Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My oh My does the Brewers Pitching staff suck

If you take away Cappy, Turnbow and maybe Wise the rest of the staff is a great big disappointment. The current 500 record has to almost be considered a miracle with this pitching staff. The last two games have shown what happens when the bats cool off and the pitching staff implode.

It has to be hard on Cappy to know every start is either to avoid a sweep and/or end a losing streak. Face it we at the moment have 1 major league starting pitcher on the staff Davis is looking more and more like the Davis that Texas threw over the side. Evenland, Hendrickson and De La Rosa have been abysmal as starters. The long relief and middle relief has sucked. Now the fact that Ben Sheets cant go a month without getting hurt lately has hurt and losing Ohka and Helling has also blown up the pitching staff. At this point isn't there a kid they can pull up from AA to give a start. Hell they can not do any worse then our number 2,3,4 and 5 starters.

This last two days have been typical Brewers they go into Philly and take 2 out of 3 from a good Phillys team then go to PNC and as usual make the lowly Pirates look like the Fucking 27 Yankees. May cannot get over soon enough

I am officially off the Dave Bush Band wagon, We should have traded Overbay for Arroyo when Boston offered him to us. To be honest Koskie Bush and the now cooled off Dave Gross have been a bit of a disappointment.

At this point I don't know what you can do hope you can win 2 out of every 4 games with Cappy and one of the other 4 pitchers winning games. If you could somehow play 500 ball until you get some pitching back you might be able to salvage the season. Or you put Carlos out there and see if anyone will offer you good pitching for him. Outfielders we have pitching we need.

You still have 4 months of baseball left to play but if the pitching staff keeps playing like it is, it could be a long four months.

6:05pm first pitch Cappy vs Snell FSN in Wisconsin MLB TV outstate and the BRN in Wisconsin.

Hopefully Cappy can stop the bleeding once again. And the bats have had 3 days off time to start hitting again.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well the cant throw a strike Double D showed up

What are you going to do when you give up 14 runs to the Pirates? Only good thing to come out of that game is Princes 471' bomb into the river. Lets never speak of that game again.

On to tonight, De La Rosa gets his first start of the year tonight. One of two things is going to happen he will do very well and get the crew a win or he will pitch like he was Eveland or Hendrickson and get bombed no middle ground.

I am leaning towards a win since he is matched against Drum Roll Please............

Our old friend Victor Santos, hopefully the bats will come back alive since this team cant seem to win unless they score 7+ runs a game. They need to get back on their winning ways and a win tonight sends into Cappy tomorrow.

The Crew has to get over this not winning in PNC park the Pirates are a bad team the crew has to start beating bad teams.

A good winning streak right now could propel the Brewers into 2nd place the Astros and the Reds have come back to them and the crew has another homestand coming up its time to get 5-8 games over 500 and start playing like the team we expected.

6:05pm first pitch tonight Game is on FSN in Wisconsin and MLB TV and BRN throughout Wisconsin

Hurray Beer

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Decoration Day, Memorial Day To Most

To all that have served and given of themselves in this great endeavor that is America, our eternal gratitude and thanks.

From Washington to the current armed forces, the best and brightest have forever sacrificed for this country. On this day I will stray from sports to honor them.

Today, the living here assembled-officials, veterans, citizens-are a tribute to what was achieved here 40 years ago. This land is secure. We are free. These things are worth fighting and dying for.
Ronald Reagan, 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Pointe Du Hoc France

To read the speech is to feel truly American. This is a bipartisan post for love of country. If you feel the need to denigrate any of the institutions posted click away. This is not meant to offend but to rather celebrate.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Winy Bee-otches, All Weekend

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I subscribe to MLB extra innings by Comcast cable. I also mentioned that all Pitt., Philly, Wash. and Balto games are blacked out by that fine cable outlet.

Imagine my delight to find out that the local WB channel out of York/Harrisburg was televising the Crew this weekend. What I thought was a blessing turned into a curse. The three gentlemen above (from left to right Harry Kalas aka: the voice of HBO's Inside The NFL video highlights, Larry Andersen aka: former pith for the Phils and five other MLB teams and Chris Wheeler) made my life miserable enough that I turned the sound off and listened to Bob Seger.

I've heard homer announcers before but these guys were complaining about every single pitch. The play was still going on and these guys were talking about the umpires call on the previous pitch, oblivious to what was going on. It happened when Weeks hit his two run shot yesterday and again in today's game when Koskie hit his shot.

I understand if a call is egregious and the outcome of the game is on the line, as an announcer you have to point that out and occasionally your ire will carry over. That wasn't the case with these guys. They started in the first inning and never let up on the umpires calls. It was like they thought the umpire could here them. Bush league announcing, all the way.

The final straw was when they gave that base hit to Utley when he was clearly out. They went on and on about Utleys speed (which is quite formidable) and hustle, never once questioning the call. I was yelling at the T.V. (the better half is in Tenn. this weekend so I could get away with my eccentricities) going crazy at the obvious missed call. The producer ran the replay twice without these guys noticing the missed call. On the third replay they finally said whoa he may have been out. In the mean time they were going off about Weeks nonchalance on the play.

Oh yea, one final thought, two innings later they acknowledged that the play probably turned the game since Howard should not have been up in that inning because Eveland had set them down 1-2-3. I turned off the volume and went to crack more ice for tomorrows picnic.

Wow a Winning streak on the Road of all places

The Crew has managed a 3 game winning streak on the road going into the last game of the Phillys series. The Brewers locked up a series win on the road also with last nights 9-6 win. The pitching has been just good enough and the Brewer Bats have been carrying the pitching staff. I believe the Phillys will be glad when they see the last of the Mighty Miller M, the crew is 5-0 against them heading into today's game. All of the games have been the baseball version of bar fights with the Crew being the last man standing.

A quick thought the other night Bill Michaels called out Carlos Lee for "dogging" it the other night. Bill (who I usually like) said Carlos was taking it easy in the field because he wasn't diving for balls in the outfield. I have two answer for Bill after last nights game First 17 hr and 43 RBI's and did anyone else see Carlos steal second then take 3 on the bad throw setting up a run on a Sac Fly by Prince. Add that to the two run homer in the first I think Carlos is doing more than enough to earn his pay check this year.

Back to last nights game as I have stated to the point of ad nausem is no lead is safe in a Brewers game. Its nice to see Ricky start to hit the long ball and Billy Hall must think he is still playing the Reds the way he is hitting the long ball. Brady Clark seems to making the most of not having to fight Billy for playing time in Center Field. Clark has his BA back up to 274 much better than the 207 he was sporting earlier in the year. Now having him at the bottom of the lineup gives you a threat out of the 8 spot.

Holding my breath for today's game Dana (do I really belong at this level)Eveland goes to the hill with his 8+ era takes the hill. Man would it be nice to get the sweep and carry a 4 game winning streak into the house of horrors that is PNC Park.

The Crew has improved its terrible road record to 9-14 which is a vast improvement over what their record was when they started this road trip.

No TV in Wisconsin today unless you have MLB TV or Extra innings. The game will be on the BRN as usual

So 3 game winning streak 3rd place one game out of second place and staying within striking distance of the Red Birds.

Hurray Beer

Friday, May 26, 2006

I love the Cubs!

The Cub Reporter was jumping today as they blew a two run lead in the ninth thanks to a bunch of walks and Neifi Perez. Possibly the funniest thing I have seen in awhile:

If I had to construct a hell out of nothing but baseball, I could do no better
than the Cubs have done this past month.

