Thursday, January 26, 2006

Favre Return Likely

According to USA Today, Brett Favre is "70-30" leaning towards returning for 2006.

New Packers coach Mike McCarthy reportedly plans to meet soon with Brett Favre . Packers insiders believe Favre is 70-30 leaning toward returning, but he won't make a decision until after Feb. 15, according to a report in USA Today.

McCarthy plans to meet with Favre after he is finished scouting players and seeking assistant coaches for his staff at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. A report earlier this week said that McCarthy will drive to Hattiesburg, Miss., where Favre resides in the off-season.

Favre has a $10 million salary cap number for 2006, and his retirement would accelerate $2.4 million of unamortized signing bonus into the cap. But his departure would create a net gain of $7.6 million in cap room because his $7 million base salary and $3 million roster bonus would be wiped off the books.

If you ask me, screw the cap number, I just wanna see the guy out there having fun again.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Suicide Watch Is Over, Hurray Beer

O.K. Ted Thompson put together a pretty good team in Seattle. I shall officially drink the kool-aid and give this guy a chance. No more Wile E. and no more McCarthy bashing. I like Sanders as the D Coordinator pick because the last thing we need is another system being put in place on that side of the ball. One quote that was quite telling when Bates left was his assertation that the D had no confidence when he arrived and that the proudest part of this years job was that he instilled confidence in this bunch. That is why there was no other choice but Sanders.
It took Holmgren and Thompson 7 years to bring a Super Bowl to the God forsaken wasteland that is Seattle. I hope it won't take that long in G.B.
For now the wife has stopped taking shoelaces out of my shoes and I'm allowed to use a knife again. I'm on board with giving these guy's a chance.

I will answer the Anna Benson Challenge ;)

Here is a few pictures of Mrs. Benson. She can be my Santas helper any day lol.

Bad Break for the Mets and the whole NL if you ask me


Some More National Brewer Love

Fox Senior Baseball writer has a post over at on how the NL Central is a much more competive division and how the Red Birds while the favorites cannot over look the rest of the division. Here is the post. He thinks the crew still needs more pitching but who doesn't. I really hope the Crew can live up to all these expectations this year.

Quick Arbitration question. If Toma and Brady end up in arbitration that means they stay with the team no matter what its just a matter of a which price right?

Well we are one day closer to spring training


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kris Benson got traded today...

Where are the pix of his ex-stripper wife? Come on guys your slipping. I'll give y'all a chance, but my cut off is noon tomorrow. If no picture by then I'll post one myself.

Friday, January 20, 2006

O.K.... short post

One of the hardest Championship weekends ever.
24-20 Carolina over Seattle
31-17 Denver over Pittsburgh

Really, This Has To Be Said

Now all the apologists for the NBA's thug lifestyle have come out in full force. Charles Barkley on Dan Patricks radio show, Michael Wilbon on ESPN's PTI, Tony Kornheiser following up on the same show, Jay Marrioti from Shitcago appearing on Around The Horn, and all the rest from hacks on TNT to so-called experts on ESPN, one and all have spouted the Company Line on the Antonio Davis incident. On a night when poster boy LeBron passed up a game winning shot to pass to WHO? Reformed Bad Boy Allen Iverson left the court with 20 seconds left in the game, ostensibly because he missed a free throw?
This League deserves my attention why?
I'm going to speak truth to power (NBA power, and conventional thinking power). That means all "responsible" and "diversity driven" people will hate the rest of this post.

What would the consequences be if I walked off the field of battle with a full 20 seconds left, I believe I would be humiliated for the rest of my life at the lack of balls that move shows to the rest of the world.
I guess LeBron might think he has earned a reputation like Michael Jordan and that passing to an unknown will leave that unknown open. Young man you have not even earned a wink from Mike. No matter what you might think.

This is what we have seen and what we know, Kendra Davis was cheering her husband loudly and standing up constantly and jumping around. The fan behind her lost view of the game so he asked her to sit her ass down. We have video from this point on, and this is what I saw, Kendra waving her hands in front of the mans face. Touching him twice, while the whole time said fan sat in his chair calling for security. Call me a Neanderthal if you like but if I pay $350 for a ticket that close to the court the last thing I want is an obstructed view. At this point I have to ask two questions, (1) who is at fault here, the man sitting in his seat asking (albeit abruptly) the person in front of him to sit down, or (2) the person obstructing the view, and then refusing to change their behavior and flashing "jazz hands" in the other fans face? Spin it anyway you want Kendra Davis has once again (calling out Sprewell) caused her husband much embarrassment. Antonio is right he should not apologize. Kendra should apologize and this will all go away. Of course she won't because the Media that thinks they are mainstream but are really marginal support the President Of The Players Union. The Chick was obnoxious and that is the bottom line. Antonio, control your woman.

