Monday, October 31, 2005

Favre, Gall, and the Packers

I have two brief quick hitters for everyone.

First, you have to watch this video. Some enterprising soul superimposed the Burger King over Gall. I wish the guy would have shown the security guard scramble the King's brain 40 yards down field.

Secondly, have the Packers thought about signing Gregory Gall? He's got better hands than anyone currently on the defense.

Check out the rest of this comment thread at Fark. This is where I originally got the video link, but the image of Gall being planted by the security guard is priceless.

Update 2
The Greenhouse on 620 WTMJ brings up a good point. The security guard made a hard, text book tackle. Maybe the Pack should be talking contract with him, too.

Wow Early line on Wis vs Penn St game is Penn St -10.5

I know the line has nothing to do with who is the better team its about getting 50% on both sides of the game. But I was surprised to see the line so high.

Penn State didn't look that good against Purdue last week a couple of scores late to make it look good. We will have to wait and see on Saturday


Sunday, October 30, 2005

The drive to the number one pick is still on track

This weeks Packer Performance helped keep the drive to a top 5 pick on track. The drive to number one was helped by Houston winning its first game of the year over the hapless Cleveland Browns who by the way if you have forgotten beat our beloved pack.

What can you say Favre looked old the offense looked like what you expected. Yes they gave a good not great Bengals team a game but you cannot turn the ball over 5 times and win.

Will somebody explain to Nick"showboat"Barnet that he is on a team that is 1-6 stop dancing everytime you make a tackle for a 5 yard gain.

For those of you old enough to remember, didn't the pack look like one of the teams from the late 70's early 80's era. My rock the shotgun snap to no one was a classic bad Packer team move lol.

Like a POW caught in torture cell I have decided the only way to survive is to leave my body when it come to the pack. I watch but I get no pain or joy from the games right now. Its the only way to keep my sanity.

Final GB crazy thought, how about talking to Denver about Ron Dayne? I mean he is 3 on their depth chart. He has to be almost as good as Tony Fisher who played ok today as third down back pretending he is a starter. Are we past the NFL trading deadline could the pack even trade for him if they wanted to. It was just a thought as I watch Denver dismantle the Iggles.

Well at least we have Wisconsin and a slew of High School Teams to root for.


Update with a suprise victory over Tampa Bay I believe San Francisco has put us in the number one spot since Houston has a victory over a common opponet lol.

What the hell...

...happened at the end of that Packer game!?! They had no business tying or winning that game, but just the same, I'm still confused by the last 30 seconds.

The difference between good teams and bad teams

I just watched Nick Collins drop an interception, and I'm reminded of something a coach once told me. The difference between good teams and bad teams is that good teams make big plays, and bad teams almost make big plays.

NFL Week 8 (a bit late for the early games)

(Originally posted back at No Runny Eggs

We're closing in on the halfway point, and I'm at a money-making 56-44-2. Let's see if I can continue (the line is the Sunday AM line from Yahoo) -

Minnesota @ Carolina (-7.5) - Stick a one in front of that 7.5.
Green Bay @ Cincinnati (-9) - What's the over/under on the week Sherman gets fired?
Arizona (+9) @ Dallas - Somehow, the Cowboys' defense always keeps it close.
Philadelphia @ Denver (-3.5) - I can't bet against the altitude.
Chicago (+3) @ Detroit - Take the under 32.5 as Duh Bears take sole possession of first and wrap up the division.
Cleveland (+2) @ Houston - How is a winless team favored?
Jacksonville (-3.5) @ St Louis - No Martz = no points.
Buffalo @ New England (-9) - Tedy Bruschi will outscore Buffalo in his return.
Miami vs New Orleans (-2.5) @ Baton Rouge - It will be a happy almost-homecoming for the Saints, not-so-happy for Nick Saban.
Washington @ NY Giants (-2) - Too bad Tony Stewart can't play quarterback.
Oakland (-1) @ Tennessee - The coin landed tails.
Kansas City (+6) @ San Diego - Just too many points to give.
Tampa Bay (-11) @ San Francisco - Tampa Bay -36 might be a fairer bet.
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-10) - Take Blitzburgh -33; the OldBrowns ain't scoring.


I now know I've lost all hope for the Packers. I'm seriously torn between watching a NASCAR race where Dale Earnhardt Jr is actually strong, or the 7 to 7 Packer game. I think I lost hope the moment I found out they picked up a Taco to play receiver.

WIAA football playoffs, Menomonie V. Chippewa Falls

Next weekend's Division 2 playoffs will bring us a game that I predicted will produce one of that divison's state participants, Menomonie and Chippewa Falls. Menomonie is a perennial Division 2 powerhouse. Chippewa Falls is a newer D-2 team, having played in Division 1 for years. These two teams are also in the same conference, and earlier in the year, Menomonie handed Chippewa Falls their only loss of the season, 35 to 13. Menomonie coach Joe LaBuda expects a tough battle this time around:
“It won’t be anything like it was the first time,” Menomonie coach Joe LaBuda said of the matchup. “That was just one of those games where everything went right for us and everything went wrong for them. I look for it to be a very close, tough game.”
Chippewa Falls would have to be a fan favorite in this game, but if there were a betting line, Menomonie would be the favorite. Either way, I'd expect the winner of this game to make some noise in Madison. In fact, I say take Chippewa and the points :-).

Re: Ched Head et al...

Sorry about throwing my last post in the comments section, as I was a tad low on time. I still am, but I'll crank out something quick.

So the British Open men's and women's tourney's are run by the same organization, and the argument is that if you allow a woman in the men's that you must allow a man in the woman's. I fail to see how one leads to the other, and I believe that the analogy that I used with the PGA still applies, perhaps moreso. Without getting into British law, of which I have no knowledge, if the British open wants to allow in one woman into the men's field, and doesn't want to allow a man into the woman's field, that should be the end of the analysis. A man might (and I emphasize "might") screw up their competitive balance. A woman in the men's field almost certainly will not.

And for the record, if I was running the women's British Open, I would allow him to play, because no one chokes under pressure like said French idiot, and there is no greater pressure than the possibility of losing to a girl. It would draw HUGE numbers.

Also, while Sorrenstam failed to make a cut, I don't believe that she finished last. Correct?

Remember Oak Creek Produced "THE TOOZ"

Just clicking around on the key board and found some interesting stuff.

Info like this...did you know that Mukwonago beat Menomonee Falls in the semi-finals last year 15-14 after Menomonee Falls beat Mukwonagos hated rival Hartland Arrowhead 15 -14 earlier in the play-offs. This is the same Menomonee Falls team that squares off against my Homestead Highlanders this Friday in the quarterfinals. Think they wouldn't want another shot at Mukwonago.

The one common opponent both Homestead and Menomonee Falls shared this year was Cedarburg (where I lived for two years after high school, no bond remotely exists, but I did manage to get evicted for life from 2 different bars).
Scores were Menomonee Falls 44 Cedarburg 20 and Homestead 28 Cedarburg 0. This means absolutely nothing because I didn't watch either game. Just interesting. BTW Cedarburg lost Friday night in the Div. II play-offs 31-10 to Menasha.

Menomonee Falls most hated rival Milwaukee Marquette eliminated Homestead last year in the second round 31-28. They lost in the next round 31-14 guessed it Menomonee Falls. And once again that brings us back to Mukwonago vs. Menomonee Falls. One is undefeated state champ the other seething for a year. Good luck to my guys (Homestead) they are going to need it.

Mukwonagos next opponent is Racine Park. There one loss this year was to Div. II Franklin 19-12. In all fairness it was Franklins Homecoming. BTW Franklin lost Fri. 35-28 to Waukesha West in the Div. II play-offs.

The common opponent this year for Racine Park and Mukwonago was, drum roll please, Oak Creek. Park beat them 33-14 during the regular season. Mukwonago won 13-10 in overtime.
In their last seven games Racine Park has outscored their opponents 317-34. Included in that run were shutouts against Racine Horlick (41-0), Kenosha Tremper (35-0) and South Milwaukee (62-0). Good luck to your guys (Mukwonago) they are going to need it.

I think our best bet might be with Jib's Chippewa Falls team. Although,.... did I mention I played my first organized football in the fifth grade while living in Germantown? O.K. its a stretch, it was only one year but Buddy Orndorff the head coach of the HS team did speak to us and gave me an exercise regimen to follow that would take me to the next level.

For you young'uns the reference in the title is John Matuszak this bio pretty much tells the story:
Matuszak was born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in 1950 and was always big for his age. He would later use his size to his advantage as a defensive lineman. When eventually turned pro, he stood 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters) and weighed over 280 pounds (127 kilograms). He attended the University of Tampa where he was the star of their football team. (Incidentally, the football program at the University of Tampa ended after the 1974 season.)
Whats not mentioned was his famous quote prior to the 1981 Super Bowl: XV: Raiders party animal John Matuszak, early in the week as the Eagles and Raiders met in New Orleans: "I'm going to see that there's no funny business. I've had enough parties for 20 people's lifetimes. I'll keep our young fellows out of trouble." Yeah, right. The next night Tooz was seen out rockin' at 3 a.m. on Bourbon Street - four hours after curfew. It was the Eagles, though, who played tighter than a $2 alarm clock.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Big game next week for the Badgers

Well Michigan just helped the Badgers out giving Northwestern its second Big Ten + 1 loss. Setting up what could be the game to decide who wins the conference. I watched almost all of both the Wisconsin game and the Penn State game. I really think Wisconsin can beat Penn State. The Penn State game was a lot closer than the final score(not that I am complaining those late scores pulled my ass out of the fire lol) But the same Purdue team Wisconsin slapped around gave Penn State a game.

