Friday, September 30, 2005

Sigh...The Country Won't Stop Piling On...

The Wall Street Journal thought it would be fun to rank each NFL teams intelligence based on the Wunderlic test. The results are in, the Rams are the NFL's smartest team.

On the other end of the scale, we found a winless team whose 19.1 average is similar to the typical Wonderlic score for hospital orderlies. (Sorry, Green Bay Packers fans).

Awesome. I can't even read the Wall Street Journal without getting kicked in the nuts.

Second Pick

Detroit sucks, Harrington sucks. Haven't played a good run team yet.

Tampa is solid. Fast, agile d-line will eat Harrington alive.

Quick and dirty.

PICK: Tampa Bay -7

Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)

Well folks, I made it into work but I still have not made it home. The afternoon game turned into an early dinner at Monsoon which turned into cocktails which turned into bowling which turned into...well, I'm not really sure what came next, but I do remember hightailing it out of the place I finally laid my head this morning to hit the shower's at my gym, pick up some clothes, and now I am at work.

The game was really fantastic. A perfect way to end the home season. I personally love pitchers duels and yesterday did not disappoint. Glover was twirling with his ten K's, striking out Dunn four times which was fantastic. I was sitting in left field, literally on that funky corner that Lee always plays so well and when the final out was made he came over and shook our hands. Good guy. He was giving Brady shit all game long for making Jenkins struggle on that shoestring catch in right center. They put Attanasio's mug on the screen along with the announcement that it was his birthday, and he got a really nice standing ovation. Definitely four or five minutes. It was a great moment.

Allright, I am going to make my pick also fairly quick, mostly since looking at the computer is giving me a headache. The second pick will come soon.

First, I am going to hit the limb hard and hope to God it holds up better than Pennington's arm. That's right folks, I am going to Baltimore and taking the road dogs, the J!E!T!S! Jets Jets Jets! Brooks Bollinger has the potential to not lose this game. Can he win it, of course not. Baltimore's defense however has been less than expected and expect CMart to get 35 attempts. He is a fantasy stud this week. The fact that the Jets are getting 7, lay heavy. Remember, the Ravens don't have it any better than the Jets at QB, and have thus far been totally unable to get Jailbird Jamal off and running. While he will probably have a big week, expect this game to look like a 1950 Princeton game possibly even featuring the vaunted single wing offense. The Jets may lose, but will keep it close, since either team scoring 7 points is unlikely.

PICK: Jets +7

I'll be back in a bit with my second pick.

By the way, the record stands at:

Paul 3-3
ESK 3-3

Setting the world on fire, one split week after another...

edit: wow, I am so out of it I butchered the title of my post, so I fixed it.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

80 wins Hurray Beer You Betcha

Wow what a great way to end the home season. First Gary Glover pitched his ass off 7IP 0ER and 9 count them a career high 9 K's. I cant wait to hear from ESK about the buzz and the crowd but on TV it felt like a playoff game. I know they gave the tickets away but how cool was it to see the House that Beer built almost full and rocking. I know for a fact in past years you could have gave tickets away and still have gotten under 13000 in the park.

Ok the numbers 80-79 13-9 2 wins to a winning season. They just need to do what they have been doing since the break win the series. I am a little sad that the Canada trip is this weekend and I will miss watching the games I guess 2 of the 3 games will be on FSN, Friday and Sundays games. Do me proud guys keep beating the winnings season drums.

oh cant end without commenting on Mr Turnbow Save number 38 who would have thunk it. Cappy2 and Santana got the job done in the 8th nice job by the bullpen. If Turnbow can get 2 saves this weekend he will pass Dan Kolb for club record for Saves.

Jeff Cirillo huge pinch hit for an injured Chad Moller I hope he is back next year.

2.2 million in Home attendance this year. Ok Lets get a couple of wins in Pittsburgh and then lets start working on next years version of this team.

So Hurray Beer hopefully Hurray for a winning season

Talk to you all Sunday night or Monday


Quick Picks

It's time for the weekly gambling contest. I think we're still tied, but I'll be honest, I've got a lot to do and I don't have time to flush out my excellent reasons for these two picks, so you're just going to have to trust me. Risky, I know. Here they are.

Take Minnesota (+6) over the Falcons, and

Take Indy (-7) over the Titans.

On to Mr. E.S.K.

3000 hits in under 3 months

I missed it we went over 3000 hits on our sitemeter I trust those numbers better than the stat counter one.

I have my IP blocked so my 500 trips a day here are not counted.

So thank you to all the Posters and all the readers who have helped us jump up to a pretty fair daily average so quickly.

I think we have a pretty good site here and I am glad people are finding it and enjoying it.

So once again Thank you to everyone involved.


The Packers should sign Andre Davis right now.

Last night the Patriots cut Andre Davis. (They also signed Amos Zeroue to replace the injured Kevin Faulk). While I do understand the Patriots move, as they are absolutely loaded at WR, Andre Davis is no scrub. In fact, he's one of the most underrated receivers in football. Great hands, good speed, excellent route runner, catches everything that's near him.

Davis's biggest problem is that he has spent his career playing with wretched quarterbacks on a terrible Cleveland Browns team. Here are a couple of paragraphs on Davis's SABR stats from a Browns fan:

Of course, I had ample opportunity to talk Browns with the experts. One thing that came up (okay, I brought it up) was the recent news item of Andre Davis being told he can seek a trade. You already know what a big Andre Davis fan I am, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that, using Football Outsiders' statistical methods, which are far superior to any "traditional" stats, Andre is revealed to be one of the best receivers in the NFL. Much to my surprise, Aaron Schatz remembered an e-mail exchange he and I had last summer, after I used some of his stats in a post defending Andre. What Aaron didn't quite remember is just how good his stats show Andre to be, so as soon as I mentioned it, he grabbed a copy of his book, flipped to the wide receivers section, and promptly said "You're right, he is incredible!" I thought it would be worthwhile to look at Andre's DVOA and DPAR stats now that a season has passed since I last brought this up:

Browns NFL Browns NFL
DVOA rank rank DPAR rank rank
2002 -5.8% 3 62 4.4 3 66
2003 34.4% 1 2 19.9 1 14
2004 34.1% 1 7 10.2 2 49

summarize: an unspectacular rookie season, an amazing sophomore season, and a 2004 in which Andre excelled when healthy. The fact that his DPAR totals are less impressive than his DVOA is because DPAR depends heavily on the number of times the ball is thrown at you. When thrown the ball, though, Andre does as well or better as almost any receiver in the league. I think it's more than fair to say he's the best receiver the Browns have, which is why it upsets me that they're so willing to part with him. Romeo Crennel cannot entirely be blamed for undervaluing Andre, since most of what he's seen of him has been in training camp the last few weeks, when Andre has reportedly been struggling (perhaps because he hasn't played yet since his injury), but Phil Savage's job is to know things like this.

If the Packers can get another serviceable receiver they might be able to salvage this season. If Davis is paired up with Favre, he has the potential to be special. They should also be able to pick him up on the cheap. There is no reason not to do this.

So they should. Right now.

Why the Jets are screwed.

This article is quite excellent. Here is a clip:

But the question isn't going away. With every wobbly pass Pennington throws, it will be asked:

Is his shoulder OK?

Will it ever be OK?

The Jets say Pennington – who didn't exactly pack a rifle before getting hurt – missed too much preseason time recovering from surgery. That he's still working himself into game shape, still getting in sync with a new offensive scheme.

Then you hear Don Majkowski's story.

Read the whole thing.

(Hat tip, Outsiders)

Cant win them all

We said they could afford to lose one game this series well that game was it. Cappy was due for a game like that the bats have dug him out of a few holes this year so chalk that game up to baseball Karma. The Reds have a number of good bats in that line up and when they hit on all cylinders they can put a ass stomping on you and that is what happen last night

I wont even blame the lose on RB he was just a small part of the bigger picture.

So we are 12-9 back to 500 4 games left in the season and they can only drop one if they want a winning season. Right on track no need to panic as ESK has stated this team just doesn't get sweeps they tend to win the series but rarely get the sweep. Now They have to win today game is on FSN the last Televised game of the season if you don't have MLB TV or MLB extra Innings so if you can watch it tune in.

I will be able to write about today's game but them I am off to the Great White North for the Weekend so will someone please keep the countdown going

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this years version of the Milwaukee Brewers and I have nothing but high hopes for next year.

Plus we still have a very good shot at finishing above the Flubs so lots to play for this weekend.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

bottom of the 5th 2 on no outs

Anyone want to guess what pinch hitter Russell Branyon did? Anyone, Anyone, Bueller? Why not let Wes Helms hit I mean he has been on fire as a pinch hitter. Man I would not shed one tear if old RB is not with Milwaukee next year.


Al Michaels King of the Gambling degenerates.

I cant believe I forgot to write about this Tuesday. I was reminded while reading post on MNF at Lakeshore Laments(posters here by the way) one of my favorite things about MNF is trying to guess in which quarter AL will drop a gambling reference. I have to give Steve Czaben from the Bob And Brian show credit for turning me on to this neat little game.

Al would fit in with our little bad of degenerates I mean some night you can tell how he has bet. One night last year he even commented on how that interception return for a late meaningless touchdown in a blowout had just "made everyone who had the Over very happy."

In Monday nights game KC vs Denver he dropped the first gambling comment in the first quarter a little early for him. Jabba the Hut(Madden)was yammering on about how the altitude in Denver was a real home advantage and Al pipes in yea a real one worth a point to a point and a half in the line.

So enjoy this new little hobby can make the end of really bad MNF games worth watching lol.


Just what Packer fans want to hear

Mike Sherman assured Packer fans there's no reason to do anything panicky like sign some free agents.
"Sherman says if they could have changed three or four plays in each ballgame, then maybe the Packers would have won. He says his team is playing `Well enough to win, but ... bad enough to lose.' Sherman says there were enough good things in Sunday's game to encourage him that there will be better games down the road. He says the Packers are `Right on the edge.'
I bet Packer fans haven't been this inspired since Bart Starr claimed the Packers were "Eight plays away from the Super Bowl."