This Chaps My Ass

Sorry guy's, I apologize in advance for the use of an expletive in the title of this post, but THIS REALLY FROSTS MY NADS. I refuse to drink the kool-aid and acknowledge that this is a legitimate country. If you have ever talked to any expatriate of the foul country of Cuba you know exactly what I mean. The murdering dictatorship of Fidel Castro does not deserve any kind of validation as a legitimate country.
If you have any doubt about the hypocrisy of this regime maybe you should check this web site or perhaps senseless murder is what it takes to change your mind, in that case the simple facts should be enough.
Every single commentator I have listened to today has espoused the "significance" or the "importance" of Cuba participating in the WBC. Balderdash, the participation of Cuba in this endeavor lessens the validity of the event. I have personally been to the state department several times this past year (2005), the amount of liberal lunacy is palpable. Appeasement is rampant and the lessons learned during the cold war have not yet penetrated the NUMB-skulls in that department. I hate to post about politics on this sports web-site but this is ridiculous and is totally driven by politics. Florida calls itself a Red state yet lets this travesty of justice occur. Shame on you Florida and shame on you State Department.

Note: Before y'all beat me up and point to the fact that the Treasury Department is the one who granted the visa's, be cognizant of the fact that the only reason it fell into their laps was because State passed the buck. End Of Note

JIB got me thinking...and that's not easy to do

JIB left a comment in a post by Paul Noonan that got me pondering the future of the G.B. Packers. Pauls post appeared this past Wednesday and referenced the resignation of Jim Bates as D coordinator. JIB's comment was this- I also agree with ESK's tone of moderation. After all, Ron Wolf built the Packers on a bunch of young, unproven guys, too. My concern is that Wolf largely got his unprovens from proven winning teams. Thompson is grabbing his from mediocre and bad teams.

All I have read about Ron Wolf always began with one true belief. Whether it was drafting players, hiring coaches, and even bringing in staff. Winning begets winning. That above all is what led to the majority of Wolf's decisions throughout his years in football.

Wile E. Thompson has thrown the first rule of Ron Wolf out with the bath water. Has any single one of his or his coaching proxies hires come from a winning program? None, not one, not a single hire has come from even a competent program. Lets finish the lunacy and hire the St Louis Rams D coordinator as our new man of D.

Note: Before y'all jump on me about coordinators being McCarthy's hires like last time, note I have added the words coaching proxies. I believe in culpability and taking responsibility for your actions. McCarthy was hired after an interview with Wile E. where his overall philosophy and personality was laid out. McCarthy's hires reflect the vision he laid out to the GM. That's where the responsibility lies. With the GM. END OF NOTE.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Early Brewers Optimism Sweeps Nation!

I haven't been to John Sickels Minor League Ball in a few weeks so I decided to check and see if he had any of the new Top 20 Prospects bu Organization up yet. Well, he doesn't (busy finishing the definitive book on Baseball prospects) but he does have some interesting discussion on the Brew Crew.

First, there is a very interesting discussion over in the open thread about the future of the NL Central. Seems people are starting to see the Brewers as a possible threat in an aging division.

Second, a few weeks ago John put up a poll to ask his very informed readers to pick the divisions for the coming season. 22% of participants picked Milwaukee to take the division. I was a little taken aback at that number, seemed a little high to me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


If you are a Packer fan, this is a disaster.

Jim Bates was one of the most important people in the organization, and there is little chance that they will be able to hire anyone in the same ballpark.

I'm liking the new guy less and less.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Bad refs, bad refs, whatcha gonna do?

If these refs are the best the NFL has to offer, I don't know what to say anymore. Let's review the most-egregious 4 foul-ups:

  • From the New England-Denver game, I give you Champ Bailey's 100-yard interception return. The ball squirted out of Bailey's hands just before he crossed the goal line and went through the end zone. The trailing ref thought that Bailey fumbled out of bounds before the ball went into the end zone, and the zebra under the replay hood somehow couldn't find the angles that showed that the ball first broke the plane of the goal line, which would have resulted in a touchback and the Patriots' ball at their 20 instead of Broncos ball with 1st and goal at the 1.

  • From the Pittsburgh-Indianapolis game - The Troy Polamalu (non-)interception. He picked off Peyton Manning, rolled around on the ground, and then knocked the ball out of his hand with his knee while trying to get up. The ruling on the field was an interception and a fumble, but after talking to the zebra upstairs (and who knows who else), the ref invoked the "football move" rule, modified it to say that the act of getting up off the ground to attempt to advance the ball is not a "football move" subsequent to the establishment of possession and control, and called the pass incomplete. That breathed new life into the Colts.

  • The second exhibit from the Steelers' win - the second 4th-down play in the 4th quarter the Steelers went for it. The left guard flinched slightly, half the Colts' defensive line came across, bumping into the Steelers' offensive line, and the zebras simply reset the play without throwing any flag. The Steelers went on to convert and then stall out.

  • From the Carolina-Chicago game - the no-play-clock play. The play clock ran out on the Bears a full second before the snap, but instead of calling delay of game, the refs let play continue. If the thought was to get the Bears back into it, it backfired as Rex Grossman threw an interception.

Revisions/extensions - The NFL has said that the refs screwed up on the Polamalu play. The explanation from Mike Pereria, VP of officiating -
The definition of a catch -- or in this case an interception -- states that in the process of making a catch a player must maintain possession of the ball after he contacts the ground.

"The initial call on the field was that Troy Polamalu intercepted the pass because he maintained possession of the ball after hitting the ground. The replay showed that Polamalu had rolled over and was rising to his feet when the ball came loose. He maintained possession long enough to establish a catch. Therefore, the replay review should have upheld the call on the field that it was a catch and fumble.