A quick aside, this was my first weekend with HDTV and Wholly Fraking Wow its like sitting in the Stands. Only bad thing is now that I am getting used to High Def the non HD picture is a bummer lol. So a special thanks to the Gruppenfuhrer for letting me finally get the DTV/HD/Tivo box for the big screen. I will give ESPN credit they do HD well lots of pretty colors lol.

Back to football, I am kind of glad Wis caught Michigan when we did they seem to have righted that ship. I believe the Wis/Penn st game will be an ABC game so lets hope the Badgers bring the A game.

Final thought this just in: That Calhoun kid is good 2nd time this year 5 touchdowns and he seems like a class act no showboating I am proud he wears my schools uniform.

Everyone have a money making Sunday, my Sunday picks have been so bad I let the GF help me pick we will have to see if her NFL system works better than mine(not that would be hard) I am doing ok on Saturdays but Sundays have sucked Thanks Falcons.


High School round two results

For all the round two scores for all divisions go here. Just scroll down to the High School scores.

Well Oak Creek took my Indians to OT but lost to Mukwonago 13-10 So Mukwonago moves on to Round 3.

Ched Heads Homestead team also advanced with a 28-12 victory over Hartland Arrowhead.

Mukwonago has not been playing their best football since the playoffs started but they have found a way to win and keep on advancing.

Here are the Division one brackets with who and where teams will be playing in round 3

Here are the Division 2 brackets Jibs Menomonie team has advanced to round 3 also.

So another week of High school football is in the book. We are getting closer and closer to the games at Camp Randall.


re: Why the Ched Head is wrong about women in golf, and that French asshole.

Paul made some viable arguments that I feel compelled to answer.
The premise that my post was about women's viability on the golf course was not the point I was making, rather the ramifications of one tournaments decision and the obvious results of that ruling. Since the gauntlet has been thrown I will pick it up.
First was the blurring of the lines between an open tournament (the British) and a sanctioning organization (LPGA and PGA). Not one time in my post did I mention either the LPGA or the PGA. To my knowledge neither organization has made a commitment one way or the other on this topic. It would be financially imprudent for either to do so.

Then came the outliers, and the world was tossed into chaos. Two outliers in particular, Annika Sorenstam, and Michelle Wie, were two of the biggest stars in golf. One, an established star who dominated her sport, and the other a young phenom with an impressive drive. Some PGA tournaments desperately wanted to include these two players, for the notoriety they would bring, and because they could legitimately compete.

This appeared in the third paragraph of Pauls post. By this reasoning then ten years ago when Venus and Serena Williams routinely blasted serves at 100 mph plus they should have qualified for the men's tennis tour. Michelle Kwan after dominating figure skating for over a decade should compete with men and when Chinese gymnasts began dominating the parallel bars they should have taken the low bar away and had them judged verses the men on just the high bar. Not only did none of this happen but it would have been ridiculous to witness.
For sure there would have been a buzz at first and even more dollars flowing in but after less then one season of watching these individuals finish outside the top ten the novelty would wear off and all would return to normalcy. Sorenstam seemed to understand this as she constantly turned down offers prior to last year. Speaking of last year Sorenstam felt she was in her prime (this is born out by this years results) and took a shot vs. the men. She failed miserably at the battle of the bridges and was reduced to tears. Later in the year she once again was tearful while missing the cut at her attempt at the PGA tour. Wie has yet to be competitive even at the amateur level let alone the LPGA level.
A man competing on the LPGA tour would be as much a spectacle as those women on the PGA tour but would not garner near as much press because it doesn't fit the medias agenda. It would be monotonous to watch a man reach the green a full stroke less then the women on every par four and par five hole.
Twice in his post Paul mentions that these two women are qualified for the PGA tour. This,
Unfortunately, some French jackass decided that if these qualified women, who are, by the way, better at golf than said French jackass, could play in the PGA, that he could play in the LPGA. And this
The moral is, that if you object to women playing on the PGA tour because they are women, you might want to think about why that is. Especially if they actually qualify.
Neither of these women has qualified at all. Did they go through the Q-school? Did they earn there way by grinding on the Nike tour? Did they play there way into a tournament by winning a regional championship? They didn't even qualify by winning an amateur tournament.
Please do not use the qualified argument again it is to easy to refute.
Of course this will bring up the sponsors exemption. A lame reason to be sure. Sponsors exemptions were thrown into the mix as a perk to the big money partners but more importantly they were used as leverage to get Bobby Jones to show up at professional tournaments. Jones refused to renounce his amateur status so could not compete at Augusta. Sponsors refused to pony up any money for a tournament without him so they changed the rules so he could golf and as they say the rest is history. Unfortunately after that the rule was kept in place because it could be used to hold the players at bay when they demanded appearance fees which were common at the time.
I won't even comment on this:
The PGA always existed to find the best golfer. Well, for a while it existed to find the best white golfer, but fortunately they've remedied that situation.
Race has no place in this debate.

Finally Paul uses a team sport "example" to cement his point. The example he uses is preposterous, he just as well could have used the, if baseball were played on the moon in zero gravity, position. Girls have been competing in little league baseball since the 70's and have yet to even break into the Legion Ball level. But hell yes I would play a goat if it put the Crew in the playoffs. No matter how politically correct you want to get men and women are physiologically different, that is a fact.

To make my point perfectly clear, when a decision is made to be all inclusive in a sport the ramifications of that ruling are pretty easy to see. That is why we saw a Girls Field Hockey team in Massachusetts playing for the state title with two boys on the team. The dichotomy Paul speaks of is not that its men vs women but rather what the media reports about that event. The media is quick to back Martha Burke and the women at VMI but when the exact same situation occurs and a man wants to break into an exclusive women's endeavor they are jerks. It can not be both ways because that is hypocritical.

Why the Ched Head is wrong about women in golf, and that French asshole.

First came the PGA, and it was good. The PGA had the best players in the world competing for Golf's most prestigious championships, and, as time went on, for millions of dollars.

Then came the LPGA, and it was also good. Thought being that the natural disadvantage in strength that women have would not allow them to compete with men, and that, in order to maintain a competitive game, and to involve women, having a women-only tour was the way to go. Many women made a good living, and earned the respect of their peers, but no one thought that any woman could give a guy a run for his money.

Then came the outliers, and the world was tossed into chaos. Two outliers in particular, Annika Sorenstam, and Michelle Wie, were two of the biggest stars in golf. One, an established star who dominated her sport, and the other a young phenom with an impressive drive. Some PGA tournaments desperately wanted to include these two players, for the notoriety they would bring, and because they could legitimately compete.

Unfortunately, they were both women, and many old fuddy-duddy players didn't want to play with them.

Fortunately, the PGA, and its tournaments, are privately run organizations, and they can invite anyone that they damn well please to play, and if some idiot doesn't want to play because of that, he'd better be sure that he's more of a draw than Ms. Wie, which he is almost certainly not. In fact, most tournaments include sponsorship exemptions which allow sponsors to include players that would not otherwise play, in order to increase fan interest.

Unfortunately, some French jackass decided that if these qualified women, who are, by the way, better at golf than said French jackass, could play in the PGA, that he could play in the LPGA. Fortunately, the LPGA is a private organization, and it can allow anyone that it damn well pleases to play, including men. I suspect that they will not do so, as it would screw up their competitive balance, but they are within their rights to let him play or not let him play.

The moral is, that if you object to women playing on the PGA tour because they are women, you might want to think about why that is. Especially if they actually qualify. America is supposed to be a meritocracy after all.

The other moral is that if you want to start an all male golf tour, you are within your rights to do so, however, this may result in Vijay playing with himself.

And no one will pay to see that.

Well, some people would, but they're sickos. Let's not talk about them.

People refer to the golf tours using a false dichotomy. Men's v. Women's. That is not how it was set up. The true dichotomy is Best v. Women's. The PGA always existed to find the best golfer. Well, for a while it existed to find the best white golfer, but fortunately they've remedied that situation.

Still not convinced? Let's assume that you're a Brewer fan. Now let's assume that there is a woman college baseball player who hits in the low .400s (no power, but a nice average). She gets signed by a Brewer minor league team as a publicity stunt and continues to tear up minor league pitching. She eventually moves up to Triple A and doesn't drop off a bit. She plays second base. Assume that instead of Ricky Weeks we currently have Gus Polidor manning the position.

Do you want the woman called up to replace Gus Polidor, or do you want her to play in the women's professional softball league? What if she's also highly attractive, and will boost attendance 2-3%? And what if she will also get in commercials, and bring some positive press to Milwaukee?

In other words, when the decision affects the success of your team, are you still willing to send her back to the girl's league, just because she's a girl, and even though she's your best prospect at the moment?

I'm not a misogynist...but this post makes it seem that way

My hero Dan Shanoff has this to say about the British Open

Jean Van De Velde:Miffed at British Open allowing women to qualify, he's going to apply for the women's British Open. He claims he's proving a point. What: That he's a jerk?

Hey Dan if you can retrieve your balls from your wifes purse you might want to think about this.