Most Unheralded Wisco Back Ever?

Without a doubt, I think the most unhearalded Wisconsin Badger has got to be Erik Bickerstaff. I used to play basketball with this nut when I was in middle school and he was in his younger high school days. He talks like Mike Tyson, has been cut like a freaking rock since he was 16 and in trouble with the law probably twice as long. He was the original "special rules for athletes" guy in Waukesha. There were three confirmed alcohol offenses in as many years and yet the man could run, and Waukesha North needed players. Erik was a shining light in an otherwise AWFUL program.

Somehow (pure, raw, incredible talent perhaps?) he hooked onto the Badgers. I can't find his career stats but he did pretty much nothing as a Badger. Did that matter much? Not really.

He was picked up by the Cowboys in 2003 and due to injuries and lack of production ahead of him on the depth chart, played in 4 games getting 19 carries 56 yards and a touchdown before separating his shoulder (if I recall correctly) and losing the season. In 2004 he didn't get off the practice squad but he was getting paid to play football.

This season, he may get a chance to play for a Super Bowl ring, as the Patriots brought him in to work out on Monday.

Congrats Erik, and may it work out for you this time around.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hurray Beer and Hurray JJ Hardy

Wow I told you they would score some runs for Rick Helling. Very nice job by the Crew JJ started off in the right way with the 2 run jack in the first set the tone. How about Carlos(get on his horse)Lee, he was flying around Left field tonight.

The bullpen did much better tonight Very Nice Inning by Kane Davis a couple more of them and I might take him off my Tar and feather list. I wonder if end of the year fatigue is taking its toll on the younger arms in the bullpen? But nice to see them jump out to a lead and hold on 8th and 9th innings were a bit more exciting than one would hope for but win is a win.

Now for the numbers 12-8 3 wins to a Winnings season. One game over 500 first time they have been over 500 since May. .503 sounds so much better that .500

Lets hope Cappy can continue his winning ways and get win number 19 tomorrow lock down the series win and keep the tide rolling. Here's to the Reds folding up like LSU did last night lol.

Hurray Beer and Hurray JJ


End of the World

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman have hired a crew chief for their new NASCAR team, Philippe Lopez . Lopez was quoted as saying,
"My first priority is to get the shop up and running," Lopez said. "We are working very closely with Joe Gibbs Racing. That will give us a great advantage right from the start."
Joe Gibbs of the Redskins? Roger, Troy, where did we go wrong?

Can they mow my lawn next?

I've seen it all. Packer Fans who pay for the priviledge of painting the letters at Lambeau. As Dr. Bear put it so well, "Somewhere Tom Sawyer is high-fiving Mark Twain."

Bad enough to watch the games, but to do the maintenance work, too...

Reality Check

Jets are faced with the fact that Bollinger is not a NFL QB, not now and not in the future. Titans won't trade Volek and it doesn't look like Washington is ready to move Ramsey.

Testaverde, Carter and the Bachelor are not the QB's of the future. Anyone else come to mind? Any team you can think of with a bit of a logjam at QB?

Time for Thompson to get on the phone and get himself a second or third rounder for Craig Nall and sign JT O'Sullivan off the Bears practice squad. It makes sense for the Jets, as he has looked good in the preseason, has some solid years of experience, has a good arm (I have a better arm than Pennington, no doubt about it) and football knowledge. He is also a legitimate "QB of the future" for a team like the Jets that doesn't rely as much on a QB to take over a game.

It shows the fans that they are dedicated to winning now (seriously, at this point if Favre went down Rodgers would go in anyway, as winning isn't in the cards this year) and give the Pack some leverage with extra draft picks in the offseason.

Pure unadultered speculation, yes absolutely.

A Developing Situation...

It is fantastic to see Bill Hall playing great baseball. He played a great game last night and is having a career year.

That's the problem.

While to most it seems like he is playing about twice as much as he did last year, the fact is he has only played in 14 more games and had about 90 more at bats than he did a season ago. While Hall cam through in the clutch early in the season with his right-center gappers, he struggled on an everyday basis, hitting .238 with a .276 on base. His OPS was a weak .650 and he struck out 119 times.

The situation is this. The Brewers are looking to be a playoff team next year. By all indications the rotation will be better (a healthy Sheets, a free agent acquisition, a "luckier" Davis, even a down-to-earth-Cappy is still solid, and a question at fifth) there will be more pop at first, more seasoned bats at second and short, Carlos Lee with a year under his belt. As far as right and center, the Brewers will only make moves there if in fact other positions are distinctly upgraded.

So why settle for Bill Hall. Who knows which Bill Hall will be there next season. He has two years under his belt which will show up next year. Bill Hall has tremendous value as a bench player, but significantly less if he is your everyday starter.

Let me propose this. Chris Capuano will not be a high teen winner again. If the Brewers can somehow sign Washburn that gives them three lefthanded starters. Turns out, the Texans are looking to pull a ChiSox and dump some power to add pitching, since they will be losing Kenny Rogers to free agency. If it can be worked out, why not a Capuano for Hank Blalock. Blalock is potentially a 35 home run guy, is only 24, and plays a servicable third base. I have no idea if they are willing to trade him, but I would make the move in a heartbeat. Capuano would probably have to win his 20th game to make it aesthetically pleasing to the fans in Texas (he might be untradable to the Texans, his name isn't getting thrown around much) and would up Cappy's value to the point where a Capuano/throw in for Blalock would be within the realm of possibility.

A man can dream. All I'm saying is if the opportunity to upgrade is there, and we sign Washburn (again, outside shot) Cappy makes excellent "sell high" trade bait, and if we are upgrading everywhere else, why not third?

edited for absentmindedness...see comments.

Monday, September 26, 2005

This Turd In The Punch Bowl From Shanoff

This in today from Daily Quickie Hack Dan Shanoff:
Green Bay is s-i-c-k-l-y! Put it this way: The Bucs beat the Packers at Lambeau for the first time in 13 games. Fire Sherman?
I fully understand that everyone here probably agrees with this "pronouncement" by the Northwestern alum (which he mentions ad nauseum weekly).
I happen to disagree with the whole fire Sherman Schtick. We are an elite franchise and we should conduct our public business with class at all cost.
We showed definite improvement Sunday. The "D" is getting better after learning it's third scheme in three years. The young guys (with the exception of Carroll) are improving weekly and Murphy looks like he could be a real good one. The offense will get better when the weather turns and we remember how to hand the ball to Ahman (if he keeps himself in for any long stretch), 9-7 might be a stretch but 8-8 should be realistic if you can be objective.
Besides, any other proof needed to refute this guys punditry, came several posts later when he picked Michigan State as No. 5 in the country and made an argument for Cincy as the best team in the NFL.

Hurray Beer Hurray Billy Hall

Wow that was the ugliest beautiful baseball game I have ever seen. First the good Billy a double away from the cycle, basically stoled home on that bunt by Toma, He even made a hell of a play at short to start the game ending double play. Monster night I believe we should give 3rd to Hall and spend the money on shoring up the middle relief in the bull pen. Is there anyone out there we could get to play third who has better numbers then Hall? More good Carlos Lee drove in some big runs in crunch time. This team wouldn't say die and kept battling back and refused to lose this game, I really like the tone of never say die this team has.

Now the bad, what the hell has happen to our bullpen that was the teams strength for most of the year now no lead is safe. Eveland cannot find the plate,Wise looks nothing like he did in the first half before he got hurt. Lehr has to throw strikes you cannot walk in runs like that. Even Turnbow was a bit shaky tonight but got through it. I know its the end of the year and arms are tired but come on 6 more games and they can rest for a month or two. Feel bad for Toma this two games in a row he has left with a big lead and ended up with a no decision. Nice job by Ohka dropping down that bunt with 2 strikes that run was needed.

So the numbers 11-8 4 wins to a winning season as ESK pointed out a day or two ago win both of these last two series and you break the curse. Lets hope that after losing a game like tonight the Reds mail it in for the rest of the series.

Rick Helling on hill tomorrow they have to score some runs for this guy he is due for a game where he wins 7-1 he has pitched his ass off the last month with not a lot to show for it.

So Hurray Billy Hall and Hurray Beer.


Oh and I think Ched Head is in a Mexican Jail haven't heard from him in 2 days lol :)Lets get that bail fund we thought ESK would need in Vegas going for Ched Head :)

Russell Branyon just hit a Homerun with a Man on

I believe that is the last sign before the 4 horseman come down and destroy the earth. I will be retiring to my bunker LOL

Just kidding I have to give my least favorite brewer(non pitcher Kane Davis owns the overall least favorite brewers spot) some credit for doing something good

Be Afraid lol.


Story du jour, definitely deserving...

If you haven't heard about Charlie Weis and his odd playcall to open the game from their own 1 yard line, there is an incredibly sad backstory to the pass right;

Weis asked Montana if there was something he could do for him. He agreed to let Montana call the first play against Washington on Saturday. He called "pass right."

Montana never got to see the play. He died Friday at his home.

Weis is often portrayed as a standoffish, aloof guy and the commentators often seem to dislike his focused attitude, which often leaves them out in the cold on pregame interviewing sessions. After reading this story you can't help but like the guy.

Sticking with Bucky

Matthew Zemek over at has probably the best description of Saturday nights epic victory that I have read. It is worded a bit flowery but it did give me some goosenumps:

The second half was the story of how a team effort overcame one huge play. While Wisconsin incrementally outplayed Michigan in a methodical, gradual fashion — using middle screens to Owen Daniels, among other things, to convert key third downs — the Wolverines, upon trailing for the first time in the game — 16-13 in the fourth quarter — got a bolt of lightning that came from offensive coordinator Terry Malone's brain. After relentlessly pounding the ball up the middle, Michigan used run action to set up a flea-flicker on which quarterback Chad Henne hit Mario Manningham for an easy long-distance touchdown. In an instant, Michigan turned the momentum back in their direction.

