. I will be honest I cannot wait till Jenkins has moved on and is just a memory.

You cannot waste pitching performances like Double D's last night. Anyone think Ned has learned this Matt Wise lesson I doubt it he kept bringing in Bottalico last year to cost them games. I am sure this will not be the last game Suck Ass Matt Wise will cost the Crew this season.

one good number for you 29,623 paid attendance on a Monday night a great crowd for a Monday night. Much better than those 11,000 Monday nights early in the season.

Yeah last nights game hurt now your back under 500 and you have Helling making his first start of the year coming off the DL who knows what he will have.

Ok today's game 7:05pm start at Miller Park
Helling vs Miner
TV is FSN and Radio is BRN as usual

Booooo Stale Beer and Matt Wise Sucks

My Oh My Oh My, Did I Just See That

This is not the post I expected to write. I fully expected the Crew to slow down the Motor City Kitty Juggernaut. Davis was tight, matching Bonderman pitch for pitch. When Prince crowned Bonderman in the eighth I thought it was over. My post was to be about the well played games the Crew had been in lately and how they have won those games.
Then Matt Wise reared his ugly head. Two bunts score a run? Are you shi%&*ng me! Two bunts score a run in an MLB game and no error is charged? It would be easy to blame Nedley for pulling Davis for a pinch hitter after Jenks doubled and Gross walked. The decision at that point was moot. It was the eighth and we bring on the setup man to get to Turnbow. Crew wins 1-0.

Not So Fast My Friend, Wise can't get an out and the Kitty's tie the game on two bunts. I didn't stutter, I didn't mistype, it was two bunts that scored a run. The players behind Wise have no confidence in him and it is time to be rid of that perceived combo. Wise to Turnbow is futile.
The Crew can not afford to keep giving away these games. We are not that good.
My guy Capellan comes in and its every bit as compelling as the argument as to who should set up Turnbow. Capellan strikes out five of the eight batters he faced. He dominated the Kitty's. Unfortunately he gave up a ringing double to right that cost us the game.

In defense of Cappellan, Our man Jenks should have caught the ball that was a double. If your a .230 hitter and stuck on 7 Hr's for the season you better acquit yourself better than flailing away at a drive to the wall. Our boy Jenks threw his hands up to protect himself. In doing that he revealed to the world that the double in question should have been an out. Jenks, my boy, was within an inch or two of putting leather on the ball. Fortunately for Detroit he fought that urge and looked like the ballplayer he is. Jenks is gone. Re-sign Lee and give Corey Hart some at bats. Bonderman was awesome but so was Davis. This game has to go in the W column.
You can not keep giving away games when you are a marginally above average team.

Monday, June 19, 2006

O.K. Avery Johnson Is A Beeotch Like Cuban

As mentioned in my previous post, Avery Johnson took the podium and quickly erased all the good will I had for him in about two minutes. He blamed the refs for enforcing a TO his player had called. He intimated that Wade was not fouled on the final drive, even though the replay is crystal clear that Devin Harris stuck his right leg out to impede Wades progress. The foul was obvious, as was the flagrancy of Stackhouses flying body block on Shaq in the previous game. Johnson complained about that also. Did I mention I hope Mark Cuban was sobbing somewhere? He's not sobbing he's whining like a little bitch.
Can't wait for Shanoff's take on this tomorrow.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dwayne Wade is Phenomenal/That Wasn't Howards Fault

Let me put this out there before the world jumps on it. That final time out was not Josh Howards fault. This is the sequence:
Wade hits his first free throw with 1.8 seconds left, Wade exhales a huge sigh of relief and walks away from the free throw line. Dallas re-aligns along the lane for his second FT as the Heat players all go to Wade to give him his propers. Josh Howard has his back to the bench since he is crossing the lane away from the bench. He here's the bench yelling something so he turns and the camera clearly shows Avery Johnson signaling time out above his head as Howard turns. That is the first thing Howard saw. You, Me, My Mom and The Neighbors Kid all would have done the same thing upon seeing Johnson signaling that way.

Johnson may have been yelling no time out and signaling that way, but amongst the din in the arena nobody could have heard that. That is why he was signaling in the first place because no one could here him. It will be interesting to see what Johnson has to say about it. He's a stand up guy so he will probably take the heat. My point is he should take the heat. Had he not been signaling that way Howard never would have done what he did.

In my mind this is exactly where this series should be. As much as Mike Breen harps about Dallas dominating the first two games that is just not the case. With 2:30 left in the first half of game one Miami led by 11 points. As late as the fourth quarter Miami took a two point lead. Mike Breen must explain to me how Dallas dominated by being down 11? Pat Riley was right the Heat outplayed the Mavs for 40 of the 48 minutes of game one. Even if it wasn't 40 minutes, and Riley was exaggerating, it was still over half the time that Miami outplayed them. This series is closer to Miami domination then it is Dallas domination.

Avery Johnson is about to step up to the microphone so we'll see what he says. Reports are that Jason Terry and several other Mavs argued with Miami fans on their way off the court. ABC showed Dirk kicking and throwing things around. I guess he needed a love song by David Hasselhoff to calm him. I can only hope that Mark Cuban is sobbing somewhere.


What a great ending to a pretty damn good baseball game.

This first picture is Carlos Lee looking into the Cleveland Dugout after they walked Koskie to pitch to Carlos. He has this look like What the Frak do you think you doing walking someone to get to me.

This is Carlos doing his Homerun trot after smashing a Walk off three run homer into the Cleveland bullpen to win the game and give the Crew the sweep. Second game in a row the Crew has won with a walk off hit in the bottom of the ninth

This is the Mob scene at homeplate as Carlos touches home and the Crew climbs back to 500.

Final Score of a long but great game.

Look at those full stands back to back sell out Saturday and Sunday night. It was also outstanding the crew won both in front of monster home crowds.

