Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pop's Observances

My Dad called me today from the beautiful environs of Green Bay Wis. Thought I would share with you what he saw at the Packers practice today. Remember this information is second hand but the source was a football coach for 23 years so take it for what it's worth. There that's my disclaimer.
First thing is the impression new D coordinator Jim Bates had on him. A few days ago while watching the rookies run through the D, Bates gave the instructions to the rook's and had them run the first drill. Afterwards the rook's were non-chalantly trotting back to their positions when Bates went ballistic on them. The crowd gave the biggest cheer of the day to Bates for getting on them for lack of hustle. Dad loves the guy.
Cletidus Hunt is a slacker; Bates was teaching a new technique in a two on one drill and using Hunt as the demonstrator. When run at full speed Hunt wrestled around with the O-linemen and made no penetration, and did not follow Bates instruction. When his turn came around again he ran the drill properly and exploded through quite impressively. Dad wondered aloud if they could count on this guy for one play out of four and the consensus by all within ear-shot was NO.
Larry Beightol was the topic of the day when a casual acquaintance commented on how it would be tough to replace Brett but in comparison Beightol might be just as important. All agreed as the O-line got ready to practice. Brad Bedell stood out during the drills and Dad really likes Atlas Herrion. He calls him a specimen and a real worker Larry McCarren agrees that Herrion may be the sleeper. Serious doubts about Morley making the team.
Robert Ferguson put a double move on rookie Patrick Dendy and left him 10 yards in the dust. The crowd oohed and aahed. The Donald (Driver) had a light moment with my Dad as he came over to the fence after one play. Pop's yelled for Donald to say hi and Donald turned around and said "say what". Dad explained that he would be calling his two sons later for the daily report, Kyle in Madison and Tony in Maryland. Donald smiled and yelled out Hi Tony Hi Kyle, the crowd whooped.
It's hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the secondary because there is just so many but Joey Thomas made a great impression today as he blanketed Driver all over the field with limited hand checking. Good News That.

I'm heading to Latrobe PA Saturday with one of my buds from the Sunday Mens Club. He's from Pittsburgh and a diehard Steeler fan. The practice is at 12:15 but I don't have wireless so that will be posted Saturday night. Westminster MD Sunday for the Ravens to check out ESK's classmate and wanna be Raven Matt Katula. No Raven fans in the Mens Club so I'll be solo.
Ched Head

Well at least they salvaged a split

Man typical Brewer series, Make bad pitchers look good, then beat the best pitcher San Fran has. Shame the pen blew that second game but ok once again they bounced back and didn't lose another series.

Going to be tough going into Shea and beating a decent Mets team but they really need this series. Wow seems like we have been saying this for the last month lol. Nice to have games still matter this "late" in the season. I am going to keep banging the baseball drum even though the Pack is in camp. I figure there are enough guys who are ready to go all Packers all the time to cover that story.

To be honest I am glad Nevin for Cappy trade didn't go through I can live with this line up for rest of the year. Only 5.5 out of Wild Card that Can be done. We get to play a lot of the teams we need to climb over so our season is in our own hands.

So as usual the Crew makes me feel like a abused girlfriend one day they are picking us up telling us how great we are next day they are knocking us around the apartment for not having dinner ready lol. But I just can not give up on them yet.

So here's to a Great Mets series and since Crew is off tomorrow lets go full bore Packers.


Saturday, July 30, 2005


What else can you do but "sigh"


Friday, July 29, 2005

One Up, One Down

This post on Barry Alvarez has me conflicted, I agree with the accolades afforded Barry because I think he deserves it. I contend the top five list because really, it is ridiculous. The whole ESPN era means WHAT? The moment in time that casual fans could watch ESPN highlights and espouse real truths according to ESPN? Here's the post:

Alvarez RetiringBest Big Ten coach of the ESPN Era? Some might say default to Bo Schembechler, but I'll take Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez.3 Rose titles? In Madison?!Alvarez combined the 180-degree turnaround powers of Gary Barnett (No. 4 B10 Coach, ESPN Era) with the sustained excellence of Lloyd Carr (No. 2).(Rank Schembechler No. 3 and round out the Top 5 with Iowa's Kirk Ferentz.)

Let's take the rankings in order of Shanoff's skewered view.
No. 1 Alvarez- Only back to back Rose Bowl title holders in history! This happened before the BCS and it truly is remarkable since they have played this game since 1902. And have featured the Big Ten vs. Pac Eight since 1968. 3 Big Ten titles but no national ranking higher than 5.
No. 2 Lloyd Carr- National Championship with Bo's players
No. 3 Bo- No National Championships but as a disclaimer I must admit as a coach of youth league football for 23 years my Dad used Bo's tapes as a primer for teaching .
No. 4 Gary Barnett- Um, did you graduate from Northwestern or what?
No. 5 Kirk Ferentz- Gimme

Does National Championships mean Nothing? Just a few points and you can decide for yourself.
We'll assume that Chanoff defines the ESPN era as 1984 to present (1984 being the debut of that show)
Not included in The Dan's folly is Jim Tressel Ohio State 32-7 W-L record 19 game win streak one national title.
Joe Pa 2 national titles 1986 and 1994 (94 title given to Osborne because he was retiring; debatable)
Lloyd Carr 1 national title competes for that distinction every year
Now the rebuttal
Ferentz record at Iowa 42-31 but I do like him he is up and coming
Bo retired in 1989, those five years make him eligible for Top Five, No, Shanoff mentions Bo as a bone that will make those in the know back off.
Barnett are you kidding me, the slurpiness is unconscionable, the guy's record was 35-45-1. Yea he won a (single noun) Big Ten title but lets be serious better than Paterno and Ferentz not to mention Tressel. Please,
Ched Head

What can you say about Victor and the Crew

Nice night for baseball last night and Victor took a no hitter into the 5 and without that wild pitch he might have taken it into the 6th. But to give up a homerun to the Pitcher that is just inexcusable. Victor had been living dangerously all night the fact that a couple of deep shots were hit to straight away center were only thing that kept them in the ball park. Then Brady Clark saved his ass with a great diving catch. But Victor is his own worst enemy Ned did the right thing walk Matheny to get to the pitcher and what does Vic prompley do? He falls behind 2-0 then groves a pitch that just got over the wall in left actually it hit the top of the wall. I believe if anyone but a pitcher had been hitting Carlos might have got that one. They were playing so shallow there was no way to get back. You could see the "oh shit" in Carlos's body language when the ball was hit he turned and started running back but too much ground to cover. I wonder if Santos needs to miss a start or two pitch out of the bullpen just to shake things up he seems real snakebit. But in the end nothing Vic did would have mattered.

As usual the Crew bats take the night off when Santos pitches. While I agree Ricky Weeks was due for a day off, why bat Miller in the 2 hole? Like I said in end what Santos did or didn't do meant nothing you cannot win when you don't score runs.

No worries though hopefully this series will be like the one vs the Nats the only game the Brewers lost was the one I went to lol. So here is to 3 in a row and being at 500 by Monday.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

This Guy Bugs Me 90% of the time...

the other ten percent Dan Shanoff of daily quickie just irks me mildly. The guy is a shill for all players, agents and newsmedia (basically all union fellow travelers). Like fellow Northwestern University alum Michael Wilbon he has yet to find a player he couldn't slurp. Just the last two days we've had these turds directly delivered to the punch bowl.

Drew Rosen-who?The battle between NFL agent and NFL team has been won, and it's Drew Rosenhaus who seems to need the CPR.Despite a lot of offseason blather, Packers WR Javon Walker arrived at Packers camp yesterday. (T.O. is expected to go to Eagles camp, too.)The agent's new strategy is "bend-don't-break," as opposed to "I must break you." Rosenhaus gets a bad rap; he smartly advised his guys to show.

So Drew Rosenhaus is getting a bad rap for advising his guy's to disregard contracts and make their word as men mean nothing? Yet he is a genius for fertilizing a strategy sure to cause rifts in the chemistry of the most team oriented of all sports.

K. Rogers loses appeal: Like you thought Selig would reduce his previous 20-game suspension? Sit down and be quiet, Kenny

Yea, after ESPN created the story of Rogers run in with the camera men then hyped it for a week (all the while this guy shilled it for 5 days straight) even though Rogers was on the DL and not scheduled to pitch. Then when the guy trots out to pitch they refuse to report the actual reaction of the Texas fans which was a cheer. On top of all that they pull out all the stops to sabbotage his spot on the all-star team. This guy is a product of ESPN's culture of creating the news and he shills right along every step of the way. Finally he tells Rogers to sit down and shut up even though no comment was ever made by Rogers, but he does say it in a nice feminine way.
But there was this today so I give credit when it's due (like when Teddy Kennequiddick tells the truth).

Impressions of Mississippi:Manning Country: The speed limit down the main stretch of Ole Miss campus is Archie's jersey. Give credit to Eli for succeeding under that legacy.
Cradle of Favre: Played high school in Kiln, then moved on to Southern Miss. If not for Archie, could be the favorite son of the state.

Ched Head

Going to try something new tonight

Ok since Ricky Bottallico put some kind of curse on my formerly lucky Scotty Po jersey tonight I am bringing back out my powder blue throw back Brewers Batting Practice Jersey "TAH Da". I am hoping this will bring the Crew some good luck. I am in process of having an Amazon Witch doctor work over my Scotty Po Jersey to remove the curse. I am hoping to be able to add that shirt back to the going to the game rotation.

Everyone have a good night

Reaction to Barry's Announcement

First of all thanks for inviting me to write on this blog fellas. My initial reaction to Barry Alvarez's announcement that he was stepping down as head coach of the Wisconsin Football team was surprised. I mean this guy basically brought UW back to respectability and led them to 3 Rose Bowl victories. This guy does a decent job of recruiting at home and going around to country to find quality players (especially running backs).