"The rule regarding the performing of an act common to the game applies when there is contact with a defensive player and the ball comes loose, which did not happen here."

The State of Wisconsin college Basketball

Something struck me this weekend when I saw UWGB vs UWM was one of ESPN's main college basketball games Saturday. Wisconsin is quietly becoming a very strong D1 basketball State. Even the Carebears are doing better than a lot of people expected(me included) as they play their first season in the Big East. Wisconsin has almost destroyed the memory we used to be the doormat of the Big Ten Basketball world. Remember when the thought of just making the Big Dance would make Badger fans crazy. Now its expected that we will be there in March.

Both of our Horizon League teams have been dangerous opponents in the NCAA playoffs. Its a shame their both in the same league which will only get one seat in the dance. I would love to see all four Wisconsin teams get into the field of 64 one year.

Even more reason for all four teams to play each other, I am looking at you Carebears. Wisconsin plays the other 3 and it don't hurt them. Think of the Tourny you could hold at the beginning of the season with all 4 teams. Holding it in a different city each year one year Green Bay, next year Madison next year Milwaukee. That ticket would be a tough one to get.

So everyone in this state should be proud of how far we have come in the college basketball world. ESPN has noticed why else was Woogie Boogie and the Best team in Milwaukee game on this weekend. It was even on the ESPNHD.

Between spring training and March Madness its going to be a hell of a month of March.


I Know...Too Much Is Too Much,

So Pop's loves McCarthy, if it's an Irish thing... or not... we don't know? This is what I know, it's a three year contract. If TT believed in this guy shouldn't it be four? These are the moves that Thompson has made since taking over the flagship franchise of the NFL.

Signed Sherman to a 6 Mil extension- He had to do it to show that all was fair. Reality though was TT had no desire to bring Sherman back. Could not a publicly owned trust expect up front honesty? If the guy is a lame duck then so be it, don't waste 6 mil on him.

Bubba Gets 20 Mil- Really you have to be shitting me. This guy deserves that signing bonus as much as Iran deserves enriched uranium.

Draft- I thought 9 players making the roster was a good thing. Yea it was good...good enough for 4-12. Who in that draft is long term? Rodgers? Please.

Hires- O.K. so this master-mind of offensive football has hired Jeff Jagodzinski as his coordinator? I'm really pumped now, the guy who developed David Martin is running the offense.

Just In Case- Anybody forgets and credits TT with miracles, Sherman had the same cap space and no one knows what would have happened.

Enough is Enough- Cut the pipeline on the west coast offense, there are three schools of coaching in play these days. West Coast (Bill Walsh; actually Walsh is to much of an egomaniac to admit that his offense was derived from Vince Lombardi) , The Bills, Belichick, and Parcells. And Chuck Kn0x, Ernie Zampese. So TT plays to type and hires a west coast offense puke. Can anybody on this blog make me feel better? I hate everything this guy (TT) has done . So now we have to be bad for three years? Thanks TED. Really though Am I too paranoid? It don't matter, this feeling won't go away. Rodgers is Scott Hunter, TT will not bring back Ahman, who loves G.B. My final thought is, Jeff Jagodzinski? Thats the confidince Brett has to come back to? Retire Brett, save yourself the indignanty of this fiasco.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Musings From A Sunday

Just some thoughts that crossed my mind while I watched Steve Smith, uhmm, I mean the Panthers dismantle da’ Bears.

Urlacher and the tattoo- I think it’s common knowledge that if your going to get a barb wire tattoo around you bicep it better circle your entire arm. Grown men have passed out when the artist hits your under-arm (ask my three brothers, they all have them, they all readily admit that it was the worst pain of their lives, which is why my chicken-ass has not done it yet). Couldn’t the NFL defensive player of the year handle that? Upon further review the tattoo on Urlachers bicep does not connect at the bottom. Hey, I love the guy and I wish he wore Green and Gold, but man you have to fix that.

Tommie Harris DE/DT- O.K. he is just a hybrid guy who has no position. He just plays like The Minister of Defense, and like Reggie he will play End and dominate for years. I hate this full disclosure stuff, I watched this guy play at Copperas Cove High School in Texas (Ft Hood TX). When I shook his hand after he decided to attend Oklahoma (the young mans junior year of High School) it was exactly the same as shaking Reggie’s hand at the Packer HOF. Unbelievable, the enormity of the man can not be described. I have been amidst of great men, Tommie Harris is one of those men.

Hunter Hillenmeyer LB Chicago- Perhaps this one man is the reason Mike Sherman was fired. Up until the point that he was removed from the game with a concussion the weak side linebacker of the Shitcago Bears was everywhere. Inadvertently Joe Buck and Troy Boy Aikybreaky heart mentioned Hunter Hillenmeyer’s name 2 to 1 versus Brian Urlacher. While Da Bears spotlighted Lance Briggs and Urlacher for the pro-bowl, Hillenmeyer led the team in tackles this game. Just in case no one remembers Hillenmeyer was drafted by Mike Sherman as the second of two fifth round picks. How does a linebacker cut by Sherman emerge as an all-pro? He didn’t even make it to the last cut. Hillenmeyer was cut on the second to last cut.