Man, these people hate their lives. I was at about 90 games in 02 when the Brewers only won 56 ballgames and were outscored by 200 runs AND struck out over 1100 times... now THAT was hell.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Double D's 3rd inning Gut Check

Last night in the bottom of the 3rd inning Doug Davis showed what he was made of as a pitcher. First keeping with the theme of the Brewers pitchers lately he dug himself a pretty nasty and deep hole. Single, Walk, Single and boom you have base loaded and no outs and Ken Griffey Jr. walking to the plate. I will be honest first thought that shot into my mind was "Here comes the Grand Slam" The Brewers pitchers lately have been snake bit so you just figure its going to happen again.

But after two miserable night Davis showed me why I haven't jumped off the band wagon. He dug in and first got JR. to ground out to Prince one run scored but score was still 3-1 Then they pitched around Aurilia to load the bases back up and set up the force out.

He then struck out Kearns with a 3-2 breaking ball Kearns helped by swinging at ball 4 ok 2 outs. He then got Hatteberg to fly out to Jenks ending the threat.

That sequence of events was huge he got out of a huge jam was able to stay in the game. He gave a beat up bull pen a night of rest and got himself a W. He also helped the team avoid the sweep and gave them a little MO going into the Philly series.

After the last couple of days it was very nice to see a Brewer pitcher say "No This stops here"

The team gets back to one game over 500 and 7 games back of the Cards. As of today they are even with last years team record(being one game over 500)

Today is a well placed day off then Cappy takes the hill tomorrow.

A couple of Numbers to Brighten up your Thursday

10 and 12.5 10 is the number of games the Cubs are under 500 and 12.5 is the number of games they are out of first place. I believe its offical after being swept by the Marlins you can now say the wheels have come off the Cubs Bandwagon. I for one love Dusty Baker I hope the Cubs never get rid of him ;)

ESK can you post some of the URL's for the Cub message boards et al you were talking about. It would be a hoot to go lurk a bit and maybe leave a friendly comment or 3 ;)

Ok Night off spend it with the Wife or Girlfriend/s Hey as ESK would say you have to throw them a bone once in awhile.

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Very Nice Night Indeed

The Crew wins, Davis pitches well and the bullpen doesn't get taxed anymore then it already is.
Hurray Beer
Phoenix (pronounced Pa Ho Nicks) draws first blood and steals homecourt advantage. Not many shots of "Dallas Dunce" Mark Cuban tonight though since Phoenix lead most of the way. Didn't see much of the game, I was watching the disappointing finale of Lost. I chose not wisely. What I caught was Dallas dominating inside like the Clippers did but Phoenix setting the tempo. I believe Dallas has the better team but one quick point, In Nash's first MVP season the four starters around him averaged career highs in points. Minus three of those four starters around him this year, the four starters around him averaged career highs in points again. Amazing stat.
I guess Hurray Helios.

Whatever Else Happens Tonight, I Like It

Whatever the outcome of tonight's game (right now its 3-0 bottom of three) I like the fact that Yost shook up his line-up a bit. Moved Brady back down to eight, inserted Rillo in the two hole. Those two moves have staked Davis to an early lead. Now Davis has to do the rest.
Very nice to see Nedley "manage" this young team.


At Least It Isn't This Bad

I love trolling the comment threads in Cubs live game blogs. Absolutely hillarious. Gem of the day, however, goes to a guy over at The Cub Reporter:

Transactions -
Major League Baseball - sent the Chicago Cubs down to AAA
International League. Called up the Charlotte Knights.


And As If On Cue

As if he were reading this blog Shanoff comes off maternity leave and drops this little turd in the punch bowl.

Two Words For You:MAVS. NATION.Who is the best owner in sports?Today, on the day his Mavs host the first game of the Western Conference finals, I'd argue Mark Cuban has ascended to that title, even if the title of "NBA champ" still eludes him and his team.(I was stunned when, earlier this week on ESPN Classic's "Who's No. 1: Best Owners," not only was Cuban not among the top ranked, he wasn't ranked at all.)How does Cuban earn the title? Check out my five criteria for Great Owner:Commitment to winning: What this really means? "Commitment to spending to win." And no one makes the effort to look like he's spending more -- on players, on amenities, on marketing the team's brand -- than Cuban.When he said last weekend that he wanted Mavs-Spurs to be the Yankees-Red Sox of the NBA, it was almost laughable. But you have to give him points for his earnestness in pushing the idea.Fan-friendliness: From free airline ticket giveaways to everyone in the arena to rushing the court after games to criticizing opposing cities, he doesn't ask for fan loyalty; he earns it.(And yet, for his reputation as a free-spending billionaire, perhaps no owner demands as much rigorous analysis before making a decision.)Media savvy: He publishes his own statistics that rip his own league (and make columnists' jobs easy); he provides near-instantaneous replies to e-mails from reporters; he manipulates the news by making news.And, most notably, he files daily updates to his blog: "BlogMaverick." Cuban's unfiltered connection to the world is the most progressive tool used by any owner in sports to communicate with media and fans.Participation: He acts like you, like a fan. He yells at refs. He wears ugly team-logo apparel. He's unrepentantly myopic. He shares his emotions, high and low.(At the same time, he has the life you wish you had: Courtside seats, hanging out with players, jetting around to road games. In short, if you could own a team, you'd probably act like he does.)But you could also flip that idea, which brings me the final criteria:The "If He Was Yours" Test. Here's the ultimate determining factor: If your favorite team was up for sale, which current owner in sports would you want to buy it? (Just ask Pirates fans, begging for Cuban to rescue their beloved franchise.)And if it was your team, you'd be saying the same thing. He has almost everything you want in an owner; the only thing he's missing is delivering a title -- in my opinion, an inevitability (if not this year, then someday).When you're watching Game 1 tonight from Dallas, look for the biggest fan in the arena: He owns the team, and that makes him the best owner in sports.Mavs in 6.

BTW, in that 20 best owners show that ESPN classic aired on Monday night, that Shanoff mentions, The Green Bay Packers owners were number 2.
I think the real arguement is who else is a better owner than you and me? Of course my boy Shanoff would never make that case, to do so he would have to have his lips surgically removed from Mark Cubans posterior.

Drastic Times...

I see quite a simple way to fix this pitching staff.

Trade Carlos Lee.

Teams abound in the majors that are short outfielders and I could see the Crew being able to bring in a solid top of the line, younger starting pitcher. People will complain about trading him ut those people are fools. Keeping a guy just to tell your fans “see, we will keep and overpay aging stars” is foolish at best. We need to move now, like we did last year with Spivey for Ohka. We need pitching, it’s time for Melvin to work some of his magic and bring in some talent.

Why keep Lee? He is 30 years old and will command at least 5 years at $12 million per. I am sure he will earn that for one or two years, but beyond that? This guy has played in every game the past two years. Some call that durability I call it nonsense. As he gets older his body is bound to breakdown (unless Victor Conte has some new miracle flaxseed oil he can rub on Carlos). He will not earn his massive paycheck and his bloat will make it difficult to keep Weeks, Fielder and whatever other young star we have in the making (Zack Jackson will be expensive. To cop a joke I read the other day, Zack Jackson will win one Cy Young, and thirteen Zack Jacksons). To sign Carlos just to throw a bone to the fans is not the way to build a winner.

Here is a suggestion: Trade Carlos to a team with a 1 or 2 who will be a free agent. Work out a deal for an extension before finalizing the trade (is this possible in baseball, as it is in football) and move an expensive (and relatively easily replaceable) left fielder for an expensive (and hard to find) top of the rotation guy. Isn’t that where the money should be spent?

How about (as long as they can make some sort of agreement that he WILL stay) Barry Zito for Carlos Lee? If you would be willing to give Lee 12 mil, wouldn’t you be willing to give Zito 15 million?