I can't say that I'm too sad to see him leave the post. I can't imagine the pressures and time commitments required to both run the Cash Cow of the Athletic Department as well as the entire Athletic Department itself. I'm more excited to see if new coach Bielema allows the incoming offensive coordinator to run a more open offense and spread the ball out a little bit like they did with Bishop at Kansas State. I think Stocco is a quality back with a good arm and should have the chance to at least throw the deep ball once in a while. I know that his accuracy down the field is not what you want it to be but if he gets a chance to throw the ball upfield a little more, I think he will surely improve.

I also think that keeping Bielema at UW is a big plus. He was surely going to get interviews in the next year or so for some higher profile coordinator jobs and perhaps even head coaching jobs. This guy is a phenomenal defense coach and a good recruiter with some friends in Florida (great state for High School talent). I think losing him would have been a blow to the program.

So thanks for bringing us back to where we needed to be Barry, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Bielema will do with the Badgers. Perhaps he can get us to the point where we can challenge for the Big Ten title regularly and at least qualify for a New Year's Day bowl every year.


Barry Alvarez, head football coach and athletic director at the University of Wisconsin, has finalized plans to turn over the coaching reins to his hand-picked successor after the upcoming 2005 season.

According to sources, Alvarez, 58, will coach through this season, his 16th at the school. He then will step down to focus solely on his role as athletic director, a job he added before last season.

A tad stunning.

One vote for "Chucker"

I have no idea what kind of passion this ignites in any of you, but my true love is Badger hockey. In a move that may shake up a fantasticly promising season, Coach Eaves decided to ax associate head coach Troy Ward. The two have been working in great tandem for quite a stint and it was fairly unsettling news. I, however, trust Eaves and hope he can make a quick decision as to the replacement. In firing him so close to the seasons start, I would imagine he has someone lined up. My vote? Gary Shuchuk!

A great player from my preschool days, Gary Chuchuck was awe inspiring. He was a true Leader Of Men. He didn't have a great pro career, but Badger fans know and love the man. His season in 89-90 was magical, and he led an incredible team of Sean Hill, Chris Tancill, Johnny Byce and Tommy Sagissor (not to mention "Derks") to an incredible 36-9-1 record and the National Title. Those were the days when my parents and aunts and uncles and cousins traveled to the NCAA championships, and I remember long nights in places like Albany and Detroit trying to tell Coach Sauer (as a second grader mind you) that we needed to press more on the penalty kill, and arguing with my uncles over who the greatest goalie in Badger history was.

But I digress...

The news is, Badgers need an associate coach and given that there is a press conference at 1 oclock today concerning BArry Alvarez, I assume he has now taken on associate coaching duties on the mens Hockey team, in addition to his other roles as football coach, AD and Caesar of Madison.

Congrats Barry.

Question 2: What Affect Will Flap Have on Walker?

As reported all over, Javon Walker has supposedly reported to training camp. The term supposedly is used because being in Green Bay does not constitute reporting to camp. Showing up at 7:00 pm is reporting and I am anxiously awaiting news of that occurrence.

Assuming that happened, the next question is what effect will this have. While I agree with comments like this:

May 3rd:
'If Japan wants to know what his quarterback thinks, and I would think he might, I'd tell him he's going about this the wrong way,' Favre said. 'When his agent tells him not to worry about what his teammates think and all that stuff, I'd tell him I've been around a long time and that stuff will come back to haunt you.' Favre also said he hoped the team did not give in to Walker's demands. Favre said he spoke up because he needs to show he's a team leader. He added the team needed to be ready to move forward without Walker.

July 21st
'I'd hate to walk into the locker room every day and know I turned my back on the players,' Favre said on the ESPN show 'Cold Pizza.' 'Ultimately the player has to make a decision. The agent can make a recommendation, but you can say yeah or no.'

I cannot stick my head in the ground and assume that they may not be damaging to the team. Analyzing the comments, I worry more about Walker's mindset than Favre's attitude. Favre laid the responsibility on Walker, the question is can Walker handle it. I'm not talking about the PR, say the correct thing to the reporter stuff, I am talking about his pysche. No matter how you slice it, Walker said he would do one thing and then did another.

If this were a poker game, I would say that Walker bluffed with a big raise, and the Packers called, after which Walker realized that he was in a no win situation, and decided to cut his losses. In the longterm this is the right move, but it is a difficult decision to make.

I have gained back some respect for Walker. The rest will return when his performance indicates that he is not experiencing long-term negative affects.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thanks For Nuthin' Drew...or The Ho's Strike Back

Tom Silverstein is reporting that Javon Walker will be in camp Thursday when veterans meet. Drew Rosenhaus strikes again.
Does this guy realize that Donald Driver was going to be my surprise big number guy on my fantasy football team this year?
On the bright side at least now the Pack has a chance at scoring those 34 points per game they will need to win any games this year.
Ched Head

Their killing me Whitey, their killing me

Man How many solid pitching performances can the Crew afford to waste. Toma deserved a better fate today. As for ESK's news that Ricky B is gone is good news but not so sure what the plan is. The guy there bringing up sounds like a bit of a Tomato can but maybe this is what the Military calls prepping the battlefield. We can still hope that Melvin will be able to find another building block to add.

I guess what upsets me is the crew should a game or two over 500 already I can think of at least 3 games we have pissed away in the last couple of weeks. Today same old problem guys on base and we cannot get them home. Broken record there I know but look I kept holding my breath and they got rid of ricky lol.

Nice crowd today over 20k for a weekday day time game. I am going tomorrow I will try to get some game pics from up in the nose bleed section.

Ok 3 of 4 from Giants and we are at 500 if I did my math right. Two steps forward One step back :) but we will get there.

Night all

Javon Walker reporting...

Javon Walker Decides to Report to Camp
I'll believe it when I see it.

Bottalico? He Gone!

And GBfan is all a-twitter.

The Brewers designated Bottalico for assignment and brought up another old man, Rick Helling (of "punctured by bat fragment" fame. Helling is a 34 year old journeyman righty with a 4.77 career ERA. Not real sure of the move, but he has been servicable in Nashville, starting 21 times and getting 9 victories while posting about 150 K's and a 4.1 ERA. I don't know if he is up for long relief or what, but our bullpen is becomming more and more "shady."

It's a damn shame Bottalico pitched himself out of solid trade bait.

RE: Adding Payroll

Nothing like Dunn. That would be a massive and unwise payroll addition, and an intradivision trade for someone of his caliber is highly unlikely. Also, the Brewers don't need another left-handed big power big K bat.

I think a better place to look would be to get one of Atlanta's young and promising catchers that can grow with the rest of the team. Additionally, I think another AAA starter is necessary, in case you missed it Manny Para is on the shelf and will likely need shoulder surgery.

There is word spreading around that Nevin was approached about going to Milwaukee for Cappy and he nixed that in a hearbeat. I thought it was a possibility (but didn't say anything since it was hyper-speculation) since his boy Cirillo (the next Brewer bench coach?!?) loves Milwaukee.

Another type of player I could see them going after is an older, established middle of the rotation starter. A guy who can coach up the young guys. I'm thinking a John Lieber or Steve Trachsel type guy.

Right now, the Mets are looking for a second basemen, and it's a shame we weren't able to play Bill Hall there more often of late, he played a servicable second early in the year. If the Mets can't get Soriano (a clubhouse downer and 50% effort guy) I could see them looking at Hall. After all, Melvin and New York have been in discussions (however brief) about Overbay.

I like a Bill Hall for Aaron Heilman or Jae Sao type deal.

Ok lets get this done today.

Wow ok they have broke through the 2 below 500 wall that Jib spoke of. Now the series is won lets get the sweep and get back to 500. But lets not stop there lets get above that mark and stay there.

Congratulations to Dana Eveland for his first MLB win. The kid has done a nice job since his call up from Huntsville AA

Sidebar: Who do you think the Brewers should go get with that "extra" money in the budget. Adam Dunn is a bit pricey plus what would you do with Jenkins? Ok you numbers guys tell us which building block is out there we could go get.


This almost makes me cry...

I love Bud Selig. He did more for baseball in this city than most people give him credit for. Without Bud, there is no baseball in Milwaukee.

As a commissioner, he has done a fantastic job of blending traditionalism with foresight. Say what you want about interleague play (personally I think it was a good thing to bring back the sport, but it was never meant as a long term thing, and will be gone in the next five years) and the All-Star game (I hate the WS implications) he has brought this game back from the brink. If you have any old Waukesha Freeman's laying around, you can find a quote from a very young ESK about The Strike. Something like "these spoiled bastards deserve nothing, I want to see scabs!" Hey, I was like eleven...

Anyway, it breaks my heart that in three months, Mr. Attanasio has won me over. The blurb in today's Urinal warms my blackened heart.

Brewers owner Mark Attanasio, in town for the home stand, said he had told general manager Doug Melvin there is extra money in the budget to pick up a player in a trade who might help the club.

"I've given him permission to add payroll if he can find a player who can help the team," Attanasio said. "Preferably in the medium term but if not, in the near term. That's his call.

"There's absolutely enough (money available) to get a good player. I haven't qualified it. There's money available to upgrade the team."

My mind is racing. If he is willing to add payroll to a team 1 game below .500, imagine what he wil be willing to do next year, when we are within 5 games of first at the deadline...

It's stunning and I am practially struck dumb. I am sitting here at my desk just elated!

No more false optimism, there is actually light at then end of the tunnel baby!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sports talk radio in SE Wisconsin Sucks

Is it just me or is Sportstalk radio in SE Wisconsin a desert. WAUK had fing Eugene Kane on first day of Packer camp and Brewers making a run at 500 and all they wanted to talk about was sports racial stereotypes. Come on I cannot stand Mr Kane in his day job leave my sports world alone.

As someone who lived in the greater Chicago Area when the Score was still on am820 I have pretty high standards. But I just don't think there is a good sports talk radio station. TMJ and WISN do alright in spots from 6pm-8pm if there isn't a game on. I do like the "D-list" but its up against a lot of political talk shows I like.