Speaking of Linebackers- I couldn’t help but wonder, wistfully I might add, what could have been. Since everyone is putting all their stock in Ron Wolf and how great he was, could I place a reminder here of reality. Not only did he stamp Toast Buckley as a great player but he traded up to get Jamal Reynolds. As I watched the Bears game tonight I noticed how nice Dan Morgan was. Without much imagination, we can see what might have been. Dan Morgan in the middle, Hunter Hillenmeyer on the weak side and Nick Barnett on the strong side. Pretty formidable don’t you think?

OFFICIATING- O.K. it’s a separate post!

No, Really, I Like These Guys...

I really like Sterling and Shannon Sharpe. They got a bum rap in Wisconsin because they hated the media (as I do, they CAN NOT be trusted) so the media ripped them at every turn because of it. Sterling did two games on ESPN this year and he was right on in his analysis, and more importantly was not a shill for the NFL. I can only imagine what he thought about the ineptitude of this weekends officiating.
Which brings me to Shannon, full disclosure here, Shannon was a sophomore at Savannah State when he came calling on my 14 year old niece. My nieces were quite fast and very pretty so he had no idea they were just starting high school. Upon his arrival in front of my Mother-In-Laws house he was read the riot act and immediately dismissed and denigrated (this dressing down procedure was familiar to me, since I too was attempting to join the matriarchal society of my wife’s family). My wife is from Savannah and the story of his dismissal from the front porch of 39th street is legend.
I love Shannon’s irreverent and topical take on things. His humor is why I think CBS has the best pre-game show on NFL Sundays.
Today Shannon was asked, by host Greg Gumble (the good Gumble), if he thought the hiring of Mike McCarthy was a good decision by the Packers. Shannon’s answer was high-larious and right on the money, NO. He had to check his note card to get the answer. His note card, which he held up to the camera, had a huge NO hand scrawled on it. Classic, but his point was all too true and in turn, painful. Why would you hire the offensive coordinator of the worst offense in the league? The sixty-niners were held without a touchdown in six of their games this year. They were dead last in yards gained and points, and set a record for futility in yard differential. The year he coached in G.B. as Brett Favre’s position coach Brett threw 22 T.D.’s and 24 interceptions. Not the harbinger of reigning in Brett and making him more efficient. Finally Shannon pointed out that Ted Thompson (TT) had made a rash decision and a more deliberate search would have yielded a better choice. Again I have to agree with Shannon here. Think about it, you hire an offensive coordinator, that’s fine ( full disclosure once again, I wanted a D coordinator) but why do you hire the worst of thirty-two at his job? To make things worse, the best (Al Saunders) of the thirty-two is still out there? If you were running an organization and had a world to choose from would you hire the statistically worst person or perhaps one with a track record that showed success at every turn? The anxiety and tenseness I felt when they drafted Rodgers has increased ten-fold. Are we headed for another thirty years in the desert? I hope not. I will give TT a chance. I’m not a knee-jerk kind of guy. It’s just that the tea-leaves are not looking good. As Shannon and Sterling Sharpe would say; Green Bay ain't the best place to play but it certainly ain't the worst, theres always Arizona.

Grossman the Savior?

How bout that defense! As good as 85 right? Bullshit.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

NFL Playoff Preview

As I write this, I am listening to America's worst sports radio talk show host, Erik Kuselias. He's subbing for Dan Patrick this afternoon. While Dan can be a bit banal, repetitive, boring, and has a remarkable ability to never express an actual opinion, he is at least the functional equivalent of background music. It's nice to put him on my headphones because he is in no way distracting.

Kuselias, on the other hand, is loud, obnoxious, and almost every opinion that he expresses is wrong. He also inexplicably hates Chicago.

I think that a lot of fans across the country think that some major media figure hates their team, and that most of these fans are just imagining it. People like to feel like underdogs, as if everyone is against them.

But Kuselias really does hate Chicago sports. How do I know?

1. I also hate Chicago sports teams. I am a Packer fan. Should (God forbid) the Bears win the Super Bowl, my life will be miserable for at least a month.

2. Even though I hate Chicago sports teams due to the natural rivalry between Wisconsin and Chicago (Note: Some may take issue with my comparing of a city to a state, but this is entirely accurate. Wisconsin fandom (especially Packer fandom) is a statewide phenomenon. As far as southern Illinois is concerned, however, it may as well be a different state.) I am more fair in my treatment of Chicago sports than is Kuselias.

He just stated that he thought that there are 5 teams capable of winning the Super Bowl, and the Bears were not among them. The Panthers, on the other hand, were. I have seen both teams play, and there is no possible way that anyone can believe that the Panthers have any shot at the Super Bowl. Their defense is OK, but last weekend it looked to me like the Giants just fell apart. The Panthers are OK, not great. The have one good WR, an average and turnover prone QB, and a RB who can look great, but who disappears for long stretches. The Bears can and will shut all of this down.

The Bear defense is much, much better than the Carolina defense. It just is. Sure they don't have much of an offense, but it's not as anemic as people make it out to be. It was, when Kyle Orton was still at the helm, but just the threat of a pass opens things up for Thomas Jones, who played a truly heroic season as the team's only offensive threat.