However, that momentum wasn't sustained, as Wisconsin — the tortoise to Michigan's hare — resumed winning this contest, one play and a small handful of yards at a time. Stocco's winning score with 24 seconds to go was the culmination of a Chinese Water Torture drive that killed the Wolverines drip by drip. The Badgers weren't dominating in the classic sense, but they won almost all of the plays they had to win in the game's final, ferocious moments. For Alvarez, the outgoing coach, and Calhoun — the best player on the field in this game — Wisconsin got the job done.

Read the whole thing when you can, it's not too long but really captures the games flow.

The Badger Kiss?

It sure is good to be a Badger today! not only did the team leap from unranked to 17, but the most overhyped, overrated QB in Badger history likely lept from third string to starter for the Net York Jets. Ridiculous.

(From via Yahoo Fantasy)

Sep 26 Chad Pennington left the Jets' 26-20 overtime loss to Jacksonville on Sunday with shoulder injury and is scheduled to undergo an MRI exam Monday, according to the Associated Press. "It was just a sharp pain," Pennington said. "I don't know how I feel. I'll have to wait until (Monday) to see how everything goes."

Views: Neither Pennington nor coach Herman Edwards wanted to speculate on the severity of the latest injury, but the quarterback said his shoulder felt "similar to last year." That's not a good sign. It's not as if Pennington was playing well anyway. Make sure he's out of your starting lineup until more information becomes available. With backup Jay Fiedler being injured too, Brooks Bollinger is the only healthy quarterback on the roster. Yuck!

With the way things are going in my big iron fantasy league, perhaps I should drop Peyton for Bollinger?

Great Packer Opportunity

The Green Bay Packers this week travel to Carolina for Monday Night Football. They could have yet another entry in the Carolina franchise's "Most Memorable Monday Night Football Games."

Haven't seen an early line yet, but Carolina will be looking for a punching bag after this last week's loss to the Dolphins.

We know the last time the Packers were 0-3 was 1988. When was the last time they were 0-4? Expect Al & John to have that stat out there early and often.

My suggestion for Packer fans this week is not to watch the players as they leave town for Carolina, but watch who the Packers send a car for coming into the airport.

Already, the (West) Milwaukee J/S is quoting ESPN Craig Mortensen that Eagles Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress "is the odds-on favorite to succeed Sherman at the end of the year."

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Did anyone see Sherman's post game press conference? I think Tim Van Vooren said it best on the Fox 6 post game when he described it as "resignation" (not that resignation, though). It was the most disturbing post game press conference I've ever seen by a Packer coach. Zero emotion. Zero anger. He was quiet. He stuttered through every answer. It seemed like he didn't even want to be there.

Sherman's behavior at this press conference was one of a defeated man. It was as though he has already resigned himself to a terrible year and possibly the loss of his job. He looked like a loser, and that was enough to convince me that he has to go, now. The poor decisions were bad enough, but this team is trying to rebuild on a young core. It doesn't need him infecting it with a loser's attitude.

Additionally, this is going to be Aaron Rogers team in a year or two. It was comforting to know that Mike Holmgren was in charge of Favre's development back in the day because Holmgren chewed his ass when necessary, but always gave him enough rope to learn. Is anyone comfortable with Roger's development being, at least in part, in Sherman's hands? I'm not. He's proven himself incapable of developing young guys. He does okay with veteran teams, but when it comes to developing talent, he's not very good. I can't imagine a successful Rogers era if Sherman is his coach.

Is it time for the Packers to just cut their losses with Sherman? I'm beginning to think that it is, but I have a few concerns. If they were to fire Sherman tomorrow, Jim Bates would likely become the interim coach. That means the defense, which has actually been approaching respectable, will be in someone else's hands, but more importantly, it means that the offense will be completely in Rossley's hands. The only saving grace for that offense is Sherman's involvement. Providing Rossley's health held, this offense would be mired even deeper in quicksand than it already is. And I don't know how wise it is to change offensive coordinator in the middle of the year.

This season is swirling down the drain. Maybe we should just flush some of the turds down with it right now.

Weekend Round Up

Well a lot of good some bad but over all I can live with the results of last 3 days. First Crew takes 2 of 3 from St Louis couldn't really ask for more against really good team like the Cards. I was worried about another weekend massacre like in Houston. But they did alright. Of course Doug Davis pitched well and they scored no runs for him. Big series coming up with the Reds hard to believe this is the last week of the regular season. What the hell am I going to watch on weeknights oh yea the NHL is back .

Then I give you your Number 17 in both polls Wisconsin Badgers. What a great win and they did it inspite of John Stocco being the QB I thought he had cost Wis the game with that interception but football is a funny game. Oh did I mention that Michigan and Iowa both fell out of the top 25 lol. This season is already better than my wildest dreams so the rest of the year is gravy. Lets hope they can avoid a let down against Indiana next weekend.

Ok I guess we have to talk about them. Our beloved 0-3 Green Bay Packers. I will be honest they kept it tighter than I expected but end result is what I thought would happen. Another loss at Lambo can you hear the "Fire Mike Sherman" buzz growing throughout the state. This team cannot win with him at the helm. So lets make him walk the plank and get it over with. Anyone want to bet they are not 0-4 after next weekend oh wait they get to lose on Monday Night Football.

But enough negativity I made money this weekend for the first time this season, I have a new system and it seems to be working. Of course if the "Boys" could have covered 6 points against SF I would have made more.

Well everyone root for the Giants tonight I have them and 6 points lol.

Oh and US wins Presidents Cup take that you NonAmerican lol.


Hurray Beer another series win part 2

How about them Brewers taking a second game for the best team in the NL. Is it just me or does no lead feel big enough when your playing those guys?

Magic number is 5 to winning season. 10-7 on the drive to being winners. 8 games left and this pretty cool in its own way season is history. I am already ready for next year to start.

Very Nice Job my Mr. Glover last night pitched pretty damn well against a very good team got us a win. Nice Job by Turnbow killing that St Louis Rally in the 9th

Getting a win today would be huge not only would it give you a sweep but would put the crew in a good place for the final week.

No reason Doug Davis cant get us the sweep he has been a bit shaky lately so he is due for a good game. I just hope the bats stay hot and score him some runs.

I have to try and figure out how to get Telemundo on my TV so I can watch today's game lol.


I would lay heavy agaisnt the Pack today

lol I am basing this on my Friday predictions which are perfect at the moment. I would like to thank the good people at USC for getting off their asses and covering the 20 point spread after getting behind 13 points Thanks ESK for the tip on ND and USC made it pay.

Everyone have a good football and fantasy Sunday. I believe in one league your humble bar keeper is playing Young ESK today. I am sure the winner will let you know who that was.

I guess I should put Purdue and Michigan in my overrated post too lol.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wow Wow Fucking Wow

WIS 23 Michigan 20

Varsity Varsity U Rah Rah Wisconsin,

Praise To Thy We Sing,

Praise to Thy Our Alma mater

U Rah Rah Wisconsin

On Wisconsin

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Red

Time to go get Pissed


Over Rated

anyone besides me starting to think the Preseason polls had Iowa ranked a little too high?

Just a thought I mean you get spanked by an Iowa St team that had to scramble to beat Army and then just get beat on by Ohio St that score should have been even more lopsided OSU fumbled twice inside the Iowa 10.


Bring on the Ace's

The Brewers are a maddening team sometimes as they added Cardinal Pitcher Chris Carpenter to their list of Aces they have beat. They not only beat him they scored 9 earned runs off of him. The problem is you can send up a tomato can with an 8 era and he will throw a 1 hit shut out on them.

Hey this just in Bill Hall is going to be pretty good. 4-4 played 3rd and 2nd last night. Cappy struggles but as usual they get him a ton of runs and win him his 18th of the season.

I see my plan to give the Crew good JU JU by not actually going to the game worked. I promise to stay away from Miller Park for the rest of the season. We all have to do our part lol.

Magic number for winning season is 6 crew is now 9-7 since we stated this little chase to an above 500 season.

Gary Glover on the hill tonight not sure how I feel about that. But lets hope our tomato can is able to come up big and get us the second win tonight.

Oh and Russell Branyon never entered the game last night and they won I Believe I see a pattern :)


Friday, September 23, 2005

Mukwonago 5-0

Mukwonago 20 Memorial 0 details

Can you say Juggernaugt. The thing I find very interesting is 2 of their 3 Touchdowns were passes. Rare to see a Wishbone team get more TD,s through the air then on the ground.

I wish I could remember Mukwonago's fight song I would sing it for you. lol


A fun way to help the Brewers

For those of you who live in the 5 county area or are going to be in Brookfield anytime soon, the Brewers Clubhouse store at Brookfield Square Mall is having end of the season sales on Brewers stuff. I got two T-shirts with the Mighty Miller M on them for 50% off .(I know I am the only person in Wisconsin who doesn't like the old ball and glove logo)

So if you looking to get any Brewer stuff now is the time. I am waiting for Overbay to be traded then his stuff will be on the 50% off he was traded rack lol. I will hook Ched Head up with some Jenkins stuff if he gets his wish lol.

Crew will win tonight since I gave my tickets away I am a curse on them if I go to the games. I blame this on Rickey Bottallico I have not seen a win in person since he blew the Pittsburgh game in JULY and put the Hex on my lucky Scotty Po jersey(Yes off the he was traded rack)

Well just wanted to pass on the Saving to those of you in the Milwaukee area.


Friday predictions Everyone

I was thinking since its a wonderful time of the year, I love the period when my too favorite sports overlap. Lets pick a few games and the baseball series this weekend.

