Sunday, April 30, 2006

This Rant Started Out As A Comment To Steve Eggs Post...

and it just kept going. I got a little carried away, but I was allowed, since there was no Aaron Rodgers to drag me down during this years draft. A very nice draft indeed, according to people I respect as champion builders. What follows is the rant, be kind Steve in your rebuttal!
When all is said and done, I would rather have an overachiever (Jennings) who has worked his ass off to get what he has and will emulate one of his kind (Driver), than an under achiever (Jackson) that has had everything he has wanted since grade school because he had talent and size.
I don't get the size issue with Colledge (6’ 4” 298) though. You say he is undersized for inside but a cursory look around the NFL shows Colledge with ideal Guard size.
I looked at several teams and found the same conclusion. First, arguably the best guard in the league, Steve Hutchinson, is 6’ 5”, 313. I then looked at Atlanta (running same scheme), Pittsburgh, Seattle, New England, St Louis and the N.Y. Giants, not necessarily the leading rush teams in the NFL but teams that establish the run to set up the pass.
The Guards on Atlanta’s O-Line are listed as Joe Tate 6’ 5” 291, Ben Claxton 6’ 2” 301 and the starters Matt Lehr 6’ 2” 304 and Kynan Forney 6’ 3” 307. That is the offensive line that led the league in rushing the last two years and the system that G.B. will run this year, albeit with the QB contributing a lot of yards it still allowed small fry Warrick Dunn to gain 1500 yards both those years.
By comparison, the elite Tackles in the league are, once again arguably, Walter Jones Seattle 6’ 5” 308, Jonathon Ogden Baltimore 6’ 9” 345 and Orlando Pace St Louis 6’ 7” 325. This was quite interesting to me so I looked a little further into Steve Egg’s theory of Colledge playing outside.
The starting guards for the World Champion Steelers are Alan Faneca 6’ 5” 307 and Kendall Simmons 6’ 3” 319, while the starting Tackles are Marvel Smith 6’ 5” 310 and Barret Brooks 6’ 4” 325, not much of a disparity but then again G.B. won’t run what Pittsburgh does. The N.Y. Giants on the other hand have starter Luke Pettigout 6’ 6” 310 at left tackle and David Diehl 6’ 5” 315 and Grey Ruegamer 6’4” 305 at Guard, again not a very large disparity but you can see taller Tackles with a larger wingspan playing the edge to nullify the speed rushers. The most glaring differential I found was the Rams with Pace and 2004 No. 1 draft pick Alex Barron 6’ 7” 320 starting alongside Guards Adam Timmerman 6’ 4”310 and Richie Incognito 6’ 3” 305.

BTW DeBrickeshaw Ferguson is 6’ 6” 313, while the next four Tackles taken in the first two rounds are Winston Justice 6’ 6” 320, Marcus McNeill 6’ 7” 337, Andrew Whitworth 6’ 7” 327 and Jeremy Trueblood 6’ 8” 315 while the Guards taken in that same time frame are Davin Joseph 6’ 4” 312 and Taitusi Lutui 6’ 4” 333. Which category does Colledge fit into? It is pretty obvious to me but perhaps I need to add more justification, such as, in the zone blocking scheme a premium is put on getting to the second level and taking on an LB. Colledge strength is his quickness and footwork which lends itself to this type of open field pick-off blocking. No definitive answer will be known until mini-camp in July when we see where Joe Philbin plays Colledge, but my money is on Guard.

What can happen when one puts one's mind to doing the smart thing

Exhibit A - Ted Thompson, no longer mud, finally gets off the schneid and gives me hope for the 2006 Packer season. Sure, he didn't really want Favre back, but once he came back, Thompson got to serious work on improving the Packers this season. First, Favre's return was instrumental in finally bringing in another shutdown corner and benching Ahmad "Hands" Carroll. Then, unlike the GMs in Houston and Tennessee, he doesn't try to get cute with the first-round pick, taking a multi-year Pro-Bowl-caliber guy in AJ Hawk. Indeed, about the only complaint I have is that Thompson showed a weakness for undersized offensive linemen, though the incoming zone-blocking scheme will help out somewhat in that regard.

The real good news is that the Bears didn't do much of anything to help their offense and the Lions are, well, the Lions. Throw in likely continued turmoil in Love Boat Land, and 8-8 will be good enough to take the division.

Now this is the Brewers team I had hoped for

Nothing makes a rainy weekend more fun then taking 2 of 3 from the baby bears. 16-2 Saturday and then a rain soaked 9-0 ass kicking on Sunday. After finally getting out the bats for Doug Davis the woke up Sunday and went "Oh shit Cappy is pitching today" which meant they had to get Cappy Numbers two days in a row.

I just traded Ricky Weeks away on my fantasy team so he is going to have a monster season lol.

This last 6 games was a good strech for the Crew you swept the Braves for the first time ever and did something they couldn't do last year win a series in Chicago.

Some other good signs last year at the end of April they were 10-11. This year they are 14-11 at the end of April. So it looks like we made the win two more games in each month goal this month. But it also looks like they played 4 more games this April so I am not sure how that will work itself out. I will try and keep track and figure out which month has this year has less games than last year. Last years April might include some rainouts I don't believe they have lost a game yet this year.

Its funny how some columnist in Chicago like to make fun of our Roof but I bet the Idiots in Chicago wished they had a roof this weekend. I only live 30 minutes from Miller Park but I love knowing if I have tickets I am going to see a game that day\night. For people coming from farther away or outstate it has to be even nicer to know your not wasting your trip.

Odd 2 game series coming up with Houston they need to win both of these games. They are 8-8 against teams in the NL Central and they need to get that number up above 500 plus we miss Oswald so we need to make the most of this series.

They came out of a brutal April with a winning record and they pissed away a couple of games so far so good.

Take a look at Mays schedule.
This should be a good month for the crew if they play like we know they can.

April is in the books lets hope May can be as successful


Packer draft day 1 reload

Round 1 - AJ Hawk - Mighty fine pick, especially since the Texans and Titans fouled up their higher picks.

Round 2 - Greg Jennings, Daryn Colledge - As things stand now, I would rather have not traded down and taken Chad Jackson. Of course, if they get a diamond in the rough with that extra 6th-round pick, I reserve the right to change my mind.. I would've liked Jackson instead of Jennings straight-up, but it was a 3rd-rounder instead of a 6th-rounder they got, and I like Spitz. I guess they're looking at moving either Clifton or Tauscher inside, because Colledge would be a far better fit at tackle than guard (he's simply too undersized to play inside).