When you look up and down the Bears season it looks like a few people managed to put up some points on them, but if you look at the stats, it's just not true. The Bengals put up 24 on them because Orton threw 5 interceptions. 5! Bobby Wade also lost a fumble in that game, and the Bengals only scored 24.

Cleveland put up 20 in a game that saw Orton, Mark Bradley, and Cedric Benson all lose fumbles, and in which Cleveland staged a freakish rally in the last 3 minutes after the Bear defense had spent basically the whole game on the field.

Only Pitt managed to mount an offense without the help of the Chicago offense, and they were aided by a blizzard that basically neutralized speed on defense.

Take out those games, and the Bear defense gave up the following: 9, 6, 3, 6, 13, 17, 9, 3 (in the "wind bowl" against Carolina), 10, 7, 3, and 17. That's it. They never gave up over 17 points unless their offense suffered around 6 turnovers. (I'm not counting their week 17 loss to the Vikings in which they rested their starters.) The defense basically didn't have any let-downs.

The Panthers gave up 27 to Miami. They gave up 29 to a truly sorry Green Bay team. They gave up 24 to the Cowboys. They gave up 23 to the Saints. Did they shut some teams down? Sure. But the Bears shut everyone down.

I hope that the Panthers win, but I don't see it. They do have one thing in their favor.

It's nearly 60 degrees right now in Chicago, and it may not be that cold this weekend (the forecast right now is for temps in the low 40s). But the thing is, it hasn't really mattered for the Bears this year. In fact, weather actually hurt them on at least two occasions (against Pitt and Washington), although it did lead directly to their win over Carolina.

Kuselias spent all summer ripping the White Sox, and transitioned effortlessly into football season. If the Bears do go on to win the Super Bowl, I' blaming him.

When you are looking for potential champions, you should look for the teams that are the best at something. The Bears have the best defense in football and they are definitely a threat. I think that they roll over Carolina on Sunday and Delhomme throws at least 2 picks.

Washington would normally be a bad matchup for Seattle, sporting a great defense in its own right, but they're beat up, they have to fly across the country, and Seattle is good enough to take advantage of the situation. Brunell looks like the Brunell of last year, and if the Redskins can't pass, they are not going to win. A Seattle/Chicago matchup appears imminent, which is good, because Seattle has the best chance to stop the Bears.

What about the AFC? I'm very tempted to pick against Indy, but I'm also smart enough not to. I have this theory that in the playoffs, refs let defenses beat up receivers and therefore, Indy is doomed, but they won't be doomed until next weekend. Pitt has a chance. They seem to be putting it together at just the right time, and I don't expect a repeat of the last matchup where Big Ben was just returning from injury, but Indy is going to be tough for any team, and with a bye, Pitt probably doesn't have enough.

Denver is going to beat New England. I know that the New Enlgand story is nice, but they don't quite have it anymore. Denver has improved just enough and New England has declined just enough that Denver is finally going to get over the hump. They're better on defense and they can grind it out. Usually, that is the Patriots model for playoff success (people forget how instrumental Antowain Smith and Corey Dillon have been), and now the Broncos are set up better for it.

At the very least, the games should be better this weekend. There were some real Turd Fergusons last weekend and it can only improve.

Finally, I would like to mention that it is sort of nice to have a hated rival. Normally, when you're team fails to make the playoffs your interest declines significantly, but since I really want the Bears to lose I actually have something to watch. Here's hoping that the Panthers prove me wrong.

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

This is an unsurprising selection to be the next head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He is basically the perfect candidate to be a transitional coach for a team in the midst of great upheavel. The guy has no expectations coming in and can only be a pleasant surprise. If he fails, bg deal, he won't be getting any kind of contract that will force the Packers hand down the road.

I also think the fact that Bates was brought in last was a very smart move by Thompson. Undoubtedly he told him the direction they were going and stressed the imortance of Bates in the organizations future. (It also sort of forced Bates to play wait and see and not go interviewing all over the league). What I would like to see here is a Mike Ditka/Buddy Ryan style coaching tandem. McCarthy does the offense, Bates does the defense, and never the twain shall meet. If McCarthy trys to pull some odd power play with Thompson at his back, look for Bates to jet within the next few days.

As for trying to dissect his offensive stats, lets just take a step back. Look at how patehtic the 49ers have been the past few years. San Fran could have brough back Bill freaking Walsh and still not been competitive, and you all know how I (and FINALLY the rest of the country) feels about Aaron Brooks.

Last but not least, Mike McCarthy is, for one reason or another (Brooks, Ken Dorsey, Alex Smith...failures all) considered a quarterback quru.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Seriously, how did Sutter get in ahead of Gossage and Blyleven?

What a travesty. My friend Ahren makes the case as persuasively as it can be made:

blyleven not getting in. just criminal. 4970 IP, with and ERA+ of 113. 5th on the all-time k list. he gets hosed because he played for shitty small-market teams for the majority of his career. try this exercise-- if i'm baseball God and you're a GM and you come to me, and i tell you that you can have 2 of the following 3 pitchers for their entire career:

pitcher A-- 5000 IP, 113 ERA+
pitcher B-- 2000 IP, 126 ERA+
pitcher C-- 1000 IP, 136 ERA+

who would you leave out? i'm guessing you wouldn't even hesitate in leaving out C. obviously A is blyleven, B is gossage, and C is sutter. sutter was a great player and he had a cool beard, but this is a travesty.