If you want to play the uni-sex, were all created equal, women should be in the British Open line of thinking then this is what follows. One more thing Dan, is the woman a jerk for trying to play on the mens tour? Can't have it both ways Danny, but keep the input of your wife coming on your web site it is so equal to what you think. Heh Heh

Friday, October 28, 2005

Proof is in the Pudding

Several month's ago when I first attained the privilege of contributing to this blog I wrote about my total disgust with ESPN as a news reporting agency. I mentioned several incidents where the network not only created a story but promoted it relentlessly until it cracked the MSM consciousness. The examples were rudimentary and I didn't have many facts because ESPN doesn't post transcripts. This week the network did me a favor and justified every criticism I made back then with the Sheryl Swoopes story. My take on the story is this: Swoopes signs big money contract with homosexual cruiseline on condition of outing herself. Bonus she is scheduled for an interview with ESPN the magazine so mounds of free pub for the cruiseline will follow. Win for the cruiseline, profits up, win for Swoopes, cashes large six figure check.
What actually happened should embarrass every employee of that mediocre organization.
They "broke " the story on Monday even though the interview took place over the weekend. Why did they hold the story? Umm, maybe because the NFL and World Series were ongoing? Nah, it couldn't be, they would never deliberately hold a story until the off day of the World Series. That was the story, what followed was the media blitzkrieg, it ran twenty four seven on the crawl under the broadcast of all three ESPN nets for seventy two hours. They ran three separate stories on cold pizza (their inane morning show) and they ran three additional stories on their hourly sportscenter broadcasts that ran eight times each day. It appeared on all three pages of their web site and of course was the centerpiece of their magazine this week. I guess this is a story but it seems to me that a WNBA player saying she is gay is equivalent to a LosAngeles waitress claiming she is an actress. Granted she was married and has a child so that is quite intriguing, but the WNBA bumper stickers are printed over the background of the Gay Rights rainbow (we have a pretty vibrant gay culture in my city, so I have seen a few). The league targets its advertising towards the lesbian community and even holds special diversity (read: gay) events at every arena in the league throughout the year.
Admittedly I don't watch much television (with the exception of sporting events) but the reaction of the multiple newspapers and blogs that I read daily was pretty much...yawn. I did see that ABC (ESPN's parent company and monetary enabler) did an interview on their morning show. All facets of this story are contrived and ESPN tried their best to create a stir. ESPN did not just report this story they implicitly tailored it to their news cycle, they then manipulated the story to gain national attention. All of this was done under the guise of "breaking a major story of national importance". Final thought: the story was not of major importance, although they used every tool at their disposal ESPN could not get this one to stick, last time any survey was done it showed 75% of the WNBA is gay. ESPN is not heroic for reporting this nor is Sheryl Swoopes, unless you consider depositing a six figure check into your checking account heroic. If you would like to see heroes look here.

Quick Picks

It's a rough week, in my opinion. I'm 6-5-1 now, by the way, and I think we should cut E.S.K. some slack for last week on account of the new job, and really, when you're forced into pick, they're not really picks, are they? So let's erase last week and leave him at 4-6, with an excellent chance to get to even this week.

As for this week, take the Broncos (-3.5) over the Iggles (trust me, the Eagles are a mess right now. I know it's Plummer, and I don't like it any more than you do, but it is in Denver, and they should be able to pound it with Anderson and Bell).

And we'll take the Bills (+9) to cover against the Pats.

I also like Cleveland (+2) against Houston, but I've been burned by the Browns too much to actually pick them.

Good luck.

WIAA Football Round 2

Well on to round two

A couple of Div 1 match ups that jump out at you.

First Arrowhead vs Homestead a clash of the Titans here I will pick Homestead since Arrowhead is having for them an off year.

I cannot do a football post without mentioning Mukwonago they play former state champ Oak Creek at Mukwonago.

For the rest of Div one and all other Div go to this WIAA site and click on football button on right labeled tournament Information.

Good Luck to everyone's team this weekend unless you an Oak Creek fan lol.


4:30 AM picks

Wow, posting at 4:30 in the morning was more difficult than I imagined. My picks were over at BBA but when I tried to cut and paste to put them over here it obviously didn't work. I gotta run to have breakfast with some folks but here are my quick and dirty picks.

Bears +3
Chargers -6

I must be getting killed right now, what with forcing my own hand last Monday, but we'll make it back.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chad Johnson, Talking Smack.

From Ace:

Then he added this gem, a little bit of taunting: "There are two things for brother Harris this week," said Johnson. "The bad thing is he has to cover me. The good is he can save 15 percent by switching his insurance to Geico."

This game could get ugly. Somebody send me some Pepto.

By the way, E, you can go first this week. My deadline for predicting is noon tomorrow.

I like this Idea of a MLB vs Japan "World Series"

In this post by Gaijin biker at the Tokyo Based blog RidingSun he mentions Bobby Valentine believes there could be a Talent Even World Series between the Winners of the Japanese leagues this year the Chiba Lotte Marines vs the White Soxs winners of the MLB world Series.

I think this would be great I wonder how the Japanese fans would treat Tadahito Iguchi when he came to bat for Soxs in this dream series.

Go take a look at that post he has some good links about this idea.

Any thoughts I like this idea better than Buds idea for a Baseball world Cup. I don't want allstar teams lets play their best "TEAM" vs our best "TEAM". I hope this idea catches on.

Now we just need those hypesonic transports so you wouldn't have to fly 17+ hours to get to a game lol.


Another Reason to be glad the Series is over

NO MORE HAVING TO LISTEN TO BUCK AND McCARVER. During these 4 games was I the only one who wanted to ram a knitting needle into my ears?

Where is Deon Sanders and his bucket of cold water when we need him.


White Soxs win World Series Cubs fans to be rounded up and gassed

So the Black Sox curse is over South Side Wins its first World Championship since 1917. Hey Cubs fans are you all ready for the winter of your discontent? ;p Are you ready for those nasty beer swilling SouthSiders to Rub their Team in your face, to tell you how lucky you are to have Dusty Baker as your manager. Just think of it all Winter your going to be reminded how much the Cubs Suck and guess what its not going to get any better.

So all you Cubs fans when you see a Soxs fan walking down the Street make way for them their team doesn't suck like yours lol.

Ok Seasons over lets get this off season rolling. I mean its not like we can talk about the Packers.

Final thought Anyone want to be the Bucks Guru? To Quote Austin Powers "Basketball aint my bag Baby"

I think I will make crank calls to Northsiders and just scream and yell Sox win Sox win in to the Phone. So if you read about a rash of seizures on the Northside of Chi town you will know what happen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What a great Idea Headless :)

The Headless Blogger wrote:
Different subject: Can we have a post on which team Packers fans should adopt this year?

I'm now a Steelers fan. Reasons:

1. They aren't the Patriots.
2. I have friends in The Burgh.
3. Bill Cowher is what a head coach should be.

I have to give that some thought leave your ideas in the comments.


Ok I have thought about it. I am going to pull for the Colts for two reasons I like Peyton Manning he survived the pressure of being Archies Kid and has made his own bones and I like Tony Dungy I believe John Gruden stoled his superbowl win. Plus as Headless stated they are not the Patriots I am sick to death with all of the New England teams right now.

I would also love to see the Colts run the table so someone can shove that champaign bottle up Nick Buonticonti's ass I really hate the whole 72 dolphins ritual when the last undefeated team loses but that just one mans opinion

The Bucks make a trade.

The Milwaukee Bucks just dealt Desmond Mason to the Hornets for F/C Jamaal Magloire. This clears up a glut in the Bucks backcourt and gets them an above-average big man in the process. I like it.

Glad I didn't stay up to see the end of that game

Man the baseball season doesn't want to go quietly into the night does it. 14 innings Soxs pull it out. I am starting to think Cubs fans better head for their bunkers. Its going to be a long cold winter on the North Side I for one hope the Soxs fans abuse the hell out of them all winter and spring lol.

I know its hard to "root" for the White Soxs but the Enemy of my Enemy is my friend has to be your motto. Yes the Soxs fans are cheap boorish assholes but at least you knew where you stood with them. My first fight at County Stadium was with a Soxs fan. I can remember trading abuse with Soxs fans when I was as Young as 8 yrs old.

But for all the things I hate about the Soxs fans I hate the Cubs fans even more. Guess what to Cubs fans we are just as boorish as the Soxs fans. They drag there asses up here and take over our park(something that is slowly changing I bet its a bit more even next year)I hate to admit it but in the eyes of the Cubs fans they see us in the same light.

I know I will never convince ESK to see it this way but I just wanted you guys to know where I am coming from.


They might have been looking ahead

Mukwonago gets by Janesville Parker 28-14 to win their opening round playoff game. As Ched Head has pointed out teams tend to have a certain round that gives them fits. Homestead has problems in the final round but the first round tends to be Mukwonago's problem round. I am happy to see they survived a so so performance and got through it. I hope they use this as a wake up call and play the way they have all year.

Other notable teams moving on to second round can be found here

Feel free to post about other teams if you are a alum or a fan.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tacos, Burrito, and Ron

As is noted below, the Packers picked up Taco Wallace today. I got confused, thinking at first they had picked up the elusive Ron Mexico. Word is they are looking at picking up Enchilada Anthony, too, and that they hope to get lineman Grilled Stuffed Burrito in the draft.

Fantasy Football Karma

Last night I got paid back for all those times I had a great score and the other guy beat me with a once in a life time game.

the Havana daydreamers my team in a Parrot Head league on ESPN football won its 6 straight game to tie me for league top team at 6-1(I lost 61-60 week one) with a score of 48-44. Even LT has a off week as I learned this week lol. This same team won by 40 points the week before lol.

I went into last nights game with a 21 point lead and the other guy having Vick and Algie I cannot believe I pulled this one out.