Round 3 - Abdul Hodge, Jason Spitz - The linebacking corp is set for 2006 and beyond with Hodge, Hawk and Barnett. Spitz looks to be a nasty guard.

My overall take - I actually like this draft so far. Thompson's been so busy with the trades, nobody kept it straight yesterday.

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Revisions/extensions (12:34 pm 4/30) - The Headless Blogger points out I fouled up the trades. I should've known better than to trust the initial reports without re-checking. D'OH!

Very good day all around yesterday

Since I am off my football groove the last couple of months I will keep the football stuff short the rest of you are doing a great job so far keep up the good work. I like Hawk I was scared to death they would take Leinart because well because their the packers and I was alive when the drafted "he should not be named" and the fear of that happening again is always there.

I was also glad they got rid of Walker I have added him to my list of"I hope he gets a career ending injury" It is amazing how much hope the fans seem to have gotten back in the last 2 weeks. Over all I have no issues with day one of the draft lets hope they can find some more diamonds in the rough on day two.

On to the Brewers Wow as stated before when this team is hitting on all cylinders they can beat anyone. Friday they drove me nuts loading the bases twice against Maddox and couldn't get the runs in but then again Maddox is throwing darts at this point of the season and no shame in losing to him. Wasn't it nice to see them score runs for Doug Davis like he was Cappy. Davis really needed this start to go well and hopefully it will get him back on track. Nice to see Ricky get that first homerun of the season. How about that Prince kid so far so good.
Quick aside why do people pitch to Pujols? Yesterday tie game against the Nats and he hits number 14 out ends up being the winning run. Dude is Godzilla at the plate right now.

I am having my doubts the Crew will get today's game in unless they play underwater as the guy on the radio said "there is a line of storms from Chicago to Main land China

Talladega today too so something to do as it rains. Here's to a good second day in the draft and hopefully the crew can finish the series today with a win.


Chad Jackson vs Greg Jennings

Comparisons culled from's profiles of the two -

Jackson pros - Uses his frame to shield away opponents, adjusts to the errant throw, extends to catch away from his body, sturdy receiver who makes the catch in a crowd and after taking a licking, is a deep-ball threat.

Jackson cons - Route-running, blocking.

Jennings pros - Uses his frame to shield away opponents, extends to catch away from his body, sure- and soft-handed, quick off the line, good route-runner, outstanding work ethic.

Jennings cons - Blocking, not a downfield threat, thin build leaves questions about his durability.

Unless Thompson finds a gem in the 6th round, I would much rather have had Jackson and no extra 6th-rounder than Jennings and that 6th-rounder. I don't see him with the rare Ron Wolf late-rounder skills though.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Interesting Thought on Hawk

Everyone in America knows, after last years ND v OSU game which featured more Laura Quinn than Brady Quinn, that A.J Hawk and Brady Quinn's sister are, umm, friendly.

Anyway, if the Packers are as bad as they were this year, and Rodgers doesn't show anything (he will, damn you all!) then the Packers could finish around 3-13 and in prime position to draft one Brady Quinn.

Wouldn't that make for some interesting bawdy locker room banter?

It puts the lotion on its skin...

A good few days for the Packers

Whoever gave Ted Thompson the smart juice, please show yourself so I can award you with a medal for saving the 2006 season. First, Brett Favre finally decides to come back. Then, the Pack lands Charles Woodson. Now, they pass up the falling Matt Leinart and avoid the dumb moves the Texans (who already signed Mario Williams), Titans (who drafted Vince Young) and Jets (who drafted Tony Mandarich Jr, er, D'Brickshaw Ferguson) to take A.J. Hawk.

All we need now is for the Brewers to pick it back up, and we're in business.

Revisions/extensions (5:02 pm 4/29) - Guess the smart juice died after the Pack picked up AJ Hawk. First, the Packers trade way down in the 2nd round (from #36 to #52) to pick up a 6th-rounder (and give up WR Chad Jackson - dunno where I got Johnson out of Florida). Then they finally dump Javon Walker on the Falcons for their 2nd-round pick (#37), only to trade that and their 5th-round pick (#139) down (to #47 and #148) to pick up a third-rounder. It looks like the Wile E. tag goes back on.

No F'ing Clue

I have not been this excited for a draft in years. Part of it is beacuse the Packers should be massive players today, and part of it is beacuse there are a hundred ways the top ten could fold out...not to mention the rest of the day!

I want to go on record saying a few things:

1: Merril Hodge is my homeboy. He said this week he would not take one of the Big Three QB's til the third round. I could not agree more. If Leinert falls to the Bears, they should pounce...otherwise, none of them will be great, and two of the three will be massive busts. I figure either Cutler or Leinert will end up in a beneficial system and find out a way to not be terrible, but Young has NO change. If he does perform well, it will mean that his speed and athleticism has translated well into the Pros, but it also means he will be taking some absurd hits and will be knocked all over the field. The Bears right now are about the only team I can think of off the top of my head with a QB who at this point, is worse than Leinert and have a good enough team around him that he could be successful. Of course, if the Bears draft him, he might as well start his Hollywood career now. As for Cutler, from all I have seen he is a very good quarterback with a track record of losing. Personally, I'll take the winner.

Two: Speaking of Leinert, nobody in the history of America has paid more for one college class. He would have been the overall number one pick last year, and at best he will lose about $20 million in this years draft because of his decision to become a better dancer...oh and to lose the Heismann and the National Championship. Tough year.

Three: Javon Walker HAS to be traded today, which means he has to be traded by pick 14 for the Packers to get proper worth. The Eagles and Broncos are desperate, with some suggesting the Broncos were trying to keep Walker in town, and away from the east coast. It seems the first team that is able to extend Walkers contract and offer either a first rounder or a couple of first day picks and the deal will be done.

Four: Trading up to get Reggie Bush is possible. The Saints want Walker and don't necessarily want Bush (nobody has forgotten Deuce right?) and are willing to field all kinds of offers. The Jets will probably end up with the pick (marking the first time ever the Jet Fireman doesn't boo heartily in a few hours) but there IS an outside possibility.