Packers to name McCarthy head coach is reporting that the Packers will hire 49'ers offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy and the new head coach.

McCarthy was one of Brett Favre's quarterbacks coaches in 1999.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy Buh Bye Russell

Well I don't think this news will get me back in the political blogger ring any time soon. But it was a very nice thing to read this morning when I opened up the E version of the MJS. I hope Russell goes on to a nice long career just as long he isn't doing it in Milwaukee.

Now if they could find someone who wants to trade for Kane Davis it would be a wonderful month.

Spring Training can not get here fast enough for me I have already decided I am going to drop the iron for MLB extra innings package this year it will be All Baseball all the time I have access to MLB radio on XM pretty soon I will have as many opinions as ESK and I will be right on all of them lol ;P

What a beautiful day the sun is shining and I now live in a Russell Branyon free Zone lol.

Hurray Beer

Monday, January 09, 2006

Calhoun opts to become the next Terrell Fletcher

Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. T-Fletch had a fine NFL career when you consider his abilities, and Calhoun will make a very nice third down back. I just wish he would stuck it out for one more year. We have seen the future at RB for Wisconsin (at least some of it) and it looks slow and fumbles frequently. Good luck to Calhoun, I would love to see him succeed.

This was actually the logical thing to do. Calhoun just played a great game on national TV against a great defense, he had a fantastic year, and he's certainly not getting any bigger. This is the time to go.

This just might speed GBfan's full return to blogging

AP via ESPN:

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers designated infielder Russell Branyan for assignment Monday, making room for new third baseman Corey Koskie.

...Milwaukee has 10 days to trade, release or send him outright to the minors.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

GB loves this trade too

Finally ESK and I agree on something first thing in about 3 months I believe lol. I love this trade since as was stated in the article ESK links to the Brewers got away with murder on that trade. This also frees up Billy Hall to play the role of UBER Sub, a role he has thrived on. Hall can play 3 of the 4 infield positions to spell Ricky, JJ or Koskie plus I believe that Koskie has played some firstbase also so he could spell Prince at first.

Plus if ESK is right that this spells the end of my least favorite Brewer Russell Branyon how could I not love this trade.

I was on record saying that I would put my faith in Doug Melvin and that he knew what he was doing not signing one of the high priced free agents. Well I guess he showed us he did know what he was doing lol. I am really starting to look forward to spring training. Hope is such a powerful drug isn't it.

As ESK mentioned in an earlier post any Starter who can get to the 6th inning with a lead has a very good chance on getting a win if Wise, Kolb and Turnbow all pitch like we believe they can. Think of that 3 headed monster closing games out. I really hope the Mike Maddox can get Kolb back on in battery with all guns firing.

Well since the Packer season is over till draft day I am going to be all Brewer all the time.

So lets get the Brewer Party Started lol

Hurray Beer

Oh and congrats on the move to bean town ESK I am guessing its work related not hiding from some crazed husband lol. ;)

I Am One Happy Bostonian!

So I get all set up, unpack everything hop in the shower get ready and am on my way out the door to find a somewhat mellow bar to watch the lame ass Patriots game (and root for the Jags in the midst of a bunch of meat head Pats fans) when I decide to quickly check the Urinal online to see how badly Marquette got beat. Well, they lost (which hurts my UConn boys who also struggled) but the bigger news is the signing of third basemen Corey Koskie.

This is a brilliant move both on the field and financially. Haudricort explains why this is a great fiscal move for the Brewers while the experience and fielding ability make it clear why it is a great baseball move. Koskie allows the Brewers a little bit of flexibility at third base (adios Branyan, nice knowing you) and doens't force them to start Hall everyday. It covers them when Hall inevitably comes back to earth and plays to his abilities, but it Hall truly is as good as our homeboy GBfan believes, the Crew isn't paying enough to be in a position where they have to start Koskie. Really, really brilliant.

The other aspect to the deal is the possibility of the other shoe dropping. The Crew has a lot of talent in the minors at third base just waiting for the opportunity. I think this deal could pave the way for Billy to be moved for some bullpen help or some outfield depth, even a minor league starter with a large upside would probably be enough to move him at this point. The best part, if Koskie, Hall or Branyan have a big spring and continue playing well into the start of the season, they are a lock to bring in some nice trade value.

Friday, January 06, 2006

So much for Cheddar Loyalty

Former Badger assistant and Eagles' offensive coordinator Brad Childress accepted the job up in Love Boat Land without so much as giving the Packers a previously-scheduled courtesy interview. If Favre does come back, he probably wont have Darrell Bevell to kick around anymore; he's likely gone to the Vikings as well as offensive coordinator. Please, please tell me that Bevell won't just be collecting a paycheck.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kolb Signs

Dan Kolb is no longer a bitch. He signed, he bartered, and he got himself a pretty nice one year deal considering he blew up last year and couldn’t throw strikes. I like that they brought him in and I think, if he pitches really well, they could flip him quick for a cheap young utility guy. It is inevitable that teams need relief at the break and with this deal, the Brewers have incentive to move him ASAP. If this works it could be gigantic and the Brewers might try and lock him up for a few years. Imagine having to only get through seven innings to get to the set of closers we potentially have. It would be a beautiful thing. Throw Wise in the mix and the seventh, eigth and ninth innings become incredibly daunting to opposing hitters. It would also force opposing managers to make moves (pinch hit for a hot pitcher) earlier in the game if the Crew can take early leads. I know a lot has to happen for this to play out, but it’s a nice step. The best part is that this was the Brewers initial offer. They sent it to Boras and said take it or leave it and did not budge. Good morning news indeed.