I am kind of rambling here but wouldn't it be nice to have a 24 hours on the same station all sports station. We have enough teams in the area to support that kind of station you would think they could get rid of one of the 30 sound alike music stations.

Sorry for this the turning on sports and having to suffer through another episode of lets make sports racial really bummed me out. So Steve Hayward(co host of the lame ass the"game" on WAUK am1510)please stop talking race and please talk sports ok.



Who exactly does Joe Theismann have naked pictures of?

Getting over the hump

Two games under .500 has been a hump the Brewers have had a hell of a time getting over so far in the second half. At first glance, tonight would seem to be the night they could do it. They are at home with their 11 game winner Chris Capuano on the hill. Capuano is quietly have an excellent season, but there is one stat that makes me a little nervous about tonight's game. Capuano has not been getting great run support at home this season. He has a sparkling 2.97 ERA at Miller Park, but he is only 3-3 at the House that High Life built. If the Crew can jump out to a lead early tonight, look for them to finally get over the 2 under hump. If not, well, they'll just have to stare at 2 games under for at least a couple of more days.

Well I am glad they won

I really didn't watch the rest of the game after that botched bunt. I agree with ESK you have to handcuff Sheets we don't pay him to hit. Nice to see JJ is finding his stroke as good as his glove is we really needed him to start hitting.

Shame is you don't blow that game in Cinncy your at 500 today. While good start to the homestand lets keep it going tonight.


Brewer Frustrations Turn to Packer Optimism

With the Brewers doing their best to cause GBfan and ESK to go bonkers, I suggest we divert our attention, just for a bit, to the fact that Packer Training Camp opens today.

What does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel give us, the first of a two-part article on public enemy number 1, F-chops RosenBAG. If you are interested in this jerkoff, go ahead read the article, I skimmed it to find this.
With an ever-swelling list of big-name clients, he probably grabbed more headlines this off-season than anyone associated with the game and became a pariah to fans in cities where his clients have been threatening to hold out if their contracts aren't renegotiated.

Including Walker and Jackson, who are due to report to the Packers by 7 p.m. Wednesday, close to 10 of his clients have boycotted off-season conditioning programs this off-season, skipped mini-camps and / or threatened not to show for the start of training camp.

In the Packers' case, if Walker - or Jackson to a lesser extent - holds out for an extended period, it also will mark the second straight year that one of Rosenhaus' clients has created a major distraction for them and, in turn, threatened to derail their season. Last year, Rosenhaus represented cornerback Mike McKenzie, who held out for 45 days and got his wish when the Packers traded him, a move that haunted them over the remainder of the season.

Nevertheless, the Packers seem to think it's necessary to hold the line once again.

I agree 100% with the Packer's stance. They need to approach the situation with both these guys as if they were out with an injury. Move on and let the others step up. While I empathize with their situation and the risk of injury, a new contract does nothing to guarantee they won't get injured. Look at the situation with Sterling Sharpe. He pulled his crap on the eve of the season opener and if my memory serves me right, that was his final year. I said it then, and I hold to it now. Don't cave in to these guys.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I just cannot take this any more

As I write this I am still in a rage about that squeeze bunt play in the 4th What the Hell was Ned thinking let Sheets strike out and take your chances with Brady who I believe was 2 for 2 at that point.

These guys are driving me nuts. I hope they win tonight but I can't watch this anymore tonight after yesterday.

So off to read Mutiny on Bounty because tonight the Crew is making me want to go Elvis on my TV. And I really don't want to hurt me TV.


"Jesus, you could see that coming a mile away..."

The words out of my buddies mouth as soon as Dunn made contact in the ninth. He wasn't talking about the home run, he was talking about me slamming my fist into the coffee table, thereby rendering it (my hand not the table) useless for the rest of the day.

I am curious as to why you bring a fly ball, right handed power pitcher in to face a power hitting lefty who is on fire right now. If Yost really does have confidence in De La Rosa, bring in the lefty. Why did he bring up Eveland if not to use him in that type of situation? Why bring in your second or third best option to face the opponents best hitter? Wise or Turnbow would have been better options (probably not Wise, that changeup looks big to lefty's).

If it was me, I throw out De La Rosa, since his biggest problem is throwing strikes. Big deal, so he walks Dunn then gets yanked for Santana. I would have preferred that option.

All I can say is I am incredibly dejected today. This weekend reminded me of years gone by, when the Brewers showed you why they haven't had a winning season since before I got braces. It's a sick feeling and I doubt I'll have much to say the rest of the day.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thank Goodness For the Nat's

GBFan has been pretty livid about the Crew's lack of productivity, particularly on the road. No doubt a continuing problem that die-hards would like to aleviate. I was curious myself and decided to take a look at what a championship teams hitting would look like and then compare that to another inept team that we thankfully don't have to root for (the Nat's).
First off, in 1982 the Buck Rodgers/Harvey Keuhn led Wallbangers (does anyone remember the angst over changing managers mid-season?) had an incomperable infield. Robin Yount SS hit .331 (career high), Cecil Cooper 1B hit .313, Jim Gantner 2B .295 and the 3B platoon of Roy Howell (.260 career .261 that year), Don Money .284 (.261 career) and Paul Molitor.302 (below his career .306 avg.) were all spectacular by any standards. They had to be because the outfield of Ben Ogilvie, Gorman Thomas, and Charlie Moore hit .244, .245 and .254 respectively. Respectively of course only in the grammar rule of respectively because no doubt those are pretty disrespectful numbers. Ted Simmons hit .269 23 HR's and 97 RBI the .269 being well below his .285 career avg. (the argument for his inclusion into the HOF is left for another day)My point is that you could intersperse feast or famine hitters within a line up of consistency (although Harvey got cursed many times for hitting Ogilvie and Thomas back to back) that included two future HOF'ers. The current edition of the Crew has one regular player hitting above .300 and a plethora of feast or famine hitters. As much as I would love to see Adam Dunn wear the blue and gold, another "streak" hitter is not what we need. What the Crew needs is Bill Hall and Lyle Overbay et al (read Branyan) to forget the HR's and focus on hitting. The age of steroids is over and real hitters will begin to get paid real money. Line drive, hitting the ball on the money, hitters should be revered in the Brewers organization. I'm a bit biased in this regard because I was small (lord knows my wife wishes I still was) and could never reach the fences, but I digress. Ned Yost is a third generation baseball man and he is playing a brand of baseball that reflects his old school upbringing, solid baseball basics that emphasize defense, moving the runner over and manufacturing runs by making sound decisions on the basepaths and hitting the ball to the opposite field or laying down a bunt if needed. I don't think all the players have bought into this yet, but we are much closer than we were with Phil Garner. What would the Brewers record be if we scored 4 runs everyday, I don't know but judging by the fact that we have three starting pitchers with under 4.00 ERA's I think it would be quite different. Optimism should be the order of the day though because at least we don't have to root for the Washington Nationals, I watched them again today and John Patterson pitched a gem six hits and 1 run allowed through 8. The Nats had runners on first and third with NO OUTS in the ninth and failed to score. Another example of how far the basics of baseball have fallen. They lost in the fourteenth by means of, what else, a home run. Play baseball the way it was meant to be played and the way I taught my sons to play (without fences) and fans will come out, the offensively challenged Nats have attracted 1.6 million fans this year as compared to the high scoring Sawks of Boston, 1.5mil and the Braves in Atlanta 1.3 mil. Hey at least we don't have to back these guy's. By The Way in 1982 Ned Yost C Milwaukee Brewers hit .276 with an On Base Percentage of .324 not bad for a catcher. Ched Head

Well I guess we are still bottom feeders

Man What a FUCKING waste of performance by Doug Davis. They cannot keep wasting pitching like that.

Once again Brewers batters make a tomato can with a high ERA look like he is the second coming of Nolen Ryan. What is it about the crew they lose to pitchers everyone else in the league kills?

You have to beat teams like the Reds if your ever going to be a "Good" team.


Now that is more like it

Man nice to see crew explode and get Victor some runs unfortunate if he had been kept in after the 5th he would have needed Davis has to get it done today they need this win keep the streak of not losing a series going to 6 in a row.

It was also nice to see Lyle and Carlos starting to hit again. Today's game gets us with in one of 500 and would give us a winning road trip.

Enjoy the game everyone


Texas Bigger Than France

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong on Winning his 7th and Last Tour de France.

My wife tells me that at the Hotel that Lance stays at he makes them Fly the Texas Flag not the US flag I can live with that once a year. lol

I hope he enjoys his retirement he has earned it.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

A victory? in the War against Rosenhaus

ESPN is reporting that TO will report to the Eagles camp on Aug 1st. If this is true I hope the Packers see that the Prince of Darkness can be defeated.

Oh and show or not TO is still very high on my personal "I hope he has a career ending injury list" Can you guess who in number one at the moment and no its not Bottallico lol.


Well not the start we were looking for

Well that didn't go well. Once again the crew lose to a pitcher everyone else seems to be able to beat. Toma had a couple of bad breaks ie that 2 run double you couldn't have thrown the ball to that spot any better. But he also kept up his Sheets like at least one home run a game pace. I know he is a number 5 starter but I am starting to get that little I don't think this is the right guy feeling.

Shame to have a team has trouble scoring runs waste a six run night. Oh and before I forget "Wow does Bottallico suck" How far did that HR go 460'+ At what point do the Brewers admit that putting Ricky B on the Mound is akin to running up the white flag. Sorry I know I am a broken record but I will not rest till he is no longer wearing a Brewer uniform.

Well to beat another theme of this season to death "Lets see if they can get up off the Mat. No reason why they cannot still win this series. Oh wait Santos is pitching tonight oh boy. Ok No reason we can still win Sunday and avoid the sweep lol. Prove me wrong Victor prove me wrong.