Ok back to the beginning Zach Jackson didn't pitch well but he didn't cost the team the game as bad as he was pitching he only gave up 2 runs through 3 innings even though he had thrown 80 pitches. He got out of a base loaded no outs jam in the third.
As I said he didn't pitch well but unlike DeLaRosa,Hendrickson and Eveland he didn't collapse and give up 5+ runs. That third inning really impressed me the Tribe could really have blown the game open if they had gotten a timely hit or two.

Then it got a little weird Ned let Jackson hit he got his first base hit in the show and ended up scoring on Cory Koskie 2 run homerun. Then Ned pulled him and sent in Geremi Gonzalez to throw the 4th. I found it odd they let Jackson hit then pulled him I can only guess after he hit someone noticed he had already thrown 80 pitches just seems odd they didn't pinch hit for him. It worked out in the end.

Gonzalez promply gave up a triple to Grady Sizemore who would score on a deep sac fly to right. But instead of being a bullpen donkey Gonzalez steadied up and kept Brewers in the game he gave them 3 solid innings only giving up 1 ER he then handed the ball to Dan Kolb who bounced back and pitched a scoreless inning after some rough outings.

During the Gonzalez streach Prince Fielder crushed a solo shot to tie the game 3-3 and get Gonzalez off the hook.

Then the new man in the 8th Brian Shouse who has taken the role of Derrick Turnbow setup man away from the shaky Matt Wise. Shouse struck out 2 and didn't give up a hit in the 8th.

Then the Brewers blew a shot to get the lead in bottom of the 8th. I have to question some of Neds decisions in that inning. After Prince flied out to lead off the inning Bill Hall crushed a double, the Tribe walked Jenkins to get to Chad Fucking Moller he of the .198BA. Here is where I was wondering what Ned was thinking Moller stinks on ice at the plate right now. Your in a tie game in the bottom of the 8th and the pitcher spot is behind him. Why not pinch hit for Moller and let Damon Miller catch the 9th. You had Cory Hart and Jeff Cirillo still on the bench. But no they let Chad Fucking Moller swing away and he strikes out. Why not just have Chad and his .198BA just try and bunt Billy over to third. They did pinch hit for Shouse and Jeff Cirillo damn near gave them the lead flying out deep to left the ball was caught at the wall.

So Then in a ballsy move Ned brings in Turnbow in the top of the 9th in a tied game kind of saying F-ck you Cleveland we are going to stop you here and win this damn game in the bottom of the 9th I wont need my closer for the 10th because there wont be a 10th inning. The move worked. Turnbow gave up a single but got out of the inning with no runs.

Then on to the bottom of the Ninth Place was still packed hardly anyone had left and they were loud just a great feel in the park. Gabe Gross leads off the inning with a ringing double to the right field gap. Then Ricky Weeks laid down a beautiful bunt to sacrifice Gross over to third. Then it got weird the Indians manager Eric Wedge decides to intentionally walk Jenkins to set up the double play. But to walk someone to get to Carlos Lee take a look at that picture at the start Carlos is looking into their dugout with a WTF look on his face. You could sense this would bite Cleveland in the ass and it did. When Carlos hit that ball you knew it was going to get out. That mob scene at Home plate was wonderful I believe this team has slayed the demons of that 8 game losing streak for good.

They are now back to 500 and only 2.5 games out of the Wild Card lead. But its going to get real tough now the Hotter than Hell Detroit Tigers are rolling into town fresh off a sweep of their own after making the baby bears their bitches all weekend.

This is a big test for a surging Brewers team they need to win this series because look at their schedule after the Tigers you go to KC and Chicago two teams the Crew should be able to handle. Of course I believe I said that going into the Pittsburgh and Washington series so nothing is set in stone. But remember they are still doing this with Helling Sheets and Ohka out. I kind of hope they put Helling into the bullpen to shore up that group.

Wow what a day one of the best brewers games I have been to in a long while. This weekend the team we all hoped for showed up, big wins in front of big crowds this is a series they can build off of.

Hurray Beer more to come tomorrow

Jenkins Comes up huge in 9th

Thanks to the Gruppenfuhrer taking the boys over to visit Grandpa I got an early Fathersday gift of being able to watch the game alone in peace and quite.

A couple of things struck me from this game. First it was nice to see a Saturday Night Sellout when there was no big promotion going on. 45K+ came out on a hot Saturday night just to see the Brewers play another under 500 club.

Second What a pitchers duel, Bush and Westbrook were both on last night That being said the crew should have had the lead well before Jenkins 9th inning heroics.

Billy Hall had a bad night on the Bases He was thrown out at Home by a country mile and then gets picked off of 1st in the 7th. That pick off hurt since Jenkins hit a ground rule double right after it. That would have game you minimum runners at 3rd and 1st with one out. Who knows what that would have lead to.

As it was Dave Bush survived one bad inning and did what I predicted he hit one of his good performances. The man is like a yo yo up down up down.

One nice thing all year with this team is you always feel like they have a chance. They very rarely give up on a game That 16-10 Twins game comes to mind. They lead the league in come back wins

While the Bats couldn't get Bush the win last night they took a loss out of his record almost as good.

I know that Geoff Jenkins has been one of my Whipping boys this year and will remain so but Kudos to him for once again getting one of his few hits when it mattered. Nice job by Carlos and Prince to be patient and draw 9th inning walks out of Bob Wickman. Billy Halls looping off the fists single finished setting the plate for Jenks who got it done with a solid "single" to right driving in Lee and Hart(who ran for Prince)

It was very nice to see them win a close game like this. The memory of that 8 game losing streak is almost erased. You take that wipeout away and Crew would be fighting for the Division not the Wildcard.

Now on to today's game once again they have a chance for a sweep they need to give the Tribe the death blow today. Because the only way you completely erase the hole a 8 game losing streak brings is by getting a couple of series sweeps.

They are where they were going in to game three in Cinncy. One game under 500 with a chance to get back to 500 before facing the still smoking hot Detroit Tigers(who have earned not being called the Tiggers at the moment)

Zach Jackson goes for Win number 2 vs Paul Byrd. Time for Action Jackson to prove he really belongs in the starting rotation.