Don't kill me if there are typo's, I'm trying to squeeze this in during lunch

Can we clone Cappy?

Other then that I am out of ideas or ways to fix this pitching staff. To be honest watching any of our current pitchers pitch(other than cappy) is like watching a novice try and defuse a bomb. You don't know when its going to blow up but you know it will.

I thought last night might be different after Eveland got out of the 1st with only one run and they got him a lead but all for not. What is wrong with Eveland he was pretty good last year at this level and was good at Nashville before the call up why cant he throw fucking strikes up at this level?

Corey Koskie is one of the worst base runners on the team. Once again last night he made a stupid out at third killing a chance to give the Reds the Death Blow. He over ran third on a swinging bunt by Ricky Weeks who used his speed to get a base hit. But Koskie got caught off of third. He always seems to be making bad choices that end innings. Remember the play when Prince crushed the Giants catcher Koskie got tagged out trying to score on that play. I am starting to really sour on the some of the moves made in the off season maybe we should have tried harder to get another real starter.

New subject, As much as I dislike Barry Bonds I really like Ken Griffy Jr. He made a outstanding catch last night to snuff out another Brewer rally. Can you imagine what his Homerun total would be if he had stayed health and no one has ever pointed the juice finger at him. Yes he was a bit of a jerk when he left Seattle but I am willing to overlook that 75% of pro players can be a jerk from time to time. He just seems to understand he is getting paid a lot of money to play a little boys game.

Well back to 500 hoping to avoid the sweep before they fly off to Philly.

Double D vs Claussen 6:10 start tonight on FSN and BRN.

Its going to be a long season with a young team that has 1.5 starting pitchers at the moment.

Does anyone have any ideas what they are going to do with the pitching staff? Helling wont be back till June, who knows with Toma and Sheets. Their two best AAA pitchers have flamed out at the Show level, are there any other bullets left in the minor league gun?

Come on someone talk me off the ledge here ;)


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Don't Tell Me Time Off Doesn't Make A Difference

The Miami Heat drew first blood in their Eastern Conference series with Detroit. The Heat blitzed the Pistons early and put up 34 first quarter points. Detroit gamely fought back but just didn't have it in them to overcome the fresh legs of Wade and Shaq. The energy level of the Pistons in the pivotal fourth quarter was lacking and the Heat stretched out to a 11 point lead with 2 minutes left. The Pistons didn't have an answer. 1-0 Heat.

UPDATE: For this reason I believe the deeper bench of Dallas will eliminate Phoenix in five. This will leave me with no choice but to root for Riles to beat the Dallas Dunce.

I Became A Huge Steve Nash Fan Last Night

The photo I'm going to keep in my mind after last nights game sevens was the pouting grimace on the face of Mark Cuban after Manu Ginobli hit the three pointer to give San Antone its first lead of the game.
Of course Ginobli came right back down the court and stupidly fouled Nowitzki (anyone here from Tractor Traylor lately) to give the momentum back to the Mav's.
That foul by Ginobli effectively assured overtime and the Mav's went on to win. Now I have to sit through one more series with the "Dunce from Dallas" (Cuban) being photoed everytime his team does anything. I like Avery Johnson, my wife loves Dirk, you gotta love Diop but I can't get past my total hatred of all things Cuban.
For these reasons I'm officially a Suns fan starting at about midnight last night.

Wow remember when we thought we had enough pitching?

At the moment we have a pitching staff full of Human Gas Cans.

I am starting to think we made the wrong choice when we didn't trade to get Broson Arroyo from Boston for Overbay.

Wow when the Brewers pitchers are bad they stink on ice. Bush started the season really well but he hasn't been the same since he pitched on short rest in LA for Sheets. Right now as bad as the pitchers are if they can tread water and stay above 500 I will be happy.

Tonight's game is a scary proposition Dana Eveland he of the 8.44 ERA goes to the mound in the Band Stand that is Great American Launchpad. They cannot afford to keep losing on the road.

This is going to be a long season if they don't figure out a fix for this pitching staff.

It was really hard to keep watching last night.

6:10 start tonight Evenland vs Ramirez on FSN and BRN


Monday, May 22, 2006

See What happens when I cant watch the games

I was able to track the Brewers progress this weekend from the West Coast. Its a shame that Hendrickson has to be on the mound one of the games, but that is no longer a problem. Over all it was a great Homestand 6-3 beating to of the hottest teams in the NL while true to form losing a series to a team that is under 500.

What I believe will be the Theme of this season

"No Lead is safe in a Brewers game for either team"

Now you are catching the Red as they cool off the crew needs to go in there and win this series to pull even with the Reds and sweep it to climb over them. The Crew Homerun hitters will need dribble bibs for all that drool after they realize they will play three games in a band box.

East Coast Time Zone Base Ball this whole road trip so most games will be starting at 6pm

Tonight Bush vs Arroyo 6:10 start on FSN and BRN.

Hurray Beer

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2 per month

Okay, let's spare everyone overly complicated math. At, you can find the standings as of any date in 2005. On May 31, 2005, the Brewers were 24-27. 2 wins a month means the Brewers will need to be 4 games up in the win column from May 31st of last year, or at 28 wins. They are currenty 23-21. They must go 5-4 the remainder of this month to stay on schedule for Yost. Given the injuries that have plagued this team this month, that's not too shabby. If they can stay on that 2 game a month track, we'd be talking a 93 win season. That's a big if given the shaky status of the pitching staff right now.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Want A Silver Lining From Tonight's Game?

You may never, ever, ever, have to watch Lil' Ben Hendrickson groove a fastball down the middle of the plate to a .300 hitter.
After the first inning, the rest of the night consisted of padding stats and building resume's for the all-star game. While Hendrickson was being raked across the yard I just waited for the error that would put an exclamation point on the shellacking, thank you El Caballo.
Speaking of all-star game consideration, who would you choose to make it from the Crew? Miller at Catch, of course. Hall at ...whatever, maybe. Cappy SP, 2.80 era says yes. Lee in LF, 2nd in HR's in the NL but avg. nosediving recently, maybe. Fielder at 1B, vs. Pujols and Berkman...NO.
Weeks at 2B, more errors than the Boston Red Sox on the year, NO. Jenkins in RF, iffy. If Lee makes it then Jenks is left out. If Jenks makes it and Lee doesn't that is just wrong. If both make it the Crew better be at least 8 games above .500.

Getting back to tonight's game, Sutton and Schroeder seemed to think that DeLaRosa was ready for a shot at starting a game. Not quite. Sutton, after making the case for DeLaRosa as a starter, and I mean the next sentence out of his mouth next, exclaimed that DeLaRosa had hit the wall and had nothing left in the 5 run fourth. This after less than 50 pitches. O.K. Darren, make the argument but please take stamina into consideration. As deep as this team is, the Crew may have to give up an everyday player to acquire a starter. Of course this is highly unlikely because we have to realize that if the Yankees sign Scott Erickson (sounds kind of like Hendrickson, dontcha think) with their unlimited resources, what does that leave for us?
It is starting to look like we have to ride Cappy and Double D until middle June when we get Broken Ben back and ride him until August when we get Ohka back. I'm not saying were out of play-off contention yet but we will have to score a shit-load of runs to get there.

Once again Nedley calls on Cappy to stop the bleeding. Whats the quickest way to revive your season after losing five in a row? Play Milwaukee. The Dodgers did it, The Padres did it and now the Twinkies are doing it. Were still 5-3 on the homestand but wouldn't it be nice to finish 6-3 rather than 5-4 before heading to the band box that is Cincy.

Want A Silver Lining From Tonight's Game?