Just thought I would share this Fantasy football miracle with you all lol


Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother

  • Those Stros are in desperate need of a victory tonight and let's hope that good ol' boy Roy Oswalt is ready to throw his top stuff tonight, because Clemens is not a guy to start digging you out of a three game hole. Win tonight, let Clemens do what he can, then hope Pettite and Oswalt can pitch on three days rest. Talk about up against a wall...
  • MLB is making a terrible decision by forcing Houston to open the roof. Unlike basketball and hockey and curling, home field advantage is real in baseball. Dimensions, nooks, crannies, walls, warning tracks and yes, roofs (come on down Metrodome) are all part of a home teams advantage. Why not play the entire series at a neutral site if you are going to dictate the terms of the ballpark if you dislike the way they have it set up? If the Brewers somehow make it to the World Series in the near future, is MLB going to demand they shorten up the warning track? Are they going to force the groundscrew (over Vandenburg's dead body) to harden up the clay? Let the home team decide the way the field will play, hell even the NCAA allows home teams to groom their football fields to their own needs, or are you going to tell me that shag carpet USC had to play on in Notre Dame is the length they always keep the grass?
  • As far as the draft goes Houston will take Leinert with the first overall pick. The Packers and the Niners will fight for the right to take Bush (unless Gore really steps up, in which case the Niner's could trade the pick to the Packer,
    maybe swap first and second round picks), either team will be happy to get him at #2. The Packers will end up with 4+ wins (three remaining divisional home games) and the Niners look to win at least three games (they already beat St. Louis week one and play Houston and Arizona at home) so I give the Packers the slight disadvantage in draft position. Also, Favre is too proud to pack it in so he will be giving his all in every game, and since they have been close in all but one game this year, the Packers could concievably scrape together 5 or 6 wins, considering they play a perennialy "soft" Seattle team at Lambeau on New Years day and Favre owns Soldier Field. The Packers definitely have a top five pick, and that should be enough to get an immediate impact player on either side of the ball, I am not quite insane enough to have looked at Mel Kiper's board since the most recent draft (I think he still only includes seniors anyway). Off the top of my head they could go defense and take a guy like A.J. Hawk or Jimmy Williams or reach a bit for someone like Memphis' running back. The other thing to remember is that when you're drafting that high, the top three or four picks are guys that really can come in and start right away.

  • Anyone catch everyone's favorite STD posterboy, Mike Vick, giving tips on how to juggle two women at the same time ("two cell phones" you crack us up Mr. Mexico) well, the boys at the Mighty MJD sure as heck did. They give a few more of Ron Mexico's dating tips, and little bro Marcus makes an appearance! By the way, my Ron Mexico name is El Nino Ukraine, whats yours?!

  • NFL pioneer and visionary Wellington Mara died today. If it weren't for Mr. Mara's foresight and influence in the way revenue (especially television) is shared, Green Bay would likely no longer have a professional football team. Rest in peace sir.

  • White Sox fans, on the whole, as a gross generality are assholes. I said it, it had to be said. In college I sold beer at Miller Park for it's first three years of existence and there were no worse tippers than Southsiders. Pricks almost to a man. This story bears that out, it also reminds me of the time last spring when Doug Davis' wife tried to punch me in the arm for heckling Wes Helms. She is very attractive and turned out to be a nice lady, but she was not pleased that I was heckling Brewers from the Brewers section. Melvin, by the way, seemed to think me pretty funny as did Rock and Sutton (we were lucky to hang with them on a day when Davis was pitching and they weren't doing an internet broadcast of the game, it turned out to be a blast.)

Lid blown on World Series "fix"

Warning to White Sox fans and Selig apologists; turn away now.

Claiming that he is just using the Astros' regular-season guidlines on opening the roof at Minute Maid Park when it's cooler than 80 degrees and not raining, Bud Selig has ordered the roof to be open tonight for Game 3. Never mind that the roof has been closed for each of the 5 post-season games played at Minute Maid Park; Selig must be looking at the 40-18 Astros record with the roof closed and 18-12 record with it open.

As for the fairness of this, the Cardinals complained to no avail. Let's take a look at the game-time conditions for those 5 games:
  • October 8 - 6:35 pm first-pitch, weather partly and temp at 74 degrees at 6 pm, 69 degrees 7 pm. Astros beat the Braves 7-3.
  • October 9 - 12:05 pm first-pitch, weather clear and temp at 73 degrees, though it did get up to 82 degrees. Astros beat the Braves 7-6.
  • October 15 - 3:05 pm first-pitch, weather mostly cloudy (clearing later in the day) and temp at 82 degrees. Astros beat the Cardinals 4-3.
  • October 16 - 3:05 pm first-pitch, weather clear and temp at 84 degrees. Astros beat the Cardinals 2-1.
  • October 17 - 7:05 pm first-pitch, weather partly-cloudy (and no rain in the area) and temp at 79 degrees. Cardinals beat the Astros 5-4.
5 post-season games, 2 where if Selig was concerned about following the "procedure" the roof should have been open, a third where it likely would have been open. But then again, he does have axes to grind against the Braves (they abandoned Milwaukee) and the Cardinals (they did beat the Brew Crew in the '82 World Series), while White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is his friend (not only did the Sox fill the void in County Stadium in the late 1960s, but Reinsdorf was instrumental in Selig becoming Commissioner).

I told you Sox fans and Selig apologists to turn away :-)

Sports quick-hits

- Go Badgers! In the current BCS poll, they're 12th. The computers are high on the Big 10 this year (their average rank there is 8th), while the media polls discredit the Big 10 (15th for Bucky in all 3, including the non-BCS AP poll).

- Admirals radio play-by-play man Kyle Schultz died Saturday night in a single-car crash on his way home from an adult hockey league game. As of Monday, it was not known what he died of as further tests related to his autopsy were not complete, but speed appeared to be ruled out (little damage to the car), and he did not mention any illness in a phone conversation with his wife on his way home.

- By a vote of 4-1, the Miller Park board finance committee is spending $3.25 million out of a fund 65% funded by us suckers, er, taxpayers to put up a ribbon "video board" and convert the left-field manual out-of-town scoreboard into a video board. Bend over and grab them ankles.

I know its early but lets play the Who Should they draft game

Lets make this a two parter, First what record gets a team the First over all pick. and if the Pack has a top 5 pick as I think they will who do you take?

Hmmm I keep forgetting that Houston hasn't won a game yet so they are on fast track to number one with San Fran and Green Bay hot on their tail.

Man what a bummer this post is lol. Anyone know when Baseball Winter Meetings start?

So give me your best guess on what record gets the right to go first in April and I want a name not just a position for the Packers draft.

Final Thought has Ahmad Carroll over taken T-Buck as the worst corner back drafted in the first round by the Packers lol At least T-Buck could return kicks.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Fun with the Packers

It's over. The season and probably Brett Favre's career. But rather than cry, let's have a little fun. Since there is very little talent left on the field, let's discuss former Packers we'd like to see start on Sunday. Opposite of Donald Driver, I'd like to see Phil Epps line up. I understand that Epps legs are in terrible shape though, so I default to my backup, Jeff Query. At running back, I'm all about Eddie Lee Ivory. He can split the snaps with Fisher until he gets his football legs back. Speaking of snapping, Larry McCarren, I'm calling your number. I'm going to suit up Paul Caufman and Lynn Dickey, just in case. And punting this weekend, Bucky Scribner.

To the comments, everyone. Who would you like to see the Pack bring back to finish up this miserable season?

Ahman Green, gave his best to G.B.

It looks like this may be the last image Packer fans will see of Ahman Green in a G.B. uniform. Acquired by Ron Wolf in a trade with Seattle GM Mike Holmgren in 2000. Green arrived along with a fifth round pick (Torrance Marshall) for Fred Vinson and a sixth round pick (Floyd Womack). Batman is in the final year of his contract and with the injuries he's had recently it is doubtful G.B. will offer little more then the veterans minimum salary next year.

Ahman had a magical year in 2003 when he rushed for 1883 yards and had 367 more receiving. He scored 20 touchdowns that year and the future seemed bright for the Pack as they finished fourth and twenty six away from the NFC Championship game. That years play-off game vs. Philly perhaps foretold the future as Green got hurt and Davenport finished the game. Green has not been healthy since. It would seem his 405 touches that year took there toll more then anyone realized.

Ahman Green ran for 7103 yards and gained 2335 more receiving as a Packer. He scored 61 TD's and ran hard every play. Greens forte was the punishment he delivered to would be tacklers. He had the God-given ability to square his pads north and south and deliver a blow while maintaining his pad level and speed, many times he actually accelerated out of those collisions. He ran like a linebacker (which he played in High School, he also punted) doling out punishment every time he touched the ball.

Ahman "Batman" Green was a true warrior who left it all on the field game in and game out. He had some unfortunate run-ins with unscrupulous gold diggers off the field. My brother spent an entire day with Green at his house in GreenBay two years ago (bro' owns a floor covering business, Enchanted Floorist, and re-did the entire home) and thought he was a really great guy, unpretentious and friendly, not so much his new bride.

If that is the last we see of Ahman in a Packer uniform I'd rather remember him like this.

Another sign the Pack is in big Trouble

While on a sushi run for the Gruppenfuhrer I stopped at the local Mobil to fill up her car. As I get out another vehicle pulls in and the driver gets out he is wearing a Ball and Glove Brewers hat I am wearing my Mighty Miller M crew hat. I laugh and say to him "kind of sad week 7 of the NFL and we are both wearing Brewers hats" He laughs and says "I was thinking the same thing." This leads to a quick Sherman is an idiot and what the crew needs to do build on last season. We both also agreed we could live with a White Soxs World Series win because of the pain it would cause the Cubs fans and because we would like to see Scotty Po win a ring.

Its amazing how much you can find to talk to a complete stranger when you are a sports fan.