Five: Passing on Hawk to sign Davis is a mistake. The defense has been improved (perhaps dramatically) with the interior line signings and the signing of Woodson. In addition, there is the liklihood of the Packers drafting a safety who can come in and play immediately. While the Packers have done nothing to improve the pass rush, they should be stronger in coverage and adding Hawk would give them a very strong, young linebacking corp that would combine speed, strength and a nose for the football that could help crush the run. Looking around the division, I see a dearth of starting QB's and team looking to rebrand themselves as running teams. For the next few seasons in the NFC North, stuffing the run will be imperative.

Six: Draft Calhoun. Just take him. For once, take a freaking Badger. The Packers need depth at running back, with the way this draft is going, Calhoun may fall to the Packers in the third round. TAKE HIM. (I want to emphasize this will never happen. He could fall to Green Bay in the seventh and they would take the second string punter from West Texas A&M before they took a Badger).

Seven: I will be unhappy at the end of the day. I was so excited last year to get Rodgers (and yes, I still love the guy, he will take the Pack to the playoffs three seasons from now) and I have never been happy with a Packer draft before. I got one last year, so I won't get one this year. To me that means the Packers probably draft Vernon Davis with the fifth, a WR in the second, and a defensive lineman who will sit the bench all season in the third. As for tomorrow's four picks...I'm thinking three kickers and a long snapper.

Eight: This is when I start to evaluate Thompson. I have been the biggest Thompson apologist in this bar and have continually said, wait until we see this offseason. Well, he is a man who prides himself on being able to build in the draft. The Packers are in better position to do so than they have been in years...don't screw it up.

Nine (to entertain yourself during eight hours at the bar): Watch Vince Young today. Closely. He is basically functioning retard off the field. There was nothing more hillarious than his radio interviews this week. I heard him on six shows or so, and after he left each one, the host(s) was cracking up becuase of what a complete moron this guy is. Hardly able to put two sentences together or remember which teams were most interested in him, he struggled mightily. I would love to hear the eventual conversation tonight between the insanely senile Al Davis and the monstrously stupid Vince Young.

My hope for the Packers:

Walker gets traded for a player (if it's Lelie I kill somthing), a second rounder this year, and a conditional next year. The Brewers draft Vernon Davis in the first, the best available LB with their second, the best available safety/d-lineman with the second 2nd rounder, and the best available running back with in the third (BRIAN CALHOUN!) If the Packers can't get the Walker deal done before they pick, they HAVE to take Hawk, and then take a wide receiver in the second round, Sinorice Moss and Maurice Stowall both could be there. Also, if S Darnell Bing is still around, he has to be seriously considered.

Allright, 2.5 hours to the draft and 4.5 before the football game that will break out in Wrigley. Watch for Hendrickson to come in and try to keep the Cubs under ten as Davis and Rusch both get knocked out before the 4th.

My final projections:

Packers trade Walker to the Broncos for Ashley Lelie (miserable failure) second rounder, and a conditional pick next year (which will almost surely be at least a second rounder).

5: Vernon Davis - TE NC St.
36: DeMeco Ryans - OLB Alabama
37: (from Broncos for Walker) Darnell Bing - S USC
67: Mark Anderson - DE Alabama

Seacrest out...

Is It Draft Day?

The Urinal Sentinel is projecting Vernon Davis as the Packers top pick at no. 5. The reasoning is that they have to get Brett a weapon on the offensive side of the ball to appease his decision to return. Makes sense to me, and the latest is that Davis is a special talent with 4.5 speed, 6'7" height, naturally loose hips and unbelievable natural athletic skills.

The intrigue for G.B. is what will they get for Javon Walker. Adam Schefter reports that Walker has already visited Denver and New Orleans and both medical staffs have pronounced him ready to play this year. Tomorrow he is scheduled to meet New England's staff and Philly's medical crew. A deal will probably get done prior to those teams picking. Green Bay wants a number one so lets look at the feasibility of that happening. N.O. will not give up the two pick but they may be willing to package a later pick and swapping place with G.B. now that there guy Super Mario is off the board. Green Bay is one of the teams that contacted N.O. about the two pick when Bush became available. Interesting to say the least,

Philly and Denver pick at 14 and 15 respectfully. I can't see Andy Ried giving up a first since his track record is that of stockpiling picks. Denver may bite at 15 but they have already traded their extra first rounder for more picks later on. That leaves New England and spendthrift GM Scott Pioli and even tighter Bill Belichick. I don't see N.E. doing anything that drastic since they too stockpile picks.

I don't see Thompson getting a first rounder for Walker but we'll know that for sure by pick 21, when N.E. picks. That leads to my theory of a second and a later pick. That would leave Denver (with multiple second rounders) and N.O. competing for Walker, with the winner being the team that sweetens the pot best with that later pick. This gives N.O. the edge because they hold the higher pick. My prediction is Javon Walker will be taking his Crying Game to New Orleans. To bad Aaron Brooks isn't still there so the guy would get hung out over the middle like he deserves. Of course the first scenario is the dream, Reggie Bush in G.B., where the only mystery will be if Hornung bitches about him wearing number 5.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Slow Day, No Crew, Back From D.C., Overdue Post

I told my brother and pops I would do this post on Sunday when I got back from Wisconsin, but I immediately turned around and headed to the Nations Capital for an assignment. I was in Wisconsin last week on emergency family business but did not bring my lap top so I could not let anyone know I was coming, with the exception of family.

I flew back in to Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport (why does Mitchell Field not recognize the Reagan portion of the airports name? heh heh) Saturday night and got home at nine-thirty that night. I commuted back to D.C. Monday morning at three A.M. so the turn around time was spent exclusively with the better half.

During my trip home I finally got to visit Miller Park. I know all who post and comment here have been their many times but this was my first. What a beautiful facility. The first thing I noticed was the iron-workers tribute statue out front. Since Pops was an iron worker in his hey day we made a bee-line to the statue. Immediately pops pointed out the inaccuracies of the statue in regards to the outfits of the workers. Dad turned a little blurry eyed and the memories of his past came out in stories throughout the night.
My brother was claiming the tickets from will call while Dad and myself were admiring the Aaron statue. Dad reminded me that my Mom had been confirmed with Hanks wife after their year of catechism together and through that connection my aunt had babysat his kids. More memories and stories ensued as we put proof to the telling of Milwaukee as truly a baseball town.