Prince Fielder is a professional hitter even at the tender age of 22. Pitchers get him out now by fooling him occasionally. That is the only way to get it done since the guy has yet to reveal a hole in his swing that pitchers can attack. The Prince's at bat in the seventh inning was phenomenal, he was fooled on a high and tight fastball yet still got his hands around and got the barrel of the bat on the ball to drive it to left center for a double.
Initially seeing the play I could see he was tied up inside, Bill Schroeder and Darren Sutton commented on a nice at bat since The Prince was in an 1-2 hole in the count. When FSN showed the replay in slow motion is when I was really amazed. On the field level replay you could see Prince's hands almost on his chest when the bat made contact. His shoulder was closed and he kept his hands back like all good hitters do. A nice at bat to be sure but nothing spectacular. Then FSN showed a sky view shot and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The Prince was totally fooled on the pitch and swung late. He actually hit the ball when it was several inches behind the plate! Are you kidding me! I have only seen that a couple times in my life and all were by Albert Pujols. I'm sure it happened many times in the past, they just didn't have overhead cameras. I imagine Carew making a habit of it, and Coop surely had his share, but those guys would dump it into left for a base hit. The Prince drove it nearly to the wall.
There is no doubt in my mind that even with Carlos Lee being disciplined at the plate and Rickie Weeks upside, right now The Prince is the best hitter on the club (although I love watching Gabe Gross swing, his swing reminds me of Will Clark).
Of course there is a but, and here it is, I watched "The Big O" struggle late in his career with hamstring problems, Gorman Thomas bad back curtailed his career, Bob Brown ate his way out of the NFL. What all these guys had in common was carrying extra weight that caused their bodies to break down. The Milwaukee Brewers need to put weight clauses in his future contracts and hire him a personal trainer. The kid is special and I want to see him hit when he's twenty-eight and figures it all out.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I Can't Believe I Missed Those Three Games

My MLB package from Comcast Cable blacks out all Philly, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington Nat games. I missed that wonderful sweep of the Phillies. I did get to talk trash to a co-worker who wore a Phillies cap to yesterdays round table. Heh Heh
Since Chris went on the wagon and won't be crossing the threshold of the Bar this weekend its a good thing that Comcast has me back in the game, so to speak.
Should be a good start to the weekend with two game sixes tonight and the Crew taking on the Twins. Not as hated as Vikings or Golden Gophers but they do come from the Lake Woebegone area.
Does anyone out there know if the Brewers are doing anything this weekend to honor Kirby Puckett? It'd be nice for them to at least acknowledge him. No retired number or anything like that just recognition of his contribution to the game.

More Vitriol From Page Two vs. Favre

Even when he's on "Maternity Leave", Shanoff has his proxy take a shot across Favre's bow. This is the pertinent portion of the article, I have kept all other athletes included so I can make my point.

No, not conspiracy theories of rigged lotteries and league imposed exiles: we're simply asking the question "How do you call yourself a professional athlete anymore?"

• Scott Erickson: Forget about Thursday's 2 IP, 3 R, 4 BB, 1 HR for the Yankees. He hasn't pitched over 100 innings in four years and hasn't had an ERA under 5.00 since 1999. Jose Lima is a better option. (When was the last time you read that sentence?)

• Penny Hardaway: Hasn't averaged more than 10 points since 2003 and hasn't played in more than 60 games since 2002. Oh, and he made $15.7 million this season.

• Frank Thomas: A lifetime .305 hitter (but he hasn't done that since 2000) is now chipping in with a .188 average. And thanks for your riveting Capitol Hill testimony.

• Brett Favre: That's right ,we said it. So 20 TD vs. 29 INTs and a QB rating of 70.9 (good for 31st place in the league last season) wasn't his fault? What ever you say, Cheeseheads.

Why are we picking on these guys? The same reason people keep paying them -- because we can.

The reason Thomas, Hardaway and Erickson were included was because we have to look at this in toto. Comparing Brett to these guys is spurious at least and dishonest in fact.
Does anyone think that there aren't at least 25 GM's in the NFL who wouldn't take Brett Favre over their current starting QB?
The GM that keeps Hardaway is because the owner doesn't want to eat all that salary without any return.
Thomas was run out of town on a rail in Chicago because he was a cancer who was constantly hurt and cannot get around on an inside fastball.
Scott Erickson has had a pretty good career, but is 37 years old. He signed a minor league deal with the Yankees, so they realistically just took a flyer on him.

Can you believe that a first team HOF QB who is always in the conversation when bar patrons speak of top QB's of all time would be compared with these marginal players who will never even make a ballot? O.K., maybe Thomas may get some consideration but he is never in any discussion when it comes to best of all time. It seems to me that this guy threw Brett in with these guys so he could get some pub and a little more traffic.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Propose A Man Law

Anyone familiar with the new Miller Lite Man Law commercials knows what I'm talking about. All others move along nothing to see here.
The commercials I have witnessed so far are baloney, poke it you own it? Come on that might work for other endeavors in life but not with beer. If you carry a beer to me and you use your finger inside the neck to carry it I will chalk it up to necessity and figure the alcohol killed whatever stinkiness you may have had on your finger, the caveat being you bought the beer in question.
Six months before you can ask out your best friends girlfriend after a break-up! Balderdash, Eddie Griffin had it right, two Saturdays or a new hairstyle, period. A man has to take a chance that she broke up with your bud because of you and your animal magnetism. If she's hot your bud will understand, he already hit it so he wants what's best for you and should share in the joy that is a hottie. Besides it has been verified by the better half that all women seek, nee, they actively pursue a new hair-do whenever a "relationship" has ended. The hair-do rule rules. Huzzahs to Eddie.
The only law I've heard during these commercials that I agree with is the background chatter that states "the garage fridge is for beer only". This is true and in a realistic world should be expanded to all fridges that reside below ground level (this would include basement man land areas) , the previous version of this law explicitly refers to southern men who have no basements. I begin filibustering immediately.
Finally, my proposal is; when participating in an athletic endeavor, such as horseshoes, bowling or softball, all achievements accomplished therein should be celebrated by every hot chick within driving distance. Said hot chicks should treat these accomplishments as equivalent to a rock star appearing in their hometown. The aforementioned hot chicks would not be responsible for purchase of Malted Beverages, that responsibility would still reside with the man. This would assure the purchase of the proper beverage take place.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who Woulda Thunk It !

LeBron leads Cavs past Detroit in Detroit. This may get ugly for Detroit. First the Red Wings post the best regular season record in the NHL, and promptly get spanked in the second round, now this from the Pistons?
Don't get me wrong, the hardest thing to do in the NBA is close out a series, and Det is in the same position as Phoenix was in the first round, but isn't it nice to see Sheed eat his words, at least for a week.
All the Flip Saunders junkies (Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press) should start abandoning ship shortly. All the hype about LeBron is warranted but Mike Brown flat out-coached Flip Saunders in this game, as he had done in the previous two games. I would like to ask Mike Lupica what he thinks about his coach of the year now but I can't pry him away from Flip Saunders zipper long enough for him to answer.
Brown is from the GregPopovich line of coaching and pretty much follows Pop's principles, which regards defense as the way to win in the NBA. His players believe in his system and they show it in the cage.
Even if the Cavs don't finish off Det on Friday I think Mike Brown has made his case for the Cavs front office to spend money to bring a winner to Cleveland and also a case for LeBron to hang around awhile instead of bolting to a coastal team with a larger T.V. market.

BTW the hippies won The Amazing Race tonight. Great for them. After the fiasco that was Survivor, at least one of the good guys won something. The hippies played the game the way I imagine myself playing the game. Wide eyed with respect for all cultures but enough chutzpah to do what is necessary to win. Congrats to them.