I was in Hell

For those of you wondering where the head Bartender was during the latest example of Mike Shermans coaching prowess. I was in Packer Fan hell I was up at the Wilderness resort in the Dells celebrating the Prince of Darkness third birthday. Which due to a school inservice vacation in Minnesota was full of Purple Sex Sailor fans. So I got to watch old Mikey lose an important game while surrounded by a cheering mob of idiot Viking fans.

Plus since I was in the water park area I could only see bit and pieces of the game. I have it on TiVo but why bother. Yes the team is decimated by injuries but that doesn't take away from the bad play calls. Good rock, you had a team that was in a tail spin on and off the field down by 17 points they were standing there with their foot on the Vikings throat all that was needed was the "death" blow. There in lies the problem no Mike Sherman coached team in Green Bay has known how to deliver the Death Blow.

This season is now back on track to be the train wreck we had all been expecting. Yes for one short week and the bye week we could delude ourselves a little saying things like "wow they looked like the old teams" and "where has this team been"
Well that short dream is over back to our ongoing football nightmare. Green Bay is is last place in the NFL version of the National League West and is looking at being 1 and 8 in three weeks.

I once again call for Packer management to fire Sherman I am tired of his "Oh well gee what can I do attitude" I also agree with Steve, Ted Thompson is an empty suit also. We as Packer Fans have to accept this run long as it was, is over. Its time to think rebuilding. We have a good shot at having if not the first over all pick, a top 5 draft pick. Do we as fans want Teddy making that pick or trading it away for a handful of magic beans. I don't, I refuse to wander the dessert for another 30 years while the Packers try and right the ship. Do we want to travel the route of the 86

Final thought, how the mighty have fallen Packers and San Francisco are both 1-5 and are NFL bottom feeders. How did two NFL 90's dreadnoughts end up in this position?

Fire Sherman and Fire him now


To add injury to insult...

The Journtinel has just reported that Ahman Green is done for the year with a ruptured tendon in his thigh. Also, Turd Fergie is expected to miss the next 2-4 weeks with knee and ankle injuries, which means that Donald Driver can now expect triple-teaming on a regular basis.

Oddly, GM Ted Thompson isn't mentioned by name as the Pack allegedly is considering how to fill the roster holes. One name that did pop up was Mr. 4th and 26, Freddie Mitchell.

You go your way and I'll go mine...

It looks as though I am up a creek with minimal options. As such, I am going to have to take the Jets getting 7 (the line has moved but I'll take Thursdays line) and I will take the under, which is currently at 40 1/2.

Hopefully things will shake out in the next few days and my transition will be complete and I can go back to doing minimal real work and get back to harassing my various cources for Brewers info.

Until then, the most recent speculation is Overbay for Arroyo.

The Captain weighs anchor at Green Bay

The Captain live-blogged yesterday's game. The Fox announcers inspired the Captain:
1:51 - Here's a new drinking game for everyone -- take a chug every time these fools in the press box say, "There's no defense against a perfect pass." I've heard it at least a half-dozen times in this game. Besides the fact that a perfect pass can't get to a perfectly covered receiver, the defense is supposed to disrupt the quarterback's rhythm so that he can't throw the "perfect pass" -- let alone a half-dozen of them or so.
I suspect most Packer fans were well ahead of any drinking game's effects by the time Minnesota kicked the game winning field goal.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vikings plunder

If you went outside at halftime to do your afternoon chores thinking the Packers had the game well in hand, don't feel too bad. At least you didn't post on your blog a celebratory message like Patrick at Badger Blogger. When you're as pathetic as the Packers this season, even the crew of the good ship lollipop has a chance.

Meanwhile, did anyone catch Tom Pipines' act on Fox 6 out of Milwaukee after the game? "It's on your head, Mike Sherman. It's on you and your coaching staff." He then boldly predicted Sherman would be fired at the end of the season "if not before." It's that kind of insightful three hour coverage we love instead of watching, oh say, the Cowboys and the Seahawks?

The Crusher, RIP

Reggie "The Crusher" Lisowski passed away. Milwaukee's most famous star other than Bob Uecker, he had an amazingly long career in professional wrestling, most notably in the AWA. He began his career in 1949 at the Paris Ballroom in Milwaukee. He would finally retire in 1989. A longer look at his career can be found here. A more colorful remembrance can be found here. A professional wrestler from a more innocent age... may he rest in peace.

Packers-Vikings whine

I'm going to refrain from commenting on the game while it is in progress, but am I the only one who is seeing some disturbing things already? I'm fearing that the Vikings' incompetence may be the Packers only saving grace.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What is the dumbest thing you can do

Take the under is a game when UCLA is playing lol second week in a row 4 out of 5 but unlike last week I hit my safety valve parlay so I am going to end the week even. Once again Northwestern and the points and the under in the Wis game(wet track) this week it paid.

second dumbest thing you can do break rule 6, never use the same game in more than one parlay lol. I believe I will put UCLA in the USC column. 66 seemed like a high over under.

Oh well like I said even for the week so on to next week

final thought that lost to Northwestern doesn't look so bad now

have a good Sunday


Badgers on National T.V. today, Saw and Heard This

Gary Thorn and Gregg LaMott began the broadcast by extolling the "quick release" of John Stocco. Nice PR job by the Badger AD office. If anything Stocco's release is in slow motion. If the Badgers had anyone break down a game like Bob McGinn it would be obvious that Stocco is responsible for at least 14 of the 22 sacks Wis has given up. Stocco makes Dontrell Willis delivery look quick.

The Badgers are an impressive 16-4 with Stocco as the starting QB. He may be slow and very hard to watch but he gets the job done.

Brandon Williams will play on Sundays, and not on my flag football team. The guy is pretty impressive on returns. His 13 yard return in the third quarter was a thing of beauty. A defender ran by at full speed and grabbed his shoulder at the precise moment he was catching the ball, no problem, he fielded it cleanly and turned what should have been a negative play into a net gain.

The Badgers really miss Matt Bernstein. His replacement Chris Pressley ran through the hole at least five times with out making contact. Calhoun shows great patience and cuts off blockers like an NFL back. Having Bernstein on the bench is costing Calhoun a minimum of 75 yards a game. (apologies for showing the ugly throw back helmets) Pressley just doesn't relish the contact like the injured Bernstein. Bernstein will also play on Sundays.

Calhoun is no Michael Bennett or Anthony Davis. The guy has shown none of the injury problems the previous two tailbacks did during their stints at UW. If he plays on Sundays is anybodies guess. I don't want to speculate because I don't know his heart. With his training as a WR though it would seem he should make a nice living as a third down back in the NFL.

If Bret Bielema is a genius why did I have to watch Dontez Sanders running five yards behind a WR all day. I saw in the first quarter Purdue was aligning with a single back and bringing a WR in motion who would stop in the backfield and give them a typical split-t look. That WR invariably would run a wheel route out of the backfield and would be hit in stride for a 10-15 yard gain. At some point a safety had to become responsible for that WR, not a LB. The last time Purdue ran that play was on their final drive and once again Sanders trailed the play by? you guessed it five yards.

This Defense is still not very good, today they gave up 212 passing yards and 218 rushing yards. They bowed up in the third quarter but we don't know if that was the Frosh QB or the Defense. We lost MLB Mark Jalewski but we found out that Matthew Schaughnessy is for real. Schaughnessy is a true freshman from Norwich Connecticut. He must have come to UW for the weather.

This picture is here because I like Notre Dame (hey what do you want I'm Irish and Catholic). Besides the guy only threw for 467 yards and 6 touchdowns. His name is Brady Quinn, cue the Quinn the Eskimo music here.

This picture is really a PSA to let you guys know that I will be attending the November 5 game. If I don't return by the seventh of November send a credit card because it will mean I have discovered the soft underbelly of a comely co-ed. Besides you can search me out, I'll be one of the few wearing Red at that 108,000 seat venue.

Sticking to the HS theme, Mukwonago won't meet Homestead in the finals

They are slated to meet in the semis. Good news for Mukwonago since that would seem to be Homesteads kryptonite round. I still believe these are the two best HS football teams in the state. Green Bay Preble may have something to say about that though. Here is the lower bracket:
(1) Mukwonago (9-0)
Janesville Parker (5-4)

Milw. Bradley Tech (5-4)
(4) Oak Creek (8-1)
(3) Racine Park (8-1)
Janesville Craig (4-5)

Muskego (5-4)
(2) Milw. Bay View (7-2)
(1) Homestead (9-0)
Milw. Riverside (4-5)

Arrowhead (6-3)
(4) Milw. Vincent (8-1)
(3) Menomonee Falls (8-1)
Milw. Madison (5-4)

Milw. Marshall (5-4)
(2) Milw. Marquette (8-1)

And here is the entire WIAA pairings.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Wisconsin High School Football bleg

Okay, I'm obviously an ignoramous, so I need someone to explain something to me nice and slow. Chippewa Falls has an enrollment of 1500. As long as I can remember, they have been a Division I school. In fact, they are ranked 8th in the Division I poll. But they are playing in the Divison II playoffs. Help. I'm confused and my head hurts.

GBfan, looks like my team won't be able to stand in your team's way of a state title afterall.

Picks. Quick.

Note that E.S.K. is supposed to go first this week, but my internet time grows short. E., if you want either of these games, feel free. I'll put two backups at the bottom.

1. Falcons (-7) over J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.
2. Colts (-16) over Sam Houston.

1. Pack (-2) over the Love Boat crew.
2. Chargers (+3.5) over Iggles.

Good luck to all you degenerate gamblers out there.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

And Awaiting Mukwonago...

are these guys. Once again trying to balance out the coverage in this here bar.
Also once again a disclaimer is in order, my brother took them to there first State Birth back in 89. Pops coached many of the young men including the LB mentioned in the story Tim Depies. I also played baseball with and against Tims own father.