Feel free to do it in the comments or in a post either will work and I know a number of you have already picked the Packer game one way or another but this way we will have it one spot. Also football games just pick straight up not spread we do enough of that already lol.

So here are my picks the Crew will take 2 of 3 from St Louis
Wisconsin will beat Michigan(spit)
Tampa will crush Green Bay

Tie breaker if needed pick a high school game of your choice
Mukwonago will beat who ever the hell their playing tonight lol.

Oh and lets all root root for the Twins tonight I just want to spend all winter listening to the Soxs fans wail and cry lol.

Everyone have a good night I am going take dir Kinder and the Frau to the driven in. What are all the Young Bucks going to do tonight.(I live vicariously through young ESK lol) You other Old farts can chime in too we all know what Ched Head is doing this weekend lol


We Still Trump Minny

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be announcing the Pack Tampon Bay game Sunday.
It doesn't mean much but FOX chose us over Minn. vs Americas new team Nawlin's.
The other two games FOX had to choose from were Car. at Mia and Atl at Buf.
The Pack is still a better T.V. draw than at least these three cities. How long will the respect last? My guess is not very. We get Car next week on Monday night so thats a given but dont be looking for autographs from Troy boy outside of Lambeau anytime soon.
But I have some good news, besides saving 20% on my car insurance, while in San Diego I will be able to catch the game. I'll just do Tijuana Saturday.
BTW I won't make it to the Presidents Cup this weekend for obvious reasons.

Three to Bank On

Allright, I went a little overboard last week and bet some small and middle games that I didn't really like, but I wanted to lay out some of that flow I had from Vegas. Well, I learned my lesson. My internets were spotty last night so I had to run to the park to use the wireless to lay on the Air Force game last night. I really wanted to parlay the line and the under. I tried to get onto blogger last night to let you guys know about my great feeling but I didn't get home from the gym until the game started, and I didn't want to jinx it after the opening kickoff. Anyway, I hit a nice little parlay when my boy DeBerry yanked my other boy Carney and Fitch came in and sparker a 4th quarter comeback. If you didn't watch the game you missed out on a beaut. 52 first half points, a heck of a comeback, and the greatest television offense imaginable. I love the Air Force option, but I love Air Force, so maybe I'm biased.

Anyway, I am gonna give you three college picks and one of them is tonight. Two are very very solid, one is terrific.

First, Iowa State tonight at my favorite whipping boy, Army. Army sucks. They give up over 400 yards per game. They got beaten badly by Baylor in their home opener and got absolutely killed by BC (I can't remember who laid all those 33 points for the win?) in the season opener. Tonight will resemble the BC game more than the Baylor game, although Army failed to cover either. The "sandwich factor" is tempered a bit since ISU had last week off, thus were able to fully prepare for Army while getting early prep for Nebraska next week. Iowa State wins going away, 34-10.

PICK: Iowa State -17 (Makes tonights game worth watching)

I am going to stick with the "laying heavy on the road" theme and take USC to cover at Oregon. USC, for all its raging glory, are not often featured on national television this early in the year. Honestly, who saw the four TD's in the first 8 plays last week live? Anyone in this room? No. They are going to be fired up, Leinert is going to try and make a splash, and it should be easy against a program that has freefallen since the days of Joey Harrington. Even if Harrington came back tomorrow he would be the second best QB on the field, depending on how many snaps JD Booty gets. This will be two men, Bush and Leinert, battling each other for the Heisman in their first chance to showcase their talents to every hack writer in the nation.


Allright, onto the pick I love. Notre Dame at Washington. Sensing an all-encompassing theme? Yeah, me too. Laying points on the road. At 14 I would hesitate, just because it's more difficult to hit over 14 than 13 1/2 beyond the obvious half point. Anyway, Washington stinks. Stink more than the nation yet realizes. Air Force, on the road, beat em by 3. I love Air Force. They play next week, Air Force wins by 13. I didn't see the game so I am not sure what happened. Cal, on the other hand, beat em 39! They hung 56 points on Washington in Washington's home opener. Pathetic. Check out Washington's next five games: #16 ND, #25 UCLA, #24 Oregon, #1 USC, #18 Arizona State. Good luck Willingham. Those folks at the NCAA must be racist bastards to set you up with that schedule. Point being, Washington is going to be overwhelmed and have to have a daunting sense of impending doom. After ND goes up ten early and forces a few three and outs Washington will crumble, fold, and go home. This will be close for a quarter and a half before ND starts the rout. 34-14

PICK: Notre Dame -13 1/2

Yes, for these picks my money is where my mouth is. A little heavier on ND than the other two and I like the other two equally as much. I am giving away a LOT of points, and all on the road, but I don't think that matters since in each case, my picks will just outclass the opponent.

Packers vs. Tampa Bay

102.9 FM "The Hog" Bob and Brian's football prognosticator "Jimmy" just said to lay serious cash on the Packers this week. Please.

If you are in Las Vegas (after all, betting on football is illegal in Wisconsin) and you are at the betting window, place all your other bets for the week first. Lay out your cash on the Jets and Minnesota, build your parlay with San Diego and Seattle, and then step away from the window. Walk calmly to your table in front of the big screen TV sets and forget anything you heard about betting on the Packers. Invest that money on fine art or the roulette wheel instead.

If you insist on betting on the Packers, I suggest writing a little note on the money as you hand it to the cashier. You'll get more of a return that way, or at least a nice long stay in prison where even the prison bookie will have enough of a conscience to say, "You want to bet your cigarettes on the Packers? What, are you crazy?"

ESPN Says Tejada Was the "Teammate" Palmeiro Sold Out

ESPN is quoting and unnamed source suggesting that the teammate Palmeiro implicated is former A.L. MVP Miguel Tejada. Naturally Orioles executives came to the defense of their Golden Boy, perennial MVP candidate. It seems that Miggy gave Palmeiro a Vitamin B-12 injection but that's it. A Team VP also suggested that Palmeiro would not dress the rest of the season.

This guy's career has completely bottomed out. Although the House Government Reform Committee told the Washington Post that they did not have enough evidence to charge Palmeiro with perjury, the panel is suggesting releasing the information and letting the public decide whether or not Raffy "knowingly took steroids." It's already been written on here that he broke the player's unwritten code about selling teammates out, but to name the team's most popular player and one of the top 5 players in baseball as the source of your little power surge is pathetic. I've heard reports that all Raffy cared about through the years were his numbers and where his legacy would stand at the end of his career. Well buddy, I hope you are happy with where your "legacy" will leave you know. The only member of the 500 home run and 3,000 hit club to be left out of the Hall of Fame. Let's see if he can even reach 20% when his ballot comes up.

Commissioner job must pay pretty well

Via Michael Horne we learn that Dr. James Leibsohn of River Hills apparently chose the wrong partner to go into an art venture with. He bought a Matisse through Michael H. Lord with the plan of Lord selling the Matisse for Leibsohn for a profit. Leibsohn now claims Lord never paid him.

The two met at Elsa’s sometime between September and November of 1999, when Leibsohn told Lord he was looking for an investment opportunity.

According to the complaint, “Dr. Leibsohn and the defendant discussed the idea of having the defendant locate a quality piece of artwork at a fairly low cost with the expectation that they would resell the artwork at a later date for profit.”

Leibsohn would buy the artwork and split the profits with Lord fifty-fifty.

Lord located the Matisse, which had sold in London in 1995 for $36,536, and had somehow come into his hands. Leibsohn paid $165,000 for the drawing by December 25, 1999. Leibsohn never took custody of the artwork, which was left in Lord’s hands for resale.

The drawing was briefly on display at Lord’s gallery, but over the years it disappeared from view. When Leibsohn went looking for it, he was told it was at the Pacific Asian Museum (of all places) in Pasadena, California. Leibsohn checked with the museum, which denied any knowledge of the piece or of Lord.

Here is where the story becomes so uniquely Milwaukee. (Civic Motto: You Can Run; But You Can’t Hide):

Leibsohn was chatting with Susan Selig, a housewife from Bayside, Wisconsin. During the course of their conversation, Lord’s name came up, and Leibsohn asked if Ms. Selig had ever had any trouble with the Michael Lord Gallery.

Ms. Selig said that she and her husband, Allen H. “Bud” Selig had, in fact, purchased a Matisse from Michael H. Lord on October 18th, 2000 for $195,000. With tax, the total came to $205,920. The Matisse was the missing Femme Allongée. Can you say, “awkward moment?” (Emphasis added)

As long as the Seligs are buying original art at inflated prices, I have a Will Wigderson original "Study of the letter W" in a three color crayon medium available for sale currently on display on my refrigerator.

Could've put a down payment on a decent left-handed pitcher with that kinda money.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Simple Game with Simple Rules

If you dont score runs you cant win! what is Rick Helling stuck with the Santos curse. He is pitching his ass off and they never score for him. 8-7 and here comes the Red Birds.

Well who can tell with this team. I blame todays lose on Russell Branyon being in the line up he is Bad JU JU.

Well still won the series and the Season series.


Palmeiro's Career Officially Over

I am sure there are plenty of players who would forgive Raffy for a career built on drugs. What they won't forgive however, if Raffy the Rat throwing a teammate under the bus to try and save his own ass. Welcome to the Baseball Blacklist shithead.

Rafael Palmeiro reportedly told a three-member baseball arbitration panel that a teammate gave him a substance that might be responsible for his positive steroid test, a source told the Baltimore Sun.

A second source told the Sun that Palmeiro named the teammate when he presented his defense when appealing his suspension. However, a source told the newspaper that while he told the panel that he had received a substance from a teammate, he didn't make the case that the substance in question caused his positive test result.

Retire in shame. I am not sure what you dread more, not getting into the HOF or of the players getting up and walking out on your speech if you do. I tell you this, if Palmeiro gets in and I have any opportunity to go, I will be there booing the shit out of this guy.