Final thought is it just me or was the "Great American Ball Park" designed by NASA wow was the ball jumping out of that place.

Final Final thought TV guys were talking about how Dunn might be on trading block. Wouldn't he look great hitting balls out of Miller Park and patrolling our right field. I am not knocking Jenkins he has been on fire lately I am just thinking long term why not start adding pieces now. Now this thought is off the top of my head I don't know how many years he has left on current deal or $ involved. So don't string me up but any thoughts on this idea would be nice to hear.

So happy Saturday morning boys


Friday, July 22, 2005

Looking back and then looking forward

ESK has hit it on the head this weekends series with the Reds is Rosie O,Donnell big. For the Brewers to prove they are done playing the role of bottom feeder, they must first win the series and really shoot for a sweep. The Reds are a team that has already taken a torpedo in the engine room and is just waiting for someone to sink them and put them out of their misery. There is no reason we as fans shouldn't expect a series win.

If you look at what the crew has done in the last couple of weeks this run gets more and more impressive. Not only did they take 3 of 4 from a team that in the past has owned them. Then they Charged right throw the best the NL east has to offer and came out with a split and 2 series wins. Then to go into St Louis and split with probably the best team in the NL. Last year's Team would have been 14 games below 500 at this point.

This next three series will go along way to figuring out how this year will end. I believe the Brewers can get right in the middle of the Wild card race if they win these next 3 series. I also see no reason why they shouldn't win all three the Reds do suck and the other two are agaisnt so so teams at Miller Park.

wouldn't 2 winning road trips in a row be a wonderful thing?

Here's to a good Weekend of Good Brewer Baseball.


Upcoming Reds Series

These three games in Cincinnati are the most important games in the past ten years of Milwaukee Brewers baseball.

There, I said it.

After performing admirably (even giving themselves a reasonable shot to win the series) in St. Louis, the Brewers must ride the momentum into Cincinnati and crush an inferior opponent. Anything less than a sweep will be a disappointment, and losing the series would be devastating. The Brewers are currently only 2 games back of .500 and only 7 games out of the Wild Card. Sweeping the weekend puts them in an incredible spot when you look to next week, and a relatively long home stand. Tonight Milwaukee sends its fifth starter in Ohka, who has an ERA of 3.64, against one of the worst pitchers in the NL Central, Ramon Ortiz (6.30, 5-6).

While it is still unlikely that the Brewers could jump into a real race for the Wild Card, it is not unthinkable that make a serious run at going 4 or 5 games over .500 in the next week. A spurt like that, during a homestand, would not only energize the team it would energize the city of Milwaukee as well.

After tonight, the Brewers have two more favorable match-ups in Cincy when Santos hurls agaisnt a struggling Claussen tomorrow and Davis faces off against the absolutely dreadful Luke Hudson. It is not only reasonable, but entirely probable to expect the Brewers to sweep in Cincinnati. Two more bonuses; Claussen is the only lefty of the three and the Reds bullpen is absurdly weak. Things stack up well on paper for the Crew.

This series is the post All-Star break Pirates series from last year. The rest of the season hinges on this weekend. I fully expect a sweep and will be disappointed with anything less.

Tooting my own Horn

If you didn't watch/listen to Zach Duke pitch yesterday (like I told you to do), you missed out. This kid is on fire right now. I know this is the Wisconsin Sports Bar, so I will tie the Crew in.

In four starts, the Brewers are the only team Mr. Duke didn't chalk a win up against. He pitched his first game against the Brewers and threw a solid seven, giving up the only 3 earned runs he has given up all year.

This guy has the makings of a superstar, which is why I bring him up. Innings pitched are 7, 7, 8, 7. Very impressive. He isn't a big strike out guy and last night he gave up 8 hits, but they were scattered and he never really had any troubles.

Anyway, it's a NL Central guy to look out for.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kiddies Camp over, Adult Camp opens next week

Peter King of CNN SI, herel , rates the NFL training camps opening next week. Basically he rates them on accessibility (to players), eats, tradition and ambiance. My Dad and younger brother are leaving Saturday for Green Bay for a two week stay. Too busy to join them this year, but (as usual) my thoughts are with them.
A new wrinkle this summer will be my ability to visit two of the top five training camp sites. King rates the Steelers training facility located at ST. Vincents College (poetic that) in Latrobe PA as the number one site. The Iggles come in at no. 4 with there facility at Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA. Both places are driving distance from the house. A quick explanation here, I live in Hagerstown MD but I work in Chambersburg PA which makes both these sites as close to me as Green Bay is to my Dads house in Madison. The other two training camps in the area are the Ravens (don't feel like going to watch Billicks ego clash with Lewis') and the Skins. For obvious reasons I will not put any money in the pockets of Daniel Snyder Head, since he charges an entrance fee. My itinerary is not set but when I get their I will give my thoughts on both training camps.
A quick aside, if your going to the Pack's camp and you see an old man in an electric wheelchair and a young military looking guy, both with crew cuts, stop by and let them know you heard about them through the Wisconsin Sports Bar. Then thank them for there service, Pops Korea and Baby Bro two tours in Baghdad so far. displaced_ched_head

Liveblogging the Brewers

Capuano vs Jason Marquis. It's 94 degrees down there, I am damn glad I couldn't find anyone to go down there with me today.

Top of 1: Ricky lines a TRIPLE after a line-out by Clark. Overbay scores on a fielders choice, Rolen threw high to home. Overbay heads to second. Brewers 1-0! Lee plates Overbay with a single to center. Brewers 2-0! Jenkins double play ends the inning.

It's good to see the Crew taking advantage of opportunities early in the game. Jumping out to a lead will hopefully give Cappy some confidence. Am I the only one who thinks flipping Clark and Weeks is starting to look like a good idea? Weeks has better speed and a better eye at the plate and Clark always puts the ball in play and is a better bunter. Just seems like a smart idea to me.

Uecker on John Rodriguez: "The paper this morning called this guy J-Rod, I almost got ill. You gotta be kidding!"

Through 2, Brewers 2-0.

TOP 3:
Clark scores on another Overbay fielders choice. Brewers 3-0! Damn, I lost my Brewers feed, so it's back to the Cardinals radio guys on XM. Jenkins continues his 14 game hit streak, Overbay scores! Brewers 4-0!

Cappy worked his way out of a little jam to hold the Cardinals scoreless in the bottom of three. Taguchi grounded out to Overbay to end the threat. Brewers still lead 4-0 after 3, and Cappy is twirling. Incidentaly, he was called for another balk after drilling Mahoney.

Top 4: Hardy doubles to center and driven in by CAPUANO (5 RBI's this year). Brewers 5-0.

This appearance is brought to you by a fish tank I am selling. 5 hours left to buy a nice big fish tank.

Bottom 4: Pujols picks up his, and the Cardinals, second hit of the game. God damn walks kill the Brewers again. Mahoney drives in 2 with a soft liner. Brewers 5-Cardinals 2.

In other news, Cubs reliever Novoa balks in the tying run in Cincy.

Marquis drives in a run, and Cappy is collapsing. He worked the count full and served one up and Marquis took advantage of it. Brewers 5-Cardinals 3.

End of four and the Milwaukee pen is busy. Look for Cappy to come out next time he hits considering he makes it that far. What a shame, we really needed a long outing from him, the relievers have been getting overworked in Slou this week, and 5-inning Ohka goes tomorrow. Not to mention the lack of an off day until August 1. Here's to hoping he gets back to dealing in the fifth.

Top 5: Overbay singles, Lee walks. Jenkins plates Overbay and collects his 2nd RBI. Brewers 6-Cardinals 3. Cards pen gets busy. No outs. Marquis is pulled. Righty Brad Thompson coming on.

This probably means that even though Cappy will probably bat this inning he will get to pitch the fifth and try and pick up the win.

Miller grounds into the fourth double play (we're in the fifth mind you) but plates the Brewers 7th run. Brewers 7-Cardinals 3. Branyan GOES YARD! Brewers 8-Cardinals 3 on a monster by Russel Branyan (9).

Bottom 5: Pujols drives in Taguchi. Brewers 8-Cardinals 4. Justin Lehr is up in the bullpen. Uecker just made my point about keeping Capuano in to get the win. 1 out Pujols on third by the way. Cappy K's Grudzielanek swinging. Hector Luna at bat. Cappy works out of it. Expect Durrington or Hall to lead off the Sixth.

Top 6: Wow, so they let Capuano hit. Odd move. FYI, so far Clark is the only Brewer without a hit and yes that includes Capuano. REDS WIN 9-6 after going down early.

Bottom 6: Capuano takes the mound. Looks like that bullpen might be a little more tuckered out than I thought. It's smart, however, for reasons stated earlier, to try and ride Cappy as long as is feasible. One more inning hopefully. Wise is up and getting warm fast. Base hit Rodriguez. And Capuano remains in the game to face Mahoney. Mahoney lines out and LaRussa is letting Thompson hit for himself. Most unTony like. Course, Slou's bench is all lefties so it makes "percentage" sense. Weeks makes his umpteenth error on a popup to shallow right.

That's all she wrote for Capuano. Wise is on his way in. Wise works his way out. Brewers 8-Cardinals 4. End of 6.

Top 7: Hardy drives in a run on a fielders choice up the middle. Bases were loaded. (Computer problems). Jenkins scored. Wise hits for himself and dumps a single over the infield and plates Miller.. Brewers 10-Cardinals 4. Clark drives in Hardy.
Brewers 11-Cardinals 4. Call to the bullpen has been made.

"The Reds pitching staff has become the redheaded step child of the National League." From Powell.

To update an earlier stat, every Brewer who has reached the plate has a hit, including both pitchers who each also have an RBI. Weeks was hit to load em up for Overbay. Fly out to Taguchi.

Bottom of the seventh is uneventful. Look for Lehr to see some work in the next inning or two.