This is not the best team Homestead has fielded in the past ten years but they have a different "feel". They are more blue collar and are willing to do the dirty work there more celebrated predecessors weren't willing to do. Can they dethrone a powerhouse like Mukwonago? I honestly don't know, but isn't it great that it will be decided on the field.

BTW Homestead has only made it to one State Final where they lost. Many very good football players have gone through that program but the coaching always lets them down. The last two years they have lost in the semis due to complete unpreparedness of the coaching staff. Advantage Mukwonago.

Sweeping All The Dookie Into One Central Location

*"The government today rounded up a group of sex peddlers and perverts in their war against indecency ... but enough about the Minnesota Vikings." JayLeno, "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

*"It was supposed to be a three-hour tour. Ooh la la, does that mean Ginger and Mary Ann were on board?" John Ryan, San Jose Mercury News.

*"A frustrated [Mike] Tice took questions about his poor clock management. He promised the players the sex cruise would end at 9 p.m. but the boat didn't dock until after 10."

*"I've heard of team bonding excursions, but never one in which almost one-third of the roster potentially had to post bond." Don Banks,

*"The Minnesota Vikings went on a lake cruise Friday where they drank and took drugs and hired hookers. It's not their fault. They were just obeying Homeland Security's order during last week's terrorism threat to go about their normal lives." Comedian Argus Hamilton.

"Several Minnesota Vikings players are being investigated after a boat cruise on a lake turned into a wild sex party on this boat. ... What are they, 1-3? One and three. That's the only offensive thing they've done all season, actually."

According to one local political science professor, "When you think of supplicants for public money, you don't think of yacht orgy-ists as having a good argument."

Mukwonago roles to undefeated regular season

Defending State Champions Mukwonago crushed archrival Hartland Arrowhead in a Wednesday night tilt. The Indians won 49-21 with a 28-0 2nd quarter being the "Dagger".

I am trying to locate the first round playoff matchups but I don't believe they will be set till tonight's games are over.

I will try to post them once I find them.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Astros Are In

The Houston Astros are in the world series, and it looks like Rocket will open the world series Saturday night in Shitcago. Even more importantly, before I could even click the clicker, QVC had Houston Astro National League Championship gear on sale. With overnight shipping you could be wearing your Astros 2005 National League Champions fleece pullover and hat for lunch.
Impress your boss and influence your freinds. Could this happen in Cuba?

It's official. We're all out of 1982 Brewers looking for something to do

We can now turn our attention to the 1987 "Team Streak" Milwaukee Brewers to find ex-players looking for day jobs. The Milwaukee Brewers are hiring Dale Sveum as their new third base coach.

I expect a "Dale Sveum" bobble-head day on Easter Sunday next season. This should be followed by the "Dale Sveum Glove Giveaway" where every glove given to a fan has a giant hole in it. For those of you too young to remember, in his first year at shortstop Dale Sveum was the inspiration for the joke, "What's a Catch-22? Forty-four balls hit to Dale Sveum."

Fact Check the Wall Street Journal Story, The Pack Cannot Have Lower Wonderlic Scores Than These Guys

I caught this article in the Star Tribunes sports page today. A couple things jumped out at me immediately. The first was caught by the reporter, the second was missed by even the editor.

Tight End Jermaine Wiggins had this to say in reference to his teams mounting problems:

"We know time is running out," tight end Jermaine Wiggins said. "You don't want to be saying, 'We're still in it, we're still in it,' and then all of a sudden be in Week 10 saying the same thing. We realize we're still in it now but that we need to make a change in the way we're playing. That's what it's going to come down to. We've got to turn this ship around."

The reporter caught Wiggins slip of the tongue and followed up with this:

No one laughed Monday at Wiggins' inadvertent analogy, but the Vikings seem increasingly resigned that allegations of an Oct. 6 sex party aboard two boats on Lake Minnetonka will hang over the team for the remainder of the season. Fifteen players have been linked publicly to the incident, and Newman said fans in Chicago showered the team with insults during Sunday's game.

This was obviously just an off the cuff comment made by an astute athlete, no harm no foul.
The next quote really has to make you think "what the hell is wrong with these idiots". Corey Chavous enlightened the Viking fan base with this little gem:

Their reception could be chilly Sunday at the Metrodome, but safety Corey Chavous said players are not concerned with their perception in the Twin Cities.
"It doesn't matter," Chavous said. "Right now, nobody thinks we have character. So who cares? The bottom line is you have to worry about what's going on in the locker room with your guys."

Remember Chavous was asked about his fans reaction for Sundays game, not Wisconsin fans reactions. Could you imagine any Packer at all answering the same question in the same manner? Even Ahmad Carroll has more common sense then to dismiss the fans.

Once again I have to point out that these guys want (and quite frankly need) a new stadium. The Z-man, owner Zygi Wilf, better reign these guys in, before its to late. BTW the new stadium referendum is to be handled like all other Blue State issues, by bypassing the people and imposing a new tax without the people getting a chance to vote. Minnesotans have voted down a stadium referendum several times already, and by large margins.

Like the energizer bunny the Vikings just keep going and going and going...

NBA and its Dress Code

I'm not sure how you guys feel about this or if you even know what's going on. As a bit of background information, the NBA has imposed a new dress code on league related activities. It seems Commissioner David Stern wants to improve the image of his "hip/hop" league to some of the corporate sponsors. Basically he wants players to look professional and not like any dude off the street. Stern wants players to wear slacks and collared shirts during team activities like traveling to and from the team hotel, and he wants sport coats and slacks on the bench on nights that player is not in uniform. There is also a ridiculous ban on jewelry, hats and doo-rags (their purpose is lost on me).

Naturally, some of the players are a little irked at the Commissioner. Stephen Jackson (you remember him from the Pacers/Pistons Brawl) called the ban on jewelry racist. Allan Iverson is pissed because he wants to be comfortable and said that the way a man dresses doesn't change who he is on the inside. Lastly, Marcus Camby suggested that the league give players a stipend for new clothes since this rule is a league mandated rule.

Now I'm not the brightest man in the world but Camby is scheduled to make $8.5 million this year. What are the chances he can roll up to S&K and take advantage of their 2 suits, 2 shirts and 2 ties for $250 special without being put out too much? I don't think the league is being racist on their ban of jewelry, but I think it's completely arbitrary and stupid to ban the bling.

However, I agree with what AI says though. I don't think changing the dress code of the players will do anything to change the image of the league. As it is now, the league is very popular with the younger crowd. While old business execs might not like it, it's still a billion dollar industry with world wide appeal. Frankly, if it ain't broke why try to fix it?

A couple of big games tonight

First Game 6 of the NLCS in St Louis tonight can Houston break its string of Choking in the NLCS. While I think Houston is done they do have a chance with Oswalt and the Rocket pitching the next two game. This should be a really good game October baseball is one of the greatest things in sports.

A quick aside now that weekend massacre the crew suffered in Houston doesn't look as bad. Think of it they finished third in a division that gave you the finalist in the NLCS maybe we are moving in the right direction.

Second big game tonight Mukwonago vs Hartland Arrowhead at Mukwonago last regular season game of the year for both teams. The Playoffs are around the corner, can the Indians keep their drive for back to back titles alive tune in and see.

If anyone else wants to write about other highschool teams feel free to chime in.

sorry its been a bit quite around here I have been a bit busy with the local election and ESK is busy looking for a bigger desk to chase secretaries around after his promotion:) But it should heat up with all the winter sports that have started or are about to start. If anyone has a subject you want us to cover drop us a email or a comment.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Carnival of the Badger Reminder

Just a quick reminder, Carnival of the Badger submissions are due Wednesday, Aaron is planning to have a really fun Carnival this week, so don't miss out on the fun.

If you don’t know what this is, it is open to any and all Bloggers from Wisconsin, just submit a link to your favorite post of the week, the host will collect and post all of the stories once a week. Each week the Carnival will be hosted by another Blog.

To submit an article, just send the link to or use the Carnival Submission Form. (make sure you select the proper carnival to submit to)

This is a great way to get new people to visit your Blog

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hey that Pujols guy is pretty good.

Wow how many times have little leaguers pretended to hit that home run. Down to the last out of the season and he crushes a monster 3 run homer that hit the train tracks at Tropicana Field in Houston. What a story book shot. The NLCS is now 3-2 with the last two games in Busch Stadium I am not ready to write the Red Birds off this is the kind of loss that can crush the spirit of a team. The Houston players looked like they had just been kicked in the balls with a lead boot.

If St Louis wins game 6 they will win the series I really think that homerun was the blow to the head that St Louis has been trying to land now can they land a second one then game seven will be a done deal.

To quote one of the CBS guys "Don't start swinging that wrecking ball yet"

Isnt Baseball a great game one man one swing of the bat and the whole equation changes.


Before I forget Mukwonago still undefeated.

Mukwonago 8-0 6-0 in the Classic 8 with a 22 game unbeaten streak. They defeated the other State champion in the Classic 8 Waukesha West in a hard fought 14-7 game.

This guarantees the Indians a piece of the conference title their third in a row. They play Wednesday night at home against hated rival Hartland Arrowhead. I am hoping for a big blow out win based on the old theory of Arrowhead lost to West in a 42-7 rout.

So its almost playoff time in the WIAA and I am hoping to make a trip to Madison to see Mukwonago defend its title.


Test Test Test

I have no idea why this is doing this does anyone else all my other blogspot blogs are fine so I dont thinks its anything I am doing.