Maintaining Momentum

At this point I'd almost be scared to take that Eagles game. Oh, I think they'll win by about 20 or so, but these obvious picks have been killer.

I quietly went 2-0 last week to even the score while E.S.K. put up a consistent 1-1, while suffering a regression to the mean on his college picks. On the bright side, he suffered that run of bad luck after the Vegas trip. Timing is everything.

There are a few teams that look like they've become true SuperBowl contenders this year by fixing one glaring weakness. One is the Colts who are giving 14 points to the Brownies. I love the Colts, but I hate giving two TDs, so I'm staying away from that whole thing.

The other is Kansas City, with their potent, ground oriented offense and capable passing attack (with the underrated Eddie Kennison). They've finally added an adequate if unspectacular defense. I happen to think that this team will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year. They are getting 3 points against the Broncos this week at Mile High. While that's a tough place to play, Denver's actually kind of a mess right now. Mike Anderson is banged up, Tatum Bell is banged up and can't pick up a blitz to save his life, and that means we may see Ron Dayne.

Moreover, that means that we may see Ron Dayne and Jake Plummer together in the same game. Against an elite team. Giving points.

Take KC +3, and laugh maniacally at all of Jake the Snake's mistakes on MNF.

Note also that the Broncos resigned Quentin Griffin this week. Just thought I'd mention it.

This next one may surprise a few people.

Have you seen St. Louis play this year? While they did beat Zona last week they did so mainly because Arizona was stupid (essentially losing the game on a false start penalty and a ten second run-off). They've looked absolutely terrible.

This week they host the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are not a good team, but they're also not nearly as bad as most people think. They can move the ball on offense, and while they're defense isn't great, they have some talent there too (most notably Keith Bulluck). The Titans looked awful in week one, but they were playing the Steelers, and there is no shame in that.

The real reason that I like this game, and like the Titans, is as follows. The Titans play in the AFC South with Indy and Jacksonville. The Rams play in the pathetic NFC West, which thanks its lucky stars every day for the existence of the NFC North so that it is not quite the worst division in football. The AFC is, in general, much better than the NFC. There is not a team in the NFC West that could compete for a playoff spot in the AFC. They would be competing with middling to bad teams, like, for instance, the Titans.

There is no way that any AFC team should be anywhere close to a touchdown dog against any members of the NFC North or West. This is a good rule. Write it down and wager accordingly. Throw in the added bonus of the Martz factor and this looks even better.

Take the Titans, the 6.5 points, and expect them to win outright.

(The Titans also have the best punter ever for my money.)

Wisco v. Mich

Looking over the "expert picks" for this weekend I was a touch surprised. Here is a roundup:

Erick Smith (USA Today) :
Barry Alvarez deserves one more signature win before he hangs up his whistle at the end of the year. He hasn't beaten the Wolverines since 1994. Time for that drought to end. Wisconsin 20, Michigan 17.

Everyone at Yahoo picks Michigan and 78% of users do as well.

Flip side, three of four at cbs sportsline pick Wisconsin!

Harmon forecast and Tony Meja (81.8% this year, not too shabby) each pick Wisco, although they see a very different game.

Ken Angand, of the Vegas Experts Online, is even picking Wisco as one of his "games of the week."

Pretty interesting, add it all up and the online experts seem to like Wisconsin, especially to keep it close. Right now the line is at 3 1/2.

My "flex-on-it" Locks

I was talking to a buddy of mine in Arizona who met me out in Vegas a few weeks ago. He told me that before the Texas - Ohio State game I pondered the pick for a bit, the broke into a broad grin, flexed, and went to the window and laid heavy on Texas. Since we got back he keeps calling me asking for my "flex-on-it" picks, and I feel like a moron. Anyway, you gotta stick with the horse that brung ya, and I will call them my flex picks until I lost miserably and can lose the miserable monicker.

Pick 1:

Personally, I think the Chicago/Cincy game will be one of the more entertaining games of the year. Chicago was able to hang a big number on Detroit because of great field position and two non-offensive touchdowns. Palmer has a better arm, better head, and better o-line than Harrington. Chicago will have to run the ball and sustain drives to keep their defense fresh, because Kyle Orton is not going to win football games against good teams. Because the defense is the key to a Bears victory, I envision the Bengals trying to pound the ball early, tire out those big uglies, and keep that defense on the field. Also look for crossing routes and running backs popping out between the hashes to take advantage of Urlachers pisspoor pass defense. Side prediction: the overpursuit of Urlacher and Brown will allow Housh to break a thirty five yard end around.

After saying all that, I like the Bengals giving three, but since it is at Chicago and Cincinnati is always inflated early, I can't take that. I do however like the too big total, and as such, take the under.


Pick 2:

This feels like a cherry pick, and I am getting worked on my "obvious" picks. The Raiders are piss poor, can't pressure the quarterback, and have terrible linebacker. What does that mean to me? It means LJ Smith has 100 yards receiving and Westbrook has 150+ total yards. Philly is at home. I have nothing else to say.


After Paul makes his picks I will let you know where I am leaning for real money picks on the weekend.

This Concerns Me

Perusing the Urinal on-line edition and came across this interesting quote from Nedley during his post game presser;

Weeks' second error came in a brutal top of the ninth inning when the Cubs scored twice off closer Derrick Turnbow, who was saddled with a blown save because he, in essence, was forced to record six outs. Afterward, Yost was asked if he has thought about replacing Weeks in the field in the late innings of close games.

"I'm not going to do that," Yost said. "I don't care what anybody says. I'm going to continue trying to develop Rickie while trying to win games.

"Rickie's going to play second base for many, many years. He's going to be an outstanding second baseman. He wasn't the only one (making mistakes). He will improve, but it's going to be a process."

When I read that I immediately thought of Joe Torre and Chuck Knoblauch and of course Tony LaRusa and Rick Ankiel. You guys get to see Rickie more than I, so I was wondering what your thoughts might be. I may need them for my Rookie of The Year argument at the Maryland Poser Bar (as compared to the Wisconsin Sports Bar).
I was there of course when Robin Yount had throwing trouble as a 19 year old and watched him work through it but Robber (my first and best dogs name) is a HOF'er. Does this kid have the moxie and mental toughness to adjust to the awkward throwing angles and wierd spin that comes with the territory of playing the second sack?

I love this train of thought

You know what I love about this years baseball season we as a fan base are starting to think like fans of a good/winning organization. Even after the Houston sweep we found positives for this year. Now we are all talking about how we can drive the evil flub fans from our house. This is a big deal its not only the team that has to stop thinking like losers but we as fans have to shed that cloud too. Ched Head,Esk and a number of others have hit on it Milwaukee is a good baseball town we have stuck with a bad team through a long painful drought but for the most part we were there. No not like the mad blind love for the Pack but wait and see if you have a couple of bad years in Green Bay even some of that support will fade. You have a whole generation of Packer fans which has never known a bad Packer team. But I digress as I tend to do lol.

With the Crew you can just sense a new attitude from the top down. At the allstar break they weren't looking to dump salaries no Mr A. said there is money if Doug Melvin could find a good fit. The team didn't tank and fans rewarded the organization with over 2 million butts in seats. So now team will make a profit and have more money to spend on improving the team. Wow I could learn to like this type of cycle.

I guess what I am trying to say is Milwaukee is done getting sand kicked in its face, we are shedding that loser tag and I am really excited about the future.

So lets score some Fraking runs for Helling today and sweep those bastard Flubs. This is the last chance to show them this is "MILLER PARK" not Wrigley North. Oh and I do believe today's game not withstanding the Crew has won the Season series agaisnt the Flubs.


Even God was celebrating!

It's official, God loves the Crew. Anyone stay up for that excellent light show He put on after that big win, I was impressed!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that picks may be delayed slightly, since it is 9 am Thursday and there are still seven games without any line whatsoever. I am hoping by 11 that will change.

Official records, by the way, are:

Paul: 2-2
ESK: 2-2

Yeah, couple a world beaters here...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Once again Frak the Cubs

Wow this was the type of game the Crew has lost this year. First I love Rickys Bat but damn he needs to work on his glove.

Very nice game by Brady Clark 4-4 with a 2 run Hr not a bad day at the ball yard, Bill Hall battling back after striking out with bases loaded. How big was that steal of third the 9th, allowed Billy to skip to home and avoid a play at the plate. Wow how clutch was Jeff Cirillo his ears must have been burning when the count was 0-2 because I was screaming at my TV. But he came through you knew that was a hit the moment it hit his bat. Oh and before I forget Ned is Mad about suicide squeezes lol, very nice bunt by JJ. Helling on the hill tomorrow and remember folks FSN is carrying the game so set your TiVo's or skip work. How big would a sweep be after what happened in Houston. 8-6 magic number is 7 wins to a winning season.

Random thought about the game does Cory Patterson suck or what, nice job by Toma working that pickoff till they got him. Was anyone besides me ready to shoot that homeplate ump and his slow ass calling of balls and strikes I hate umps who showboat, a couple of plays he affected the game with players waiting to hear if the pitch was a ball or strike.

My prediction since that is the rage today on the WSB next year Brewers fans will take back our house from the Cub idiots seemed a lot closer to 50/50 last two nights. Like ESK has stated the 5 counties are pretty Geeked about their team right now. I hope this flows to the Outstate fans too I think the Cub fans will find getting tickets to Miller Park a bit tougher than in the past.

Final baseball thought Frak the White Soxs too sorry I cannot let go of my hatred for them. Here we go Indians Here we go I hope the Tribe can catch those sorry ass southsiders. Just stop and think what the winter will be like in Chicago if the Soxs blow a 15 game lead. Ah warms the heart just thinking about it.

Cleveland is 2.5 games behind the soxs and coming hard big series in the Jake starting Sept 30th you know who I will be pulling for.