U.S., Mexico Swap Places...Fill In Your Own Joke

In the latest and last world rankings released prior to the World Cup the USA squad and the Mexican squad traded places in the rankings. The U.S. dropped to 5 while Mexico jumped up to 4. To track all the excitement that is a nil nil 5 shot shoot-out 90 minute extravaganza this website is as good as any.

Good result but still a bad day

The Crew is now getting the breaks on this homestand they didn't get on the West Coast Road Trip. Bill Hall would have been meat at third if the throw had been on target, instead ball ends up going into left field and Hall walks to home with the winning run in the bottom of the 9th.

Bad you lose JJ Hardy to what looks like a pretty nasty ankle injury. Hardy was trying to score and stone walled by Phillies catcher Sal Francisco who made a great play defending the plate. JJ never got to homeplate. For immediate future we will be unable to play what had been the hottest party game in Wisconsin "Where Will Billy Hall Play Tonight" Hall is your day to day Short Stop till Hardy's ankle heals.

Cappy playing the role of Double D this year pitching great but getting stuck with a No Decision. But just like Doug's starts the team got the win.

Ricky Weeks showed both sides of his play at second base last night he flubbed a grounder hit to him early 2nd or 3rd inning but Cappy picked him up. You roll your eyes and wonder how long the powers that be can give him to work into his position. Then in the top of the 6th he showed the reason he is the every day 2nd baseman.

One out runner on 1st sharp grounder to JJ he flips to Ricky the baserunner from 1st is on top of him and does a great job of breaking up the play, except Ricky jumped over him landed reset and threw a strike to Prince for the double play ending the inning.

Since they need a body who doesn't pitch who do you think they will call up Hart or Cruz? The only person really helped by JJ getting hurt was Brady Clark he will get to play every game now and has a chance to reclaim Centerfield as his.

Crew climbs back above 500 20-19 4 games out of first behind the Red Birds who have quietly climbed back to their usual purch at the top of the division. The Reds and Astros have come back to the Crew while they treaded water at 500.

The Cubs have started a race to the bottom with the Pirates who seem to have righted their ship a bit and look to be trying to claw their way out of the division basement.

Bush vs Floyd tonight 7:05pm start. The game is on FSN and the Brewer Radio Network and MLBTV for those of you who have it.

Hey I need someone to do the games this weekend here while I am goofing off in San Fran please don't have dead air all weekend. We are slowly clawing our way back to having an audience here. So please cover the games this weekend. Oh just because I try to write about every game don't think you cant post about them remember this is a group blog not just my opinion.

So Hurray Beer

What A Difference A Series Can Make

After the Baby Bulls bum-rushed the Miami Heat in Rd 1 of the play-offs the "pundits" lamented Miami's slowness and age. When they squeaked by the Bulls, those same "pundits" began their funeral dirge for the Shaq era. Those same "pundits" (Wilbon on PTI, Barkley on TNT and Lupica from Mars to name a few) saw no way the Heat could beat the Nets. Guess what the Heat is in the East finals, and they did it quite easily and convincingly. The Heat should vote the Bulls a play-off share of their winnings because to a man they admit that the bulls woke them up.

It was assumed that after the Pistons humiliated the NOT up and coming Bucks that they would roll through the East into the NBA Finals.
Many "pundits" (Wilbon in particular) picked the Bullets er I mean Wizards to eliminate the Cavs and become cannon fodder for the Pistons. Something funny happened on the way to the Forum. LeBron willed the Cavs past the Wiz and after two early blow-outs he has the Cavs even with the Pistons. Whispers abound that the Cavs could steal one more win and extend the Pistons to seven. Meanwhile the Heat rests and heals.

Did anyone out there see this coming a week ago? It would appear that the Heat are in the cat-bird seat, but who knows a week ago no one in America thought the Heat would be where they are either.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How Bill Hall saved my Weekend

Bill Hall wins today's game with a Walk off solo shot in the bottom of the 10th inning breaking a 5 to 5 tie.

Wow I seem to remember a lot of us thinking the Bullpen would be this teams strength. I am not that worried about Devo he will bounce back but Kolb is starting to look like the Atlanta Kolb not the Brewer version.

I am trying to remain level headed about Weeks glove work but its hard. As usual I am deep in the midst of my love hate relationship with Geoff Jenkins. He is getting some big hits in the last couple of days after a brutal run at the plate. But is it just me or does it seem like he has lost a half a step in right. I really hope the Yankees come a calling for him as a replacement for Matsui.

Ok one of you deep baseball thinkers tell me to relax about the bullpen. Its a real shame they crew should have won all three of these games but at least they got back to winning series. And they did it against one of the better teams in the NL. Double D as usually gets a ND but the team wins the game. He kept them in the game I believe this is the second Pedro start the Crew has won. Shame they couldn't pin the first loss of the year on that Bitch Crybaby.

Is anyone else as sick of Jose Valente as I am they made him seem like fraking Ted Williams this weekend.

So has Hardy lost his starting job to Hall? This is the second game in a row Hall got the start at SS. I would rather sit Clark and let Hall play Center but that is why I am a fan not a manager.

Day Off tomorrow Phillys come in Cappy vs Lidle on Tuesday Night 7:05 first pitch on FSN and the Brewers Radio Network.

A lot of good came out of today back to 500(starting to sound like last year) they won the series bouncing back from a tough loss. They finally won in those cursed Sunday "Retro" Uniforms. They also showed some guts today winning a game they had ample chances to lose. They didn't quit today.

Bad things this weekend Bull Pen, hell the pitching staff as a whole is a bit shaky. Still way too many strike outs by Brewer batters. Hopefully this day off will let some of the pitchers to find themselves.

More good news, The Cubs seem to be starting their yearly death spiral early this year. 15-22 1-9 over the last 10 games and already 8.5 games back of the Cards.

I keep telling myself its a long season its a long season.

Oh think how nasty this weekend would have been if they hadn't built Miller Park with a roof.

So over all a good weekend thanks to Bill Hall.


What cost the Brewers Last nights game

Letting Jose Valentine who started the game with a .156 BA drive in 4 runs. Eveland didn't look all that sharp but other than the homerun to Beltran in the third he was holding them scoreless. and the Crew was creeping back into the game it was a shame that no one was on base when Weeks and Prince hit their homers.

The other spot that killed the Brewers was the bottom of the 6th right after letting Jose drive in his first two RBI's. The brewers had started a Conga line off with Billy Halls Double(which should have been a triple if he hadn't been doing his Homerun or a long out trot shame on Billy for that one but it didn't hurt them) Then Jenks doubled Hall in. Then Carlos doubled to left driving in Jenks rally on right? No the next three batters struck out.

Once again this is driving me crazy you cannot be losing games that you score 8 runs. The bull pen isn't doing as well as I would have hoped. The pen seems to lose focus when the crew is down my 3 or more runs and it has come back to bite the crew. With this line up no lead by the other team is safe. So if the crew is down by 3 runs keep them down by three runs. Give the bats a chance to pull your bacon out of the fire.

If this keeps up any dreams of the wild card will have to wait till next year. I am hoping that this young team starts learning how to win. Once again this season is proving you cannot have enough good arms in the bullpen.

Shame the Crew cannot win these games in front of huge hometown crowds.

Double D today vs that Bitch Baby Pedro. For the Rubber Match of this Series. Lets hope the Davis who has been there the last three games shows up and Baby Pedro is due for a ass whopping. My prediction

Crew will score 6 off of Pedro on their way to a victory and series win.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

He Hit the Fucking Road Runner Sign

Great game last night(posting will be spotty my DSL is acting up I am writing this at my local Starbucks) Nice to see the Crew bounce back from a bad road trip and a bad start to the game. Bush recovered and pitched 6 solid innings. What can you say about the "Prince" That first homerun he hit would have left the building if the back wall had been open and that sign wasn't there. 475' second longest homerun in Miller Park history(the farthest is 480' by he will not be named but plays for the Devil Rays) Then he follows that up with a 2 run shot into the bull pen in left.