Game is a 1:05 pm start at Miller Park since its raining I am guessing a indoor game today with the roof closed.(Once again isn't that Roof a great thing I have tickets for today so I am glad I know I will see baseball rain or shine today Hurray Roof)

Only TV is Telemundo(Spanish Language) which is over the air in Milwaukee I dont know if you can get it on Sat or Cable and as always the BRN.

Today should be another big crowd its Cecil Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooper bobblehead day and a Retro Sunday so even with the rain I am looking for close to a sellout.

They win today the first goal of getting back to 500 will be reached then they could move on to the grinding climb to stay above 500.

Think of where this team could be if they are back solidly above 500 in the hunt for the division and WildCard by July 11th(Allstar game) You are getting Helling back now Toma and Sheet are on the horizon. As bleak as it looked a couple of weeks ago we are back to the point where it looks like they might have weathered a bad patch of luck and this season could still be as successful as a lot of we Brewer fans hoped back in April.

I got a new camera for Fathers Day Swag so I will try and test it out at the Park today maybe a few pictures tonight.

So Hurray Beer now lets get that Sweep


And Then It Was Obvious


Round 6: Winky's bravado is a memory, Taylor is imposing his will. Taylor continues to throw the KO punch but Wright refuses to acquiesce. Wrights courage, at this point, should be noted and acknowledged. Instead Jim Lampley begins a love fest about Taylor that would make Broke Back Mountain look timid. At this point I visited the HBO Boxing web site and realized that Jermain Taylor is their NO. 1 fighter. Wright, after suffering a terrible beating, finishes the round with a flurry of punches that hurt Taylor. The flurry was undisciplined and reckless but it worked. What was a clear momentum changing round became a rallying cry for Wright. Taylor won the round but Wright was not going away. At this point I realized Wright is a warrior worthy of praise.

Round 7: Wright danced to regain his legs. He scuffled a few times but never put himself in a position to be KO'ed. Taylor won the round but a changing of momentum was evident. Taylor couldn't finish him, and this made Wright stronger. At This point I had the fight 5-2 Wright.

Round 8: The comeback begins. Not only has Winky regained his legs, he is imposing his fighting style on Taylor. Once again Wright connects with eleven straight scoring punches in the corner. Larry Merchant points out that fact and Lewis confirms it. Lampley will have none of that. Taylor escapes the corner and the punishment that entails by punching his way out is minimal. Lampley, the shill that he is, counts every shot Taylor threw as a calculated strategically punch. The reality is that Wright has taken over the fight and is clearly imposing his will.

Round 9: Lampley continues to hype Taylor. Lennox Lewis makes his boldest statemet of the match. Finally divorcing himself from the travesty that is unfolding in front of him. Lewis acknowledges that Wright has his fate in his hands. Lampley, the shill, continues to hype Taylor. Harold Lederman (whom I respect) scores the fight 5-4 Wright. I have it at 6-3 Wright.

Round 10: Same script as before. Wright controls the action. Taylor tries to flip the script but it is inevitable. Wright has controlled Taylor for the last three rounds and has imposed his will. Taylor gets frustrated and pushes down Wright from the back of the neck. This ploy is played out, Muhammad Ali did it and it is clearly cheating. Unlike the Clay fights, the ref called it and gave Taylor a warning (where was this ref in 73; we wouldn't have to idolize the draft dodger).
My card reads 7-4 Wright. And I'm being pragmatic.

Round 11: Telling round of the Fight. Wright controlled this round more than any other of the fight. If we accept Harold Ledermans card as gospel then at this point the tally would be 6-4 Wright. That means simply that Taylor would have to dominate the last 2 rounds to win. A funny thing happened in Rd: 11. Wright won the round. Not only did Winky "Ronald" Wright win the round, he dominated it. Winky hurt Taylor in the first minute, Taylor backed down this is true. After Taylor was that hurt Wright backed off. At this point Wright could have administered a lot of pain but he felt that was not necessary. If my math is correct, even Harold Lederman had this fight at 7-5. Unless a KO happened in the 12th this was Winky's fight.

Round 12: Immediately upon the sound of the bell Lampley brought up the prospect of playing defense and how that had cost Oscar DeLaHoya in the Trinidad fight. Problem was that Wright had won more rounds than DeLaHoya. The analogy was disingenuous at best.
What unfolded was a very sharp Winky Wright advancing twice in the round. Taylor had been beaten and fought with all he had left. Give the round to Taylor. 7-5 Wright that's it.

I can spin the Packers having a big year, the Brewers qualifying for the play-offs and even the Bucks being better next year. I cannot fathom how this was a split decision.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

As The U Got Robbed Earlier, winks Was Robbed Tonight

Bookends of my day is what this smorgasborg of sports has become.
Questionable officiating (I'm being kind, it was theft) started my day, and as it should be, it ends my day. Let Me Be Perfectly Clear,Ronald "Winky" Wright won that fight.

Where to begin on this fiasco? I guess we begin with HBO paying Jermain Taylors salary. Yes, I'm not stupid, they sponsored the fight so they paid Wrights salary too. The difference being that Taylors next fight will be advertised, hyped, paid for and televised by HBO. Wright's next fight will be earned through true grit.

First lets point out the whores that HBO employs. You will notice several periods of silence filled only by Jim Lampley. Kudos to Lennox Lewis (replacing Manny Steward) and Larry Merchant. At the very least Lewis and Merchant did not buy into the crap that Lampley was shovelling. If you have not seen the fight yet, watch it with the sound off and make your own decision. If you have seen the fight, watch the fight again with the sound off and make your own decision.

Punch after punch died on Wrights gloves and arms as Lampley called them power shots. Lets review the action, shall we;

ROUND 1: Taylor comes out strong, he thinks he can knock out the smaller Wright. Taylor is aggressive like never before and this throws the announcers for a loop. They expected Taylor to be like the Hopkins fight but he is not. Wright answers every flurry by Taylor with a flurry of his own and even backs Taylor into the corner once and scores seven times without rebuttal to take the first round.