Top 8: Jenkins goes yard for his 12th of the year. Brewers 12-Cardinals 4.

Bottom 8:
Durrington goes to 3rd, Branyan in left, Magruder in right. Lee and Jenkins left the game. Wise remains the pitcher. Damn do I wish he had plugged Eckstein. I'm sick of that midget getting so much press. No other action, to the ninth.

Bottom 9: Justin Lehr is on to mop up. Durrington, the defensive replacement makes an error. Hardy turns a double play. Durrington makes his third error in 1 2/3 innings. Stay hot. Hector Luna doubles in 2 runs. Brewers 12-Cardinals 7. Sorry, Hector Luna scored in the 8th on a Durrington error.


Seriously, no recap necessary. This was an ugly one. Brewers came out with the win and are now 47-49. Great series I would say. A split in Slou, take that any day.

Tomorrow is Ohka v. Ramon Ortiz at 6:10.

Good News from the Farm

Angel Salome was named Pioneer League player of the week. Anytime a catcher (even if it is with the rookie club) does good, I want to shine the light on him.

He went 17-31 (.548) with 10 RBI's and 2 dingers last week, which puts him at a fantastic .484 on-base with a .670 slugging. Promising start for the kid, who has a clear path to the Show if he can string two more solid minor league years together. Big thing to think about though is the sophmore catcher curse, something that is really biting Lou Palmissano right now. Hopefully the 19 year old Salome goes to Winter Ball and prospers, hits it off with Hardy and Fielder, and gets some motivation to plow through the system.

Stop throwing Fastballs to Puljos

Two games in a row a grooved fastball being launched into the Busch Stadium Stands by the #5. Come on why are we pitching to this guy no fast balls anymore let the other eight guys beat you.

As for Big Ben this home run thing worries me a bit I know they don't score that many runs for him but its almost a certainty that at least one gopher ball a game out of Sheets.

I am starting to worry a bit about Carlos he is not getting it done in the last month a lot of strikeouts and ground outs with men in scoring position. I am the biggest Lee fan in Milwaukee but he needs to start cutting down on the strikeouts, take the walks Carlos. The rest of the team is starting to heat up well sort of but Carlos doesn't need to win games by himself.

Brewers have to get better at playing small ball way to many wasted base runners last night that has been the story all year.

The offense has to start picking the pitchers up Sheets longball and all held Redbirds to 3 runs you need to score him runs. As much as I like this years team there are some problems that just will not go away.

Final thought I think JJ might have it back on track nice Homerun last night My feeling is that he will stay over 200 rest of year.

Well end of my Am rambling now you numbers guys tell me its going to be alright lol.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drew Rosenhaus on Drew Rosenhaus

Has anybody seen the video of Drew Rosenhaus talking about saving that little boy's life? Humbleness and humility have no place in this guy's life. He called himself a superstar, calm under the pressure, and likened himself to Superman. I'm telling you, he paid that kid to take the dive. Either that or he held out CPR until the parents ponied up a better room for him.

Charles (Justin) Lehr

He was up for a bit with Oakland last year and had limited success at best. His K/BB ratio was barely above 1 and he had an ERA over 5.00. It seems like they used him in middle relief, much like the Brewers are planning on doing in the bigs. Historically he has been best (in the minors) when used as a starter.

My knowledge is somewhat limited as I never really expected Lehr to get the call up. With Adams, Hendrickson, Obermueller, Bennett, Capellan and Wise, I haven't gone in depth on peripheral bullpen guys. Lehr is not in any long term plans for the Brewers, that much I know. I know he has about 14 pitches (actually 5 0r 6; 4-seamer, cutter, curveball, slider, split-finger) and usually pretty decent control. He seems like a guy who pitches to contact.

The move seems to be the type of thing where they wanted Obie to get regular work to regain his confidence, and they aren't really concerned with what happens with Lehr, they just wanted a long arm in case of need without runing Obermueller for good.

Keepin The Pimp Hand Strong...

Drew Rosenhaus, one kids savior one states most wanted. JSOnline is reporting that he gave the ol' FU to Packer fans:

Rosenhaus: "The news on Javon Walker is that we are, right now, we have already decided he is not going to go to training camp."

Goldberg: "Hold on. That is news."

Rosenhaus: "That is news. I've not said that before. But Javon and I spoke today. And we've made the decision that we're not going to report to training camp. And I can't say when we will report, or if, or when, but he will not be at camp."

Goldberg: "Because?"

Rosenhaus: "Because the teams refuse to negotiate with us. And he's making about half a million dollars, and he's one of the premier players in the league. I can't let this player go out on the field and jeopardize his career for that kind of money. I just can't fathom it."

That settles it. Javon Walker is Drew Rosenhaus' BITCH.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Javon Walker is nothing more than a slackjawed lackey under the employ of Drew Rosenhaus.

"We" won't take the field. "I" won't let him risk his career.

Here is how I picture the exchange:

Rosenhaus (dressed up in a purple pimp suit): Hey, bitch, where you think you going?

Walker (in stilletto heels and a tube top): Gonna hit the corner to make you money sir.

Rosenhaus: Bitch, you don't hit the corner til I tell you. I have special tricks for you to turn, I'm not gonna waste you on the mean streets. Now go to Jeff Garcia's house and make some real scratch. He's a damn good tipper as long as you keep your mouth shut.

Walker: Yes sir.

You get the idea, Walker is being pimped out by Rosenhaus. I don't blame Drew. If you are lucky enough to stumble onto a brainwashed and intellectually devoid egomaniac meal ticket, who wouldn't cash in??

Ride that whore for all she's worth Drew, just make sure you ride her out of town before the season starts so we can work up some sort of replacement.

Baseball Round-up

Fogg v. Pettite 1-0 Houston bottom 4 on a Berkman bomb...both pitchers are twirling...good game to listen to if you have XM or radio. The Pitt guys are pretty good, a solid banter between them.

The Pirates have a promising young pitcher taking the mound tomorrow, Zack Duke. 2-0 with a sub-2.00 ERA in three starts for the Big Club. HE really attacks hitters from pitch one, fun guy to follow.

Yankees have a six and a half footer named Small taking the mound today

Sheeter is looking to win his 4th consecutive start, and keep his streak of 6 starts without a loss going while Mulder takes his 2-0, four consecutive starts without a loss streak to the mound. (wow is that worded poorly). The Brewers finally merit a "games of the day" mention over at

In St. Louis, Ben Sheets faces Mark Mulder. Mulder is sporting a 10-5 record with a 4.13 ERA. Sheets is at 5-6 with a 3.45 ERA. Sheets allowed 43 runs this season, and his team scored 43 with him on the mound. For Mulder, those numbers are 59 and 77.

Who else is impressed by Eveland? A lefty tossing 94? Very nice. De La Rosa also impressed me yesterday, made great pitches and if it weren't for Carlos checking out hooks in the stands, he would have finished that inning.

"Jesus made wine from water. Owens made whine from a $49 million contract."

And not comparing himself to Jesus Christ.

"At the end of the day," Owens told the Miami Herald's Jason Cole, "I don't have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?"

While there is no mention in the King James version of the Bible of people who "hated on Jesus," you get the point. There's a direct correlation between the man the New Testament says died for the sins of all mankind and T.O., who wants a new contract from the Eagles.

The article is so well written, it is a sports must read.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rosenhaus saves boy from drowning

Well, apparently Drew Rosenhaus saved a boy from drowning at a Disney hotel today, performing CPR on the young lad. Good for him, but I had two terrible thoughts jump into my head when I heard the news: Did he push the boy in to begin with, or how much did he pay the kid to take the dive? :-)

Well I guess they can get up off the mat.

Wow now tonight's game I think proves this is not the same team as last year. No way in hell last years team could have gotten down by 4 runs to the Red Birds and came back to win.

Turnbow was great and had to do it agaisnt the teeth of that line up. That battle with Pujols was great in the 9th 3-2 and to keep throwing strikes until he got him. Good stuff.

How many times has St Louis been up 4-0 this year and lost the game.

My only bitch is the pitch selection to Pujols in the first why the hell are you throwing him of all people a inside fastball.

Two bitches LOL I guess top of ninth runner on third one out you have to push that run across. But Brady did lay down a very nice bunt.

Kudos to Billy Hall for getting it done.

Talk to you all tomorrow

Andrew Bogut.

Good thing:

He showed some feistiness in getting tossed from a summer league game. Getting tossed is a bad thing, but it sounds like the ref had a quick hook, and it's nice to see that our center of the future isn't going to put up with any crap.

Bad thing:

During the game he was absolutely abused by David Harrison. Who is David Harrison? Exactly.


It was a frustrating day for Bogut, who was 1-for-7 with 6 points and four fouls when he was ejected. He was also dominated on the defensive end by Pacers center David Harrison, who scored 14 points in the first half with Bogut guarding him.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that an unheralded second year player never dominated Tim Duncan in summer league.

My thoughts on the ballgame

These kinds of days happen. Best not to dwell on it. When Weeks threw that ball away allowing Edmonds to score you could see Santos was visibly shaken. It's tought to pitch when you have no confidence in the guys behind you, and based on pitch count and timidity, I would say the Vampire had lost confidence in his defense.

Beyond that, Hardy hit the ball, Jenkins stayed hot, and Carlos broke through against the Cardinals. All in all, pretty good. Considering we have Davis, Sheets, Cappy going the next three games, I would say a split is still likely.

The most encouraging thing, I think, is the Weeks home run. He played a terrible game, and singlehandedly allowed the game to get away. In the bottom of the ninth, having gone 0-4, Weeks kept his head in the game and launched a bomb. That shows a maturity and a passion for the game that I don't think can be overlooked. He went up there and approached a meaningless at bat with intensity and focus. We shouldn't overlook that aspect.

We can afford to drop a few in St. Louis if you look at our schedule after that. We have an eleven game stretch against Cincinnati, Arizona, and San Francisco. That is where we need to make hay.