Upon entry to the stadium the older gentleman at the turnstile tried to do his best to look into every nook and cranny of pops wheelchair but with three Irish men bending his ear and all of us carefully explaining the need of a special cup to drink from and the cooler filled with non-caffeine soda the guy didn't stand a chance. We were allowed to pass, but the attendant was saved his dignity by allowing him to stick his yellow wand into the water of the cooler and into Dads cup. Lest anyone think this was obtrusive or a nuisance it was not. Although it took ten minutes, Post 9-11 these types of inspections are welcome. I hope all who enter public facilities garner the same scrutiny, God forbid we have a tragedy in a venue of this size.

We made our way to our seats (row 27, field, infield box level) and talked about everything from Nedleys hiring of Robber as bench coach to missiles in Iran. One topic was quite curious though as Dad mentioned how he had coached the son of one of the lawyers for the Selig family and during one of their conversations the lawyer had inquired about what amenities a quadriplegic would need at the new stadium. Dad told the barrister that urinals all the way to the floor were needed for wheelchair occupants. I can't speak for the female facilities but the male bathrooms were equipped with just such urinals, one in each bathroom. The lawyer was naturally let go when the new owner took over but that just may be his legacy, that and his two homes and millions made off of tort ridiculousness.

Every seat in the house is grand. The intimacy of the stadium was definitely its greatest asset. Even though I was 27 rows back I could hear Bill Hall grunt as the trainer stretched him out some ten feet from first base. Beautiful sight lines with the single caveat of the upper deck over hang. Dad (or other quads for that matter) can not lean forward in their wheelchair's and the over hang of the upper deck left the jumbo-tron and the season statistics of the individual players not visible to pops. That may be a personal problem because Dad had to keep asking me for the pertinent numbers on the Cincinnasty players.

I missed the organist from County Stadium and the beer snakes made from the wax lined beer cups, but taking everything into account Miller Park is something Milwaukee should be proud of. Miller Park is world class (compared to recent Olympic venues I would say very much higher than that standard) and I had the second best time of my life in a public facility. Only the better half and myself will ever know the best time ever spent in public.

The majority of the evening was spent solving the worlds dilemma's. Not only did Dad, Bro and myself end world hunger but we also came up with a plan to win the World Series this year and in our spare time we found the secret to a comprehensive plan for the Packers draft that will guarantee Bretts retirement with a Super Bowl championship, also this year. The enormous brains at this re-union could not come up with a plan to help the Bucks. Oh yea, between the stories and the "we should do this" talk a ball game took place. Juniorless Cincinnasty beat the bad Ohka. Ohka didn't take the loss but he frittered away a 6-2 lead.

Great time for all, if you get the chance to take in a ball game and that ball game will be a "FIRST" for you and your Dad, jump on the opportunity.

P.S. GB Fan, thanks for the back up on the Klitschko post, but it was just my brother busting my chops. He is fully aware that any bar in the world talks about boxing.

First Ever Braves Sweep

Man did the crew need this series, after going 1-3 against the Reds. Three win in close game pitchers pitched the hitters hit just enough and they get their first ever sweep over the Braves

Off day today heading into big series with the baby bears this weekend. The only thing that is still driving me crazy is the lack of success in pushing runs across with the bases loaded. The last couple of games they have gotten one or two runs in with the bases loaded just enough to win. But it would be nice to see a base clearing double one of these time.

Trunbow made it interesting but it was his fourth day in a row on the mound.

I really needed this series too nice to see them playing more like the team we expected . If they can go down to Chicago and get 2 of 3 this would be a end to a really tough month.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

As predicted the Good Toma Ohka showed up.

Nice good game last night, take away one pitch to Chipper Jones and Toma was perfect last night. That game was huge it gave the crew a series win over the Braves a team that has owned them. It also pulled to 500 on this road trip at 3-3 giving them a chance today for a series sweep and a winning homestand. It would be nice to head down to Yuppieville with some Mo.

This has been a brutal month and the fact the crew is still on the right side of 500 is very promising. A win today also puts you at the goal of 2 more wins each month with a couple games to go.

Wow so far Prince seems like the real deal .367 with 12 runs and 12 RBI's so far not bad for a rookie.

Something that impressed me last night I believe it was the 7th inning and Brady Clark who had the night off to give hot hitting Gabe Gross a start in Center was called on pinch hit for Toma.

Being the Team player he is he went up and dropped a perfect bunt to move runner to second and looked happy to do it.

Carlos Lee has been great so far this year I really hope they can make it work to keep him.

16k plus last night not bad for a April Tuesday night I wonder when they will have to expand the Bucket Head Brigade to 2 sections.

Well heres to Big Ben getting his first win this afternoon and get us the sweep.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Once again Cappy puts out the fire.

Good game last night some bad things some really good things. Either way back to 500 shame we are in the best division on baseball right now.

Cappy once again got them a win when they really needed it and after throwing a lot of pitches in the first 3 innings he settled down and had a couple of 10 pitch innings.

I liked the double steal Yost put on(because it worked lol) but nice to see him shake some things up. I also like Weeks in the number one spot in the batting order.

Nice job by Darren Sutton pointing out that Robin Yount had a little problem with errors his first couple of seasons over 40 errors in one season. Ricky will get this under control I am not worried.

How about Prince did you see Bobby Cox's throw the shift against our Rookie First Basement. Prince only went 3 for 3 last night 373BA at the moment and don't forget 2 count them 2 stolden bases.

Lets all hope its the "Good" Toma Ohka who shows up tonight. So far he has been great every other start so he is due.

Nice to see Koskie finally break through with his first Homerun and RBI's game winning ones the best kind.

Ok they have equaled last Aprils win total so we need two more wins to be on track for the 2 more wins a month track.

This is going to be a hard team to watch at times this year there are going to be series like the Reds where they just keep breaking your heart. But then they will win a one run game like last night and give you hope.

Being as emotional of a fan as I am I have to keep reminding myself its a long season don't get too high or too low in April.

lets get a second win in a row tonight and get this ship sailing in the right direction.