Round 2: The strategy of the fight unfolds. Wright will stay close to lessen the effect of Taylors punches. Taylor is throwing furious overhand rights to get the KO. Wright stays away. Wright was hurt by a straight overhand right at 1:24 of the round but he quickly backed Taylor into the corner and scored five sharp punches before Taylor fought his way out. Round to Wright.

Round 3: Winky got cocky early and stalked Taylor. Larry Merchant warned against this tact and Lewis agreed but added that Taylor could back up Wright anytime he wanted by employing a straight right. At the halfway point of the round Lewis and Merchant are prescient. Taylor has not only stopped Wright in his tracks but it appears as though he has hurt him. Taylor presses forward, puts himself in a corner and Wright counters with seven unanswered punches. The advantage Taylor had gained was lost. Wright, who was very cocky at this point realizes that Taylor can hurt him. The tone of the fight has changed. Taylor realizes that the smaller Wright can hurt him, and Wright has realized that Taylor is no joke, and that he too may be knocked out, he may be raw but he is talented. This round has set the tone for the rest of the fight.

Round 4: Lampley is feeling the pressure that an HBO fighter might lose and he steps up to the plate like no other announcer has before. Lampley calls the fight so blatantly in Taylors favor that I must excuse myself because some bile has ejected into my esophagaus (I got a little throw-up in my throat). Its 3-0 Wright at this point. Taylor has employed the tact that worked earlier and has backed Wright off with consecutive rights. Wright is hurt and the fight should end right here. Miraculously Wright hangs on and even counters in the end to establish his bona fide's. Taylor wins his first round.

Round 5: Taylor sensing that he hurt Wright comes out throwing bombs. Wright is just trying to survive. No doubt Taylor has the fight. A KO is inevitable. Taylor has never connected like this before and the opponent survived. Taylor emposes his will and presses forward. Wright is trying to survive. The outcome of the fight looks inevitable. At this point, a fight I had no dog in becomes a rooting interest. I want Wright to survive and make this a 12 rounder. To clarify here I like both these guy's. I want a 12 round fight and a return to the days of Warriors leaving it on the apron.

The fight has begun!

What A Day

Several showers and rants later I came to accept the U.S. fate in the World Cup.
I had an hour and a half before the Crew game so I figured I'd check out the U.S. Open.
Lefty put together a round for the ages. I'm sure many will love it but I'm just mildly interested. Tiger is gone and I say So What. The What is that Phil is going for his third straight Major. This is this is HUGE. Phil is not my guy. A rich kid belonging to a private club who had private lessons from the best teachers in America is not a back story that grabs me.
I'm a Tiger guy, a military brat who was fortunate enough to have his Father stationed at the Presidio, so he could take advantage of the best public courses available in America (California). Tigers Father made $45,000 a year as a Major in the Army yet sacrificed for the art of his son while Phil worked on his game at a Private Club where his Father was the Pro. The disparity in family income need not be mentioned, it was phenomenal. The racial aspect of a mixed race child also need not be mentioned. The economic strata enough makes me a Tiger guy.

That was a nice round by Phil but it was time for the Crew. I clicked away, all the while prepping the coals and applying the rub to my steaks. Although I missed the CWS in Omaha I did pick up two boxes of Omaha Steaks and a box of Omaha Steaks burgers. The grill was right the hickory chips were smoking and meat was the order of the day. Besides Chris will fill the Crew blog need.

I had an hour or more between the Crews inspirational win and the Winky Wright/Jermain Taylor fight so I thought I'd check out the other scheduled fight of the night Carolina vs. Edmonton. A hockey game broke out and it was great. There is truly nothing better then play-off NHL hockey. Well, except NHL Stanley Cup hockey. Number eight seed Edmonton just finished off Carolina 4-0. A number eight seed could win Lord Stanley's Cup.

Winky Wright just made his entrance wearing a business suit. I shall now retire to the vegetable position to enjoy this final competition of the day. Back Later with a boxing report.

Same Score, Much Much More Anger

So the U.S. got a result? So what? They got jobbed by a referee from Paraguay who was suspended last year for questionable conduct during games. Huh? Is that questionable in influencing the outcome? or questionable in being inept at your craft? Either way We Wuz Robbed.
This should have, and would have been a three point win for the U.S. had it not been for a make up call and a second questionable red card. The make up call should never have been made. The referees should have waited until halftime, looked at the tape, and they would have seen the blatant elbow McBride took. They would not have felt compelled to make such a terrible call had they watched the tape.
The ejection of Pope will be debated for years, the fact is the referee was reaching for his red card without even checking if Pope had a previous yellow. Yes, Pope would have been ejected anyhow because it was his second yellow, but the fact remains the ref had called a red card on a foul that the Azure had committed half a dozen times (and the U.S. four) in the first half.

I have to go now and take a shower. This is my third since the end of the game, yet I still can't wash off the stink that is PC soccer officiating.

Uncle Sam 1 Azure 1. Halfway Point

Italy opens up the scoring on a beautiful set piece. U.S. back in it on an own goal. Italy deserved their red card, U.S. was robbed on theirs, as surely as I drink beer.
We'll see if they insert Beasley to get an edge in speed on the open pitch of a ten on ten match. U.S. Dominated the first half with all the play taking place in Italy's half.
We need a result in this match and with our play so far there is no reason to believe we can't get one.

Nice start to the Interleague Homestand

When Cappy is on he is pretty damn good isn't he. The Brewers take game one of the series with the Cleveland Indians 6-4. The game was never that close until the up again down again Matt Wise was down again. He gave up a two run homer in the top of the 9th inning to make it a game again.

The Crew had jumped on Tribe pitcher C.C. Sabathia in the first inning for 4 runs then added Solo Shot by Corey Koskie(who has made a career of making Sabathia his bitch) and Carlo Lee.

Cappy was outfuckingstanding striking out a career high 12 batter in 7 innings Shouse came in and pitched a one two three 8th. Shouse has been pitching very well and is starting to take innings away from the streaky Matt Wise.