It was very nice to see Geoff Jenkins get a big hit with the bases loaded to get the lead. Tell me not that Matsui might be out for the year wouldn't #5 look great in Pinstrips? Its a win win the Yankees get a good outfielder and it would free up money to pay Carlos Lee and give the Crew a chance to bring up Nelson Cruz from Nashville. Plus what ever you could get from the Evil Empire in prospects. I hope Melvin is already on the phone to Death Star.

I will be attending the game tonight D. Turnbow bobblehead night. Should be close to a sell out for Dana Evelands first Major League Start. I am glad the kid was able to work himself back into the show. He pitched very well last year out of the Pen I was shocked how bad of a spring he had. But the fact he worked through it shows he has some back bone.

Quick Question for ESK who was a Miller Park Rat before moving to Bean Town. Who is the big dude who had the first seat closest to homeplate behind the visitor dugout? You always see him at every game Big Dude with a Fu Man Chou mustache. I figured if anyone who know who the dude was it would be ESK.

Eveland vs Gonzalez tonight 6:05 start no local TV have to turn to the Brewers Radio Network for the game in Wisconsin.

Hopefully I will get my DSL back Monday AM and can get back on track.


Are We Supposed To Celebrate?

Brady Clark has raised his average to .229. The Mendoza Line, if I remember my baseball lore correctly, is .230. I may be wrong on that (and I'm sure someone will point that out) but if Brady gets over the Mendoza line tomorrow will the Milwaukee fans greet him with a Bronx Cheer or a Flatbush Cheer (in honor of The Mets being in town). Anybody going to the game give him a PPPHHHHHTTTT from PA. Tell him its from me. I'm still sticking with my guy Corey Hart, and not just because he does an excellent double suplex off the top rope. I want Hart.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I have to keep saying its a long season

Wow try as the crew did they couldn't over come the fact Ben Hendrickson should not be pitching at this level. This is his second try at this level with the same bad results. Hopefully Dana Eveland can pick up the slack.

It is almost impossible to over come a 8 run lead in MLB the hole was just to deep. Hopefully they can get back on track at home. This is still a young team and it is a long season. Bad as this road trip was its only 6 games. I still believe at the end of the year they will still be in the wild card hunt.

This team has to start thinking about life after Ben Sheets. How can you rely on a Number one pitcher who has china doll tendencies lately. The Brewers are paying him a lot of money to pitch and are not getting much for their money. If you could get a team like the Yankees or Boston to trade for him I would be willing to at least hear what they are offering.

Its been a rough couple of weeks around here baseball wise but that is part of the deal when you start a season with real hopes sometimes having hope hurts.

I am going to wear my lucky Jersey on Sat hopefully helping the crew win the middle game of this series with the Muts.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Driver Signs For 4 Years 17 Mil

After month's of sitting on his hands and invoking the ire of Pack Fans everywhere T. T. has done some really nice things the past month. The draft was very nice (despite Super Chicken er I mean John Clayton including the loss of Walker in his grading of the T.T. draft), the signing of Woodson proved to the NFL that elite free-agents still may choose G.B. as a destination and now the bringing of Donald back into the fold makes it a very good month for T.T.

I'm starting to like the direction the Pack is taking and may even be full of unwarranted optimism once again when camp opens.

My question is, is this version of the Pack closer to the fourth and twenty nine one play away from the NFC Championship game or the 4-12 squad we suffered through last year?

Once again you cannot win if you don't score runs!

Rough night for the crew Cappy wasn't all that sharp but still only gave up 3 runs. Petco field is the anti-Coors field its where homeruns go to die. Prince and Bill both hit balls the would have gotten out of even RFK stadium but were caught at the wall in Petco. Those two shots would have made it 3-3 but that is what makes baseball great every park is different.

They need to win today get home at 500. Man what a cluster fuck of a road trip. Hopefully some home cooking will help turn things around.

Only good thing to come out of this road trip is I will get some more sleep. I am going to the Bobblehead game with the Frau and Kinder on Saturday. Hopefully the crew will "Meet the Mets Beat the Mets" Glavin pitched last night so I don't believe we will catch him this series but we should get the cry baby bitch boy Pedro Martinez I hope like last year the animals out by the Pen can make him cry lol.

It has been a dark nasty week baseball wise around here time to turn this thing around.

Once again looking at the Weather report for the weekend Thank what ever deity you believe in that Milwaukee was smart enough to build a park with a retractable roof.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stopping the Bleeding

Wow great game last night they really needed that win even if it took 10 innings. Doug Davis looked like two different pitchers last night. He was very lucky to have gotten out of the first 2 innings with having gave up 1 run. Then he seemed to get dialed in and set down 15 in a row and was enjoying a 4 to 1 lead. Then he hit a rough patch a 2 out walk kept an inning going then next thing you know Khalil Greene is jacking a 3 run game tying homer over the left field wall. But Davis didn't fall apart and righted the ship. The Crew held on and then survived a lead off walk in the bottom of the 9th. Then two of the Brewers big money players were money. Carlos Lee hits a two out double down the left field line. Then Corey Koskie rips a double down the right field driving in Carlos and giving the Crew the lead. Then bottom of the 10th Game Over with Turnbow coming in and looked outstanding. So Crew gets the win and snaps their losing streak and ends the Padres 9 game winning streak and gets them back over 500. Congrats to Rillo who hit his first homerun of the season a solo shot bomb to left. Carlos Lee hit number 15 last night also.

Cappy tonight vs Chan Ho Park 9:05 first pitch on FSN and TMJ radio. They need to win this game get the series in pocket and then have the chance for a sweep and make this road trip a split vs a losing trip.

Another thing that will warm your Brewer fan heart is the baby bears to the South of us are in the middle of a 9 game losing streak. They are already 4 games under 500.

Final thought once again Davis gets a no decision but the team gets a win and great job by Rillo playing 1st in place of Prince who I believe will be back in the line up tonight.

Hurry Beer

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I am not ready to jump off the Band Wagon yet.

Wow what rough weekend of baseball in the Beer City. You are going to have series like this with a young team. The west coast for the Brewers is like the Dallas Cowboys for the Packers. Until you can go there and win your not going to win host many trophies. Once again you look at that series and the Crew should have gotten the first two games. You could tell they mailed it in Sunday I hope that doesn't become a habit.

But what bothers me is how fast some of the local media is jumping off the Band Wagon. Last night Lance Allen on Channel 4 WTMJ TV was acting like the Crew has Pittsburgh record. Yes this team and its fans have high hopes and goals. But its only the second month of a long season and as bad as they have played they are at 500. I still believe they can go in and win 2 of 3 from the Padres. This team has shown itself to be streaky and they are due for a good streak.

There have been some good signs Prince is hitting and playing his position very well, Ricky Weeks seems to be over the yips he was having at 2nd and is starting to blossom in the lead off role. Carlos already has 14 homeruns and Bill Hall is forcing them to find a spot to play him everyday. Cappy has been pretty damn good and Doug Davis seems to have righted his ship. Yes we have lost Toma and maybe Big Ben but Hendrickson pitched well enough to win the other night and you still have Dana Eveland down at Nashville to bring up. This club still has tons of upside the only series where they seemed to be hitting on all cylinders was the Cubs series so lots of good things to look at. Oh and before I forget we have Turnbow in the Pen.