The Brett Favre Hostage Crisis

Frustrated with Brett Favre's indecision? Watch this flash cartoon. It was funny enough to a frustrated fan like myself, but it really hit paydirt at the end when Mark Chmura makes an appearance (HT: Dummocrats)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bill Hall...wrong place wrong time

I have nothing against Bill Hall. In fact, Iam optimistic when he comes to the plate, however I have been adamently against making him the everyday third basemen. If he wants a spot on this team in the future, he had better make hay quickly in the outfield, because there is no way Billy Hall has played Ryan Braun out of the minds of upper management.

Braun was the second third basemen taken in last years draft. He went two spots after Ryan Zimmerman, the fantastic starter for the Nationals. While Zimmerman was considered much more big league ready, the offensice skills were considered comparable. Zimmerman is making circus catches and finding is way at the plate, Braun is learning to be a big leaguer at Brevard County. I imagine he'll move his way through to AA and finish the season with Huntsville. Next year, he makes the big squad and Bill Hall is out of a job.

Where does that leave Mr. Hall this season? If we are lucky, he keeps hitting and fielding above his abilities and Koskie is able to keep his head above water and Melvin is able to move him for considerable value.

The Bill Hall BandWagon is boarding now.

Come on Jib the lots of Room on the Bill Hall Band Wagon. Don't forget how young he is to already be in the league this long.

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Koskie gets moved by the end of the year if Hall keeps playing well.

President of the Bill Hall Fan club

Re: Amazing what happens

I listened to the game today. I had just finished some lunch when the "big inning" began. I was about to go back outside and do some yard work when the first homer was hit. Then I heard the second. So I decided to stay in and listen to the rest of the inning. After the fifth home run I was jacked. I couldn't pull myself away from the radio to do my yard work until the game was over.

I had read E.S.K.'s post at noon. It got me nostalgic for my days as a kid, when the Brewers farm system was always getting rave reviews and I was compulsively buying packs of baseball cards to get B.J. Surhoff, Gary Shefield, and even Billy...Joe...Robidoux rookie cards. After the five home run inning, I became jealous of today's 10 year olds. They get to experience what I did, only with better prospects.

Oh, and one more thing. Chris, I'm coming around on Billy Hall. I still think he'd only be an above average starter, but he truely is a super-sub.

Oh No Tones, Turn That Off

That was the reaction of the better half during tonight's Klitscho-Byrd fight.
In the sixth K knocked B senseless with a straight right and broke his nose.
Crimson all 0ver Byrds face and you just know he tasted it. The only question is will Klitschko finish this time? That was answered indubitably.

The eighth was brutal, K knocked B down and B covered up but was against the ropes, K punished him and when it was finally called B had a gash above his eye that made his nose look O.K. Does this make Klitschko a contender once more? I don't know but if this guy can unleash this type of fury, and quit being hesitant, he could unite the belt and at least resurrect his reputation. K's performance was more dominating and impressive than Pretty Boy Floyds two weeks ago.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Amazing what happens when they pitch and hit on the same day

11-0 thumping of the Reds on a rare daytime Saturday game. Bush gets his 2nd win as a Brewer.

The Crew ties the MLB record with 5 homeruns in one inning and set a new Brewers record for homeruns in one inning.

Shame they couldn't have got Sheets a couple of these last night.

Ok I am buying into Jibs just 2 more games a month idea. We need 3 more wins this month. Everyone needed today's game it shows what this team can do when it hits on all cylinders.

If Davis can bounce back and get win number one tomorrow you get a split and get back above 500.

So far Bush, Gross and Prince are making that Overbay Trade look really good.

Another thing we all need to remember was on April 22nd last year they were 6-10 so they are ahead of last years pace already.

Tomorrows game is on FSN so I will be watching lets get the split and then its on to the Braves.

Man the sky seemed bluer today lol


Sickels Prospect Retro

Minor League Ball :: Prospect Retro: Gary Sheffield

John Sickels has a post from yesterday on his great page, Minor League Ball, looking back at the career of Gary Sheffield.

He also pictures him in a Brewer uniform.

I am almost shaking with anger right now. I was a kid in the early 90's, when this son of a bitch was a plague to my team and my city. He bitched about playing third, he bad mouthed the city, and he played the race card. He was also an injury plagued prick who was hated throughout Milwaukee, and at one point admitted to Dorn'ing a play. (What's with the 'ole bullshit?)

To think that this piece of shit has hall of fame numbers and, with the dwindling standards for offensive player to get into the Hall, he will probably make it in.

A hall of famer who practically admitted to making errors in the field on purpose to get himself moved?

That my friends, is fuc#%d.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Brewers perspective

Ned Yost's big thing this year is for the team to find a way to win just two more games per month. Well, here's where they are pacing right now. Last April, the Crew won 10 games. They are sitting at 8 this April. They need to win four more games this month to stay on pace with Yost's goal.

They are Killing me Whitey

Great now they are hitting and the pitchers cannot hold a lead. I didn't see the game last night not on local TV and I only listened to a couple of innings. At this point no lead is safe for either team in a Brewers game.

If your the Crew and up by 5 runs you better get some more insurance runs. The Team playing the Crew up by 7 runs not enough better get a few more insurance runs.

I really hope we don't look back in September and go damn we would have the wild card already wrapped up if we had won a couple of those home run derby games in April.

I am going to try and go to the game tonight once again I have to pick up ESK's slack. ;)


Thursday, April 20, 2006

What a brutal road trip

Well Cappy steps up and stops the bleeding last night. I haven't been posting about these games its just been too painful. The Crew should have won the Mets and the Astros series but as you all know they are not hitting on all cylinders yet.

When they pitch they don't hit when they hit they don't pitch.

Bright side as bad as the road trip was they didn't get swept and are still a game over 500

lets see if some home cooking helps them out now. Right now NL Central is best division in baseball. Only Pittsburgh is under 500.

Prince is hitting the ball Carlos is on fire and Jenkins seems to be starting one of his good streaks.

I think they will be fine we are almost through half of this very tough month on the schedule.

Keep the Faith
Hurray Beer

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Don't MissThis Game!

Benny Sheets is getting his first start in 200+days and he is facing a proimsing young twirler named Brian Bannister. This kid has looked real good in his first couple outings, giving up only five hits in 13 innings. A promising factor is his weak k/bb ratio, at 5/4. He doesn't have overpowering stuff and looks to pound the strike zone and make guys put the ball in play. With the pop in the Brewers bats, I think that formula might get blown up a bit by the Crew.