Wise got one out in the 9th then game up a two run homer. This brought Yost out of the dugout and in came the back on track Derrick Turnbow who got the save.

A nice all around effort by the whole team back to with in 2 games of 500.

Tonights Game
Bush Vs Westbrook 6:05pm start at Miller Park

Tv in Wisconsin is FSN and as always the game can be heard on the BRN

If Dave Bush sticks to his sine wave pattern he should be masterful tonight since he is due for a good start.

Hopefully they can get the win tonight and climb within one game of 500. Even more important they are now with in 4.5 games of the Wild Card. Hope is back and alive and well in Brewers land.

So go see a game this weekend No TV Sunday

Hurray Beer

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wisconsin's very own Steve Stricker at top of the leader board

After 2 rounds of the US Open Wisconsin's very own Steve Stricker is the leader at -1. In a day that saw Tiger Woods miss the cut at a major for the first time since Nixon was president I believe Stricker is half way to a his first Major.

I know there is a ton of gulf left to play but I will be pulling for Steve even against Lefty Wisconsin always comes first.


A new Feature, "Sweet dreams are made of these" Fridays

They do not get much sweeter then Jessica Alba naked do they?


Yes this is a blatant attempt to boost readership ;)

A Interleague Weekend is Upon Us

Ok did everyone survive the first Brewer off day in 3 weeks? I believe I started to feel the shakes coming on last night.

Ok I believe we will know after the next 5 starts if the Crew has righted the ship and if the season can be salvaged. You start tonight with Cappy our defacto number one starter the go right through the starting pitching line up. We will see if Double D is all the way back now after 3 quality starts(when the hell did the word quality get into our baseball lingo?)If Dave Bush stays to his pattern he should be great this time out. We will see how Zach Jackson looks in his third start. I also believe Carlos Villanueaua has earned another start. Think of it if they can right the ship before Helling Sheets and Ohka get back think how much stronger the bullpen would get when the kids go back into the pen when the "starters" come off the DL.

This is a tough homestand you get the always tough Tribe then the more then a fluke Detroit Tigers setting you up for a road trip to end the month.

Its time to get back above 500 and to stay there. The nightmare of 8 game losing streak is starting to fade.

Tonights game is a 7:05pm start at beautiful Miller Park TV is on FSN in Wisconsin and the BRN.
Cappy vs Sabathia should be a great kick off to a good series. If you can try and get out there this weekend I am going Sunday bobblehead game of course.

Its time to get back on track they are still only 5.5 games out of the Wild Card.

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"? "NO and its not over Now"
"Nothing is over until we say its over"

Are you with me lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Hurray Beer

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another couple of inches to the right or left ?????

Man if Prince doesn't hit the pitcher with his shot back up the middle Dunn might never have gotten a chance to hit the third row from the top.

What a waste of a great pitching performance. Nice to see there are some Rookies who were not overwhelmed by the call up and there first start.

At least they got the series and hopefully they will play as well at home as they have all year. Right now the focus has to be grinding back to 500 then let the chips fall where they may. If they can be at 500 when they start to get pitchers back its still a long season.

No game tonight so go watch the US Open where you will hear in every other sentence that Tiger is playing for the first time since his father passed away. I will they would just leave him alone for once and let him just play golf.

My guy Lefty is in the hunt so I might watch more golf this weekend then I thought I was going to but that isn't such a bad thing.

I will have another brewer post tomorrow morning looking at this weekends series with the Tribe.

I hate off days

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On The Road Again I Just Cant Wait To Get On The Road Again

I haven't posted in awhile because I'm conducting training this week in Omaha Nebraska.
Unfortunately I will be finishing up Friday afternoon and flying back home. I will miss the craziness that is the College World Series (CWS). I did mosey on down to thirteenth street today and checked out the set up. I walked around Rosenblatt Stadium and the adjoining refreshment establishments (no fermented beverages were consumed), souvenir booths and other money making venues. Pretty impressive three block area staked out around the stadium. The hotels are all full and you can't touch a room for less than $200.00 a night (well above Govt. per diem and well above Omaha Neb. economic standards). A couple was in the hotel lobby when I returned from class today and was haggling with the front desk clerk about a room. They were both on their cell phones while multi-tasking and trying to find a better room. Their car was emblazoned with Clemson baseball stickers and displayed South Carolina tags. I'm sure this scene will be repeated several thousand times over the next two weeks. This is not the subject of this post though. That would be spewing more vitriol toward my favorite wannabe writer Dan Shanoff.

This was Shanoff's rant, posted 13 June:

The Lead ItemTwo Words For You:BIG. IDIOT.Big Ben was a big idiot for not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle. He has no excuse; there is no excuse that he could provide (or that any defenders could provide on his behalf).It doesn't matter that he didn't like wearing a helmet, and it doesn't matter that Pennsylvania somehow managed to repeal its helmet law a few years ago.In fact, Big Ben's on-the-record defiance -- to his coach, to the media -- makes it worse. If there can be any good news about a broken jaw, it's that he can't offer some pathetic reply to our collective "told you so."By putting himself in this position, he hurt himself, his teammates and his fans. It was a selfish act worthy of everyone's derision. (In fact, if he were a scrub and not a star, the thrifty Steelers would surely nullify his paycheck over this.)That's what I'll be interested in seeing: When mouthy rookie Kellen Winslow hurt himself on a motorcycle, fans and media critics mocked him. They still do. He's an All-Pro punch line.Now, Ben has earned way more cred than K2, but should that immunize him from being blitzed over this? No way. In fact, because he is such a huge star, he deserves to be ripped even more.This isn't just about a grown man choosing a guilty pleasure over professional responsibility. How about Ben's many admirers who won't wear cycle helmets because of him? And the kids he influences who won't wear helmets on their bikes?Along with everyone else, I hope for Ben's healthy recovery. But, after that, let's make an example of him: Wear your helmet, moron.

I was going to fisk this posting but my post is already to long so I'll just make my point and move on.