Now the Bad, first our "ACE" cannot stay healthy. How many starts has Sheets missed between last season and this year already? Brady Clark is barely above the Mendoza line and should not be the everyday centerfielder right now. Ricky Weeks only has one homerun.
Dave Bush can be brilliant to crappy from game to game. Toma is hurt and Jose De La Rosa is doing the same shit that got him banished to the pen last year only to be seen in blow outs.

Oh and not getting Bronson Arroyo from the Red soxs is starting to look like a bad decision. But its easy to say that now.

Out of all the bad stuff and I am sure I am blocking out some other bad things my biggest worry is Sheets is turning into a china doll. What good is a number one pitcher if he is always hurt?

But over all I think the Crew is in an ok position, they are still at 500 and ahead of the Cubs. They are only 3.5 games out of the Wildcard slot. Plus there is a ton of Baseball left to be played. St Louis is showing some cracks in their armor and if Pujlos gets hurt they are screwed. The Cubs seem to have been a one man band and Gregg Maddox seems to have remembered how old he is. Houston and the Reds are teams the Crew should be able to hang with. So I am still planning on being in the hunt come September even if Lance Allen doesn't.

Lets get a win tonight and get this bad taste out of our mouths.


Monday, May 08, 2006

I am going to just pretend the Dodgers series never happen

To painful to blog about. I will have some more of my stupid thoughts later today.

One quick thing how many starts has our Ace missed this year already?


Saturday, May 06, 2006

I only have one Question

Why is Brandy Clark still in the line up, he of the .207 BA. When you have Bill Hall who until he cools off(if he does)should be in the line up. I totally agree with Ched head they should have never sent Koskie on that Weak ass pop up. But come on Clark any sort of hit or DEEP fly ball bring in at least one run.

How long can the Crew afford to wait as Clark tries to find his swing? You have two very able replacement both of who are faster base runners then Clark.

I watched almost the whole game last night except the bottom of the ninth. Cappy did ok considering he didn't have his best stuff. But he still held them to 3 runs. The crew had its chances and didn't get the job done.

That 3rd strike on rillo was a joke he would have scored on JJ's double in the top of the Ninth.

Hendrickson vs Penny tonight, hopefully Ben will have a better outing then his last trip to Dodger stadium.

This is 3 losses in the last 4 games for the Crew they need to get back to their winning way quickly.

Another late game tonight on FSN hopefully Brady Clark will be like the rest of us a spectator.


This One Is On Nedley

Don't want to step on GBFans toes but I had to get this out of my system. Tonight's loss rests squarely on Ned Yost's shoulders and that of his staff (Dale Sveum). Top of seven and Miller doubles with none out. Lowe is throwing B-B's and has the kind of stuff that looks like a CG shut-out. Clark at bat and what does Yost do? Bunt, move the runner along get your team off the schneid and let your bullpen work. No, that would make sense, Yost lets Clark swing away and he doesn't even attempt to get the ball to the right side of the infield. He pulls the first two pitches he see's and grounds to short with no advance by the runner. Bad decision by Yost as the Crew scores nothing.

One of the biggest assets Yost possesses is patience, I applauded him for it last year, and in baseball and in Milwaukee it will pay off. I love the underdog story of Brady Clark as much as the next guy but when your not contributing with the bat you need to do the little things to help the team win. Yost is trying to build this guys confidence by letting him swing away but please understand the situation and make him bunt. I don't want to look back in Sept when were one game out and remember tonight's debacle.

Sveum sending Koskie on that pop fly in the eighth was ridiculous. Vin Scully defended Sveum's decision saying it would take a good throw and tag to get the out. That's just not true. The fly was shallow enough that the SS could have taken it but he let the CF take it because of his forward momentum. Koskie was out by at least four steps. Those were running steps at that.

The top of the order (1-3) continued to struggle in setting the table for the run producing bottom of the order (4-8). Hardy's double was meaningless as it came with two out in the ninth and Jenkins on deck. Hardy was bailing all night and when he wasn't bailing his knees were buckled by Lowe at least five times. I have never seen someone look so uncomfortable in the batters box. Weeks did have a hit and he really put a charge into that ball in the ninth but it was to the deepest part of the park, and it is Chavez Ravine. Jenkins pulled everything and looked more like a five hitter (think Gorman Thomas, feast or famine) than a three hitter.

It was a real pleasure listening to Vin Scully call a game. He isn't in his prime anymore but he's still one of the best of all time and I'm glad I get to here him for these first two games (I fly to St Louis Sunday so I'll miss that game) of this series. The coverage in general was shoddy. Fox Sports has a bunch of those ground cameras in place at Dodger Stadium and they kept showing that view. I guess if you want to see Prince's ass from ground level you'll love it. All I can say about that angle is it probably appeals to the Brokeback Mountain fans, not me.

The mantra of Nick Saban HC of the Miami Dolphins (in my opinion the next great NFL HC) "A coaches job is to put players in a position to succeed". That was not the case tonight.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Giants don't whine about the collision

Giants Manager Felipe Alou and Catcher Todd Greene both show not everyone in baseball is a spoiled cry baby both call the collision between Green and Prince Fielder a clean play. Here is the Article in the SF Chronicle.

Alou put it best. "Baseball, pure baseball. Hardball," Alou said.

Nice to know there are still some men left in the game ;)


PS my jaw hurt watching that replay on TV I would have ran like a Frenchman from a fight If I has saw Prince barreling down at me.

My Favorite Writer Is At It Again

This is what Shanoff had to say about the "Prince's" rolling block of GIANTS catcher Greene:

Blocking Prince Fielder: Brewers catcher Todd Greene was KO'd by "Tons O' Fun" when he tried to block the plate, a stunt even Tom Cruise would be scared to try.

The guy doesn't even deserve a hot link so let me just give you the basic link,

I won't even get into the grammar rules obliterated by this hack (scared), just the fact that he referred to "The Prince" as tons o fun is degrading enough.
You guys in the bar need to get on the ball here, I didn't even know the Crew had acquired Todd Greene.

I suggest all readers and debaters in this bar scroll to the bottom of the page and e-mail this Northwestern alum and give him what for Badger style.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Off to the West Coast with a win despite............

Jorge De La Rosa doing his imitation of a human gas can. Then Jose Capellan made it even closer then managed to right the ship and keep it above water. Great 8th inning by Wise and "Game Over" when Turnbow got in the 9th. I used to love how the scoreboard guys in LA would flash a huge Game Over on their scoreboard when Eric Gagne entered the game. Since Gagne is hurt and he and Turnbow are buddies maybe would could steal that bit.;)

Another nice game by Carlos contract year or not, he has really come to play this year. I know its only been a month but I guess all that worring about Prince's defense was silly. The kids is playing his ass off at first. I really wish this game was on TV I cant wait to see Prince running over Green on Baseball Tonight later this evening. Uke said it was a clean hit but tell you what I hurt just hearing them call the hit.

Nice job by Jenks pushing the lead back to 3 runs with that homer.

Late night baseball for the next 6 games 5 of 6 games will be on FSN.

Medical report Toma Ohka is on the DL for next 4 weeks. My guess is Ben Hendrickson will get the start in Toma's place since Dana Eveland he of the .87 era pitched and won tonight for the Nashville Sounds he went 7 and struck out 7 1 earned run. He is 3-0 at Nashville. I wonder if they will call him back up to replace either Toma in the starting line up or Hendrickson in the pen?

Quick thought on Hendrickson having a start in LA. If my memory serves me his first start as a Brewers was at Dodgers Stadium I believe he didnt do all that well. I think that was 2 seasons ago it will be interesting to see how the older/wiser "little"Ben does going back there.

One other quick Farm note Cory Hart is batting .367 since being sent down to Nashvill so he could get some At Bats.