I’m moving to Boston today and am not sure when I will be getting the ol’ internets up and running at my posh downtown pad, but hopefully I’ll be gold by Monday.

I was a giant fan of Vince Young until this morning. The guy had an incredible game, and absolutely amazing game, perhaps the best individual performance I have ever seen. BUT, already this morning two people (Bill Curry was one, I didn;t catch the name of the other) have called Vince Young The Greatest College Quarterback Of All Time. It's hyperbole like this that makes me hate ESPN.

Matt "we're still the better team" Leinert is the new bitch.

Coaching hunt update

The Journal Sentinel has the short list of candidates for the head coaching job up in Green Bay. In the hopper (except for very quick comments on some, I'll avoid opinions at this point as it's rather late) -

- Brad Childress, former Badgers' offensive coordinator and current Eagles' offensive coordinator, was interviewed yesterday supposed to be interviewed yesterday, but was still in Minnesota. The line on him is that if he's hired, Darrell Bevell is the offensive coordinator.
- Wade Phillips, Chargers' defensive coordinator and ex-head coach at Denver and Buffalo (and interim coach in a few other places), got permission to interview with the Packers yesterday. He and Wile E., Ted Thompson have a long history going back to Thompson's playing days.
- Mike McCarthy, Niners' offensive coordinator (was with the Saints until this past season), also got permission to interview with the Packers. For those that want Favre back, he was the Packers' QB coach in 1999.
- Sean Payton, Cowboys' passing game coordinator, will be in town later today. James, thoughts on him?
- Maurice Carthon, NewBrowns' offensive coordinator, is also in town today. Please tell me that Wile E. isn't impressed by the thrashing the NewBrowns gave the Pack.
- Ron Rivera, Bears' defensive coordinator, has until the end of the week to get "preliminary" interviews done before the NFL Playoff Lockdown goes into effect (he can't sign anything until the Bears are out of the playoffs). The Packers are working on getting a Saturday interview (which is odd because earlier reports put the cutoff on the prelims as Friday).
- Jim Bates, the favorite of some people here (not me), did not have a date scheduled as of yesterday afternoon, and he isn't even mentioned in the current version of the linked story.
- Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, Steelers' offensive coordinator and offensive line coach respectively, have drawn interest, but cannot be interviewed until the Steelers are out of the playoffs.

Revisions/extensions - dunno exactly when the JS corrected the Childress info and wiped out Bates, but those of you who wanted Childress, it looks like he's replacing the other Mike up in Love Boat Land.

Revisions/extensions part 2 - ESPN is now saying that Bates has an interview scheduled for next week.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Hope the Next Packers Head Coach Is Not a Minority

I hope the Packers next head coach is not a minority.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are black (not really, I only hang out with a handful of African Americans, but I think white people are obligated to make that ridiculous statement when discussing race). I have gotten an email or two accusing me of being hard on Vick because he is black, but that isn’t true either, I hate Vick because he is an asshole whose “explosive athleticism” has hamstrung an entire organization and whose overhyped persona covers every asshole thing his little brother does, including a blatant ghetto stomp in a Bowl Game.

No, I don’t want the Packers to hire a minority because it will be a set up for all involved. Look at what happened to Notre Dame. They fire a head coach who was doing a terrible job with what has proven to be more than capable talent but are labeled racist by complete idiots like Scoop Jackson because that underperforming head coach happened to be a black guy. Forgive me but failure is failure, and from all looks of it, the next Packers head coach will fail.

He will be given two or three years to bring the Packers back to the playoffs. If that doesn’t happen or if there isn’t at least marked improvement, the guy will get the axe. It is necessary because if the Packers play poorly for two plus years, Thompson will be fighting for his job and will be forced to make a move to cover his ass.

By all reasonable reckoning, the next head coach of the Packers will be a transitional coach (barring exceptional performance) who will be paid little and expected to hold a team together through massive turnover and little success. Right now the only minority the Packers have early interviews with is Maurice Carthon, the offensive coordinator for the Browns (is Houston’s offensive line coach not available?) I hope, for the sake of Mr. Carthon, the Packers organization, and Packer fans everywhere that the next coach to be fired that Green Bay hires is a white guy.

Other news:

-Marv Levy is returning in some sort of capacity to the Bills

-Mike Greenberg says he is hearing that very very soon Herm Edwards will be going to the Chiefs

Morning Draft Update:

News is starting to bubble that if Vince Young plays fantastic tonight, he will be turning pro. That would be fantastic for Green Bay. New Orleans is sure to draft a quarterback, most likely Leinert. From there the next team that really needs a QB is the NY Jets, who will almost surely take Young at the number four spot., while the Texans probably take D’Brickshaw Ferguson I would love him to fall to Green Bay, but since the top four spots are pretty tight locks, assuming Young goes, the Packers get a guy who will make an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball in AJ Hawk. I would be a big fan of that pick. If Young doesn’t enter the draft the next likely pick would probably be either defensive lineman Ngata (can’t recall his first name, he plays for Oregon) or the very impressive corner from VaTech, Jimmy Williams. I have been unable to locate any ridiculously early mock drafts yet, but pre-combine, I would imagine my top five or so are universal. If Young enters, then it is identical, if he doesn't, then only the first three are givens.