You see Dan wants the govt to regulate every single activity in your life that is why he states that PA "somehow managed to repeal its helmet law a few years ago". Somehow, was the people voted on it in a ballot referendum and the people spoke.

You see you unwashed masses, it's a good thing that Ben can't speak because his jaws broken. Otherwise you may here that the accident (accident perhaps someone can send Shanoff a Websters definition of that word) was the other persons fault for not being aware that a motorcycle was present. Further Ben could speak up for motorcyclists everywhere and make the point to be extra cautious during the summer months when riders are more prevalent.

"This isn't just about a grown man choosing a guilty pleasure over professional responsibility".
Once again I must prove my intellectual superiority, you god loving blue collar comedy watching hicks. Although all working men and women consider themselves professionals, as I'm sure Dano (debatable) does, can he state unequivocally that he has never indulged in a pleasure that put his health at risk? His moral authority on this point must mean he lives a boring boy in a bubble existence.

Finally you rubes, the reason I say this is because of...drum roll please...THE CHILDREN.
Thats right I shall haul out the biggest non-sequitur in the history of mankind.
Sheesh this guy is pitiful.

A series win on the road now that is more like it

Last night was a very good night for the Brewers for a number of reasons. First they won another ball game which also gave them the series and a chance for a sweep this afternoon.

Double D Doug Davis seems to have found him self that is three quality starts in a row now. If Davis can be counted on we might have turned a corner at least with the starting pitchers. I believe we have seen the worst now that we are finding pitchers who can throw strikes. As long as they never let Jorge(So soft you don't know your soaking in it)De La Rosa ever start again.

Davis really only had 2 bad pitchers last night unfortunately they were back to back Solo shots to Dunn and Aurilia, but for once the bats picked him up.

Shouse,Capellan,Kolb and Turnbow made sure the game stayed in the winning column. Kolb looked really good yes he gave up a home run but I don't think that ball would have gotten out of right in Miller Park even with the new Picnic area. Great American Small Park strikes again.

Turnbow seems to have also found himself again. I believe this is 4 saves in a row without a blown one.

On to the Bats Prince hits his 3rd homerun in 3 games he seems to be coming out of the funk he was in. Speaking of Funks just like last year a move to the seven spot seems to bring out the best in Geoff Jenkins(please get hot so they can trade you)he had a big hit last night with 2 outs to keep a rally alive Damion Miller also got a big hit right after him to give the crew a 4-1 lead. The aforementioned back to back homeruns by Dunn and Aurilia made it 4-3 but the Reds were never able to pull even. They made a couple of runs at it but the Crew kept find a way to get one more insurance run. They need every one of the insurance runs but held on to win 6-5

Very early start today before coming back to Miller Park. Right hander Carlos Villanueva gets his first start for the Crew Vs Elizardo Ramirez

11:35am start at Great American Small Park today
TV is on ESPN today not FSN and the Brewer Radio Network through out Wisconsin.

Big game they win this they are one game from climbing back to 500. They had a good trip to Cinncy catching the streaky Reds at the right time. Davis matched Arroyo pitch per pitch last night. Having beat two of the Reds best pitchers lets hope they break their habit of making number 4 and 5 starters look like Cy Young.

The Crew is off on Thursday Then start a weekend series against old American league rivals Cleveland the Tribe will be in town Friday Saturday and Sunday. Sunday is a bobble head game you get Cecil Cooooooooooooooooooooooper. The only Sunday bobblehead game of the year. Get out to the park things are looking up, I think;)

Hurray Beer

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wow the bullpen held a lead.

The best performance by a relief pitcher Monday night in Cincinnati wasn't Turnbow getting the Save it was Brian Shouse pitching a scoreless 8th setting down Jr. Dunn and Aurilia one two three. After all the problems the Pen has had I was just waiting for Jr. or Dunn to tie the game with one swing since they are playing in what should called Great American Small Park. Damn what time does the band start playing in that bandstand?

Nice to see Zach Jackson get his first victory in the majors. I wont hold the four homeruns against him due to the tough line up the Reds throw at you and the afore mentioned bandstand. He kept them close and the Bats got him the win.

Nice to see Prince hit homeruns in back to back games. I hope he is starting to come out of his slump.

Double D tomorrow vs the man who has to be one of the front runners for Cy Young at this stage of the season Bronson Arroyo. He of the 8-2 record and the 2.31ERA. Can Doug Davis give us 3 straight quality starts? They really need to win this series and climb back towards 500 if they are going to salvage this season.

I hope ESK report that the Crew is in the final three for Dontrel Willis is true I would live without Billy Hall for a pitcher of that quality.

Tuesdays game is a 6:10pm start on FSN and BRN in Wisconsin. MLB TV outside of Wisconsin.

Can they win another series on the road? Can they climb within 2 games of 500? Tune in tomorrow Brewers fans Same Brewer Time Same Brewer Channel.

Hurray Beer

Greetings to everyone coming over from Thanks to Deadspin for the link

Not a very good start

Team USA loses opening round World Cup game 3-0 to the Czech Republic. What little interest people had in the World Cup plummets

I didn't watch the game better things to do would have been nice if they won. But then again what is soccer in the pecking order of US sports for the best athletes. Fourth or Fifth either right behind Hockey or right in front of them.

Ok everyone go back to your not caring ;)


6 Runs 5 Runs

Number of runs scored in the two losses this weekend. I would have to say the pitching is the main problem at the moment.

Its a shame that Dave Bush cannot string two good starts together we could really use that. I am really starting to dislike Corey Koskie To be honest I cannot remember one big hit in a "really need a big hit situation" by Corey and when JJ comes back I am ready to give Billy Hall 3rd base all the time. I am starting to see why Toronto thought they could live without Mr. Koskie.

If we had any sort of starting pitching beside Cappy and the occasional Double D sighting and any sort of a bull pen we would have Swept the Cards. Instead we were lucky not to have been swept.

So they are still 4 games under 500 and now they get to go on road to play the Reds who have owned there asses this year. Can anyone say 7 games under or worse by the end of the road trip. Which by the way only has 3 games in it.