On the our side, big bad Ben Sheets is back from a ridiculously long hiatus. This is the year he HAS to step up, get back to starting 30+ games, and become the dominant pitcher we have seen. If Sheets can finally break out and win 15-20, the Brewers will be in the race for the division, forget the wild card. I don't think anyone is going to argue with the notion that as Sheets goes, so go the Brewers. Milwaukee has solidified it's rotation, with three quality starters and an inning eater, now we need an ace. We need that unGodly curve ball and that 96 mph fastball to get us over the hump, and get us to 90 wins.

This should be a really good matchup, so I suggest putting Jesus on hold for three hours and watching the Crew take a massive step towards a resurrection of their own.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not In Panic Mode Yet

I'm not terribly worried, after all I predicted a 89 win season, not 95, so I don't need greatness night in and night out. There were a lot of good signs the past couple days, with Yost shaking up the lineup early (regardless of the reasons, it is good to see he isn't afraid to shake things up) and we need more of that this weekend.

At this point in the season, Jenkins does not belong in this lineup. He is a gaping hole in the three spot and has played terrible defense. The only thing keeping him in there is his known "streakiness." We all want him in there for when he goes off for a month, but I think this team is too good to wait for that. It's time to seriously consider putting him on the bench for an extended period of time...wake him up. I would love if he would go off for a week and we traded him to the Red Sox (hopefully the Wily Mo experiment keeps failing miserably...he is this city's punching bag) or some other team in need of a corner outfielder who will hit 25-30, but cram them into a month and a half surrounded by months of futility. I want to see Hart out there. With Clark struggling in the leadoff role, moving Hart to the top of the order would make the team into the small ball, fundamental, hit and run type of team that I think will make this team the most competitive.

Hart - RF
Clark - CF
Koskie/Hall - 3B
Lee - LF
Fielder - 1B
Hardy - SS
Weeks - 2B
Miller - C

I want to see Yost try shaking things up like that for a few games, not only because I think it has the potential to spark some offense, but because I want Jenkins to know that Milwaukee has options and hehad damn well better get his head into the game, and stop taking his offensive struggles into the field.

Now, it is 70 degrees here in Bean Town and I am going to watch the Brewer game at this great bar that has TV's viewable from the outdoor patio...oh, and a waitress with the greatest ass in all the land!

If these bats stay dead, it might be time for Jenkins to sacrifice a live chicken in the clubhouse, you guys make sure that happens.

Its simple they are just not getting the timely hit

The Crew Wasted numerous chances last night to pull that game out. Even with Tom Glavine throwing darts they were still in the game. But just like last years team the get two on or bases loaded and have trouble pushing runs across. Right now being 6-4 with as bad as they are swinging the bats is a good sign. Right now only Prince and Carlos are really hitting the ball well. I believe that was Jenkins first RBI of the season. He is starting off like last year, really shitty. I think the other Key to remember they are still above 500 with Big Ben out. It should really give the rotation a lift when he gets back. I don't think he is going to pitch against the Mets hopefully in Houston.

If we can just get the damn bats to heat up I think everything will be ok but right now its painful to watch all the strikeouts and missed chances.

I hope good Ohka shows up today they need to even this series up.


And Just As Easily...

...Tonight's game could be the script that Nedley can foresee.

Last night I posted this comment: The formula they used, starting pitching just good enough, barely enough run manufacturing to get into the late innings with a chance to win, followed by great bullpen work and finally Turnbow closing the door is arguably what Nedley has envisioned happening at least 70 times this season.

Ned Yost may wake up with night sweats re-living tonight's scenario, staying close but not delivering the big hit, several chances to manufacture the winning run in the late innings, great middle relief and no shut down by Turnbow. This easily could be what Nedley may envision 70 times this season. Until we can credibly protect Lee in the middle of the order the scuffling for runs will continue.

BTW, didn't we look like a major league outfit tonight transporting Glavine back to his glorious 26th year of existence and 1988 by striking out 11 times in 6 innings? Double digit LOB again.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Man 6-3 sounds much better than 5-4

The Old Vet Carlos Lee puts the team on his shoulders and single handedly beats the Red Birds in the 11th inning. Man they needed that win once again Doug Davis gets a ND but pitched well enough to keep then in the game and another one of his starts ends up in the Win column.

So Deep in April and you don't have to turn the paper upside down to see the Brewers in First place(yes I know we are only 3 series into the season).

Now time to Meet the Mets and Beat the Mets. Yes the Mets have started off like a house afire but how many of those wins are against the Nats?

The fact the Crew is 3 games over 500 is amazing when you have Brady Clark not hitting and Geoff Jenkins is in his usual begining of the year slump. Hey how about letting Hart have a start in Right. Can you imagine what they will be like if Weeks and Clark and Jenkins all start to hit.

So Hurray Beer and On to NYC

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Apology and Reason

I have removed the post I wrote on Sat. night Sun. morning on the Mayweather/Judah fight.
The post was derisive and contained only minimal information. I did not announce the winner and did not cover the last two rounds. Also, I did not cover the brawl properly.

I apologize sincerely to the readers of this blog for my childishness.

I apologize to the other writers of this blog for inserting that trash into what is normally a very well written blog.

I realize this apology should have appeared prior to my posting on the Brewers tonight but once again I screwed up. I take full responsibility for that post and will accept any sanctions doled out by the founder of this blog or any of the other contributors. If my banishment is what is called for then so be it. Iam fully responsible for my writing and that writing was marginal at best in that post. Tony J Hall Chambersburg PA

A "W" is a "W" is a "W"...Some More Than Others Though

Whether you believe in the long season and uselessness of early season "statement" games or not, todays win over the Cards at the new Busch was big. Not HUGE or monumental but its purpose later in the year may prove this win as an almost "must" win. The young guns had to get a win at the new stadium to prove it was possible and that they did.
The formula they used, starting pitching just good enough, barely enough run manufacturing to get into the late innings with a chance to win, followed by great bullpen work and finally Turnbow closing the door is arguably what Nedley has envisioned happening at least 70 times this season.