Lets see if they can get up off the Mat now

After last nights game it will be interesting to see how Brewers do today and tomorrow. The Brewers TV guys have been pointing out righfully so that the crew has been much better this year climbing off the mat. A good game tonight would send a message that this is not last years team. We still have to hope for a split and have to avoid the sweep. The rest of the month looks favorable so they just need to survive the Red Birds and get back to getting over 500.

Congrats to JJ for getting batting Avg over 200. Also Kudos to Ricky for that Bomb he hit I have been to Bucsh for a game big deep park. He hit that one to Mark Mcguire land lol.


Farve Comments at Pro AM

On TMJ this morning, they had a clip of Lance Allen interviewing Favre about the Javon Walker situation. From what I understand, F - -kchops RosenBAG, made a comment that Favre doesn't know everything about the situation and that he would like to talk to Favre.

Favre seemed somewhat amused and putoff and then made a comment to the effect, we have nothing to talk about. I've been in this league 14 years and have not held out once.

Did anyone see or hear this?

One of the things I admire about Favre is that he toes the line with his comments unlike some guys who stay so far away from tha line that all they give are the cliches.

I understand the locker is a 'sacred' place in team sports, but WHOA, to be a fly on the wall to hear what these guys really think would be fascinating. How do other players react when a three time MVP, who has started well over 200 consecutive games makes these statements. Obviously he has the stature and more money than Walker.

From my perspective, it is the fact that Favre did it the right way. He played for whatever his contract provided, and renegotiated when necessary and beneficial to everyone. He took what he could get without taking away from the team or other players.

Walker on the other hand, and Grady too, are trying to take what they can get, but are taking away from the team and others.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bring it back!


Open F-ck You to Brewer management

I had tickets for today's game which I gave away because I went to the Bobble Head game last night. You know the one the Bottalico blew but I digress.

So I figured no problem I will watch in on TV forgetting Fucking FSN doesn't do many if any Sunday Brewer games. I still said no problem this is "Free Preview Weekend" for MLB extra innings on DTV. So I figured fine I will watch the "Nats" broadcast on MLB extra. Guess what the Fucking brewers have that blacked out assholes. They haven't given us a winning team in how many fucking years but still feel the need to protect their product by using the blackout.

I was considering getting MLB for the rest of the season but why bother if Asshole brewers management are going to blackout home games that they will not put on TV.

These are moments when I really hate professional sports.

So a hearty Fuck you to the Brewers front Offices god forbid you help maintain intrest in your sub 500 havent had a winning season since god knows when fucking baseball team.


The boxing report from last night

Reposted from the Comments the following is the Work of Tony a displaced Cheesehead.

ok you have been warned lol

Gotta comment on the Hopkins Taylor fight. Just finished watching it with my best buddy (my wife). Don't want to ruin it for you guy's who will get it next weekend on HBO but WOW what a terrible decision. Taylor was beat up, swollen, bloodied, battered and disoriented in the end yet won a split decision. I know I'm old school and was rooting for Hopkins but what just ocurred was a travesty. I told my wife in the fifth round that this was Hopkins fight as he kept grinding away and that the judges hated Hopkins style and outspokeness. The fight was a replay of the DeLahoya Trinidad fight. Taylor built up an 7-2 edge (in rounds) in the early going but by the tenth was being routinely punished by Hopkins. As in the DeLahoya fight (as Tito had done) Hopkins turned it on in the last four rounds and dominated the fight. If you think a championship fight is decided in the first 5 rounds you will agree with the decision. If you are a devotee of the sweet science you will feel Hopkins got cheated. At least five times in the last four rounds Taylor was in serious trouble but turned his back or grabbed Hopkins and tied him up. Watch the fight and decide for yourself, either way Hopkins goes down as one of the top three Middleweights of all-time. BTW, a rematch was written into the contract so I hope Hopkins has one more fight left in him (40 years old) because the rematch should be great.

Displaced Ched Head Maryland

Editors note lol Thanks to Tony for going through the trouble of putting this in a comments. In future I will turn comments that warrent it into posts of their own. From now on this will be known as the Tony rule :)

I am going to keep banging the Bottalico must go Drum

Ah another appearance out the bull pen by the "Human Surrender Flag" and another brewer loss. The Brewers battle back to score the tying run and Ricky blows it again. I am going to keep asking the question why is this has been still in our bull pen. How many games does he have to blow before we get rid of him. Whose wife did Mike Adams get caught sleeping with to earn this banishment to Nashville?

So Bottalico sucks and needs to go the beat goes on.

On other notes Brady Clark at 3rd one out you have to score that run. This has been a big Brewer problem all year 2 on or bases loaded with 0-1 out and they don't score any runs. This problem has to be addressed.

Boy it was hot at Miller Park last night very nice big All Brewer crowd to bad they couldn't win in front of them but is nice to see big crowds.

Speaking of Big Crowds Only Milwaukee would have a stadium that by design doesn't have enough parking when they have near sell outs. I got to park around 4ish and took for ever to get into poor folks(general admission lots lol). I guess the Brewers are going to have to relearn how to handle large crowds.

Finally to the folks running the Concession Stand on Loge Right Outfield you suck thank you for the ice cold Polish you Knobs. And this wasn't one of the Vol groups this was a Stadium services crew. Usually I am pretty forgiving on the stand crews I have worked a few games at Miller Park but no excuse for cold food. Oh and take if from me don't buy any brats or hot dogs until after the 2nd inning you may be getting yesterdays leftovers.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday Am thoughts

First and foremost Congrats to Rafie very nice welcome to the 3000 hits, 500 home run club. Here is your key to the gold level restroom lol.

As for last nights game I heard it on radio so was it really a balk? I don't really care either way a win is a win.

Was happy to see the Crew keep battling back last night and for second game in a row made sure Ben didn't get saddled with a lose he probable didn't deserve. Hopefully Carlos is coming out of his minifunk first home run since June couldn't have come at a better time.

Kudos to Ned for protecting Ricky that way. Ump was being a jerk I was still at home watching when that incident happen. Ricky was barking but doing it the right way he was walking back to dugout and wasn't showing ump up. The fact that he didn't get run was proof that the home plate ump was the one out of line. The strike zone sure seemed to get a little wider for Lyle after Ned got run.

The thing that is giving me hope is this is another series the brewers didn't lose. If I had told you before the start of the Pirate series that the Crew would split or win the next four series you would have laughed at me. The Pirates tend to own the brewers and then a death march through the NL East top three teams. In all rights the Crew could be having a monster run if they hadn't pissed away at least one game in every series.

I am going to tonight's game hopefully to see Cappie win his 11th.

The rest of July looks like a time to make a move other than the Red Birds we have teams Brewers can beat in the Reds Diamond Backs and Giants. I would be content with a Split with St Louis since series is on the Road.

So I am a happy content GBfan at the Moment I will be wearing my Lucky Scotty PO jersey to game. The one that Should be 3-0 but is 2-1(I am looking at you Mr. Bottalico.)


final thought Bravo to Milwaukee Fans two big all Brewers fans crowds the last two nights. Nice to see place full when its not the Yankees,Cubs or Twins. We need to start making Miller Park our house. Time to make getting a ticket to Miller Park hard to do.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Floating It (Branyan)...

It has come to my attention that another team incredibly interested in upgrading their third base offensive production is the Dodgers. While I am skeptical that they really feel they are in the hunt, as they are behind even the Crew, it is interesting. They have a ton of young pitching, would not have to pay a ton, and would be gaining one thing they sorely lack...power.

How about a Branyan for Ryan Ketchner deal? Help them now, us in the future?

I like it, but I have no clue as to how high the Dodgers are on Ketchner, probably not real high since he hasn't really torn up the minors, a young lefty in AAA. Another possibilty I would like is Branyan and Ohka for Ketchner and Russ Martin, a solid catcher in AA Jacksonville.

Wild Card Update

As long as the Crew is within 8 games of the Wild Card, I think it is something to stay excited about. Currently, Milwaukee is 6.5 games back of Atlanta, but these games against Washington are pivotal, because I really think they are the front runners for the Wild Card, especially given the Cubs lack of buying and the Phillies positioning themselves for a fire sale.

In the end I really think it will be between Washington, Atlanta and Houston (gotta love Garner!).


The move isn't exactly stunning, as we havetwo lefites in De La Rosa and Phelps basically taking up room in the bullpen while they wait for blow-out games that they can come in and try to mop up. If he weren't out of option and loaded with potential, De La Rosa would never have made the team. He has had two six to ten outing stints in which he had shown flashes of brilliance (starting this year on fire) which has kept him around longer. The problem also is that he probably wouldn't clear waivers, hence we lose him if we drop him. Phelps is basically just a lefty out of the pen, although I think the only reason he is on the team is to come in when Wise faces a lefty, since that changeup is emminently more visible to a left handed bat.

The shocker is that it was Dana Eveland, a starting pitcher. He is only 21 and has only been playing major league ball for a year. I expected some move to bring in a lefty but the guy I thought was Manny Parra. I almost put that as one of my predictions yesterday. The Brewers don't have a day off until August 1st so it seemed fairly obvious that they couldn't go on the road with two dead arms in the pen.

As the Eveland himself, I am going to have to plead relative ignorance. He wasn't in Scottsdale and I haven't been paying too close attention to him. Based on what he is doing I am not sure I like the move. He has great numbers, but I don't want the Crew to Neugebauer him. Nick came up, threw 100 mph, got slapped around, tried to throw 105 and wrecked his arm. While they have different styles, I am concerned a 21 yr old with 1 year of real pro experience is going to push himself too hard. If they are just going to throw him out of the pen this doesn't make sense. HOWEVER, if this is a move to bring up a spot starter because Ohka/Santos is on his way out, then it makes sense. Bring the kid up, let him marinate a few days, then start Monday.