Prove me wrong boys Prove me wrong.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well that was nice

I was walking into the Buffet show right around 730pm and I flipped open my cell phone and jumped on the web to check how the crew was doing 0-3 Bummer the "I hope they don't get swept this series" though shot through my head.

Then in the break between his Buffets First and Second set I pulled the phone back out. Like someone passing a car wreck I have to look at the Brewers. Well imagine my surprise when it showed the Crew had come back and won the game 4-3. That was a cherry on top of an already kick ass day.

Suppan Vs Bush today 1:05pm start FSN,Telemundo and MLB TV and as always in Wisconsin the BRN.

It would be nice to get this game and give them 2 out of the 3 series in this homestand it would also pull them to 2 games under 500 before they have to go face the smoking hot Reds in Cinncy.

So Hurray Beer

Friday, June 09, 2006

The BullPen just sucks sucks sucks

How the hell do you blow a 6-0 lead on a team with Puljos and Edmonds out? Easy you have Jorge(so soft you don't even know your soaking in it)De La Rosa as your starter. Talk about a fucking china doll Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh I got a boo boo on my pitching hand I cant throw more then two innings without my soft like a girl hands getting blisters.

Then you bring in the gentleman who should be calling to see if he can get his job back on the Garbage truck. Joe(maybe I should start smoking weed again to kill the pain of my pitching)Winkelsas. You know the last two times Rose Petals De La Rosa has pitched he has left the game with the bases loaded and Ned(who looked like a deer in headlights in the 4 inning) brings in suck ass Winkelsas aka Winkelasshat from now on who allows all the damn runners to score anyway. The only difference is he worked at it tonight not relying on the grand slam to clear the bases. Its was like watching my 3 year old pitch tonight I mean it my 5 year old can through one fucking strike out of 5 pitches which is more then Winkelasshat. What the fuck was Ned thinking he just stood there with a dumb look on his face as they walked batter after batter. I'm sorry when it got to 5-6 you have to give Winklesasshat the hook and try to hold on to the lead. Nope Ned just stood there watching this terrible AA call up make everyone in AA want to start drinking again.

I was thinking as they raced out to a 6-0 lead damn this is great we might actually win a De La Rosa start setting us up for a shot at a good weekend. But nope cant fucking do that can they.

I believe I have found this years Ricky Bottallico(I don't care if I spelled that right) and Kane Davis actually I cannot believe I am saying this I would rather see Kane Davis pitch then Winkelasshat. See what I have be reduced too by this fucking bullpen. I don't even think that Davis is with organization anymore I couldn't find him on the AAA or AA roster.

Come on even Hendrickson or Eveland would be better in long relief then some of these asshats we have coming out of the pen.

I am open for ideas we have to get some help for the bull pen I would love to trade Brady Clark for some pitching if that were possible. Hell I would not even complain about trading Carlos if we could get enough for him. If they limp in this year he wont be back he will take the money and go somewhere that has some pitching.

I want to see Melvin do something to fix this or this year will be a waste of time. As it looks now you may have to dump major portions of your bullpen and start over next year

I mean think of it Victor Fucking Santos would seem like Cy Young returned from the Field of Dreams when you compare him to De La Rosa. Victor had his problems but he rarely looked as bad as De La Rosa. I would be willing to bet that if you gave even Santos a 6-0 lead after 2 innings he would have managed to hold on for a fucking win.
Once again see what they have reduced me too wishing Victor Santos was still pitching for us.

I am so fucking pathetic. I am through with these bumbling asshats till Monday I am going to go drink myself silly tomorrow at the Buffet Concert walk around the parking lot giving my Beads to any nice lady who shows me her boobs and for the next 48 hours I will try to forget I support this baseball team and its sorry ass excuse for a pitching staff

So if one of you care to post on Saturday and Sundays games have at it. I need a couple of days off I have a blister on my baseball part of my brain.

Their fucking killing me Whitey killing me.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Canseco, McGwire, Palmeiro, Grimsley Nothing Here To See

The common spin by the Drive-By media is how terrible it was that Grimsley gave the FBI names in the ongoing HGH investigation. Ten names were redacted from the affidavit that was used in the original story published by the Arizona Republic. After the story broke ESPN paraded a number of quotes by ex-MLB and MLB players to push their point home. The four reporters on Around The Horn backed up this spin by backing the players and denigrating Grimsley. How these pampered asses would have reacted with a threat of prison is not known, and not even brought up. At least Kornheiser and Wilbon, on Pardon The Interruption, brought some common sense to the debate by both agreeing that they would turn each other in under Grimsleys circumstances.

Now today, ESPN has been reporting "as gospel" a statement released by Grimsleys lawyer about the FBI trying to get Grimsley to don a wire and other "strong arm" tactics. The ESPN web site followed suit as has Shanoff. Shanoff had this to say:

More GrimsleyWow, here's a wild twist: Grimsley's lawyer accused the feds of outing his client after Grimsley refused to cooperate in an alleged attempt by the government to sting Barry Bonds.Where to start with that?That it's unsurprising that the story leads back to Bonds?That the feds are so wildly aggressive (or thought this wouldn't eventually leak out)?Or maybe that Grimsley cost himself his career by not participating?Obviously, anyone who dismissed this as a one-day story exclusively about Grimsley was seriously wrong.

You see the spin here? The Gubment is on a witch hunt for Barry Bonds. Not a word about illegal drugs or the sham that is Bonds quest for Aaron's hallowed record. Not the widespread use of HGH, not even the union stonewalling over drug testing that led to this fiasco. No just wildly aggressive feds.
Here is my spin, ESPN is a disgrace for reporting a single word uttered by a POS (military acronym for piece of shit) lawyer, any lawyer, there all POS's, during an ongoing investigation. Putting this up on the crawl all day long and leading off their sportscenter with this statement by this sheister as fact is beneath even National Enquirer standards. We all know the FBI can't issue any official statement about an ongoing investigation so just because this con-man authored this statement then said it, it is true? The daily embarrassment that is ESPN continues.