I caught the bottom of the eleventh (right after Lee's laser shot, which I saw several times through replay by the Cards Network, Fox Sports Midwest) right after coming home from work.
The bottom of that pivotal inning was pure Turnbow. The guy can not pitch unless he has something on the line. His four pitch walk of the Cards number eight hitter included not one pitch even close to the strike zone. After a huddle on the mound with Miller he bared down and got Marquiss on the sac bunt and the PH on a medium fly to center followed by the final KO on a wicked slider that the batter looked helpless while whiffing at. The pitch reminded me of Jack Morris and the cutter he introduced to the Bigs in the 80's. OOP's got carried away there.

It was a good win and it was needed, we head to New Yawk now and face another test vs. the hottest team in the league followed by the Houston acid test. When all is said and done if these young guns come home on April 20th above .500 it will be big. Stay tuned these exciting ballplayers will answer a number of questions in the next two series. Hooray Yost's Young' uns...Hooray Beer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You could tell Ohka didnt have it today

What are you going to do with Toma you can usually tell half way through the first inning what kind of game he is going to have. Today you could tell he was in trouble. These last 2 games have been frustrating unlike the first 5 games they are not getting the big hit. Congrats to Billy Hall for the first Home Run ever in New Busch Stadium.

Do we need to buy Geoff Jenkins some sun glasses that is the second error on a fly ball in this early season. I was listening to the game on the radio so I didnt get to see the play but it sounded like Weeks had he play till Jenkins called him off then didnt make the play.

Wensdays game is a big deal they need to get back to their winning ways I believe Dave Bush is he scheduled starter lets hope he is as sharp as he was in his first outing.

See everyone on Wensday


Monday, April 10, 2006

A very good weekend for Wisconsin Sports

I wrote last week if the Crew could be 5-1 going into today's game against the Red Birds I would be very happy. Days like yesterdays game are going to happen. This team has a habit of beating up on Aces and making number 5 pitchers look like Aces.

They just need to keep winning series and things will work out. This month is brutal if we are still 4 games over 500 at the end of April I will be very pleased. The bats are still warming up but the pitching seems to be there already.

Lets ruin the Red Birds Grand Opening today, I hope they score a few more runs for Ohka today.

Its time to prove they really do belong at the beginning of Baseball tonight not at the end of it.

The Hockey Badgers what can you say what a great season I have made a promise to myself to actually get to a game in Madison next year.

Brett Favre, I will always love him for what he did for the Packers but this last couple of months has really started to grind on me. Saturday was the final straw I don't care the Packers are going to suck even if he comes back. How many interceptions did he throw last year. How many times did he throw 5 INT's in one game. Just make a Fraking decision will you please.

Congrats to Lefty on a second Green Jacket. I like Lefty he is a gambling degenerate like a lot of us here.;)

Heres to another great week of Wis Sports


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yes Wisconsin is the Center of the Hockey Universe

1973 1977 1981 1983 1990 2006

I really hope ESK is well on his way to getting drunk as a Sailor fresh off the boat tonight. If anyone here bleeds Badger Hockey its him enjoy Bro enjoy.

Congrats to the Badger Men adding National Title Number 6 to the storied history of the Badger Hockey Program. Some where Badger Bob is smiling.

A belated Congrats to the Badger Woman for their first Title.

What a game, What a finish BC banging one of the post with 1 second left Wow Fucking Wow.

Hats off to BC Goalie he played his ass off but the best team won. Nice to see the Wisconsin Hockey program back where it belongs on the top of the mountain.

Varsity Varsity U Rah Rah Wisconsin Hail to thy we sing

Praise to thy my alma matter U Rah Rah Wisconsin.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Red.


How Sweet It Is

The center of the hockey universe, take that East Coast Hockey!

Just Back From A Business Trip... StLouis of all places. Even if I could have hung around until Monday for the game the odds of scoring a ticket for less than $500 was minimal. I do have a few thoughts about that city and the Cards though.

They opened the new stadium on Tuesday, with tours and such for VIP's of Saint Loo, a few regular Fathers and Sons made it in but not many. The consensus was that it was hard to navigate the third level Mezzanine, rather you couldn't get there because all ramps led to the luxury boxes, and you weren't informed of that until you had trudged all the way up. Only one way to that level for peons such as me. The amenities were outstanding which is to be expected from a state of the art facility. Flat panel HD T.V.'s everywhere so you won't miss any pitch thrown and a sound system to die for.
From the outside the Stadium is beautiful and really makes the Rams home the Edward Jones dome (which it adjoins) look clunky and obsolete. The downtown area around the stadium still leaves much to be desired but overall it looks retro and very nice.

They also played a minor league game there Tuesday night and it was well attended (35,000 as I recall). The players all praised the playing surface and Sidney Ponson pitched for the Memphis squad and reported the mound conditions back to the big club which he was scheduled to join in Philly the next day, Ponson had only good things to say about the new mound which tells me this new park will be same old same old, as the old Busch. That is a gaps ballpark built for extra bases but not four base hits. A sudo pitchers park that favors, American League type pitchers, which the Cards have many of. This means nothing of course unless the Crew turns the tide of the last two years where we got smoked by an average of four runs a game at Busch.

The Cards have sold out the entire year and anyone lucky enough to get a ticket enjoy the atmosphere of St Loo baseball. The Loo is the most prolific baseball town I have ever visited. The town is nuts for baseball and the lunacy crosses all ethnic and class boundaries. I easily conversed with my Hispanic cab driver as I did with my Black bus driver as I did with the good old boys I worked with everyday. The Cards are a common thread that the entire city relates to. Just one tip. Don't disparage Mark McGwires tainted HR record. You'd have better luck wearing an I Love Bush T-Shirt in downtown L.A.

I won't be live-blogging the Judah-Mayweather fight tonight (it just too much of a bitch) but I will be posting my observations and opinions after the fight so if you are waiting to watch it next week don't read my next post.

Good times and bad

Okay, the good times are here for the Brewers. They've started 5-0, and you can feel the energy and confidence that they have by just watching them. There will be tough times this season, though. Sooner or later, there will be a a loosing streak or injuries. It will be then that we begin to understand what kind of a team the Brewers are going to be. I think that they have the right group of guys and the right manager and will come through it fine, but we won't know until it happens.

Just One more game for the Badgers

I wont say much this is ESK territory, but here's to the Hockey Badgers who are one step away from making Madison the Center of the Hockey Universe. Lets put the Mens trophy right next to the Woman's teams trophy.

6pm Tonight on ESPN and ESPN HD This team is about to return Wisconsin to the top of the Hockey Mountain which is their rightful home.