Big Win today it looks like the Diamond Backs are going to beat the Cubs tonight so Brewers climb over the baby bears into 4th place in the best division in baseball. They are only one game behind St. Louis who has fallen to third place with a 4 game losing streak.

Crew did ok on this mini homestand 2-2 3 games over 500. They are 3 wins ahead of last years pace as of May 4th.

A quick Bleg does anyone know where you can find the 2005 season broken down by month so I can find out how many games they won in May of last year. I need to know so I can keep track of where they are with the Win 2 more games a month plan.

Hurray Beer

Disgruntled, Dismayed, Disrespected, Disgusted and I think I have Dysentery

So the Pistons put Terry Stott’s and his young Bucks out of my misery last night.
I was really DISGRUNTLED with the way a “supposed” young and upcoming team folded at the first sign of diversity, then quit. How often do I have to watch T.J. Ford get to the front of the rim only to miss the lay-up? 2-3 more years? Jamaal Magloire can’t get five inches off the ground and dunk the basketball? Bogut pops off about being a bigger part of the offense, how about this Terry dump the ball in to Bogut instead of Magliore. I was DISMAYED that Stott’s couldn’t find a way to get Bogut on the block in the second half particularly after Magliore missed five shots within two feet of the hoop in the first half. I guess that was Stott’s Atlanta/Golden State game plan.

That was only the beginning of my glorious evening. I drank the kool-aid and fell into the trap that is the Brew-Crew. After listening to all the hype by the writers in this bar I went out and purchased MLB extra innings ($220.00 for the year), the all access baseball channel offered by Comcast cable. They have only ten channels with which to show MLB games so simple arithmetic tells you that on heavy schedule days (Tuesday, Wednesday) they must choose which teams they won’t show. For the second time this year (the entire Atlanta series being the other) they decided the Crew was not worthy of their air- time. Even more DISRESPECTFUL is the fact that they list the games not being shown at the bottom of the schedule page in order of which games they will show in the event of a rain out. The Crew was listed as fourth on that list as well. It’s pretty DISGUSTING that while Barry Bonds is in town three HR’s shy of passing Ruth, in the town that the all-time HR king called home for over half his career and where the current Commissioner of baseball resides, Comcast chooses not to show the Crew. What Dolt runs the show over there.

I’m taking a late lunch today so I can catch some of the game. Comcast better show the damn game or I'll just ---- well you know its the last word in the title.

My 2006 FIFA World Cup Dream

I unlike a large number of my fellow Americans I don't hate Soccer(Futball) I follow the English Premiership league as best as I can from the states(Man Utd fan if you care, Frak Arsenal and Chelsea). I will watch the World Cup for one reason I really hope the US team can win it for one reason. It will drive the rest of the World insane because the American General Public WONT CARE. To have the rest of the World have to suffer 4 years of the Cup being in the not caring hands of the evil Americas would be a taste sweeter than wine.

If you don't follow international futball you don't understand the hatred most of these people have for the United States.

Gatorade has a great commercial showing what the US team goes through the Yankee go home chants and signs.

Lets not forget our good Mexican friends to the South Chanting "Osama, Osama"

So that is my dream that America wins the Cup and we can shove it up the rest of the Worlds Asses, because 2 days after we would win it their Precious Cup would be shoved into the closet that is the collective memory of things we as a nation don't care about.

So even if you hate soccer support this team just for the finger in the eye value they will have to the rest of the world.

Lets bring the World Cup home and then misplace it ;)



What a waste of a good pitching effort

Last night David Bush threw two bad pitches the whole night. They were back to back first he loses a pitch and hits Moises Alou then in a moment of loss concentration he give up a 2 run home run to Pedro Feliz. That's it two bad pitches cost him the game. Games like last night drive me nuts Bush looked great and as usual with this team the bats travel in packs. They are either all hot together like the Cubs games or all cold like last night.

Hopefully Doug Davis has really corrected his delivery and can stop this losing streak today at two. A win today gives you another split and a 500 homestand. It also gives you a bit of momentum going out to the West Coast.

This road trip is huge man doesn't it seem like all the series are huge;)

You are going up against the two bottom place teams in the West both under 500 so if this Brewer team is going to challenge for the division or the wild card they have to go out there and win both series.

Day baseball today 12:05 start no TV game can be heard on the Brewer Radio Network.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quick Channel 4 Sports question

This is more for the people living in the Milwaukee TV area. What do you think of the new sports guy at Channel 4? His name is Rod Burks and to be honest I cannot stand him. He is a little too "Sports Center" for me I just don't like his "style" I guess maybe it will grow me I doubt it but I am trying to be open minded. I mean I finally get rid of that Idiot Kevin Hunt and now I cant stand his replacement.

If anyone has any thought feel free to chime in.


If I had told you .........

Yesterday morning if I had told you Sheets was pitching and they would get 5 runs you would have been writing in the "W" but that is why they play the games right. Shame with all the one run games that Sheets has lost that the night they are hitting he has a very rare bad outing. I am hoping the TV guys are right and this is just the Dead Arm period that most pitcher have towards the end of spring training. Nice job by Ben Hendricks coming in and stopping the bleeding.

Some good things from last night Billy Hall can add outfielder to his list of posititions he can play well in the role of Uber Sub. Wow did anyone else see that Willy Mays over the shoulder catch he made. He is killing the baseball right now and I think Yost is doing a great job of finding ways to get his bat in the lineup each day. Oh and he also gunned down a runner last night not bad for his first time in Center if I was Brady Clark I would be worried.

JJ has been slowly pushing his BA towards 300 he had another homerun last night.

I liked the effort last night they got down big early and it still seemed like they were in the game all night they even managed to get the tying run to the plate twice. Its too bad most of their home runs last night were solo shots.

Schmidt vs Bush tonight 7:05 start this is another 2 game series. Then comes a big test the first West Coast road trip cool some late night baseball. The Crews series total is 4 series wins and 4 series losses and one split.

Hopefully they will bounce back and get the first game of the series in the win column.

Hurray Beer

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hot off the Press!

Prince Fielder has been named NL Rookie of the Month. I don't have a link, just heard it on the Cubs broadcast (wow are they getting KILLED!)

Congrats Prince, one more of those and the ROY is a virtual lock.

Hurray Small Ball

Nice game last night Carlos keeps crushing the ball and Billy Hall keep proving they have to find a spot for him to play.

How about that 8th inning, first that play by Jenks to Weeks to Hall to nail Biggio at third and snuff out a possible Astro rally. Biggio would have been at third with one out.

Then a text book example of small ball in the 8th to get two run lead. Then Turnbow shakes off of a defensive goof and saves his 9 game out of 9 trys.

Ohka pitched very well and kept them in the game till the offense woke up. It was also nice to see them win a tight game after winning a couple of blow outs. Some thing they have had problems with in the past.

Big game tonight Big Ben on the mound trying to give the crew the 2 game sweep and put the crew 4 above 500. Right now you have to keep pace and hope the Reds wake up and remember who they are. It also looks at this point in the season the Wild Card is coming out of the Central.

Weeks is playing better Prince is playing great. Something that impressed me last night Carlos dropped the fly ball in the 9th and he was actually bothered by it. You could see he was pissed at himself and was still telling Turnbow sorry about that after the game. Its nice to see a guy at that level taking the game seriously.

Game is on FSN tonight 7:05 start Sheets vs Nieve lets hope the crew doesn't fall into the habit from last year of making the number 4 or 5 look like Cy Young.

Hurray Beer

Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't forget Talladega is on FX today

The Rained out Aarons 499 Nextel cup race will begin at noon eastern on FX and some local Fox channels. They haven't changed the line up on DTV so you have to pretend your recording other shows to TiVo the race.


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