Looking for a little help lol


OK now I am really confused why didnt this post end up with strikeouts on everything?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

White Sox win the pennant

Prepare your "end-of-the-world" kits :-) . Over on the NL side, the Astros tied up the series at 2 games apiece take a 3-1 lead.

Meanwhile, the umps continued their pro-Sox bias (demonstrated by blowing the strikeout in game 2 and not calling catcher's interference in game 3), reversing two poor anti-Sox calls in this game (now, if they were consistent in being bad, they would have blown those two calls as well).

Correction - that was to make it 3-1; tells you how little I've been paying to the series between the Red Sox of the South and the Yankees of the Midwest :-)

NFL daytime quick hit

I wish I got my 2 picks for the WSB in on-time because my full-week picks went 9-2 in the games lit by the sun (that are done, at least). Anyway, time to review the games not already covered:

Carolina 21, Detroit 20 - Given a chance to take a commanding lead in the division by virtue of being the only team above .500 after Week 1, Duh Lions choke against a common conference opponent.
Jax 23, Pitt 17 in OT - Guess the Steelers miss Big Ben. At least Maddox made it an overtime game.
Tampa Bay 27, Miami 13 - When Chris Chambers rushes for more than 3 times the yardage (25 yards on 3 carries) as Ricky Williams (8 yards on 5 carries), there's something seriously wrong.
Kansas City 28, Washington 21 - The luck has turned for the Redskins.
Cincinnati 31, Tennessee 23 - Who here thought that 6 weeks in, the Bengals would be 5-1 and alone atop the AFC North? Be honest :-)
Baltimore 16, Cleveland 3 - Stat of the week: in 2 games against NFC North teams, the NewBrowns scored 46 points, in 3 games elsewhere, they scored 22.
Buffalo 27, NY Jets 17 - I don't want to get kicked out, so I won't say the Jets-haters chant.
San Diego 27, Oakland 14 - LT can do it all; touchdowns running, receiving and throwing.

Meanwhile, we suddenly got ourselves a ballgame in Denver.

Update - Denver 28, New England 20 - This time, the Broncos remembered that the Prevent defense only prevents victories.

Bears 28, Vikings 3

Mike Tice sounded a bit choked up in his post game press conference, even a little resigned to his fate. "Hopefully God has something in your future that is bright and cheerful." Well, Mike, maybe there's a college team in your future.

Okay, that's better

The kick is up! It's... GOOD!

Dallas wins in overtime. What a sloppy mess.

I hate the Atlanta Falcons

They couldn't cover 5.5 against the Fing Aints and cost me a 5 team. First the Panthers pull out their game same with the Giants I was getting 3.5, Bengles cover easily. KC comes through so there are 4 of 5 but the fing Falcons cannot beat the damn Aints by a Touchdown. A PoX on the whole Falcon Team ACL injures for all of them.

A fuming GBFan

FOOTBALL makes me Sad. I also hate USC had them paired with a brillant pick Northwestern getting 7 I should have listend to myself 2 weeks ago I warned to stay away from USC in the words of T-Buck "Im Suck"

Wait a second...

Stupid Giants... Stupid Shockey...


We're gonna win! Thank you Tom Coughlin.
Giants {choke} aaack.

Grady Little, Milwaukee Brewer?

It isn't exactly stunning or earth shattering news, but it's still a little early for that. However, according to the Boston Herald, Ned Yost is poised to name the former BoSox manager and current Boston pariah the new Milwaukee Brewers bench coach.

ittle, who averaged 94 regular-season wins (188-136) during his two years as Boston manager, has spent the past two seasons working for the Chicago Cubs as a roving catcher instructor and a special assistant to general manager Jim Hendry. The Brewers, who finished 81-81 to end their 12-year string of losing seasons, dismissed bench coach Rich Dauer and third base coach Rich Donnelly after the final game.
Manager Ned Yost told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Little is ``somebody I've had contact with.''
Little and Yost are close friends. They managed together in the Atlanta Braves minor league system and were roommates during spring training.

Personally, I love the idea. It will be as big a spalsh as they can in terms of bench coach hype, and adds great baseball experience. You ask me, he got a raw deal in Boston, and Milwaukee is just following in their recent tradition of rebuilding men from the scrap heap. Sine Molitor and Yount feel no real pull to Milwaukee anymore, this is the best I could hope for ( Tom Trebelhorn still alive?)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What To Look For In Tomorrows Packer Game

The game will hinge on Brett Favre and how much he can raise the play of the Offense around him.

It will all come together for the Defense, the linebackers will finally figure out Bates scheme and take the correct angle to fill the holes opened by the vigilant D-Line.

In a stunning upset the D-Backs will commit only three holding calls and they will be credited with an even more amazing two solo tackles. A truly proud moment in the annals of this backfield. The one failing of the unit was when the formidable Terry Glenn carried Carroll, Roman and Little on his back an additional twenty three yards for a TD. Sherman tugged on his oversize sweatshirt and ran his fingers through his hair mumbling "fixing that is priority one".

The O-Line gels as a unit, in particular Wil Whitticker, amazing game by the young man. Sherman once again praises his ability to open one hole in the third quarter for a huge four yard gain. Sherman also lauds his ability to hold his man to only one sack and three pressures. This coupled with only one motion and two holding penalties earns him Shermans player of the game honors. The Milwaukee Urinal/Mental reporters covering the team grumble because they thought Adrian Klemm had a break-out game. They point to Klemms ability to get knocked on his ass during a goal line boot leg by Favre that allowed Brett to gain the edge and score on a two yard scamper. McGinns argument may well be grounded in fact as Klemm is charged with two procedure calls and one holding call. The two players finished tied with being bull rushed into the backfield at four times each. The Milwaukee Urinal/Mental agree no articles will be written on the O-line or their performance. Sherman mentions "we will get that fixed".

Ahman Green looks like his old self, although being hit in the backfield an average of two times before the line of scrimmage he breaks out with an inspirational 70 yard performance. Green only removes himself from the game five times and only stalls two drives by putting Tony Hunter in unfamiliar down and distance circumstances. In reference to Greens asthma Sherman is quoted as saying "we'll get that fixed".

The wide-outs play stellar as usual. Driver displays alligator arms and refuses to run over the middle but the rest of the unit steps up. Fergie has only one ball stripped from his grasp and only runs the wrong pattern three times. It's a boon that those three bad routes result in only two interceptions. When asked by the Urinal/Mental reporters about the cumulative average of 10 on the wonderlic by his receiving corps Sherman says that's an unfair assessment since they included Bubba Franks in the average. When pressed on the subject about how that may be one reason it takes so long for WR's to learn the system Sherman responded "we'll work on getting that fixed".

The quote of the day is provided by Ahmad Carroll; "we playded purty, dem cats, dey bringed it all day. My playedness leaded us to winning and aint nobody gone take that proudness away. I be a man today.

If Thats Not Enough...

the Rocket is pitching and LSU vs. Fla is also being televised. Mighty Tivo do your stuff.


I thiought I saw it all 2 years ago when Rhys-Davis beat us on a last minute FG.
This is sweet, keeping Barry's farewell fantasy tour alive.
BTW, Ohio State got dominated just as bad as Wisconsin and pulled out a W as well.
Now its on to Penn State and Michigan, oh yea, I guess I'll check on that other game going on right now. Who were those other two teams? Is that USC Gamecocks or Trojans...thats right its the Trojans vs the Irish.

10-10 Halftime

A few observances from the first half of the Battle for Bunyans Ax.
Stocco looks pretty good 8 of 13 for 134 yards with two drops. One each by Orr and Williams.
Calhoun and Stanley began to get off at the end of the first half but the numbers are still very low. They have to find a way to get Calhoun touches out on the edge with a few swing passes and screens. Scoring via the air won't win this game, because it won't milk the clock enough.
Which brings us to the story so far. The Golden Showers are gouging the Badgers on the ground, completely dominating the line of scrimmage. 137 yards rushing so far which has opened it up for the unproven QB to throw for 99 more yards. The LB's have disappeared and the overmatched D-Line is a non-factor. If our Offense doesn't control the clock it will be another long Saturday for UW fans.
Watch how many tackles Stellmacher has to make, that should tell the story. We can score at will but we must drain the clock.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The wandering Favre

Steve Czaban suggests the unthinkable: Brett Favre in another uniform.
Finally, on January 1st, the calendar will turn. A new year. A new direction. Favre starts his 241st consecutive game, including the playoffs, against the Seahawks. Against the coach who launched his brilliant run in Green Bay.

The lead-up to the game will be 24-hour news around the state. Lambeau will be standing room only 3 hours before kickoff. He will be able to do nothing wrong in the eyes of the fans that day, even if the Packers lose and he plays poorly.

Either comfortably ahead, or hopelessly behind sometime late in the fourth quarter, Favre will be in the huddle, getting ready to go, when the whistle will blow from the sideline.

Mike Sherman will call timeout, and motion Favre over for his last curtain call at the hallowed grounds. The roar will be transcendant in sports history. It will sound like one-hundred jet planes at full takeoff throttle.

It will seemingly never end. And if you are a Packer fan, you will never, ever, forget it.

I can see all of this, very easily. I just can't see it being the end.

At some point in the spring, Favre will grow tired of watching the grass grow. He'll feel the itch. He'll talk to other players. He'll read the newspapers. He'll wonder himself - is he really retired? His body will feel really, really good. The phone will ring.

Just promise yourself this: don't be mad at what might happen next.

And don't be mad at me for suggesting it.