I lied one more baseball thought did you feel the tremor in the force the Evil Empire is back in first place a sense of hopelessness has fallen over the force of the Rebellion God I hate the Yankees this really sucks.

Isnt September Baseball that matters a hoot.


Another Fearless Home Run Prediction

I saw that the Rangers just set a league record for most home runs at home and it got me thinking, there is a distinct possibility that the Milwaukee Brewers could set their franchise record for home runs next season. So I decided to hit up Baseball Refrence and see exactly what that was. In 1982 the Milwaukee SwingKings hit 216 home runs. Here is my breakdown for how it will happen next year (assume some fluxuation per player).

1B - Fielder:32
2B - Weeks: 30
3B - *****:25 (either they get a good 3B, or the group hits 25)
SS - Hardy: 20
C - Miller/other: 20
LF - Lee: 38
CF - ???????: 15
RF - Jenkins: 35
P - *****: 1 (someone is gonna fluke one)

My math says that is exactly 216, and would result in a tie. However, I wouldn't be shocked if Lee exploded next year after seeing NL pitching and having more protection around him as the young guys get better and big Prince hitting behind him.

Charlie Sheen is the Greatest/Dumbest Baseball Fan ever

Allright, I heard this story yesterday but I love when a sports related story lends itself to hump day, so I saved it.

Seems that Charlie Sheen is the most dedicated Cincinnati Reds fan in the history of the team. He allowed the team, and baseball in general, to keep him from tagging this:

"I had an epiphany later on what the sports highlight is for. The sports highlight is for parents, people that should be spending more time doing more important things. But it just bothered me when, I mean... who bathes in the ninth inning? Who bathes in the fourth quarter?

I totally agree. It is ridiculous that an infant can't wait a half hour before needing a bath. The nerve.

The article omits the fact that Sheen is a Reds fan, but trust me, he is. Which reminds me of another "celebrity" who is a Reds fan...Nick Lachey, which gives me the excuse for his equally as hot wife...

I think the Brewers need some celebrity fans, I'll do what I can.


A while back Football Outsider Aaron Schatz and a few other people helped to start up ProTrade. Today they have a write up in the Washington Times:

In an NFL fantasy competition, points typically are based on yards gained, with bonuses for touchdowns and field goals. At season's end, the jackpot goes to the fantasy team owner with the most points.

Statistics are important in ProTrade, too, but the system tries to provide more context by analyzing the situation in which a play occurs. As an example, a three yard run on fourth-and-2 would be worth more than a three-yard run in a third-and-20 situation.

The system is probably too complicated for at least half the nation's fantasy sports players, but ProTrade "will feed into the fanatical, obsessive types who are constantly looking to suck more entertainment value out of football," said publisher John Hansen, who has been following the fantasy sports craze for 11 years.

Mr. Kerns, 28, created ProTrade with 32-year-old Jeffrey Ma, an MIT graduate with a penchant for numbers and gambling. While still in college, Mr. Ma and his buddies became so proficient at counting cards in blackjack that they carted away millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos, inspiring the best-selling book "Bringing Down the House." (Mr. Ma is Kevin Lewis in the book).

It's not all stats geeks though:

"It's going to take fans to a whole new level of fantasy," predicted Bill Walsh, the former San Francisco 49ers coach and a member of ProTrade's advisory board.

ProTrade initially will be confined to trading NFL players, but the San Mateo, Calif., company expects to add the NBA and Major League Baseball after working out licensing agreements.

"Our mission is to change the way people think about sports," said Mike Kerns, a ProTrade co-founder and former understudy to venture capitalists and sports agents.

The idea drew its inspiration from the 2003 Michael Lewis best-seller "Moneyball," which dissects the statistical analysis Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane used to obtain players he considered undervalued by the rest of the baseball market.

How does it work?

At the outset, basically for the first half of the NFL season, no actual money will be exchanged in ProTrade's market; each participant will get a virtual stake of 25,000 coins to invest.

But capitalism will fuel the market's activity, with weekly prizes awarded to the portfolios with the best investment returns. Later this year, traders will be allowed to create their own competitive leagues and set their own entry fees, with a $5 minimum per entrant.

ProTrade will hold all the entry fees in escrow and then distribute jackpots, minus a 2 percent to 3 percent commission, to league participants who generate the best investment return. ProTrade hopes to make money from those commissions and advertising on the site.

I think it sounds interesting and I may try to put a league together at some point. If any sportsbar-hoppers or readers happen to be interested, drop a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

Tip o' the cap to Marginal Revolution.

Let's end with a quote from former San Francisco 49er Brent Jones:

Former San Francisco 49ers tight end Brent Jones, a member of ProTrade's advisory board, believes most players will stay away from the site. "There are a lot of guys out there who aren't going to want to see what they're really worth," he said.

Frak the Cubs

Sorry I didn't get this up last night couldn't get into Blogger. Well Doug Davis comes through and stops the bleeding 7-6 need 8 more wins still an outside chance at 82-80. Because I have been the kiss of death at games I have attend lately I gave away my tickets for Friday.

How about Cubs MVP hopeful Derrick Lee 4K's and did his best Russell Branyon impression in the 7 inning struck out with bases loaded.

Boy Geoff Jenkins can sure hit well for a crippled dude lol. I cringe every time a ball is hit to right but damn you cannot sit his bat right now.

Hey ESK its Hump day I sure hope you have something good for today I could really use it.

Final thought happiness is winning enough in Poker to completely cover all my sorry ass bets from this weekend lol.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ahman Green is coming up any minute now on the Dan Patrick show.

Go here to listen online.

X Rated Sports Headline

Honestly, I just couldn't not share this with everyone! Actual headline and story in the UK Register...

NZ finds Black Cocks hard to swallow

t was a bloody silly idea in the first place, but New Zealand's badminton world may finally have to concede that calling the national team the "Black Cocks" really is a bit too strong, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Badminton New Zealand adopted the name a year ago as "a gimmicky label to attract sponsors and fans". It worked to a degree, because the organisation was quickly innundated with cash offers from companies such as - you guessed it - condom manufacturers.

Furthermore, Badminton NZ prez Nigel Skelt confirmed: "At the recent New Zealand Open, crowds were yelling out 'c'mon the Black Cocks'. Whether the team actually adopt the name officially, they're already known as the Black Cocks."

That's as may be, but the International Badminton Federation (IBF) has decided not to take the Black Cocks lying down. Skelt admitted: "They don't want to see the game lose its composure for the want of a gimmicky name. If you're over in China and you get introduced as the Black Cocks, it raises some issues."

Ah yes, the sticky "we'd rather not entertain Black Cocks in the People's Republic of China" problem. Badminton NZ will now wait for feedback from its 27 regional associations at its November AGM before deciding on whether or not to let the Black Cocks stand.

via Deadspin

The Saints and the Vikings

There was another game last night and reality is coming down hard on the New Orleans Saints. A road game is a road game, even if there's no place to call home.

The Saints were never able to focus and kept making big errors in losing to the New York Giants, a team that really is less talented. Six turnovers and 11 first-half penalties (13 total) is not a focused team.

The Saints travel to a "road" game in Minnesota next week. Mike Tice may be swimming in denial, but his team just unveiled a new plan for a new stadium and they're asking for $400 million from the taxpayers. The pressure's on to win and a bunch of homeless people coming to town might be the type of game the Vikings need.

If the Vikings don't win, they're really going to be in trouble going into Atlanta with a possibly healthy Michael Vick, followed by a Bye week. 0-4 going into the Bye will probably mean Bye-Bye Coach Tice.

Meanwhile, the Saints don't return to Louisiana (Baton Rouge) until October 30th to face Miami. I can't see the Saints beating anyone (at Minnesota, Buffalo, at Green Bay, Atlanta, at St Louis) between now and then.

Going to my happy place now

Before my mind completely snaps like Joe Theismann's leg and I return to my happy place where a Bill Parcells coached team never loses with a ten point (or more) lead in the fourth quarter, I thought I'd pass along what the Ft Worth Star Telegram ran prior to Monday night's disaster.

As obnoxious as I was prior to the game, at least I didn't make fun of Dan Synder's height.
And still, the Redskins can't seem to beat the Cowboys.

The one recent constant? The Napoleon-sized Snyder.

Draw your own conclusions.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, despite himself, is 11-1 in games against the league's resident Yard Gnome. Jones owns the little guy.
In the final four minutes we got the Austerlitz kicked out of us.

Thoughts on an Incredible Collapse...

Well, I am certainly glad we decided we can talk about the Cowboys, cause that was just toooo good.

Actually, I like a lot of the players the Cowboys have. Jones is a stud, I have always liked the way Drew Bledsoe handles hiself, and who doesn't like the Tuna? Obviously everyone on the planet hates Terry Glenn and KeyJohn, but who can't like a player like Roy Williams, and that play in the endzone in the first quarter made by the young corner Henry on that out and up when he got burned but was able to recover and almost make a pick on a poorly thrown ball, that was fantastic.

It's a shame they had to bring out the "triplets" (be honest, worst nickname in sport) and cram their overbearing arrogance down the throats of America on national television. The worst part about it was we had to see Jerry Jackson...I mean Michael Jones, wait, no Jerry Jones for about ten minutes at half time. Seriously, does it not look like someone just decided to melt candle wax on his face? How much do you think that facial reconstruction cost?

In all honesty though, I really enjoyed the entire game (I had the under!) The defenses played terrific and both were swarming to the ball and drilling people. That hit on Crayton on third down at the end of the game was frerocious.

Did anyone else think that Mark Brunell was trying to get his receivers killed? He was leading guys into safeties, floating passes to allow defenders to set up, and waiting forever to dump the ball off and giving linebackers free shots. It was insane. I once hung a floater on a medium post and got my boy all lit up. Next week at practice I had to run quick slants into linebackers during pass skeleton with my buddy the receiver throwing the ball...I zipped those damn deep posts from then on. Obviously Brunell never learned this lesson. Cooley should have just walked up to him and slapped him in the face after he got him killed in the third quarter.