On Wisconsin Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Red


4-0 The Train Keeps rolling.

Very Nice debut for Dave Bush 7 Strong innings and only one earned run. Not a bad week for the pitching staff 4 strong performances and Big Ben pitched well in his Rehab Assignment down at AA Huntville. This has been a fun week yes it is a long season but its nice just to feel the vibe that surrounds this team right now. Very good crowd last night 25,737 not bad for a cold Wisconsin night I bet a lot of that crowd will be in the BC tonight rooting for the Badgers against BC.

Lets get a win today for Doug Davis put this the Brewers win but Davis gets a no decision crap to rest right away. A win today gives you another series win which is what we need to do to stay on track keep winning series. Another nice thing is Carlos Lee seems to have flipped the switch on now that the games count. I really hope he is still in a Brewer Uniform at the end of the year.

So lets keep the train rolling games you win in April matter just as much as a game you have in the last week of Sept. 87 wins to 91 ;)


Friday, April 07, 2006

Rollins hitting streak ends at 38 games

Am I the only one last night who was secretly rooting against Jimmy Rollins' attempt to catch Paul Molitor's 39 game hitting streak from 1987?

When you say WISCONSIN....


Thursday, April 06, 2006

"That's Elliott with two l's and two t's"

To be totally honest with all of you, this has the potential to be one of the most memorable weeks of my sports life. My little sis just won a national championsip, the Brewers are 3-0, the Badger women won the championship, the hockey Heismann and the Coach of the Year. Today starts the ultimate. I have been waiting for this for sixteen years, since I was 8 years old. Back then I assumed the Badgers would be in the Frozen Four every year, and winning Championships at least every three or four years. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way but tonight they can unbreak my heart, live up to the potential and skill they posess, and knock off one of college hockey’s most historic clubs. I’m deathly afraid of tonight’s game, not only because I would be totally devastated if they lose, but also because if they win, I will be totally unable to focus on anything else until they play Boston College (unless NoDak really turns it around here, which I hope they do since there are a lot of family friends on that squad).

Cross your fingers, say your prayers, and take a shot of something strong…only three hours til that God damned semi final doorbell rings, let’s all hope the Badgers answer this time.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… We Want More!

3 in a row, A very nice start

Hey all I could think of in the first 2 innings was, Damn just like last year they load up the bases and don't get any runs. Nice thing was they still managed to win this game were last year they would have lost this game. Wasn't that Texas Leaguer by Prince a thing of beauty a nice job of hitting with 2 strikes and 2 outs in a tied game. Why I am not a MLB Manager I would have pulled Turnbow in the 9th when he loaded the bases and I would have brought in Kolb. Turnbow has thrown a lot of pitches in the last three days. I remember the game in Minnesota last year when he pitched 2 innings the day before then blew one of the few saves the blew all year.

This is a very nice way to start, beginning with a sweep of a team that usually has our number is a good sign. Lets hope they can keep it going this weekend being 6-0 or 5-1 going into St Louis on Monday would be a great thing.

Great job by Toma Ohka last night shame he didn't get the win, oh he also layed down a kick ass bunt in the second inning I believe. So far it looks like they all paid attention to the lectures on the basics in spring training.

Oh and MLB extra innings rocks I got to watch the Yankees blow a 4 run lead I caught a bunch of other games was great. Night like tonight when the Crew is off is when MLB is going to really rock.

3 down 88 games to go to 91 wins lol

Hurray Beer

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Curse is Broken

The Curse placed on my Old School Brewers Batting practice Jersey by Ricky Bottallico has been broken. I went to Tuesday nights game(someone has to make for all the games ESK is going to miss since he is in Bean town) and wore my BP Jersey which had a curse placed on it last year against these same Pirates when Ricky blew a 6 run lead for Doug Davis and I didn't see another win in person all year.(Remember I banned myself from Miller Park at the end of the year to help the team)

Last night I saw a lot of things that really made me hopeful. First we won a series against Pittsburgh a team that has given the Crew fits for years. Plus top to bottom the Brewers line up is very deep and they have some really good bats coming off the bench. Prince is pressing but I believe once he gets his first hit it will be like a damn breaking. Quick aside Damion Miller made a text book play backing up first last night when Weeks over threw Prince but Miller was where he should be backing Fielder up and nailed the baserunner trying to take second. Its little stuff like that they gets you above 500 at the end of the year. Every game you win in April is one you don't have to win in Sept.

It was great to see Victor Santos in someone else's uniform. Same old Victor 2nd game out of spring training and he doesn't cover first on a ground ball costing the Bucs an out. Things got tight and true to form Victors collar got a little tight.

Smaller crowd(15,5150 than I would have hoped for in this year of higher expectations but its early and school is still in session. I really like what they have done to Miller Park with the new signs and the ribbon message board. I had bleacher seats last night but M and I walked around a lot and did the standing room thing I really enjoyed the evening I also introduced M to having your brat or polish "dipped" something that is becoming a lost art in Milwaukee. You still cannot beat a Miller Park Brat dipped in the Secret Stadium Red Sauce.

So far a very nice start to the season hopefully Toma Ohka can get them the sweep tonight.

Hurray Beer

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not Trying To Step On Any Toes

I'm not trying to take away the positive buzz of today's opener by the Crew. Just want to point out that these comments by Mark Chmura WILL make national news tomorrow.
Especially in the world of this hack of a reporter for ESPN. Shanoff has been critical of everything Favre has done for the last three years. Expect nothing less over these comments.
The Shanoff line; and by proxy the ESPN line will be, see even players agree with us, Favre is selfish and petulant.

My take is the man has earned the right to expect the club to surround him with minimally competent talent. The GreenBay Packers football corporation should use the wealth that they have accumulated through the support of the fans to build a winner and not alienate Brett Favre under the guise of rebuilding. 25 Mil under the cap is substantial and a Five pick is just as substantial. Do something with this wealth besides nudging Brett Favre out of the way.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hurray Beer lets get the party started

Yes Baseball is back today. Opening day is finally here.

Predictions for the Brewers season

I believe they will go 91-71 and Win the NL Wild Card. Isnt it great to have real hope this early in the Season.

I have a feeling you will see a lot more of me here now that Baseball is back


Give me your predictions in the comments or in a short post

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