My deepest apologies

I have been absurdly busy at work and have been in meetings all week. Happily this has paid off and yours truly has been promoted. I say this only because I will be working with overseas markets and my hours will be very odd starting Monday, and my commentary in this here bar will be affected. I figure I'll get used to it after a week or so and things will hopefully get back to normal.

On to my picks...

My first pick is another one I don't enjoy making, because I really really like rooting against the Patriots. Tom Brady has started taking himself far too seriously and has turned from the next "golden boy" into a loudmouth, touchy, porn downloadin' prick. I want him to fail...just not this week. Denver has a banged up Champ Bailey and two rookies in their secondary. While the guys can eventually be special (love Darrent Williams) they aren't there just yet. They trashed KC with great pressure on Green but I like the blocking of Dillon and the o-line better, especially in pass sets for New England. I expect a better schemed game and a sharp Tom Brady to come out and pick apart the Bronco defense. While I think the game will be close, I LOVE getting points with the Patriots and I will take the three and run.

PICK: Patriots +3

Pick number two is a Katrina pick. The Saints are terrible. I don't care where they are playing, makes absolutely zero difference to me. If they are getting less than a TD against a good team, then I am laying against them. I couldn't care less if Vick plays. The Falcons will crush the Saints. Absolutely crush them. Losing by 40+ to an 0-4 team has got to smash any confidence they once had, and the one bright spot, Deuce McAllister? He gone. Now the burden falls to the worst quarterback in football, a man who cannot win you the game, but will try with all his vast athletic ability and lack of intelligence to give it away, Aaron Brooks. I hope Schaub gets to play not only so my money has a healthy QB, but so the sell out crowd of Gulf Coast fans at least get to see one decent quarterback. If the spread were ten I would like it, at 6? Love it!

PICK: Falcons -6

Thursday, October 13, 2005

E.S.K - 4-6, Paul - 4-5-1

Thanks to Cinci's push last week I'm just slightly ahead of E.S.K. entering this week.

Alright, so the Jets managed to win last week. These things happen sometimes. Fortunately, we're starting to get a good indication about which teams are just bad, and which teams are truly wretched. For instance, we know that the Anthony Wright led Ravens are absolutely horrible. For instance, they lost last week to the pathetic Detroit Lions by 18. Jamal Lewis looks like prison has gotten to him, their once vaunted defense seems to where down over the course of the game (no thanks to the offense), and they may have the worst starting QB in football, and that includes a possible Charlie Batch sighting in Pitt.

Cleveland, on the other hand, isn't half bad. Everyone naturally assumes that the Browns suck, but they've put together a solid if unspectacular running game, Antonio Bryant and Dilfer have some chemistry, and they've been a solid defensive team.
On pure reputation the Ravens are favored by 6 in this game. That's way too much. This is one of the worst teams in the NFL, and they're not winning anything by a full TD. They'll be lucky to score any touchdowns.

Take the Brownies, +6.

The Lions are bad. Sure they put up 35 on the Ravens, but so what? Roy Williams is hurt, Charles Rogers is on drugs, and Mike Williams isn't very good, at least not yet. This teams best offensive player right now looks like Kevin Johnson. The O-line is awful, the defense is strong up the middle, but weak everywhere else.

They play an underachieving but talented Panthers team in a pick 'em game. Look for Steve Smith to have around 200 yards receiving.

Take the Panthers, even.

Good thing it was just a practice

...because the regularly scheduled soccer riot would have killed someone. In Belem, Brazil:
At least 60 people were injured Tuesday when thousands of people stormed an already packed soccer stadium in northern Brazil to watch the national team train for a World Cup qualifying match against Venezuela.
This was just a practice session. If you thought soccer was boring before, can you imagine sitting through soccer practice? Are they sure people weren't stampeded on the way out?

Why not let the fans call the plays?

Since Mike Sherman is unwilling to trust his own judgement, why not let the fans call the plays? Or the sportswriters?
Coach Mike Sherman decided to give Brett Favre the rest of the afternoon off with the game comfortably in hand through three quarters. Sherman didn’t do anything risky with Rodgers, who started his first series at his 3-yard line.

“That was not easy for me on the 3-yard line,” Sherman said of his decision to play Rodgers. “I’m doing the math in my head on how many possessions it would take for them to come back, but I figured we needed to do that. I didn’t want to read in the paper the next day how I left (Favre) in too long, so we took Brett out and put (Rodgers) in. He did a good job.”
So, against his better judgement, Sherman sent a rookie out there to take over the team on their own 3-yard line, all because he didn't want to be second guessed in the newspaper. What other disasters is Sherman willing to walk into just to escape the scrutiny of the press the next day?

And he would know

Michael Irvin weighs in on a topic he knows pretty well:
On ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown," one of the topics was whether Vikings coach Mike Tice was losing control of the Vikings.

"Obviously yes," Michael Irvin said. "I experienced this exact same thing in 1997 with Barry Switzer."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Who said it?

The quote:

"I fashion these young men as an extension of my family..."

Mike Tice.

He goes on to state his disappointment in them. Just the same, that's some family Tice must have. Bonus Tice quote:
"Incidents like these can either blow a team apart or pull a team together. It's my job to pull the team together."
I think they have the "pull together" part down a little too well, Mike. In fact, they probably have that blowing apart thing down pat, too.

Peter King Annoys Me, But The Guy CAN Write

In case you missed this yesterday I thought I'd link to it. King paints a beautiful picture of a fall afternoon in Wisconsin. I could almost smell the grass/chalk mix of running through a newly lined end zone enroute to pregame intro's.
If you read on to the third page of the article, King relates this story;

This is the kind of place Green Bay is:
When Deanna Favre began campaigning against breast cancer, the Packers started selling pink hats with the Packers logo, with $5 from every sale going to breast cancer research. As of last weekend, 145,000 of the hats had been sold; and a club official told me he thought 200,000 would be sold by year's end through the Packer Pro Shop. If that happens, the campaign will have raised $1 million for cancer research.And when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, locals began collecting supplies to send southward. To date, 70 semis have been filled with stuff from the community. "Incredible,'' Favre told me. "Everything's been contributed, even $15,000 generators that can light up two houses.'' Some $600,000 has been contributed to the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation at the Nicolet National Bank in Green Bay, and the Mississippi governor, Haley Barbour, told Favre a couple of weeks ago he may be able to get matching funds of as much as nine times the amount raised by the foundation, the majority of which is expected to be used to help families with no flood insurance in Mississippi

I just want to let you guys know that these good deeds, done by Badger's, to help out complete strangers, does get noticed all across the country. You guy's are awesome and it really makes me proud to say I'm a Badger.

The Packers and the "Fair Catch Kick" Rule

Mike at the L&N Line has more on the Titans' fair catch kick, as well as a link to a story about the Packers use of the rule. Lombardi knew about it:

In view of such distinctions, it should come as no surprise that the classic series also has been punctuated - not once but twice - by one of the rarest plays in pro football history.

Going by the NFL rule book, it is officially known as the "fair catch kick."

Simply put, the rule states: "After a fair catch, the receiving team has the option to put the ball in play by a snap or a fair catch kick (a field goal attempt) - with fair catch lines established 10 yards apart."

The latter, incidentally, means that the defending team must be 10 yards removed from the scrimmage line of the kicking team and cannot "rush" the kick, which thus, as the name implies, is a "free" kick.

The Packers, then under the direction of Vince Lombardi, "introduced" the maneuver - a genuine rarity in league history - to a capacity house of 42,327 fans in their 1964 regular-season opener against the Bears (Sept. 13) in what was then known as City Stadium (it was to be renamed Lambeau Field just a year later, following the death of team founder E.L. "Curly" Lambeau).

With only seconds remaining in the first half, Elijah Pitts, back to receive Chicago's punt from Bobby Joe Green, signaled for a fair catch as he fielded the football at the Packers' 48-yard line.

Next, to the surprise of the full house - and virtually all members of the attending media -Lombardi informed Referee Norm Schachter that the Packers would be attempting a fair catch kick on what would be the final play of the first half, and the Green and Gold promptly lined up across the field, 11 strong, with quarterback Bart Starr remaining in the game as a holder at the line of scrimmage.

It's a good story. You'll have to click the link to find out how it ends. And while you're over at the L&N Line, check out the many sports related posts, as well as reviews of Two For The Money, and Wallace and Gromit.

More Viking Fun!

From the Star Tribune (thanks Ben Maller)

Prior to boarding, at least one group (of Vikings) in a limo urinated on Cathy Hough's lawn in Mound, according to Hough and police. She said she confronted the men. "I said, 'Excuse me, do you mind?' And they looked at me as if I was crazy," Hough said Tuesday. "One of them said, "It's only water, ma'am,' and he continued peeing. I said no, it's not."

This is the most likely yacht they chartered from Al and Alma's. The 64 foot Avant Garde is the biggest vessel they have and they are pro athletes. While they did charter two yachts, you would imagine they wanted to make a splase for all the coke dealers and hookers.

Not as good as our own Najeh Davenport, but still pretty crude. But wait, things got a touch classier once they boarded the boats.

A source with direct knowledge of the case said Tuesday that accounts of Vikings players having public sex on at least one of the boats matched with what witnesses had reported. The source said that it appeared that the sex acts took place between consenting adults and that no felony-level crimes had been committed. The source said that it was likely that misdemeanor charges involving lewd behavior could be filed against some players within a week.

Fred Smoot offered to explain: "It's slanderous," he said "If (Doyle is) bringing my name up like this, I'm going to sue them. Other than that, I ain't got nothing else to say." Asked if he was denying involvement in the alleged incidents, Smoot said, "It ain't even what they're talking about."

At least Ahmed Carrol isn't the only fantastic public speaker in the NFC North.

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