Bledsoe had his moments too, although Jones took most of that brunt. There were three or four passes that Jones was ran a lag route after pass protection held and caught lobbed balls up the gut. Each time at least three defenders converged the second he touched the ball.

All in all a great game and a great outcome. Based on the pathetic NFC, I think the 2-0 Redskins just clinched a playoff spot with that victory. As for losing a game like that? Couldn't have happened to a more deserving team.

Monday, September 19, 2005

ooooh, vodka

Drink in hand, I await the Bill Parcells press conference. There's one consolation in losing: Bill Parcells will yell at the press and tell them what a bunch of screw ups they are. Packer fans don't know what they're missing.

I think I may wallow in my depression for a while

Excuse me for a second while I cry in my beer like a Packer fan.

I haven't felt like this since the game in Philadelphia which effectively ended Michael Irvin's career. No, that was still worse. But this was awful.

A Pro Bowl safety and a possible Pro Bowl corner get beat for touchdowns by the same receiver on the same play two series in a row, one of them on a fourth and fifteen. I'm waiting for the T-Buck excuse "I didn't think he was that fast" to come out.

Death, where is thy sting?

Redskins 14, Cowboys 13

I think I am going to throw up.

Misery loves company

Ok boys let the Cowboy bashing commence lol.

Also the Chicago White Soxs are in a collapse of Cub like proportions.

Final thought isn't it great watching the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays completely mess up the AL East race lol.

Night all Washington and former Packer Mark Brunell have made my day lol.


No, none of the cheers me up

But the fact that Daunte Culpepper is on pace for 64 interceptions, that cheers me up! Look for Tice to be fired fairly soon, and the Packers to fire Sherman and announce Bates as the head coach at some point mid-season as well. Those thoughts all cheer me up.

I vote all positive stories about the Cowboys be promptly and permanently removed.

Are you ready for some football?

Tonight, one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports renews with the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Washington Redskins. It’s good vs. evil, cowboys and indians, America’s Team vs. Washington D.C., Jerry Jones vs. Dan Snyder, Bill Parcells vs. Joe Gibbs. It’s everything that’s great about football, and the Dallas Cowboys are gonna win! What’s more, they’re going to cover the spread!

Doesn’t that cheer up the cheeseheads just a little?

How about this?

Tonight, the Dallas Cowboys add to the Ring of Honor three of the all time great players of the game: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. Smith, the all-time rushing leader. Aikman, who led his team to three Super Bowl victories. And Michael Irvin, whose receiving skills made him both a deep threat and a possession receiver. Irvin was the go-to guy of the 1990s.

Bill Parcells, who coached the New York Giants when all three entered the league, had this to say:
...Parcells coached against all three, including Aikman, and Parcells remembers having contributed to some of the quarterback's early struggles during that horrendous 1-15 season his rookie year (1989).

"He started his career with a great deal of adversity and I've told him this because I was in on some of that adversity for him, that I think it served him well," said Parcells, whose Giants teams beat the Cowboys six straight times from 1988-1990. "But Troy was a classic quarterback who could make all the throws pretty well. He had a good, quick release.

"What Emmitt accomplished - it's really hard to describe what he did. He wasn't that fast. And he really wasn't an outside runner. But he was a rare kind of player that could sustain good play over a very long period of time at a position that usually doesn't come close to doing that."

Parcells said he remembers scouting Irvin when he played at the University of Miami. And like Smith, he never had blazing speed, but he kept doing something over and over that Parcells, or any coach for that matter, loves to see.

"He always scored touchdowns," Parcells said of Irvin. "This guy scored touchdowns. Well, you need to get those guys on your team - the ones that score touchdowns. Because those guys are making the plays for you."

Apparently I was overly optimistic.

Even I thought they would beat Cleveland. Now I'm not sure they can beat anyone. Actually, I do think we can beat a Mike Tice lead Viking team, however I think that that team will cease to exist before week 7 when the Packers play the Vikings for the first time.

It's also truly sad that the Packers are only a game out of first. Next week, the Pack is going to get slaughtered by the Bucs, but check out the rest of the division:

Cincinnati @ Chicago
New Orleans @ Minnesota
Detroit Bye

I think it's extremely likely that after next week, at 0-3, the Packers will still only be 1.5 games out of first. Week 4?

Detroit @ Tampa Bay
Minnesota @ Atlanta
Chicago Bye
GB @ Carolina

Still only 1.5 back?

I'm starting to think that 6-10 may win this sorry division. What an embarrassment.

Lots of ouches around here

Well, I am finally taking a breather and sitting at my desk wondering what the Hell just happened. I got absolutely owned on Saturday, losing every small and medium play I had, luckily Florida came through on a big play to actually make the pain a lot less, and St. Louis won straight up on my Sunday biggie so I cam out of it unscathed, but unprofitble as well.

The Packers are terrible. I chose to overlook just about every aspect of why they are terrible thinking that "heck, this is the Pack, they'll find a way." Fool. They are terrible, and this maybe just be the start of a run of very lean seasons. If they play like that for the rest of the season, with d-backs running around like eight graders, they won't win a game. As for not getting any help at WR, I think they pretty much looked at what was available, not a whole helluva lot, and decided they were better off with what they had (again, develop young guys) than signing a washed up vet like Pathon.

I am not the least bit worried about the Crew. While they got swept and are probably going to finish below .500, that doesn't take away anything from what they've done, and it will simply be a footnote next year. The city is stoked about baseball like I haven'e seen it before, the club is poised to be a big player in this years offseason, and they have developed a ton of talent during this season. Turnbow, Capuano, Hardy, Weeks, Fielder, Hart, Eveland and Wise have all become good major leaguers in this past year and will be ready to be potentially very, very good in the coming years. I look for Hardy, Weeks and Turnbow to be legitimate All-Stars in the next few years. This season wasn't about the record. I expected the Brewers to lose 100 games again this year as they went so young and they have been impressive.

Next year look for an improved bullpen, a legitimate middle rotation guy and an everyday third basemen to greatly improve a good young club and for the Brewers to make giant strides at catching NL Central teams that are going the other way and be a Wild Card favorite.

Remember when the Cleveland Browns sucked?

As recently as Sunday morning, the Cleveland Browns were a failed football franchise. Given every advantage as an expansion team, the Cleveland Browns appeared to have made every mistake possible and were on their way to becoming even more mismanaged than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. At least the Devil Rays could beat the NY Yankees on occasion. In all liklihood, the Cleveland Browns were incapable of beating anyone this year. On the schedule, this was the one game the Bears, the Lions and the Texans could look forward to. There was a strong possibility the Browns would even get beat by the Bye Week.

That all changed Sunday. Led by a quarterback who has found a home on NFL Rosters because NFL rules require eleven men to play on offense, the Cleveland Browns upset the Green Bay Packers on hallowed Lambeau Field, spoiling the commemoration of Reggie White and preventing Favre's passing for 50,000 yards to be just another milestone on a mediocre (at best) team. Historical Lambeau Field instead provided a memorable backdrop for a different milestone: Cleveland Brown headcoach Romeo Crennel's first win. Cleveland discovered the hole in the Packers' secondary (they're four players short) and ran up 26 points. The Packers rediscovered their offense in the fourth quarter, but it was too little, too late.

What went wrong? A Packer defense woefully unprepared and overmatched against even the the likes of Trent Dilfer. No ability to make the big stop in order to get the ball back with time on the clock. And an inability to put a succesful series of offensive plays together until the game is out of reach.

What's likely to happen to the Packers, at least in the near future? They could easily lose the next two (Buccaneers, Panthers) before finally taking on the Saints at home. That's 0-4, then 1-4 going into the bye week. After the bye week, realistically they could lose 4 of 5. On the way, they're going to make a lot of franchises look good.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Couple Thought's From My Weekend...for what it's worth

  • Gotta finish drives, Badgers escaped, Pack collapsed
  • First coach fired this year in the NFL.......Mike Tice, only bright spot of the season
  • Umm, Zona, turn-around team this year in the NFL, It is still Denny Green right?
  • Katrina Aid weekend by NFL, Great, now track the money so Bill O'Reilly doesn't do another expose on your incompetence and more importantly the money goes where it is needed
  • The reason they are called stoppers is why the Crew needed Big Ben to take his turn this weekend
  • Calhoun is nice but he doesn't finish runs like Ron Dayne
  • But, if he hangs around, Calhoun will be top three Heisman next year
  • If the Pack really gets you down just check out Minny's stat line
  • As much as I hate Philly it was pretty cool watching a throwback LB kick a PAT
  • I called the NEXTEL Cup as a race between Stewart and Kenseth, oops I forgot Ryan Newman, he has run well lately, but wow what a run by Matt and Rusty just to get up
  • Trade Jenkins while he has value Heh Heh
  • This is who Iam, This is where I'm from, and This is what I believe in, scenes of fly-over country and People, a great commercial by Bud and not because of beer but because they show the real spirit of America
  • Presidents Cup next weekend up the road, going to try to make it and check out Eldrick, if I get there, photos will follow
  • No matter how bad they beat Detroit, Brett still owns the Bears, unfortunately Tampon Bay owns Brett...prep for 0-3
  • Final thought, Colorado Springs is beautiful, while flying back I had the honor of accompanying 67 United States Marines returning fron urban close combat training at 29 Palms. One more week at Quantico and they will be graduated and enroute to Iraq. If America could see these young men they would swell with pride as I did. When the pilot announced we were in the presence of these young heroes the plane erupted in applause. This old soldier was very emotional. God Bless America

Oh the pain Will my boy the pain

What the hell happen I go away for a day or two and the Wisconsin sports world falls apart. First we need to make sure the P in Pretenders is a capital one, man 2 runs in 3 games will not get it done. Yes you have to hope the young guys will learn from all of this but damn the Brewers are now 6-6 and only have 4 games to burn if they want a winning season, and guess what we have 3 games with St Louis getting swept really put them behind the 8 ball. But "it aint over till its over" right I am now officially banning use of the words Wildcard and Brewers in the same sentence unless its used like this, "The Brewers are now totally out of the Wildcard race."