UConn Loss:

And yes, that is how I look at it. I have two out of state teams I love, and UConn is one of them. I didn’t become a basketball fan until I was about twelve and so this is the one team I really got to pick for myself. I settled on a scrappy team from the East mainly because they were always on ESPN and Jim Calhoun is an incredible personality. He has the intensity and basketball knowledge of Bob Knight, but loses the bitter hatred for others and replaces it with a thick east coast accent. They were a pretty good, not great team back then and I have followed them ever since. So it was with a bit of pain that I watched my alma mater absolutely house a lazy and disinterested powerhouse last night. I was at the game in UConn gear, but at the end I had to clap politely, because Marquette just outplayed and outhustled a team that should have beaten them by 17. Congrats on a big win, and a season highlight, I’ll have to be content to get my season highlights in April!

Brewer news (cause it’s been awhile):

Dan Kolb is a bitch and Doug Davis and his wife are “separated.”

The whole bar should be rooting for a Texas victory and a Hesiman like performance from Vince Young. If he enters, the Pack gets AJ Hawk, who proved his dominance during that ABC drama featuring Brady Quinns sister the other day. Seriously, Brent Mussberger ruined an absolutely fantastic game by talking, between every play, about the moderately attractive sister of the Notre Dame QB.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Way to go CareBears

Guess the Carebears didnt get the Memo that they were to play the role of patsies this year in the Big East.

UConn might be the last team in the Big East to think they can overlook MU. As you all know I am not a Carebears fan but still nice to see them stand up for themselves.


Dan Patrick's Gut Feel

I was listening to Dan Patrick today and he was actually at Lambeau (for the first time) on Sunday for the game. While Favre didn't talk to reporters after the game, he did chat up Patrick and his son for about 20 minutes. The feeling Dan got?

Favre is done.

It was a gut feeling more than anything, and Patrick emphasised the fact that this was immediately following the last football game in a dysmal season, but there you have it. From the "last known person to ask Favre" got the feel that it was Brett's last football game.

Also of note, Mike Sherman will be on the show tomorrow, not sure what time, as soon as Keith Olbermann got on the show I developed an intense and uncontrollable hatred and had to turn off the show. Olbermann is quickly challenging Stu Scott as the most annoying man in Bristol (and KO is only there once a week). I expect this to be the most boring interview in the history of jilted head coaches. Show some fire Mike!

A little Wisconsin Schadenfreud

Here is a site that allows you to look at a number of Alabama newspapers. The good people of War Eagle nation are in a little bit of a state of shock right now. lol.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Real reason Mike Sherman got fired

Green Bay Packer General Manager Ted Thompson announced today that Mike Sherman was not fired because of his record. Okay, could it be the way Mike Sherman made personnel moves when he was GM?

Could it have been a complaint by Melissa Stark? "My eyes are up here, buddy."

Could it have been that he flunked his anger management class?

RE: Sherman

Allright, i'm stil barely functional from drining til noon and jumping in Lake Michigan, but I just wanted to
predict Sherman is out, Bates is in and no news on Favre.

The quick announcement is what makes me think it will be Bates moving in, they don't want to give Mariucci the $5+ million it would take to top the contract he is owed for what will likely be a transitional coach. I don't dislike the move but I'm not extrememly excited about it.

re: Sherman fired

Fox Sports is confirming that one, not that there was much doubt. What next? Bates, Marriucci, Brian Childress, Tim Lewis, or someone else?

Sherman to be fired today

Packers Press Conference at 10:30 am today! Mike Sherrman will be fired.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quite the Packer Sunday

Well what do you think? Was that Brett's last game? It sure felt like it I have it on TiVo so I can burn it on to a DVD. You see flashes that there is hope for next year. Other than the Monday night abomination this team didn't quit. I still believe Sherman should join Tice in the unemployment line.

Ok it looks like the 4th pick let the football hot stove league begin. Look at the bright side Spring training is coming.

"Hurray Beer"

Yes I know I am retired but I intend to still sports blog right now its the only thing keeping my head out of the oven.

So final thought if this was the Final curtain

Thanks Brett for 14 great years, for allowing me to have my own Super Bowl "Team" instead of having to borrow my Grandfathers and fathers team from the 60's. Thank you for allowing me to say after years of suffering as a Packer fan this immortal phrase. "Finally everyone else team sucks" Thank you for a decade, a fraking decade of making the Bears our Bitches. Thank you for making it seem weird when we didn't make the playoffs, instead of being used as the example of a team that hadn't been in the playoffs for the longest time. Thank You for some great Packer Moments
The Dive against Atlanta in the playoffs, Making the 49ers our Play off bitches the throw to Sterling Sharpe in Detroit, The pass to Bad Moon in the SB XXXI. Hell thank you for 14 years of memories. I hope you have a long and peaceful retirement if that is the path you have chosen.


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