I like the move personally, let the kid get a cup of coffee before we make a move that will (hopefully) bring in a left-handed arm. I am guessing this was done because some sort of deal fell through, or is being delayed.

I am guessing now, after going through the Faulkner train of thought exercise here for you all, that a starting pitcher is on the move and Eveland is needed for a spot start.

Yankees suffer broken Wang.

The story is here. I really just wanted to write the headline. Everything else is gravy at this point in the post.

When Yankee GM Brian Cashman was asked about the availability of Wang for the rest of the year he declined to give comment. Mrs. Cashman simply rolled her eyes.

The worst part is that when the Yanks and Angels are battling for a birth in the world series in the ALCS, and it comes down to that final game seven, there's not much chance that we'll get the epic Wang v. Colon matchup.

OK, that's enough of that.

The Brewers also called up lefty Dana Eveland from AA Huntsville. I'll leave all details on minor leaguers to the much more knowledgeable E.S.K.

Lastly, some NFL news with fantasy implications. It looks as if Buffalo Bills RB Travis Henry will be traded to the Tennessee Titans for a third round pick, although Jacksonville still remains in the hunt, as they are uncertain about the status of one Fragile Fred Taylor (you would think they would be used to it by now). This will, of course, ruin the fantasy value not only of Henry, but also of either Chris Brown or Fred Taylor.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Liveblogging the Crew

I'm gonna try something, I think it will be harder via radio, but I figured since some people are at work and can't get updates, I would do my best.

UPDATE: Brady led off with a double, Weeks hit a smash down the left field line. Men on first and third. 1 out (Overbay K). By the way, Davis was twirling in the top of the first chucking two K's. Lee K's, Weeks swipes second. Jenkins strikes out looking.

Well, seems the Crew is up to the ol' can't drive em in from third game. First and third, nobody out and we go down three in a row on strikes. Absurd.

UPDATE: Preston Wilson is in the starting lineup. Davis just struck out his fourth.

UPDATE: Sure is in the lineup. Wilson went yard, big time. 1-0 Nats.

Bill Hall is at third (single, stole second, sac fly to 3rd). 1 out. Can we drive him in?? [Cubs 0-Pirates 0, top of 2]. HALL SCORES ON SAC FLY BY MILLER! Brewers 1-Nats1

UPDATE: Nats 2 - Brewers 1.
Allowing Byrd to swipe 2nd cost the Brewers a double play, thus allowing Wilkerson to score from 3rd on a grounder to short.

UPDATE: [Cubs down 1-0 to Pitt]. Lee got owned yet again by Patterson.

UPDATE: [2-1 Cubs]. 3 more K's for the dealing Patterson, making it 7 K's for the game.

UPDATE: Career high 9 K's for Patterson as he fools a flailing Lee yet again. JENKINS TIES GAME, YARDWORK! Brewers 2 - Nats 2

UPDATE: Bottom of 7, Nats go to the pen. Louis Ayala. [Cubs 5 - Pitt 1]

UPDATE: Weeks hits into a fielders choice with 1 out and men at the corners. Miller is dead at home. Robinson is calling for another pitching change... Joey Eischen, the lefty, comes in to face Overbay and promptly walks him to load the bases to bring up Lee. Robinson again goes to the pen... Majewski, a righty, is coming on to face El Caballo...Lee strikes out for the fourth time, stranding 6 for the game. Matt Wise is now on to pitch.

UPDATE: 30,611 attendance. Wise pitches out of a bit of a jam (1 out man on second).


UPDATE: Turnbow on. Guillen grounds out to Hardy (defensive sub)...Wilson K SWINGING!, 2 outs...Castilla bounces out to DBow. Turnbow gets save 18.

BREWERS WIN 4-2 (43-46, 3 W's in a row)

Postgame: Not a lot to quibble with. Lee probably should have been sat for this game, give him a little more cage time to find his "game" swing after the HR Derby but other than that a pretty good game. No glaring mistakes (pending the play in the first when Clark was held at third, I'm hoping to see video of that later) and no great plays. Jenks gets off to a great start and Overbay again makes the case for trading him away.

Side note, I'll be at the games this weekend, so should you.

TOMORROW: Sheets v. Loaiza, 7 pm Miller Park.

Branyan Possibilities

Since I am now a (pseudo)sports journalist, I figure conjecture and speculation are par for the course. As such, the White Sox are a likely possibility for Russel Branyan.

According to, rumors have targeted third base as the most clear-cut White Sox upgrade, with names such as Oakland's Eric Chavez, Cincinnati's Joe Randa and San Diego's Sean Burroughs reportedly being looked at to replace Joe Crede. "[Chavez] is not on the block. And trust me, I know that," Sox GM Ken Williams said recently. "Trust me."
Williams is very cognizant of trying to fix something that isn't broken, and for now, Crede's defensive skills overcome his inability to become a consistent offensive presence.

Given the recent history, I would think Melvin and Williams would love to keep the I-90 pipeline open.

Don't mess around with the guy in shades (either of em)

From Baseball America's Hot Prospect Sheet:

12. Corey Hart, of, Brewers (Triple-A Nashville)
Batting .395 in his last 36 games, Hart is making a run to become yet another Nashville player getting the invite to Milwaukee. Almost as cool is the fact that last week, Hart was taken out of the game for a pinch hitter. That pinch-hitter: another player named Corey Hart. We kid you not.

I was totally unaware that we had two Corey Hart's. I had a chance to meet Corey in Arizona this spring. Nice guy, hopefully he turns up the pop so he can find a corner outfield spot. A left handed power bat would be nice in the line-up. Seiously, Jenkins, sit down.

RE: Brewers Second Half

I agree mostly with your analysis.

Hard is swinging the bat, starting to rake a little bit. He is slapping the ball around and taking what he is given. Assuming Jenkins plays better (a given, how can he play worse) and the starting pitching stays at under 4 ERA I think a finish at or above .500 is doable.

The tough part is the next week. 4 against Wash, 4 in St. Lou. They better make hay against Washington (yeah, I'll be at all but today's games).

Lee will have as good, if not better(!) second half. Why? More men on base in front of him. Jenkins will soon be moved back up to 3rd since Overbay is having an incredibly pedestrian season, Weeks is an OBP stud, so hopefully Clark keeps raking.

Sheets is starting to twirl. His curveball is all-the-way back and in its absence he has gained confidence in his change-up. I feel he has made himself into a better pitcher this first half, because he has had to trust control and deception more than power.

Not so out on a limb predictions: Branyan will not be Brewers come seasons end. Bottalico will not be Brewers come seasons end. Ohka will not be a Brewer come seasons end. We will see Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz, Cory Hart, Prince Fielder, Ben Hendrickson, and Jose Capellan in September.

Out-on-a-limb predictions: Jenkins will hit 30 HR's. Overbay will end the season in a Mets uni. Brewers will finish 5 games over .500 and in 2nd place, only 4 1/2 games out of the Wild Card.

WSOP Update

The Final 27. Play resumes at 5 pm today and will continue until they are down to the final 9. The final table will be played tomorrow.

1. Mike Matusow (Las Vegas, NV) $5.14M
2. Phil Ivey (Las Vegas, NV) $4.635M
3. Steven Dannenmann (Severn, MD) $4.3M
4. Tex Barch (McKinney, TX) $3.9M
5. Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer (Stonington, CT) $3.84
6. Brad Koudrachi (Kingston, PA) $3.16M
7. Joseph Hachem (Melbourne, Australia $3.125M
8. Scott Lazar (Studio City, CA) $3.025M
9. Michael Kessler (Spotsylvania, VA) $2.7M
10. Daniel Bergsdorf (Umea, Sweden) $2.55M

11. Andrew Black (Dublin, Ireland) $2.09M
12. Minh Ly (Las Vegas, NV) $2.050M
13. Aaron Kanter (Lodi) $1.925M
14. Tuan Vu (Las Vegas, NV) $1.87M
15. Tim Phan (Westminster) $1.575M
16. Oskar Silow (Goteborg, Sweden) $1.44M
17. Bryant King Liberty Lake $1.44M
18. Conor Tate (Bury, Ireland) $1.265M
19. Tiffany Williamsen London, UK $1.125M
20. Joe Connor Atlanta, GA $1.065M

21. Tom Sartorv (Buffalo, NY) $805K
22. Johnny Howard (Lexington Park, MD) $730K
23. Bernard Lee (Wayland, MA) $710K
24. Per Hildebrand (Stockholm, Sweden) $645K
25. John McGrane (London, UK) $575K
26. Shahram Shublem (Las Vegas, NV) $310K
27. Ayhan Alsancak (Goteborg, Sweden) $225K

Pretty lame to be picking the chip leader, but he really does seem to be playing great poker. Stay hot Mike Matusow.

Bottalico, pack your bags...

Something is brewing.

Melvin said there was discussion of possible personnel moves from within the organization, one of which could come in the next few days.

I expect it to involve a reliever, probably Santana or Ricky, and we'll get absolutely no major league help for either of them.

Grady Jackson and the NHL.

While Drew Rosenhaus has been busy telling Brett Favre that Brett doesn't understand the situation of Javon Walker, he missed an important lesson. The lesson in question is that of the NHL players association.

You've no doubt noticed a pattern with Rosenhaus. He picks up very valuable talent and tells them to hold out for all that they're worth. This strategy is neither novel, nor is it terribly clever. If you could always make your clients more money by having them hold out, everyone would do it. It should go without saying that in the NFL world of constant renegotiation that valuable players will insist on being paid full value whether or not they have an existing contract. Rosenhaus's perceived power is drawn exclusively from his client base. If he was representing Ross Verba (late of the Cleveland Browns) instead of TO, I assure you that he would not be advising his client to hold out for more money.

Drew's strategy may yet succeed with Javon Walker. He is indeed underpaid for a player of his caliber and as he is just entering his prime, renegotiating his contract may not be that bad of an idea (salary cap issues notwithstanding).