Go Billy Go Billy Go Billy

Bill Hall hits a solo shot walk off home run in the bottom of the 10 to win the game and give the Crew the series 3-1

3-9 in the series 2 of the 3 were homeruns

I dont care what ESK thinks I am deep in my Man Crush on Bill Hall right now ;)


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Damn you Matt Wise

Come on Matty what the hell are you doing.

First we actually get a ok start out of a Rookie and Brady Clark of all people hits you a two run two homerun to put the team ahead.

What do you do Matt Asshat Wise promptly come in and grove not one but two pitches and back to back the Padres have the lead.

Wise drives me nuts one night he is outstanding the next night he looks like well Ben Hendrickson.
I mean every time Ned goes to the pen now its like watching the early US space program. Its not a matter if it will blow up but when it will blow up.

Hopefully Double D can get the series win this afternoon out at Miller park

Hopefully Prince will start to heat back up been a nasty week for him.

Davis vs Thompson today afternoon start 1:05pm

No TV in Wisconsin Just BRN MLB TV outside of Wisconsin.

They really need this win it would give them their first series win since the Phillys series.

Plus any Mo going into a Cardinals series over the weekend would be a good thing. The climb back to 500 is going to take a week or two at the pace their going.

So if you can cut work and go to the game if not let Uke help you waste the afternoon away.

Booooooo Stale Beer

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No, Really, I'm Not A Johnny Come Lately

Jackson had a good outing (o.k. a decent outing) and Wise blows it? I should have said this earlier, but now I will be accused of being a knee-jerk reactor.
I never thought Wise should have been the intermediary reliever to get to Turnbow. I always thought it should be Capellan. Maybe were grooming Capellan for that role but I haven't seen him for a while. ESK? You out there? Is Capellan hurt?
Wise seems to fit too easily into the "china doll" syndrome that Chris rails against. Capellan is a big strong (Hercules, Hercules) young man who it would seem, wants the ball everyday. It's a small adjustment (what with Napoleons Army sitting in the bullpen) for Yost to make and I'd at least like to see him give it a try.
I don't have a good feeling about Wise and never have.
Not trying to be knee-jerk here, just making a point I should have made a month ago.

Dave Bush helps start the climb back to 500

Last night was one of those nights the deals we have made with the Blue Jays paid dividends. Dave Bush throws a Complete game 3 hitter winning 5-1 and Corey Koskie hit a shot into the 2nd deck of Right field.

Carlos Lee made a leaping catch at the wall to robbing Mark Bellhorn of a homerun. I think we should have Prince slam Jenkins in the head every couple of days it seemed to help Jenkins. Now we just need to find something to do to get Prince out of his slump.

The Crew still needs to work to climb out of this hole they have dug 3 games under 500 but tied for third place with Houston. The Cards are having troubles in the Brave New World of no Puljos hitting 3 homeruns a game. But I don't want to look that far ahead.

Lets just hope they can win tonight and move one game closer to even.

There will be a Brewers debut tonight Zach Jackson will make his first start tonight going against Brewer killer Chan Ho Park. Wouldn't it be nice for a Brewer rookie to do to someone what other people rookies seem to do to us.

My prediction is Jackson will win tonight the Crew is due to have someone from Nashville stick up here.

Game time is 7:05pm at Miller Park no TV in Wisconsin but on MLB TV outside of the land of Cheese. You can hear the game at the BRN as always in Wisconsin.

Here is a great quote from the Crews principal owner Mark Attanasio who does sound like a real fan. He was talking about the 8 game losing streak

One of the beauties of the sport is that when it's painful it's really painful, but then magically it goes away, and last night's victory was very sweet after eight losses," Attanasio said

Yeah what he said.

Hurray Beer

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A nice game for a change

Wow so that is what good enough starting pitching, timely hitting and a solid effort from your bullpen looks like.

Cappy once again stands on the bridge and declares "None Shall Pass" He wasn't great but he was good enough . Wise was outstanding over coming a lead off walk in the 7th to pitch 2 solid scoreless innings. Perfect situation for Turnbow a save but with a little breathing room. Hopefully last night will help him get back on to his early season form. A win is great but I am not ready to say we wont need those lifeboats yet.

Ricky Weeks goes error free for a whole game so that should be noted. Jeff Cirillo has his first career start at Short. He played really well, man isn't it great to have a vet utility guy to help do damage control.

Nice to see Gabe Gross get a homerun in a fill in start for the still dizzy Jenkins. Hopefully they will all start to hit again since they all went on a slump together.

Still a 4 game climb to get back to 500 which has to be the short term goal. Get to 500 then move on from there. I actually watched most of last nights game. 13k on a Monday not too bad with a team in an 8 game slide.

Dave Bush Vs Peavy tonight 7:05pm start at Miller Park. The game is on FSNN in Wisconsin and MLB TV and the BRN though out Wisconsin.

Baby steps now get a win tonight and get 3 games from 500 then worry about the next game. Its one game at a time point of the season until they get ship totally righted and back underway.

Good news from the Brewers Sick Bay.

"Moving forward: Helling threw 5 2/3 sharp innings in extended Spring Training on Monday, but remains at least two Minor League rehabilitation starts away from returning, manager Ned Yost said.

Helling threw 62 pitches against an Independent League team, allowing three hits in a scoreless outing that included no walks and seven strikeouts. He returned to Milwaukee for further evaluation and will have a say in whether he reports to Triple-A Nashville or Double-A Huntsville for a rehab assignment.

Melvin said Helling's most likely destination is New Orleans, where he would start for Nashville on Saturday night."
Quoted from an article By Adam McCalvy /

right now Rick Helling would look great as the 4th or 5th starter. Everyone seems to think the starter tomorrow will be left handed pitcher Zach Jackson. If that is true hopefully he can step up where others like Eveland and Hendrickson have failed.

Bad as it is we are still tied for 3rd place and only 6.5 out of the wild card so all hope is not lost. If they can bounce back now the season can still be salvaged.

So Hurray Beer finally a win


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