Now on to the Packers, Is it too early to fire Sherman? We just lost to Trent Dilfer and the Cleveland Fing Browns in Lambo.

Quick aside do you know Trent Dilfer has as many SuperBowl rings as Brett Favre and one more than Dan Marino, world is a funny place isn't it.

Well Sherman has managed to completely destroy the "Lambo" mystic if you include the Vikings playoff game Sherman has lost the last 3 home games and don't forget he has only playoff losses in Lambo on his Resume. Only Mike Tice is keeping Sherman from wearing the I am the worst coach in the NFC North division hat. Look at the schedule they can easily be 0-5 going into the bye and right now the Vikings game coming out of the bye is their best chance for the first win of the season.

Only thing in Packers favor is the rest of the division is so weak, but the Bears only have to figure out score a little bit and division is theirs since they are the only team of the 4 with a defense. But since I set my hopes very low for this season I can honestly say I was more pissed off about the Brewers this weekend than the Packer game.

Well what do you all think can Wisconsin beat Michigan(spit)next weekend? I mean right now the Badgers(3-0) and Mukwonago Indians(4-0 #1 in State) are all I have left for my football hopes this season.

Well I hope ESK is feeling better and I hope you all had a good weekend I sure did. Here's to a good week time to kick some Cub ass and get this train back on track.

Sherman Must go!


Brewers v. Astros

Ouch. Rough weekend for the Crew. Perhaps it would have been better if they had had to face Clemens and Petit. Still, hopefully this will be a good learning experience for the young guys. Real contenders win when they need to.


Poor QB play and defensive TD's killed me. I am sure to go 0-2 today so try and renig on any bets you may have made on my advice, I am death this week. I'm going back to bed...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Making Up For Yesterday

My apologies, I was wrong last night. To make up for it I offer up a pick that somehow I overlooked yesterday, luckily some guys I met in Vegas called me up and we got to chatting about this weekend's games and they asked what I thought of Oklahoma getting points at UCLA.

I had to ask them to repeat themselves.

Not only is Oklahoma getting points, they are getting a FULL TOUCHDOWN! Now, does anyone remember the last few years, what bowl games does oklahoma play in? Oh yeah, the freaking BCS games! I know, I know, Adrian Petersen is getting slapped for now going to class and Bomar looks like Kerry Collins before step 12 but come on, yUCkLA giving seven?

Take the points and tell your wife to iron your nice shirt...

Then take the mistress to a nice piano bar.

Definition of Insanity...

"So uh coach, the option hasn't been working all night. Our spacing is all fucked up and Johnson is making some awful decisions"

"Okay, okay, I get it. Let's just take this one to OT and we'll win it there, shit, we can even cover!"

"Okay coach, third and two in OT, whats your call?"

"Sseriously, the option will work here!"

That had to be how the play calling went last night for Utah. It was awful. I was sitting at the pre-opening of Buckhead's Milwaukee and eating some free grub while watching this shitheel call plays and I wanted to tear one of the freaking mounted moose heads off the wall and jam them up Brian Johnson's ass. Not only did I lose iron and credibility, I was so wrapped up in the game I was totally unable to pick up women.

I hate you Utah.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hurray Beer another series win

6-3. Shame they couldn't have found a few of those 14 runs last night. Nice bounce back game and guess what they go into Houston and I believe they will not have to face the Rocket or Andy Pettitte. Face it that is a big break.

Wow when was the last time a series in September mattered this much. Helling goes tomorrow lets hope he can keep this stuff rolling be nice to get a win right out of the box. Anyone know who is pitching game #2 Obey?

73 and 73 on Sept 15th

Quick programming note I am going to the Woods this weekend can someone please cover the Friday and Sat brewers games here for me? Thank you


A part of my child's cherished memories - gone

You never forget the first time Daddy takes you to the dog track to bet on the horses. And now word comes (not unexpectedly) Geneva Lakes will close its doors November 6th. It seems like it was just yesterday I had my son in one hand and my betting slips in the other watching the Kentucky Derby. Teaching Will the difference between an exacta and a trifecta, then pushing him on the swing set afterwards. Teaching him the second place horse can be more important than the winner. Buying ice cream when Daddy won. Those are the memories he'll always have. And now... we only have Kenosha.

My Worthless Week Two Picks

I hate them. I won't be playing them. I am heavy on college this weekend and can barely find a decent survivor league pick. Here goes nothing.

I had a different pick here, with a long explination as to why the Jags would cover. Then as I was writing I changed my mind and decided to go all over/under all the time this week. As such, I am going to take the game that could very well end up in the eighties. I'm talking Culpepper v. Palmer, and it is gonna be a shootout. The exact opposite of the shitheel next game I'm taking. Anyway, two above average offenses, two below average deses, a lot of passing, some turnovers, add it up and you get a combined score in the 70-80 range, blah blah blah.


PICK: OVER 48 (Bengals/Vikings)

My second pick isnt quite as bad. I am going to stick with the amazing Bills defense to again hold the line and keep the score low, with help from their explosive (if by explosive you mean of the dud variety) offense. Coming in with the same formula, albeit a weaker lamer version, the Tampa Bay Buc's will also try and pound the ball, control the clock, and win it at the end with a safety. This game is likely to make you want to turn on the WNBA finals, or semifinals, I really don't know.


PICK: UNDER 34 1/2 (Bills/Buc's)

Now, onto importnat business, this is where I make you real money. My college games are as follows, with no explination because you should trust me by now:

Utah -3 1/2 (This one is tonight folks)
ND -6 1/2
Boston College + 1 1/2
Florida -6 1/2

DISCLAIMER UPDATE: I do NOT recommend a parlay with the above games. As a rule I don't parlay much, usually anything, ever, except for gigantic parlays as a lark. As of now, however, a $20 parlay gets you about $480 at BoDog. Bad bet. You're much better off laying a unit on each, thus you only need to win 3 to win money. Therefore, I will rank them in the order I like em.

1. Boston College 2. Florida 3. Utah 4. Notre Dame 5. UConn

Milwaukee Brewers announce ticket giveaway

The Milwaukee Brewers just announced they are giving away tickets to the last home game of the season. It is against the Cincinnati Reds September 29th at 1:05pm.
Starting immediately, fans can obtain tickets at the Miller Park box office, by phone (414-902-4000) or on the Internet (

There will be a limit of eight tickets per person, while supplies last. Fans coming to the ballpark can pick up tickets at the box office without paying any service or ordering fees. For phone orders, there will be a $5 per order service fee, and by Internet there will be a $2 per ticket, $2 per order service/processing fee.

Those were good times...

This is making the rounds. I believe that was Robin Ventura of the White Sox. Kinda reminds me of the fights in the bleachers whenever the White Sox visited Milwaukee.

I know people will disagree with me, but growing up I thought Nolan Ryan was the greatest pitcher ever. I still do.

Here's what the Houston Chronicle has to say about Nolan Ryan when he's not travelling with the wrong luggage.

I Am on Fire...So I Might Be A Tad Cocky

You might want to stay away from me this week. I have waited until today to reveal my successful picks in Vegas. I left a list before I went to the airport on Friday of games I was thinking of and I must say...I chose goooood.

On the plane (which had Direct TV which made the cramped seats and awful landings worthwhile) I realized I would be able to watch the Washington St. game, so I called my boy in Vegas and had him lay the points, 9 1/2, for State to cover. By the time I landed I was ahead already.

Saturday morning, after 75 minutes of sleep, I laid on Notre Dame +7, Boston College -27 1/2, and broke my own Cardinal rule and took Wisco giving 33 (sentimental reasons, someone very close to me has gotten a nice ride to play women's hockey last weekend for the Cardinal and white)...I was feeling amazing by noon (yeah, those games all started at 9 am Vegas time.

I was up big so I decided to take the afternoon off and hit the pool complex at the MGM before the night main event, Texas Ohio State.

I have to admit I drank quite a bit of booze and decided to lay very very heavy on Texas, even, on the road. Luckily I didn't sober up until Tuesday afternoon so it wasn't until yesterday that I realized how stupidly lucky I got on that one!

I wasn't exactly perfect. While I swept my college picks, I laid off some I really really like. I liked the over in the Minnesota game and I loved ISU, but didn't pull the trigger.

On to Sunday. First game was LARGE. Bengals - Browns was my big iron pick, and was made much bigger because of my great Saturday. I put a lot more than a 23 year old boozed up vacationing kid should be putting on an unproven Cincinnati Bengals offense, and let me tell you it came down to the wire. At the same time, I was sweating the Houston/Buffalo under, which seemed doomed at the half, luckily both teams realized who they were and stopped playing offense.

The afternoon handed me my first, and only, sportsbook loss of the trip. I only had small iron at first, but decided to bump it up to medium iron after I realized my front pocket was looking far too bulky and was affecting my look. I got smoked, wasn't even close as it may have seemed. I knew it from the quarter point.

The biggest problem with that is that it killed my confidence (I was stunned) and sort of cuffed my second Big Play, the Colts to cover. I ended up laying less than I wanted to but won that as well.

So on my trip I was an astounding 8-1 at the sports book.

(Since you may ask, I was down a tiny amount at the table games and dropped HUGE iron at the clubs, but it was all worth it, as the benefits from looking like a big shot more than outweigh the monetary expeses...I'm not saying I got a hooker, there's no need when you throw iron around!)

Anyway, I have to thaw at some point so you may want to stay away from laying on my recs this week, and sorry to doom you Paul, but I have some comeback Iron on the Rams at even also!

My picks are forthcoming...

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