Grady Jackson is another story altogether. He is clearly no longer in his prime. He probably has, at best, another two seasons in him, and he will never again match the level of play that almost single-handedly brought respectability to the Packer defense two years ago.

In short, he's old, he's fat, he's out of shape, and he's not even very good anymore. In other words, he looks just like the National Hockey League did just before the lockout.

The NHLPA suffered a humiliating defeat this week, pulling a Costanza in every way (that is, holding out for less money). The owners "won" in this situation because for most of them it was more profitable to not play hockey. Grady Jackson is similarly situated. He wishes to be paid based on his past performance, and, if there was some indication that he could maintain that level of play he might have a point. But Grady's bargaining power is on the same level as the NHLPA's bargaining power. The Packers will take him if he shows up, but they will certainly not be better off paying him more.

Maybe I'm underestimating Rosenhaus (or overestimating Ted Thompson), but I think that the Packers realize that Jackson is just about done, and I don't see them caving on him. If that is the case, Rosenhaus is really screwing his client. Large nose tackle/interior linemen do not fair well when they miss seasons (or training camps, for that matter). They tend to get even larger, and in even worse shape, especially if they have bum knees. It is likely that if Grady sticks to his guns (and I don't see that happening either), that he will never play again. He will have held out for less money, just like the NHLPA. And George Costanza.

Brewers Second half

So what do you think the Brewers chances are for finishing the year above 500?

The big "IF's"

If the offense can start hitting better and the pitching can just maintain the performance they did in the first half, I believe 500 is a reasonable goal. I believe they can stay in the Wild Card hunt for most of the Second half. I will admit they are already on the ragged edge of that chase already and one bad losing streak would kill their chances.

They cannot afford to waste the performance of Victor Santos anymore. They have to start scoring him some runs before his head is messed up for the rest of the year. It has to be tough knowing that if you give up a run or two your screwed. This is the situation for Victor for most of the Season and I believe he has handled it very well so far.

JJ has to start hitting and get above the 200 line or he has to sit and try again next year. I can live with a platoon at third play the hot bat. I can not believe I am saying this but we have to try and get Wes Helms bat into the line up(excuse me while I claw my eyes out for writing that)until his avg drops we need the bat.

On the flip side can you imagine what this team can do if a couple of hitters get hot at the same time not in the single file fashion of the first half.

There are other things that give you hope Jenkins seems to be finding his swing. I believe Overbay has bottomed out. Chad Moeller is starting to hit a little better, Sheets seemed to find his curveball last game. Rickey Weeks seems to be for real.

So I am part of the Glass is half full for the second half crowd.

So here is my predictions for Second half the Crew will finish above 500 and the Cubs will be looking up at us.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Mouth is Rolling

The Main Event is down to roughly 50 people, and Matusow keeps rolling

Mike Matusow limps on the button, and Tex Barch follows him in. The flop comes Qh-Jc-2c. Tex checks, and Matusow bets out $36,000 in chips. Tex calls. The turn is the 5h. Tex checks again, and Matusow makes it $100,000 to go. Tex calls again. The river is the Kh. Tex checks again, and Matusow goes into the tank. He comes up firing, making a $250,000 bet. Now it's Tex's turn to go in the tank. Eventually he calls, and Matusow shows 8h-6h for the flush. Tex mucks his hand. Matusow now has $3,130,000. Tex has $1,530,000.

Matusow recounted his thinking for saying that he sensed weakness in Tex so he bet at the flop. Tex didn't go away, but Matusow still thought he was a bit weak so he fired another barrel on the turn. When Tex called again he was ready to give up on the bluff, but then his heart hit on the turn, so he actually had a made hand, and that's when he made the big bet.

Rub a little dirt in it GB, be a man!

GB is down with the Sickness today

Hey guys, you all rock I am under the weather so I am calling it a day. You guys go nuts I believe we are well on our way to becoming "the" Wisconsin sports site.

see you all tomorrow


A Proposition

I have no idea if any of you partake in fantasy sports. Personally, I am a fan. I'll bet the SABR guy is too.

Anyway, I figured we should start a football league with bar regulars. Annoint a commish, set up the league, and then allow people to request passwords. Once we have ten or twelve or so participants, we have a WSB fantasy league. Obviosuly posters get the first dibs so that Tuesday morning gloats can be a feature.


Brewers Top 20 Prospects In Review

John Sickel runs a great blog over at Minor League Ball. A few days (more like a week) ago he did a review of the Crew's prospects, and how they are playing thus far this season.

Some highlights:

- Rickie Weeks, 2B
.320/.435/.655 with 12 homers and 10 steals at Nashville, then .282/.393/.465 in the Majors. He's doing great. Outstanding player.

- Dana Eveland, LHP
8-4, 2.94 in 16 starts at Huntsville, nice combination with PArra. 81/35 K/BB in 95 innings. Solid lefty prospect having a good year.

- Nelson Cruz, OF
Hit .306/.388/.577 at Huntsville, with 16 homers, earning promotion to Nashville last week. Outstanding power with speed as well (10 steals), but he strikes out more than once per game. Wait and see but lots of potential.

- Dennis Sarfate, RHP
7-4, 3.76 in 16 starts for Huntsville, with 82/39 K/BB in 91 innings, 78 hits allowed. Holding his own, overpowering at times, still needs better control.

- Yovani Gallardo, RHP
3.67 ERA in 16 games, 8 starts for West Virginia, 60/28 K/BB in 61 innings. Doing fine one year out of high school. I like him.

- Carlos Villanueva, RHP
5-0, 1.54 in 13 starts for Brevard County, with 84/17 K/BB in 70 innings, just 39 hits allowed. Outstanding performance in all categories.

Some lowlights:

- Jose Capellan, RHP
4-2, 4.35 at Nashville, with 54/32 K/BB in 70 innings, 71 hits allowed. Mediocre numbers overall. K/IP is disappointing.

- Mark Rogers, RHP
0-6, with 4.62 ERA in 14 games, 9 starts for West Virginia. 49/28 K/BB in 49 innings. Showing good stuff but command remains erratic.

- Josh Baker, RHP
Getting killed at West Virginia: 6.98 ERA in 49 innings, 57 hits allowed, 11 homers. Very discouraging for a guy I thought was a sleeper.

Worst news ever:

- Lou Palmisano, C
Not a good year. Hitting .245/.306/.358 at Class A Brevard County. Power production disappointing, batting average and OBP are low. Looks like a case of Young Catcher Stagnation Syndrome.


I would say that Brewers fans should be happy. Most of the top guys are performing quite well. Biggest concerns are Hardy's weak bat, Nelson's power outage, and Capellan's lack of dominance.

As you will probably come to realize, I am more concerned than anything with the Brewers catching. A solid catcher makes up for so much. A catcher that can play good defense and call a game can win ten games on his own, which is why I am not terribly upset with Moeller's performance. That guy can call a game and direct infielders. Word on the street is that Palmissano has some of that "field general" in him, but if he can't hit he will be no better than a #2 guy. A catcher we do have with some pop is Vandenburg, but word on him is that he can't play defense. Personally I'll take Mike Matheny over Mike Piazza any day of the week.

Best overall young catcher in the bigs? Glad you asked. Easy. Johnny Estrada, Braves. I am hoping that Palmissano will turn into that kind of player. I got a chance to see him a bit in AZ during spring training and I was impressed mostly because of a bunt down the first base line that he pounced on and made a tough throw around the runner to gun him down. Hopefully he has a much better second half.

Huge Contract Won't Change Redd

Michael Redd said in an article today that the max contract he will be signing in a few days won't change him.

My take? It damn well better change him. He's getting a max contract so he better start playing like an elite guard, instead of just the best player on a bad team. He had damn well better start making guys like Mason better, and help TJ and Bogut adjust. He had damn well better become as good a leader on the court as he is off it. He's a great guy, as the article shows, but to be making $90+ million, he better show he can be a great player.

Any year he fails to make the All-Star game will be a failure. Any season he fails to take the Bucks to the playoffs will be a failure. At this price, the guy better step up.

Why does the NL suck?

At the All-Star Game, at least. A few theories:

1. The existence of the Yankees and Red Sox in the American league is a distortion on the market for all star players. Not only do they spend more than every other team (especially the Yanks) but their rivalry contributes to an escalating battle for every star out there. As all-star caliber players make up about 2% of all active major leaguers, it only takes one or two teams to drive this market crazy.

2. The inept front office of the NY Mets. The Mets should be able to compensate for some of the big spending across town. Instead they contributed two of the worst all-stars this year in Carlos Beltran and Mike Piazza. (The Dodgers are also not doing their part).

3. The DH attracts more offensive talent. David Ortiz probably couldn't play in the National League.

4. NL pitchers have it easier on a day to day basis. They always have at least one dead out at the end of the lineup, and it gives them something to look forward to. A comfort zone if you will. AL pitchers are more used to facing a murderer's row, which is typically the format of the All Star Game (even in NL parks, as pitchers rarely if ever hit, and the pinch hitters used are also all-stars).

5. NL fans are bad at voting. Your starting short stop, David Eckstein! This phenomenon is also related to the Mets item above. Teams with a large fan base are more likely to have players elected whether or not they are deserving. As the Yanks and Red Sox actually have good players this isn't such a problem in the AL. The Mets and Dodgers on the other hand...

6. NL all-star batters will face worse pitching during the course of the season. Because starting pitchers (who are in general better than relief pitchers) are removed from NL games for pinch hitters, NL batters face more relief pitchers than do AL batters. This could lead to a somewhat artificial increase in the offensive stats of some NL players, leading to all-star selections for some that would not occur if that player was in the AL.

7. The Rockies. Even though the Rockies have been bad, basically forever, the thin air allows for some Rockies' players to appear as if they belong in the All Star Game. This was not a problem this year. The Rockies also will inflate somewhat the stats of frequent visitors.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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